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    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.
    • Eli

      Official PC: Hard Turret Limit begins on 18th of February at 1PM ET   02/16/18

      On the 18th of February, at 1PM ET we will be enabling the hard turret limit on all PC Official Servers. This means that you will not be able to build over 100 turrets within a 10k unit radius. This will work on autoturrets, heavy turrets, tek turrets, plus plant turrets and is no longer map specific. The hard limit calculation is done on start-up, so if your turrets are ever over the limit, they will be randomly shut-off until you're under the limit. In order to restore shut off turrets, you must pick up any which exceed the number, as well as shut-off turrets and replace them in order for them to work.

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  1. Hi, I would like to know all drops location in all caves on aberration. How should I find it ? Can I use singleplayer or I need to use ARK dev kit ? When I need to use ARK dev kit is there some tutorial how to use it ? Because I already downloaded it but I really don't know how to work with it (everything takes so long/freeze because I didn't install it on ssd)
  2. Dear survivors, My name is Daniel and I would like to show you my project for this year. First of all: excuses for my English - it's not my mother tongue. Lean back and count with about 7 minutes reading time (grab a cigarette or coffee). I hope it won't be a waste of time for some of your people. My target group are people who'd like to play Ark, but getting sick of other people on their server (raiding till 0, bulling, griefing)... introducing: Sanctuary. To my person: I'm playing ark since end of 2016 ( I think). It was an on off playing relationship with this game... I love the idea, I like survival and taming some dinosaurs is a fkin cool idea etc. But it's not a one man game (online). I started all over again - I met many ppl, but most of them weren't that good like I thought (it could be maybe my fault?). I also tried primitive plus, till I saw how strong a giga can be on primitive+ (That’s imba, Redeemer Unreal Tournament). On this point I knew I had to rage quit there as well. But at the same day came Ragnarok out. A glimmer of hope. As we died all together in primitive+, we became a trustful team. From Day 1 on, we played on Ragna. It was fun to learn hatching wyverns and trapping griffons. And I never saw a rocket following a Quetzal before (awesome experience). All in all - we get bored - as it was too peaceful. So I started jumping on other servers and asked always who wants to get some help. I was helping and switching again. When I was asking how their base is running, I received pretty often this kind of answer: Wiped or Rage quitting (often both). Since 4 days, I'm building up my base again. The old primitive team is online again and we got lots of space to share. This will be your Sanctuary. To Sanctuary: 50 Turrets à 600 bullets (50x600 bullet farming sux), targeting on humans. This defense is just on the roof of Sanctuary. The hall of Sanctuary could hold about 61 tames - so enough place to save your favorites. Sanctuary is also offering these objects to use: Industrial Forge, Chemistry Brench and of course for our low levels: Industrial Grinder. You'll also find enough tames to get what you need (Beaver -> Wood, Anky -> Iron, Obsidian etc.). Never hatched a dino? No worries, we will share our experince and breeding area with you. Everything that you tame / hatch on our server is yours - we got a lot of slots to park tames in. Fill your stock in your room with anything you want, grab your backpack / tame and travel back again - or stay and help other people - like you received our help (for example). Now the bad point: The server is more acting like a PvE server. We have an awesome server alliance - for you: No yellow or red names - everything is blue. We have a very big area, but I would say that we are one of the smallest tribes on this SV. These heave basis causing horrible lags. On some point, when somebody is connecting, you have to replay your last 10 seconds - again and again. List ends here. Who is allowed to join? Sanctuary should be a place with open doors for everybody. But rooms are limited, (as we don't make the dragon hall smaller .... yes probably you are sleeping next to your or our wyverns.). Of course I would like to expand Sanctuary area, but I'm not quite sure if this project will be interesting for anyone. So that’s it... contact me by E-Mail (below). Send me a description what kind of poopty things happened to you in ark. Be sure you'll get a reply. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. Share this thread if possible - for those who wants to try it. PS4, Ragnarok. ... And yes. Of course it's an official server... Unofficial = waste of time... >.> Application to: [email protected] Twitter: will follow if necassary. Maybe we fail or we rock :>
  3. Honestly, I've been playing Ark with friends for almost a month now after dropping it shortly after it first came out, and I have to admit that I was having fun. We play on OfficialServer21 - NA for reference. In the past two-three weeks though, there have been more and more problems arising. I bought Scorched Earth for my friends and I, as well as Aberration. The first time I transferred over from one server to the next, it went without a hitch. This most recent time, however, I lost my character that I had been playing with for the better part of 3 weeks. My friends convinced me to start a new one, after I submitted a support ticket, which by the way hasn't even been acknowledged a total of 3 weeks post-delete, and now today I log on to find the server has been rolled back almost 24 hours, back when our new base wasn't quite complete and our dino pen had too low walls. This was annoying at first as it was a lot of progress lost, however, a kind Therizino that, I guess RNG'd because he wasn't there 24 hours previous, decided to help and slaughter all of our tames. Is this really the "fully released" survival game I paid over $200 for copies for all of my friends and I were promised? If so, I'd love to hear an explanation on why I shouldn't start a petition for refunds.
