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  1. This 5 map PvP cluster includes Extinction, Ragnarok, Aberration, The Island & The Center. 3x XP 6x Harvest 10x Taming 5x Weight No "seasonal wipes". Non-aberrant creatures are allowed on Aberration. Per level stat increase for players: Health: 20 Stam : 15 o2 : 25 Food : 15 Water: 15 Wt : 50 Melee: 8.5% Speed: 5.3% Craft : 25 Fort : 5.5 Max wild dino lvl is 180. 30x Maturation 25x Egg hatch speed 1.5x Imprint quality. Survivor water/ food drain reduced 20%. No cave damage. Offline raid prevention (ORP) disabled. Alliances disabled. Tribe size limit 6. To find the server, search on PS4 under unofficial pc sessions: Arkopolis Server name: Arkopolis Cluster 3xXP/5xWT/6xHarv/10xTame Server rules: No cheating & no toxicity. I do not engage in PvP and I am the only owner/admin of the entire cluster. Players will not experience abuse on Arkopolis Cluster & the cluster will not be shutting down. If you have any questions, feel free to message me here or leave a comment or message me on PSN: myosapien.
  2. hi everyone 😊 I'm Kate! Server name: TBOT-NoRules/5X/BoostedDrops/InstaTame/NoAdmin Ragnarok, 5x Experience, 10x Harvesting, Insta-Tame, 8x Egg Hatch Speed, 20x Mature Speed, Boosted Drops, Aberration Dinos, 50 player slots, future cluster Always looking to make the server better. Players can message me with comments or suggestions on ways to improve the server. Any feedback is welcome. So far there have not been many players join, so get in now and get ahead of the race to be the dominant alpha tribe! its a good server and would like more people to join !! please join and give it a try . ✔ check unofficial type in TBOT and join me ! thank you [PS4]
  3. Ark Members Near and Far I would like to invite you to come take a look at a new server that my friends and I have started on Ragnarok map. It's PvE, boosted to x5 and also new members that join the server are given a starter pack of ascended pickaxe, hatchet and a 225 level griffin. We also have a trading post system where you can come buy/trade in-game items for other things such as kibble, etc. Also we have some members looking for tribe mates so if your interested in joining a tribe join the Facebook group and we can get you into the server and set up with a tribe. We have a aberration and island map now that is clustered with us. We plan to do events when we get more member's. We also plan to add a aberration map soon but still in progress. We're on Ps4, Servers are online 24/7 through Nitrado. If you have any questions feel free to comment or send a message to us on our Facebook group !
  4. The server is currently not very populated, unsure why as it’s the best server I’ve played with the most balanced stats and with the friendliest tribes I’ve met so far, also to ensure players have the smoothest play time the server has a daily restart at 4am PT (Pacific Time). To find the server just search Pika Valley in pc unofficial and add to favourites. Also there are community events coming in the possible future, admin tribe is called Myst and they play legit and never spawn items in. The maps is ragnorok.There are also plenty of base spots left so come claim ur base location while you still can. STATS: 5x harvest and gather 5x exp Fast breeding Very balanced player and Dino stats RULES: No spamming chat No glitches at it make the less fun for other tribes Server is US hosted but still has a couple of players from Europe playing and they never experience lag. Hope you enjoy thanks.
