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  1. i feel like the breeding times/mechanics of this game are very poorly made. At least when it comes down to the top tier dino's such as the giga's and quetzals these dino's are not really balanced for people who have jobs. When my friend or me have to actually set alarm's to wake up to make sure either the quetz's or giga's don't die of starvation then you have a serious issue with actual raising dino's. This shouldn't be a "job" in order to have top tier dino's there need's to be a new system implemented to make sure that even the casual players and alpha type players to benefit obviously don't make it where alpha's get too much of a advantage but to give casual players to breed and raise these dino's without losing sleep or interfere with their daily life for a chance to become alpha or at the very least to get good dino's. 18 hours for a hand feed for quetzal's is insane. i feel like this needs to be bumped down to a more reasonable time like 12-13 hours or 11-12 hours this still gives you time to get actual sleep and have them alive when you wake up or they could just decrease the consumption rate so you're not staying online for a extra amount of hours to keep them alive. A lot of players already put a lot of time into the game but i don't think it's fair or healthy to have your players stay up for stupid amounts of time in order to raise a dino to adult and this is not even counting the imprint system. Some people may say "but put meat on the dino's in baby phase and you can get off." The problem with this is that meat won't last for 8 hours you literally have to get around 2-3 hours of sleep max being 3-4 hours before you have to get on and put food on them again. Yes your tribe can help out but this is also, if all of your tribe is not working or doing other things in life that prevents them from actually getting on at the correct times even harder if you only have 3 or 4 tribe members so i am asking the dev's to please approach this issue. Real life time doesn't work super well with majority of people who have actual lives.
  2. GildaTheGriffin

    Game Re-write

    I have been playing for over a year, and love the game to bits. The main problem I have been noticing is, well, everything. I feel Wildcard should take 8-12 months off, and focus only on re-writing the game's code after the next DLC. The movement system, item system, even building systems are barely functional, 'early access' level. I feel if they took a while to revamp everything, the community would appreciate it more than just adding new dinos or small bugfixes. I know making a game isn't easy, it's long, tedious, repetitive and tiring, but if they do end up doing it I feel Ark would become the game everyone wants it to be
  3. Hi, We all know that the creatures in ark are perfect support for our daily survival life. I thought about a mechanic what allows the player to teach a creature to walk specified paths or to a specified location alone. This could be used for security, transporting or eventually farming. "Go home" wisthle whould be an idea or waypoints you can craft. The dino walks bitween the marker until you or something else stop them. You can arrange supply connections and create a more alive together. Your tribe can attack supply routes while T-Rex patrols around the base. One tribe member stays at the quarry while the stego takes the loot down to the storage an he will come back when somebody emptied and told him. I don't think about sending them all across the map, more like midrange paths you cleared before. gps navigation caps would be to crazy If you guys know any mod working like this please let me know. Thanks!
  4. Great Water Mechanics working on a Sandbox environment is surprisingly do-able, as seen on Sea of Thieves and since they also use the Unreal Engine 4 I think ARK can do it as well. I've compiled some of the Ark Digest Q&A where an OCEAN PASS is being discussed along with some of the suggestions from the community Here are some of them For anyone who are curious about the water mechanics in Sea of Thieves here's the vid I love for ARK to apply these mechanics, maybe buy their technology or make their own, just imagine the immersion. I for one would really love to experience ARK's ocean in a new light. For other ARK features here's the link https://ark.gamepedia.com/Upcoming_Features#cite_note-digest
  5. Umber0010