  4. Hello, we are currently recruiting members for our official PVP PC tribe. We are a medium sized tribe based off an aberration with plans to hopefully expand in the future we are looking for new or experienced players who wish to have a fun time while also working as a team to achieve our tribe goals. We are looking for people who are over the age of 15, able to speak English a mic and Discord is a must at a decent level and be able to listen to instructions. Tribe Rules • Be respectful to tribe members • Put tribe dinos back when not using • If you kill a tribe dino replace it with one equal or better. Probation Phase After joining us you will be listed as a recruit, this restriction will prevent you from unclaiming dinos (uploading) or demoing any structure. You will not have access to secure areas of the base or rare resources. You will not be permitted to have access to tribe secure genetics and blueprints. You will be evaluated by the tribe members that have gone through this same processes, and your evaluation will be dependent on your interactions with our community. We believe all players are of value, and we are happy to have a Zero-Toxic community. You will be equally treated as RESPECT is our first rule, but everyone from the leaders to the recruit are expected to work for the benefit of the tribe. WE all work for the tribe, we all have fun and we all enjoy the game. If interested join our discord and ask to be interviewed and we will get back to you as soon as we can - https://discord.gg/vCdcSWX
  5. So I've been transfering from server to server on Pve Ps4 and found the perfect place for a base. I then decided to get my tools and some harvesting sinks to start on the the base. It was then I realised that not only could you not download things onto the server, but you couldn't transfer anything out either. I'm now naked on and penniless on Ps4 Official Pve Asia center 570, and I have no idea why this is happening. I see wyverns on the server and I was able to transfer just fine from my old server so what is going on!!!!
  6. Wilcard announces the closure on March 9th of servers "Legacy" on the 3 platforms, 2nd wave of closures, and others will certainly follow until the complete closure of all servers "Legacy" ... The ways of Wilcard being impenetrable, only they know what sauce we will accomodate when we taste! : p Anyway, despite hours of playing on a server "Legacy", I resign myself and I convinced myself to abandon my base, my dinos and all the hard work done since all this time .... But a new challenge awaits me when creating a new character on the servers! And yes, it is now a question of finding an Official server that is not caped in taming Dino!?! : o Believe me, having tested a dozen servers, this is very specialized work for this dear Ethan Hunt! So, once again thank you Wilcard for all these marks of consideration and all this precious care brought to your dear customers ... Not signed "Furax", but a passionate player for an exciting game so badly surrounded and managed
  7. Hi all, so I got Ark around Christmastime last year and I've been having a blast between my singleplayer world and some private server worlds with friends. But while I'm still having tons of fun in the singleplayer world, I'm also a little bored, and want to get into the official server scene because the harshness of vanilla settings (which I'm not brave enough to enact on my singleplayer world, what with my ridiculously fast breeding and whatnot lol) seems exciting... as long as I had a tribe. I suppose my question is... how would I find a server to play on, much less a tribe to join? And please... don't give me the anti-official talk. Trust me, in all my time googling crap before posting this, I've come across more than enough "Official servers are cancer" posts and I've taken that into consideration, haha.
  8. As of 2017, i think it was July, a level cap of 450 for dinos on official servers was introduced. My question, if anyone can answer : Does that mean that a baby can hatch with maximum level 450 (+71 Levelups), or is the 450 Cap including leveling? What happens when you exceed that level ? Thx in advance for any qualified answer
  9. So, I want to buy my own server and transfer my wyverns and everything in it. I'm just wondering if this is even possible?