  5. Full Pvp 334 slot 8 Map Cluster ISLAND/2xCENTER/2xRAG/2xABERRATION BRAND NEW SCORCHED EARTH SERVER Server Names: Triggered Army - island (50 slot) Triggered Army - Center (70 slot) Triggered Army - Ragnarok (70slots) Triggered Army - Aberration (32 slots) Triggered Army - SE (32 Slots) Triggered Army - Center 2 (50 slots) Triggered Army - Ragnarok 2 (10 slots) increasing to 32 slots Triggered Army - Aberration 2 (10 slots) increasing to 32 slots If you need a new ark home check out our great community STARTER PACKS IN WHITE DROPS Griffin Spawns added to all maps except aberration And Scorched earth No dinos other then aberration dinos are allowed on aberration ORP ON WITH A 30 MIN TIMER being increased to 45min There Is only 1 admin, They are there to help if there is a problem but it is pvp Any admin help will not benefit players in a pvp scenario A currency and Donation System Active, ask in the group for more info. 8x Gathering 50x Taming 200x hatching (cuss nobody likes waiting for eggs to hatch) 50x mature rate 50x xp (players lvl 110) Dino and character stats increased Increased oxygen and weight on players 20min in between imprints to get 100% gasoline get used 4x slower and crops grow at x6 speed flyer speed increased No clip enabled DROPS And ALPHA LOOT ARE COMPLETELY CHANGED ON THIS SERVER RULES: This server is very much no rules/full pvp, but we will not tolerate cheating or exploiting of the game. Under mesh or behind mesh buidling under map exploits orp timer exploits If you think it's cheating dont do it, unless you don't care about being banned from the servers RULES FOR ABERRATION TRANSFERS: If your tribe is found with non-aberrant dinos you will be banned for 1 day and all dinos force killed second offence will result in a permanent ban from aberration and a complete base wipe. Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TriggeredArmy/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TriggeredArmy/ Server website has all the exact stats as well: https://www.triggeredarmy.ca
  6. Dedicated 3x Aberration Server Needing Members Running Continuous 3X Taming , Breeding, Raising. 2x Gathering * 0.6x on Stamina Drain food and water consumption (run further longer and have to eat and drink less *NO EXPLOSIVES* 10x Spoil Rates Make it harder for Trolls to come in and tame things Quickly, Makes it easier for Taming and raising in the "end game" 4 Hour Auto Server Backups (Just in case) Looking to Fill with non Knuckleheads Want to play? DONT ASK JUST Jump IN ! BRING YOUR FRIENDS ! RULE THE ARK ! P.S. Trolls or troll like behavior will result in a single talking First then Ban Second. Add Friend on Xbox Live : Aberrant Server
  7. Brand new Aberration Xbox dedicated server.Add Titan Ark if you want to join.Its boosted but not too much so it's not too easy.There is no starter pack Its a fair for everyone.Message Azxrk,Zakkeryy on Xbox for an invite.So join and have fun.
  8. Arkanium Ragnarok - Island - Aberration Cluster Wiped 2/5/2018 Ragnarok server is live, Abberation server and Island will be unavailable for a few days for adjusting. Community Based, Player Enforced Ark Nitrado Server 24/7 PvP on Ragnarok and Aberration! Seasoned Server for those who want to be challenged! Please read below for important news about the server. 12/12 Aberration server launches! Join us as we delve into the forbidden Ark! Just search Arkanium Under Aberration. Server Rates: Gathering |3x| Exp |3x| Taming |4x| Growth Rate |5x| Egg Hatch |10x| Increased Maturation 15x Max Difficulty |Level 225 Wild Dinos Max| Slightly Increased Player/Dino Stats ❗️Do not kill passive tames exception under certain conditions. ❗️Let new players get settled before raiding them. ❗️Do not completely wipe bases. ❗️Don't ask for admin, The answers NO. ⚔Failure to follow these rules will result with A warning and in serious cases Ban. 2 Warning system before Ban. Players will gain control over Law Creating and Enforcement once the admins deem it ready to.