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Found 516 results

  1. Dino Oasis - 3X ALL - VANILLA - PvP - SE/Island cluster! Now open, our server hopes to keep things fun and competitive, without the burden of highly confusing rules and structure. ARK is great because of the freedom it gives, so we hope to ensure that freedom stays. There are NO written PvP rules to help keep your days fun filled and full of adventure. Steam Group Server Discord Our Scorched Earth and The Island servers are clustered! **Server IP (The Island):** **Server IP (Scorched Earth):** **Server IP (Ragnarok):** Join The Island manually: Join Scorched Earth manually: Join Ragnarok manually: Our server does not appear on the unoffical ARK server list due to ARK reasons. So you will need to use one of the above methods to connect Rule 1 - Do not pillar spam or block players Do not build in such a way that in blocks other players from having fun or expanding their base. Do not place excessive pillars that block beaches, caves, resources, etc. If you try to troll someone by building a bunch of foundations or pillars to prevent another player from building in an area they’ve already claimed, you’ll be asked to move. If it can't get resolved, you can handle it via PvP. Rule 2 - Do not block resources and caves Do not restrict access to major resource spawns or caves. This includes loot crate spawns, pearl spawns, known metal harvesting areas, known obsidian harvesting areas, etc. Rule 3 - Do not hack or abuse well known exploits If you are caught hacking or exploiting YOU will be banned and YOUR TRIBE will be cleared. Rule 4 - Wyverns Wyverns are allowed as of April 20, 2017. This is subject to change, we will notify players ahead if it is to change and will give players time to transfer any Wyverns back to SE. Rule 5 - PvP and Raiding ORP2 is installed. If newbies are continually wiped we will increase the ORP2 multipliers to make it more resource intense to raid offline. **Server Settings for Launch ** **3x Taming** So this was the tougher one to gauge. 3x taming will drastically lower many different dino tames, while still providing a bit of time to the overall process. The reason it’s not higher is because this seems to be a good initial test point, which we can evaluate purge by purge. It’s for dino’s, the most emotionally invested parts of the game. **3x Gathering** I played around with this one a bit. A few people called for high as all balls rates, a few others wanted something closer to vanilla. This isn’t fully appealing to the high rates people, but I’ll tell you what it does. It encourages you to get the resources around you while you can. **3x EXP** If you’re looking for vanilla, you’re not going to find it. Other vanilla servers try to control players with rules, to provide a long lasting experience. It’s more so a gimmick for that, than it is this. We’re trying to make this fun so you can move forward with the time you put in between purges, and better satiate your lust for blood. The blood gods wish for this. So 3x EXP is where we start. It’s not a huge bump, but some people see 3x and think it’s horrible. I’m not spending 5 hours to get a bow and arrow. Plain and simple. This stat is also non-sensitive to future increase at server request. **Sub-Settings / Style of Life** - Night / Day Longer days, shorter nights. - Hunger / Thirst Not getting rid of it altogether. Most people agreed to simple have it lowered. So 0.8 for people is our starting point. IF you feel as though it should stay, let me know. It’s very open to discussion.
  2. Looking for a sever that is boosted, but players aren't a prehistoric superman? A server that is less than a week old, and needs populating? Well I have just the server for you! Stats: Taming x6 5 stone pickup Weight x10 Other stats slightly boosted on players and Dinos Reduced spoil time Reduced Hunger and dehydradion reduction Flyers in cave Drop stats increased (Not to much where everything is uncraftable) No orp Fair admins Very good connection (Brontos are allowed seeing that they wont cause server lag) GT: TugOnYou Join the server now and become Alpha!
  3. Hello! A friend and I are looking for a Player Dedicated Server we can start a new (hopefully permanent) life. We've bounced around a bit in search of a new home, looking for friendly's to no avail. We would love to settle down on an Island with active members we can chat with and make friends. (We're both in our 20's if that helps lol). We're just tired of starting new so many times and are really trying to make some progress. If you and your tribe mates would like 2 new chill MFr's to join your server, we're your dudes. I sound like a cop. You get what i'm saying right? We just want a server we can have some good ol' fashioned Ark fun without all the BS. Get at me!!!
