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Found 300 results

  1. Just like SE gave us the Flamethrowers, Silk garments, and Preserving Salt. What tools and Armor are you excited to use on the other arks? I have always loved the tree house platforms. It is such a cool idea, even if they need to add more to them. I am super excited for the Zip lines. They are going to make an awesome addition to the base. I am also excited about rock climbing picks. That will be perfect for caving on the other arks. Also, Wing suits Let me know your thoughts.
  2. Mythology Evolved (PVP 15X BOOSTED 2000+PLAYER LVL CAP) No starter packs. Boosted enough to make easy to start off.
  3. You read that right! Team 6ix Gaming has their very own Ark Survival Evolved dedicated PvP Server! Map: Ragnarok Platform: Xbox One Server Name: Team 6ix Gaming Find us in the Unofficial PC Sessions List !OFFLINE RAID PROTECTION! Rates: 5x Taming 5x Maturation Speed 4x Gathering 3x Experience Gain 3x Hatch Speed Other Information: Survivor weight increases by 600 per point spent on Weight Survivor Oxygen increases by 60 per point spent on Oxygen Survivor Speed increases 2x normal rate Survivor Fortitude increases by 6 per point spent on Fortitude Rules: Absolutely ZERO tolerance for griefing. (Repeatedly attacking the same person/tribe over and over again) Obviously refrain from building too close to resource rich spawns No harassment of any kind We ask that if you are to raid, please put yourself in that persons shoes. Try to hold back from popcorning (De-spawning) everything in the tribes base and also try to show a little courtisy by not slaughtering every single dino that tribe owns. This is Team 6ix Gaming's own community server fully paid for and operated by our staff. We have not and will not EVER force spawn ANYTHING into our server with admin commands. There is only 1 Admin on the server and that is currently myself. I play almost on a daily basis personally. We purchased this server with the full intent to play and operate it as if it were an official server minus your normal official server rates. We understand that not everyone can play this beloved game everyday of the week, therefore it makes progression on official servers sometimes very tedious and very difficult. This is exactly why we're here! We're here for YOU! We love the small community we have created so far and we cannot wait to grow bigger! We also currently own and operate our own official website. You can find us at We're a fairly new gaming community that went fully operational and public late last month. Hopefully as time moves along we will continue to grow into a wonderful amazing gaming community. Join us on our journey to the top! Become a part of the Team 6ix Gaming community today!
  4. I recently started renting a dedicated pc server from G-Portal. I'm truly enjoying playing around with settings to get the perfect server for everyone to enjoy. I like to play with some realism such- A level 50 character vs a lvl 200 carno, should lose EVERY TIME without the correct strategy. Max character lvl is 186, and will take most likely 20-30 hrs to obtain max lvl. The stats are all boosted in a very decent way to match up with the changed wild dino stats. 1 hitting a mox level dino using a tamed ptera, is possible, but your going to have to go for a very good level tame. I started a new character to check on the progression from 1-80, and while its very difficult at times, its do-able. Again, dinos will 1 hit you without the right armour. Max dino level is at 600 as I've always been looking for a server with higher than normal dinos. They are very well balanced with the tames. A tamed dino doesn't gain much hp or melee dam per level. But you will most definitely notice a difference. Drops are modded using Beacon. I've included metal building structures, and primitive-legendary items in higher end drops. I've even seen an artifact in a tribemates inventory. Not too sure how to get rid of that. But I don't see the harm honestly. The server is currently on The Center, but I've got backed up games on Ragnarok. I have a few loyal players who really enjoy the server, and they have been giving me input on their ideas. Many of which I've run with. I'm creating this post to try to fill my server. Max players atm is at 32, but i'd expand it up to wherever it needs to be to allow all who wish to join. Swing by and check it out. Never know, it could be the server we've all been looking for. Server name- Boosted-H.T,B.SuperDrops.Imprinting.No Abuse Friendly Admin name-rebelforlyfe Add me on psn if you've got any questions. (I didn't create my own server to be all time Alpha, I just wanted to play with my own settings. I'm 24 yrs old, and don't have a power trip. Talk $%&( to me if you'd like, lol. I don't spawn in anything. I like the grind of ARK.)