⚔ Flyers have increased speed. Customized Engrams Quetz platform saddle lvl70 Raft lvl 10 Admin GTs ♿️Mhymel Or ♿️Stankfingered. Experienced, Adult Hosted and Managed! Only 2 Admins including the host who are only there to host events, Work the Shop, Or last resort enforcement. Strict No admin abuse policy, with limited intervention from admins. Community based, Player driven & enforced server! Admins will only intervene on rule breaking offenses as a last resort and only for the most serious of incidents. Players will police each other, and work together to create an exciting environment for everyone you play on. PvPvE Type server. This means you will not be limited to choose one, but have the freedom to work with other players/tribes or battle with them. Server Rules: Do not ask or beg for free items, Spawns, Dino's, etc from admins. We do not spawn anything outside of event rewards, and logging will be on once Nitrado fixes the bug. Killing/Raiding new players is frowned upon and skill-less. Use your common sense for judgement on who is new, and who isn’t, If you're constantly forcing new players to leave due to raiding/killing then expect retribution. Do not destroy, or disrupt the server trading post & Event Arena. This area is designed for the community to use as a safe spot to trade, or Events held in the arena. You will get caught, and an admin will punish accordingly. We want this server to be somewhere that everyone can enjoy, without the hassle of official rate grinding, or dealing with the harassment on official servers. If you come here only to be disruptive, or cause a toxic environment then please move along. We will never become a High boost easy-mode server, They are a dime a dozen. There will no admin recruitment, spawned items outside of events, favoritism or abuse on this server, And asking for an admin position or spawned items will only reward you with being blocked. This server is not meant to be an easy mode server, nor will it cater to those who suggest otherwise. You have to put in time and effort to become something here, and you will hit problems along the way. Host GT Mhymel Support GT Stankfingered In order to join the server you need to go into the games main menu, Join Game, bottom left drop-down menu (Unofficial PC Servers selected) Then in the search bar type Arkaidia. To avoid the joining server stuck bug please allow the server list to completely load before trying to join. Note for fourm mods: If I did not post this correctly please notify me of issues and I will promptly change them.
  9. JUST FRIEND GT: ARKALLTHETIME IN ORDER TO JOIN ONLY 5 DAYS OLD NEXT COMMUNITY EVENT: FIGHT NIGHT, ENTER BOXING TOURNY FOR CHANCES ARE TIERED PRIZES. Have had up to 32 people on with about 20 regulars, we are weeding out the trolls, gaining new survivors, we can't get a packed server if people aren't patient. One new tribe a day and we will reach 30 regulars in no time. Ragnarok PVP NOT TO HARD/NOT TO EASY! BOOSTED but not crazy high, if you want 3k health or 6k charachter weight this is not for you. Respawn is superfast so gather and drop if your unhappy with weight. Remember this is a survivor game, if you wanna feel untouchable, and kill others, play COD or HALO. Admins have been busy at work building massive community center on South Tropical Island. Inside includes stocked kitchen, gift shop and crafting corner. Kitchen includes cooked Jerky Gift Shop you can pick up for free low Tiered tools, weapons, armor, saddles and items, FOR FREE! Please be respectful and dont clear it out, just take what you need till you get on your feet! Crafting corner is great for solo or new players to use mortle and pestles, forges, smithy's, and fabricators to get your XP, Level up and start your own base. Most of server is heavily populated in PM and weekends COMMUNITY CENTER IS A SAFE ZONE ABSOLUTELY NO KILLING, RAIDING or LOOTING BODIES INSIDE THE WALLS DINOS MUST REMAIN ON PASSIVE WHILE INSIDE WALLS. Also includes Town Hall for Server discussion and bulletin board if you are searching for a new tribe or to trade items. COMMUNITY EVENTS We will host regular events when winners can receive boosted dinos and tiered gear. EVENTS INCLUDE: Equis racing Raptor Jousting "Capture the Flag" Boxing Lost and Found ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NEW IDEAS SO PLEASE SHARE RULES: This is PVP so Expect to be raided but don't just give up. Ask for help, lets create a sense of community NO WIPING ENTIRE BASES, TAKE WHAT YOU EARN AND GET OUT NO KILLING PASSIVES NO DROPPING WILD DINO'S IN BASES (ITS CHEAP AND COWARDLY) IF ADMINS NOTICE INACTIVE TRIBES, WE WILL ASSIGN WIPES TO REGULAR TRIBES TO EARN THE LOOT BE MINDFUL OF NOOBS, PLAYERS AND ALPHAS (two tribes can be lvl 80 but vastly different, no need to wipe) WE DO REGULAR DINO WIPES NIGHTS ARE VERY SHORT! BRONTO SADDLES DISABLED TO REDUCE PING OFFLINE RAIDING TURNED ON/SO COMMUNITY CAN ACCESS FREE LOOT HAVE FUN, THE MORE WE GROW THE SERVER THE MORE EVENTS WE CAN HOST N MORE PRIZES DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK GT: HELLONAMESTJ IM ALWAYS OPEN TO IDEAS AND HELPING, DOESN'T MEAN SPAWNING YOU A GIGA COME JOIN!!! ITS AT LEAST WORTH IT TO CHECK OUT!!!
