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Found 56 results

  1. DestroyerDeki

    Map keeps resetting

    My explore map resets every time I log back on into single player. I play on Xbox, and while this bug isn't game breaking, is extremely annoying to have to re-discover the map and re-add all of my markers. I have several bases around the map for various uses, and to have to go through and find them again is tedious, to say the least. I noticed this bug after updating to v762. I did a bit of googling and found I wasn't the only one with this issue, and someone said that unchecking and re-checking (or checking and unchecking) the option to show the player's location would fix it. I've tried this, and it has not helped, at all. I've tried logging off and logging back in, and I've tried quitting the game all together. Nothing has worked. Like I said, it's not making the game unplayable, but having to fly around the map to find my bases again every time I play isn't fun. I don't know what else to try.
  2. Kazt

    Map Ideas?

    I honestly think there are many cool ideas people have come up with for maps in ark, and creatures to go along. What do you guys think? I would honestly be in love with an ocean map with tiny little islands scattered around, but with special engrams for armor & items to encourage early sea presence. Maybe a pocket-size air tank, similar to a canteen, but with air for underwater? It would be cool to see more huge & terrifying sea creatures, alpha predators, & cute pets to take with you! Speaking of which, maybe a shoulder pet that can only breathe in water, and comes off your shoulder when leaving water? That would be pretty cool. I could go on for hours, but what are you guys' ideas?
  3. So, I’ve been playing ark since it originally came out, and have never experienced an issue like this. For starters, I play on Xbox, mostly on single player worlds, this issue is only happening on Scorched Earth, not on my Island server. So it started happening about a day or two ago, whenever I leave the game, it will reset my map, all my explorer’s notes, and give me all the skins I have. Idk if it’s an issue with the save file or something, but it’s really annoying. It’s not game breaking or anything, but it is very frustrating. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Kriotek

    Fell through the map

    Was in the southern cave and a titanboa knocked me unconscious but didn’t attack me, when my character woke up I fell through the map and was unable to find a way out and drowned. I had quite a few items that I am unable to retrieve. Items like mastercrafted axe and pick which took a lot of time to gather recourses for at my level also a mastercrafted bow which I can’t make, and that is but a few things I had. My game is uptodate aswell. Is there any assistance to retrieve these items since they are below the map I’m the void?
  5. I have been playing on the Abberation server with my friends for a couple weeks now. (unofficial server) We have been falling through the map in the dangerous areas. This has happened more than once, and not only that but we have had 4 dinos get stuck in the map and we are unable to get them out. I'm sure you've heard about this issue before but it's getting a little ridiculous if you ask me. It wouldn't be as big of a deal if the dinos were not as high and we need them to obviously protect but also get a reaper queen. It's happened too often, but that's just me...
  6. Can you make ISland map selective download as it for The Center, Primitive+ and other maps.Iknow that the island map is the first map and represents the core of the game but for me a pearson who doeasn't really play on this map it is only taking space on the hard drive which can be used to install other maps such as SE, Aberation or upcoming Extincion map.All these previosly mentioned maps take a lot of hard drive space and it would be great if there was an option not to install the island and to install some other map isntead and save valuable hard drive space @Jatheish @Jen
  7. Onyxiaa

    Drake Stuck Under Map

    So today one of my Drakes was forced under the map down in the radiation zone. I know this has happened to others, so how did you go about digging the Drake out of the ground? I can't access it's inventory either, It is just stuck in it's gliding animation. Image too big for upload, it is no longer upside down and is now half out of the map... and floating.😣
  8. Hello! I love ark and have been pretty obsessively playing it since I bought it. However I've had one major issue (and a few minor ones). Every time I log in my map has been cleared as if I never explored at all. All pins are missing. I always exit through the menu and even tried using the saveworld command as well. I deleted my first character and started another but it still happened. I switched to prim+ with a new character and it still happened. Recently I finally made it to scorched earth with a brand new survivor and it's happening there as well. Switching to abberation did not relieve the issue. Starting a new game on a new gamertag did not either. Could this be related to having xbox live gold? My husband has it but I do not and his map works fine. Of interesting note, my husband also plays singleplayer on his own gamertag but his map works fine, it saves his exploration progress and map pins. I've taken to marking areas of interest on a printed map that I keep with me while I play but having the real thing work properly would rock. Thanks for any advice!
  9. LsJade