  5. Hello, A new pc hosted server is in the works and will be made available December 1st with 6 months paid in advance if interest is shown. This server will be made to be a long term, community based server. (The 50x rates servers are getting really old.) Also, the server will ran in Seasons. The winning tribe of each season will receive certain perks to start going into the next season. Thinking of a possible tribe member limit. Add me on [email protected] LastShot6 if interested or comment below.
  6. DLC ideas

    Hi ! I know it's ambitious but I'm trying to make a "compilation" of ideas for the game and potential DLCs. I will update this thread and my posts with more ideas and more descriptions. You could also give your opinion on the ideas (if you like or dislike ideas, both are good to know) and ask me (on the thread or by private message) to add or modify ideas to the "compilation" posts on the top of the first page. I'll add your name in the credit of this compilation I hope you'll enjoyed this thread, don't be afraid to share ideas, they are all welcomed ! Credits: Thanks to all people that help to make this compilation of ideas bigger: RowletAlex / First DLC idea: ARK: LOST PARADISE Map: The Valley Introduction: A lost valley with massive snowy mountains all around. It's splited in 4 parts, the 3 first are each in a corner of the "triangle" shape of the Valley. The 4th is in the center, where the three parts are "connected" : 1) The Jungle: A tropical forest with an aztek-like temple in the center. Some rivers all around. Medium altitude and tropical weather. The Jungle is made of three kind of trees: Large (like Redwood trees), medium (half the size of Redwood trees) and small (normal The Island's jungle trees) The Jungle locations: There are some quicksands: (different sizes: small or medium). Quicksands are a natural traps. If you fall in, you can't move away (except if you're on a creature big enough to go out or use a grappling). You don't "fall through" a normal quicksand, you're just trapped. The Big Quicksands: There is one big quicksands in the Jungle. If you fall in this one, you're not trapped. But you go through it, falling in a cave (Big Quicksands Cave). There is an exit to escape this cave but some creatures on the way... It's still an easy cave. On the way to escape you can collect an artifact in the middle of the cave: The Sandglass of Time. The Death Temple: A lost and dark temple partially made into a mountain. It works as a cave, full of Raptors, Troodon and other predators... Hard difficulty cave. You'll find an artefect in this cave: The Raptor's Crystal Skull. The Gold mine: It's a cave. The entrance is close to mountains. There are many forgotten objects of an old mine. Medium difficulty cave. In the deepest part you'll find an ancient city made of (uncollectable) gold and an artifact: The (gold) Apple of Life The Jungle Temple: It stands in the middle of the Jungle part. The Jungle tribe have build it and they live around this temple. It looks like a normal aztek temple but has a small "arena" on the top, where you'll find an obelisk that send you to the Jungle Boss Arena. Aztek prisoners are forced to stay in this arena until they go through the Obelisk... You can access the obelisk without being a prisoneer or fighting, if you have the three artefacts of The Jungle or the Quetz-God trophy. The Jungle Boss Arena: After being teleported by the Jungle Temple obelisk, you'll spawn there. You will find wood shields and pikes in some storages box (made for Aztek prisoners), If you want to fight the boss with all your stuffs and tames you have to go to the Jungle Temple with the three artefacts of the Jungle or the. Quetz-God trophy, the tribe will be passive to you and your tames. The Arena is a big destroyed Aztek City. You need the three artifacts of the jungle to open the portal to the arena, but if your an Aztek-prisoner you don't need the artifacts. The Jungle inhabitants: The Azteks, aka The Jungle tribe: It's a NPC human tribe: They build Aztek reskined stone small houses around the Jungle Temple. They catch players with bolas, narco-blowpipes and other traps, killing creatures and throwing player's inventory in the nature. They transport many players at the same time with chained-handcuffs. They