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Found 54 results

  1. Sever name: Kings Landing 5x (search PC dedicated servers) Map: Ragnarok Slots: 32 Admins (psn I.D.'s): Rjwhicker05, and cballa1986 Hi all, Just started up a nitrado dedicated server. We are looking for players to join up and enjoy a permanent server. Ragnarok will be the only map we will play on. We will not allow character/dino/item downloads. Everyone will have to start fresh but we will allow the upload feature if you want to transfer to another server at some point. Be aware that you will not be able to bring what you upload back to our server though. Rules: * No racism or trolling. * No killing passive dinos (must provide proof dinos were not passive if you kill them). Neutral is not passive! (You are allowed to kill dinos that are set on neutral and attack when a player does damage to a structure) * Friendly fire is disabled . * Offline raid protection is on. However, players will have a 800 seconds to attack a base after a player/tribe logs off. This will prevent players from stopping an attack on their base by simply logging off. We will be switching this setting to the "White Flag Rule" in the future. Players who have joined early will have the benefit of building their bases and defenses without having to worry too much about losing their progress. Player who join after the the offline raid protection is removed will have a harder time keeping up with the rest of the players who joined the server early so join ASAP! * Trading is allowed. If you make a deal honor it. Setting up players to get ambushed will NOT be tolerated and will result in an automatic ban. * No land claiming with random pillars. If you put something down start building. Don't be a douche. * Taming limit is set to unlimited. * Cave building is allowed but you are not allowed to block artifacts or drops. If a player does block an artifact or drop, server admins will come and clear a way. Server Settings: * Taming speed is set to 5x. * Mating/Mature settings are all set to 10x. * Imprinting is default. * All xp multipliers are set to 3x (except for generic which is 2x) * Loot Crate/Fishing quality is set to 3x. * Itchthyornis and Troodon spawns are disabled! * Harvesting is set to 7x. * Player stats are also slightly boosted! Once our server population gets up, we plan on having special weekend events such as, double taming speed (10x), double mating speed (20x), Dodo Arena (prizes for winners), Jousting Tournaments (prizes for winners), and some other ideas that our community comes up with. Come join the fun! Add Rjwhicker05 and cballa1986 on psn.
  2. Hey all! My friends and I have a 50 slot PC hosted Ragnarok server on PS4 which is 24/7 PvP. We're looking for new and active players to help the server thrive. Server Name: The Syndicate PVP 10x Boosted Soon we will be giving new players a "starter kit" in which will contain metal tools, pike and some other goodies as well as a starting Argentavis! (I'll update post when the starter kit contents have been finalized) The server runs with boosted weight, this way you no longer have to worry about being over encumbered. Boosted harvesting to help build and assemble your base much faster than normal, it also helps you rebuild after being raided. Speaking of raiding there is a rule that we enforce and that is no full base wiping and no killing of passive tames. Just get in, get what you need and get out. We also have a market place set up for buying and trading of goods. As seen in the picture below, we have constructed our coliseum! We hope to gain some server activity as we will be giving out rewards such as; Deep Sea Crates, Blueprints, Tools, Weapons, High Level Dinos and Wyvern Eggs, Dino Coloring, Bulk Resource Bundles and plenty more. Server tribe "The Syndicate" and admin(s) are all friendly and willing to help out if and when needed. For those who decide to join our server and help populate it will then be rewarded for their time and effort and to keep up with server updates/changes please feel free to join our PlayStation Community called "The Syndicate Ark PvPvE" If you have any questions or are a fellow server owner who wishes to cluster servers, please message the server owner Oximodious via PSN for more details. Any other server details are listed in the picture attached. *SERVER RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE* I'll bump this post every so often to hopefully keep traffic coming to it.