    Ark Map Crashes

    So I was playing on Ragnarok and some time went by and I crashed, then I went to play on Scorched Earth and some time went by and I crashed again, I don't know If I'm doing something wrong or If anyone else Is having this problem, It has happened multiple times In the past and everything I've done was deleted. Its happening to my sister too, we were playing online on Ragnarok and we both kept on crashing. It seems like the only map that works Is The Island but I have yet to try The Center and Aberration. If others are having the same problem I would like to bring light to this issue and hope It gets fixed soon.
  10. Demiurge115

    map quality and GPS

    Hello everybody, I am using ps4. does anyone know if there ever going to update map quality and GPS because of right now there impossible to use, the marks are to big to be accurate and the arrow to mark our location is even worse. the map it self looks like a kindergartener finger painted it the whole thing is awful. the quality of graphics we have to today and the price of the game i expected better.
  11. I don’t know if it’s a bug or an intended mechanic but it’s really annoying when you forget you have your map out and your drake just falls when you jump.
  12. Hey devs is there any way we can have our map waypoints not be shared? We have limited map waypoints, so having them shared between all of the servers you play on as well as single player makes a mess of the map. We should have seperate waypoints per server for multiplayer, and seperate waypoints for single player games. That way the map isnt clogged up with extra waypoints from everything thrown on the same map. Can you please implement this?
  13. Can we please get a fix for the dinos getting pushed through the map in and around the Rock Drake lair in Aberration? I dread going down there for kibble eggs because almost everytime I do, my drake gets pushed under the map and either A: Gets lost forever or B: I play musical 'go here' commands until it miraculously comes back above ground. Usually, B does not happen. Drake lair is dangerous enough without the map itself giving us problems, hahaha. I cannot stress enough how often this issue occurs and how debilitating it is to many players. If a fix is unlikely, can we at least get a safety net of sorts? Something that uploads the pushed-under dinos into Ark Data for upload to the native Aberration server? It couldn't be exploited and it would save the players a lot of grief and the admin staff a lot of time. Thank you very much for your time and attention to this matter and keep up the good work!
  14. In the past I had mentioned several ideas that have become realities despite the usual onslaught of criticism and negative replies. I’m Hoping that despite objections or preferences WildCard will listen again, and is listening. Here goes nothing. 1.Land Plots: Instead of claiming land via pillars or structures, players go to areas, pre-selected by devs, and in the middle of such are wooden signs where the land plot is claimable by players (similar to Farming simulator, where you “buy” land plots with in-game currency). Then, when claimed, shows the usual timer for claimability, and who owns it. This will eliminate need for individual structure timers as once the plot runs out of time, and the land area is claimed by someone else, structures automatically delete. Individuals or tribes are limited to one land plot initially, but as they gain more dinos, can claim more, up to a max of three to five, based on dino count, which leads me to my next idea/suggestion... 2. Dino Count per Tribe Member: Make the maximum number of dinos a tribe can have increase incrementally per tribe member. (I.E. 1 person or single tribe member=200, 2 tribe members=400, 3=600, etc.) 3. Territories and Map Overlay: Dinos, especially aggressive, predatorial dinos (wild) have a nest or nests (i.e. Gigas, rexes, carnos all have a single nest and raptors have multi-nests clustered in an area) and those nests are within territories located on each map... and each nest or nest cluster is in a pre-set location or locations (can still slightly be random (as a nest is destroyed or raided or reset via server restart) designated by the devs. The territories thus center around the nest(s) and have a radius of an area around them. Territories will of course overlap, and will pre-exist, but in order for a player to see them on the map (a toggable overlay per dino, selectable as all or individual) must be discovered by finding the nests (walking near them or flying close to them). Dinos in their territories will only pursue an “enemy” player or other wild dino to the edge of their designated territories and then lose aggro, retreating back to towards the nest area. This will eliminate random, wild dino egg drops but their nests will contain the egg(s) and be defended regularly. The territories feature will also help prevent kiting as large, aggressive or heavy dinos will only roam in their designated area(s). 4. Add, to the menu via “select/back-button” (on Xbox/PS) and key (for PC) a toggable overlay that is visible in FP or 3P mode which shows “circles,” aka the radius, a pillar or structure(s) covers and prevents others from building. Similar to an RTS with weapon range or shield cover, but visible in the immediate area . Green is an area you own and red is an area an “enemy” owns. Cyan can be allied land, just as it is in default for structures/ dinos.
  15. Mackinzie7142

