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Found 7 results

  1. We have all heard the news that this Extinction DLC might be the last expansion to Ark. It sounds like they might be thinking bout putting their focus on perhaps Ark2 or maybe that Pirate game that got "leaked". Sounds very similar to #DEADPOOL leaked movie...right? lol But I think most companies make the basic mistake of trying to make series (expecting more money on the next installment )when they can just expand the current game to allow the player to have a major game experience in a world that never ends. Game companies are starting to see that! That is why now games such as Ark (sandboxes) are so attractive to play now. Imagine WildCard adding DLC to ARK where you can transfer you character and is a total different game play server. Maybe you like a world where you like to have missions and NPCs walking around like SKYRIM. Or maybe imagine a world where you can posses a Dino..."Primal" (waiting lol)...WE ARE STILL WAITING I think Ark 2 might be a 2 step back than a step forward when you think about it. There are pressures of having now a perfect server security (hacks/abuses) and stability (offline issues and crashes), there are expectations in a perfect story line or "told story through actual game play (where they massively failed in Ark), so Ark2 might be the worst option when you think deeply about it. However, expanding Ark with DLCs with different game mechanics or simply story-lines might actually benefit them as they will always be without that heavy expectation of having the perfect game which they will definitely not deliver in Ark2 in the eyes of current players. It is worth noting that Ark is not the perfect game but it is definitely the perfect idea for a game and that is what keeps it alive. All is forgiven as long as they are always improving the base content with DLCs or Patches. Something that might not be forgiven in Ark2 if its not at least 2x better than Ark. Ark developers should think is what is Ark and where is it going? With that "leaked" footage it looks like they might be thinking on a Skyrim kinna game. NPCs, story, and game tasks where you have a more traditional RPG. That might be a great addition on this current game rather than selling it as a new game. Atlas can be that server where you could transfer your current character and for once maybe interact with NPCs that tell a story. Imagine how great that might be?! finally a story told in the actual game play if that were to happen! Also the Multiplayer aspect is totally ignored in Ark at the moment. We have the tribe mechanics but there is not really an essential part in which each player takes part of. There is nothing on the breeding in which a player maybe has perks to breed better dinos than other. There is not a necessity to play a different role! which is a shame because in most MMOs that is a big part that Ark hasn't been able to get right! Definitely the things i am expecting on the NEXT DLC EXTINCTION: 1. Pokeballs (or what ever they will call it): i expect that to solve the CAP issues. How? Maybe while dino is in pokeball dinos can be counted as structures (similar to Bhive mechanic). 2. Vehicles: Ark dinos are great but as this tek tear keeps growing it can be a good idea either to add now vehicles that run on element that are better faster and perform tasks better than dinos or have these new "Tek Dinos" have perks. 3. BIGGER MAP: Map size is always a problem...but i think when i refer to bigger map is not only in its physical size but in the DINO CAP LIMIT and PLAYER LIMIT. Ragnarok suffers from being a map that is way to big and its treated like the Island. where dino cap is the same and halve the map is not use because only 70 players can play at the same map. So if the map is bigger perhaps more players should be allowed to play at the same time. 4. Crash protection on bosses: sometimes it has happen where you are in the middle of a boss fight and...your pc of X reason crashes or has that "FATAL ERROR" and you lose everything...specially when you are playing solo. So...yah...there should be some time of protection for that. 5. TEK dinos should have a different mechanic! IT is absurd that they DON'T at the moment...cause why should you tame a TEK DINO that does the same as a regular version? I know the rumor is that those dinos will be the only transferable dinos but I don't know if i am 100% sold on that theory. Cause WC. I think we the people of ark (the players) have high expectations on this last DLC if its indeed the last one for Ark Survival Evolved. We are definitely expecting new game mechanics, new character options, new tools, new costumes, and a new map that tells the Ark story a lot better than just random notes around the dam map. But i think Aberration has teach us a lesson... bigger is not better. I think Aberration biggest problem was the lack of "adventure" the map offered. Other than getting pregnant from the Queen Reapers and dropping on the Drake pit there was not a sense of danger anywhere in the map. I dont know if its fair to say but one of Ark biggest problems is thinking of maps as just land...rather than making the map tell a story and control the player's tension with unknown dangers which could come from either dinos that spawn in special parts of the maps or a precise location where maybe it becomes poisonous and you have a timer which if it runs out you lose your dino and you gear... I think there is a lot to be done before WC can move to Ark2 if this is indeed the last DLC for Ark Survival Evolved. This is still a undeveloped idea and as far as i can tell its not even a polished idea. I think WC should definitely hire better writers as the ones that currently worked on Aberration FAILED. Same mistakes were made with Aberration story wise as all the other maps...which is a shame. So much could of been improved if someone told them NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT THAT AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN More content doesn't always mean more ITEMS/DINOS...more content means also a better told story, a new player mechanics, dino perks, player perks for performing a special role in the tribe, and new dino mechanics. We all have to agree how useless roars are in Ark...other than the Yuti's roar lol IT IS TIME TO CHANGE ARK...IT IS TIME TO.... MAKE ARK GREAT AGAIN #MAGA lol
  2. i feel like the breeding times/mechanics of this game are very poorly made. At least when it comes down to the top tier dino's such as the giga's and quetzals these dino's are not really balanced for people who have jobs. When my friend or me have to actually set alarm's to wake up to make sure either the quetz's or giga's don't die of starvation then you have a serious issue with actual raising dino's. This shouldn't be a "job" in order to have top tier dino's there need's to be a new system implemented to make sure that even the casual players and alpha type players to benefit obviously don't make it where alpha's get too much of a advantage but to give casual players to breed and raise these dino's without losing sleep or interfere with their daily life for a chance to become alpha or at the very least to get good dino's. 18 hours for a hand feed for quetzal's is insane. i feel like this needs to be bumped down to a more reasonable time like 12-13 hours or 11-12 hours this still gives you time to get actual sleep and have them alive when you wake up or they could just decrease the consumption rate so you're not staying online for a extra amount of hours to keep them alive. A lot of players already put a lot of time into the game but i don't think it's fair or healthy to have your players stay up for stupid amounts of time in order to raise a dino to adult and this is not even counting the imprint system. Some people may say "but put meat on the dino's in baby phase and you can get off." The problem with this is that meat won't last for 8 hours you literally have to get around 2-3 hours of sleep max being 3-4 hours before you have to get on and put food on them again. Yes your tribe can help out but this is also, if all of your tribe is not working or doing other things in life that prevents them from actually getting on at the correct times even harder if you only have 3 or 4 tribe members so i am asking the dev's to please approach this issue. Real life time doesn't work super well with majority of people who have actual lives.
  3. GildaTheGriffin

