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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 248 results

  1. welcome to Rinedale’s crossplay, unofficial pvp server! 40x gather 20min mating cool down (no wyvern milk req) OFFLINE RAID PREVENTION extremely fast exp gain<<< with unlimited engram points! -it is a pvp server (3rd day so fairly new) so raiding is allowed, come join and claim your spot today!
  2. Hello fellow Ark'ers! We have started a new server on Ark for PS4! On that occasion we would like to welcome players to the ark. Server will be expanded in the very near future. We are a group of friends that enjoy playing Ark, and the occasional PVP, but are not very hardcore. The server would suit most people but are intended as an option for the casual players/tribes who doesn't play 7 days a week. The server is Offline Raid Protected, with shorter nights and longer days. So if you need some peace and quiet it'snot hard to achieve, while if you want to try a fight or two that can also be found in the very same server. The options are endless! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server info: Name - Zeryot TheIsland 6X taming offline raid protected Taming - 6X Map - The Island Longer days, shorter nights PVP Offline Raid Protection ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome! - Zeryot
  3. SERVER IS DESIGNED TO BE CHALLENGING! All ideas and input are welcome. map is ragnarok, all tek engrams unlock without boss kills. communal element will be provided. aberration spawns are incorporated into the map. stats that will be the same no matter what map: player xp 1.5x harvest 1.5x dino count maxed: tame limit 50 wild dino levels....very high(unconfirmed how high, but ive seen 480 so far) wild dino damage 2x spoil time 6x platform limit 2x maturation 3x, egg hatch 6x, mating interval 2x wild dino weight 6x. tame dino speed/level 2x player stats 1.5x/level crop growth 6x. To get a tamed rock drake or basilisk, hand the admin 20 of either rock drake feathers(for drake) or 20 basilisk scales( for basilisk). Then KO one of them and they will be admin tamed for you. Wyvern can spawn anywhere in the map except the highlands. unrideable tame gifted at first starting.(aka you pick any dino that can not be ridden normally) all kinds of exciting events and stuff, join up and help grow! 32 slots open, will add more as they are needed!. Currently the server name is. [US] Tek unlocked/wild level max 480/aberration dinos Also if interested in merging servers into a cluster, let me know! Reply here, private message or Xbox message with anything you want to talk about!(replies here help as they also bump the topic!!)
  4. The server will have official stats but with boosted speed, unlimited weight, stamina, breeding, taming, increase crop speed, and instant lvl 100 There will not be any admin apuse but only to dinowipe or to police There is no Offline Protection but let people up Rules- No building in artifact caves- No foundation wipe just get in and get out- Cage people for 24 hrs Breeding is- Egg hatch speed: 20 Baby Mature Speed: 90 Taming is instant I’ll bring playing with the cuddle thing once the server is established Add: FastArkServer if you have any questions and if you would like to stay. I’ll try to replies as fast as possible.
  5. Introduction! We are small fresh new PvE server (with tribe war allowed tho!). We have only very small number of mods to achieve kind of balanced gameplay and not making the game superly easy or hard. Rates on server are slightly higher but up to point to make the game just not as grindy as vanilla servers but also not as quick and cheaty as some high rate server. All details about what mods or what are our rates you can find on our steam group page, discord or more bellow: Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TyrfingPvE Check out our Discord for all neccesary info ! : https://discord.gg/wkvHZYg Actual map we are runnin on is Ragnarok but more might be added into cluster depend on number of players that will join us. Our server also has special trading, that you can "buy" or rather earn creaters from expansions that doesnt spawn on ragnarok, which atm is only Abberation... all details about that are on our website (There is no way how to buy anything with real money, sorry, everything is in-game earned) So come and join us! Rates and details: Mod list: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1129413619 Map: Ragnarok IP: Rates: Harvest rate: 3.0 XP Multiplier: 2.0 Day Cycle speed: 1.0 Night Cycle speed: 1.0 Taming speed: 20 Mating Interval: 50 Egg Hatch: 30 Baby mature speed: 30 Ley Egg interval: 25 Max dino lvl: 200
  6. This is a cluster of 2 Nitrado servers. Looking for mature active players! Hoping to eventually increase the slots and have a large community of tribes! Crossplay is enabled. If you’re looking for servers run by adults you’re in the right place. Admins: Synicist - 21 Eazybubz - 27 To join hit Join Ark at the main menu. Click “unofficial PC servers” on the bottom left to filter. Ragnarok is titled: [US] SynArkRag Abberation is titled: [US] SynArk AB Searching Syn under either map will bring up the results. Join my discord for news about upcoming events and community builds, trading, and to post in the suggestion box! My Discord also offers a shop with earned currency called sins denoted by the 👹 symbol where you can buy anything discussed with me. The currency is earned every 6 hours and can be gained through inchat games and bot commands every 4 hours. I also provide 👹 for any donations as they aid in maintaining the server and will allow for me to create a cluster and increase slots in the future but that is totally optional. Discord Server Name: SynArk Ragnarok https://discord.gg/2PASzjz I will be building a community lot with forges and chem benches and a marketplace where you can trade anything you want with myself and fellow survivors. New Tribes will receive 1 lvl 150 Argy and 1 lvl 150 Dire Wolf to protect them with a saddle for the Argy. A starter toolkit will also be provided. The boosted stats are: 10x Harvest, 20x Tame, 25x Weight, 15x Fortitude, 10x Health, 10x Melee, 10x Oxygen, 3x Stamina, 5x Everything else. I look forward to playing with you!