    It's time for an update

    Ark needs some end game love. We need more engrams at the end game level. We have done cool tek gear and have industrial forges and chem benches it's time to give us a reason to use such vast amounts of resources. We need some new end game content. Here is a thread for some end game content ideas.
  16. seikatsukira

    Map Concept

    Huge centralized floating island with most dinos on it. A separate floating island for each type of dino, randomly surrounding the central island. Each island would vary in shape and size and have a biome suited to the one type of dino that spawns there. All player spawns would be on the centralized mega island, so players would need a flying dino (or glider/parachute in some cases) to get to other islands. All small island supply drops would be in some sort of cave or hidden location, with the higher quality drops on more dangerous islands.
  17. Hi all, I have just released my first early access version of "Ringworld." What do I mean by early-access? Simply that this project is still very WIP. The current gameplay area is aprox. 12 square KM, which of course will be expanded out over time. Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1304940189
  18. This has been talked about by other people for months now since like July I don’t see how there isn’t a fix yet, so on PS4 I get abberation kill the boss for the skins only for every single other previous skin to disappear 😐 this is super stupid and means I have to restart collecting all those skins all over again I would do it but in the past forums on the same issue since JULY!! They just reset AGAIN this is super dumb for a “FINISHED” game!!! I really like ark and it’s a lot of fun but don’t say the game is FINISHED when it’s not FINISHED when bugs like this are still happening🤦🏽‍♂️!
  19. 2 Of my Rock drakes lvls 185,190 got stuck in the map just outside of the nest, Lost a few ascendant gear and cant get them out. Please do help, the server is 749.
  20. The island is a fairly big map, and having to travel long distances to get metal/obsidian/crystal with only the limited flyers (argy, pteranodon, tapejara, etc) is vert time consuming and kind of a drag. So I think it would be really convenient and helpful if the griffin was added to the map or maybe the ice wyvern, since theyre both better on speed and weight than most of the basic flyers. BTW, I play on the PS4 so I don’t have access to mods and such like the flyers mod.
  21. It's a pain to use the map to navigate towards coordinates. Running for 30 seconds in one direction just to tell which way you're going is just dumb. Please for the love of god make the pin on the map into an arrow that changes direction depending on which direction you're looking.
  22. With the most recent update (v278 PC) a direction indicator was introduced on the minimap for the player's location. Now on the map an arrow will point in the direction your player is facing. I'd like to request an option to revert this to how it was previous to v278 - a directionless dot. Not having information on your facing represents a significant difficulty and game immersion feature. Moreover with that functionality provided on the minimap for free the Compass is rendered completely useless. Please add a server option to disable this new feature. Thanks!
  23. FightzGamer

    Ragnarok Map with Aberration

    hello everyone, Now this is a suggestion for you. What about adding a huge Aberration underground to the Ragnarok map? Is that a great idea or what? :-) You know the last missing 1% could be a big beautiful 1% we are already surrounded by water, big water, ocean water :-P /Shepard
  24. Ferrahk

    Ark Aberration Advice

    Looking for some tips for not just surviving but thriving on the new map!
  25. Mike3056

    Ragnarok map

    I only get my map from lat 0-30 and long 0-90 and any more explored map just resets when ever i leave rag. Server and single player same character as well. any fixs that does not require me to delete all my data again because am tired of re getting my achivment items