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Found 38 results

  1. AtlanticBreach

    PvP The Center

    Looking for players to join a new ark server on the center. The rates are all 5x besides taming is 4x. Have a few tribes and players. Just looking to expand. Add AtlanticBreach to join the server. To add Atlanticbreach the L in Atlantic is a cap i.
  2. New PS4 server, Started early this week. No admins, so no abuse. Long server rent. Clustered with a center server and depending on population also an Aberation server. It has Offline raid prevention that kicks in after 20 minutes. The long log off time is to stop people logging off mid raid. There is purge weekends every second weekend where ORP will be turned off for 48 hours. This is too allow all those raids you want to do but cant. No Alpha tribe as of posting. Highest Survivor Level is 152 and highest wild Dino level is 240. It has Tek drops with element. No Tek structures in drops so spam of Tek. Still a grind but a much more pleasant grind. Server Name search for unofficial PC sessions. (Both Center and Ragnarok maps have same name) [Viking][ENG]20x Bosted & Tek Drops [No Admin] Ragnarok and Center No Alpha's at time of posting. Max Survivor level is 152 Max wild dino level is 240 Game difficulty is set to 5x Increased Dino spawn but 10% to give you the edge of finding your favorite dino. Increased Resource re spawn as well as resouces will regrow back closer to bases, to allow for more a resource rich server. Taming is 20x Harvest is 20x Egg incubation and maturation is at 20x We have offline raid protection to allow a full night sleep for every player (lol) We have structure decay to remove old bases We have purge weekends with removal of offline raid protection for 48 hours Zero admin abuse
  3. Personally I hate really high boosted dedicated servers. Official servers are trash unless you're in a mega tribe or you're one of the lucky ones who has found a decent server where duping and ddosing isn't an issue. I've rented a Nitrado server. Currently only 16 slots but I'm hoping to add more as people join. The rates are fairly low as I'd like the server to be a slow build and to actually feel like a challenge instead of having a full tek base in 20 minutes. A bit higher than official, 7x taming for example, 3x harvesting, 5x raising. Looking for people to join to add a PVP aspect to it. Add me on PSN - Jadeycakes1989 to join or search Slow Build in Unofficial PC Sessions Thanks
  4. I'm hosting a new server, and as a promotion to help bring in more players, I will be hosting a pvp arena tournament tomorrow, Friday the 25th at 10:30pm GMT, 5:30pm EST. The server is Libertarian Utopia pvpve. The arena is located just south of the green tower near the rivers, and there is a public teleport to get ther as well. Prizes will include a pet of your choice for 1st place (no giga or titan), and probably weapons and armor for 2nd and 3rd.https://arkservers.net/server/
  5. @Ps4 spriit ark Facebook page Looking for new and or experience d players to join our Spirit Cluster server on PS4, individuals that are on the server are quite active so if you want a.good PvP/PvE experience this server is for you. Please check out the Facebook page to.ask questions and to check what the server is about.
  6. I saw this morning ,where they released NA cross ark 6. Just like EU cross ark 5, IT HAS ORP!! Keep making the game better wc! i hope to slay(cough cough) see new players out there!!
  7. I understand the staff here doesn't have specific details regarding a time, but can we at least know the planned method? Are the servers just going to appear on the server list silently with no announcement? Will there be an announcement as the servers go up? Perhaps some sort of countdown for them to go live after everything is ready? I'd like to know so I don't have to sit on the server list refreshing over and over. Any updates would be appreciated. edit: Thanks for answering, lilpanda.
  8. We are a newer server looking for a great fun community. We've adjusted things to make the server more enjoyable for all. We have active admins who are always willing to help.Server Rules: There are just a few rules. No building on top of obs and thats pretty much it. No one wants toxic players, or constant foul language on the server. Don't harass other players to the point they rage quit, and though this is pvp don't take it to the point that new players can't play the game because of griefing and dying none stop. Try to avoid griefing bases that seem brand new, however if you've seen the same fresh base for multiple days then its fair game. Boosts: XP Multiplier 25x Taming Speed Multiplier 25x Harvesting Multiplier 25x Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier 25x Kill XP Multiplier 25x Craft XP Multiplier 25x Harvest XP Multiplier 25x Generic XP Multiplier 25x Fishing Loot Quality Multiplier 25x Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier 25x Crop Growth Speed Multiplier 25x Baby Mature Speed Multiplier 25x Baby Imprinting Stat Scale Multiplier25x Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier 0.05 Admins: At this time we have two Admin that are always active on the server. Our gamertags are (xxKARANDRASxx) (Amygdala Hijack ) Server: You can find us in unofficial PC sessions and our name is Good old 385, We are on xbox. Discord: We do have a discord you are able to join if interested, but we are only giving it to those who join our server. So if you would like it, feel free to ask.
