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  1. When I started my nitrado server i wanted the engrams to auto unlock and so now ill be telling you how to make this happen on your nitrado server for xbox,pc or ps4 servers. So first if you want engrams to auto unlock make sure that you are under general then turn on expert settings and save changes now under the settings tab there should be a tab called expert settings you click that now there should be a slide box that says gameusersettings.ini change that to game.ini now scroll all the way down till to the bottom click at the ned of the last setting there and hit enter and type bAutoUnlockAllEngrams=true this will allow you to unlock every engram at your level when leveling up but if you spam something into like stamina the screen will be filled with the learning of the engrams also when you reach level 100 or higher you will unlock all the tea engrams i do not know how to fix this but if you use this be aware of that. Also make sure your server was stopped when you changed the settings in the game.ini and if your server is stopped there will be an option to save changes. This is all you need to know if you want to make your engrams to auto unlock in your server. Let me know if this was helpful and bye.
  2. Hi I have a well established nitrado cluster of 15 maps I wanted to get registerd on the wild card trusted servers list and possible to get my cluster name copyrighted as I have a problem with some one else using the name and it’s causing problems I asked them politely to change it but due to ark players well yano thinking they know everything they won’t do how do I go about doing these things
  3. Server has its own discord and very good stats I have played it for a while and population is starting to go down so they wiped the ragnorok and center server join and try it out type: The Citadel in the xbox server list.
  4. I find too many issues with prim+ that seems that will never be fixed and when people try to bring issues and bugs to Moderator Attention, we are ignored so I have two questions. Can I add Prim+ engrams and items to a non Prim+ server? If so, how do I add them to the server. P.S. On a side note how do I increase the stack sizes of items. Like make thatch stack up to 1000
  5. I got ragnarok and aberration on 50xtame 25x xp 7x breeding. Lol cap is at 172 dino cap is 180. I got 9peaple plaging here already. I want to make the game a little bigger for the players i got and yours ofc. So lets make ark great together! My psn is Filthy_Creds
  6. Ayo. So I have a ragnarok server from nitrado and I’ve gotten items and dinos added from abberation and they workin perfectly. However I completely forgot about the loot crates! :0 if anyone could plz be so kind as to help show me codes that would just give the normal stuff from abberation like saddles and their items and all that? im not looking for crazy stuff. The server is boosted a good bit, like normal drops have a chance for 50 times the quality. So I guess if anyone has codes for some abberation loot crates to be like that, I’d highly appreciate it! Thanks!
  7. Server Name Nintjosh and Aloevist's PVE Story Playthrough ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We will be going through all the Ark maps starting on August 1st, and the map will change on the 1st of each month. You can be a completely new survivor or you can be a veteran, this is for anybody. Please just be willing to have fun and be ok with the fact that at times....you'll probably die and lose your stuff. Just don't lose your poop, too. We are there to have fun. We will be organizing events such as spelunking for artifacts and boss fights on specific days using the in game message of the day. You can play completely solo and join us on those days, or feel free to ask for help and play with my friends and I! Schedule ---------------------------------------------- * August 1st - The Island * September 1st - Scorched Earth * October 1st - Aberration * November 4th - Extinction Server Settings --------------------------------------------- These are just the most popular settings asked about. If you have a question on a specific settings feel free to ask. * PVE as this is a "Story Playthough." * Official Server Difficulty. (Max Dino Level = 150) * Character Downloads = Enabled (If you have a character from another server, feel free to transfer them over!) * Harvest Multiplier = x4.0 * Taming Multiplier = x5.0 * XP Multiplier = x4.0 * Mating Interval = x0.2 * Egg Hatch Speed = x15.0 * Baby Mature Speed = x20.0 * Baby Cuddle Interval= x0.05 (100% Imprinting possible) * Baby Food Consumption = x0.5 * Higher Player Carry Weight Per level = x20.0 * Higher Dino Carry Weight Per Level = x50.0 * Higher Fortitude = x12.5 (You gain 25 per level) The XP Multiplier is to make sure players will have a chance to be at level to be able to fight the bosses. We will increase it if players are having a hard time getting to level. We also have custom beacon drops. They won't drop any blueprints, only the real items. I'm not gonna list everything but some highlights are * White - Cloth armor, Thatch housing * Green - Hide Armor, Wood Housing * Blue - - Ghillie Suit, Crossbow/Grappling hooks * Purple - Flak Armor, Stone Housing * Yellow - Fur Armor/ Scuba Gear, Metal Housing * Red - Tek Housing, Riot Armor * Deep Sea - Tek Saddles, Tek Armor, Tek Weapons. Any "Double Drop" beacon, (The Beacons with a circle around it) also has a chance of having kibble in it. The red double you can find element to power your Tek drops from the deep sea crates. --------------------------- That's about it. The server is currently password protected as we want only the people interested in doing the full playthrough joining. If you are interested in joining, you can message myself (u/Nintjosh) on here or Reddit or fellow admin u/aloevist on reddit. We have been planning this a while and are passionate about it. We are of course open to suggestions if you can think of anything to make the experience better for players. One idea we got was having a "Story time" for explorer notes to learn about the backstory. As of right now the server is set at a max of 10 people. If more are interested we can go about trying to increase max size using Nitrado's donation feature. We hope to see you on there! Edit: We started a discord channel! https://discord.gg/Nm6Sh7
  8. HectorHellious

    Issues and Bugs

    I run a Prim + server and there are many issues. I will put them in a list to make it easy. Items Fresh Poultry - eating raw has do side effect Using Prim+ Consumables to tame is unbalanced Many items cannot be colored Event Skins do not show in the cooking pot (look in features for better detail) Market Stall and Trade Boxes are either unclear how to use or broken Mailbox is broken Vanilla Items - Some items cannot be placed or used even with the AdminCheat GiveEngrams or adding them to the server on Prim+. Prim+ Items - Items cannot be placed or used even with the AdminCheat GiveEngrams or adding them to the server on vanilla. Preserving Salt - Cannot be placed into any type of storage besides Vessels on Prim + ATV - When Spawned they are extremely buggy Beeswax - Impossible to obtain without spawning it in. Preserved Meats - Trying to make salted, cured, or preserved meats are unbalanced and not clear which container does which (Preserving Campfire, Preserving Bin, Smokehouse) Beds - No bed in the game has the "lay down" feature Arrows - Feathered and Obsidian Arrows do little extra damage since the nerf. Basic and Narc arrows are fine, but Feathered and Obsidian have no special properties or noticeable damage buffs Beehives - Beehives have extremely low inventory space. Steel Safe - Should hold more than the Small Safe by a minimal of 50 (having the booted hp by itself isn't worth the hassle and time to farm) FIXED Lumber Build - Lumber and Lumber Glass have 3-5 different variations but no way to control which you get without trial and error and after an update it randomizes the builds we wasted time, effort, and resources to make look nice. Please just make it to where we can choose the variation when making them. Beehives - They are spawning over another and when destroyed they are not producing a queen bee nor dropping a bag. Greenhouse - Health has been dropped to 100hp FIXED Wood Fences - I was going to do these separate but same issues, do not snap properly, dinos of Equus size can walk over them, and gate does nothing (should open or close) Stone Fences - I was going to do these separate but same issues, small dinos can walk over the small wall and dinos of Equss size can walk over big wall Raft and Dingy - Camera angle can make it hard to drive and are easily beached or stuck on platoons or other builds in water Build Temp Protection - Lumber and GlassLumber seem to do nothing against weather. Transponder Nodes - Works only with the Transponder used to place them and stop working if dino is unclaimed or too small (Check below for feature ideas) Tames Ability to toggle off flier nerf has not been added (must have been forgot about) If added, the Karkinos to any map they become a plague and over spawn causing the server to crash (I know it does this on Ragnarok but others say it does this on Island and Scorched) Compys and other small tames cannot be colored Unicorns cannot be colored Summon Dino - Many Event Dinos (DodoRex, Turkey, etc.) Some Bosses, and many Dino Variants and some Dinos wont spawn via ID Queenbee - When the beehive is destroyed the queen bee will stay in place and send drones out making it impossible to tame. (To put simple hives are on cliffsides and if the bee doesn't fly down then you can't do anything about it.) Collecting Meat - Gigas and Alphas(when tamed) have issues collecting meat/inventory. Alphas do not collect anything Alpha Babies - I have found that Alphas are breedable, but eggs won't spawn only pregnancy works Dinos that climb walls seem to vanish if left on walls (I recommend making a feature to keep track of dinos to know what tames are alive and where they are like the transponder) Features In game chat is staticy and doesn't fade when walking away (all sound should fade or grow as you get closer or farther from something Ice Dungeon is buggy (falling through map in