  4. Hello there! Our player dedicated server is looking for new people and tribes to come populate the server. We are on Ragnarok, and the rates are boosted a lot to aid those new tribes trying to come in and build up. This server is a PVP server with no rules! Message iDispaiir, or King Walrus222 for info about the server, and if you are bringing friends, please tell us that as well! Also by the way, this server is almost completely new, being only a couple days old.
  5. NEW SERVER AS OF 18/07/17 PVP 24/7 SERVER // THE CENTER // HIGH RATES! HOST – ‘TheExilesServer’ PVP all week round, great connection and minimal ping. Gathering, Weight and XP along with almost everything else is up a lot, making there be near to no grind. There will be a number of industrial forges on the volcano for everyone to use, BLUE IS PVE. Any rule breakers will be banned. Obviously the server will go down sometimes so don't spam the host, it will be back up ASAP. There will be events all week round to do with PVP/E and things like scavenger hunts, team PvP battles and dino battles, winners will be rewarded suitably. If you get raided, don't cry, the admins won't help you ‘rebuild’ because of your poor defence. The admins are there to organise events and make sure the servers running smoothly and fairly. However, if the admins are raided or even attacked at all, it will give the admins permission to attack and kill the attacking tribe. RULES - NO KILLING IN EVENT AREAS WHEN EVENT IS ON - BANTER IS FINE, DON’T BE DISRESPECTFUL. - ANY PEOPLE FOUND EXPLOITING GLITCHES WILL BE BANNED. - DON'T LOG OFF WHILST YOU'RE BEING RAIDED WHILST OFFLINE RAIDING IS PREVENTED, IF SOMEONE RECORDS YOUR TRIBE LOGGING OFF MID RAID, ALL MEMBERS WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED - NO BRONTOS -PvE AT BLUE
  6. dinosaur Dinosaur suggestion

    In the most recent news article on Steam, the ARK devs suggested something about finalising their final batch of Dino Dossiers. Is it too late to make a suggestion to this? Only it seems fitting to include at least one (or some) of the earliest known dinosaurs - those that the whole dinosaur age (and thus, genre) began with and evolved from. I'm talking about the dinosaurs;,,,,,, and maybe the more popular and well-known Thanks everyone who read this. Just putting my thoughts out there! EDIT: My links appeared to break, so I've tried to fix them. Hopefully just hyperlinked text should appear instead of odd-looking links thrown into the body text. EDIT: Welp, obviously not. Sorry.
  7. Oxide Ark is a UK based server on Ragnarok. We are a fresh server, still under 500 days and we currently average 10 players a night. Host checks in daily to make sure server is running. There are no active admins, but the veterans keep the host informed on the server status. This also means that there are no rules, except for those that the in-game players wish to enforce.* Server settings are slightly boosted to give a little more of a challenge, yet it is still a lot faster than official. Settings can be found on the screenshots of the OxideArk account on xbox. Add OxideArk to join. *While we wont step in on raids or tribe wipes, if a genuine concern is brought to our attention, specifically in regards to alphas bullying little tribes etc. we will step in.
  8. I am a software developer by day and Ark Admin by night. This is my new server, open to the public. Rules are similar to Official Servers with an emphasis on removing grind and grief.. This server is made to speed up taming while still retaining most of the official server feel. We're running RAGNOROK at 100 players. Offline Raid Protection Ragnorok Map PVP Ruleset Structures Plus Mod 10 X Taming 4X Gather 2X XP Gain 3rd Person + Crosshair Enabled 100 Slots The idea of this server is to provide a premium Ark experience without waiting forever for tames. We will move hosts and improve CPU priority as necessary for the best possible ARK experience. We are friendly and don't abuse admin rights. SERVER STARTED SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 17, 2017 @ 3PM EST. Add to your Favourites in Steam (View -> Servers -> Favorites -> Add A Server) Basic rules: respect other players and don't exploit.
