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  1. JazzyJoker

    Orbital Supply Drops

    Has anyone figured out if the new orbital supply drops will be customizable? If not, does anyone know what loot is currently available in them?
  2. As Xbox players and hosts we've never had access to the .ini files to control our servers. Everything for us was pretty straightforward in terms of configuring settings, but we were also fairly limited in the amount of custom configuration we could implement. All of that of course changed when hosted servers arrived on scene, which opened us up to a whole-new-world of possibilities and headaches. I wanted to create this guide to help alleviate some of the pain associated with altering the .ini files, and to dispel some of the apprehension associated with implementing custom configuration code. I spent days researching, hours writing code, and hours fixing some of the mistakes I made. I figured some of you folks might find some value in the mistakes I've made, and what I've learned through my trial-by-fire. What follows is a sectional guide on the use of Expert Mode, and how to configure some of the more common custom configuration elements. NFD vs. Expert Mode When you first access the Nitrado Admin Console, you will find that they have created their own version of the configuration menu we had when running PDS through our consoles. It's all very straightforward and simplified, and it will look pretty familiar. For most of the settings you will want to alter, this is by far the easiest way to go about it. I have dubbed their console, Nitrado for Dummies. This is not to say you are a Dummy if you use this, but it is a simplified means of configuring the server; thus, the moniker. If you run a single server, and are apprehensive about altering the .ini files, this might be your best option for server configuration. A few things to consider before deciding which configuration mode you want to proceed with: How you want to customize your server: If you want to implement changes to level progression or custom stats, the NFD interface can be very time consuming (I'll get further into detail about these aspects later on) How many servers you run: if you run more than one server, and intend to implement customization, the NFD interface is a massive time-suck. Is your apprehension justified?: The simple reality here is that, there isn't a major difference between engaging the NFD interface, and directly manipulating the .ini files. Just like the NFD interface, every line item in the .ini file is easily identified. As an example: NightTimeSpeedScale=.7 DayTimeSpeedScale=.7 TamingSpeedMultiplier=3.0 HarvestAmountMultiplier=3.0 HarvestHealthMultiplier=3.0 Note: When switching to Expert Mode, most of the configuration options disappear from the General Settings interface. You will also notice that Engine Settings is replaced by Expert Settings. When switching from one configuration mode to the other, settings do not usually transfer. If you have been using the NFD interface for any period of time, it is probably that most configuration settings will show up in the .ini files; however, custom level progression and other custom configurations may not. Be sure to scan the .ini files to ensure that your server is configured according to your desires, check it again, and then proceed. Expert Mode Sounds fancy, right: Expert Mode, dun dun dun. It's neither as glamorous or as ominous as it might at first appear. If you've made it through this wall of text, and are now ready to start tinkering with the .ini files, here is where we begin. First things first, let's identify exactly what we're working with, and what goes where. To activate Expert Mode, you will navigate to the General Settings interface, click the little box at the top, and then click save. Once this is done, the pane on the left will look like: Let's go ahead and click on Expert Settings, and take a gander. You will notice that you're now nose-to-nose with an .ini file. Pretty unimpressive right? Feel free to scroll around, and familiarize yourself with what you're looking at. You'll notice that not all of your settings are here, and that's because there is more than one file in this interface. Click the area highlighted in red, and a drop down will appear. Once there, go ahead and click on Game.ini, the click Load File. You will notice that there is an Engine.ini in the drop down, but it is blank, and has nothing to do with what we're doing here. You will make use of both files in this interface when configuring your server, as they both contain different game variables. You will want to acclimate yourself with both of these files, so you know where everything is when you need to alter a variable. Note: Under GameUserSettings.ini you are going to see all manner of things you might be tempted to tinker with. Avoid altering settings directly under the following sections: [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameUserSettings] [ScalabilityGroups] [/Script/Engine.GameSession] Alterable variables fall below the following sections: [SessionSettings] SessionName=[US] Ark FTW-Ragnarok (this is the name of your server, and can be changed at your leisure) [ServerSettings] (many of the settings you found under General Settings are now found here, and they can all be altered) AutoSavePeriodMinutes=15.000000 (this can be altered, but I have read there may be some performance related issues in so doing, so probably don't) In order to make any changes to these files, you're going to need to completely stop your server. Once the server is completely stopped, you can make any necessary alterations to the .ini files. Once those alterations have been made, click Save, and then go have yourself a cup of coffee. Nitrado recommends that you wait around 4 minutes before bringing your server back up, as the backend has to make conversions. I also always run a server