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Found 10 results

  1. I understand I'm probably beating a dead horse here but hear me out. Microraptors aren't just powerful, they're OP (IN PVE). They have the ability to knock you off your mount, which is already bad enough, but to make it worse they stun you for ten seconds making you susceptible to everything around you, including the environment. For example, once I was carrying a recently tamed Bary home on my Argy. Since my base was all the way across the map, I decided to take a stamina break, however, three of these little demons decided it was high time to do something about my life, and subsequently knocked me off my Argy. I thought, "oh, ten seconds, no big deal", right before my face was chewed off by a nearby Alpha Raptor. So, any sane person might think "Oh, just don't go to places they spawn at on mounts they can knock you off of, or just don't fly low". While I partially agree with this, I also think that someone shouldn't be that limited in exploration, seeing that most of the mounts they can't knock you off of are large and slow. As for the "don't fly low" part, they cover so much of the map (particularly Ragnarok (for reference, use this https://bit.ly/2MZw8R6) that stopping to get stamina in their territory is almost inevitable, even if you have a high stam mount. Some might also say "Just keep your mounts on neutral". This is a good point and I think it's a great way to lower your chances of death but it is in no means foolproof. Keeping your mounts on neutral might mean you kill that Rex that's decided it would love a taste of your blood, but with how many aggressive things tend to be in the areas where they spawn (ex. Redwoods and the Canyons) there's a high chance that another dino will get the drop on you, leading to your inevitable death. Another common argument is "Just dismount before they reach you and they won't be able to do anything". This can work and has worked for me multiple times but you've gotta keep in mind that these things are some of the smallest creatures in the game and as shown by this video (https://bit.ly/2LTjyac) outpace every other land creature by a mile. Not to mention that they seem to have a tendency to come out of nowhere. It's just unrealistic to think that people will be able to consistently do that. Conclusion: Microraptors are OP (IN PVE), with such a powerful move in their arsenal and almost no way to consistently counter/defend against them, they have become a serious problem to me and almost everyone I know that plays the game. They deserve a nerf or something to make playing with them in the game more fun. I only say this because, in their current state, I'd rather play in an ARK where they never existed, and that's my breaking point for when I know something needs some serious adjustments. Some possible fixes I think could work great: Make it so if you have a microraptor on your shoulder or any other shoulder mount on your shoulder they will block the microraptors stun and proceed to fight that microraptor (if they aren't on Passive or Passive Flee, in which case they would do nothing). Another version of this that would probably make microraptors much less annoying is the same principle but the shoulder mount never leaves your shoulder or fights the microraptor but simply blocks the stun. I feel this would be good because it takes some sort of effort to acquire a shoulder mount but not so much that it makes countering microraptors a mind numbingly boring process. Another fix might be adding a "Spiked Helmet" at level 15-35 and making it cost materials that aren't necessarily hard to get but just rare enough that early game players will find this helmet valuable. I think a perfect candidate for this is Chitin/Keratin, costing about 75-150 for each helmet. This helmet would stop the microraptor from throwing you off and as an added bonus would damage any creatures that melee you that seem to be hitting you head, for example, compys wouldn't be damages but Vultures and Rexes would.(by amounts going up as the quality of the helmet goes up (ex. Primitive 2 dmg, Ramshackle 5 dmg, Apprentice 7 dmg, Journeyman 10 dmg, Mastercraft 15 dmg, Ascendant 20 dmg) Some other notable, however less exciting mentions include lowering their aggro range, decreasing their spawnrates, lowering their speed, etc., etc., As the title may suggest, I'm looking for discussion, so please, if you think I'm an idiot who deserves nothing but scorn for this heinous, wretched post, tell me why. And if you want to reinforce my already massive ego by reaffirming my beliefs, please do so. Have a good day!
  2. Myosapien

    Dino Nerf

    Just curious if there is a list or if anyone knows which dinos have ever received a health nerf in the history of Ark. If someone can provide a link that lists these that would be awesome. Trying to figure out how much if at all to boost dino health stat on my cluster. I've only slightly boosted dino speed, stam & weight so far as default setting is painful in those areas but I've heard that there have been significant health nerfs on some dinos and want to know which ones before I go and do a general health stat boost across the board. Thanks for any info on this.
  3. Frogspoison

    Why nerf Dolphin?