  9. Fellow Survivors! WE ARE BACK! With a fresh start! We are a dedicated private pvp server hosting Ragnarok map that will be up and running 24/7 for your ease of access. *Difficulty- max* *Exp- 4* *Dino Tame- 8* *Harvesting-5* *Egg Hatch/Breeding modified* *Modified decomposition* *Modifications to weight* *Many more!* OFFLINE Protection will be off! Use aggressive dinos to find OFFLINE raiders REMEMBER ADD SLEEPZONEBETA AND ASK FOR ADD The server Rules are as follows - Please Read Rules Carefully Before Joining. 1. No blocking spawn points or blocking caves or any places of interest, everyone wants to enjoy the map. 2. No placing of random pillars or foundations. 3. No offline raiding. You must see an active player of the tribe in question before raiding. 4. Tribes Raiding or being Raided must have at least one player of level 20 or higher. (This will give tribes a chance to get established). 5. No base wiping when raiding only do minimal damage required to get in. 6. Battle Quetz, Brontos ect must have weapons set to players only when raiding. ( To avoid killing tames unless underfire. Use good judgement). 7. No Killing of passive tames, Only kill tames in self defence if there on neutral during raids. 8. No taking long term prisoners, they must be released after any raid or battle. 9. No repeat raiding or killing the same tribe member over and over again. HAVE PROOF OF RULE BREAKS . TAKE CAPTURES!! NO PROOF. NOT MUCH . ADMINS CAN DO. Admin logging on. We play beside you with no commands we will not spawn you stuff . Except event rewards Failure to comply with the rules will result in being banned from the server. ? As stated above we are looking to fill a safe, fun, yet dangerous environment to play in. If you agree with the rules and sound like this is something you would enjoy trying, add GT SleepZoneBeta to your Xbox friends list and send a short message. Solo and groups are welcome. Remember add SleepZoneBeta along with a short message. *Again this is pvp, good luck survivors*
  10. Hey Survivors, I Have Wiped My Old Server And I'm Starting A Fresh And Opening It Up To Everyone. Complete Blank Slate Please Bare In Mind Before Asking To Join I Am A Normal Person. Not An Established Company. The Server MAY Go Down Occasionally While I'm At Work But Will Be Back On When I'm Back. My Aim Is To Keep This Server Going With A Mature Community. Below Is A Little Bit About The Server An My Thoughts And Stuff I Got Fed Up Worrying About Getting My Base Raided Every Time I Logged Off An Official Server And Therefore Was Spending Way Too Much Time On It Only To Have Everything Destroy By A Tamed Giga Over And Over Again. So I Went To The Shops And Bought An Xbox To Host My Own Server... And Now I Actually Enjoy The Game Alot More. I'm Looking Forward To Building A New Community So Please Bare In Mind When You Join It May Be A Bit Quiet While We Are Building Up :-) At The Moment I Am Running It A Bit Like The Famous Pooping Evolved Server On YouTube. PvE But With PvP Enabled In Case We Change It For The Future. I Am Keeping It As My Self As The Only Admin But I Am Rather Funny About Cheating And Never Have Or Will Spawn Or Change Anything To Benefit Myself Or Others. So If You Join, Don't Ask. We Have Been Running For A Little Bit But Now I Would Like To Open It Up For You To Join ! So With A Bit About Us I Have Put Our Rules And Server Settings Below. I Am Only Mentioning Settings That Have Been Changed So If You Don't See It Below It Means It Is Set To The Default Multiplier. Map - Ragnarok Difficulty Level - 1 ( Max ) Crosshairs - Enabled Show Player Map Location - On No Obelisk Downloads Of Any Kind Apart From Bosses Exp Multiplier - 2.0 Taming Speed - 2.0 Harvest Amount - 2.0 Hatching Speed - 6.0 Maturing Speed - 9.0 Cave Flyers - Enabled No Building On Public Areas - Caves And Volcano DO NOT BUILD CLOSE TO OTHER PLAYERS. YOUR STRUCTURE WILL BE DESTROYED WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION. All Dino And Player Stats Have Remained UNALTERED. After Many Weeks If Not Months Of Playing Around With The Settings