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  1. An aerial concentrated map with floating islands. 3 main islands each with one obelisk, numerous smaller islands hovering around above and below each other. The idea is that each island needs to be discovered to get all tames and items, as each island has some unique of both. Caves are present on the islands, artifact caves, as buildable caves. Each main island has its own biome, the smaller ones are overall filled with resources. The bottom of the map has a small water buffer, should you fall, you won't be killed instantly. However falling of your tame is tedious thus can be countered with a safety rope, attached to you flier. Map: Environments: Hot air stream that increases fly speed. Thick mist zone where barely can see. Biomes: Snow island (blue obelisk), jungle island (green obelisk), desert plains (red obelisk). Regions: Giant flower forest: The Hive: Overgrown woods: Tall forest: Cold plains: Cliffside ruins: Tundra: Insect tunnels (land): Insect chasm (air): Creatures: Gargoyle: Stone flier, can harvest stone, and has certain weight reductions. Eats stone, immune to elemental attacks. Found in the cliffside ruins. Immune to goliath grab. Has a saddle. http://imgur.com/a/JLIaeyg Giant goliath spider: Goliath, a giant bird eating spider. Excels in killing fliers like birds, pterosaurs, even managarms. Found in the overgrown woods , entered trough the insect tunnels. Goliaths also rest on the walls in the insect chasm, often seen with their front legs searching after prey while stil mounted on the wall, keep this in mind when you fly trough, if you get caught, it will end bad. Can inject enemies with a substance, if creature is killed within a certain time, substance turns into cementing paste. Can climb like megalania. Can grab fliers. Has a saddle. http://imgur.com/a/tG20Ofw Consider this an (large) apex ground creature. Bola spider and crab spider: Found in the insect tunnels, overgrown woods and giant flower forest. (Non tameable) Jumping spider and orb weaver: Tameable, jumps form island to island. Orb weaver catches flies. Giant beetle: Rideable beetle, can fly and grab creatures/people. https://imgur.com/m9VV7s9 Drawn by @benjamin.b.nichols Hummingbird: Fast flier, saddle, very mobile as it can fly in all directions. Cant move when landed, so watch out for goliaths when out of stamina. https://imgur.com/m9VV7s9 Drawn by @benjamin.b.nichols Small fliers: Could be ptero's, or modern day. Minions: Small creatures roaming the islands, more agressive at night. Can be tamed and if you own a hive, can house it. ( Could be same model as nameless) Minion king: Resides in a minion hive, needs trophies to tame, boosts minions, only 1 king can house a hive. Flying lizard/sugar glider: Early game rideable flier/glider, weak, low weight, nothing more then a quick way of getting around. Other larger pterosaurs: Like hatzeg, shoulder mounts(fly ability)... Structures/vehicles: Taming cage: Cage that can be attached underneath the islands rocks, with anchors. The amount of anchors depends on the cage. (Small/medium/large) Support air balloon: Balloon you can attach to a ceiling to extend its support by 4m, max (?) balloons in proximity. A tek version can be attached under cealing to support 10m, needs to be tek powered. Tek dome: Much like the tek forcefield, but needs to be placed on foundations and can snap on fence foundations (to make nice/practical buildings). Circular shape with a 8-12 foundation diameter. Doesn't require element to stay up, however expensive to craft. Chopper: Primitive early game, low armor/health, shoots arrows, works on coal/gas? Tek plane: battle,cargo,..., endgame plane, shoots lasers, high weight/health, bp crafted? Works on gas/element/shards? Speed can be altered but at extra fuel cost. Cable cars: Travel between islands/base. Safety net/bridge: seals gaps, can be combined into a rope bridge, early version of tek bridge. Minion hive: Hive that shoots arrows when minions are housed. 2 minions and 1 king can house a hive. Damage stacks with melee damage of all residents combined. Items/yummies: Fluid Bag: Stores nectar, flowers and honey. Increases spoil timer. Safety rope: Rope you put in your tamed flier's inventory. Prevents falling of by mistakenly pressing the dismount button, if pressed within 2-3 seconds after dismount. Rope breaks after 3 uses. Primitive grapling hook: early version of the grapling hook, fiber crafted but has a chance to break upon use. Adrenalin syrum: fliers temporary gain speed, map EXCLUSIVE item means NO transfer. Other stuff: Nectar, frog legs,...
  2. Rex on Valguero Just an easy question. Does somebody know where to find a Rex on the new Ark Map Valguero?
  3. Hello! I love ark and have been pretty obsessively playing it since I bought it. However I've had one major issue (and a few minor ones). Every time I log in my map has been cleared as if I never explored at all. All pins are missing. I always exit through the menu and even tried using the saveworld command as well. I deleted my first character and started another but it still happened. I switched to prim+ with a new character and it still happened. Recently I finally made it to scorched earth with a brand new survivor and it's happening there as well. Switching to abberation did not relieve the issue. Starting a new game on a new gamertag did not either. Could this be related to having xbox live gold? My husband has it but I do not and his map works fine. Of interesting note, my husband also plays singleplayer on his own gamertag but his map works fine, it saves his exploration progress and map pins. I've taken to marking areas of interest on a printed map that I keep with me while I play but having the real thing work properly would rock. Thanks for any advice!
  4. Fradaa