    Breeding Overhaul

    Alright, as i'm sure MANY of you know, Breeding, as it stands, is a terrible system. Not only does in provoke unhealthy behavior, but it's also pretty OP, up to +20% to each stat AND up to 30% damage resistance and bonus while riding. so what are my goals for this? simple, make breeding not require in-healthy behavior and make imprinting weaker overall, but able to be tailored dino to dino. first off, breeding timers are 10x faster, so a dodo will mature in around 1.6 hours, a Pteranodon will mature in around 4 hours, rex will mature in around 10 hours, ect. Next, imprinting will no longer randomly chose between feeding, walking and cuddleing, instead, every 1/12 of the dinos maturation time (so if a dino takes 12 hours to mature then every 1 hour you would imprint) you can choose between 5 different options of imprinting to fill 10% of the imprint meter. but instead of each imprint boosting all the stats, the imprint would instead raise a certain stat by 5%. and the rider imprint bonus is also dependent on the imprints you do. Of, but you're probably wondering what those imprints are, -Health: feeding the dino it's preferred kibble (riding gives damage resist, 5% every imprint) -stam: being fed milk (an item passively generated by Female moose every 30 minuets while on wander, 15 if mate boosted) riding effect: stam reduction (5% every imprint) -weight: on a walk with atleast 10 stone, metal, or metal ingots in the inventory. riding bonus: weight reduction in inventory and Rider (2.5% every imprint) -melee: whistling "attack this target" onto a training dummy and letting it attack for about 30 seconds. Rider bonus: damage bonus (5% every imprint) -speed: walks (yes, this would effect fliers). -imprint bonus: extra speed (2.5% every imprint) now as I've said before, the point of this system is to be able to cater the imprint bonus to each specific dino. for example, a turret-sponge stego I could put all point into health, then it would have a stego with 50% more HP and 50% damage resist along with the bullet resist, but other than that it would just be a wild-tamed stego (minus mutations). another example, if I wanted a rex that was tank and hard-hitting I could put 5 imprints into melee and 5 into HP, then I would have a rex with 25% more HP and 25% more damage than a normal tamed one. Anky I could put all the levels into weight to carry ALL of the metal, a rhino with 10 imprints into melee to become One Punch Rhino, ect. or finally a Pteranodon with 5 imprints into stam and 5 into speed for getting around the map.
  6. t3mp0st

    Transfer System

    I always feel conflicted with the transfer system in this game. On one hand it allows you to keep certain aspects you like of your character, or get new Tames you otherwise couldn't, But as far as Pvp goes it also allows for Roaming alpha tribes and griefers. How do you all feel about it?
  7. Flying creatures: - Roars for all creatures. - Downhill animation for all creatures. - Nests. - Skittish becoming Aggressive, depending on the strength of the aggressor. And the amount of "Scary creatures" around to defend themselves. - Animations for the animals who are being catched for a flying creature. - Ability to catch you. - Gliding animation - Long distance sounds Caves: - Spiders climbing like the Megalania. - Bats resting face down. - Spiderwebs around the cave. - Ability to burn spiderwebs. - Hidden snakes waiting patiently to attack. - Ability to see when an animal is sick of rage disease. - Falling animations, when you sleep a Megalania, or spider face up (climbing in the roof). Herbivores: - Fleeing to see a carnivore, depending on the strength of the aggressor. And the amount of "Herbivores" around to defend themselves. - Travelling in groups or families. - Curiosity to see the herbivores fleeing. Maybe they're running too, maybe not. But they always run if they can see the carnivore. - More time eating Carnivores: - Carnivorous beeing careful not to be seen. (Lurking, walking only for abundant vegetation, lying waiting...) - Quieter if their stomach is full. - You can stain yourself with feces, so do not give off smell, and you can lose sight of the carnivores more easily. - Puedes tirar carne al suelo para usarla como cebo, a veces los carnívoros se paran a comer, y te dejan en paz. - Much more active at night. - Ability to trace by smell. Map: - A rough sea. - Make the ocean bigger... much bigger. - More variety of berries and plants. Player: - Ability to sleep so that the night passes faster. - Ability to move objects like smithys, wardroves, boxes, torches, a morter... (You can kill the biggest dinosaur, but you cant move furnitures?) - Ability to stand up while you're riding a dinosaur. Including flyers. (Carefully). Or just releasing the mount to use the hands. (But you cant change the dinosaur direction) In general: - Dinosaur romping animations. - Collision physics for the rain with everything. - Trail in the water when something is moving. - Interaction animations between dinosaurs of different species. - Looking around animations. - Maaaaany more idle animations. - Sleeping animations for the night. - Wild animals interacting with the player. (Looking, smelling, making noises...) - Thirst on the dinosaurs. - More ambiental sounds. Write your own suggestions. And comment on those of others.
  8. ShadowRevenge