  10. Hi all, we are looking to populate a brand new server and need dedicated players so if your interested (dont join if your going to moan when raided/wiped, its part of th game 👍) Look for UK Boosted Pvp (Super Drops and 5x) in unofficial pc sessions, have fun and survive! x5experience x5 gather x10taming x10 maturation x10 mating x15incubating player and dino stats are boosted but not OP boosted drops
  11. If your looking for a fun friendly server then look no further, your st your destination! Justice Server is a fun frequently server that values having a great time. Note: The Server has been wiped so all the good spots are still open Yes We do have Cross-Play The Server Rules List: 24/7 Raiding 1 Bronto Per Tribe (This is to deal with lag issues) No Killing Passive Flyers No Fighting in Community Center Dont bully fresh spawn Dont inter-alliance raid No Trolling (if you thinks it trolling it’s probably trolling) Thats about it! Only a handful of small rules that can ensure everyone a awesome experience. The Rates Are: 7x Tame 5x Gather and XP 11x Breeding There is a Community Area where everyone will meet up for Server Events which happen as often as a few times a day depending on the amount of people on. Also the Community Area has forges, smithys, etc. There are many events that take place o the server there is: Quetzal Drop, Battle Arena, Jousting, Dodo Scavenger Hunt, Slingshot Dodgeball, The Hunt, The Labyrinth and many more to come! The Admins gamertags are: JONNYmidKNIGHT and JIMMY RUNZ FAST (JONNYmidKNIGHT is the best point of contact) Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I do hope to see you soon on Justice Server! Have a great day -JONNYmidKNIGHT
  12. Greetings. Come join our 50 SLOT (Soon to be 100 slot w/ Clusters) server: !LOST KINGDOMZ 50 SLOTS ( Soon to be 100 with Clusters ) PvP - Weekends DISCORD! DISCORD! DISCORD! ( Click HERE to join ) Ragnarok up 24/7 Paid for Nitrado Server Some Stats Harvesting 12x Maturation 15x Taming 25x AND MORE STATS!!!! Discord server: !LOST KINGDOMZ Xbox / PC (Windows 10) Crossplay Very Balanced! NOT OP-ed! NO ADMIN ABUSE!!!! SHOP!!!! Events ( View just a quick thrown together video of a paintball event HERE : ) AND SO MUCH MORE. We actively listen to the players as well !!! Owner GamerTag = GreatAmatsukami, but all communication is done with the community though our DISCORD SERVER which you will join! Have fun and bring your friends P.S. *Racial slurs = Insta ban! Not even jokes! Respect people! NO SECOND CHANCES! ** No starters as Starters are for scrubs!
  13. Hello everyone! I hope you are having a good day. I want to let you all know about an awesome server with only 1 admin, no admin abuse, events, pretty boosted but not too boosted. Metal and cp are easy to get. The resource cost of most metal structures have been reduced, so it makes it super easy to build up a base. Turrets have also been reduced. Most defensive structures have been reduced. The light drops have been boosted. Maturation is boosted, for example it only takes 7 hours to raise a giga. 2 hours for a rex. Taming is instant for most dinos, regardless of level. All the stats are official for players and dinos except for infinite weight, which is very nice for raiding xD. It's PvP with ORP tuesday through friday. You can cross transfer between all 5 maps! There are about 100 members on the Facebook page. If this server sounds interesting to you, come join us and have some fun! To join the server, search TDG and have the filter set to show non password protected. For the Facebook page, search TDG servers xbox one. Thanks for reading, have a good day!
