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  1. lexlpCrocs

    betrayed by own tribe

    Welp.... I thought that i would never make a post like this one... it kinda sucks, but I guess crap hits the fan when you least expect it. I have been playing on server 813 Aberrations since Dec 24- 2017, was able to make a tribe... Friends.. allies. I had know that the tribe wasn't going to last forever because the season was changing, tribe members not being able to get on as often as they would normally. i just knew we would be raided or something eventually, but the one thing id never thought would happen had fell upon me... Before i get into what had happened, this tribe started out in a thatch 2x2 on my very first day of playing *(i helped gather thatch to make it)*, at the time there were only 3 people in the tribe, lets call then Jay and gay*( i do not mean to offend anyone, just placeholders for names)* our first 4 days of being on the server we got raided by a tribe Peace Keepers, we lost all our tamed creatures and lost access to the only metal cave in the area, so i stayed on for two days straight to get us from a stone 3x3x1 to a metal 3x3x3 just by using a metal pick on normal rocks and using 3 low level ravagers to kill Krakinos for chitin to make the cp. wow this is getting a little too long but let me sum things up from this point on.. there was a larger tribe than peace keepers that didn't like them so much so they wiped them for causing the server to roll back anywhere from 7 to 30 times a day *( was almost impossible to tame or breed anything)* this larger tribe tells them " We will wipe everything you own unless you change servers. so they did, they just left over the course of a week, we got access to the metal cave again, Gained a lot of new allies *(the two biggest tribes on the server)* everything was going great except for all the naked trolls lv 20 to 115 but the turrets solved that, i made sure of it. so we made it apart of our tribe to deal with all these trolls, we would tranq them for hours on end and have some rather interesting conversations *( anything from why they trolling to how the weather is outside or about my mother)* or we would cage them and keep them as pets for a few days till they stopped playing or till they asked to go to a drop to leave. I don't want to say the tribe name as they still may be using it on server 813 aberration PVP, But me made this name for our self HUNTING TROLLS for fun. I guess you could say we where real "Troll hunters" yea sure my tribe would argue with one another from time to time.. but it made us stronger in the end and we all would learn from the experience. i thought we where growing into a lovely tribe.... at the time the tribe lived at Fertile Lake 2.. just up the slope.. Our base was rather large, it had at the time 71 auto turrets *(I made all but 15)*, they were spread out between 14 turret towers *(I had placed and farmed all the materials by myself except for one of the turret towers)*, I was the only one working on setting up plant x around the turret towers so i mind wipe to a full weight setup at lv 84 to finnish the back side of the base that i had farmed for and placed down over 80% of what the tribe was contrived of, the only thing in base i had not built or placed by myself was all the stone behemoth gates. every day id get onto the server i would farm at least 5k to 10k cementing paste, 40k metal*(refined)* and as much gunpowder as our second indi would hold along with our two chem benches over the course of a minimum of 6 hours to a max of 14 hours a day, this is working with a full time job and going to classes on my off days, id only get one to two hours of sleep a day just to keep everyone in the tribe happy, we treated everyone as an equal id like to think. but one day the large tribe *( our allies )* were tired of this other powerful tribe blocking off most of the blue zone they were ICE NATION, *( its 2 am at this point I have class at 7 AM and work right after at 5PM and my Friend says it will only take an hour at most)* so they ask all the peeps in the server 813 alliance to raid them, so we get our best 2 pararacers and 4 spinos to help... long story short we raided ICE NATION but at the end of the raid i Told my Tribe leaders Girlfriend i was going to get off for the night because i had class in an hour and i had to get ready immediately i also said i was upset my lv 150 perfect tame bulbdog was killed during attack by a tribe mate that i said to not take any of my tames but he did anyway, so I leave the one pararacer i came on there and told only of the tribe mates to bring it back for me, they agreed so i got off after filling all the generators with 100 gas like i always did every night. So i wasn't able to get on later that day because of work and as soon as i got home i went to sleep so i could wake early to grind all day in ark to get to lv 90... but when i got on i was kicked from my own tribe I was admin in and removed from the tribe GROUP ME, they first told me it was because i abandoned them during the raid *( which is not true I stayed online to the last minute of that raid then asked to leave)* then they Lied in chat about me using WILD REAPER KINGS to drain our turrets that i placed and filled and set to PLAYER ONLY, not a single turret was set to wild. so they call the other Tribe in our alliance to help them cage me. they said they felt bad for me and would give me a steggo to help me get back on my feet, so i got to there base they unclaimed the steggo then they tranqed my and said sorry then put me in a prison they made just for me, they gave me water, food, more stone than i could ever carry and these shiny wrist things that made my hand not work*(from the perspective of my character)*. i spent 9 hours online waiting to kill myself when they were not looking, but when i got out all my so called friends and allies wouldn't listen to anything id say and would bad mouth me... but to all who read this Don't be a Gimmpy like i was Be a real GIMP and trust no one because master is no longer with us and he will never come back! "but stay strong my fellow GIMPS as the time will come to where WE WILL RISE AGAIN AND CONQUER AGAIN!!! *(from the RP perspective of my character)*". Well. if anyone would like a Gimp to assist them in ARK Just hit me up. I obey any order given, and i try my hardest for the better of the tribe.
  2. A tribemate of ours is unable to transfer his character from our official island server to another official server. He is basically stuck on the island server. He cannot transfer out of an obelisk, nor from our tek transmitter. when he types in the server he is either unable to find any servers, or if he is able to find the server, when he clicks transfer the process doesn't finish and just keeps him on the server. He can upload items and dinos, but not his character. Is anyone else experiencing this issue and/or found a workaround?
  3. KommanderKyle