check any time I make any changes, which is probably a good habit to acquire. If you don't wait, you may end up with corrupted data, so wait the 4 minutes. Now, let's talk about some of the custom configurations you can make, and some of the resources I've found helpful. Level Ramp Overrides This is just a fancy way of identifying the option to add a custom level scheme to your server, and it works for both Players and Dinos. I'm going to break this down into three sections: Players and Dinos, Engrams, and Resources...oh my? Players and Dinos How you proceed here will be largely dependent on the type of server you run. Using the Overrides you can add more levels, reduce the total number of levels, and completely reshape the way you progress through those levels. Altering the Dino progression scheme is straightforward; not so much for players. The game reserves 30 levels for ascension, so you need to keep this in mind when you're deciding on a max level. The easiest way to explain it is: If you want a max server level of 150, after ascension, you will simply add 150 levels If you want a max server level of 150, before ascension, you will need 180 levels in total Ramps Another factor to consider is how you want your ramp to work. What is a ramp you ask? Simply put, it is the increase in experience required per level. You can effectively create any ramping scheme you want with the override. The vanilla progression system uses a progressive ramp with a steep curve towards the end. I use the vanilla ramp up through 115, and then a wave scheme thereafter. Maybe you want a linear ramp where each level requires the same amount of experience. The world is your oyster here, so do whatever feels good to you. Code Now let's talk a bit about code, shall we? The method for coding is linear, but it is time consuming. There is an override variable for both Players and Dinos, and you will need to create a block of code for each if you intend to create custom level schemes for both. If you elect to override the vanilla level cap and progression, your code block MUST start at level 0, and MUST include every-single level you want to have on your server. I made the mistake of starting my code block at a specific level, instead of coding every level, and I magically transported every logged in player to level 82. So what does the code look like? Glad you asked: LevelExperienceRampOverrides=(ExperiencePointsForLevel[0]=5,ExperiencePointsForLevel[1]=20,ExperiencePointsForLevel[2]=40,ExperiencePointsForLevel[3]=70 As you can see, there isn't anything overly complicated about the actual syntax of the code. If you've noticed something odd however, you're right to be suspicious. Level 0. Well, there is no Level 0 in the game, so what on-earth is that for? When you first spawn on the beach, you are already at level 1, so it seems odd that this wouldn't start at level 2, right? Level 0 in this code block represents level 2 in-game. So if you are coding these blocks, always subtract 2 from the max level: If you want 180 total levels, your code block will start at Level 0 and end at Level 198. Engrams Points Now that you've coded out your level progression system, what about engram points? Just like with levels, you can employ any engram point scheme your wee heart desires, and it is all linear: OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=8 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=8 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=8 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=8 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=8 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=8 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=8 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=8 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=12 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=12 OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=12 Each line ties directly to a level, and in order. So, the first line is the number of engram points you gain at Level 0 in your level code block, and so on. Your engram points code block should match your level code block in terms of numbers: If you have 198 levels written into your code block, you will need 198 lines in your engram points block if you want each level to come with engram points. Resources The following are some of the things I found useful when setting up my server's progression scheme: Ark's vanilla level scheme from the Wiki Code Generator Tool Note that the level scheme is out of date, so you will need to adjust if you intend to use the vanilla progression scheme up through any particular level Also note that, the site has other tools for custom settings aside from levels and engram points Server Configuration Specifics from the Wiki More to follow...
  3. Hello, I decided to make this thread to address an issue with Nitrado dedicated servers. Population is usually an issue since players are usually server hopping trying to find a server that is worth it. Players want servers that do not wipe often, with good gathering rates and balanced gameplay, of course with other players (nobody likes a dead server). So, having said that this is my question for anyone that owns a Nitrado server out there. Is it possible that we create an unofficial cluster with let's say 10 or more maps. Each of this maps can be owned by different people and the player cap can vary. However, Each map will have the same settings, the owner can serve as the admin from that map and ''Patrol'' for no undermeshing or to just provide help. Again, this is just an idea and would love to hear the thoughts of anyone out there that like me is struggling to populate a server. Is this a viable idea? Can it be done? are people willing for this to be done? I own a Nitrado of 32 Players but won't mention the name etc since this is not to Advertise my server but to explore into something new that can be done.