    Valguero Bug

    Valguero Bug In this map I have seen them all and more. Every day, I woke up dead while I slept, but the house where I slept was never destroyed, so I don't know why, every day I was killed by animals while I slept without destroying anything. Moreover, yesterday, while no one of the tribe was connected for at least 1 day, a rex alfa first attacks me, while I slept waking up dead and then the structure in which there were animals without any reason, once entered, I activated everything and destroyed the structure, killing the animals. This was not supposed to happen. It is not possible to wake up dead, rebuild everything every day, die through a wall and the house is never destroyed and then see an alpha that kills my animals in this way without me even playing. I have been playing on two other maps for years and this has NEVER happened even with animals in neutral. This map sucks! HOURS LOST TO CONQUER ANIMALS and lose them without doing anything. I am very disappointed.
  5. Looking for players PVP On Extinsion Map Hello everyone Looking for new or old players on the Extinsion map Anyone interested in joining Harvesting Multiplier - X10 XP Multiplier - X2 Taming Speed Multiplier - X10 Resources health Multiplier - X2 Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier - X10 https://arkservers.net/server/
  6. R0b0tics

    New map?

    New map? Difficult map idea ocean at the bottom of the map with one volcano in the middle floating islands at the bottom far above the sea varying in size shape and tames allow cliff bases off the sides of the floating islands include a new tame that is a two seater flyer that is full mobile and not very pvp basically a two seater smaller tapejara with noticeable difference ofc must be able to dive like griffin Mabye a large (https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vice.com/amp/en_us/article/wnjjm9/the-largest-flying-dinosaur-was-a-four-winged-raptor) Make air vents or updrafts that send fliers upward Make snowy islands appear at the top of the world and as you go towards the ocean the climate and biomes get more tropical this would be a coding challenge and be very difficult to create but done differently and if you make a large enough map this could become a great map building a base on the underside of a floating island is amazing make alot of resources on the bigger islands and allow beavers on some of the islands maybe ice wyvern nest on the very top of the islands or inside the volcano for the original three done properly this could be one of the best maps in the game but resources must be everywhere and little to no cave bases because raiding a base you can fob against is hard (ie taking a entire island)
  7. My explore map resets every time I log back on into single player. I play on Xbox, and while this bug isn't game breaking, is extremely annoying to have to re-discover the map and re-add all of my markers. I have several bases around the map for various uses, and to have to go through and find them again is tedious, to say the least. I noticed this bug after updating to v762. I did a bit of googling and found I wasn't the only one with this issue, and someone said that unchecking and re-checking (or checking and unchecking) the option to show the player's location would fix it. I've tried this, and it has not helped, at all. I've tried logging off and logging back in, and I've tried quitting the game all together. Nothing has worked. Like I said, it's not making the game unplayable, but having to fly around the map to find my bases again every time I play isn't fun. I don't know what else to try.