    Ark Data/Transfer Help

    Hello Survivors, So my delima. If I put anything in my ark Data, it disappears. Sometimes... If I access it, I can see the items for .2 sec. The weird thing is, I logged onto my wife's computer, and it doesn't do it there. I have cleared my playerdata, validated, reinstalled. Any advice? Thanks!
  4. Just to clarify things, I'm talking about getting to level 150 post extinction on PVE official servers as a player. Right now, it's painfully hard to get past 131 as each level needs 10 million xp, which is equivalent to about 5 or 6 characters that you up from 1 to 100. IF the xp needed stays the same until 150, we will need 190 million xp from level 131 or 203 million xp from level 1. Some roughly estimated math put 190mil xp to 3 years and 2 months worth of sleeping time in tek sleeping pods if you only log on x2 (to get the x2 xp on all the time you spent sleeping, which means, something close to 5 years if you just sleep normally and feed dinos once every 2-3 days. Then you would tell me : "But, Paro, you just have to use grinder/kill baby giga." And to that I answer: "PvE is mostly capped, so, killing that amount of baby giga is just unthinkable. And I have a grinder hall with 26 grinders. It takes 5h on x2 with a level 1 to get to 100. Even if we round it up to 2mil xp per 100 level (which is not), you would still need about 20 days of constant grinding on x2 with broth and toilet. Which means at least 10 week-ends 48h straight of grinding. Doing it on x1 is just folly as you harvest less wood and you get less xp, making it not worth it." And that's taking into consideration that they don't increase even more the xp needed per level! So here is what I thought of. What if, triple ascended people, goes together on a server, make a tribe there, and each bring their own amount of grinders (at least 15) and wood farming dinos. And, hear me out, we all fill all of these bad boys up (which will deforest the server, but it's ok). Then all start grinding together giving each other shared xp? The size of the thing is gonna be quite big, so we probably have to figure some architectural wonder to make it all work, so that we can refresh the grinders without worrying about losing shared xp. What do you guys think? It would probably only take us a few sessions of those (depending on the number of people and grinders) to get us to 150 in no time. And while a groupe is not there, and outside of the grinding session time, they are free to use the grinders for personnal grinding, granted they fill the grinders themselves! They could even rent them. Though we might risk crashing the server so, we will have to wait until a server save with all our character there to avoid loss then start grinding, but it's probably enough to just farm wood while waiting. It's probably gonne take more than 30-40 min to fill 15+ grinders each, especially if we have to travel far to get the wood. "But, Why?" you might ask. Well, for no other reason than having a 150s on official in a more efficient way than grinding each on our own.
  5. Just curious if anyone else has had this issue in the past three days? My husband and i were playing as usual on official rag server and go kicked, upon trying to load back in we received the "Cannot Retrieve address" error, We have tried every single thing anyone could think of.. Hard reset, clear cache, fresh re-install, online/offline, opening every port xbox needs, contacting the internet company.. even contacting Xbox live since theyre having purchasing issues atm only to have them try everything on their end and finally stating its on wildcards end. I can sometimes join a random server and create a character but then the game crashes. I cannot join any of my own servers. Tribemates are able to log into my account without a problem, however I cant even log into single player. Its been three days now and ive lost 10 babies that were raising and mc karkinos and basilisks saddle bps that cost me a ton in game to trade for. Im losing my mind and out of options.. The xbox agent i spoke to said they emailed wildcard and I put in a ticket.. but by the time anyone from wildcard answer Ill have lost all my stuff and tribe. So if anyone has any suggestions short of taking a baseball bat to my xbox and never playing ark again Im desperate at this point.
  6. Pibz