And Testing I Believe This Is One Of The Most Fun Set Ups For A PvE Dedicated Server Without It Becoming Stupidly Easy / Overpowered. I Of Corse Take Suggestions From Members Of The Server If They Are Sensible And Will Benefit Everyone But If It's Something Like " ARRGGH TAYZER MAKE THE TAMING MULTIPLIER 100000000000000000000 AND HARVESTING 100000000000000000000 " I Will Ban You And You Shall Not Return. I Have Played This Long Without You I Can Go On Without You :-) If I Have Not Covered Anything On Here That You Would Like To Know Before Joining You Can Message Me On This Or My Gamertag ----- Tayzer o If All Your Message Says Is - Inv Server - Or Something Just As Rude Or Ignorrant I'll Block You :-) If You Would Like To Join Message Me On This Or On My Gamertag ------- Tayzer o -------- And We Will Go From There. I Look Forward To Seeing You On Our Server Soon. This Is NOT The Server. I Will Give You The Servers Gamtertag If You Seem Alright Must Be Able To Understand And Speak Acceptable English. Happy Surviving !!! Tayzer
  11. Welcome to the New Ark Ages! We are a 24/7 (all stats slightly Boosted) PvP server running on RAGNAROK. Metal structures, Auto-Turrets and explosives have been DISABLED. Plant X damage has been increased! 9x Taming 9x Hatching/Breeding/Incubation time 9x XP ON KILL Increased player/Dino stats .Still a challenge but not a struggle Gigabit Fiber Optic Connection to ISP TEK "utility" buildings will be allowed such as the teleporter but not walls, foundations etc.. Offline Raid Protection will be ENABLED during weekdays and will be DISABLED for the weekend (Fri -Sun) New Ark Ages - Ragnarok was brought up fresh (8/31/17) We plan on having Admin Hosted Events also once the server is a bit more established to encourage community building such as tourneys, dino fights, (BYOB)Boat Fights,Jousting, etc.. During these events, If needed, is THE ONLY TIME I WILL ACTUALLY BE ACTING AS ADMIN.This is only to facilitate the event and make sure things go smoothly. Join our group on Facebook to stay connected with events and updates(New Dark Ages) and to see a screenshot of detailed server settings in pinned posts.. Or simply add our Gamertag (New Ark Ages) as a friend and use the "join game" option to get started now! We look forward to seeing you and your builds on the ARK soon! New Ark Ages Facebook Page
  12. Mods List: Structures Plus (S+) | Mod ID: 731604991 Automated Ark | Mod ID: 812655342 Ultra Stacks | Mod ID: 761535755 Kibble Table | Mod ID: 774762563 Classic Flyers | Mod ID: 895711211 Classic Rocket Launcher | Mod ID: 884380337 Dino Tracker | Mod ID: 924933745 Reusable Plus | Mod ID: 693416678 Capitalism Currency | Mod ID: 747539326 Capitalism Bank | Mod ID: 915374863 Capitalism NPC Trader | Mod ID: 873746971 Capitalism Bounty Hunter | Mod ID: 898472628 Rates: PLAYER | Max Level: 250 EXP: 10x Food/Water Drain: 50% reduced Harvesting: 15x DINO | Wild Max Level: 150 (100 Levels After Tame) Wild does 50% More DMG Wild has 50% More Resistance Harvesting: 15x Turret Dmg: 2x *Possible change* Bronto: Disabled Quetz: At Least 2 on the map at all times. Mating: 50% More Frequent Egg Hatch Speed: 20x Baby Mature Speed: 20x Taming: 20x Want more server info? Visit for all posted rules and other details. Join the Discord Community here:
  13. Hey,A friend of mine has set up a new PC hosted PVP ARK server called 20xBoostedPVPUK (No Admins) Fresh Wipe. The server has a maximum of 32 slots and will hopefully be hosted long-term. The map for this server is Ragnarok and no admins are on the server.We are looking for players to come and join the server, and join the experience!Rates such as Taming, Breeding, Mating, Harvesting are all 20x.All player stats such as weight have been changed individually to what we think produces a fun experience. For example, weight goes up 1000 at a time.We are always looking for ways to improve the server, so if you do join feel free to let us know anything you believe could be changed to improve the server!We hope to see some new faces on the server soon!Thank you,A friendly ARK player.