  4. this is coding for those who want all the saddles in the game to cost hide and only hide when you coppy this coding you need to paste it in the game.ini file at the bottom so it loads in with the rest thanks for stopping bye and comment if this helped save you time. ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_AlloSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=32.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_AnkyloSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=26.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_SpiderSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=34.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_ArgentavisSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=35.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_ArthroSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=80.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_BaryonyxSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=22.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_BasiloSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=20.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_ToadSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=17.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_SauroSaddle_Platform_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=1000.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_SauroSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=35.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ; --- Carbonemys Saddle (Carbonemys-Sattel) --- ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_TurtleSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=17.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_CarnoSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=32.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_BeaverSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=29.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_ChalicoSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=26.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_DaeodonSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=29.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_DiplodocusSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=85.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_DireBearSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=30.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_DoedSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=20.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_DunkleosteusSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=30.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_EquusSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=24.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_Gallimimus_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=24.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_GigantSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=1000.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_HyaenodonSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=29.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_DolphinSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=55.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_IguanodonSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=80.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_KaprosuchusSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=16.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_MothSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=13.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_MammothSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=26.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_MantaSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=10.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_MantisSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=12.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_MegalaniaSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=31.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_StagSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=200.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_MegalodonSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=29.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_MegalosaurusSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=32.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_MegatheriumSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=32.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_CamelsaurusSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=14.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_MosaSaddle_Platform_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=1000.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_MosaSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=80.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_PachySaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=11.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_PachyrhinoSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=14.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_ParacerSaddle_Platform_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=32.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_Paracer_Saddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=20.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_ParaSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=80.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_PelaSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=23.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_PhiomiaSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=20.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_PlesiSaddle_Platform_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=68.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_PlesiaSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=40.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_ProcoptodonSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=50.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_PteroSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=23.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_ScorpionSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=17.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_QuetzSaddle_Platform_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=1000.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_QuetzSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=75.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_RaptorSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=11.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_RexSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=38.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_RockGolemSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=27.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_SaberSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=29.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_SarcoSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=23.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_SpinoSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=38.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_StegoSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=20.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_TapejaraSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=26.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_TerrorBirdSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=11.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_TherizinosaurusSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=28.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_SpineyLizardSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=27.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_ThylacoSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=29.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_TitanSaddle_Platform_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=4000.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_TrikeSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=14.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_TusoSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=32.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_RhinoSaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=25.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemArmor_YutySaddle_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",BaseResourceRequirement=42.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false)))
  5. I'm running an xbox one Nitrado Ark Rag Server and am having the following issues: -Enabling Aberration Engrams: EngramEntryAutoUnlocks= -Removing a Specific Dino : NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="",ToClassName="") -Remove Ability to Tame Specific Dino: PreventDinoTameClassNames= I have found in my research that the fact I'm running a Primitive Plus server is the reason I can't enable Aberration Engrams so unless you know otherwise we can ignore that issue. But I'm hoping prim plus is NOT the reason I'm struggling with the other two as I haven't found any info as such. Can you help? Here's what's in my INI file: (Note I have already tried replacing the unwanted dino (Wyverns) with another by filling in the ToClassName section but they continue to spawn- even after destroywilddinos command in game.) The end game here is to have a server with no flyers so if you have a suggestion for another work-around in order to get the same end result I'm all ears. Thanks! NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Wyvern_Character_BP_Base_C",ToClassName="") NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Wyvern_Character_BP_Fire_C",ToClassName="") NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Wyvern_Character_BP_Lightning_C",ToClassName="") NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Wyvern_Character_BP_Poison_C",ToClassName="") NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Ragnarok_Wyvern_Override_Ice_C",ToClassName="") NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Griffin_Character_BP_C",ToClassName="") PreventDinoTameClassNames=Wyvern_Character_BP_Fire_C PreventDinoTameClassNames=Wyvern_Character_BP_Lightning_C PreventDinoTameClassNames=Wyvern_Character_BP_Poison_C PreventDinoTameClassNames=Ragnarok_Wyvern_Override_Ice_C PreventDinoTameClassNames=Griffin_Character_BP_C EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=true EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_GlowStick_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=10) EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_Fishbasket_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=13) EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_PortableRopeLadder_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=15) EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_ShagRug_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=17) EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_WoodElevatorPlatform_Small_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=20) EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_WoodElevator_Switch_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=20) EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_WoodElevator_Track_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=20) EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_WoodElevatorPlatform_Medium_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=23) EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_WoodElevatorPlatform_Large_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=31) EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_ClimbingPick_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=34) EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_StoneCliffPlatform_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=37) EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_Pliers_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=45) EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_MetalCliffPlatform_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=51) EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_Glider_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=62)
  6. A FORSAKEN LAND - RP Ark Primitive Plus PS4 Unofficial Dedicated PC Server Join our growing community today! PSN Community page: A Forsaken Land - Ark RP P+ Server Discord Server: A Forsaken Land - RP https://discord.gg/vRnVYRT Dedicated P+ Ark Server Search: A Forsaken Land - RP We have a lot of custom settings to enhance your Ark Experience! - Custom P+ ini files: some engrams added, some taken out - Custom day/night cycles - Custom auto PvP/PvE cycles: to match the day/night cycle - Team of Moderators committed to enhancing the experience, not cheapening it! - Community polls and suggestion box for player feedback Once you're in game, there's progression to be made! - A "starter" pack as reward for surviving the tumultuous seas called the Sentinels' Blessing! One or more of the Six Sentinels will visit you and roleplay this exchange. - You can get your friends together and build a City-State, Town, Village, or Homestead! To learn more about our server, the rules, City-States, and the Sentinels, please join our Discord server! https://discord.gg/vRnVYRT
  7. I am setting up a fiber server on xbox one nitrado. What app do you guys use? I have heard of nipiro but its not as user friendly as Id like. Are there any better ones? Also, does anyone have fiber coding already made that i can use? I really dont want to edit every craftable item individually, that will take ages. Thanks!