  7. New Player?

    So, after 24 hours I am finally able to post again. And only 4 per day? How do I get out of being a "new member?" What are these armor levels? How do you get past naked? I've been wanting to reply and help people on here since I am an experienced player, but also want to ask questions. This 4 messages a day rule should be changed, as it is barely any at all!
  8. Fresh 24/7 Nitrado Hosted PvP Cluster Server is now LIVE!! Ragnarok and Aberration Map Hey Survivors! I just started up a brand new PvP, Nitrado hosted server that has only been up for 3 days! Rally up your tribe and be the first ones to claim the best spots on the map! Hope to see you all out there and good luck surviving the Ark! Join Server Name: Na Ark Server pvp X10 gather X10 tame Stats: Difficulty: Max wild dino lvl= 150 10x XP 10x Resources 10x Taming Boosted Breeding Boosted Crop Growth Speed - Player and tame stats slightly boosted - Increased loot quality for drops - All tames and items are allowed to be transferred over between each map whenever you want - Wyverns and Rock Drakes don't need milk/venom unless you want imprint - Offline Raid Protection= ON with a 30 minute timer. Once bases start getting bigger, I will increase the time Server Info: No Rules! No Admins! Currently there is 32 slots available on Rag and 20 slots on Aberration but I will upgrade for additional slots when the server gets more populated How to Join: 1. Click “Join Ark” 2. In bottom left-hand corner, change Session Filter to “Unofficial PC Session” 3. Search Name Filter “Na Ark Server pvp X10 gather X10 tame” 4. *Decide what map you want* Click on “Na Ark Server pvp X10 gather X10 tame” then click “Join” If you have any questions, please feel free to message me personally or comment on this post anytime. I will reply as soon as possible!
  9. New server, active admin, friendly tribes already beginning to populate. Rates are boosted to make things competitive, but not repetitive. Join Discord: https://discord.gg/jwKRjqs Settings: 4x Taming 4x Harvesting 4x Experience Gain 5x Mating and Breeding Reduced Mating interval Increased Imprint effectiveness Decreased Imprint Interval (scaled to breeding settings) Tribe Imprint No Admin Abuse Wild Dino Wipes Cave Flyers allowed No Cave Damage Disabled Building Collision Unlimited Respecs 2x Player Weight 2x Spoil Timer Corpse Decompostion Timer Increased and Corpse Locator Crosshair and Damage Text Enabled Offline PvP allowed (see discord) As the server has just begun, there are still plenty of places to claim and we plan on starting a cross ark into Aberration by the end of the month. Server rates are set to possibly change over time as we find an ideal balance for all players. Any questions or for help finding the server, PSN: revolutsia333
  10. We have setup a new Ragnarok server with a different twist. Typically when playing Ark most folks don't even bother making for example thatch structures, let alone really mess with some of the early game tools and weapons like Bows, boomerangs, rope ladders, slingshots, etc. We've decided to create a new server where not only will you use these things, but they are essential. That's because we are going to go through Ages in this server. The first Age you will only be able to build thatch structures, and tame stone weapons. This means that you and your foes won't be able to have that race to see who gets turrets up, makes C4, tames Griffins and raises Wyverns, etc. Instead you'll find out how to strategize against each other using just the limited tools you have, and your brain! There isn't a Smithy or Forge, so no in the beginning you can't just tame a bunch of Rex's and chomp on your neighbor. Well you can tame them, but where's the Smithy to make saddles? So maybe you tame an Army of Rex's and then lead them in battle on the back of a Raptor? The next stage will be wood, followed by stone. At some point here we'll add in the Smith, Forge, guns, explosives, etc. But they will all come into play when it makes sense. Sound fun? Sound like a challenge? Some of the basic info for the server includes: Server Name: Kingdom of Clom Number of current tribes: 4 small ones all in thatch Total concurrent slots on the server: 10 (will be going to 20 soon, but for now 10 is great) Taming 3X Harvesting 3X Hatching 6X Maturing 6X Per level Multipliers: Tames: Weight 2x, Stamina 3x Player: Weight 3X, Stamina 3X, Fort 3X XP 1x
  11. Rebelstiltskin