    New Melee Weapons and Mechanics

    I love ARK. I really do. But I just can't enjoy some of the PvP mechanics there is. The dinos have plenty of unique abilities and I don't have anything against them, but the melee battles between players just aren't that satisfying. Yes, most people prefer to ride on something or shoot from a cliff, but that doesn't mean that some of the added mechanics won't make them use melee weapons more often. Firstly, let's go through the weapons and armor I feel like it would be a great addition to the melee scene: The Rapier The rapier will be a light, fast weapon, used to pierce through armor. There would be two types of rapiers - short and long. The short will have a small guard, but little better armor piercing capabilities then the long one, which will have a bigger guard and would be able to hit from farther away. You won't be able to use a shield with these weapons. Also, your stamina will drain a little bit less, since these are very light weapons. The Armor piercing effect won't work on metal and Tek armor. Attack key: LMB Block: RMB (Does a lot of damage to the weapon if you block a heavier weapon) The Mace The mace will be a heavy weapon. The mace will have two attacks - strong, stamina draining hit on the enemy's head, inflicting 5-7 seconds of stun effect, and a more fast hit on the body, dealing more damage to the player's armor and dealing a little bit of knockback. All the mace's attacks will drain your stamina more quickly than other weapons. You won't be able to use a shield with the long range mace, because you would need two hand to use it, and if you use the short mace with a shield, it will deal 1/3 less damage. 1st attack key: LMB 2nd attack key: MMB Block(will deal a lot of damage to the weapon): RMB The Flail The flail is a very heavy weapon. With the flail you will be able to either bring the mace ball up and smash it into your enemy, which will have a 50/50 chance of either inflicting a stun effect for 10 seconds, or you can spin the mace ball around, like a bola, and when someone approaches will get hit by the mace and will have a chance of a 5 second stun effect. This attack will deal more damage to the player's armor, if it's either chitin, metal or Tek. 1st attack key: LMB 2nd attack key: Hold LMB Block: N/A The Dagger The dagger will be ultimate weapon for sneak attacks. It will have only one version. It would be used to sneak on players and kill them. There would be two attacks - the first is going to be a throwing attack, dealing more damage if the hit is in the head. The second will be a sneaky throat cutting, which would require you to be behind the player you would be attacking. That attack will be instant kill, but will require a lot of skill to perform. The dagger's damage will have a 15% damage buff if the player has the Ghillie suit on. 1st attack key: Holding and letting go the LMB 2nd attack key: RMB I'll edit the topic if I come up with something interesting. The Battleaxe The battleaxe is a two-edged axe, useful in big melee battles. It will have only one version and three attacks. The first one will be a diagonal swipe, inflicting knockback and severe amount of damage to players wearing cloth, leather and chitin armor. The second one will be a throw, which will do a lot of damage to the player's armor and can make them fall over and inflict stun effect for up to 3 seconds. The third attack is going to be the hardest one to perform. You would have to jump from at least five meters and smash the axe into your opponent's head, which will instantly break the opponent's helmet if it's cloth, leather or chitin, have a 75% chance of breaking the helmet if's flak or Tek, have 25% chance of instantly killing the player if they are wearing a cloth hat, 10% for leather, 5% for chitin and 1% for flak and Tek if the helmet is broken. You won't be able to use a shield with the battleaxe. 1st attack key: LMB 2nd attack key: Hold LMB 3rd attack key: Hold RMB when falling Block: N/A The Battlehammer The battlehammer is a heavy, slow weapon. There are three versions of it - a stone one, good for inflicting torpor, a metal one, good for breaking armor, and a Tek one, good for both. The battlehammer has only one attack - a smash, dealing torpor if the hit is in the head and dealing great damage to the armor. It always has a 20% chance of knocking the target down for 5 seconds. You can use a shield with the hammer. Attacks key: LMB Block key: N/A And now, lets get into the new mechanics I would like to see added in the game: Blocking hits without a shield Not in every fight do you have a shield. That's why you should be able to block hits without it. There will be a price tho - the weapon takes more damage, especially if hit by a heavier one. Some weapons won't be able to block hits for obvious reasons. Being able to knock the weapon out of your opponent's hand. This will be a helpful feature in a 1v1 combat and a reason to carry more than one weapon. How this would work is that when you block, you have a chance of dropping your weapon and taking the hit. The chances of this happening will become better, the better the Melee Damage stat is. Being able to knock your enemy down A helpful mechanic if you don't have any torpor inflicting weaponry - the person who you hit falls on the ground and can't stand up for a couple of seconds. Then you can drag them out of the battlefield if you have enough time or just kill them if you don't. I don't have the time to write the rest, I'll be adding them tomorrow.
  9. CompactDisc