  14. Currently playing on a pc dedicated server : BuildDestroyRebuildBoostedRaid/Defend Nerd Parade . Its following a similar set up as the youtuber nerd parade, a boosted server (Ragnarock), pvp protection until the weekend (Increased structure resistance ). Come build up and raid! Bump! There is boosted taming (slow food consumption so it still take a bit of time to tame) & breeding (approx 30min to raise a wyv), the alpha wont go bullying the weaker tribes or people trying to build up. There is hardly no stamina, food or water drain. You can build pretty much anywhere EXCEPT at artifacts. The snap point option is turned off so there is also the option to build some unique builds you won't be able to do in something like official servers. There are people to help lend a hand if needed (constant beggars will be ignored), we do help others run boss fights, etc. Even if new people want to come join & make a tribe together there is a max cap of 5 people to a tribe. We even have a community : BuildDestroyRebuild Ark PvP Server This server is for people to come play & enjoy the game, don't have to worry about admins or alphas being constant d-bags, but the idea in the server is to build up during the week & raid come the weekend. myself I've had a few months in official servers and just got tired of spending hours of my life in a never ending grind! Hope to see more regulars. During the week even though you cant raid you can still pvp if you choose Server Tips for Noobies: For those new to Ark in general, for the most part you want to pick a spot to build (ideally not in a spawn point), leveling up is not a problem & you'll be able to unlock all the engrams (tek is unlocked with boss fights). During the week as long as you have a base with a roof and walls its pretty much not raidable, c4 will be like 1 damage even if its wood. You're going to want "work" dinos: Ankylosaurus can collect the metal, stone & flint. Castoroides, Mammoths or Therizinosaurus to collect thatch/wood. Then you'll want to build your crafting structures: industrial forge, chemistry bench, fabricator & smithy. Then its about building up your base/ preparing to raid for the weekend if you want Update: To lessen the grind certain items have had their recipes adjusted (ie; advanced bullet ammo is 1gp :1 metal ingot, industrial forge 10cp : 10 metal ingots). Most metal structures cost 1 metal ingot : 1 cp. Stone structures cost 1 stone. Wood structures cost 1 wood. (Over time majority of the crafting recipes will be adjusted)
  15. NEWLY RESET 15/11/17 PVP 24/7 SERVER // RAg // HIGH RATES! HOST – ‘Theexilesserver’ PVP all week round, great connection and minimal ping. Gathering, Weight and XP along with almost everything else is up a lot, making there be near to no grind. Any rule breakers will be banned. Obviously the server will go down sometimes so don't spam the host, it will be back up ASAP. There will be events all week round to do with PVP/E and things like scavenger hunts, team PvP battles and dino battles, winners will be rewarded suitably. If you get raided, don't cry, the admins won't help you ‘rebuild’ because of your poor defence. The admins are there to organise events and make sure the servers running smoothly and fairly. However, if the admins are raided or even attacked at all, it will give the admins permission to attack and kill the attacking tribe. RULES - NO KILLING IN EVENT AREAS WHEN EVENT IS ON - BANTER IS FINE, DON’T BE DISRESPECTFUL. - ANY PEOPLE FOUND EXPLOITING GLITCHES WILL BE BANNED. - DON'T LOG OFF WHILST YOU'RE BEING RAIDED WHILST OFFLINE RAIDING IS PREVENTED, IF SOMEONE RECORDS YOUR TRIBE LOGGING OFF MID RAID, ALL MEMBERS WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED - NO BRONTOS