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Found 288 results

  1. Just checking if anyone knows what time dino spawns reset each week on official servers? Is it coming up soon once 2x ends? I just want to know since we had a wild titan in our base and want to know when it is safe to log back in.
  2. Ark Tribe Log

    Good Afternoon Everyone, Just wondering if it is at all possible to extract the Tribe Log into a text file from my tribe on Official servers. Cheers & thanks in advance
  3. I was writing about the whistle bug I encountered and decided to add in another I found on official. If someone sleeps too close to their wall, their leg sticks out from inside, that alone is fine. However appon further investigating I realised we can use the drag body function to pull them out of the safety of their own home from outside of the wall. I found this both mildly amusing and a bit scary. Until this gets fixed, assuming it does, I highly encourage people to not trust their walls.
  4. Hi, Could we have some official feedback on server performance. Not low FPS but server unresponsiveness ,rubber banding , small rollbacks as this is an ongoing issue for months. Is this a PS4 only issue related to Sony? Would demolishing remnant bases help the server performance? Are the servers being monitored for these issues for example a graph that displays server spikes in ping / cpu usage? Would it be possible to lower the amount of unused/very low pop servers and dedicate that hardware to support current officials? If other community members could bump this to hopefully get some WC visibility that would be <3. @[email protected] @lilpanda
  5. Im exp the same on more then 1 server, but i noticed more on SE201 Ok... Its the same "bs" as usual, at weekends noone can play cose of insane lag with 255 ping. Myself, im gonna loose thee baby wyv, cose i cant feed them, thers no way to go to the scar. But, more important to me, its that i cant play at all, and this its becoming the normal play experience to a lot of players. Mi question, did WC ever proper reply to any ticket regarding this??? (i doubt) Does the supposed "support" exist, and (i don't believe) will they give back all the dinos/items ppl loose??? Regards,
  6. This was an idea originally thought of by a player named @Pic1. All credit goes to him and here is his original thread: I have thought long and hard about this and believe his idea is a fantastic one. His focus though was more for pve servers. And so I have thought long and hard how his brilliant idea could be changed to fit the needs of PvP servers. Pic1's original concept was to make it possible to buy servers and privately own them and allow them to be on the official server network thus enabling transfers of players, items, and dinos. The caveat is that the owner is not allowed to be an admin. The list of criteria from his post was as follows: Pic1: The one part of his idea that would have issues with pvp servers is where the owner could password protect the server thus making an un-attackable base to spring forth and attack other servers. My contribution to his idea that would make it good for PvP servers would be remove the ability to place password protection. And here is lies the problem. Why would anyone buy with their own money a server and gain no benefit from it. My suggestion is to offer 1/7th of total slots are "reserved slots" for the owner. These slots would require a password to utilize and would ensure that the tribe that lives on that server could never be blocked from joining and defending their home from a mega tribe invasion. The second benefit would be that once you bring the server up your tribe would have a head start being you could bring the server online for the first time when you and your tribe mates are ready to transfer over and establish themselves. What is the benefit of this idea that Pic1 came up with? Official network cluster has a constant issue with not having enough servers for its player base. And being it is common knowledge that the number of unofficial servers far out numbers official ones it could turn the game play 'space' from hundreds of servers to thousands or even tens of thousands. Our game would become truly massive.
  7. 4 Man group, official server, ragnarok map, killed the ice worm queen, got 1 artifact and thats it, it didnt respawn afterwards even though i've been waiting for more than 30 minutes in the cave, however. It is spawning, as we got 3 artifacts, 1 was already there, the second one took around 5 minutes, the third took 25, and it seems to be scaling or capping at 3 artifacts per run. If you guys could make it respawn instantly or with a solid respawn time like 2 minutes, that would be great and save a lot of time.
  8. Hey guys! We are a tribe of 3 playing on official new server. Planning on recruiting 7 people whose willing to bring a rex with at least 25k hp 700melee and want to come with us to unlock engrams. We can provide 12 rexes and 1 Yuty to fill in the other 13 dino count. If interested add me on steam: eymonlanxd. Requirements: Have discord! (communication is key!) Bring a rex with 25khp 600melee Rex 70 armor+ saddle Fur gear Estimated time would be this weekend 11/11 eastern time around 5-7pm if we get enough people. Artifact: Missing Artifact of the Pack Tributes: We have it gathered! P.S Looking for active crew for other bosses in the future too!
  9. Server is down. Please fix it when you can. Thanks. P.S. Looks like a lot of servers are down I guess.
  10. Why? 4th rollback crash in last 1hour! No progress can be made any where. I will be posting everytime it crashes and rollbacks.
  11. Halloween Event?