    Dino Names

    So i play official pvp, and as you would expect get thru a lot of tames. In the interest of passing time id ask about other peoples dino names an how they name them. Im in smallish tribe so i dont always just name things after my psn or character. Often i hit google for baby names related to the dino i.e colour, i have a Blue Giga called Azule.. Some times i name for a specific reason, i had another giga called "Mo Feckin Farah" because all it ever wanted when raising was long ass walks for imprints (RiP Mo..) other names ive had include Fleshlight for a featherlight, Edward for a theri & Ronnie the Rhino... I had a whole load of Wyverns named after different devils, gigas named after serial killers & sex offenders & reapers named after Nazi's from ww2. Anyone want to share thiers an entertain me?
  7. If the dev team is out there and reading this, are you aware that ab dimorphs hatch regular dimorph babies?? Seems similar to the meg glitch back in the day! If you are aware of this, is there going to be a fix for it at anytime??
  8. KommanderKyle

    Ark Data and Transferring

    Hello and greetings, I play on an official small tribe server. I placed a Tek Teansmitter, if I upload an item (after cool down) it is there for about 2 seconds. Then it disappears. If I switch tabs, it sometimes will show up for a moment. The same thing at a oblisk or supply drop. It also always says Ark Data 4/-. Anyone with this problem figure anything out? Thanks survivors! Pc Small Tribe
  9. Ps4 has been having nothing but ddos wars for the past 4 months, is WC doing anything to address the issue? OC servers d ont have the updated ddos protection that NA/EU servers have, but even that can't stop people with botnets(almost every big tribe on ps4has a botnet user now). The dev wipes were a good step in the right direction, but this has always been the main issue on PS4.
  10. Recently, I have started breeding boss spinos, and I have encountered a problem. I have many Spinoza and I am trying to combine their best stats into a single one but most of the time the weaker stat gets inherited. I need to hatch more eggs, but all my females keep getting 2 day cool down and stuff and the relatively low chance of breeding makes it impossible as I need to hatch HUNDREDS of eggs but if I try to get that many eggs, it will take the better part of the year (200 days). I need help to figure out how to get started in breeding as the cooldown makes the process very slow. I have seen many tribes hatch hundreds of eggs at a time on official and I was wondering how they can get this many eggs. Any help is greatly appreciated. (Official PVP)
  11. xEGxShinobuu

    Primalgamedata_bp PS4 Error

    I keep trying to log into my main Aberration server, however every time I do it gives me a "Connection Timeout" error, with the screen constantly stuck in the loading screen with "PrimalGameData_bp" stuck loading. I've tried to reset my router, deleted and re-downloaded the application, downloaded my saved data from last night onto the ps4 to see if that was the issue, but the result is still the same. I've tried to join in on a tribemate from the Playstation party join option. I've tried to play on my alternate accounts, with still the same error. However, this is only applying to THAT server, I can join any other server just fine.  If I can get some response to this or how to fix it, that'd be appreciated. I already submitted a response form to it, since I assumed it was a server issue. However, it seems that some of my tribemates and other tribes on the server are able to log in just fine. EDIT:This is on PS4 Official servers, and not Prim+.
  12. Ryan220

    pve Ankys and aggro

    Hello all A couple of quick questions. I was reading about metal farming with Ankys and in one post it was suggested that the Anky be dropped off in the Volcano whilst the player goes and farms by hand elsewhere. My questions are. Do they mean inside the cone or on the outer slopes? Is this safe? Im assuming either nothing aggros on the Anky or that there are no wild dinos in the suggested area? Many thanks
  13. lFortified

