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Found 361 results

  1. Personally, I don't like the tamed dinosaurs limit at all. 500 is not enough, especially when I'm breeding 20 dinosaurs at a time. WC did this to solve problems, but in my eyes, it causes more problems. I don't think I'm the only one thinking this though, I hear and see a ton of people complaining about it. That's just me though, what do you guys think about it all?\ EDIT: Already hit tame cap in a few weeks within the new servers being released.
  2. Indominus Rex

    Hey Survivors The Ark Dev's should make the Indominus Rex an official creature or boss for ARK Survival Evolved because it would make the game even better then what it is. I had come up with a Idea for the Indominus Rex. I think that the Dev's should make it a boss. Now one thing that the Dev's could do with this is the minions that the Indominus summons could be four Alpha Raptors each named after the four raptors from the movie. Now what about the drops well it would still be the original wall trophy and flag but their would be a very special item that you would get. This Item would be a fertilized Indominus Rex egg which means that the player could have their very own Indominus Rex as a pet. As for its minions instead of four Alpha Raptors it would be four normal raptors with the same custom names. Blue, Echo, Delta and Charlie So Survivors I would like to know what you all think about this. Do you think it should be a boss or tamable creature or not please let me know. And yes some of the items mention were inspired by the Indominus Rex Nemesis Mod yet let me know if you think this is a good idea or not. Thank you Bye
  3. Official TheIsland PVE 48 server In the past week my ping has gone from high 50s/60 to over 100 (Around 150+) and rubber banding has been constant. Day or night, makes no difference. Many people on the server complaining of the same thing. It reminds me of the game's release back in the summer of 2015. Whats the deal with the "new" servers?
  4. Why do they not enable no collision on PVE Servers? Would make it so much easier to build. I understand not enabling it for PVP (invunerable bases) but on PVE that doesn't matter, there is no raiding so why not just enable it by default on official PVE??
  5. Server Idea: For Small Tribes!

    Greetings Survivors! My Idea for a new Game-mode revolves around the smaller portion of Ark Players, The Lone Wolf : 1 Man Army Partners in Crime : 2 Player Tribes Specialist Team : 4 Player Tribes This Idea is based on PvP portion of Ark Survival Evolved, much like the recent ideas of having "No Tames" "Primitive+ " No Tek " "Cross Ark " "Hardcore" "100man server" (which are now just select servers) "offline Raid Protection" and combinations of these. These game-modes are ways to make the game slightly different and/or more difficult. However... These different game modes don't cover everyone's current needs or wants. This is where my Server Idea comes into play! Having Dedicated Official Servers for smaller tribes will make players happier and enjoy Ark Survival Evolved. Lets Face it, Playing on a Official PVP Server with a Active Alpha or Mega-Tribe is Frustrating, Struggling, Tiresome and for some, impossible. From personal experience, I have dominated a server with an iron fist! Then when Ark implemented Cross-Ark-Sadness. A TRUE STORY : on the Legacy server OfficialServer42 after the major update which required restart and download of the CrossArk patch. I was the FIRST player to enter my server, and the ONLY one originally from Server42, shortly after 68 players logged onto the server; Spoke in Chinese, and I watched my own tribe, (alpha-tribe) and everyone else's bases, dinos, items, be completely leveled, this group of 60 players spawned their dinos at Red obelisk, high-level tames and swept the entire map in a clockwise manner; I was powerless watching from the side on a Pteradon, as they destroyed players hours of progression in seconds.. killing 14 hour tames, leveling metal fortresses, dropping peoples gear, killing people in their sleep. (Note: No one could log on because they capped the server player limit) If you're a Legacy Player, you know well enough how hard it's to have the endurance to continue playing day after day of groups of 40 players server hopping and dominating an entire cluster, rather than just a single server! If you're a New player, who purchased Ark on Release this year, you may have already experienced that "Dominance persona " where the tribe with the bigger "club" makes you feel unwelcome. Recently playing on 12 different PvP servers Current Official; I've been thrown to the side; and wiped on all 12 servers; One Server my thatch hut was C4'd 3 minutes after building on the beach, that servers Megatribe continued to hunt down every new player who joined the server, while still having 8 players flying around with a Quetzal and Ankylo Farming Duo. ( 4 quetz , 8 ankylo' ) while the rest of the tribe and their secondary tribe ( alliance ) made sure you couldn't progress an inch. It's not the fact players are new, it's honestly dictated by size, on how well, and how much fun a player will have on PvP. I've played Ark for well over 2,000 hours, within those 2,000 hours I never had "fair combat", usually what happens is a skirmish breaks out, against 1 or 2 tribemates; and shortly after, my friend and I are facing two maxed tribes ( alliances ). because 2 players couldn't raid us, 20 came and dominated. despite knowing we were gonna lose, it was fun, because we were established and had a functional fort with active turrets. but now players are rebuilding, re-leveling; and the larger tribes are making players (who are only groups of 2, 3, 4 and the occasional solo player ) regret purchasing ark, because they're forced to play PvE or singleplayer / non-dedicated, or purchase/rent server .... It may be fun for the larger tribe, but the smaller tribe almost always suffers, because not only is the smaller tribe defenseless, they most likely wanted to avoid conflict, rather than engage it . SOLUTION: Make Select Servers which reduce Tribe limit from UNLIMITED to 2 members, No Alliance Current Settings are : Unlimited Players 5 alliances per tribe with 12 tribes per Alliance OfficialDuoServer#Rag OfficialDuoServer#Island OfficialDuoServer#SE OfficialDuoServer#Center Make Select Servers Which Reduce the Tribe Limit to 4 players with limited Alliances Reduce Alliances to 2 per tribe and 4 tribes per alliance ( total: 16 players ) Ark4Man Ragnarok Ark4Man Scorched Ark4Man Center Ark4Man PrimeIsand I understand extra servers is something WildCard can't express enough to say why having an abundance is a problem for them; as they do cost money for maintenance and IP addresses etc. But something should / needs to be done for the players with the small connection. As of Right now Tribes can have unlimited numbers of tribemates, and i've seen active tribes with 60 players running around, which is 90% of the server.. while the players who seek to enjoy the competition and player vs player combat who don't have the playerbase to keep 5 active members playing.. it's not fun for their side, yes it's PvP but, the game should be playable and enjoyable for everyone. Please leave comments, Suggestions, anything feedback about this idea; because something needs to be done for the little tribes. Summary: Introduction , Story , Personal Feedback, Solution: Make Servers for the Smaller tribes or limit Tribe members , Example , Closing, Feedback
  6. When you transfer character the cloud saves where it goes and if the server rolls back the time when character joined server it gets put into cloud. To not make it good for duping the character loses its inventory.
  7. This is ruining the Whole game for me, I understand that WC implemented this to increase performance, it just makes people to do alliance tribes with one account in it. This is super frustrating. I was a breeder on old official servers, not on new ones. The no tame experiment got merged with new officials nice! I just can not play like this. Great way to fu*k up officials. WC still manages to surprise me how creative they can be at ruining officials.
  8. The sky and in the sea is way to bright now with the constant fog... Is there any settings i can do to play the game without getting an headache? Edit: Still getting headache by the white sky. Please devs.
  9. can't access drops or obs