  8. When I started my nitrado server i wanted the engrams to auto unlock and so now ill be telling you how to make this happen on your nitrado server for xbox,pc or ps4 servers. So first if you want engrams to auto unlock make sure that you are under general then turn on expert settings and save changes now under the settings tab there should be a tab called expert settings you click that now there should be a slide box that says gameusersettings.ini change that to game.ini now scroll all the way down till to the bottom click at the ned of the last setting there and hit enter and type bAutoUnlockAllEngrams=true this will allow you to unlock every engram at your level when leveling up but if you spam something into like stamina the screen will be filled with the learning of the engrams also when you reach level 100 or higher you will unlock all the tea engrams i do not know how to fix this but if you use this be aware of that. Also make sure your server was stopped when you changed the settings in the game.ini and if your server is stopped there will be an option to save changes. This is all you need to know if you want to make your engrams to auto unlock in your server. Let me know if this was helpful and bye.
  9. hypebeastjose


    Okay so I rented out a Nitrado server and I wanted to know if anyone has a premade code for the drops that I can just paste into the advanced server settings. Thanks in advanced
  10. Hello there Guys!! First off, i'm sorry for my englisch. I just have a Question. Is there a way to get the Indominus Rex and the Indoraptor on a private Nitrado Server? (PS4) Thank you!
  11. Hello there!! First off, i'm sorry for my englisch. Soo. My friends and i have played Ragnarok for 6 Months now. (Nitrado Server, PS4) We just want to change the Map. But now we are not sure what to do if we want to go back to Ragnarok in a Month, in 2 Months, in a Year. Do we need to save anything on my PC or does it save automatically online?
  12. Hello guys and gals, ive opened a server on nitrado for PS4 only server settings are balanced although if you do manage to get on the server and you have a suggestion my discord info is below. So if you want to come in the server reply below of if you want to join solo or you have a group of friends who wish to join all are welcome but only 7 slots available until it gets more interest then I’ll up the amount to join To find the server Change dedicated servers to Unnoifical pc server server name is Open World 1 no password on the server I’ve taken it off Any one is welcome to join PvP currently
  13. CrystalAngryArker

    Ark easy craft server

    Hey fellow Arkers! can someone please help me figure out how to set up an easy craft server, PLEASE?!? 🙂
  14. Apex Ark The Apex Ark Cluster was started by a group of friends who wanted to create a fun pvp experience. We run a boosted pvp cluster featuring four maps; The Island, Ragnarok, The Center and finally Aberration. We are all passionate about the game and enjoy the experience and we hope to create that experience for you too. The servers each have 50 slots other than Aberration which is limited to 20. Aberration has a set rule of no non-aberrant tames allowed. This means transfering dinos from the other maps is not tolerable. Want more information about the server? Check below! We also now have a Solo Server for a small group of people who are willing to grind out solo and fight each other in intense 1 on 1 fights, featuring nerfed bosses without custom drops (Besides artifacts) Server Rates: 25x Gathering 25x XP Instant Taming 35x Breeding and Maturation 50x Egg Hatch Speed Other Features of the Server: Special Loot Crates White Drops = Imprint Kibble Green Drops = Starter Kit Blue Drop = All Artifacts Purple Drop = Saddle BPs Yellow Drop = Weapon BPs Red Drop = Armour BPs Improved Boss Drops The Island Brood Mother - Gamma / Beta / Alpha = 25 / 50 / 75 Monkey - Gamma / Beta / Alpha = 50 / 75 / 100 Dragon Gamma / Beta / Alpha = 40 / 110 / 220 The Center Gamma = 100 Beta = Official Standard Alpha = Official Standard Ragnarok Gamma = 100 Beta = 300 Hard = 500 Element of Certain Items on Aberration Decreased Tek Replicator Tek Rockdrake Saddle Tek Armour Tek Dinosaur Gate and Gateframe Tek Generator Tek Transmitter Tek Forcefield Tek Cloning Chamber Slightly Boosted Cave / Surface Drops Slightly Boosted Fishing Loot Slightly Increased Turret Damage Slightly Boosted Player and Dino Stats Slightly Increased Flier Speed Increased Max Level Dino to 191 Old Oxygen Swim Buff Enabled Unlimited Weight All TEKGRAMS unlocked at level 100 No Clip into Terrain for Structures Server Discord: https://discord.gg/HBrwGWR How to Join: JOIN ARK > UNOFFICIAL PC SESSIONS > Search for "Apex Ark Cluster" Here are some videos that have been recorded on our server to give an idea of the pvp, raiding etc;