    Small Tribe Alliance

    Let’s be honest here. More and more people are starting to go to the Small tribe servers because that’s about the average size of a tribe on official and are tired of having server after server get wiped by mega tribes. I think small tribes should have alliances because I don’t think the problem is ally raiding. The problem is having a tribe with 6-8 people get absolutely obliterated by a tribe with hundreds and flood out the server. If ally raiding is the problem we should have the option to have an anti ally option on turrets .
  14. Hello all. I require some Silica Pearls and was wondering about the viability of farming leeches for them. I lack the ability to swim for them and have no fur armour to visit the NW area (that I read about somewhere). So Im stuck with wading through the swamp on my dino - on a positive note Im really close the the swamp. Ive managed to get a few pearls this way, but was wondering if there is a reliable method as, at the moment the results are less than stellar. Thanks in advance.
  15. GlassMetal: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=510590313 This mod delivers very handy glass options for replacing metal structures. The glass cost is reduced with the crystal cost going up. There's cool greenhouse options too (which look much better than the stock ones provided in-game). My favorite thing is the spiral stairs. They're slightly shorter than the in-game spirals, which allows for more placement freedoms, and, best of all, they are flippable! So now people can have symmetrical staircases! Aku Shima RWT Standalone: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=608800320 This mod has beautifully aesthetic properties and is arguably one of the most classy looks for a structure I've seen yet. It's a little more expensive than but slightly less strong than metal. So, it's more for the visuals than protection. However, it replaces much of the metal with wood and cementing paste. I feel it's a happy medium to hiding a bit better/looking nicer but you're not indestructible. I really think these two mods could be a great inclusion. Ya'll have added player-made maps to your official game, why not some useful/fun mods?
  16. Scorched Earth is an excellent map due to its overall performance, very good caves, limited meshing issues, and the most efficient crystal + element farming across all maps. This puts SE at the top next to aberration for many mega tribe as an optimal choice for a main server. The issue is that there are only 22 SE servers on the official-pvp cluster, 7 of which are Asia servers. That leaves us with the remaining 15 which are left to the 50+ tribes capable tribes able to hold a main server without major alliance efforts dumped into wiping them, which even then the church caves online ability to defend is second to none as seen in the recent attempt to wipe an SE server.
  17. I am starting fresh on small tribe servers and I was wondering what is your guys oppinion on a starting mount that is versitile and able to hold its own weight?! 1)Ptrenadons - are amazing when bred but little weight and stam become very tiedious to use 2)Argies - are super useful especially with the smithy saddle however slow and difficult to store and stay under the radar 3)Iguanadons - not so popular to find however no stam and can put up a fight 4)Dire bears - amazing stats can hold its weigjt but very hard for an early tame Whats your suggestions!? Let me know your oppinions Brutal69
  18. Hello, I just noriced that the Thylacoleo just sits on the redwood tree not attacking during this Easter event. The Thylacoleo moves suddenly when approached but not jumping. Tested with walking, sitting on a Rex and on Argent (Argentavis). Maybe I now have so much armor that the thyla gives up (each 300+ armor). Console version 771.3 (client), server version 771.4 Regards, Ariana
  19. AlanMasterPRO