  9. [US CLUSTER] The Island and Ragnarok, Lost Arks w/crossplay w/ Custom Dino & Griffin Spawns on Island, Custom Supply Crates, Engrams Re-balanced, and Player Stats Increased Server Names: Island: [Cluster] Lost Ark (Custom Drops and Griffin Spawns) Ragnarok: ORP Lost Ark Ragnarok PvPvE Instant max level 150! Come join our server! Our goal is to create a strong Ark community across our servers. We welcome players of all ages to come join and play Ark with us! This is a PvP Server so expect raiding. However, we expect a fair and respectful environment. No cheating will be tolerated or exploits. Also, no whining if you get raided. Remember its a PvP Server. We will have a community room for all players to enjoy. In the community room we will have structures for you to use such as: a grill, industrial forge, grinder, and industrial cooker. Also a news board for all the events. Now to the Nitty Gritty: Maps: The Island (32 slots) & Ragnarok . Rules: No building in caves. No blocking resources in Island (Metal and Obsidian) Try not to offline raid Try not to kill passives Raid and leave DON'T WIPE TRIBES Let tribes build Rates: 8x XP 8x Taming 10x Gathering 50x Maturing, 100x Hatch Speed Admin Logging Enabled 5x Boosted Supply Drops and Fish Loot Player per level weight, speed, stamina, oxygen, health and fortitude increased Max Wild Dino Level 150 DOUBLE XP AND TAMING EVERY WEEKEND How to Join: Filter "unofficial PC sessions" and search 'Lost Ark' then this server should come up... "[Cluster] Lost Ark (Custom Drops and Griffin Spawns)". DISCORD: Join our discord for more info or questions: Discord Code: yS9s6RH Discord Code: https://discord.gg/yS9s6RH or Add my GT for questions: ItsHands7
  10. Are you looking for a place to settle down, build elaborate structures, breed pretty dino mutations, or just kick back and have some fun, without the worry of being wiped? Well Fallen Kingdom is the place for you! Our goal is to establish a community where everyone can come to kick back and relax, without the worries that come along with playing PVP. Whether you enjoy building, breeding, bossing, taming, or just messing around, Fallen Kingdom is the perfect place for that. Our servers are still only fresh, so there are plenty of amazing locations for you to choose from to set up shop. We provide Community Centers on all our maps that are equip with Industrial Forges, Fabricators, Chem Benches, and Industrial Grills, as well as a level 150 Griffin and metal tools pack to help any new comers get started. If you're over on Ragnarok don't forget to visit our Community town located by Blue Obelisk, there you can find our Tavern, Church, Bank, General Store and more! Discord is our main hub for everything, from updates on any changes that may happen to the servers, notifying players when events will be happening, as well as to give our members a platform to buy/sell/trade with one another! If you are thinking of joining us be sure to check it by clicking here. We also have an in game currency (snow globes) that allows us to reward our donators as well as people who participate in giveaways and events with higher than max level dinosaurs, items and dino paint jobs. Our rewards shops can be found at either Blue Obelisk on Ragnarok and at the Community Center on the Center. We do not ask much apart from that you follow these simple rules which we have put into place to ensure that all our members have an enjoyable Ark experience: No land claiming or pillar spamming Do not leave tames on obelisks No blocking/building on or near obelisks or main spawns (artifacts, resources etc) Only 1 bronto per tribe Respect your admins and fellow players Please understand that although our admins are very active, they too have lives and cannot be online at all hours of the day. Our admins also enjoy playing the game themselves, but if there is anything you need urgent admin assistance with do no hesitate to message either ubisassy or kimberieyy through xbox live, or tag @admins in our discord, and someone will get to you as soon as they possibly can. We hope to see you soon!