  14. 24/7 server on ragnarok servers only been up a few days. harvest X12 Tame X60 Weight = max breeding and hatching speeds have been increased. faster crop growth Rules: no foundation wiping no mass trolling no glitch spot building dont block artifacts Host GT: stativewindow69
  15. When can we transfer for ps4?

    When will we be able to transfer from the official legacy servers to the new ones?
  16. First off, thanks for checking out my server posting. Now, let's get to it . New ragnrok map that has been freshly whiped for a clean start. The map is about 3 days old and so far there are 5 players, so a lot of room to build and explore. Let's talk about the future of the server. First off I will be promoting admins from players who show they got what's it takes to make this map awesome. List of upcoming additions: Dino store Egg exchanged Jousting completion Scavenger hunt Pvp battle royal Loot crate search Capture the flag King of the hill Griffin races. Sharp shooter Lots more !!! Prizes will vary for each competition. As you can see I would like to make this a PVE with intervals of PVP, still need admins to help a little with that . PS. I ADD ADDITIONALLY LOOT CRATES DAILY . Now here some of the server settings: Crosshair: enabled Map location: enabled Survivor dl: yes you can transfer character Difficulty: 10 Xp: 2 Charter food/ water drain: .5 Taming: 12 because difficulty is up Dino weight: finish can hold a lot more Harvey amount: 12 Harvesting damage: 8 Spoil time: increased to last longer Dino level increased to 1000 These are just a few of the server settings, also up for editing and changing when I have more admins. We would love to have more join our map so please contact or add ClosingWolf5188 as a friend on xbox one then you can join the game by joining ClosingWolf5188( server name) . Recently got google fiber so the ping will be low and the crashes should be very minimal. Thanks hope to see y'all there soon.ADMIN IS VERY NICE AND IS WILL TO HELP ALL!! ADD ClosingWolf5188 to join server. Will add back.
  17. Sorry for any mispelling Hey i know it says deciated server but its my unofficial Server. Its like 5 days in the game and i need survivors to join my server. Its only 5 of us i have 20 slots to fill but if you have friends bring them to thank you. Its also slightly boosted 5x harvest 20x taming and egg hatching and incubating 100x. Server name is "Ark Server 178" if you want to join.
  18. Brand new ragnarok server, 24/7, 15x tame, 10x harvest 50x mature 100x egg hatch, player stats are~~ 1.2x health, 1000x weight ~~ Dino stats ~~ stamina 2x, 1000x weight ~~ Dino stamina drain .2x ~~ Character food/water drain .3x // Alpha tribe is for the taking! Join now and conquer the Ark! host GT: OUbornandbred // my GT: Myst Sphinx
  19. Server name: Kings and Queens 24/7 50x PvP Server Platform:PS4 Coming join in have fun with your friands or enemy's, let the game of thrones begain
  20. OPEN NOW!! JOIN THE DISCORD!! Ark & Craft 24/7 (BOOSTED RATES-XBOX ONE) RAGNAROK! To Join The Server Add CrackingNine937 On Xbox. dedicated ark server, looking for players!, there will be boosted rates join the discord @ All information will be on the discord so come join us now! Also the map will be on ragnarok. At the moment I am thinking of doing PVE ONLY. The rates for the server will be as followed: Taming - Instant Gathering - x5 Player Water Drain - None Player Food Drain - None Lay Egg Interval 0.3x Egg Hatch Speed 100x Baby Maturation Speed 100x Dino Stats Per Level 6x Player/Dino Weight Per Level 1000x Player Stats Per Level 3x The rules will be as followed: DO NOT kill passive tames DO NOT cage anyone for longer than 30 minutes DO NOT build in any caves DO NOT place foundations, pillars etc. around the place to block people from building Join Now