  10. Hello Wildcard As we all know, the server tame cap on official PVE servers are at full limit most of the time, on the majority of the PVE servers. It's ruining the experience for all of us playing official PVE and has now, on my server at least and on many other servers, been a problem for more than 4 months straight. We have been on max tame cap 90-95% of the time. I know that some of the developers already stated on Twitter that it's up to the players playing on the server to manage their tames. But let's just be honest, this is NEVER going to happen and it will continue to be a problem if you don't take some drastic actions to sort it out. Personally me and my tribe haven't really played for 2 months now, because it's unplayable, we can't progress with tames or breed on our server, we have just kept our decay timer up in hope of, that someday our server will be playable again. Many other tribes on our server is doing the same. Does this sounds like a healthy game? No. I have thought of some ways to sort out the tame cap problems and I hope it will inspire you. You already made a positive step in the right direction, by making decayed dinos unclaimable. Thank you for that. 1. Kibble system rework - You are already working on this, i'm just afraid that it will not be enough. People will still have tons of unused dinos, like what are you ex. going to do with 20 scorpions or dodos? It's atleast a step in the right direction. 2. Rafts - Are currently counting as a tame. This is resulting in tribes spamming rafts to reserve a 'tame slot' when they need it, i've seen oceans filled with rafts for "as far as the eye can see". A solution to this would be to make a max limit of rafts per tribe and not make them count as a tame. (Also make them show on your map, so you can find them again if lost and not decayed) 3. Tribe tame cap - Currently it's at 500 dinos per tribe. Which is a very HIGH number. It's fun collecting and breeding dinos I get it, but it should be lowered to 200-300 dinos per tribe (depending on how the kibble rework is forming). This will cause players to kill off old breeds and unused tames, which are currently just being stored for no reasons. 4. Account tame cap - Another solution is to make the tame cap bound to each players account. Let's say you can have a max of 150 tames per account. So bigger tribes will ofc. have more tames, however this should be global for all servers. So if you have 75 tames on one server and 75 tames on another, you should not be able to tame more on that account. This is a pretty rough idea, i'm sure you could improve it further. On behalf of all of us playing official PVE, I hope that you will come up with a solution soon to this problem. We love the game and the community on the official servers, but it's simply just unplayable. Even many new players who joins the server has to leave again, because after 1-3 weeks they haven't been able to get more than 4 tames if they are lucky. Because most PVE servers are at tame cap, people are joining other servers with a few tame slots available just to store more dinos. This is just snowballing and eventually every server is at max cap. - No. We cannot just play on dedicated servers, for many reasons. We play on officials because that's what we prefer and we are already way too invested in our server. ;-) Thanks in advance for reading this, if you do. A reply of some sort would be much appriciated. We are soon giving up our hope for this game, even tho we love it so much!
  11. Hello, Me and a group are playing on the Official PvP Crossark 10 servers. We are cuurently on The Center, and were trying to move some stuff over to Ragnarok, we were able to put our items and dinos into the obelisk, but when we attempted to take it out we were told "data downloads disabled" is this on purpose? I thought we were able to transfer items and dinos to other servers as long as they were in the same cluster.
  12. On Asia-PVP-PS4Official-Ragnarok520 my Character level 94 is stuck because of dodos. Is there a way for me to get it out as I can’t get on to the server to transfer it.
  13. New item Cross ark container. (1-10 items /stacks) (2 benefits - read below) You need to place your transferable items into the container before hand. It gets a ID on the server network and matches those onto a database. Must have full stacks of materials, which on the server network are just counted as Slot 1 - 1 , slot 2 - 1 (1 = stone etc) then the server knows the container has 2 stacks of stone in it. Something like this: base material = max stack (you cannot move less), 1 full stack would be minimum in a container. building parts - stacks of 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100 turrets, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 10 min cooldowns on both closing and opening after transfer, duplicate check in a database. Non standard items would need more stat information transferred ofc. mayby create a limit on those to lessen the burden for the database Benefits - 1. making tranfering bit easier in the upload/download stage since instead of moving one item in .. you move max 10 at the same time inside container. 2. Mayby help avoid duping (im no coding pro so I'm not sure would this be something that would help or not). Some might think this could make duping even better .. like i said Im no coding expert and dont really have clear idea how the data flows in the current system. What i understand tho is that if items had Item ID*s. even if only items with quality and big items like indu forge, fabricator, tree platform etc, and those ID*s would be compared to a database before and after server roll back - that in my understanding should negate the possibility of a dupe.
