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  1. So after my time on ARK I've decided a few things. The BIGGEST problem that players make.. is the server settings they chose. They join PvP server thinking they want to be on a PvP server, yet they complain when they are killed by others.. they complain that they get raided.. There is only 2 reasons to play a PvP server.. 1 you plan to kill/raid someone without their permission 2 you wish to play with a friend that wants to kill/raid someone without their permission. Either way.. how can you complain when someone better comes and does it to you? How is that justifiable? Why not play pve where you need to agree to PvP? I love when alpha sets a rule of no killing passives. THIS is official pvp. I will do what I want. We need to clean these servers up of the wanna be pvpers. They are bad. They don't want to PvP. So why not show them the errors in their ways? If your with me.. kill their passives. Kill their campfires and unlocked storage boxes. I'm tired of hearing "why you kill me" on an official PvP server. Teach these baddies they don't want pvp. Tell them to go to pve server where they belong. UPDATE- have gotten rid of a tribe of 3 pve players who thought they were pvpers. The story - I knocked out a pteranadon on a mid population server. I am laying in the bushes awaiting my new tame to finish up. As I lay there in the cold night I spot a raft with fires and forges running. At first the raft past the location of my pteranadon. Then it stops. All of a sudden they jump out and run to my pteranadon killing it. (My character has 160 move speed) I decided retaliate. After killing one of them with my fab pistol I use for alpha hunting they ran towards there raft. I made a quick judgement call.. they were going to escape if I didnt act quickly. I had farmed some grenades to raid someone.. I decided to grenade their raft before they could get to their raft. To my knowledge, I thought it would be a waste. But after killing them and getting killed by there saber and wolf.. I ran back to discover.. this raft was a raft that was prepared to raid. I got my grenades upgraded to c4. I killed a saber and wolf (by the looks of it either kibble or prime tamed and leveled up) These kids thought they wanted to PvP when they didn't. RIP pvers
  2. Why not merge legacy and official servers?
  3. Zachhynd

    Resetting Official

    i believe its about time to reset the official servers back to day 0 and let the "mega tribes" all have a fresh restart together to help boost the smaller tribe servers. some people are stuck on official mega tribes because they worked so hard for a huge base and legacy. lets restart that and see who can be bigger. in the explorer notes they describe a wipe by the over seers once they see the players get to advanced. i believe its time for that. but i guess its up to the devs. vote this up or add salty comments. looking forward to beach bob fights and boat wars again.
  4. allthenoodles