    I can't access any drops or obs on my server, it's becoming a major issue as I can't transfer my character to our other server, or initiate boss runs. This has been happening for 2 weeks now. Please find a fix. Official server 121.
  10. On one of the new official Ragnarok servers, they didn't seem to be lagging at all until the first, er second, large update. I was just wondering if everyone else is experiencing this or if it may just be my server, really seems like it just started as soon as a patch had come out, and hasn't really stopped since then.
  11. Our tribe on Ragnarok 71 - official PC server started out very large... We had a member count of 23, all good friends from other servers, we knew we were going to have to eventually split. Fast forward a week and dino count is about met so it's time to split off. We remove some people, their stuff goes with them, yet our dino count does not go down. Odd. We re-add one person, they come back, their dino count gets added back ontop of what was there. They leave again, dino count still does not go down. We are now stuck in a tribe with a couple hundred phantom dinos... is this a known error, if so, how do we fix it? Thank you.
  12. Bugged PVP Servers

    @lilpanda OfficialPVP93 Island OC and A scorched server (I'm sorry I don't know what one) have periodically gone to "PVE" whilst still being transferable to and from within the PVP cluster. This alone is a major issue, but I don't think it has happened again recently. The issue here though is that some PVE settings have remained, like the ability to "Lock" objects that normally you shouldn't be able to. Like "Large Crop Plots" or even campfires. This needs to be fixed as it gives this server and the SE server an unfair advantage over all other PVP servers.
  13. Dear WildCard, It looks like you don't even monitor your own servers cause 169 ragnarok PVP (PC) is in a crash loop for several hours now! Once the server is back (which takes +- 15 min) it crashes again after like 40 seconds and repeats! The game is not early access any longer and you should monitor your servers! Filled the server form 2 hours ago: (And ofc no response) When is it going to be fixed???
  14. Does anyone else have the issues with their official server being densely populated by players with the steam name "123"? I watched a whole server get wiped by guys on really high level dinos when the server was 42/70 and I was the only one online that wasn't "123". [EDIT: I figured it out. It's just a measure to hide identity through battlemetrics. It's everywhere.] Feel free to delete this post.
  15. Ohhh my god am I the only one who wishes Dino's would just ask for they're preferred kibble instead of some off the wall bs that I couldn't tame because tame limit is 200 seriously wildcard either remove tame limit or make to where Rex's (plus every other Dino too) don't ask for freaking terror bird kibble knowing they eat scorpion kibble. Or you could do both remove tame limit and that random kibble bs.
  16. Hello, i was wondering cauz i saw some new Island Server and 2 new Ragnarok (EU). So im excited about new SE Servers EU. May anyone know when they will be available?
  17. Can anyone please tell me or at least give me any information regarding if we will be receiving any official dedicated servers for the Center map for PVE for PS4. I have tried doing research and looking online and despite many efforts cannot seem to find any information on this topic if someone could please help it would be appreciated thank you
  18. Wildcard Screwed Us Again