spots, walking through parts of the ground) Life Labyrinth buggy (buttons are buggy and hard to press) Not understanding how to make fortitude effect temperature. (Want to make it that 50 fortitude can let you wear ascendant iron armor every wear without burning or freezing to death or at least make it to wearing primitive fur armor works fine in Murder Snow) Dropping your inventory drops items that are in folders too Event Skins - When the ARKaeology Event started cooking pots stopped showing skins for any event skin when placing bones, easter eggs, etc. into the cooking pot. Simple Bed Engram - It seems to duplicate when crafting other engrams or learning new ones (not sure which but very annoying) Suggestions Add Steam Punk style to Prim+ or ark as a whole (items, skins, etc.) Add more dino skins or dinos (would love a Archelon or Lemur) Add the ability to make plants from other servers to spawn naturally (I want to add the aberration mushrooms and plant z to caves, swamp, and redwoods) Add the ability to make eggs from other servers to spawn naturally (I want to add RockDrake eggs to redwoods) News on new sponsored mods coming to official on consoles ark (like DragonPunk and Structures+) Add signatures to forum post with limited characters so people can advertise without being concidered spam Add ability to add bullets to list in forms without breaking up the numeral list Tame Tracking Full Feature - I suggest adding a feature to the game and an item for Prim+ to assist in keeping track of tames. Bellow are bullets for the idea of this feature Tame Tracking Feature (Tame List) - Add a page, like the dino grouping, to track tames that have been marked by either Transponder Nodes or Dino Specimen. The Tame List will only list the species, name, gender, lvl, and and location(location will be the map area it is. Ex. Ovis, Orvil, Male, 92, Hidden Springs) If the tame is killed or the item removed, the tame info will be removed from the list after 10 minutes. Tame Tracking Item (Dino Specimen) - The Dino Specimen is an item that can be placed on a dino to allow its information to be placed in the tame list. To make one you will need Iron Ingots, Obsidian, Specimen Implant, blood pack. There will be three different Dino Specimen (Pet, Mount, Titan) for each size of dino (non-rideable, rideable, and behemoth) and the material amount is different for each as well as the are learned at different levels. If I missed anything comment below so devs can get onto it. Also I will change this list as thing as things get fixed or more issues are found/created
  9. My friends and I have been playing with a win10 laptop as a dedicated Xbox/crossplay server but it has a few drawbacks. We would like to move to a Nitrado server if we can move our current build (buildings, tames, characters, ect) to a new server. Is this possible? Please don't tell me they can do it on steam so it should work for windows 10. I want a real answer. Nitrado does not seem to have addressed this topic at all.
  10. I’m looking to start a Nitrado cluster but paying for more slots makes it where I can’t afford multiple servers. So I’m looking for someone to cluster with but not doing outrageous boosts to all things like 50X Tame or 10X Maturation. I’m looking for someone who likes default-ish settings (willing to work for everything and not be just handed to you) with small adjustments like day scale, fuel consumption, spoil timer. For the busy gamers like me and all my friends who can’t be on 24/7. We can go over things and adjust specifics. I’d be down for PvE or PvP-Days.
  11. ‎Join me on “Ark Souls Cluster” Nitrado server!! Long time host (2yrs Plus) back from a break trying to repopulate my server. (Feel free to message Me Feltcreature56) Cluster server Ragnarock & Aberration & Scorched Earth Adult Opperated Server thats here to stay!! No set rules as of now except dont be a douche! (base/dino wiping active tribe, blocking spawns etc) Starters in white drops! No admin funny business Auto unlocking of Engrams per level Tek unlocks at lvl 101 Custom drops being added (starters, kibble drops, artifacts for boss fights, hazmat for ab) Rag has a community center at Blue and PvP arena in works. Easter event on for colored Dino’s. Boosted stats and settings but not crazy boosted. Fast leveling 300 max Dino’s 15x harvest 20x taming 25x egg hatch 20x maturation 15x experience Infinite weight 20x boosted drops Cave building and flyers allowed Player location and corpse locator Plus more! No Orp, white flag up for 5 days to build safely when joining or after wipe. Always taking suggestions to accommodate the players as best as I can. FB group https://m.facebook.com/groups/1723127421134664
  12. Ps4 pve ark server "tiny arms" looking for new players. As soon as an admin gets to you, youll receive a starter dino, metal tools, etc. We host events with great prizes. We have boosted resources, stats on players and tames, admin shop, etc. Admin will help through boss fights if needed for tek engrams also! Join our psn community "tiny arms server" for updates or message me directly on psn at ryan55665566. Hope to see some new survivors soon!
