• Announcements

    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.
    • Jatheish

      TLC Update - Ragnarok 'Puzzle' Cave.   03/20/18

        In our most recent Ragnarok Update, the puzzle cave was revised so that it would no longer allow survivors to build within it. Due to this change, player structures found in this location were removed and some dinos became stuck. We will not be rolling back our servers at this time. We would like to keep rollbacks limited to major service-wide disruptions going forward due to complications caused by CrossARK and Tribes (part of being a multi-server persistent open-world survival game). Later today, we'll be rolling a server update which will allow survivors to build in this area for an additional week so that players can move their creatures via a transmitter or teleporter. After the 27th of March, this will no longer be possible so please use this time to remove your creatures swiftly. Console players, please use this time to move out any creatures or structures you have in this cave because once the update hits, you'll no longer be able to do so! Thank you for your patience and ongoing support, survivors!

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Found 15 results

  1. Ark Transfer cooldown on wyvern milk?

    Hi there. so since the update where you have a 30m timer on items in your inventory. i was wondering if i were to go from the island to scortched earth for example. if i get wyvern milk and transfer it to ark data. or hold it in my inventory (does the milk also have this 30min cooldown) (because it spoils very quickly) and i cant do the wyvern raise on SE anymore i did before but dont have the time (also ragnarok is full) frankly i prefer SE. can anyone tell me if there is a timer on the milk or is it excluded?
  2. Hi Guys,I love this game but looks like having a wyvern is impossible for players like me...I have a family to take care of, and a job.... raising wyverns taking too much time, i just cant wake up at 3-4 am at night to feed a dino. Or login the game from my work to feed it... IF it could be x2 breeding at weekends its allright but 4 days ... its too much ! Or change the food drop time, i dont know, i could feed him each 10 hours when im back from my job.. another problem is milk, please give us an another food type which we can feed him, any kind of kibble .. or make wywern milk to spoil at least 2 days in a bin.- Probably you will say, join to a tribe and work togetter with your friends.. But still all my friends are working , have a family. i cant just ask them to do [email protected] Admins Please fix-improve it , dont make us delete the game.This makes me angry when i saw a kid flying on a wywern... a kid who has alot of time to play Thank you for your understading...
  3. Hi Guys, I love this game but looks like having a wyvern is impossible for players like me... I have a family to take care of, and a job.... raising wyverns taking too much time, i just cant wake up at 3-4 am at night to feed a dino. Or login the game from my work to feed it... IF it could be x2 breeding at weekends its allright but 4 days ... its too much ! Or change the food drop time, i dont know, i could feed him each 10 hours when im back from my job.. another problem is milk, please give us an another food type which we can feed him, any kind of kibble .. or make wywern milk to spoil at least 2 days in a bin. - Probably you will say, join to a tribe and work togetter with your friends.. But still all my friends are working , have a family. i cant just ask them to do so.. @Dear Admins Please fix-improve it , dont make us delete the game. This makes me angry when i saw a kid flying on a wywern... a kid who has alot of time to play Thank you for your understading...
  4. Some bovine?

    I strongly believe they could add a form of cattle or other bovine. The idea of being able to produce milk would be a new and refreshing addition to the game. With it could come new structures, such as a butter churner and the ability to create cheese or other dairy products. Could even help with juveniles and babies! It could easily be balanced with a fast spoil timer. It would also add a new feeling of settling down at one place and starting a farm. I though something like a wooly cow in the tundra area. (I know those didn't exist, but neither did a few others they've added) With it being there, it would be a large payoff for exploring a rather dangerous area of the map. To balance a creature like that further, you could make it eat only fiber since most bovine graze and it wouldn't be too weird since we have a small bird-like critter who eats chitin. I personally like the thought of racing a bull through a group of dilos.
  5. Me and my tribemate thought of a more "realistic" and better way to do the raising and breeding process of mammals. Instead of hand feeding berries right upon birth (that can be a burden depending on what you are raising). Since we don't all have time to constantly hop on and offline to check babies for food, what if instead of feeding them berries upon birth the mother would just start to eat more and produce milk. The babies would have to stay within a certain perimeter of the mother in order to eat off the mother. This would save a lot of stress and if you are a solo or duo tribe (like myself) it would make the process a lot less painstaking and more realistic!
  6. i'm beginning to get my dinos back after the last raid and i've made the decision that i will definitely be getting a wyvern soon, but i have questions first. to be clear, this is an official pvp xbox ragnarok server, and we will assume the wyvern egg is a level 180. 1. what should i use to obtain the egg? i currently have no flyers, so what should i tame in order to get the egg? should i tame an argie or a ptera or what? 2. if there are no wyverns rendered in the trench when i get the egg, will they aggro me once they are within render range? 3. what will cause the parent to de-aggro? do the wyverns continue aggro after you have left render range? will a wild animal distract it? 4. how many standing torches would i need to hatch the egg? how about campfires? i know ACs are the most effective but i don't have the resources to make them yet. 5. what do the babies eat? some have told me i will only need milk, others say you have to feed it meat and milk is only optional. so which is it? is milk a substitute for food? if so, how many units of meat would milk cover? 6. what's the best method for obtaining milk? obviously i would need to make a wyvern trap but should i go after regular wyverns or alphas? does wyvern level affect milk output? 7. how long do they typically take to raise? on normal rates, will i be raising for a week or less? how does raising one compare to a rex? 8. i know this is more subjective, but what is the best type of wyvern to get? does the ice wyvern compare equally to the others? i apologize for all the questions, but i want to be informed about this as much as i can before i make the leap to tame one of those beasts. if anyone is willing to contribute then that would be very much appreciated!
  7. Prehistoric Cow