    official Accountbinding

    When the PvE tamecap hits the official servers, the first knee-jerk reaction of the community is to finger-point at new players, foreigners, and "hoarders" in an attempt to blame someone. Eventually, people suggest banding together as a community to suggest ideas that would alleviate tamecap woes (community kibble farm, etc). These are pipe-dreams of course, because it would only work if every player and every tribe on each server was on board, and the chances of that happening are about the same as a frozen pig flying straight out of hell. I offer the following solution: Upon imprinting, all dinos are accountbound and can not be unclaimed. They are also permanently and irreversibly stamped with the tribemember's steam-account as the personal owner (at time of imprint.) If the person imprinted to the dino/mammal/whatever uploads it to another server, joins a tribe, and then tries to leave server, the dino would either be taken out of tribe when they were removed or set to a steam-account decay timer equal to the normal timer for decay (in the case that the person would keep their dummy-toon in the tribe.) To sell imprinted dinos, the person would then have to log in every <7 days to reset the timer which most salesmen would not be willing to do. Reasons: PvE ark has big tamecap issues. PvE ark has storage tribes/accounts with 1000 or more dinos. This would help cull these problems, not eliminate them completely but cull them. On several PvE servers I play on, there are 6-10 vocal (use global chat frequently) tribes that have over 350 dinosaurs, and maybe as many as 1-2 aren't sales tribes. They advertise what they have in stock, bringing up things that are "on sale" now, and several of them have "dino barns" on other servers (or the same server, on a 2nd account) where they have 500-ish dinos tucked away as back-stock in case their main marketplace server gets low on dinos. That doesn't take into account the silent people who have dino barns and don't advertise because they sell... Elsewhere. There are thousands of bred dinos/mammals/drakes/wyverns on every server collecting dust because people are waiting to sell them. This measure would cut down on this kind of stuff, and increase people's involvement in the game. How? Because eggs would still be able to be sold, live-birth babies would still be claimable, and wild-tames with exceptional stats (your 45+ pointers) would still be unclaimable. The difference is, the person claiming/hatching would then have to raise the dino themselves. On the official 1x servers, raising dinos is a challenge many don't want to take on, but it is a big part of the game. It is also an important part of the game, I feel. After ark turning 3, I feel like we can all acknowledge that 1x official servers breeding and raising timers aren't going to be altered and one can surmise WildCard feels breeding is in a good place and is important, too. This accountbinding measure would get people involved in their game more, cut down on overstuffed servers, reduce dino barns, still allow people to buy good stats, and help our tamecapped servers out. People would have to reevaluate what makes ark fun and why they play the game though, I guess. It's just: If the gospel of the Ragnarok 5500 server tamecap is true, that means a few Rag servers I have seen are absolutely crippled by ~3 tribes that have dummy accounts and near 1000 dinos apiece. So, one person has 950 dinos (main tribe and a storage tribe account) out of 5500 to sell them, consuming close to 20% of a single server for the sake of selling. I guess this could be fun for them, but takes an awfully inconsiderate swing at the rest of the server's playerbase. ....... DISCLAIMER: I don't think this idea would ever come to ark and I don't know what it would take to code this out, but I feel like it would help our game. This is just my opinion of how the tamecap could be fought, as many servers are currently at tamecap (or within single digits of it) and the sales community is frothing at the mouth to tame/sell/breed Tek Rexs.
  5. jjfats

    Any new Prim + servers coming

    Does anyone know will there be any new prim + official servers opening up for this great migration.
  6. I think I speak for everyone when I say that the ability to clip through objects was a huge and amazing change that improved the building on Ark greatly. The system is great and I see no downside to it compared to the old system, so why is it not in place on official servers? I would personally love to play on official servers because of their large player count but I don't because of this specifically. As a solo player I find it very hard to create a hidden base, because building requires a large flat plain, and I can't put it in some out-of-the-way Corner because of this problem.
  7. Andrej

    ORP servers

    ORP SERVERS As all of us can see orp servers are dieing probably because of low rates and the orp fact that you cant raid while someone is offline,i think that can change like before to be around 40-50 players if WildCard can make structure decay smaller like to cut it in half or even quarter there are a lot of abadoned bases that take space also it would be nice to make them at least 2x or 3x premanently i think it would motivate players to play more on these servers.
  8. ChanceKetchup90

    what wild card should add

    Wild card should add tranq arrow made from just narco berries and arrows maybe even a new map with new flyers and carnivores.Also another tier of weapons and armour like mythical armour and weapons and another land source for black pearls.
  9. Ragnarock, PVE, Official 14912 Heath / 320.7 Melee I'll get him a better saddle. I just acquired a rock golem for free. He looks like he was leveled for fighting but I want to use him for construction. I need to level him up a bit to get weight on him. I'm not positive he can tank a Death Worm so I'm thinking about bringing my lighting wyvern. Wear it down with the lighting wyvern and then send him in for the points. How well do you think he will do against the Death Worm if it was 1 on 1 from the beginning?
  10. Recently a friend and I decided we wanted to get back into Ark after about a year of inactivity. I was super happy about the beginner servers and leveled up to 38 before transferring. After transferring to a new server we literally couldn't find one spot to build. Tribes had covered the entire map so many pillars that you could navigate the entire map and still see pillars every 10 feet. I transferred again only to find the same problem on the next four servers. I literally can't play the game because every server is filled with pillars. All I want to do is enjoy Ark and beat the bosses yet I can't because there's not enough servers and there is nowhere for new people. Wildcard really needs to add more servers on Xb1 and figure out a solution to the pillars issue because this game is unplayable.
  11. Mikethegod9

    Server Idea: For Small Tribes!