    Game Re-write

    I have been playing for over a year, and love the game to bits. The main problem I have been noticing is, well, everything. I feel Wildcard should take 8-12 months off, and focus only on re-writing the game's code after the next DLC. The movement system, item system, even building systems are barely functional, 'early access' level. I feel if they took a while to revamp everything, the community would appreciate it more than just adding new dinos or small bugfixes. I know making a game isn't easy, it's long, tedious, repetitive and tiring, but if they do end up doing it I feel Ark would become the game everyone wants it to be
  4. Hi, We all know that the creatures in ark are perfect support for our daily survival life. I thought about a mechanic what allows the player to teach a creature to walk specified paths or to a specified location alone. This could be used for security, transporting or eventually farming. "Go home" wisthle whould be an idea or waypoints you can craft. The dino walks bitween the marker until you or something else stop them. You can arrange supply connections and create a more alive together. Your tribe can attack supply routes while T-Rex patrols around the base. One tribe member stays at the quarry while the stego takes the loot down to the storage an he will come back when somebody emptied and told him. I don't think about sending them all across the map, more like midrange paths you cleared before. gps navigation caps would be to crazy If you guys know any mod working like this please let me know. Thanks!
  5. Great Water Mechanics working on a Sandbox environment is surprisingly do-able, as seen on Sea of Thieves and since they also use the Unreal Engine 4 I think ARK can do it as well. I've compiled some of the Ark Digest Q&A where an OCEAN PASS is being discussed along with some of the suggestions from the community Here are some of them For anyone who are curious about the water mechanics in Sea of Thieves here's the vid I love for ARK to apply these mechanics, maybe buy their technology or make their own, just imagine the immersion. I for one would really love to experience ARK's ocean in a new light. For other ARK features here's the link https://ark.gamepedia.com/Upcoming_Features#cite_note-digest
  6. Umber0010

    Breeding Overhaul

    Alright, as i'm sure MANY of you know, Breeding, as it stands, is a terrible system. Not only does in provoke unhealthy behavior, but it's also pretty OP, up to +20% to each stat AND up to 30% damage resistance and bonus while riding. so what are my goals for this? simple, make breeding not require in-healthy behavior and make imprinting weaker overall, but able to be tailored dino to dino. first off, breeding timers are 10x faster, so a dodo will mature in around 1.6 hours, a Pteranodon will mature in around 4 hours, rex will mature in around 10 hours, ect. Next, imprinting will no longer randomly chose between feeding, walking and cuddleing, instead, every 1/12 of the dinos maturation time (so if a dino takes 12 hours to mature then every 1 hour you would imprint) you can choose between 5 different options of imprinting to fill 10% of the imprint meter. but instead of each imprint boosting all the stats, the imprint would instead raise a certain stat by 5%. and the rider imprint bonus is also dependent on the imprints you do. Of, but you're probably wondering what those imprints are, -Health: feeding the dino it's preferred kibble (riding gives damage resist, 5% every imprint) -stam: being fed milk (an item passively generated by Female moose every 30 minuets while on wander, 15 if mate boosted) riding effect: stam reduction (5% every imprint) -weight: on a walk with atleast 10 stone, metal, or metal ingots in the inventory. riding bonus: weight reduction in inventory and Rider (2.5% every imprint) -melee: whistling "attack this target" onto a training dummy and letting it attack for about 30 seconds. Rider bonus: damage bonus (5% every imprint) -speed: walks (yes, this would effect fliers). -imprint bonus: extra speed (2.5% every imprint) now as I've said before, the point of this system is to be able to cater the imprint bonus to each specific dino. for example, a turret-sponge stego I could put all point into health, then it would have a stego with 50% more HP and 50% damage resist along with the bullet resist, but other than that it would just be a wild-tamed stego (minus mutations). another example, if I wanted a rex that was tank and hard-hitting I could put 5 imprints into melee and 5 into HP, then I would have a rex with 25% more HP and 25% more damage than a normal tamed one. Anky I could put all the levels into weight to carry ALL of the metal, a rhino with 10 imprints into melee to become One Punch Rhino, ect. or finally a Pteranodon with 5 imprints into stam and 5 into speed for getting around the map.
  7. t3mp0st

    Transfer System

    I always feel conflicted with the transfer system in this game. On one hand it allows you to keep certain aspects you like of your character, or get new Tames you otherwise couldn't, But as far as Pvp goes it also allows for Roaming alpha tribes and griefers. How do you all feel about it?