  15. Come join our New server! Make Ark Great Again PvP. We need help populating our new 50 slot server. 6x Harvesting 6x Taming 6x Raising and 2x Xp! We are offering a Starter Pack that includes: 1x Raft 3x Hide Armor Sets 1x Set Metal Tools 1x Small Storage box 1x Water Jug Come join us!!! our server name is Make Ark Great Again PvP - 6x
  16. SlaughterHouseARK

    SlaughterHouse PVP

    HEY, Come join this new server called SlaughterHouse/20x/EzCraft/TEKDROPSSSSS it is really new, very boosed tek drops, it costs 1 thatch per advanced rifle bullet! turrets, indi forges, bullets, electronics, poly, and cementing paste are reduced!!!!!!!! Not many good spots are taken yet, so be the first to get there!!!! There is a shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. New server live! "Allegiance PvP Boosted" X3 XP, X40 Taming, X50 Maturation, X2.5 Supply Crates, Boosted stats on tamed dinos and players, STARTER PACKS ARE AVAILABLE. We also enjoy hosting events for our players. Server slots will be adjusted based on player interest. If we ever need to increase slots we will. The admin play as any normal players would. We will only use commands for events, or to help fix any glitch we may be able to help with.
  18. Hopefully this is the right thead. Just started up a ragnarok nitrado hosted ps4 server and the issue is when any player logs on for about 15-20 minutes you can’t access campfires, storage bins or tamed Dino inventory’s (except when mounted on them). After that it starts working like normal but I can’t figure out why you have to wait so long to access it. (I have submitted tickets but no answers yet). Thanks in advance.
  19. I put this together at nitrado's request, and also in hopes that wildcard would take interest in supporting/developing the PG feature. Everything detailed here can be found at http://fumblerok.com/admin-tools/pgmap/ The images and copy/paste .ini content are there as well as an iframe of the spreadsheet helper and link to the absolute location Instructions for Nitrado hosted servers It is suggested you try out your PG map parameters through your xbox interface first, so that you may do a number of generations and find the exact settings you would like to use. When you are ready to roll it out on the dedicated server hosted by Nitrado, follow these steps each time: 1. Shut down 2. Reinstall game 3. Shut down 4. Select expert mode in settings and select save 5. Change to dynamic map, alter command line settings, save. 6. Add the PGmap settings into the game.ini file as well as the Game user settings like so, and save both. In game .ini: PGMapName=PGMap PGTerrainPropertiesString= In GameUserSettings.ini add this to the bottom of the page: [/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/TestGameMode.TestGameMode_C] PGMapName=PGMap PGTerrainPropertiesString= 7. Restart server, let run for 20 minutes. 8. Shut down server after confirming it has executed successfully by joining the server. 9. Alter GameUserSettings.ini and Game.ini and save 10. Change cluster settings to add into cluster. 11. Restart server PG Map String Helper View and Edit Settings Explain (to my limited understanding) MapSeed: Not entirely sure but i believe these settings have some sort of play with the map seed value, either as variables for an equation it runs, or as effected output by the equation run that uses the map seed value. Grasslands grass density Landscape radius Deep water biome depth Deposition strength Jungle grass density Erosion steps Jungle tree density Mountain frequency LandscapeRadius: Determines the overall length of the diameter, of the entire contained land mass. Values over 1 are fine, up to 3.5 in some cases have no adverse effect. Water Frequency: This will determine how much your land mass is broken apart by water ways. At low values it only makes lakes or smaller, at values over 5, it will create water ways or islands. I’m not sure that it works with mountain frequency, as it appears to work previous to the factoring of mountain frequencey, as it explained in that section. figure m.2 figure m.1 Mountains Frequency: Probably the most interesting setting. I believe it means frequency in the statistical practice, not in waveform. So the frequencey of land altitude deviation as applied to the land and shore terrain, which can run under water down to the ocean floor. So if you set frequency to 0, and the equation must normalize to that figure, then you end up with land that is forced to the maximum altitude, since it cannot deviate altitude but must achieve the desired max land height (figure m.1). When your shore slope and offset are adjusted to gentle the incline, you end up with a coned land effect (figure M.2). Also, I believe mountain frequency is factored after water frequency, not with it. This is because you can see the pattern frequency on a land mass basis, meaning one big island wll have lets say six high points, and if you have a map of 4-5 islands, that same setting seems to apply the same six high points, on each indivual island. Mountains