  3. Hi, does anyone over here on ps4 have any experience with hosting cluster servers with Nitrado? I am currently waiting for Nitrado to come to xbox where I will be hosting a cluster of 2 servers. If you have any information that would help I would appreciate it. My idea is to have one server on Ragnarok at all times, and then the second server be the island, but occasionaly switch to scorced or the center if need be. I will need to utilize the server data backup feature so that when we switch back to the island structres and tames will still be in place. Another main question that I have is how cluster servers work in terms of character and dino downloads. Will the downloads only work for characters and dinos from the two servers in the cluster, or are people going to be able to cheat by bringing them in from single player or other server? Thanks again, I hope to get back some useful information please
  4. I will be hosting a cluster server for ark with two maps when Nitrado servers come to Xbox. Ragnarok will be the main map. No rules pvp, mostly vanilla stats, Saturdays and Sundays harvest, taming, and breeding will be 2x the normal server rates. Monday-Friday structure damage will be turned down (your structures will not be destroyed as easily as normal). I will be the only admin, and there will be absolutely no admin spawning for any reason ever. The game is meant to be challenging for everyone, and I believe in a level playing field. Dino wipes will occur twice a week or as needed. 3x harvest 3x tame 4.5x breeding 2x player XP Dino and player health/melee will be 100% vanilla. 3x fortitude (should be 6 per level) 1/2 food/water drain (eat half as often as on official, but you will still have to watch your food and water regularly.) 10x player weight (100 weight per level) 5x tamed dino weight but I will have wild dino weight turned up so that when you tame a dino it automatically starts with increased weight. Pteras will start with around 2k weight. 10x oxygen (100 per level, I can't stand the nerf to oxygen and this way you can at least put one point into oxygen and last under water for a good amount of time, or you can go nuts and become aqua man if you so choose!) Drop crate loot will be standard. Regular day and night cycles. Increased feces for phiomia usage. Damage numbers will not be displayed. Player map location will be enabled, as will corsshairs and third person. Non-collision will be enabled (you can build into cliff sides, on uneven ground, into other structures ect.) Tribe alliances - Yes Max Tribe Size - 5 Dino xp will probably be much higher than player xp. I havent determined the rate yet, but dinos die and I personally do not enjoy spending an hour on each new dino to get it to a decent level. Read my comment below if you would like to know more Make suggestions, but know that I will not be boosing stats. I hope to see you on my server! Feel free to suggest server names!
  5. pve Join My Friendly Server

    Join my cross ark server going for steam achievements defeating bosses and all that jazz server profile
  6. [PVE] PC Hosted Nitrado PVE Ragnarok Server. 20 slot server, 2 slots currently available. Slot count will be increased depending on demand, anywhere up to 100 slots. Boosted rates: 5x EXP. 5x Harvesting. 16x Taming. 0.25x Wild Dino food consumption. (Taming and Consumption equal roughly 4x taming overall) 4x Spoil timers. 2x maturation. Instant egg hatch. No breeding cooldowns. 0.75x Player water and food drain. Slight boosts to player speed and weight. Highly boosted fortitude. Daily events and fighting pits award our server currency, which can be saved up and used to purchase weapons, Armor, blueprints and high level dinos. Donations are welcome to help with the cost of running the server, monthly raffles will be held for donaters with high level prizes (higher level dinos, 100% imprints, Dino recolour and more) Friendly admins and players. Discord server available with details of server rates, rewards and events. Starter packs including rifle, tranq darts, metal tools, 2x2 stone base, Dino gates for basic Dino storage, a starter argy and a few other bits and bobs are available if required. All other requests will be considered. If you would like to know more, contact using the details below. Always happy to help with further questions Contact: PSN - mong1991 Discord - Mong1991#5609 Or private message on here.
  7. **The Eldritch Arks PVPVE** Website, More Info and how to join - Ark Server 1 : The Island Ark Server 2 : Scorched earth Ark Server 3 : Aberration (when released) Introduction: The Eldritch Arks were set up to try and play Ark Survival as Vanilla as possible, while having some boosted settings to help keep that sense of achievement yet quick enough where it doesn't suck your soul dry. The Arks are purely PVPVE (options for tribe war mini battles in set area.) where friendliness and a helpful attitude is welcomed with open arms, we would like to accept everyone but you have to atleast want to join in with everyone (mics are welcomed but not forced). Eldritch was chosen due to the relationship to Horror and thus the theme of these servers are Gothic/horror and anything Erie, though its not set in stone and your free to build what ever you want but you get a big high five (maybe goodies) for theming your creations. 5x XP 5x Harvest 5x Taming 2x Player Weight Increase breeding but more testing and refinement needed Must join server-wide alliance to play on server
  8. I am currently running a no griefing (PvP) 24/7 boosted scorched earth nitrado server we have 23 slots available NO griefing policy enforced by 3 admins boosted harvesting and taming speed new players will be given a simple thatch house and basic tools upon request if you experience any issues or grief while on our server feel free to message one of our admins If interested pm EvolvExSCAR or message one of our admins on psn (gamertags listed below) Admins: EvolvExSCAR Logan20288 Teenagersweet
  9. ====================Because of Xbox rentable server delay this will not be available until sometime end of September or later=============================== Hi i'm looking for players interested in joining the server once Ark's official launch happens. The server will be hosted on Nitrado, response to this will help determine the number of slots we will have. Anyone is welcome as long as they can play by the rules. Join xbox club "DnDs Ark Ragnarok Hardcore PVP Dedicated Server" for status updates on the server when it goes live. The server settings are still being decided upon so let me know if you have any suggestions. -Ragnarok -Hardcore PVP -ORP -No Transfers -slightly boosted taming speed 2-3x -boosted mating/breeding speed ~6x -Official Server difficulty, wild dino max lvl 150 -possible tribe size limit, undetermined but probably <10 (depends on number of players and what everyone's preference is) -there will only be 1 admin, I am looking to have a fun and fair server with limited admin intervention. Rules - Trolls/Griefers will be punished, repeat offenders banned. - Killing other players, attacking bases, or killing dinos is not considered griefing, going around and killing low level/freshly spawned characters all day is. -Anyone abusing systems, using exploits, or cheating will be banned -Admin will not spawn in dinos or items, no getting players/dinos unstuck. Game bugs and glitches will happen and its only fair that everyone will have to deal with it themselves.