    So, the Icthyosaurus got it's speed significantly decreased along with the Pleisiosaur. I can see why the Pleisi got speed nerfs - Not only is it a decent powerhouse in the ocean, only being below the Mosa and Squid, but it's fast to boot, with stupid high stamina. But the Icthy? Speed was the ONLY thing the Dolphin has going for it. Now the Manta is better in every possible form - Better health, better damage, better controls, better speed, better everything. Except belly flopping. The Manta is TERRIBLE at belly flopping onto dry land. But yea, why nerf the Dolphin's speed? Also, Argent's health. Why nerf the Argent?
  4. Userforce

    Z Plants Ruined

    GG to WC devs for making the horrible decision to introduce MORE monotony on the glitchy, laggy Aberration map. Instead of focusing resources on fixing undermeshing and stuck dinos, which were supposedly "fixed" a month ago, you decided to nerf one of the best design aspects of Aberration (Z Plants) so far, IN ONE GO AND PROBABLY ZERO TESTING, so as to make Z Plants worse than meat spamming, and effectively useless. #quitArk #runbyidiots
  5. Ok, so we all know about the club. You can make it at lvl 3 and costs almost nothing to make. And if you play official, you would know that a majority of players put an extreme amount of melee damage on their character and with a club can knock out other players with ease. You could spend an hour making some really good flak BPs, only to get knocked out almost instantly by some fresh spawn with a club. I understand it gives solo players and new players a way to fight against bigger tribes, but it would nice if players would start fighting each other with bows, spears, crossbows and all the other weapons ark has to offer, but everyone uses the club instead. It simply makes PvP into whoever has more melee wins. It is simply broken to be wearing good flak, or riot and get knocked out by a club in a few hits. Either the club should be reworked, nerfed or removed altogether. Or make melee damage not effect torpor damage as much, or not at all. Im just giving out my opinion because in my 3 years of playing official, I would know that the club needs some fixing.
  6. I have seen some dino nerfs since this game launched and i think those nerfs were PVP focused. I am a PVE player and those nerfs are too much for me.
  7. Is it just me or does the glider now feel like a lateral parachute? Pick one or the other. Increasing the durability damage to the armor AND making the person a completely helpless aerial target just means that the glider suit is essentially worthless for PvP now. A person gliding without the speed nerf was already unbelievably easy to shoot out of the sky. Now that you do MORE damage to the target, you don't even have to try. It's just free kills at that point. I already thought a glider suit was slow compared to some of the dinos you have to fight while using it. I was barely even able to handle a confrontation with a Griffin last night (pre-nerf) and most of that was because of my tame control (called my drake to go where I landed and flew into it/mounted after getting picked over and over and over) Essentially they're allowing griefers to just spam pick you so you can't activate the glider again. Were that the case my Rock Drake would be dead right now and all my gear lost. Anyone know if they fixed that Griffin grapple bug where you take infinite fall damage when you try to grapple a Griffin? That is the ONLY counter left that you could possibly use and it's broken/bugged last I checked.
  8. So, since this time of year will always be "treasured" in the hearts of all ARK survivors, WHAT DO YOU THINK W/C is next to drop for the good ol' April fools? Last year it was the flyer nerf, and that wasn't....really....a prank....just horrendous agony. Could they actually allow lvl-able speed on flyers as a server-side setting. LOL. That would be something that would qualify as a prank..... *sighs*
  9. stumpyfongo

    Argents OP?

    I know this topic isn't new. And, over the years the Argent has been nerfed several times. All I know is that on our private server Argents dominated the scene. There was very little point in using anything else especially at high levels, and when bred. High Health High Carry weight Ability to pick riders off mounts (which we decided to not do because it was too cheap and easy) Ability to pick up riders/creatures and bite them while carrying them. Massive damage. Some of the Argents had over 800% melee damage. Single argents could be used to take on alphas. Ability to flee if the fight went south, which was almost never. We did a lot of testing, most of it without recording video. A top-tier shotgun, couldn't kill an argent after being picked before it could peck you to death in it's grasp. What about a top-tier assault rifle? Supposedly Argents take more damage to the head from ranged weapons. What are we missing here? How are argents not OP?
  10. MultiScoreGasmz

    Recent announcement to NERF stego

    death of the soakers...? The stego, getting a huge nerf for damage resistance...some might say good it was way too good at soaking. But the problem is the devs are nerfing all other soaking Dino’s(bronto, paracer, etc) almost into the ground with health stats when they’re suppose to be “tanky” Dino’s. Every creature in ark has a purpose, the stego was recently useless now more recently given use for soaking turrets, now that only use is threatened I do not agree with either of these up coming nerfs for the patch scheduled for the 18th of February and if enough people get behind me we might be able to change the deva mind!