    Any new items other than the traditional skins that everyone has now? I've read all the posts and haven't found anything about it. Pumpkins, gravestones, masks... "Stated items"
  12. Server crashed several times today with rollback about 15min on Official PVE 196. Server has become more laggy in generall. *removed some details* Actually its obvois who is duping there. Lag spike could be seen when special players are joining. So Wildcard - will you please spend time on that problem and create a script to check for that duping machines crashing the servers / making them more laggy in generall. Wildcard created new servercluster for split from duped servers but duping is still going on, or at least they try to crash the servers.
  13. So, let's all be honest first of all. This game is far from actually being "finished". There are bugs, lag, crashes, server caps and several other problems hindering players from having fun in this game. What I've noticed lately is, whenever these issues are brought up, some random person comes along and says "But why don't you just play on an unofficial server? At least you won't have lag..." To be honest, they aren't half-wrong. I'd wager that more than half the problems this game is plagued with are... server-related problems. It's true and I've been thinking about this. But the main reason my friends and I hate unofficial servers is the moment the person hosting or paying for the server decides to quit, all the work done by everyone else on the server is gone. Not to mention, we cannot trade with people on other servers. And I understand that there are many people who just don't want to pay anything more than what they already did for this game. Now, my guess is wildcard cannot afford to maintain anymore official servers at this time which is why they are letting people acquire saves of their legacy servers and continue playing on unofficial servers hosted by Nitrado. This is a cool idea, however these servers are all isolated from the official servers. Here's what I propose: Add certain unofficial servers to the official cloud cluster and allow transfers. Wait, hear me out first. Only servers which meet these four requirements can be included in the official cloud: 1. The server parameters (such as gathering rates, dino levels, etc.) should exactly match with those on the official servers. Events included. 2. Battleye should be enabled and whoever rented the server cannot be admin or use any console commands (only wildcard employees should be able to do it.) 3. The server should have been paid for at least 90 days and should have at least 20 player slots (costs about 60 bucks every 3 months on Nitrado). 4.. The servers should be fresh and cannot have any saves from any legacy server (to avoid duped dinos). If any of the above conditions are broken even once, that particular server permanently loses its place in the official cluster and cannot be readded ever again. Of course, these private servers can still be password protected, and the renter can still decide who actually plays on it. However, it would still allow people to experience the game lag-free and let them trade with everyone else on the official cluster (since they cannot cheat). Every three months the game checks if the server has been paid for 3 days before the deadline, and if it hasn't been, an in-game server message should be displayed to anyone logging in there which says "This private server is going to be shut down in 3 days, you should transfer your stuff to another server". Also if, at some point, the renter decides to take the server off the official cluster they can do so, but it will only go in effect 3 days after and they have those 3 days to change their minds. A similar announcement will appear to everyone else informing what is going to happen. After the 3 days, the server becomes permanently isolated and can be treated as a regular unofficial server. I know 3 days isn't really adequate, but that's a risk we should allow, plus this will happen exactly every 3 months (or every year, depending on how long the server has been paid for) so people playing on the server would know to keep an eye out for. Just wanna see what everyone thinks of my little idea...
  14. No Tame PvP Xbox One 3x Official Settings The Island Offline Raid Protection 2 member Tribe limit Easy Tek Armour 16+ Events Monthly IRL raffles and prizes (We have other servers if this doesn't interest you) Join our group: Join our Discord:
  15. I spoke with you guys briefly on twitter and I think you said this was a primitive plus problem, but.... I guess I'm looking for double confirmation... As the title says I am on xbox official 4 cross ark PVE primitive plus server. We have not had ice wyverns or otters since their supposed release date on otters and since the invisible ice wyvern fix....... .... so here I am... can we please get a fix for this?
  16. As the title says I am on xbox official 4 cross ark PVE primitive plus server. We have not had ice wyverns or otters since their supposed release date on otters and since the invisible ice wyvern fix....... I have been told that this is a primitive plus problem and not a ragnarok problem.... so here I am... can we please get a fix for this?
  17. EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok72 cannot be found under Official Servers list anymore. Battlemetrics shows the server as unofficial at the moment. Another problem: one cannot stay logged on that server for long as Battle-Eye kicks after 5 minutes for not receiving response. Please investigate
  18. LAG on ALL servers