  13. which one is better??
  14. Hi, i have rented a xbox server from nitrado and i cant seem to find it on my PC, i have the xbox cross play version from the windows store so i can play with my friends on xbox, even on unofficial PC session, show password servers and the EXACT server name it still wont show?
  15. The Legendary Unofficial PC Server NOW ON XBOX ONE We love Ark. We love Roleplay. It's like Peanut Butter & Chocolate. Welcome... to Medieval Viking RP. Play with us on: Xbox One > Ark > Primitive Plus > Unofficial PC Servers > Medieval Viking RP (SHOW PASSWORD PROTECTED SERVERS) NOW ACCEPTING CREATIVE MEDIEVAL VIKING CHARACTERS! SUBMIT YOUR CHARACTER FOR PASSWORD ACCESS TO MEDIEVAL VIKING RP AT: MEDIEVAL VIKING RP https://mvrpark.wix.com/mvrp MVRP Medieval Viking RP is an XBOX ONE ROLEPLAY PVPVE Server with the sole intention of the creating the most fun & engaging ARK experience possible. In order to achieve this, we've learned that, when certain rules are applied, we can achieve that experience. That being said, I give you... THE RULES 1: No breaking/destruction/killing of others’ property. Unless war is declared. 2: "Fur & Feather" tames ONLY. The Paracer, Ankylo, and Doedicarus are exceptions. They may be tamed as labor machines ONLY. They CANNOT be travel or battle mounts. 3: NO FLYERS IN WAR. 4: The only ridable flyers that may be tamed are the Argentavis & Pelagornis. You may obtain a Griffin or Wyvern by way of completing a quest for your Jarl. 5: If you use any taming materials (i.e. walls for traps), you must clean them up as soon as you are done using them. 6: Make your Survivor name a Viking or medieval name. 7: When you enter a Jarl's land, they can do what they want to you. BE PREPARED to meet with the Jarl in the region you choose to live in. 8: Anyone caught with an item that is not approved, or that has a tame not on the tame list will have the tame killed and possibly be banned, at the discretion of the host. 9: No guns. you can have cannons, but no firearms like the pistol and musket. 10: Mark your dinos with your initials like for GodsSilentgrace ([Gsg] Dino Name). 11: Please be respectful to others. Don’t be rude to people in chat. 12: No Drama (Outside of RP) 13: No Building on Major Resource Spawn points. 14: Don’t spam chat on the server 15: Don’t ugly up the landscape, meaning don’t toss thatch foundations and whatnot around to save land/prevent spawning. Manage your Spike Walls! 16: Do not build within render distance of another player/tribe without their permission.🙀 17: If you fail to clean up things that are temporary, there will be a penalty for your entire tribe. So please make sure you CLEAN your poop. 18: No Behemoth walls, Use Behemoth gates for doors not walls. 19: WYVERNS AND GRIFFINS ARE ONLY OBTAINED THROUGH QUESTS Be creative! This isn’t really a rule, more of a guideline. Don’t just build boxes and be finished, try to go outside your comfort zone.
  16. I’ll try to keep this brief. i host a Nitrado Xbox Cluster, and want to have “raid weekends.” The best way to achieve this I feel is to make my StructureResistanceMultiplier=0.1 so people cannot Raid others during the week. Then switch it back to default during the weekend. i had this working on a past server I hosted, but for some reason it will not work now. I am in expert mode. ive put “StructureResistanceMultiplier=0.1” in my game.ini, and no luck. I’m still able to destroy structures. then I put that code in gameusersettings.ini, also no luck. I tried putting it at the TOP of the ini, and bottom of the ini. I have no clue why it’s not working, or what I’m doing wrong that I did differently in the past that allowed this to work.. any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve tried every other alternative to achieve raid weekends (high turret dmg during the week, ORP etc etc) but they all have draw backs, except structure resis. ORP=no alliances. No com areas. High turret dmg= people can make war quetz and go wipe a base lol. PVE during the week..just no. Then there’s no pvp outside base..boring. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This is getting crazy frustrating.