Slope: Determines the steepness of the incline for land mountain frequency. Higher is smoother, the source files suggest a maximum value of 2.4 and a minimum of 0.7 MountainsHeight: Determines the max altitude of the moutains created with frequency and slope. figure tp.1 Turbulence Power: The script says “land go up here, then a distance, then so far down.” Turbulence power says ” Gonna bump you hard going up, andinterupt your distance at some point and randoomly make you go down even harder.” It’s best to not deviate far from the default with this, and lower seems to be fine altogether for map playability at least (figure tp.1). figure s.1 Shore Slope: This determines the slope of the land that is under water, right at the beach, going down to the ocean floor (figure s.1). figure b.1 WaterLevel: This can be altered with some degree of play, ive gone to -0.53 fine before. It can help you make larger beach mass (figure b.1) ShoreLineEnd: This is the altitube at which the beach biome will stop I believe. GrassDensity: This is the grass density for the grasslands biome only. JungleGrassDensity: The density of harvestable objects (rocks and berry plants) in the jungle biome OceanFloorLevel: I would leave this at the default value, it shifts everything. SnowBiomeSize: I like to decrease this. 0.15 = 15% of the landscape RWBiomeSize: I like to increase this. 0.15 = 15% of the landscape MountainBiomeStart: This is a really cool setting. Say you want metal to spawn by the beach, you set this to -0.75 and jungle start at -0.85 and you get metal and obsidian everywhere. figure t.1 MountainsTreeDensity: This is misleading keep it at about 0.01, to high of a value will cause unharvestable, build unfriendly massive rocks to litter the landscape in the mountains (figure t.1) JungleBiomeStart: Works in tandem with the mountain biomes start to determine the altitude range for the jungle biome. IslandBorderCurveExp: The value for the exponent in an algorithm that determines the general land curavture as its permiter is being defined. MaxSawnPointHeight: 0.1 will make sure that your players alwsy spawn on or near the beach. SnowBiomeLocation: The coordinates for the center of the snow biome, will always form a perfect circle. RWForestBiomeLocation: The coordinates for the center of the redwoods biome, will always form a perfect circle. figure ts.1 TerrainScaleMultiplier: This can stretch and distort the landscape, not recommended (figure ts.1) MountainGrassDensity: The density of harvestable objects (rocks and berry plants) in the mountains biomes, (redwoods, snow, normal) SnowMountainGrassDensity: The density of harvestable objects (rocks and berry plants) in the mountainous snow biome (can also be effected by the mountain density settings) SnowGrassDensity: The density of harvestable objects (rocks and berry plants) in the Non mountainous snow biomes UnderwaterObjectsDensity: This is cool to turn up for a more labyrinth style underwater world with cool half caves and crevasses. The only issue is you can’t seem to build on or near them. SnowMountainsTreeDensity: The density of trees in the snow biome. TreeDensity: This is grasslands tree density only JungleTreeDensity: The density of trees in the jungle biome. RedWoodTreeDensity: The density of trees harvestable and not harvestable in the redwoods biome (can be effected by mountain density settings as well) SnowTreeDensity: The density of trees in the snow biome. RedwoodGrassDensity: The density of harvestable objects (rocks and berry plants) in the redwoods biome (can be effected by mountain density settings as well) ShoreTreeDensity: The density of trees on the beach. SnowShoreTreeDensity: The density of trees in the snow shore biome. DeepWaterBiomesDepth: Making this more shallow will cause the underwater objects to jut through the water surface sporadically, but will also bring more oil nopdes and mosa/squid spawns. InlandWaterObjectsDensity: Determines the density of shallow water harvestable objects I believe. ShorelineStartOffset: Not completely clear to me yet. ShorelineThickness: Determines the breadth of the beach. TreesGroundSlopeAccuracy: The smaller the value, the more trees there will be, cause they will be able to form on steeper land incline. This sounds cool and works for filling out your jungle biome with lush vegetation, but be wary for what it does to the giant redwoods trees, they will have overhang. ErosionSteps: The best range for this is 4-5, 6 has been fine in csome cases as well. ErosionStrength: Going a little higher can smoothe the land a bit, I’d suggest staying between 0.5 and 0.75 figure d.1 DepositionStrength: This setting can royally mess up your ground and make it untraversable. Do not use the default 0.5 or even close to it, stick with 0.01 to 0.04 (figure d.1). MountainGeneralTreesPercent: This is the density setting to use to determine the tree densityt in mountains, but remember it effects snow and redwoods as well.