    Hey everyone, just thought I would introduce myself as I finally found my way here. Not to mention I am able to access this site from work where as most forum and gaming sites are blocked. lol Anyway, I am new to this site but not new to Ark. I am however a noob. I played on PC a while but never really got too far. Then I picked up Ark on the Ps4 because what's not cool to your sons about riding a dinosaur and killing poop? Fast forward a few years and now my kids are way better than I am at this game. I basically play to have more communication with them. (they live with their mom across the country) So when I am not flying there or flying them to me, we play games online together and this being the main one. I started playing on aberration while they are on other maps so that I can feed them cool poop like ravs and wings or climbing picks, etc. So for the most part I play solo except when they port in to help me out and take stuff to their map. Whatev, it works and we have fun bsing about the game. Anyway, I know people give poop about aberration but I love it. I love the environment, play style and new creatures. Though am having the damndest time taming a crab. I always kill the stupid thing with my catapult. I guess my aim isn't great. idk. Glad to be here. Love Ark.
  12. Hi all, we are looking to populate a brand new server and need dedicated players so if your interested (dont join if your going to moan when raided/wiped, its part of th game 👍) Look for UK Boosted Pvp (Super Drops and 5x) in unofficial pc sessions, have fun and survive! x5experience x5 gather x10taming x10 maturation x10 mating x15incubating player and dino stats are boosted but not OP boosted drops
  13. so im new to this game literally got it about a week ago ive been playing over this three day weekend non stop got in an alliance so had to make a tribe well they wanted to merge with a tribe and bring me with them so i accepted well at the time i got banned because these 3 guys harrassed me jailed me up etc... and well as i was talking to them i said p*ssy and got a 1 day ban... well during this 1 day ban im trying to communicate using notes and i didnt know what to click and didnt know about tribe claim and all that jazz.. so i just thought accept the invitation at the top clicked it and lost everything now my rex i taimed last night until 7 a.m. fighting off 2 rexs and a alpha raptor and countless more raptors... thing a carn drop happened... well hes gone the 140 rex i shot about 70 tranq darts into and chased/was chased for what seemed like an hour.. then tamed for more then 6hours is now stuck in the oasis and not mine... please help i have submitted a ticket and hoping for a response
  14. FRESH START NOW Is THE TIME TO JOIN XBOX/PC Nitrado Hosted Cluster SERVER NAMES Ark Pro Island - Ark Pro Ragnarok - Ark Pro Center - Ark Pro Aberration Look for us in pc unofficial search Starter: In White Drop Taming Kibble: in Green Drop MAX PLAYER LEVEL: 145 HARVEST: x25 Bird Speed: 205 Taming: x15 XP Multiplier: x15 Egg Hatch Speed: x400 Baby Mature Speed: 50 Mating: every 11 mins NO Admins No Rules No Cave Damage 24/7 PvP No offline Raid Protection If Player Slots max out i will Upgrade them as soon as i can
  15. Hi there, I'm looking for players to join an Ark PS4 server called "Re-Ark" based in Sydney for us Aussie players (Players from other countries are also welcome). I thought here would be a good place to start to look for prospective players who are interested in joining in a new server where they won't be farmed/griefed or utterly destroyed before being able to do anything substantial in game. The server will have increased harvest multipliers with decreased tame times, the exact multipliers have not been set in stone yet but they won't be too excessive. I'm hoping to be able to build a good community on this server with possible weekly events etc. Feel free to suggest ideas/multiplier amounts. The current multipliers would be: 5x Harvest 3x Tame 2x Hatching There would also be a new player starting area with free basic survival gear to help get your Ark experience moving. This includes: Cloth Armor Stone Weaponry Stone Tools Waterskin The server will be on 24/7, the admins are more than willing to help any new players with requests/queries. The server would also include a Colosseum esque battle arena to settle personal disputes to ensure there are no grudge base/dino wiping. Possible weekly events could include Biome specific war-games, e.g: Naval Warfare/Siege using Aquatic mounts Redwood Forests Predator hunt using climbing mounts like Tapejara/Thylco Boss Raids Conquest Expeditions between volunteering tribes Player spaces will be limited to ensure steady server performance but it won't be small enough to limit you and your friends all joining the server. Looking forward to hearing from people about this, cheers!