  10. Hi everybody! We rented server from nitrado with couple of my friends. Server have been up maybe 1week. We dont use any admins so you wont see any adminabuse. No insane boosts, keeps playing enjoyable. It would be nice to see some new players there. We are friendly people. If you have something in your mind, feel free to ask! Change your server filter Unofficial PC sessions and you will find our server. Servername is: Ragnarok247 xp25/tame15 hosted by Nitrado Here is some information about boosts. Difficulty is max. so you can find 150lvl dinos. Taming multiplier 15 Xp multiplier 25 Harvestin multiplier 3 Dino harvesting dmg multiplier 6 Mating multiplier 0.101 Egg hatch speed multiplier 5 Baby mature speed multiplier 10 Baby imprinting stat scale multiplier 15 Everybody is welcome! See you soon!
  11. Hi all, After logging back into my pc rented server after tonight's patch, all server data is gone. D I L O ? Restoring from backup doesn't seem to work. Anyone having server issues? The server is back to day 1.
  12. To join search for Dodoland while having the server filter set to Unofficial PC sessions. Donations link: Server list link: Contact e-mail: [email protected] If you run a similar server to ours and would like to cross-ark with us, contact us at the e-mail address provided above.
  13. Hi for everybody on the forum, someone can help me, i dont know why , but on my server i am looking died whales along the beach along all the map, but i dont see no one , i dont know but i think its and error on configuration but i dont know what i need to change to make again died whales appear on map to farm quitin and oil, anyone know something about this term ?? Thx for everyone, please i need a solution nowwww....
  14. We are a 24/7 PVP player dedicated server on Ragnarok. This server closely resembles an official server, how ever it is slightly boosted. Our base stats are as follows: Xp is 1.5, our gathering is 2, our taming is 2, and the breeding is at 6. We believe in a community approach to the game. We are not going to be creating rules to be broken. However WE DO NOT approve of offline raiding or "picking on the noobs". If you choose to ignore these niceties and you are caught there will be consequences. There will be no active admin on the server so there will be ABSOLUTELY NO SPAWNING items of any kind for anyone. The only time the admin will log in is to do Dino wipes unstick animals and tournament winnings and prizes. On the server there will be community events. There will be a ton of community locations and buildings where everyone can get together and participate. EVERYONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN ALL EVENTS. Events will be posted on our community wall on the PSN the community is named (Ark Live), on this Facebook page, on our twitter @arkliverag, and will also be broadcasted on the server. Please friend request ArkLive24_7 on the PSN to join the server. Server name will be ArkLiveRagnarok24/7
  15. Nitrado has mentioned in their posts that they are not sure if it will be possible to transfer over our current saved data to their rented servers. Has it been determined if this will be possible?