  17. Need more active players on a 3x rag pve server. Server name is Welsh Halberion Rag 3x and there is no password
  18. Server:zukiepvp Zero tolerance for trolls/mass breeding Ragnarok& Center cluster Owners gt:zukie immortal 15x gather Level 900 Dino's Fresh wipe on June 22 Center is 1 day old Rhino horns is currency Currently no alpha
  19. SirChristo

    Ragnarok Server Crashing

    Hey, Let me start by saying my server only has about 5 people playing on it total. Playing on Xbox One. I having been having an issue with my Nitrado Server on Ragnarok. Recently my server has been crashing. The issue did not start until we moved to Rag. The Center did not crash. I have been noticing that the graphics will un-render and look "potato", which happens all the time. About once a day the server will crash or it will Dashboard players. Not sure if there is a way to fix this in the settings. I have contacted Nitrado and their response was Sadly, ARK:SE is not completely optimized at this point, and crashing does occur. Whether this crashing is due to certain actions in the game, or because of corrupted save data is unable to be determined by the log file generated during crashes.
  20. Looking for active people to join my ps4 RP server. We are still in the working state so server is under lock and key for now. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Darrisa/ 1. All players will abide by the { play-station community code of conduct and the online user agreement} 2.Players will not give out the server pass. players will invite recruits to the group to be confirmed by an admin then placed in a tribe 3.No offline raiding 4.No killing any tames on passive 5.Use in game chat 6.Any forbidden dinos will be killed on sight via admin 7. Try and make your boats look like a boat not a cube floating down a river 8.Document your adventure post pics and write a little story form time to time, or take a video of the event that happens, and mainly it helps if any problem arise for example. (if your passive tame dies/killed by player for no reason) 9.Admin builds will not be attacked unless directed to in an event 10.No foundation wiping (This includes tree platforms and cliff platforms) 11.No dino gate walls (they are doors and use them as such) 12.No turrets or plant X 13.No kitting 14.Each nation has tames special to them and can only have 5 of a special tame.  Fire Nation gets Wyverns  Water Nation gets Squids and Mosasaur  Earth Nation gets Gigas  Air Nation gets Quetzals and Griffins 15.15.Royal Dinos are for Rulers only (Nation Ruler will receive one lvl 150 special tame with their nation colors and only the ruler can ride it. If any but the ruler is caught riding it, it will be killed. If killed in any way A Royal Dino can be bought for 20k ingots) 16.Each nation will have one ruler but may have up to 3 tribes of 10 people
  21. Personally I hate really high boosted dedicated servers. Official servers are trash unless you're in a mega tribe or you're one of the lucky ones who has found a decent server where duping and ddosing isn't an issue. I've rented a Nitrado server. Currently only 16 slots but I'm hoping to add more as people join. The rates are fairly low as I'd like the server to be a slow build and to actually feel like a challenge instead of having a full tek base in 20 minutes. A bit higher than official, 7x taming for example, 3x harvesting, 5x raising. Looking for people to join to add a PVP aspect to it. Add me on PSN - Jadeycakes1989 to join or search Slow Build in Unofficial PC Sessions Thanks
  22. Hello fellow Ark members, are you tired of the insane hours official requires, only to soon be wiped by some Mega tribe for lunch? Well see no further! Brothers Unlimited Gaming servers (1 Ragnarok (ORP) and 1 Island (non-ORP)) is the perfect fit for all who just want to enjoy the game, with the PVP aspect. Here on Brothers Unlimited, we have a stable amount of people always playing (15-20) and there’s always room for more people as both servers will soon be moving the player cap up to 32. about the server - x80 hatching - x25 breeding - x10 harvesting - white drop gives metal structures, metal hatchet, pick axe, crossbow, and element. - blue drop gives kibble so you can get that perfect tame! - mutated Dino’s spawn all over the map. - plenty of spaces left - Ragnarok is ORP the Island is 24/7 raid allowed. To join the server just look under PC dedicated (the nitrado ran servers) and search brothers unlimited under Ragnarok or the Island. Hope to see you there! If you have any questions message Professor7200 on Xbox.
  23. Lemonbeast2111

    pve Dawn of Mcjokery

    We’ve got a 3 map cluster- Dawn of McJokery - rag and ab which are pve and the island which is pvp 🙂 so you can play how you like. Everything is boosted x10 except harvesting and experience which is x5 🙂 x2(20) on the weeks for that extra push. Drops are boosted also. We do events every now and then. We have a community area which is free for anyone to use and stocked with everything you’ll need with optional starter packs 🙂 everyone is super friendly and chilled so I’m sure you’ll get on with them 🙂 so if you wanna build, breed, and trade we’re for you. Why not give it a try? Search Mcjokery in non pc session all maps and types and you should find us 🙂 some for our FB group 🙂