  14. Greenhouse effect disappeared?

    Hi, Do devs look at the forums? I ask cause idk if anyone else can answer my question. I play on official pvp xbox servers and I had a nice greenhouse set up in an entrance to a surface area. It was a stone cliff platform with a greenhouse (sloped roofs and all so pve lol) on metal foundations. 3x3. Had water hooked up and on completion all the crop plots had 300% greenhouse effect. Now a couple of updates ago I noticed that all the plots suddenly had 0% causing them to die faster and grow slower. I need to know if this was a purposeful dev change or an unintended glitch or (fingers crossed) if I demo and rebuild it'll be fixed. Thank you for reading.
  15. New server popped up a few days ago! Hosted by Nitrado, can be found PC server list! Server is boosted, however not OP! Server name is: LATINACRAZYARKXBOOSTED PVP all day everyday! Offline raiding is not prevented same as with normal servers. Come one come all, and if you wish to donate to the server in order to get a few more slots on the server, simply contact one of the Admins for details! Admins are there to supervise and such, but are not actively participating in raids or there to help certain tribes and not others. Please do not ask to join the admin tribe, or to be an admin. - _____- Boosted stats are instant tames, one point infinite weight, one point infinite oxygen. Dino turret damage is also up due to boosted Dino stats. Difficulty is raised slightly and Dino levels are slightly boosted. Day and night time is set to normal. Other stats are slightly boosted including: Player health Stamina Fortitude Crafting skill Speed Melee Tames stats are also boosted. Not overly boosted, but weight is one point infinite as well! Come join and let me know what games and events you want to see! Server is up 24/7, and contact owner GT if you have any issues! OWNER GAMER TAG: LILBOOTYLATINA HAVE FUN!
  16. As many have noted, there is an ongoing problem with PVE servers hitting tame cap, especially during events. This is irritating for folks trying to get started on a server, and just as irritating for long time residents of the servers who are active on the server. During a discussion it was pointed out that there are folks who get around the tribe tame limit by having multiple accounts. There are also Asian players who use the NA servers as garages for their animals. I don't know if this is also true with EU players using NA servers in a similar manner or vice versa but in any event those storage tribes are inhibiting the server's more active and new residents by taking quite a bit of the number of animals allowed. Some suggestions that were made during our discussion: Restricting the servers to that particular region, thereby eliminating other regions from using another region's servers as storage. Increase the number of PVE servers available in all regions Using a player's IP as a means of determining their tame limit on a particular server. This would allow more people to tame on a server, but not impede those with multiple accounts who use their additional accounts for gathering and crafting purposes. I think 500 dinos for one person, regardless of the number of accounts they have should be more than enough for most people. Lower the number of players allowed on each server Thoughts/suggestions/comments???
  17. We have setup a new Ragnarok server with a different twist. Typically when playing Ark most folks don't even bother making for example thatch structures, let alone really mess with some of the early game tools and weapons like Bows, boomerangs, rope ladders, slingshots, etc. We've decided to create a new server where not only will you use these things, but they are essential. That's because we are going to go through Ages in this server. The first Age you will only be able to build thatch structures, and tame stone weapons. This means that you and your foes won't be able to have that race to see who gets turrets up, makes C4, tames Griffins and raises Wyverns, etc. Instead you'll find out how to strategize against each other using just the limited tools you have, and your brain! There isn't a Smithy or Forge, so no in the beginning you can't just tame a bunch of Rex's and chomp on your neighbor. Well you can tame them, but where's the Smithy to make saddles? So maybe you tame an Army of Rex's and then lead them in battle on the back of a Raptor? The next stage will be wood, followed by stone. At some point here we'll add in the Smith, Forge, guns, explosives, etc. But they will all come into play when it makes sense. Sound fun? Sound like a challenge? Some of the basic info for the server includes: Server Name: Kingdom of Clom Number of current tribes: 4 small ones all in thatch Total concurrent slots on the server: 10 (will be going to 20 soon, but for now 10 is great) Taming 3X Harvesting 3X Hatching 6X Maturing 6X Per level Multipliers: Tames: Weight 2x, Stamina 3x Player: Weight 3X, Stamina 3X, Fort 3X XP 1x
  18. Over the last 2 months iv lost alot of oil pumps with nothing in the tribe log to say they were destroyed. I did see a wild scorpion attacking one and after killing it I seen it did over 500 damage to the oil pump. Can you please make oil pumps take damage like metal structures. It was the oil node south of the wyvern cove if it's a terrain glitch making it despawn.