offer players to sacrifice in the Temple, forcing them to stay prisoners in the top of the Jungle Temple with only one way to escape: going to the Jungle Boss Arena with the Obelisk. Prisoners are always trying to escape but they got shot by narco-bliwpipes every time they try... Extremely dangerous tribe but passive to you if you got the three artifacts of the Jungle or The Quetz-God trophy The Quetz-God, aka The Jungle Boss: It's a huge kind of Quetzal, with colorful (green, blue, red, yellow...) feathers all over is body, a very long snake-like tail and poisonous teeth. (Kind of Quetzal & snake hybrid). It lives in the Jungle Arena. It summons snakes to help him through the Boss battle. If you beat this boss, you get the Quetz God Trophy The Ceratosaurus: A carno-size predator. It's a slow but powerful dino. The Ceratosaurus Smelling Ability is more developped than other creatures Smelling Ability: it can detect every kind of prey (you can set a filter in the Dino options to choose specific preys) in a very large area. It helps a lot survivors that love to do hunting partys. Very useful in the Jungle biome. Rideable. The Velociraptor: Smaller than the Raptor, it's faster but has a low weight stats. Velociraptors are hunting in packs of 3. They use a jump attack, using their claws to stay on the prey, biting it for a few seconds (it uses a lot of stamina to stay on the prey). Then they jump back, go away (waiting for stamina to refill) and let an other velociraptor take is turn. They do it until the prey is dead. It's rideable. The Acrocanthosaurus: An allo-size predator. Rideable. It has a very low stamina but a powerful and fast "charge and bite" attack. It has a camouflage ability like the Rock Drake. The Brachiosaurus: A huge dino, the size of a brontosaurus. It moves slowly. His neck is very strong. It eats the fruits and foliages of the highest jungle trees. When tamed, you can equip it with a special multi-level platform around his vertical neck, transforming him into a strong siege mount. This saddle is made of three platforms with an included ladder to go between the three levels. 2) The Plain: Some big plains with snowy parts, some highlands parts and some small forests with. Lot of hills. High altitude and cold weather. The Plain locations: There are cavemen camps all over the plain. The cavemen will help you fight creatures but be careful: they will also attack unmounted tames. The Saber Cave: A cave full of sabertooth but also some direbears. There are many mammoth and other creature's skeleton. Hard difficulty cave. If you go to the end of this cave you'll find the artifact of the Saber. The Ice Trap: A cave full of ice. In the walls, made of ice, of this cave you'll see some funny "freezed" situations (Dodo hunted by a dilo, hunted by a raptor, hunted by a rex, hunted by a giga OR a caveman traped in the Ice HanSolo-style OR a small megatherium, a sabertooth and a mammoth walking together AND many other possible easter eggs... ). Easy difficulty map. At this end of this cave you'll find the artifact of the Sloth. The Neanderthal camp: A cave with primitives NPC Neanderthals. They aren't like the Plain tribe: not the same look, not the same behaviour. They are aggressive to creatures AND humans. They fight with primitive weapons. There is some primitive structures in the cave and paintings on walls. Some mammoth skeletons too. If you reach the end of the cave you'll find the artifact of the mammoth in a big mammoth skeleton. The Red Rock: In the middle of the Plain, you'll find the huge Red Rock. It's a rock with a mountain-size and some small ways to go on the top of it by feet. Some caves in it too. It has a "U" shape. The Cavemen tribe live mainly on the top of the Red Rock. You'll find the obelisk to go to the Plain Boss Arena right in the middle of the "U" shape of the Rock. The Plain Boss Arena: You'll find the Plain Boss there. It's a big plain with some big rocks and bushes. There are many big skeletons. You need the three artifacts of the Plain to open the portal to the arena. The Plain inhabitants: The Cavemen, aka The Plain Tribe: It's a NPC human tribe. They build Skins&Bones small structures to make small camps on/in the Red Rock and in other places where they set hunting camps. They hunts