    NA-Official-PVE-Island-48 Honestly, not the first time I posted about this, and certainly not the only person whos posted about lag/rubberbanding. ANd this isnt even on a Rag map. The game was in beta in 2015. It feels like 2015. Why is this even an issue on these "repurposed" servers? Come on guys, seriously, whats the deal with the outrageous lag and rubberbanding?
  19. Hello, I have been on twitter and the forums trying to find an answer to this. I am on a primitive plus server on xbox. It is a Crossark server (I think thats what they are called) and PVE. This problem seems to be exclusive to our server as the PVP server, non cross arks, and other platforms seem to not have this problem. Ever since the invisible wyvern patch we haven't had any ice wyverns. They simply don't spawn. I have lived on their spawns since that fix and have not seen a single one or a nest or any evidence of them on the server. No one seems to have one either except for one guy that claims to have an egg (which doesn't matter because he picked it up before the invisible fix). Further, we have no otters. Granted some spawns have been killed by bases there are several others that have not. My tribunate has lived on those spawns and has driven the fish to extinction trying to force the otters to spawn and nothing. I can't seem to get any recognition on this from any of the Devs on twitter or here on the forums.
  20. Trouble with gamma I've got bug with gamma,when i use mwheelup/down (1st/3rd view) and gamma increases/decreases. And some regions have this issue by default. When you come to the region gamma increases, when you go different place gamma decreases. This is a very annoying thing. Map Ragnarok. I hope you can help. I understood where problem is. Sky quality,when you increase it,you won't have bug with gamma. Hope it would help you to fix this bug. With Gratitude, RedWhiskey.
  21. Cave Needs

    I am looking into doing the caves for the first time. I've been playing since release on Xbox One but have never tried caves, bosses, etc. So what do you suggest for equipment and dinos for the caves (i know there are multiple one that would require different things like the swamp cave) but just in general. What are the best things to take into them?
  22. Server 627 Down

    Official Ragnarok Pvp Server 627 (OC) has been down for several hours now and it has disappeared from the server list.
  23. I've always wondered about the logic behind the gathering rates when it comes to farming stone, wood, metal, raw meat, etc. I'll give you an example of a little test I've just done, using a wyvern (not imprinted to me) with 320% melee damage, even though none of that matters when it comes to logic I'm about to show. Raw Meat Gains (Normal Official Server Rates) Rex: 54 Raptor: 29 Argy: 56 Parasaur: 38 Stego: 44 Scorpion: 26 Phioma: 58 Sabertooth: 24 Bronto: 48 Diplo: 42 That's the amount of raw meat harvested with a wyvern. What confuses me, is why in the world do we harvest more meat from a PHIOMA than a BRONTO, Diplo and Rex while they're completely huge in comparison and would obviously have more meat on them? And look at that, an Argy apparently has more meat than a Dilpo and Bronto... I wonder where all of the Argy's meat is hidden? because it sure isn't anywhere near the same size as those other kind of dinos. Trees 26 Wood from a tall, thick tree trunk, using a metal hatchet. Sure, I can use a chainsaw, a beaver, a Theri, but it's just funny how a tree that size yields barely any wood. Don't get me started on those massive rocks you see which give you about 16-50 stone using a metal hatchet, then the little rocks next to it give similar/if not more. I just mined a metal node (not the golden raw metal ones, the stoney-looking metal nodes) and got 10 Metal. Okay, maybe that was just that rock, it may have been previously hit by somebody? I mined another near it and that one gave me 18, using a 202% metal pickaxe*. Yes, again, I can use an Anky to get more, but it still makes me laugh how dependent this game is on dinos when most players who're new to Ark or new to a server, will spend a lot of time, if not all of their time progressing with tools. Especially on PvP servers where it's difficult to have the right tames for the job because of how hostile they are. It's this kind of logic which makes no sense to me even though it's not real, the rates are all messed up, and I believe if official PvP servers were to ever be successful with a nice flow between players gathering and taming more frequently with higher rates, instead of depending on bonus weekends, then the rates would need some drastic improvements.
  24. Hi Devs of Ark and Survivor of Ark Since 2016 and when found scorchedearth appear on ArkDevKit, i have an idea when look the name of your map. Make différent official Maps example: -Primal Earth (Dinosaur) -Scorced Earth (desert) -Fantastic Earth (Dark and Light Beast or Fantastic) -Ancient Earth (the Real Earth but distroy or vegetal World, ...) -Lush Earth (an new earth fertile and clean with so useful and beautiful dino) theother -Aberation (Earth) or Aberation Earth (for an Aberrant Earth) -Ragnarok (Earth) -theCenter (Earth)
  25. I wasn't sure where to post this but I'm just looking to see if anyone is on any of the new official servers that could suggest a Ragnarok server i might be able to get a start on? I quit playing a few months ago but miss the game and I don't do private servers only like playing official. It's just me and my boyfriend and I was just hoping to find a server that has some friendly people that are okay with us building on the server and what not. May be willing to join a tribe but more so looking for somewhere we can just try and get something going on. My gamertag is Alteriena if you want to send me a message that'd be great!