    Greetings Survivors! My Idea for a new Game-mode revolves around the smaller portion of Ark Players, The Lone Wolf : 1 Man Army Partners in Crime : 2 Player Tribes Specialist Team : 4 Player Tribes This Idea is based on PvP portion of Ark Survival Evolved, much like the recent ideas of having "No Tames" "Primitive+ " No Tek " "Cross Ark " "Hardcore" "100man server" (which are now just select servers) "offline Raid Protection" and combinations of these. These game-modes are ways to make the game slightly different and/or more difficult. However... These different game modes don't cover everyone's current needs or wants. This is where my Server Idea comes into play! Having Dedicated Official Servers for smaller tribes will make players happier and enjoy Ark Survival Evolved. Lets Face it, Playing on a Official PVP Server with a Active Alpha or Mega-Tribe is Frustrating, Struggling, Tiresome and for some, impossible. From personal experience, I have dominated a server with an iron fist! Then when Ark implemented Cross-Ark-Sadness. A TRUE STORY : on the Legacy server OfficialServer42 after the major update which required restart and download of the CrossArk patch. I was the FIRST player to enter my server, and the ONLY one originally from Server42, shortly after 68 players logged onto the server; Spoke in Chinese, and I watched my own tribe, (alpha-tribe) and everyone else's bases, dinos, items, be completely leveled, this group of 60 players spawned their dinos at Red obelisk, high-level tames and swept the entire map in a clockwise manner; I was powerless watching from the side on a Pteradon, as they destroyed players hours of progression in seconds.. killing 14 hour tames, leveling metal fortresses, dropping peoples gear, killing people in their sleep. (Note: No one could log on because they capped the server player limit) If you're a Legacy Player, you know well enough how hard it's to have the endurance to continue playing day after day of groups of 40 players server hopping and dominating an entire cluster, rather than just a single server! If you're a New player, who purchased Ark on Release this year, you may have already experienced that "Dominance persona " where the tribe with the bigger "club" makes you feel unwelcome. Recently playing on 12 different PvP servers Current Official; I've been thrown to the side; and wiped on all 12 servers; One Server my thatch hut was C4'd 3 minutes after building on the beach, that servers Megatribe continued to hunt down every new player who joined the server, while still having 8 players flying around with a Quetzal and Ankylo Farming Duo. ( 4 quetz , 8 ankylo' ) while the rest of the tribe and their secondary tribe ( alliance ) made sure you couldn't progress an inch. It's not the fact players are new, it's honestly dictated by size, on how well, and how much fun a player will have on PvP. I've played Ark for well over 2,000 hours, within those 2,000 hours I never had "fair combat", usually what happens is a skirmish breaks out, against 1 or 2 tribemates; and shortly after, my friend and I are facing two maxed tribes ( alliances ). because 2 players couldn't raid us, 20 came and dominated. despite knowing we were gonna lose, it was fun, because we were established and had a functional fort with active turrets. but now players are rebuilding, re-leveling; and the larger tribes are making players (who are only groups of 2, 3, 4 and the occasional solo player ) regret purchasing ark, because they're forced to play PvE or singleplayer / non-dedicated, or purchase/rent server .... It may be fun for the larger tribe, but the smaller tribe almost always suffers, because not only is the smaller tribe defenseless, they most likely wanted to avoid conflict, rather than engage it . SOLUTION: Make Select Servers which reduce Tribe limit from UNLIMITED to 2 members, No Alliance Current Settings are : Unlimited Players 5 alliances per tribe with 12 tribes per Alliance OfficialDuoServer#Rag OfficialDuoServer#Island OfficialDuoServer#SE OfficialDuoServer#Center Make Select Servers Which Reduce the Tribe Limit to 4 players with limited Alliances Reduce Alliances to 2 per tribe and 4 tribes per alliance ( total: 16 players ) Ark4Man Ragnarok Ark4Man Scorched Ark4Man Center Ark4Man PrimeIsand I understand extra servers is something WildCard can't express enough to say why having an abundance is a problem for them; as they do cost money for maintenance and IP addresses etc. But something should / needs to be done for the players with the small connection. As of Right now Tribes can have unlimited numbers of tribemates, and i've seen active tribes with 60 players running around, which is 90% of the server.. while the players who seek to enjoy the competition and player vs player combat who don't have the playerbase to keep 5 active members playing.. it's not fun for their side, yes it's PvP but, the game should be playable and enjoyable for everyone. Please leave comments, Suggestions, anything feedback about this idea; because something needs to be done for the little tribes. Summary: Introduction , Story , Personal Feedback, Solution: Make Servers for the Smaller tribes or limit Tribe members , Example , Closing, Feedback
  12. WildlandsGaming