  11. Brand New Server Boosted Just wiped no alphas NO ADMINS unofficial pc island server come check it out you won't regret it, start building now before anyone else become Alpha Instant Tame/level Fresh Wipe TO Join: SERVER Name: BOONDOCKSAINTS Or Add: Fg Rainy
  12. Xbox one unofficial PC sessions. Server name : RaMa PvP Server Settings: no full base wipe, no killing passive tames, no griefing - lvl 300 Dino cap - 2x XP - 6x Taming - 4x Resource Harvesting - 0.25x starvation and dehydration for players - 2x Supply Crate Quality - Turrets only reach ~20 foundations away. - 200 Turrets limit - 0.25x Mating Cooldown - 25x Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier - No Imprinting Bonus - 6x Baby Mature Speed - 8x Crop Growth Speed Multiplier - Unlimited Mindwipes - 1.5x Tamed Dino Stamina - Admin commands never abused- Admin commands show in chat. - Admins always available - No structure decay message gamer tag : raayonn if you have any questions at all free to join server name : RaMa PvP
  13. PeakArkPvP247


    Brand new server 7 pickup there's only one admin.Xbox Gt is peakarkpvp247 nobody's on and it's your time to become alpha stats are still being modified but will be done so on weekends late at night
  14. Looking for people to join my new server with boosted rates, admin shop and friendly admin. Looking to build a friendly community.
  15. DankMarine

    New Player Dedicated Server

    Looking for a group of players to join a new player dedicated server. Looking for reliable admins. Brand new server in Ragnarok untouched. Any player welcomed trying to have server growth and community. If you want to be admin at least recruit players to join to make it more fun. Boosted less grind and enjoy ark without the tediousness. For more info msg me at gamertag DankMarine. Server name is Dank Survivors and it's under the gamertag SavedFeather388. Server has already started we have a fighting ring and a market also giving dinos for new members. Still looking for some good admins only currently have 3.
  16. Hey guys. Just brought my server up an hour ago. A few people coming and going. Hosted by gportal. No lag never goes down unless it's an update. Give it a try. Aberration Map 6man tribe limit.
  17. New Ark server 24/7 Rag 3x everything with 4 active admins. Going to be hosting events, give aways for in game items,materials or dinos! ADD Odins Outcast on youre Xbox and come get first picks on base areas and start chaos!! Admins gamertags: JoCorre,MojoMantis,Cynn03 JOIN OUR CLUB ON XBOX! Rules: Max level 100 1.Respect the rules PvP 2.No Racism No limit to Tribe size 3.No Harassing/Greifing 4. Do not build/block caves to artifacts or highly resourced areas
  18. hey guys! we opened a new ark server on the ragnarok map. taming & harvesting x5 XP gain x3 Mods: Classic Flyers | S+ | Bigger stacks. server opened 2 days ago. EU Server, located in franch. IP: Name: [NEW] Allx3 Classic flyers | S+ you all welcome to join us!
  19. Yeah ark ps4 server 343 rag no popping up either
  20. 24/7 server ping is usually always below 30. X3 gather but harvest health is up. Xp is good enough to get max level after a couple hours taming is x5 i think. Egg hatch instant. Should only take a couple hours to raise stuff. Bird movement around 156% on default. Player stats weight is decent mine is 1200. Fort goes up by 3. Movement is 3 also. Melee is 10 or 20. Health is 20 or more not sure. Wild dino stats default. Server difficulty 25. Cave flyer allowed. Dino weight is nice and melee. Server will always be up. Hosting on Criptek Quantum so add it. For any more info message criptek junkies or criptek leader
  21. I’m currently looking for more players to fill up our server. Currently, the server only has a few PVE players, but I would like some PVP players to come over and fill up some slots. Single people are welcome, but tribes would be better. As the map is empty, you are free to build where ever you like, except dungeon caves, and do anything you like. The only condition to joining is that the admins tribe is to be left alone. We will trade materials, help with taming etc but we want no part in PVP combat. The map is Ragnarok and all the boring stuff about vanilla ( XP, harvesting, baby stuff ect) has been boosted. If this interests you, feel free to send a message to my gamer tag MEG4TRON09
  22. Nitrado Hosted 20 player per server limit Maps are Ragnarok Scorched and The Center. Still pretty new looking for more tribes to join. Search The Hive to find us.