    Crecimiento en oficiales

    Hola, pienso que los servidores privados (nitrados) se llevan muchos jugadores porque los jugadores antiguos en los servidores oficiales le quitan jugabilidad, creo que debería existir una limitante en el juego para destrucción de estructuras, una base de 4x1 por ejemplo es muy básica, apenas para que una tribu inicie, debería haber un bloqueo en el juego para que no pueda sea destruida, así se garantizaria la rotación de tribus y no la propiedad individual de servidores como sucede hoy en día 😉
  20. Ok so a few weeks ago an ally who was in my party said he was in his base when he heard a loud wooshing sound, he ran outside and there was nothing there. We all thought he was making it up or just a glitch noise. But today me and 3 other tribe mates were raising wyverns on scorched when i heard this very loud "Woooshing" noise. Immediatley one of my tribe mates was like what the hell was that, i said did you hear the woosh he said yeah. Now my base is plastered in turrets so i know no one was anywhere near my base at the time. Has anyone else heard this noise or has any idea what it is. I have read online of a boom sound from people doing boss fights but nothing about a Woosh lol
  21. So, I've only been playing this game for a month, and, like so many of you, my server has become tame capped. Can't breed anything. Can't tame anything. And now, the tribes that mass-tamed everything while the server was fresh are now in control of every market for trade. They have the Dinos. They've gated the caves. And they log on for ten measly minutes each day and then log off. Sound familiar? There have been a lot of good suggestions on how to fix this, but Wild Card hasn't really addressed the problem. How do you deal with server caps? I have a few ideas, what do you all think? 1.) Limit the number of servers a Gamertag/Wild Card account can be active on. Let's say "active" means visited the server in the last 60 days. So, with all the maps; Island, SE, Rag, Aberration, and Center, plus the new DLC in November, that totals 6. Why not limit the number to 6? Then, the big tribes have to figure out how they're going to manipulate only 6 servers, instead of 60. They could also allow you to wipe your player from a server to free up one of your slots. Think save game slots in many games...they only give you 3-5...why do you need 573 saves like we see people have in Fallout 4? Lol. Off topic. But the premise remains. 2.) Limit the number of active players allowed on a server. We don't need 120 players on a server when only 70 (seen 82 before) are allowed on at one time. They already know their servers can barely handle a full compliment of people, why poke the bear? Once their tames and base decay, say bye-bye, Birdy, they get wiped and someone takes their spot, but not before. 3.) For the love of Trixie, the Rex Goddess, can we just get download-disabled servers?! Not fresh. As in...never, ever, ever. To heck with the mega tribes, they have their servers. A NO DOWNLOAD server would be especially for new players, and will always remain that way. Enact a wild level cap if you must, but at least people could get started and upload to a different server when they're ready, instead of being forced too because of selfish tame storage tribes or megas and alphas. They can have their game. Let the new players have theirs too. 4.) Require extreme proximity for structure clusters of 6 or less adjacent pieces. Then the ladder/pillar combo will decay unless they go right next to each and every one...daily. Yep. Not twelve days. Not 4. Daily. You want to block stuff? Well then you'll have to earn it. I understand it's not perfect, but at least you won't have 3 tribes controlling all of the caves. The lack of oversight on cave blocking is unreal. Should be against code of conduct if it isn't, and should be harshly punished. If I can't make it to the end-game because of the poor architecture that's in place, why would I ever recommend this game to a friend? Why? And why should I have to wait until all the kids go back to school in 2 months to play a game I've already paid for? These are reverberating and echoing arguments all across the forums...Wild Card would do well to listen to them and all of the other great suggestions from this community...or "Ark 2" is going to bust and fall flat on its capped face.
  22. Hey survivors, in advance I'm sorry for any misspelling and greez from germany! So our tribe experienced another big thing some days (almost 2 weeks) ago! Some facts before we get into it: We played ARK since its very first early access release and played only on official servers pvp and pve so far! We have a some thousads of hours spend ingame already and saw some real hard bugs during early access like loosing weeks of breeds etc. So now where the game is not anymore in early access and Wildcard is developing more expansions and also a mobile version of ARK to soak more money you should think, that the main game for PC/XBOX/PS should be high quality stuff now? Sure it is just look at the server performance! Its amazing! They offer 70 player servers and if 20 players are online and much is rendered the performance is already broken! Also 70 player servers and with like 20 active players and some tribes the tame limit is already reached. Yea as we thought, this game and their devs know what they're doing! Dont scream I know what you think! But because the idea behind this game is so nice and we love dinosaurs so much, we keep playing this game. What happened due to bugs in early access is bad but okay, wildcard had an excuse (early access). What happened now? So here comes another story I just want to share with you guys. I dont want to fight or to argue about I just want to share if someone is interested maybe! So we (my mate and I) wanted to go to the broodmother with like 8 rexes 12 days ago! Nothing special we thought. So we went to the beacon next to our base and put every dino where it had to stay around the beacon. No wild dinos anywhere? Check! Okay lets go! So we summoned the portal and after 20 seconds.... My mate and me... still staying at the beacon... Wait where are our rexes??? They are gone! Obviously teleported somewhere but the tribe logs says just nothing and we cannot find them anywhere on the island. DILO!? Is that the way Wildcard trys to decimate the dinos cause the tamecap? So i opened a ticket at the support site of wildcard. 12 Days ago... No answer yet! So if anyone is interested how this story ends I will update you guys here! 12 Days and nothing yet! There is no early access anymore and we paid for the game... I.e. when I buy a TV and after 1 year there is a malfunction. I get a new one or at least they repair it for free! It calls rectification! Im really excited what Wildcard will do now.. If they answer anytime... I also will keep this story updated on reddit...! Ah and btw. even this has nothing to do with my story right now, but I just want to know, why Wildcard can develope new expansions and a mobile version, while the mainGame is not ready?? How is that possible? The Character-Animations are stil just PLACEHOLDERS! The Ragdolls of the dinos seem also to be just temporary... DirectX 12 was promised but totally forgot! They promised objectmeshes or how it calls for every item we drop. Im just asking why because I cannot explain it so myself. How is this order possible? Leaving the game technically in alpha stage but investing so much efforts in expansions and a mobile version If anyone has an idea please let me know. So back to the topic: I'll keep you updated on how our story contnues!
  23. Not sure if the devs ever answer on the forums but i could use some clarification from someone. When cross-platform play first arrived it was restricted to unofficial/dedicated servers with the promise that when the windows store introduced an anti-cheat system they would also allow cross-play through the official servers. And while Battleye doesn't support windows apps, Microsoft has the trueplay system implemented from the Fall Creator update which as far as I know is a similar system to steam's VAC. Is this system not thorough/efficient enough for Wildcard or is there another reason as to why it has yet to be implemented. It's been 7 months of silence on the topic and I guess I'd just like an update. Any responses are appreciated.
  24. Aberrantsurvivor88

