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Found 11 results

  1. Their has been a video made by BAM which is one of my favorite Ark Youtubers I watch and he makes many suggestions that could possibly save Ark. In this video he explains the best way of how everything could be done. Where their is reduction in tribe members and reduction to if not none alliances that would make the game better. But it's not to add these to the current servers that would make people have to deal with them, instead it's to add new servers but the way of doing it is genius and I believe this way could be done. **PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BEFORE SAYING ANYTHING, I DON'T WANT ANYONE TO ARGUE WITH THE IDEA; JUST GIVE IT SOME THOUGHT.*** He even shows proof of every platform because he owns all!
  2. Lo he comentado en otras ocasiones, como parte de la comunidad que juega ARK y las experiencias que he tenido jugando en servidores oficiales, creo que un proyecto muy bueno e interesante seria crear un nuevo cluster de servers, por lo menos 3 mapas de cada uno, con los mismas configuraciones de los servidores oficiales, máximo 5 miembros por tribu, 1 alianza como máximo, como son menos jugadores mas puntos de engramas. Creo que la mayor cantidad de usuarios jugarían de este modo ya que por no contar con una tribu numerosa, por lo que prefieren irse a jugar a servidores no oficiales, con la desventaja que en no oficiales hay muy pocos server en cluster, cantidad minima de players, saturados de mods, o el fastidioso admin abuse etc..... Seria interesante que wildcard hiciera un experimento como este, ya que decidieron crear los servers de principiantes los cuales se ven bien pero no son lo suficiente para vivir la experiencia ARK completa. Google Translate: I have commented on other occasions, as part of the community that plays ARK and the experiences I have had playing on official servers, I think a very good and interesting project would be to create a new cluster of servers, at least 3 maps of each , with the same configurations of official servers, maximum 5 members per tribe, 1 maximum alliance, as less players plus engrams points. I think that the largest number of users would play in this way because they do not have a large tribe, so they prefer to go to play unofficial servers, with the disadvantage that in unofficial there are very few servers in a cluster, minimum amount of players, saturated with mods, or the annoying admin abuse etc ..... It would be interesting for wildcard to do an experiment like this, since they decided to create the beginner servers which look good but are not enough to live the complete ARK experience. @Jatheish @Jen
  3. UnableToBuildInsideWalls

    Character glitched, can't sheer sheep

    Hi, one of our tribe members is unable to sheer sheep with the scissors. When he uses the scissors the animation plays, but he doesn't sheer any wool. He can cut his own hair as well. No other tribe mates have this problem. We've tried killing him, quick transferring from bed to bed, and transferring his character to another server and back to the server to see if it would fix the bug, but he still cannot sheer sheep.
  4. My server 305 has been switched to the Center map is this correct and permeant? I also noticed Server Pvp 55 is the same way.
  5. I've always known it. But now it's actually bothered me. Ark: Survival Evolved freaking sucks. PvE doesn't work. PvP is too hard to start in. Solution? Rent your own server. This concludes my post. K'bye.
  6. I'll start by saying that my opinion is probably going to be highly unpopular but I'll say it anyway. There are too many Official PVP servers and not enough players to support them. I have played this game since it was released in 2015 and I can remember fondly back then the servers were full to the brim 70/70 each night. You would walk 50m on a server and you would bump into someone and get into a vicious fight. In 2018 though things are very different. I go in the server browser and hit filter by players and I see that there a 4 servers have more then 30 players in it and then I see a long list of over a 100 servers with none of them having more then 15 with most not evening having 5. The game currently has 5 Official maps (Island, Center, Ragnorok, Scorched Earth, Aberration) and there are supposedly plans to add another unofficial map as an Official map on top of the unreleased DLC that will soon be coming out. I am a bit concerned what will happen when these two new maps come out because the ARK community is already highly divided. The release of Aberration hasn't improved things in that regard. A lot of servers that were borderline dead are now actually dead due to the big migrations to Aberration. The Scorched Earth servers have been pretty dead for a while especially since Ragnorak made them redundant. I have to wonder is there a valid reason to keep so many of these dead servers around? All these dead servers make for bad PVP since the players are spread thin everywhere and all that typically happens is you get the occasional night raider come to your server but that's no fun since your not there to fight them. The daily PVP on your server is no longer a thing since there is no one to fight. I would like to suggest the Wildcard merge/move dead servers so that overall there is less servers and players have to play on the more limited ones available thus making for better PVP since there will be more interactions between players on servers.
  7. People, it's time to fix everyone's favorite trolling structure: the pillar. When used benevolently, it's a great way to stop new people from blocking resource spawns. But, all too often they are being used by a server's "alpha tribe" to lock out new players from building on official servers. Why these people do not rent a server if they want to control an entire map, I don't know. But, I have to build in the most awkward of spots just to have access to the ocean for water mounts, and it's just getting old. Plus, it's just bad business for the game, when newcomers have to do a death/respawn run inland to build a base large enough to have a pen. If it was this bad when I started playing, I sure as hell would not have bought SE dlc, nor any future content. It was a nice idea to be able to set a structure down that doesn't block resources, but that functionality has become one of the most abused items and is ruining the game. Devs, please recode the pillars to block spawns; players and tribes can just learn a little diplomacy. And before a bunch of people start in on why they pillar, I get it for precious spawns, but beaches being pillared all the way around, that is just trolling; there's no reasonable excuse.
  8. ChanceyHart