    All the excitement about the final release of Ark after all the delays. Spending so much time getting ready to jump on with my tribe, making sure as many players as possible can be available so we can get a good start. What ends up happening? Over the last 3 days I have only had 2 hours of game time. Can't get into servers because they are full and can never get the full tribe in which has resulted in a complete breakdown of the tribe I spent so much time getting together. Now we all have to go off to separate servers and even then we still can't actually play most of the time because we CAN'T EVEN JOIN A SERVER!!!!!! I don't understand why Wild card would do this? It seems like the most selfish, lazy, misleading thing they could do on release. Why is there so little servers? Especially OC servers. There are only TWO OC servers up atm. ONLY 2!!!!!! Pre release there were 3 oc servers for each map and they were always close to full so I don't see how it would be in anyway logical for WC to only have 2 OC servers post release. It's just so stupid.
  19. Hello, I want to have this posted here as Ark is officially released today, along with the new map Ragnarok. I am the only owner of this server and I want to have a fun server where there are no admins and no ignorant rules. It is a boosted server of course in the U.S east coast 150mbps+ internet , ill update the thread with the harvest, hatch, tame rates, its a long list. I plan on running this server every minute of the day unless I need to do a restart on the xbox. I'm waiting for ark to have all the official game release updates settled and this server will be online. no admins no downloads no dino boosted stats player health stam weight slightly boosted xp 3.5 tame 5 egg hatch/mature 5 harvest 4 will list the rest later, come play! OpenPVP
  20. Our SE server which we used to get milk for our wyverns was terminated by the developers during the launch phase of the game. We have a bunch of starving wyverns that are almost adolescent and need wyvern milk urgently. Are there any alphas of SE that will allow us to get milk safely?
  21. Server Not Responding

    It has been close to 30 minutes since the server kicked everyone off to download a small patch, but when we finished we were unable to even find the server we just spent the last 5 hours on. NA The Center 88 according to battlemetrics is online and has steadily rose in player count while my friends and I are unable to even find the server. This issue is causing us to lose out on beating the other contenders. PLEASE look into this and let us at least find the server again.
  22. For those that haven't seen it yet check it out:
  23. Im just posting here, but was original open on Steam foruns. =============================================== DarnedWesley 4 hours ago Official Ragnarok35, Still unplayable lag, Rollbacks and crashes. now we are 12+ hours further, Because i can't gather any resource i can't feed my dozen babies. the babies that had only few hours to go in event. those few hours became 12 hours. waiting 9 hours for a 3 hour imprint. and i did not see any official words about this getting looked into. Unbearable, Unplayable, extremely frustrating.
  24. HOST PSN: November_Baby SERVER NAME: Official PvPvE SYSTEM/CONSOLE: PS4 START DATE/DAY 1: August 26, 2017 - 08/26/2017 This is a PvPvE player dedicated server open for all to join created 08/26/2017. No modifications were made when creating this server, meaning it is 100% official Ark default statistics. The server will be ran 7 days a week (Everyday Monday - Sunday) and will only experience down-time 4 hours of the day at 03:00-07:00 EST (3am-7am Eastern Standard Time). This is to ensure the system is running smoothly and prevent lag. No item, dino or etc. downloading/uploading will be allowed. You must earn everything you use in-world to ensure all players have a fair starting change beginning August 26, 2017. This server was created so players could enjoy the full original experience of Ark Survival Evolved in a freshly made world. This way players will be able to grow along with the world of Ark without the pressure of starting in a world already overrun by "high level players." Every Ark survivor has a fair chance in this Official PvPvE server. Server Day 1 - August 26, 2017vel players." Every Ark survivor has a fair chance in this Official PvPvE server. Server Day 1 - August 26, 2017 If you have any concerns or server issues please email directly: [email protected] Welcome To The Server & Enjoy Your Gaming Experience HOST PSN: November_Baby SERVER NAME: Official PvPvE SYSTEM/CONSOLE: PS4 START DATE: August 26, 2017 - 08/26/2017
  25. Looking for people to come raid a decent size base.(Very good loot involved) ( it Will only take a couple Brontos and Gigs)This tribe dupes so yes...they will be a lot of loot. If anyone wants some good pvp fun before Ragnarok comes out or wants Vaults filled with riot,Tek structures,Weapons, bps, etc... PM me on here.(Oh btw if you have ever seen meat run videos on YT... this will be a similar raid to that. Thx and have a good day