    Can't transfer off of server

    So I transferred to Official Aberration 622 PVE and when I spawned at my base I got an error message (see picture) BUT my character still loaded and played fine. Now I am trying to go to my Island base and I am unable to transfer servers. I get as far as selecting which server I want to go to but when I press Join Server nothing happens. I've submitted a ticket but I know thay can take a while so any suggestions would be HUGELY appreciated. UPDATE: In case someone else has the same issue. So it seems the issue was that the game thought my character was still uploaded. The solution was to log in to a different server than the one my character was on and re-download my character. I then transferred back to the Aberration server where I had the error message which overwrote the flawed character. The only catch was that for some reason it booted me from my tribe on that server. So if you are a solo tribe kind of person I would strongly suggest inviting someone you trust in to your tribe so that they can re-invite you to your tribe and save yourself the trouble of losing your tribe. Hope this helps.
  25. I was flying through the redwoods on my high level argy and was kicked to the Xbox dashboard, I thought nothing of it because this is normal. I logged in after a few minutes, I was dead, my microraptor had been killed by a carno, no big deal. I hopped on my other bird and flew to the redwoods and was immediately kicked as I entered the redwoods, every time I try to log in I get kicked to the Xbox dashboard, I have tried switching off my Xbox, re starting ark, playing a new game for a little while, and even switched Xbox to see if it was just my Xbox. I made a new character and ran to the redwoods from Highlands E. I was kicked as I entered. Wildcard Help? How to go I get back in? This has been going on for nearly 13 hours. I'm on Official PvP Xbox Ragnarok 273 and my characters name his Helena, I'm level 79. HELP