    I play on the official servers on the computer. I am used to the roll backs and rubber banding and other gawd awful things but now I can't find one of my servers. The Official PVE Ragnarok194 to be exact. WTH happened to it?! It's been gone/down for 2 days now. Anybody?
  9. Hello, Official disconnects when a lot of structures are around the player. New structures that are added from other players OR / AND auto-decay destruction processes. Basically a lot of changes in structures when connecting and spawning to a bed. Results in a auto disconnect. For us the official servers are not playable with so many auto decayed structures. I lost more in PvE than ever in PvP. WC bot raider. Starting to feel that the little guy. And all they new players need to step aside to the big tribes again with the help of auto decay destruction. Cuz we do not play everyday since launch of ARK: Survival Evolved. Regards, Ari
  10. miio

    tribe size limit

    Hey, to fix the big problem with that alpha tribes who wipe the whole server every couple of days, to make the other player move away and get more slots for her own tribe, i suggest to delimit the tribesize to 20 members. atm its no fun to play at a pvp server and i dont see any chance to find any place where i could play as i dont want to be part of an alphatribe. @ trolls, no i dont want play pve.
  11. A few weeks ago a change was added to the patch notes that should of revolutionised PVP and tribe warfare in this game. In the months and weeks leading up to the change there had been a lot of complaints about mega tribes making the PVP side of the game dull and boring. So in response the WC devs concluded a tribe player limit was needed. To show that they were not at all out of touch with their player base they came up with this gem: As per patch v265.16: No you didn't read it wrong according to WC 70 players per tribe is a fair and balanced number... So in theory that means you could possibly have 7000 or more players allied up if you got 10 alliances with 700 players per alliance (10 tribes in each alliance, 70 player per tribe). Now I'm not some WC developer who plays on some PVE server with rainbow painted dinosaurs (I've seen the screenshots) but surely common sense would dictate that these numbers are more then just excessive they are quite frankly ridiculous. If it is the aim of the developers to create a game where there exists nothing but large tribes all allied up and playing nice together on so called 'PVP' servers then yes they have more then succeeded in their objectives. On the other hand if they aimed to make a game where there was actual PVP happening between tribes then they most surely have failed in every way possible. This newly added tribe cap of 70 might as well not exist. They might as well make it unlimited because that is the message they are effectively sending to their player base - join a big tribe that's allied with many other big tribes or else don't bother playing/Go play PVE. I propose a reasonable solution that would reinvigorate PVP and create balance in this game: A Tribe member cap of 10-15. Ally limit of 1-2 tribes. Alliances be publically listed in some form so that other tribes not in the alliance may be able to know who is allied with who. Reasoning: On a server with a max of 70 players a tribe of 10 players is still 1/7 of the total players on that server. With this many members it is still a powerful force to be reckoned with but not an insurmountable force that a tribe of 50+ is today. Smaller tribes can still do battle against them and a have a chance. With the changes to alliances, tribes would now have to be more selective with who they can ally with rather then just allying up with all the other big tribes on the server and calling it a day. Furthermore by having the list of alliances publically available this makes it fairer for others and also encourages more PVP strategy as it is currently impossible to know who is allied with who.