    Rex Stats?

    I am curious what stats everyone uses on their rexs for the boss fights on the center?
  13. Can't put preserving salts into preserving bin. Also can't play on any Xbox na Ragnarok maps because of ping spikes, massive lag, usually ending with it crashes the game and sending me to dashboard. I'm using cat6 ethernet cable with FiOS. I'm usually the only person on the internet
  14. Hello everyone, I'm probably writing the same thing someone already posted here before, but there's not a single word about it from devs, so I think we should really try to get to devs somehow. There are two huge problems with new or returning players who want to play on official PVE servers: 1) all servers are tame capped 2) all locations are taken or pillared I'm a returning player, I stopped playing about a week before ARK was released officially, and now wish to return and start from the beginning, but it seems unfair to not be able to play on official PVE servers, cause I've paid for the game like everybody else and supported WC in early-access era. There has to be a solution for this somewhere in the future. I'm OK with waiting, but it would be nice to know that devs are thinking about it. Legacy servers are slowly dying out and it's not fun to play with 2 or 3 people online, which is the same as playing locally. Please support this thread if you are thinking the same. Thanks.
  15. @Jat @Jeremy Stieglitz @lilpanda and I dont know who else might have missed that. There are several PS4 offficial PVE and PVP server which expierience a horrible lag and rubberbanding since hours. Since weeks at some parts. The ping is constantly reaching his high point 255 and everything lags. It kicks the whole server (at least alot of people from the same server) and doesnt let them in for minutes or hours and sometimes the server/s even dissapear/s. It happened the last time when you activated the evolution++ event and lots of babys died because we weren't able to log in to the server and they starved to death or drowned. You never made a statement to what happened or why that is happening. You would be able to tell us if it is a DDoS attack as you have the log, or you could say No, its from the server and people would maybe start searching duping machines and report them and the tribe they built with great pleasure! Becaus playing the game like this, really sucks. So my Question is: Are you (Dev's) aware of this problem, and if yes, what causes it? Any info appreciated. P.s.: pls activate Boss Fights from Tek transmitter in PVE (idc if PVP too) again. We (2 man) worked so hard for this and have really big problems getting all rex to beacons in the right time. Maybe dont let player access enemy transmitter instead. But allies can open the transmitter. Please.
  16. xrodn34

    Ark crashing

    Hello,my ark keep crashing when i'm playing with my friend on an official server, it didn't happen before any reason why it crash? if you know i'd love the help here's the crash report it shows me
  17. hixx

    Question about bosses

    So, me and my friends want to do ragnarok on hard mode, but it requires lvl 90, my question is: do we all need to be lvl 90 or do we just need one of our guys to be lvl 90?. Thanks
  18. So I decided to switch servers using the transfer servers feature at the obelisks. I joined server 83 ragnorak and now I can't open anything up and the server ping stays at 255. Please fix this. I have my highest survivor on there and I really don't want to restart.
  19. A tribemate of ours is unable to transfer his character from our official island server to another official server. He is basically stuck on the island server. He cannot transfer out of an obelisk, nor from our tek transmitter. when he types in the server he is either unable to find any servers, or if he is able to find the server, when he clicks transfer the process doesn't finish and just keeps him on the server. He can upload items and dinos, but not his character. Is anyone else experiencing this issue and/or found a workaround?
  20. Malko