creatures (wild and tamed, not mounted) but don't care about the player as long as he isn't aggressive to them. The King Rex, aka the Plain Boss: A giant Rex, inspired by Ragnarok huge Skeleton. It's slow but sooo powerful. It has a grab&throw attack. It has an "armored" back and no feathers (except some on the top of his head). The King Rex is mainly red&orange with some yellow feathers on the top of his head. If you beat it you get the King Rex Trophy The Neanderthals: Some primitive humans, aggressive to every lifeforms. They live in the Neanderthal Cave. They fight with very primitive weapons. The Cave Lion: A big (Thylacoleo-size) Lion. It sleeps most of the time. Very reactive to sound, if it heard a running/roaring creatures it will wake up and attack. It's a very strong and very fast predator but with low stamina. When it has no more stamina he goes back to sleep (except if in the middle of a fight). A good "watchdog" for base entrance. The Albertosaurus: The Valley variant of "Allosaurus", a reskined version with more feathers. Same abilities. The Carcharodontosaurus: The Valley variant of "Gigas", a reskined version, a bit smaller. Same abilities. The Deinonychus: The Valley variant of "Raptors", a reskined version, a bit bigger, no feathers. Same abilities. The Mastodon: The Valley variant of "Mammoth", a reskined version, bigger. Same abilities. 3) The Swamp: A huge swamp with small lakes and rivers. Huge tree are growning in this area (just a bit smaller than the Redwood trees). There is a huge lake in the center of this area. Low altitude. The Swamp Locations: There is some mud in some part of the Swamp. Walking on normal mud is not a problem but there are some Deep Mud Places too. Deep Mud works like water, you go through it. But you can't swim in mud. You can't breath too, so you better get out of the mud if it's too deep for you. The Deep Mud slow your speed. The Snake Nest: The Snake Nest is a cave network where you find many snakes, moulting and snakes nests. It's a easy difficulty cave. You can find an artifact: the Moulting of Eternity The Dead Tree Roots: The entrance is between two roots of the dead tree. It's a cave with medium difficulty. There are many insects in this caves network. You can find an artifact: The Venom of the End The Underground Lake: An Undergound lake with many creatures living around. It's big and you'll find sarcos and spinos. Hard difficulty cave, with an artifact: The Drop of the Beggining The Muddy Lake and the Muddy Lake Forrest: The Muddy Lake is in the center of the Swamp area. The Muddy Lake Forrest is made of huge trees, where the Indigenes lives on thatchs&ropes tree-structures. In the center of the Muddy Lake there is a small island with the obelisk to reach the Swamp Boss Arena. The Swamp Boss Arena: That's where you'll find the Swamp Boss. It's a swamp area with big trees and a lake in the center. You'll see a crashed aircraft in a tree and some Rex skeletons around. There are also some otters wandering in the arena lake. There are some tree structures with bridges and ladder. But they are not high enough so the Boss can still attack you... You need the three artifacts of the Swamp to open the portal for the arena. The Swamp inhabitants: The Indigenes, aka the Swamp tribe: It's a NPC human tribe. They build Indigene-reskined thatch&ropes buildings on the Swamp big trees, to stay protect from all the ground predators. They are fishing on small boats. A peaceful tribe. The Spino Emperor, aka the Swamp Boss: A gigantic Spino (bigger than the King Rex) with a white/grey color. This Spino is bipedal, unlike the other ARK spinos. It can attack with his mouth, arms or tail. It's powerful and fast but you can try to slow him in deep mud when possible. If you beat it, you get the Spino-Emperor Trophy. The Deinosuchus: The Valley variant of the "Sarco", a reskined version. Bigger than classic sarcos. Same abilities. The Anaconda: The Valley variant of the "Titanoboa", a reskined version. No frillies, no poison. 