  20. HectorHellious

    Issues and Bugs

    I run a Prim + server and there are many issues. I will put them in a list to make it easy. Items Fresh Poultry - eating raw has do side effect Using Prim+ Consumables to tame is unbalanced Many items cannot be colored Event Skins do not show in the cooking pot (look in features for better detail) Market Stall and Trade Boxes are either unclear how to use or broken Mailbox is broken Vanilla Items - Some items cannot be placed or used even with the AdminCheat GiveEngrams or adding them to the server on Prim+. Prim+ Items - Items cannot be placed or used even with the AdminCheat GiveEngrams or adding them to the server on vanilla. Preserving Salt - Cannot be placed into any type of storage besides Vessels on Prim + ATV - When Spawned they are extremely buggy Beeswax - Impossible to obtain without spawning it in. Preserved Meats - Trying to make salted, cured, or preserved meats are unbalanced and not clear which container does which (Preserving Campfire, Preserving Bin, Smokehouse) Beds - No bed in the game has the "lay down" feature Arrows - Feathered and Obsidian Arrows do little extra damage since the nerf. Basic and Narc arrows are fine, but Feathered and Obsidian have no special properties or noticeable damage buffs Beehives - Beehives have extremely low inventory space. Steel Safe - Should hold more than the Small Safe by a minimal of 50 (having the booted hp by itself isn't worth the hassle and time to farm) FIXED Lumber Build - Lumber and Lumber Glass have 3-5 different variations but no way to control which you get without trial and error and after an update it randomizes the builds we wasted time, effort, and resources to make look nice. Please just make it to where we can choose the variation when making them. Beehives - They are spawning over another and when destroyed they are not producing a queen bee nor dropping a bag. Greenhouse - Health has been dropped to 100hp FIXED Wood Fences - I was going to do these separate but same issues, do not snap properly, dinos of Equus size can walk over them, and gate does nothing (should open or close) Stone Fences - I was going to do these separate but same issues, small dinos can walk over the small wall and dinos of Equss size can walk over big wall Raft and Dingy - Camera angle can make it hard to drive and are easily beached or stuck on platoons or other builds in water Build Temp Protection - Lumber and GlassLumber seem to do nothing against weather. Transponder Nodes - Works only with the Transponder used to place them and stop working if dino is unclaimed or too small (Check below for feature ideas) Beaching - Rafts and some dinos like the dolphin can get stuck on beaches Tames Ability to toggle off flier nerf has not been added (must have been forgot about) If added, the Karkinos to any map they become a plague and over spawn causing the server to crash (I know it does this on Ragnarok but others say it does this on Island and Scorched) Compys and other small tames cannot be colored Unicorns cannot be colored Summon Dino - Many Event Dinos (DodoRex, Turkey, etc.) Some Bosses, and many Dino Variants and some Dinos wont spawn via ID Queenbee - When the beehive is destroyed the queen bee will stay in place and send drones out making it impossible to tame. (To put simple hives are on cliffsides and if the bee doesn't fly down then you can't do anything about it.) Collecting Meat - Gigas and Alphas(when tamed) have issues collecting meat/inventory. Alphas do not collect anything Alpha Babies - I have found that Alphas are breedable, but eggs won't spawn only pregnancy works Dinos that climb walls seem to vanish if left on walls (I recommend making a feature to keep track of dinos to know what tames are alive and where they are like the transponder) Features In game chat is staticy and doesn't fade when walking away (all sound should fade or grow as you get closer or farther from something Ice Dungeon is buggy (falling through map in spots, walking through parts of the ground) Life Labyrinth buggy (buttons are buggy and hard to press) Not understanding how to make fortitude effect temperature. (Want to make it that 50 fortitude can let you wear ascendant iron armor every wear without burning or freezing to death or at least make it to wearing primitive fur armor works fine in Murder Snow) Dropping your inventory drops items that are in folders too Event Skins - When the ARKaeology Event started cooking pots stopped showing skins for any event skin when placing bones, easter eggs, etc. into the cooking pot. Simple Bed Engram - It seems to duplicate when crafting other engrams or learning new ones (not sure which but very annoying) Suggestions Add Steam Punk style to Prim+ or ark as a whole (items, skins, etc.) Add more dino skins or dinos (would love a Archelon