    Alternate flyer mechanics

    This is a short suggestion, but probably too large to change by release. Anyhow, I think this could improve flying mechanics by a lot. The flyer nerf cut flying speed all round but perhaps it would be possible to allow flying fast through certain areas. My suggestion would be to add heat circulations in the air. At least an abstraction of that. Think of it as highways across the island through which flyers can go faster than usual. I based the airflow on the image on the hottest and coldest spots on the map and followed the rivers to the sea. It's just an example of what's possible, not balanced much. I only put the flow into the 'harder' areas of the island to promote moving there even more. This also creates choke points on the island for flyer transport which allows people to block those off in a pvp setting.
  10. The game is great as is but these are things that I personally think the Game could use implemented after launch... I'm not sure if any could be added in by release, or at all but here's hoping... Thank you for taking the time to read. TLC: Giving the Trike a Battering Ram maneuver against walls and gates. Defense buff against frontal attacks would also be a great addition. Stego's are kind of useless after awhile except for lawn mowers, So I suggest making them the best lawn mowers ever (carry weight buff with berries, harvest settings for gathering of each individual berry) while still having the Bronto be the King of berry collecting as far as sheer bulk. They could also be Base Defense like the Kentros but the Berry Harvest Setting should be implemented some how... I just thought it would fit good with everyone's favorite Stego. Parasaurs. There is an idea I heard online of making them an alarm systems for your base with their nose horn thing, that would be a great way to keep them useful around the base... Raptors should have a leap attack. Terror Birds have that crazy chicken glide so I just think they need something to compete. maybe gripping on to and climbing up bigger dinos? Carnos could be given some Hit and Run abilities... The Anky should be able to block itself like you do with a shield I think... with it's tail, or crouching down, something like that... Make Trooden slightly easier to Tame in single player settings... Please Give Sarcos a Death Roll maneuver to hit attackers on it's sides. PLEASE! I would really like to see Ichthy's jumping out of the water, and not dying if they get beached. Megalodons and Sarcos doing their vertical leap out of the water for prey also... Allow Araneo to climb walls like Megalania does... It only makes sense, plus it would make it more intense to encounter in caves and much more appealing to tame. Sabertooth's should be able to climb up wood specifically like the Thyla climbs. Making the Thyla still superior by being able to climb stone. Otters and Beavers should be at War. Troops of Otters messing with the Beavers would be hilarious. Maybe stealing the Silica Pearls from their Dams. Tame Beavers should also craft dams with all of their usual resources inside while on wander... It would be a good show of faith to all the people who have really been begging for that since they were introduced... Turtles should go in their shells... but I think that's happening so moving on... Hyaenodon's Meat Pack should make Jerky the same way a Preserving Bin does... Finally the Rex just needs his face fixed and something to keep him competing with his fresher, newer predatory peers like the Yuty, Allo and Giga. Being able to carry dinos/players in it's mouth is a good one, a Roar Buff of some kind makes a lot of sense... and a Super Chomp attack of some kind. His Jaws were the Truth... no Rage like the Giga's added to it though please... Make him the King again. Suggestions to Implement: Add in Archelon the Giant Sea Turtle, and give Liopleurodon's Role of a Rare, Slow, Loot Drop Buffing, Temporary Tame to Archelon freeing Lio to be the Awesome Tame it should of been. Plus the "Magical" Disappearing Tame just doesn't fit with the game honestly... I know it's not realistic as it is but that is too far out there... The whole temporary, disappearing, loot buff creature idea could be scrapped all together in my personal opinion. Add in some more non-tamebale Fish species, with one that hopefully schools, and up all the Fish like Coel's spawn rates in the ocean in general that would be great. It would give A LOT more life to a pretty lifeless ocean... Any time you think of the ocean you think of Fish Everywhere and you don't really see that in Ark... An EMP Trap that when set off disables electronics +Tek Armor and Saddles for anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute or so. PVP needs it. Please do not scrap that Hive Bug from Scorched Earth... It doesn't even have to be tamable, Even if it had it's size blown up and turned into a Boss for Scorched Earth that would be so Amazing for that particular creature... but Compared to the Island and other maps Scorched Earth really does have less of a variety of creatures roaming around... It really could even use some more added in specifically for the desert biome in the future like the ocean does... I guess it doesn't NEED it, but it would be awesome... You could even remove