4) The Warrior's Tomb: It's the area in the center of the map, connected to each of the other 3 areas. The Warrior's place is a burnt forest/plain where tribes are fighting each others. Many predators live in this area, eating dead corpses and changing some battles... Between tribes and predators, this place is one of the most dangerous. The Valley other inhabitants: The Ornitocheirus: A rideable dangerous flyer. Ptero-size. Ornitocheirus are aggressive to other flyers, Be careful and don't forget to have a parachute when travelling in the sky of the Valley... The Pterodactyls: The Valley variant of "Pteranodon", a reskined version. Same abilities. The Dinofelis: A prehistoric panther. Same size as the Sabertooth but less powerful. It's rideable and it can climb trees and rocks with his claws. It has a jump attack. A smaller and fastest alternative to the Thylacoleo. There are 3 Dinofelis variants: Yellow Dinofelis (in the Jungle), Black Dinofelis (in the Swamp) and White Dinofelis (in the Plain forests) The three "cargo" dinos of the Valley are very similar: all of them are big and able to carry a lot of weight, they are quadripede but are running on two legs, like the Iguanodon but with far less stamina. The three variants are: The Edmontosaurus (a bit bigger than the para, more muscular. Variant of the Jungle), the Ouranosaurus (Variant of the Swamp. Smaller than the Edmontosaurus, has a spine-back like the spino, faster in the water than the Edmontosaurus) and the Shantungosaurus (the biggest of the three variants, twice the size of the Edmontosaurus. Slower but stronger. Variant of the Plain). Structures, items and resources: Aztek-like stone structures Skins&Bones structures Indigene-like thatch structures Rope structures: non-electric elevator / bridges / rope to hang corpses and small structure like cages ( usable for warnings or to set traps for predators) / bigger rope ladder Traps: Spikey walls / Rollin Rocks trap / Fire traps / trapdoor with pikes / trapdoor with rocks falling from the ceiling / room that "shrimp" (moving walls) / ropes and nets traps to catch people/creatures in the jungle / wall, ceiling, floor interruptors / wild dinos "handcuff" to force them to stay somewhere strategic like watchdogs / cage traps (falling cage) Cages (small and medium size for each kind) : Stone / Skin&Bones / Bird cages / small Aquarium / Metal cage / Tek cage / Wood (a bigger one) Blowpipes: Used by the Azteks. It shoots small darts (poisonous, narco, paralytic, pheromones) Chained-handcuffs: Used by the Azteks. They can make move many prisoners together using this multiple handcuffs chain. Bucket (small wooden / medium plastic): you can collect water, mud and poop with it. Then you can throw it on yourself or on other player or keep it for a while. Armor and weapons Tribe-skins: Azteks skins / Cavemen skins / Indigene skins (You can get a Tribe Skin Blueprint by killing the "God" of a tribe, beating their respectives Boss) Canoes: a small wooden boat used by the Swamp Tribe. The player fall from it when it's hit by a creature. You can fish on and store fishing material in the canoe. More Fruits: Banana / Apple / Watermelon / more... Mud: you can collect it with a bucket and put it on yourself later (lot of mud, last longer) or simply put it on yourself directly when collecting (just a bit of mud, last for a small time period only) New gameplay dynamics: NPC HUMAN TRIBE: characters that build small houses and fight (Jungle/Plain/Swamp). Some are only like aggressive creatures that use weapons (Neanderthals) SLEEPING TIME Creatures sleep. Some are active the day, others at night... Some species are also taking short naps. STEALTH MOVESET: This moveset is used to hunt or hide. It works like the "run" moveset, changing walking animations and speed. Humans and creatures can use it. They move closer to the ground, slower, near silent... When a creature use the stealth moveset, they can go 2x closer to other creatures before turning them into "attack or flee" behavior. FOOD CHAIN: every predator looked for some (3-5) specific prey-species. They attack other creatures (not listed as their natural preys) only if they are too close or if the predator is too hungry. Some preys attract specific predator, you can use them to set trap for a specific predator. Creatures also flee from potentially dangerous predators. Example: A rex hunts trikes/paras and is focused on hunting this kind of creatures. It will attack other kind of creatures ONLY if they are really too close or if the rex is too hungry. Smaller