• Announcements

    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.
    • Jatheish

      TLC Update - Ragnarok 'Puzzle' Cave.   03/20/18

        In our most recent Ragnarok Update, the puzzle cave was revised so that it would no longer allow survivors to build within it. Due to this change, player structures found in this location were removed and some dinos became stuck. We will not be rolling back our servers at this time. We would like to keep rollbacks limited to major service-wide disruptions going forward due to complications caused by CrossARK and Tribes (part of being a multi-server persistent open-world survival game). Later today, we'll be rolling a server update which will allow survivors to build in this area for an additional week so that players can move their creatures via a transmitter or teleporter. After the 27th of March, this will no longer be possible so please use this time to remove your creatures swiftly. Console players, please use this time to move out any creatures or structures you have in this cave because once the update hits, you'll no longer be able to do so! Thank you for your patience and ongoing support, survivors!

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Found 1 result

  1. A bunch of (Big) Suggestions

    These are some suggestions I thought up while playing Ark. If this is too long to read, still please read the bottom. 1. Beaver dams Tamed beavers have the option, when (X amount of wood, you guys decide what would be appropriate) is in their inventory, to build a dam infront of them. This dam has 2000 health (more than wild dams, because it's like a more refined process) and will slowly accumulate items based on what's it's nearby, (Trees for wood, water for silica, grass for rare flowers and mushrooms, crystal for more rare flowers and mushrooms, and stone for cementing paste) The player and all carryable Dinos will fit inside the dam, also beavers and other rideable Dinos around the same size or smaller will fit in the dam. When inside the dam, all creatures are immune to any forms of damage, the dam has a creature limit of 5 (upgradeable) but beavers only take up half a slot. The player does count. Placing more wood and cementing paste in the beavers inventory will allow it to upgrade any dam nearby created by it (or other beavers in the same tribe), increasing health, updating appearance, and increasing creature limit. Each 50 (Or 25, or whatever, you guys decide) levels on a beaver will allow it to upgrade the dam again, each upgrade gives 1000 more health (or whatever you guys decide on), below the first lvl teir, the beaver can only create a dam (1-49 with my parameters) second tier it can upgrade a dam, and third teir it can upgrade a dam twice, (The level of the beaver creating a dam doesn't matter, only the beaver attempting to upgrade it) The second upgrade costs metal too. Each upgrade after that costs more and more of each required material, a dam can not be upgraded more than 5 (or whatever you decide on) times. That's the end of the first suggestion 2. Baby fights Okay the suggestion name sounds weird, but it's something fairly normal. Araneos gain the ability to breed and gain genders, and the egg sprite is changed to look more like an actual spider egg. The Araneo lays up to 15 eggs, (So I don't have to keep doing this, let's say that every number I say is variable by you guys) All 3-15 eggs stay on the mother's back until they hatch, and the incubation percent is on the mother's hud, this causes the mother to be unrideable. The eggs temperature range is very large, and temperature is based on the mother's temperature, and the eggs should be fine as long as the mother is not in any temperature extremes. The eggs also put about 2 weight per egg on the mother, the number of eggs is on the mothers hud. When the eggs hatch (They all hatch at relatively the same time, within 5 seconds of eachother) all the babies begins fighting, every baby spawns with half health and somewhat more food than normal babies, during this time all the babies are un-claimable, the last baby standing (Or last two, occasionally spider babies will team up and will have two remaining) with be claimable, and will have gained an amount of levels depending on how many other babies they killed. All the babies will team up on any predator if they are attacked during the fighting, they will also ignore any Dino that does not make an attempt to harm them. None of the levels gained from fighting are applied in breeding, but they are also not applied to the 71 level up cap, (for example, if a spider levels up 5 times during the fight, the baby can still level up 71 more times during maturity) After the mating, the female would decapitate the male or something like that. 3. Beelzebufo changes I have a beelzebufo, and besides my thylacoleo, it's my favorite Dino to go on taming trips with, and to just jump around on. I think narcoberries and narcotics should be able to be placed in the beelzebufo's inventory, and there's a button on the options wheel (Like how iguanodons have the button to seed fruit) to have the frog consume the narcotics and narcoberries. This will multiply the torpor effect on the frog's lick, and depending on if it was narcoberries or narcs, it will be a different multiplier, (Better multiplier for narcs obviously) the multiplier will last forever until the frog licks a living thing. For every 2 narcs/berries (again, feel free to make changes) the effect lasts for another lick. Also, tamed frogs would generate bio toxin in their inventory slowly, like squids and basilos do with oil, maybe slower though. Also, the beelzebufo should have some sort of counterattack effect, where when something attacks it, whatever attacked it gets torpor, and that effect is multiplied by the previously mentioned narcs and narcoberries effect. The only attacks that wouldn't be effected are ranged attacks such as chalicotherium throw or dillos spit. Also, grabbing by flyers and being attacked by flyers while held wouldn't give torpor to the flyer. Finally, the frog would get a C attack which would be an upwards lick, it would do less damage than the jab and sweep, and would be mainly used for taking out bugs. It would effect a cone shape above it, and would have slightly less range than the jab attack. It's torpor would also be affected by the narcs and berries. 