or Lemur) Add the ability to make plants from other servers to spawn naturally (I want to add the aberration mushrooms and plant z to caves, swamp, and redwoods) Add the ability to make eggs from other servers to spawn naturally (I want to add RockDrake eggs to redwoods) News on new sponsored mods coming to official on consoles ark (like DragonPunk and Structures+) Add signatures to forum post with limited characters so people can advertise without being concidered spam Add ability to add bullets to list in forms without breaking up the numeral list Tame Tracking Full Feature - I suggest adding a feature to the game and an item for Prim+ to assist in keeping track of tames. Bellow are bullets for the idea of this feature Tame Tracking Feature (Tame List) - Add a page, like the dino grouping, to track tames that have been marked by either Transponder Nodes or Dino Specimen. The Tame List will only list the species, name, gender, lvl, and and location(location will be the map area it is. Ex. Ovis, Orvil, Male, 92, Hidden Springs) If the tame is killed or the item removed, the tame info will be removed from the list after 10 minutes. Tame Tracking Item (Dino Specimen) - The Dino Specimen is an item that can be placed on a dino to allow its information to be placed in the tame list. To make one you will need Iron Ingots, Obsidian, Specimen Implant, blood pack. There will be three different Dino Specimen (Pet, Mount, Titan) for each size of dino (non-rideable, rideable, and behemoth) and the material amount is different for each as well as the are learned at different levels. If I missed anything comment below so devs can get onto it. Also I will change this list as thing as things get fixed or more issues are found/created
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  22. Hello, We would like to increase the max dino level that is now around 56 and we would like to set it to 270 / 300. mostly 300 hundred now we have done some research and found this link: https://wiki.nitrado.net/en/Difficulty_settings_of_your_ARK:_Survival_Evolved_Server only did not give us the values of the Difficulty Offset: Ragnarok because we run our server true Nitrado and don't want to Fup our server we hope to find the answer here. Overview Difficulty Settings we would like to have... Maximum Creature Level : 300 Override Official Difficulty: 10 Difficulty Offset: Ragnarok: ? Regards, BlueDino Official
  23. BaumShellBeauty

    Is Nitrado worth it?

    So far...NO! We have 4 xboxes and have hosted a couple dedicated servers for a long time on them. We have dedicated google fiber lines and ups backups etc. the problem is that we felt that there was just always a lot of lag and not a lot of control over the actual server or In the least a limited amount of control, and with Xbox we seemed to encounter a lot of Nat issues. After much research we finally decided to give Nitrado a try and figured we would be able to improve game performance since it wasn’t hosted on our internet, more people would be able to be hosted, and there would be more control over the actual game experience. This has not been the case at all unfortunately. The lag is far worse on Nitrado even with just one or two people connected. The game crashes ALOT more on Nitrado and has FAR more down time then we have ever experienced, we rarely had down time on our Xbox servers but it’s a daily occurrence with Nitrado and for hours at a time. We have LESS control over our servers now then we did previously and the server settings were actually way easier on our Xbox. Friends on PC use to be able to join us crossplay but no longer with Nitrado. And unfortunately this has nothing to do with Nitrado or is not any fault of theirs but there is ALOT of misinformation out there concerning Nitrado servers which sold us on the idea but were not really true. So, so far our experience with Nitrado is less then pleasant and makes us wonder why we are actually paying for this service when in our experience it’s far better just to use your own Xbox to host.
  24. I find too many issues with prim+ that seems that will never be fixed and when people try to bring issues and bugs to Moderator Attention, we are ignored so I have two questions. Can I add Prim+ engrams and items to a non Prim+ server? If so, how do I add them to the server. P.S. On a side note how do I increase the stack sizes of items. Like make thatch stack up to 1000
  25. Hi I have a well established nitrado cluster of 15 maps I wanted to get registerd on the wild card trusted servers list and possible to get my cluster name copyrighted as I have a problem with some one else using the name and it’s causing problems I asked them politely to change it but due to ark players well yano thinking they know everything they won’t do how do I go about doing these things