  23. WELCOME TO SANGUINAR Sanguinar is a brand new and small ARK PvPvE Community Open to EU players, our small team of admins consisting of myself (DaffyMindie), Ben (benevs) and Liam (ixhardingxi) hope to bring to you a community of like-minded and mature individuals! Open now to the public, we currently have 17 slots remaining on the server, though we're hoping to boost it in the future to 30 to allow for the growth of the community, which we plan to do through a donation-based system. The stats on the server are boosted in a way that it will not kill the enjoyment of the server, but will allow you to drop in and get started on your PvPing pleasure. We have the following events planned up: EVENTS!!: Raptor Brawls 'n' Races! Equus Jousting! THE RAGNAROK ARENA! Bounty Hunt Wyvern Racing Once-A-Month Admin Events Tavern Brawls Dodo/Dilo pit fights (All this and more in our Arena District, located at the Circle of Pillars) SERVER RULES: 1. No trolling We want this server to be both fun and respectable for all our community member. That means, no trolling of any kind is permitted on this server. What we personally define as trolling within this game is Club-knocking (i.e. Flying around and clubbing people - if you want people's stuff, just raid them), continuous harassment for no reason (that includes constant raiding - let them rebuild) and Random fly-bys. We want direct and very war-like PvP on this server. 2. No Spamming I mean, yeah this is pretty simple. If you spam the server, you're just gone. I have no time for people who rando-spam stuff in chat. If you have a question, just DM one of us, otherwise, you will be either kicked or permanently banned. 3. No Disrespectful Conduct This protrudes to passive tames and bases. While we understand that some tribes can be sausages, please do not be disrespectful in chat. That also covers wiping bases for revenge and killing passive tames. These are a no go on the server. The only people who can wipe people's bases will be the Admins, who will only wipe bases if they are inactive, or if they were previously for event purposes. HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON, IN SANGUINAR!
  24. RAGNAROK PVP - KIRBYSDREAMLAND How to find our Server? Name Filter: Search KirbysDreamland and it should show up. Full server name is KirbysDreamland - NEW SERVER - 24/7 - STATS BOOST FOR LIMITED TIME - Ragnarok Show Password Protected: NO Session Filter: Unofficial PC Servers Available Slots: 50 (albeit this can easily be pushed up to 100 if demand shows) *****24/7 Ragnarok PVP Server***** NEW SERVER - LIMITED TIME EVENT - BOOSTED STATS ON EVERYTHING - GET AHEAD OF EVERYONE ELSE WHILST YOU CAN - CAN BUILD IN TO TERRAIN (DisableStructurePlacementCollision set True) SO YOU CAN SET BASES UP IN HARD TO FIND PLACES. For all of November virtually all settings are set to max to allow players to get ahead of the curve and settled in. When December starts, we'll be rolling out random events, loot drops and gladiatorial events with hefty prizes to be one for the true champions. Friendly admins - we are always looking to recruit new admins and so if you're interested, message me on PSN 'Cap_Kirby' with why you want to be admin and past experience. The Swamp Castle area is being set up as an Admin's base but apart from that, you're free to build anywhere you want even if it's another base owned by an Admin. All is fair in love and war. Regular Events\ Raidable loot bases \ arena PvP events (Arena area under construction) Server Rules: 1) NO WIPING!!!!!! 2) Don't raid starter bases without reason - we want to the community to grow and clans to form. 3) Respect other players! Although we are a PvP server we 'd like to build up a strong and active community so don't necessarily have a 'kill on sight' mentality. Have fun on Ark PVP Server is always up so come on in!
  25. Hi! We are looking for active players who would be interested in joining our server. If we have enough people, we will begin to do server events regularly. We will be switching to Aberration upon it's release. Currently, the server is on Ragnarok. The server is a PC Hosted server through Nitrado and does go down around 8:00 A.M. eastern for a quick restart for 1-2 minutes every day. The server is currently capped at 10 players on the server at once but we are willing to increase that if enough people are interested! Here's the server info: Server Name: Ark of Thrones-5x-PvP Taming: 5x XP: 5x Admins: ELEKTRIC_VIPER, MattyIce0528 Add either or both of the admins and they will invite you to a psn message chat for the server and inform you of any additional rules such as no offline raiding etc. We hope to see you on the Server! (Tribes of up to 2 are welcome)