4. Achaeopteraptor This pretty much means that I think microraptor should act like an archaeopteryx while carried, but it's a weaker effect. The player falls faster and will take up to 10 points of damage if you fall from too high. 5. Custom Food Changes Somehow (Maybe on a canvas) you should be able to paint a picture, then it would have an option to be used as a custom food or drink. It would only be used for a custom image, not effect anything else. It would also be stored in ark files, like paint templates. 6. Irrigation/Wiring fixes Just... fix it. 7. Egg Automation Oviraptors on wander should pick up eggs layed by tamed dinos. (Not dinos tamed by other tribes, including allies) So people have a reason to not just set their oviraptors on wander and encumber them. Maybe gigantopithecus too. 8. Algae/Bacteria Okay this ones a biggy. (Probably endgame) Algae, or Bacteria would exist. Algae tanks would be craft able, and the size of a foundation (Also has to be placed on either an empty foundation or ceiling) Bacteria tanks placed ontop of eachother will merge and double the storage. Bacteria would be found in waters in each biome, and collected in bacteria tubes (New container, stores 2 water, undrinkable) A new structure (Bacteria analyzer) where it is placed. When there is 1 (ONLY ONE) bacteria tube in the bacteria analyzer, the action wheel (What I call the thing that comes up when you hold E) will have a new button, which says "Analyze Bacteria". It runs on electricity and after 5 minutes or so (Change that) the machines inventory will have an empty bacteria tube, and a bacteria colony with a name. (I dunno, you guys decide on the names) Depending on which biome you got it from, it will be a different bacteria. Every single biome gets a different bacteria, maybe even multiple per biome, including open ocean (Far off land) deep ocean (really deep ocean) underwater caves and normal caves. In any biome that there is no water (Redwoods, Mountains, etc) you have a low chance of getting bacteria from using a scythe on plants. To get the bacteria (Now analyzed) you must drag the colony item over an empty tube Bacteria tubes placed in bacteria tanks would be used up and placed in the tank (The bacteria is shown and the empty tube is given back). Each tank can store only one type of bacteria (Including tanks multiple tanks high), and it would have to all be killed (A button in the action wheel, like crop killing) to place a new type in, though up to 10 colonies of one type can be stored in a tank. Each colony will generate it's own resource in the tanks inventory (Like bio toxin for swamp, wood for redwood, fiber for forest, silica pearls for ocean cave, etc) There would be one type of bacteria gathered from deep ocean, called something along the lines of "Planktinus Bacillus" it would generate dead plankton as it's resource, which can be used as a substitute for both wood (No charcoal) and gasoline. There would be another called cyanobacteria which you would find in ocean caves. It would be placed in a special Cyanobacteria Tank, which when used (Can be put in hotbar) will give the player oxygen. It will have a certain amount of uses, depending on how much cyanobacteria is in it (Maybe 5 uses per?). There would be a bacteria incubator machine in which you place a bacteria colony, and over time (running on electricity) and it will generate more bacteria which is an exact clone of the original. Another building would be the bacteria breeder (again, runs on electricity) In which you place 2-4 types of bacteria and get a new one after time. The bred bacteria will generate produce from all the component bacteria, and would also be nameable and designable (Similar to custom foods) The more bacteria used in the process, the higher chance it will fail. Also, there is a "Bacterial Instability" factor in bacteria, wild bacteria (ones not bred) have a default instability of 0. Every time bacteria is bred, the instability algorithm runs (This is the algorithm: Bacteria 1 Instability + Bacteria 2 Instability + Bacteria 3 Instability + Bacteria 4 Instability + (Amount of Bacteria bred * 5) = New Bacterial Instability) Of course this is completely changeable by the devs. The higher the Bacterial Instability, the higher chance the bacteria will not produce anything. Bacteria will also have a combat feature in that some bacterium will naturally provide a combat feature (Forest = Thorns effect. Swamp = Torpor effect like I put in the frog. Beach = Dilo blind/slow etc) These would come into effect when ever the tank is approached or attacked melee by a wild creature, or any opposing tribe in a PvP scenario. Bacterial instability will reduce the effect of these. Another building would be a Bacterium Purifier. This building would reduce the instability of bacteria colonies placed inside of it, but would also take along time, and have a chance to remove some bacterial properties (Again, runs on electricity). This would make highly bred and good bred bacteria a good currency on non-prim servers. Bottom: Uhh, I think that's it. Everyone on my server said some variation of "Wildcard is too lazy to implement that, but it would be really cool" when I said this, so please prove them wrong! No matter if you do decide to implement this or not, please leave some comment saying you did read this! And if you do decide to implement these, please tell me which one(s) that you did implement, so... thanks! Oh, and if you saw this but thought it was too long to read, just comment "tl;dr" or something like that. Kthxbye!