    PVE - Obelisk usage

    Hi all, I just wanted to have people point of view about obelisk usage on PvE. I know me I'm used to store my dinos in my base, but, on many servers, the obelisk is full of people dinos around the terminal. Some tribes I've asked in the past told me "we are doing boss fight". My answer to that is... Just like everyone! Why some tribes feel the needs to put all their boss dinos around the terminal? How do you manage it on your server? To my point of view, sometimes people even put wyverns, rock golems, rollrats and all that kind of stuff around the big circle, so it makes difficult if you come with hord of rex. I don't think it is fair on most, because there is tons of tribe doing boss and if everyone store their dinos near the terminal... It wont be possible to circulate correctly. SUGGESTION : Why not put the environment around the obelisk dangerous? If the environment is really dangerous, people wont put their rexes there. Like an air mini boss attacking standing dinos. When you need to do the bossfight, kill the miniboss, than do the boss. The mini boss could have increased damage on standing dinos, or being able to get through the offline protection. What do you think about it? I'd like to have people storing their dinos perspective please, I won't mean to you guys (people storing rexes and stuff on obelisk), I'm seriously trying to understand why. Thank you 🙂 Koffi
  21. I made a structure to fit with the land and the weather pattern of the area, so the snow storms blow through below the glass sections of the building. It took a long time to work out and build, on official PVE server. Everyone on the server has commented on how good it looks and often comes to visit and ask about it if they are new. My concern is that as it is only 'attached' to the ground by 1 main support pillar (and an elevator track) is it considered as an exploit and 'floating structure? the ground is layered in foundations and the only reason I decided to try and make it floating is to showcase the fantastic snow storms that pass that area that may otherwise be obstructed by the base. The result is, it also look pretty impressive (to me anyway) Could I get some feedback and if so I will add the necessary additional pillars if need be. It would be a reall shame to obstruct but I dont want the whole structure to be destroyed with no warning! It's our home!! :)x
  22. I’ve been playing on Xbox official pvp island server for a few months now and the best thing I own is a mastercraft crossbow that I acquired from a blue drop with the red ring. What’s the best that anyone else has found and from what drop? Just curious. Thanks!
  23. ArianaGaming

    Auto decay bug again

    Hello, So last time it was pillars that poofed. Now it is crop plots and stone water tanks. I was in the base 3 days ago maintaining all, not for long maybe 5-10 minutes. Infront of me two crop plots and above two stone water tanks. The left crop plot auto decayed and both water tanks. Large crop plot with plant X. All within 5 structures range. So one large crop plot and the rest of dinos and structures updated their timers. Also all fertilizer is gone in medium crop plots but that is another bug. Regards, Ariana
  24. Make a survival of the fittest PVP arena that you can transfer into to compete for gear and bp's. You transfer into a lobby where you wait until it is full and the SOTF match begins. Everyone spawns into SOTF like a typical SOTF match at level 1 despite their level on the actual official servers. The winners get prizes in the form of gear and bp's that they bring back to the official servers with them when the match is over. Everyone's characters get restored to their original levels and stats based on what they had prior to the match. The winners spawn back into their server with the prizes either in their inventory or in their upload. Boom... Edit - afterthought - you could even do this for PVE servers. That way PVE players get a chance to do some PVP but can still go back to the safety of their home PVE server. Damn I'm a genius.
  25. iDankEngine

    PVP base strategies.

    I need someone to give me an idea of how you prevent your tames from being sniped down on when almost every spot on ab has a higher ledge. I need pictures of cliff platform hanging turrets and some basic turret towers with plant x.