    Ark developers please release a patch for this issue ASAP. I keep freezing upon loading into official or non-official servers, and then being sent to dashboard, then having a startup crash once but it works the second time i try, but still freezing. Alot of other people are having this issue aswell, As you can see in the link below.. Please release a patch fixing this as soon as you can, Thanks. http://downdetector.com/status/ark/news/172930-problems-at-ark-survival-evolved
  20. Questions (could use your help)

    TLDR: want to understand intricacies (pros/cons) of servers and how that affects characters, items, maps, etc... Good day, I've been playing ark on PC on local server and single player for a little while. Game keeps crashing (even after I use Steam's ability to verify integrity of game) and most of the time I have to start over. I've tried to read a lot on my own to avoid having another useless post, but most of the posts I have found are either incomplete (for what I'm looking for) or assume you already have some knowledge (which I apparently lack to some degree). Anyways, from what I have read, it seems like going to a dedicated server would be better (?) and would help drastically reduce chances of game crashing (?) With that in mind, I had a few questions... What are the differences between dedicated official and unofficial servers? Are there any other options that I don't know about (is undedicated a thing)? How do multiple characters, maps, mods, items, playing with other people, etc work with dedicated (official and unofficial) servers? I'm basically trying to understand the "fine" writing or the things that advances players have learned from experience and it is not written anywhere. In other words, if you were you when you first starting playing Ark, what are some things you wish you knew (in regards to the topics discussed above)? I really appreciate your responses in advance, and if there is any terminology that I need to clarify or have explained, by all means let me know. Thanks!
  21. Hey there, I've recently started to play on the crossark clusters, specifically CrossArk10. I started on rag but when it came time to move over to the Center, I couldn't transfer items. Item Transfer Disabled On This Server, however I could transfer dino's? At first i thought it was cause the release of Aberration, but after talking to some other people on the server, they have said that it has been disabled for much longer than that. I'd love a response to this as "CrossArk" you would think you'd be able to transfer items as well @[email protected] @TheRightHand
  22. Hello everyone, I'm probably writing the same thing someone already posted here before, but there's not a single word about it from devs, so I think we should really try to get to devs somehow. There are two huge problems with new or returning players who want to play on official PVE servers: 1) all servers are tame capped 2) all locations are taken or pillared I'm a returning player, I stopped playing about a week before ARK was released officially, and now wish to return and start from the beginning, but it seems unfair to not be able to play on official PVE servers, cause I've paid for the game like everybody else and supported WC in early-access era. There has to be a solution for this somewhere in the future. I'm OK with waiting, but it would be nice to know that devs are thinking about it. Legacy servers are slowly dying out and it's not fun to play with 2 or 3 people online, which is the same as playing locally. Please support this thread if you are thinking the same. Thanks.
  23. It’s not considered a bug when the server doesn’t even show up right? I’ll submit a ticket but it made me chuckle so I posted for visibility. Xbox clients are now v769 but the official servers and Nitrado servers are still v768.81, so anyone who’s updated their client can’t find the servers.
  24. Good Morning, I just wanted to reach out and ask if there is a template or set of settings we should use to have private servers, single player and non-dedicated sessions exactly emulate official servers settings? I am not sure if the official server settings are publically available or.. is there a way to read them ingame ? Thanks in advance for any advice Cheers and have a good day
  25. So this is a long shot and honestly I have absolutely ZERO faith and/or hope in this happening but it's better to try and fail than to not try at all. So! Earlier in the week Official EU pvp Aberration server 696 was plagued with a tribe, who I won't name since apparently that will get this post removed, doing roll backs and duping items and tames. My tribe and three others couldn't stop them because in the four hours we were trying to raid and wipe them they would constantly roll back the server to before the attack. Then that night my tribe got offline raided by this tribe who was doing the roll backs. Now ive heard that SUPPOSEDLY the devs fixed Plant Z which was the way people were causing the servers to crash. IF this is true, can we expect an Admin or someone of power to remove this tribe, their structures and tames, and to get us our tames back? My tribe is pretty much in agreement that we don't care about the structures or BPs that we lost. It's the tames we want back because they weren't killed to true PvP. They were killed to players who cheated to get to where they are now. While we didn't have a Basilisk or reapers what we did have were about a dozen crabs all tamed over 130. Almost as many spinos, three megas tamed at 135. 140. And a Christmas colored red and green 150. And to make this even better if it wasn't for these people rolling back the server, our Rock Drake's would have matured. We had 4 of those. 160, 90, and two 50s. Again, I have absolutely no faith that we'll get them back, but it would be pretty damn nice if we did since we lost them to a tribe of cheaters.