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Found 6 results

  1. So, I'm not exactly sure how to phrase my question for the best clarity but I'm going to try. I have an unofficial server that is currently set to the Aberration map and I want to switch it to Ragnarok. If I upload my tames at an obelisk before changing the map, will I be able to download them to the new map once the change is done? My thought process is that ideally it will go as follows: 1. Upload dinos at obelisk on Aberration map. 2. Change server settings to use Ragnarok map. 3. Download Aberration tames to Ragnarok. Does anyone if this can be done? Any help/input to confirm or deny if this can be done would be fantastic. Thank you!
  2. Don't you think its time to add the no stracture zone around obelisk ? i mean every big tribe is building on them. At least on ragnarok the developers there care to add this zone around the obelisk so everyone can play and it takes way more time to build the obelisks if someone has to go and build around them and not in them. We are talking about 4 min work on island and 4 min work on scorched earth. Its that simple. On cross ark 2 the ragnarok servers last time i went there they were tring to build around all obelisk but thanks to that no stacture zone they were making turret boxes around but if you download a flyer you are fine. On the other hand on se they just clsed off everything they build bases in the obelisks so no1 can go even close. On island well we play there and we keep cleaning the obelisks so we wont get wiped coz of obelisk block. My point been just make the territory at obelisks no stractures. I dont see why this is not happening I mean at scorched earth you cant even build in caves and in island you can build everywhere.
  3. .

    Nothing to see here any longer.
  4. Game freezes up when accessing any beacons, obelisks or the S+ transmitter. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Steam & Ark and same thing keeps happening. Anyone got an idea on how to fix this?
  5. Why I'm forced to break up with you, Ark. Hello, I'm a huge player of Ark since its start. Please Ark, read this until the end because I want you to know why I, and plenty of other players, are forced to break up with you now. I'll just tell you my story and you can judge by yourself. When I started to play to this game, it was the most amazing gaming experience in my life. A game in early access with so much contents ? Wow, Ark, you impressed me soooo much. You are the BEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED and I thank you so much for that. So we were playing, me and some friends, discovering the game at first then wanting to grow more. After playing hundreds of hours we were a pretty descent tribe, with metal base, lot of dinos (giga and stuff) and we were doing pretty great. Getting some PvP : raiding tribes, getting raided by other tribes in a fair way (by fair i mean those raids were planned, concerning people from a server to people from that same server). Then we get wiped by a tribe from our server (still fair) and life happened so we stopped playing for a little bit. One day we decided to play again, we wanted to come back on our server ruled by a pretty huge alpha tribe that we known well. I can say that we were a bit surprised when we heard that they got wiped by an other tribe, but whatever, we just wanted to play. It was restarting from the begining and we were growing fast because we knew the game very well. Then we saw some guys, flying around our base everyday. We finally managed to talk to one of them to know what's going on and the guy literally said : "We are the ones who wiped your alpha tribe, we are not active on this server yet because our main raid is occupied to wipe an other server for now. But if you want to keep you dinos and stuff, just move to an other server because we are coming soon and we'll wipe this one too." What ? How ? Why ? We had no answer. But we wanted to keep our dinos so we decided to test some other servers to see if we can move anywhere else. And I can tell you, it was not a part of pleasure. We tested like ... I don't know maybe 50 servers. We were just connecting with a new character and we were asking just one question : "Is this server nice ?" 40 on 50 servers had the same response : "no." When we asked why, it was always the same answer : "because the server is getting raided". The other 10 who didn't answer were full of dead bases, lagging as hell. Everything was gone, broken, destructed. And I'm not taking of people trying to defend their server like they can by blocking any drops and obelisks. But we had no time because the tribe would wipe us very soon so we choose to move to an other open random server. Then we reconstructed a small metal base with some of our dinos for 2 days, hoping for the best. Two days after, we were farming a little bit with our quetzal and ankylo and a guy arrived on his high level ptera. He killed us, killed our dinos, took his rocket launcher, destroyed our base in 5 minutes. I was trying to have some answers on the chat, nobody on the server knew him. When he finally answered to my calls, his only sentence was : "Do you like to swallow ? " So now, here are my questions : - How a guy coming from nowhere can wipe a tribe with only "Do you like to swallow ? " as argument ? - How a guy can, because he is bored and have some stuff on his own server, come on a random server and make people stop playing ? We can't even know where this guy comes from. He is just coming, destroying everything and then leaving. (Don't take me wrong, it's not a pvp issue, I don't want to hear "That's what we call pvp" because I really enjoyed pvp before, when it was not a random guy coming from a random server, destroying random stuff and leaving the destructed server just like that.) - How an alpha tribe from an other server can come on a server and wipe the alpha tribe just like that ? - How can they decide to wipe 2 or more servers, making everybody on those servers stop playing, and nothing can stop them ? I have absolutely no problem with a tribe coming on a server with the goal to detroy the alpha tribe in place, but it needs to be a smart move, with a long planification, a lot of reflexion and farming. Now, tribes have just no way to defend their servers from invasions. Before we could spot "the bad guys" when they were planning some bad things and defend ourselves. Now it's just them coming from "we don't know where", with all their stuff and destroying anything. And in most of the case, just leaving right after because they did that just because they were bored. As I said above, I have no problem with raids and wipes, I actually really enjoyed it before the update to transfer litteraly everything from server to server. Before, we raided for the stuff owned by the other tribe and things we wanted. Now there is no "rules" anymore because you can just come and go with no risk for your own tribe. So that's the main part of my letter. Please, Ark, disable the transfer from server to server. Or at least, disable it for stuff and dinos. You can keep it for characters if you want. But with stuff and dinos, that's not playable anymore. At all. (Or at least create some official servers with this option disabled, so we can choose.) And the other thing I regret (but that's working only if you disable the transfers) is when we couldn't tell who raided our base because the tribe name was not marked if they didn't kill dinos. That was in my opinion an amazing thing and I'll explain you why : Before if you wanted to raid someone, and you were afraid of consequences, you just tried to open the base and take the stuff without killing any dino to not get caught when the tribe was not there. It was frustrating, that's for sure, but at least this way, when you were raided, you had all your dinos left to rebuild your base. Now people are just raiding bases and killing everything to not fear the revenge. It's easier to destroy everything and not be afraid of the consequences, after all, than only take what you really want. And the fun part we had with that too, was to try to find some ways to put in place some "alarm system" to see the names when we get raid (by placing dodos with low hp everywhere for example). Or in the other way, when you raid someone, it was fun to try to detect all the dinos and defences put in place to not get caught. So voilà, Ark, that's why i'm forced to break up with you now. I can't play anymore and it makes me really sad. Please, Ark, stop killing your game, don't make me stop playing forever, I loved you so much.
  6. Fix the Obelisks

    The obelisks originally allowed you to save Dino's, items, and characters, for an indefinite amount of time. Now they can only last for a day and you can't even transfer any of the saves. Before anyone says that you can my friends and I have tried on multiple accounts and servers. We all play on a dedicated server daily and we wish the obelisks worked like they used to. The obelisks save our single player Dino's and characters but as soon as we try to play on a dedicated server we can't.