  21. Brand new 24/7 NA PvP server on Ragnarok! Just launched NOW!! Hey Survivors! NA ArkServer432 is back!! I just started up a fresh PvP server that just went LIVE NOW!! Rally up your tribe and be the first ones to claim the best spots on the map! Hope to see you all out there and good luck surviving the ARK! Stats: Max Difficulty: (Highest wild lvl dino = 150) 4x XP 4x Resources 6x Taming 3.5x Dino Harvest 2.5x Egg Hatch Speed 13x Baby Mature 2.5x Crop Growth Speed -Days longer than nights -Tame Movement Speed increased -Weight slightly boosted for players and tames along with a few other stat adjustments. Server Info: • Admin Logging: On • Only one admin who is PvE and will get on to do dino wipes when needed. • Admin will not spawn in anything for anyone so please do not ask. • Looking for experienced, NA players to keep ping down. Rules: 1. No building in or blocking off caves/ underwater caves, and on major resource spawns. 2. No littering the map with your old bases. If you or your tribe decide to move, demolish your old buildings. 3. No Brontos to keep the ping down 4. No killing or raiding new players that are below lvl 30 unless you're under lvl 30 as well. 5. No total base wiping. There is no need to completely destroy someone’s base when raiding them… destroy only what you need to get in and out but that’s it. 6. No killing passive tames. • Unless you are raiding someone... then the tames that YOU bring to a base raid are fair game whether they're on passive or not. But the tribe's passive tames that you're raiding are still off limits, unless they use them to fight back. So choose or plan wisely! Once that specific raid/battle is over, then those passive tames are safe again. Do not block your base with your passives if you want them to live…. If they die by the splash damage due to being too close to the building, then that’s on you. Move them clear to the side for their safety. 7. If you decide to kill a neutral tame or a passive tame that was used in a current battle/raid, you MUST RECORD IT! • If you are accused of killing an innocent passive and I'm shown proof of a screenshot from a tribe log saying it was you, I will ban you immediately unless you have a recording that shows it was on neutral or the tribe was using it in the current battle/ raid against you. • With this said, please RECORD ALL KILLINGS OF TAMES NO MATTER WHAT! It's for your own benefit. If you kill a passive by accident, record what happened and send it to me letting me know it was an accident. I will not ban you but I will make you tame a new one around the same lvl to give to the tribe that lost it. (Passive tames that are placed too close to buildings that die from splash damage when being raided are fair game. You will not have to re-tame them for that tribe but still record it if you end up killing them so I don't have to ban you.) -------->> **I will be very strict on this rule so don’t forget or unfortunately it’ll be your loss** If you’re interested, MESSAGE GT: NA ArkServer432 for a quick add back and invite to the club so you can join now! Please note that this is a PvP server so being raided or killed is going to happen, it's part of the game. Please don't quit or complain because of that. I encourage you to stay and build back up to get your revenge! (Also, offline raiding is allowed just frowned upon.) *Feel free to message the server GT: NA ArkServer432 for any questions or concerns! I will get back to you asap*
  22. 29 year old experienced player and server hosting player in need of a Low Boosted Rag server. I can help populate the server I play on, and promote it to my followers. Below are the rates im looking for. Tame x2 lowest x7 higest Gather 2x or up to 4x. EXP no higher then 6x Player and dino stats slightly boosted Weight no higher then 4x default value. Adult hosted, and PvPvE. Egg hatch and maturity boosted. I also prefer Admin command logging to be on, especially if admins partake in pvp. Im looking for just one server to be able to grow with. I always advertise, and promote the server I play on to help with the playerbase. The server I helped run was shut down after My buddy and I took a break from the game, but now im back. Most of our old players will join your server as well. My GT:Stankfingered Please message me with rates of your server. Thanks everyone!