non-prey creatures (like carbonemys) and smaller predators (raptors) will flee/walk away from the rex when he is too close (before he becomes aggressive). No more predators team attack (Raptor, Rex and Carno against the same prey) SMELLING ABILITY: Predators are able to smell the air to detect potential prey (works like the tek helmet but only show the "natural" preys of the predator. Not other prey. Not other predators...). Some herbivorous are also able to smell the air to detect some kind of resources (wood, stone...). That way hunting and farming becomes better, especially when hunting in dense forest. SMELL HIDING: Water, mud and poop help to hide your smell for some time. FOOTPRINTS: They stay for a few minutes, spawning when creatures/players are walking. It allows you to follow your prey for a longer time if you poisoned it for example. You can also identify some creatures by their footprints. NESTS: creatures are building nests where they store food and let their eggs. protoceratops coryphosaurus sauroposeidon dryosaurus chasmosaurus alioramus styracosaurus tarbosaurus postosuchus gigantoraptor desmatosuchus Torosaurus Cryolophosaurus sauropelta coelophysis herrerasaurus Dracorex Cobra Australopitec elasmotherium Maiasaurus ceratops sivatherium thylacosmilus macrochenia epigaulus eohippus synthetoceras toxodon arsinoitherium deinotherium palaeoloxodon (elephant) uintatherium platybelodon bison thylacine megacerops aepycamelus embolotherium pakicetus moeritherium Brontotherium Carnivorous plants Birdeater giant spider Goliath beetle Queen Ants andrewsarchus Auroch dinopitecus wasp scutosaurus amargosaurus bipedal lizard monster (kind of skull island crawler ?) and a lot more new dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures !
  7. Hi, i have just just set up a new server with some friends and we are looking for players to come and get involved. we are aiming to have a very active server, full of community activities and public spaces such as stadiums, shops, villages, towns etc where people can take on different roles eg government, policing, farming etc we want to have active events in our built stadiums such as boxing matches, Dino fights, sword fights, painting competitions etc We would like to fill and grow this server and let you become kings or farmers or whatever you wish to become. We would like to have weekly town hall/server council meetings where we can discuss how to improve the server or recommend events. Server info: Xbox One Unofficial PC Sessions Name: The Ark Society Current boost: 8X map: Ragnarok PVP please feel free to add me on Xbox my get is iNeckle hope to see you soon!
  8. Brand New Ark Ragnarok Server HOST GAMERTAG- Ebola Rote Message xHammerFTWx For Details! Large Community 24/7 Server Friendly Staff Weekly Events Instant Tame Instant Level Up PVP! PVP Rules -No Spawn Traps -No Blocking Spawns -No Offline Raiding -No Blocking Caves -No Pillar Placing -No Killing Passive Tames -No Trolling -No Prisoners -NO NAMING CHARACTER HUMAN YOU WILL BE BANNED OFFENSE SYSTEM First Offense-Warning, replacement of victim's items, buildings, etc Second Offense-12 Hour Ban Third Offense-24 Hour Ban, Offline Raiding Allowed On Your Property! Final Offense- Perm Ban Other Info/Rules -Shop Will Be Available Soon (1 Week) -No Dino Harvesting -No Diplo/Bronto Tames DISCORD CLICK HERE TO BE BROUGHT TO DISCORD
  9. Hey so like the title says im having issues switching my renterd server map. Im using the server company nitrado and i cant seem to get my map to switch from the island to Ragnorok. Ive gone into settings already and changed them and nothing seems to work. Anyone have any ideas?
  10. New Rag server only 4 days old looking for more people. We average about 11 in the day but we're looking for 20+ most of the time. Quick leveling. You'll get 100 while you make a stone base. Boosted drops to get MC/ASC gear from beacons. Full Pvp Build anywhere Cave damage ON 10k weight per level 20hp, 10 melee, 60 oxygen, 20 stamina, 10 fort and 4% speed per level. Increased dino hp/melee with increased turret damage to compensate for hp. No admins No ORP No Brontos No artifact cave building Super chill server. Build up and be a good PvPer. Have fun. Message me " Pkerjock " or add host " Arkhosted247 " and join game.