  16. Looking to build the population on my PVP Ragnarok server. We have no admins so everyone is on a level playing field. It's early days so you will be able to build up to be the alpha tribe if thats your thing. PVP is encouraged as the game is more exciting that way. Server name: x10KeenSteedRagnarokPVP Rates: x10 taming x8 harvesting x5 XP x10 breeding If you have any questions feel free to ask
  17. Hello Hunters, Gatherers, Breeders and Tamers! *We are a PVE dedicated server looking for some awesome, friendly & active players to join us! We are a very relaxed tribe that just loves taming and building and are looking for others who feel the same. If anyone should desire PVP we will find a way to set up events and times to do so as well. *We have lightly boosted rates to accommodate a more lenient schedule for people who like ourselves need to work to pay those bills, Haha. *So, if you love to tame, build and have a super awesome community to trade and talk with then join us, new players and pros alike are welcome. In order to join: Please send a message to Faynix on psn to ask about it after reading the rules in place below: Start fresh, please do not ask for constant hand outs. We have had problems with this in the past and further arguments over this will result in a ban as it makes others uncomfortable. As an example, carry dino pve is off (being able to carry wild dinos) and it will not be turned on as it ruins the challenge entirely. On the other hand, if you do need help with something specific feel free to ask, such as tips for taming, breeding, how to do something in ark or various assistance. We will not retrieve or replace lost dinos. Dinos die and players die frequently and that is just part of Ark. Please do not expect us to do these things. One of our most important rules, fighting with other server members is not permitted, period. Any arguments or things needing resolution are to be brought to one of the admins attention, we will not accept server board chat fighting or in game (this is all in reference to verbal arguments) as it causes distrust and pointless issues for everyone involved. To repeat, no verbal argumentation within server or on the board chat, all things in this regard are to be brought to our attention, if you cause issues without heading the rules, you will be banned. Lastly, just enjoy the game, talk to us if you want, we have a server board on psn for everyone to speak in and help each other and we always all talk together, feel free to trade, request trades, work together, alliance, tribe war, the whole thing. It is totally up to you. Admins: Immortal, Stolium, Gem, Faynix/Qimaera, and Killer Server Cap 20 - Currently 14/20 Map: Ragnarok 3x Taming 5x Maturation 1.5x Exp 2x Harvesting 3x Loot Quality (crates & fishing) *We will start to set up events at the soonest opportunity for everyone. *Will be doing arena jousting games for prizes. *Treasure hunts for prizes as well and much more (We would love suggestions!!)
  18. So now that the game is fully released, I can now finally say everything Ive wanted to say. WC can no longer hide behind the previous "pre-release". Are we going ever be getting fixes for all of the tags i mentioned? Im really tired of dinos clipping into buildings, especially the big ones like Gigas. The lag and disconnecting still has not been fixed. I remember when WC made the announcement about fixing the lag and the disconnecting. Is there a timeframe when this is going to happen? I would like to be able to use greenhouse glass as windows, but for whatever reason, they despawn when attached to anything else. I had to close my base up because greifers in PVE grapplehooked my sleeping body and killed me. I am also experiencing on a daily basis of supply drops sinking into the ground and not being accessible, as well as not fully coming down to the ground. Was there some sort of a ninja nerf with the feeding trophs? Some of the dinos i have are well within range of multiple trophs and still do not eat. Dinos are also still spawning in bases, like t-rexes.
  19. Hello everyone, I am playing on an official server (The-EU-OfficialServer111 (on Nitrado)). Today I wanted to log in and I realized that the server is blocked by a password. It’s the only one I could see as blocked, so all others are free to join. Could anyone give me a hint to solve the problem and take off the password? And it would be great, if anyone could tell me who I should talk to, to ask, about taking down the password. And it would be great also, if anyone could tell me the reason of blocking it with a password.
  20. Come join server name is nights server any questions hit me up on ps4 Nightwalker3000
  21. @RAGNAROK_665 We are looking for people to join our unofficial pc server for ps4 jut change your search filter to unofficial pc and search Ragnarok_665 server is open to all. Boosts to get started when you join for the first while we will keep things at Harvesting x5 Taming x5 Etc...x5 I will be giving away some free building supply's when I'm on This server runs 24/7 and on PVE you can follow us on twitter: @ragnarok_665 For any server changes or events that may be running along with all the latest updates from wildcard studio's Hope to see you there survivers.
  22. Was curious if anyone else is having this issue. I am able to spawn items in with the "giveitemnum" command but not the blueprint path command. Example: Admincheat giveitemnum 1 1 1 0 works but Admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Weapons/PrimalItem_WeaponGun.PrimalItem_WeaponGun'" 1 1 0 doesn't work
  23. Come Raid and pillage! 50 player server with active Admins. PVPVE Focused game play with player to player interactions highly encouraged. Max level for players and dino's set to 1000. Find us on PS4 @ > Midwest Raiders Boosted XP 1000Max LvL. < *We're making improvements on a daily basis* Ark to Ark coming soon, we're working on getting a cluster setup in the next few weeks.
  24. Hi, I just set up a PS4 dedicated ARK server on Nitrado, but cant seem to find how to connect to it? Nothing shows up in the player dedicated server list on PS4 and I cant find any articles or videos about it. How do I actually play on my rented server? UPDATE: Found it in Unofficial PC Hosted Servers list
  25. Nitrado

    So since the saves have been/are being released for legacy servers and we're being forced to use them via Nitrado, does anybody have any genuine experience with using their servers? My server isnt being repurposed but I've been told all legacy saves are being released so a few of us are considering this option. Dont want any haters or lovers, just honest opinion/experience. Ive been looking online and genuinely cannot find a single good review for them, yet its our only option if we want the saves..