some of the creatures that don't make a lot of sense in a desert to begin with if some more desert dinos/bugs/lizards were added. Some work on the Dino AI to just make the game more immersive... Its hard to get immersed with a bronto humping the hillside... Please do what you can about extending the tethering distance on split screen in local multiplayer. If you can do anything at all... I know it would be a lot to implement, but some standing animations would go along way... It would make them look a lot more natural walking around the Island. Stopping and looking around, foraging, predators smelling the air, Bears, Wolves, Sabers and most other mammalian predators sniffing the ground on a trail. That would be realistic. Also Megatherium reaching up into trees, Mammoths randomly doing their trunk trumpet and shaking their head, The Ants flying in circles instead of in place waiting for a target to attack, then there's Boas, Megalania and other Reptiles Sun-bathing, little things like that (that I do know are not so little to implement) would make the immersion beyond belief... Finally... implementing Dinos nesting with fertilized Eggs you can steal... even if it was only a once a year event on easter or something so you are able to make a map skin with the nests in certain places for certain dinos... competing with Oviraptors for Eggs you can raise sounds like a fun event. a P.S. I have is to please make the Pheonix tamable by killing it... and collecting a fertilized egg from it's Ashes... no milk or anything like that needed just sulfur or something. I thank you for listening! I know it gets old hearing everybody say how you should make your game or what to add to it... but these are just things I wanted to get out there and hopefully people and yourselves creating the game can agree these are some pretty bad ass ideas... and hopefully (fingers crossed) they are taken seriously enough to at least be attempted to be implemented. Much Love Ark Devs. great game, and thank you for nerfing those Eels! Honorable Mentions that would be awesome... Brachiosaurus (Siege Mount) Could smash stone walls and allow for climbing up the neck over walls. Xuphactinus (Evil Looking Giant Fish) Could be a great non-tamable Aggressive Fish. Ornimegalonyx (Giant Owl) Could be a Nocturnal Hunting Companion (Meat, Prime Meat Collector) Harpagornis Moorei (Giant Eagle) Could be a Diurnal Fishing Companion (Fish Meat , Prime Fish Meat Collector) Titanomyrma Queen (Ant Queen with Ant-Hill/Termite Mound-Thing) To Tame Army of Ants to swarm your Enemies. (it could just "Craft" Ants to follow you for certain resource price) Carcharodontosaurus (Scorched Giga) This Behemoth could be the scorched Earth equivalent to a Giga... Maybe with some shielding ability from the storms? Or something to that degree... A Floating Obelisk with a Flying Aerial Boss. It could be given to the Dragon and you could Add a New Ground Based Boss, or create a new Flying Boss for an epic Aerial Battle. Hive Bug +1 New Orginal Boss for Scorched Earth's 3 Obelisks. Giving Scorched Earth it's complete own feel... Maybe making you conquer the Island and Scorched Earth to Aquire something Amazing, or to Unlock an Amazing Map... I like the Bosses but the same ones over and over could get pretty repetitive... A Water World Map DLC. Small Clusters of Islands under each of the 3 Obelisks with an Amazing Ocean to Explore for Alpha level Players... That would be amazing Map to work up to... I honestly think each Official Map should be implemented in the Grand Storyline. As separate test Sights or whatever the story may call for... Making you explore each one for some Larger Goal and Purpose... Then the Very Last thing I want to Mention... I think the Tek Cave is amazingly hard and fitting for the end game... but I am kind of let down there was't some kind of crazy, unique, alpha, end game boss to defeat, or some Revelation found... hopefully that is implemented later. I think it would be amazing to fight a Past Survivor as the Alpha, or Beta Level, End Game Boss... Have the Survivor have all the Tek Upgrades and a Rex with a Tek-Saddle +some other Tamed Dinos. The Tek Cave would make a lot of sense as all those Carnivores you have to fight through belonging to the Past Survivor making his way to the bottom trying to figure out how to escape the Ark. I just don't understand why all those Carnivores are just hanging out in a Volcano... He would have his A-Team of Dinosaurs with him in the base of the Volcano at the Ascension Terminal about to interact with it as you enter. Epic Final Battle and you Ascend. It makes sense and would be pretty Epic. He could have turned on and eliminated his own tribe... That being the reason he is alone on the Island with so many Dinos. It would also definitely throw everything Ark has at us that way. You could also learn a little bit more about why, how and what brought us to the Ark from him also... Above all, the actually mechanics of the game and how it operates should be the main priority... I understand this is a long list... but understand these are just suggestions and I'll be happy with the game we have just running better... and if even 1 of these are implemented I'll just look at that as a huge bonus! Thank you guys again for reading!