  11. Come join "Ark Passion", 23/7 Boosted Center Server! High Weight, unlimited Oxy, & no admin abuse. Our rates include 666x exp, 35x taming 35x breeding/raising, 5x fishing, 3x loot, and much more! Our server currently has low player and structure count and few trolls, join now and build up today! *No starters* Everyone should work for their wealth. *No rules* Good luck *Admins host weekly events* *Friendly server* Big tribes are friendly and will work with you *Daily dino wipes* *Structure clipping(;*
  12. After logging over 3000 hours on PC and PS4 combined... I made a new Ragnarok server a couple months back for a few real life friends and I to play without the typical trolls and drama on official servers. Yesterday we decided to open it to anyone who wants to play without having to worry about the BS sometimes found on some servers. Server will be run 24/7, information and mods listed below. Open to suggestions on further mods desired by players. Just looking to have fun and play ark with others, come join us! PS4 Name (server console): Liebmonster PS4 Name (my character is on (I'll see an invite to this account first)): Liebmonsta Server Name: 247BoostedRag Mods: Difficulty - 1 (max level 150) XP - 3X Taming Speed - 4X Harvest Amount - 4X Baby Mature - 1.5X
  13. Exiled Island has just launched a new PvP Server! Old community, new server! Settings: PvP 15x Harvest 30xTame/Exp 500 player level 300+ lvled wild dinos Ragnarok map Connect Now! Mod collection Steam Group Community Discord Feel free to join up and help us populate! Get a head start while its not too late!!!
  14. I have moved my dinos and entire base 3 times only to once I have the land I want secured, dinos moved over and a base of decent size built, the server hits dino cap and i can't even play the game how i want it. I'm a huge breeder and right now there is no way for me to play the game as I can't afford spending a week of play time building another base, moving everything i own through the almighty AFK obi to move items every 30 mins. So I have a few questions. 1. Are the Devs really not aware of servers hitting cap within 3 weeks of release? 2. What is being done to prevent tribes from using servers as a storage site for crappy dinos they don't want to kill. 3. Are there any plans to limit how many tribes can be on a certain server? (Ex: If server limit is 5000 dinos then limiting that server to 10 tribes of 500 dinos) 4. Are we going to be able to get new servers? 5. For those of us that have invested huge amounts of time getting tek already what happens to us vs the people who use the servers as dump sights? Hopefully one of the devs will read this. Lets try to get the their attention!!
  15. Aberration PVP

    I'm really interested in how pvp is going to work on the new dlc. I'm guessing it will be mostly players and weapons and less tames. Sure the Reaper Queen seemed powerful when it got forcedtamed during the demo, but how is it useful if everyone has super high up cliff bases? And how will the Rock Drake be able to stand against an army of auto turrets? I'm super excited, I just don't know how the new tames will be useful. I hope they make them useful for raiding, because sometimes rockets and longnecks get boring after a while. Let me know what you guys are thinking.