  23. New Melee Weapons and Mechanics

    I love ARK. I really do. But I just can't enjoy some of the PvP mechanics there is. The dinos have plenty of unique abilities and I don't have anything against them, but the melee battles between players just aren't that satisfying. Yes, most people prefer to ride on something or shoot from a cliff, but that doesn't mean that some of the added mechanics won't make them use melee weapons more often. Firstly, let's go through the weapons and armor I feel like it would be a great addition to the melee scene: The Rapier The rapier will be a light, fast weapon, used to pierce through armor. There would be two types of rapiers - short and long. The short will have a small guard, but little better armor piercing capabilities then the long one, which will have a bigger guard and would be able to hit from farther away. You won't be able to use a shield with these weapons. Also, your stamina will drain a little bit less, since these are very light weapons. The Armor piercing effect won't work on metal and Tek armor. Attack key: LMB Block: RMB (Does a lot of damage to the weapon if you block a heavier weapon) The Mace The mace will be a heavy weapon. The mace will have two attacks - strong, stamina draining hit on the enemy's head, inflicting 5-7 seconds of stun effect, and a more fast hit on the body, dealing more damage to the player's armor and dealing a little bit of knockback. All the mace's attacks will drain your stamina more quickly than other weapons. You won't be able to use a shield with the long range mace, because you would need two hand to use it, and if you use the short mace with a shield, it will deal 1/3 less damage. 1st attack key: LMB 2nd attack key: MMB Block(will deal a lot of damage to the weapon): RMB The Flail The flail is a very heavy weapon. With the flail you will be able to either bring the mace ball up and smash it into your enemy, which will have a 50/50 chance of either inflicting a stun effect for 10 seconds, or you can spin the mace ball around, like a bola, and when someone approaches will get hit by the mace and will have a chance of a 5 second stun effect. This attack will deal more damage to the player's armor, if it's either chitin, metal or Tek. 1st attack key: LMB 2nd attack key: Hold LMB Block: N/A The Dagger The dagger will be ultimate weapon for sneak attacks. It will have only one version. It would be used to sneak on players and kill them. There would be two attacks - the first is going to be a throwing attack, dealing more damage if the hit is in the head. The second will be a sneaky throat cutting, which would require you to be behind the player you would be attacking. That attack will be instant kill, but will require a lot of skill to perform. The dagger's damage will have a 15% damage buff if the player has the Ghillie suit on. 1st attack key: Holding and letting go the LMB 2nd attack key: RMB I'll edit the topic if I come up with something interesting. The Battleaxe The battleaxe is a two-edged axe, useful in big melee battles. It will have only one version and three attacks. The first one will be a diagonal swipe, inflicting knockback and severe amount of damage to players wearing cloth, leather and chitin armor. The second one will be a throw, which will do a lot of damage to the player's armor and can make them fall over and inflict stun effect for up to 3 seconds. The third attack is going to be the hardest one to perform. You would have to jump from at least five meters and smash the axe into your opponent's head, which will instantly break the opponent's helmet if it's cloth, leather or chitin, have a 75% chance of breaking the helmet if's flak or Tek, have 25% chance of instantly killing the player if they are wearing a cloth hat, 10% for leather, 5% for chitin and 1% for flak and Tek if the helmet is broken. You won't be able to use a shield with the battleaxe. 1st attack key: LMB 2nd attack key: Hold LMB 3rd attack key: Hold RMB when falling Block: N/A The Battlehammer The battlehammer is a heavy, slow weapon. There are three versions of it - a stone one, good for inflicting torpor, a metal one, good for breaking armor, and a Tek one, good for both. The battlehammer has only one attack - a smash, dealing torpor if the hit is in the head and dealing great damage to the armor. It always has a 20% chance of knocking the target down for 5 seconds. You can use a shield with the hammer. Attacks key: LMB Block key: N/A And now, lets get into the new mechanics I would like to see added in the game: Blocking hits without a shield Not in every fight do you have a shield. That's why you should be able to block hits without it. There will be a price tho - the weapon takes more damage, especially if hit by a heavier one. Some weapons won't be able to block hits for obvious reasons. Being able to knock the weapon out of your opponent's hand. This will be a helpful feature in a 1v1 combat and a reason to carry more than one weapon. How this would work is that when you block, you have a chance of dropping your weapon and taking the hit. The chances of this happening will become better, the better the Melee Damage stat is. Being able to knock your enemy down A helpful mechanic if you don't have any torpor inflicting weaponry - the person who you hit falls on the ground and can't stand up for a couple of seconds. Then you can drag them out of the battlefield if you have enough time or just kill them if you don't. I don't have the time to write the rest, I'll be adding them tomorrow.
  24. Fresh Start on Ragnarok

    Anyone gotadvice on quick leveling a new character on the "official" ragnarok server like where to start and wheres easiest to starting gathering resources. Also what do people think of ragnarok?.
  25. Hello, i was wondering cauz i saw some new Island Server and 2 new Ragnarok (EU). So im excited about new SE Servers EU. May anyone know when they will be available?