    Hey WC ! I do some breeding and I think there's missing something in that aspect of the game. I sugest you to add a prehistoric cow that will make milk. The milk can be used to grew up babys faster.
  8. Look for a wyvern

    So I lost my tames twice now trying to get milk for my third wyvern baby. Just curious if anyone had a fully raised one they would spare, because I'm tired of trying to raise one by myself! Let me know I'd greatly appreciate it, doesn't have to be anything special.
  9. Need help with wyvern

    Hey i need to know what the minimum stats for a pteranadon are to last a wyvern atack. Need to get milk for an egg
  10. So since 261 update out i realised that the spyglass doesn't work on wyverns any more i think it's bugged. When i want to check with spyglass the wyvern if its a female or not or the level i see nothing of it as the other dinos. Before the patch it was fine. My other problem is with the new food consumption for baby wyverns. Me and my freind just decided to raise a 150 dragon but some say its impossible since the patch released. I don't want to risk my egg but its gonna spoil in 2 days so i have to. Dev's please this 1 hour milking stuff can't be serious for 9 hours. This is a joke this is not the way a survival game has to be like steal people sleep for nothing btw blizzard do it for money but you do not even get money of it so what is the point jesus. When it hits somehow juvenille we still can't go to work sleep etc... and with the not working spyglass it is going to be crazy.
  11. - Food consumption on dinos raised from 0.1 to 0.25 per unit Health regenerated. I done some tests, but can someone confirm that this are afecting baby dinos? The ones im breeding started to consume ALOT of food, and if i remember, itsnt normal at all... @Jat @Jen @ThzNutz @lilpanda
  12. This is an interesting little tidbit. As you all know, the only way to procure wyvern milk is by knocking out eild females and milking them. Why cant tame females produce milk? It can be at a small rate (one milk every 8-12 hours) but would help and add a nice little bit of depth to the game.
  13. I come from being Alpha on Cluster 9. And just recently moved to official. We are extremely experienced in Tek Tier and overall gameplay. I've noticed that on official SE servers people love to block obs and drops. We've searched through many servers but have yet to find a decent SE server we can start on. If anyone could help out to simply get a spawn point inside that would be great. Psn: xTorpts
  14. i dont know if im putting this in the correct forum, but anyway- my tribe was set up on a scorched earth server, then a tribe came and wiped the entire server overnight so we are currently without a way to get anything from scorched earth. So im looking for a scorched earth server that will allow me to use the scar for milk. i dont want to raid anyone or troll anyone, i just want to use the scar for a few days so i can raise my own wyvern (i already have an egg). i am on PS4. either reply or PM me on PSN. My psn is Samammo Thanks
  15. Solo wyvern milking: REAL Tips?

    PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS POST BECAUSE IT'S LONG, IT'S NOT MEANT TO ONLY HELP ME: BUT EVERY OTHER PLAYERS IN A SIMILAR CONDITION LOOKING FOR SOLID INFORMATION ON THIS TOPIC(which dosen't exist at the moment). Consider this as a probable main reference/encyclopedia/information pool on this topic, on a "Professional" way Ok so I was looking all over the internet: forums, videos, wikis, etc etc, just to find help and tips to an easy, cheap and safe way to get wyvern milk for hatching my FIRST wyvern in SOLO mode. I've seen everything: over 200% speed argys kite, overly expensive traps, paracer Platform with chain bolas, tribe aggro with golems, Rex army/ Auto turret fulled building to kill Alphas, Tapejaras squads, tranq traps on mountains, Metal safe boxes, Mantis with clubs madness... EVERYTHING! But the thing is I don't know the best way to do it from all of those or yet untold methods if I want it: 1- Cheap 2- Safe 3-Effective 4-Soloable Here is some more spécifications to get a more precise answer(you might want to skip them, if so, just go where the specs end but be sure to give a decent answer on the topic! If you want some specs but not too much, only read those in bold characters): 1-I play in solo mode on Xbox, but I still have access a certain friend and maybe another one to help (See spec 3) but I have to say he/they is/are very unexperienced on Scorched earth and in any complex tasks in the game, if I need his/their help it must be for something simple or fast to learn 2- Being on Solo, I actually altered some of the game aspects to make it actually playable, notably hatch speed and baby dino growth rate(both at 6.0; 1.0 being default). I can alterate some other aspects if necessary for making it easier (like baby food comsumption) while keeping a certain "legit" aspect (no wild dino torpor debuff for example) to actually get the fame for hatching the egg. TL;DR: changing aspects and stats of the game concerning the Hatching and raising process is acceptable, while anything relevant to player or wild wyvern stats isn't, a temporary spoil time augmentation could be added if I see it's actually impossible to do it without that 3- Remember those friends I talked about? They owe me a service concerning taming or dino exchanges. My group of friend all plays alone on their games with some Survivor/dino/item transfers into each other games to trade services or goods. I'm the only one who actually keeps up with Scorched earth difficulty, so I have access to thingsd they don't and they have things that I can't get too. The other day, I helped one of my pals to tame a Quetzal because I'm the only one with a dino to actually tame it easily (A Tapejara actually,yes, my friends are incompetent enought to fail taming it or they are either too dumb to see it's huge utility) and with that being said, he owes me Something that I would normally don't even have access to on *SE*. TL;DR: I have access to anything outside of Scorched Earth, notably dinos (or their eggs) like Brontos, Spinos, Pteranodons and, most importantly, a Quetzal(I guess that one would be the most usefull) 4- My game is on difficulty 0.2 (default difficulty), most wyverns range from lvl 10 to 35/40, but can sometime reach up to 70 in rare cases. 5-My goal is to hatch an egg, more precisely a level 14 fire egg (with some time I could get a better one as I am pretty fluent in egg stealing, but it would get exponentially harder to raise threw it's growth phase... I don't have much information on that so maybe i'm wrong, all precisions are welcomed), I have no problem hatching any eggs ( I got a 3x3 closed wooden "incubator" room with 16 campfires) the only problem is the milk: how to get it easily and how many should I get, with maybe some tips on keeping it unspoiled for the time the wyvern grows or if I need to gather It WHILE it grows or if i'm ok mass gathering it BEFORE 6- There's no way I can defeat an Alpha with my current experience with them (I actually never fought one of them) the specified egg above is actually my possible way to defeat one(I heard tamed fire wyverns are the best way to 1v1 them easily) for other wyvern raisings (Friends don't have access to them, remember, If I get a good way to breed and raise several wyverns, i'll become pretty much a god in trading value for them) BUT if you have a simple, safe and ressource-friendly way to defeat one (I spotted a level 4 in the world scar, I guess he is pretty weak but he got like 8 other wyverns all over him, notably lvl40 Lightning and so on) I always welcome new ways to think when it comes to means to kill dangerous enemies. 7- My current tames are: lvl 58 Argy (about 16X% mov speed, training him to get over 200), lvl 52 Tapejara (focused on weight, damage and stamina, he is my all-around tame principally meant for metal runs and land carnivores hunting). lvl 60-something Paracer with Platform ( focused on health and general stats, soon to be equiped with a canon on the rear of it's stone structure I added, meant to tame a golem), Rex pack around lvl 30-40(always growing because of tames and cross-breeding). Note that I have access to every other tames on the map except for Mantis, Wyvern(obviously) and Golem (still don't know if i'm gonna be able to aim correctly with the canon...) 8- Ressource-wise, I don't want to touch anything higher than stone-tier if possible, electric devices and late game crafts needs a lot of ressources I can hardly get in massive quantities alone 9-Character is lvl 68, all stats increases in game rules are at 1.0, Leveling on SE is really easy so I can easily get to 80 and above 11- Another fact: you are either tired reading all the specs or you didn't read them at all... 12- You didn't realised number 10 is missing 13- Yes, I'm making jokes to decrease your boredom so i'll get decent answers =D SPECIFICATIONS ENDS HERE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To answer, please follow the model i'll write below. Dosen't really matter if you do or if you don't care about the specs listed above, just share your methods and tips in a "Professional" way with lots of détails! NAME OF THE METHOD WHAT IT'S MEANT FOR: (by default I want wyvern milking tips concerning knocking out females, but feel free to share methods on hatching, Alpha takedowns, or anything I mentionned in the specs) PERSONAL RATING:(opinion here) DIFFICULTY AND SAFETY: X/10, 10 being as safe as 1v1 a raptor RESSOURCES CONSUMPTION: X/10, 10 being as cheap as making a thatch tower EFFECTIVENESS: X/10, 10 being comparable to get an amount milk as much as having literally a wyvern milking station SOLOABLE?: Easily made in solo/Can be used in solo, but highly suggested to get help/ Need light help/ Bring an army dude YOU NEED: (actual list of ressources or final products) (specific tame with specific recommended stats if needed) THE PROCESS: (actually explain your method) SPECIFICATIONS: (Tips, personnal advice and experience, détails, we need to make those methods understandable by any member of the community, not only those in my conditions!) Thanks for reading (if you did...) and I'm already really gratefull for any answers i'll get! Don't forget: those informations are not only for me, but for the whole community, precisely those who have difficulties on this topic because, like I already said, informations on the internet for that kind of help is either VERY light or scattered across versions, conditions and fake information! Once again thank you!!!And sorry for bad English, of course! P.S.: Another thing about this Topic: if anyone could give answers on the question about milk regenaration on wild and tamed female wyverns, it would be more than welcome! A lot of players spreads fake information and the wiki still could be wrong about it like many things, please give us the thruth about it with actual expérimentations behind it to prove it!