  16. Ark Server 6789 Xbox One Dedicated Server 24/7 Boosted Aberration Server PVPVE NEW! NO ADMINS!! ADMIN LOGGING ENABLED! ADD GT: Ark Server 6789 Don't Forget the spaces^^^^ Stats: If I don't reference it then it is most likely set to default. Stats subject to change to improve game play. Difficulty: 1 Xp Multiplier: 7 Taming Speed: 30 Player Harvest Damage: 5 Dino Harvest Damage: 5 Harvest Amount: 7 Player Character Water Drain: .25 Player Charcter Food Drain: .25 Dino Character Food Drain: 1.5 Dino Character Stamina Drain: .5 Poop Interval: 50 Lay Egg Interveval: .01 Mating Interval: .01 Egg Hatch Speed: 200 Baby M. Rate: 200 Various Player/Dino Stats Boosted Like Weight, Speed, Food, Water, and, Oxygen.
  17. [EU] PvE - Shrouded Ark w/ Aberration Dinos 32 Slots - 3 Months Paid - New Server so hoping to build a community. The slots may go up or down depending on interest. 4x XP, 5x Tame, 4x Gather, 15x Breeding, Admin Logging, Crosshair Enabled. Gamertag - Dodzwardo Yellow and Purple drops modified to include SE/ Aberration taming items/ saddles. Additional Dinos added: Bulbdog - Beach Shinehorn - Beach Jerboa - Beach Morellatops - Beach Raveger - Carno Island Karkinos - Carno Island Basilisk - Carno Island Featherlight - Redwood Rollrat - Redwood Glowtail - Swamp Vulture - Swamp + Snow Lymantria - Mountains Thorny Dragon - Mountains Griffin - Mountains Rock Elemental - Mountains Mantis - Snow
  18. Welcome to KEB Gaming ARK Cluster! Join Server: Search KEB Gaming under Unofficial PC Hosted (NO Password) Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/TDFXtxq Visit our Website: kebgaming.wixsite.com/keb-gaming With our Cluster we have something for every kind of ARK player! We have a PvE Ragnarok 32 slot server and a PvE Aberration 10 slot server for those who love to PvE and explore and we have a PvP 20 slot server on The Island (We offer a GREAT PvP Starter package. Check Discord for info) for the players that just want to PvP and blow stuff up! You can play on all servers, the only thing is once you transfer Items or Dinos over to The Island server they will be there to stay! You can transfer your character back and forth just not Dinos and Items. So play on all or play on one and trade with PvE or PvP tribes! Our server rewards players with a credit system, we call our credits "Kebits". These Kebits are tracked using Discord chat app. Admins will award players "Kebits" which can be used for many things from Admin services such as painting dinos, buying materials, buying BP's, and used to trade with other players. Kebits can be earned a few ways: (Donations go towards running server) Kebits are our way of thanking you. Join us and instantly earn 1,500 Kebits to get started!! (1) Become a Patreon and support the server and community, you will receive a monthly Kebit payment each month. (2) Make a one time donation thru PayPal, $1.00= 1,000 Kebits. (3) Be active and helpful on our Discord server. (4) Complete in game contests or scavenger hunts. (5) Be the winner of the FREE weekly lottery. Server settings (Keeping it simple) ORP will be used with a 15min timer on the Island server. Engram points earned are Double per level (6280 total) Gather=2x (10x on Island map) Player Points=2x (4x on Island map) Dino Weight=3x (6x on Island map) Dino Stamina=2x Taming Breeding and Maturing=4x XP= 1.5x (Dino Killing= 3x) Crop Grow= 30x Platform/Raft Build limit= 3x Custom Loot Drops (Not on Aberration) EVERYTHING ELSE= Default Admins and Events: We have a group of Admins that are available a few times a week to help out where needed. We will also be building community builds and events. (Coliseum, Crafting Post/Trading center, Community Garden, Ragna & Rock Cafe (consumables), Kibble Farm and The ARK ZOO ( We will build a ZOO and you can place your dinos on display here to show off your Mutations and Tames). As things progress we will be more than happy to allow players to take over management of any of the above listed areas...or create their own thing. We just recently added a Master ARK Builder to our server. He will be building amazing structures for us to enjoy How to Join: If you would like to join we recommend that you join our Discord Server. https://discord.gg/TDFXtxq (This is the ONLY way Kebits can be saved and spent) You can join by messaging here, messaging me directly or you can join by visiting our website and filling out the Join Server Form under the Events page. kebgaming.wixsite.com/keb-gaming We all look forward to building a great community with you and having a blast doing so!