  16. Join Our new server! Gather is 5X Events, Tournaments & much more! Fresh Server!
  17. Edgy Gaming Hello Arkers, we are a fairly new Server which is open to your ideas and wants to shape a server that is enjoyable to almost everyone ( Obviously it is impossible to please everyone ) we ask nothing of you, just enjoy the server and follow our rules as listed below. Very active admins Helpful Community ( But will take your shoes if you let your guard down ) Frequent Restarts ( Every 6 hours ) Server Location - Los Angeles Number of Mods: 18 (They will be pruned and adjusted to make the server smooth and fun to play! ) ⚔️ Happy Arking ⚔️ Info Our Ark Server: Our Discord: ( All welcome! ) Our Ark Steam group: Rules Will also be changed if needed, nothing is perfect so most likely lots of tweaking along the way. No form of phishing or advertisement in our server. No Hacking or Exploiting glitches, we want a fair environment for our users. If someone is built in a ''OP'' spot then band together to flush the enemy out. Unless it's a cave with more than 8 turrets guarding the entrance. No Spamming in Global. If someone infiltrates your Tribe and ruins you from within, that is your fault. Be more careful when allowing members into your circle. You can use whatever language you like, just do not be repetitive. We believe in freedom of speech and not censoring every little action like most servers, but do not abuse this since it is a two way street. We will mute people who become a drag. No base camping of any kind. Try to get video evidence if you think you are being camped. This really helps your case. Only 8 people per tribe so we do not get the cancerous overpowering alpha tribes coming into our server and ruling over the map. If a utility is open then do NOT destroy it, just take the items and leave it. Remaking chemistry benches can be very tedious. All the mods we use:
  18. Events

    I just thought about the event like the fear evolved etc. that we had a while back and I was thinking if they are going to do any more of these events?
  19. 3 day old Scorched map for Xbox with shop! add the hosts GT: (Constant Ark). Shop details on fb page. First the ground rules: - 24/7 PVP - No Foundation Wiping - Dinos in pen with red doors and open roof are safe from pvp) - No trolling - No Insiding -(RAID ON UR LEVEL) - Admin logging on Server stats: Xp: Max Gathering: 17 Weight: Infinite Taming: Instant Fortitude: 20 per level Oxygen: infinite Breeding: Boosted Maturation: 25 Increased speed: on flyers Turret damage: 2.5 Increased Drops Most player stats are official because we want traditional pvp! (Being able to kill with guns and knock people out)
  20. New Tek Idea - Fossil Generator

    Had this idea for a while now but never really been bothered to mention it until now. The basic premise of the idea is to collect hard to find fossil shards across the maps using a fossil excavation tool. Each map could have it' own unique dino attached to the fossils in order to some variety. Once enough fossil shards have been collected they can be put into a fossil incubator or chamber where the shards are slowly formed together until the dino is complete. The chamber would have to be powered by a tek generator and also the amount off fossil shards collected will depend on overall level of the complete dino and also how long the fusion process takes. I have no idea on what dinos there could be but they'd Have to be something pretty special and beast in order to make it a worth while process to go through, maybe even have a land, air and sea dino and each once connected to one of the maps. Just an idea and looking for peoples opinions or if anyone else has any good ideas they'd like too share.
  21. everybody that plays ARK would like to see more types of wyverns and more Special attacks. For example: Water wyvern : a wyvern with fins that can use Waterbreath and a waterball. Able to dive in the water for a certain amount of time ( scooba suit needed for longer periods ) actual use of the Oxygen attribute Wind wyvern : a wyvern that can create a small tornado with his wings, use windbreath and windball. Rock wyvern : wyvern that can use sandbreath and use a rock ball. I really really want to see more colour variations of wyverns. I always see the same colour patterns. For example : poison wyverns are always greenish.. it would be so freaking awesome if they could be blue or red or any other colour. Please wildcard give it a try..
  22. (Xbox One) Hello, we are looking for new players to play on our server. We are running a 24/7 dedicated always online server that will always be available to play on. To join any time and always please add server runner WiryNebula8962
  23. Just as the title says, I am instrested in your guys ideal Ark. What biomes, how big they are, what animals, unquie things, etc. Just post what Ark would be perfect for you! Thanks ahead of time.
  24. NPC Human? HELP!

    So today I was looking for a allosaurus near the volcano and had to land my quetz to regain stamina. As I was sitting there a battle erupted between some Hyenas and another "dino". So I started taking some damage and decided to end the battle myself. Turns out I killed a level one HUMAN. I was too trigger happy and harvested the body on accident, looting meat, nerdy glasses skin, and the specimen artifact above. I was playing singleplayer, so nooone was trolling me. I have also searched patch notes and the forums for any other info and came up with nothing. PLEASE HELP! (I play the XBOX version if it matters)
  25. is there any new xbox one ragnarok official servers and if so how do you find out when there is