  19. Reaper King Ideas

    Ok this is my first time making one of these so bear with me. I just had of few ideas about one of my newly favorite dinos the reaper king. Although fun to use i still feel like its lacking so here are a few additions that i think should be added to an awesome creature to make it that much more awsomer .A dedicated roar button on consoles: I play on Xbox and theres no way to roar even though its a feature on pc,please add,it can go right where the change ride view camera button is Rb .More utility features:What about an ability that lets you track wounded prey, or an immunity to nameless and other reapers agro .Switching up the jump:Jumping is cool in all but on the reaper it just looks kinda silly just floating there with a static fall animation,i was thinking that it could have a cool agile non static jump animation and run animation worthy of sush a magnificent beast. .A Pounce attack: Like the Thyla but works on bigger creatures,also it could have the same arc aim as the pick axes and maybe adds acid damage over time and ignores armour. Also the pounce could be used to climb up near by ledges .Better stats:pretty self explanatory,this thing is a monster it should fight like one too .Friendly Charge light:it shouldn't hurt it .Better tamed damage reduction:it should have enough at least to make up for lack of a saddle so what do you guys think,and also thank you WildCard for such an awesome game,keep up the good work.
  20. Xbox Gt- (Junkcrescent101) server is pvp/pve. Ragnarok, all types of players are welcome. medium boosted, with events, 2 admins only who run shops and events and do not disturb players for any reason unless needed. I am not one of them, just helping them get new players for new server. Plenty of room, if any questions message the Gt or look for a Wildspartan or Darktech they are the admins.
  21. Hey there, if you're looking for a NEW and slightly BOOSTED Ragnarok server you're in luck! The ' mad again boosted rag server ' is a freshly made server for anyone. There IS a starter pack of a perfect tamed ptera, 1 metal foundation, 3 metal walls, 1 metal ceiling, 1 metal pic, 1 metal hatchet, and one metal pike for EACH PLAYER! IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU'RE A TRIBE! Message me on Xbox @ madighen for any questions, thanks for reading!
  22. PvP boosted server Orp

    Looking to find players in a Boosted server. The map is the center. SERVER NAME = Main_Court of Discord
  23. Welcome survivors! We have hosted ark for some time now and are ready to start our other server back up. ABERRATION! The server is boosted with: Taming-15x Gathering-10x Breeding-15x Player stats are set to official except: Weight-unlimited Oxygen-1.5x The server will be pve weekdays with (Open world PvP is okay no base raiding) PvP weekends starting Fridays 9a.m. (Base raiding is okay at this time) to Mon 9a.m. There is a community center at Fertile Lake 3 (spawn area on ledge along lake) with forges and such for new spawns. Killing passive tames is highly frowned upon. ADD/MESSAGE Havoc Jackal88 <-(Join this GT to enter server) for invite to the server. There are also two admins you may message for adds to server or help with anything on the server. We May not get back to you right away, but we will get back to you. Admins: LuxuriaXx and TrussedMonkey8
  24. I have 10 commits and once I get around 20 the server will get a official date and time! I want to get it live ASAP so bring your friends and lets get started. Full PvP is encouraged just don't troll. No blocking artifact caves and major resource spawns. XP 3x Gather 5x Taming 5x Dino Harvest 3x Egg Hatch 2.5x Baby Mature 10x Crop Growth 2x Food and water drain are lowered Slightly boosted player weight per level Max of 6 people per tribe Don't wipe bases and don't kill passives. We want to encourage players to build back up and get revenge. Message and add TDeneweth on Xbox if you are serious about joining the server. Bring your buddies and see if you can become alpha. We are open to any questions and suggestions on server settings. We want to have a fun and populated server.