  8. [map/mod] Exogenesis I would like to introduce you all to my map, Exogenesis. It's a sci-fi map with a focus on exploration and tech resources that is set on a prototype Ark that served as not only a test-bed for the Arks but also for conducting isolated research. The goal with the setting is to create a Ark that is abandoned and deteriorating, that then players can repair and interact with to open up new areas and gameplay options. I realize many do not like the sci-fi aspects of Ark, and that's ok - then this map may not be for you. But if you like sci-fi and exploration I hope you find Exogenesis a fun experience with something unique to offer. Exogenesis is also focused on the more alien aspects of Ark, and I hope to include new custom alien creatures, and more alien foliage, in the future. Eventually. Though it's still very work-in-progress I think there's enough content there to offer some gameplay and allow the community to offer some feedback, so what would the community like Exogenesis to offer, in terms of not just new content but in how the map would fit within the existing gameplay and progression of Ark. Right now the map act's mostly as a way to farm high-tech resources, but the plan is to eventually include new resources and items that augment the current tech-tier and aid in exploration. Currently I'm working on expanding the gameplay area, finishing the first "cave"( the stations water reclimation system) and prototyping a server-wide meta event. Please let me know your feedback and ideas, they are very much appreciated. Also, I'm currently in the Ark mod contest, so if you want to vote for Exogenesis please do so, there's only two days left to vote! Link to vote page: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/contests/1-ark-mod-contest-2019-maps/&ct=1561866621 Link to Steam Workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1304940189 Discord: https://discord.gg/sm5g44D
  9. Hey survivors! I want to present you our mod map called Valguero. It's a huge map with the size of ~82km²(center has 70km²) and we will have a complete aberration cave system with all aberration dinos & resources. Our unique features: - TWO new biomes! The Tundra and White cliffs (not completed)! - Huge mountains instead of sea around the map - One bigger mountain in the north for orientation - A big surface (~82km²) with much more land than water - New weather effects Our future plans: - Complete the Redwood biome - Complete the White cliff biome - Underground ocean with bigger dinos (Mosasaurus, Plesiosaurus, Tusoteuthis) - Complete Aberration cave system with all Aberration dinos - Add Thylacoleo nest/cave - Custom Tekcave And much more!! Feel free to test Valguero and join our discord! Steam workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1445088670 Discord: https://discord.gg/hjGrJwf Some screenshots: And here is the ingame map for Valguero:
  10. Hello, I wasn't meaning to be the one to post this, and honestly thought that it would have been posted by now, however since it hasn't been, I thought I would give it a shot. Ever since Valguero became a sponsored mod from one of the earlier rounds I have been watching their progress, unable to play on the map because at this point, it is mod for PC and I play on an xbox. From the videos to the images posted, it is a beautiful map thus far and one that I think would be an excellent map to include officially - which would hopefully mean adding it to consoles as well. Encompassing many of the creatures from the canon maps, it seems to be a good step to follow Ragnarok. Where Ragnarok had the wyverns and desert creatures introduced with Scorched Earth, this map includes the creatures of Aberration, and if I heard correctly on a video, may have a few from Extinction. It seems to be a nearly all-inclusive map with plenty of decent building areas and both a surface and underground to explore. *And please know, that I am aware there are other maps out there as well, and I do not wish to say they are not worth including, however they have asked that we keep these sorts of post individual to one thought, idea, or suggestion. So at this time, this is the map I have selected to suggest just as another did with Crystal Isle awhile ago. Thanks for reading!
  11. LegendGains

    DLC Map

    DLC Map I’m a console player so I haven’t had the pleasure of playing in the new maps like Crystal Isles, Valguero, and some of the others which I hope will be added to console eventually, but I have an idea for a map which no one seems to have tried to create. The idea I imagine is similar to the layout of extinction with different biomes set up, although these biomes will be made up of mythology. One features Egyptian mythology, one for Greek mythology and one for Chinese mythology. Using the gods of the different mythological sets as bosses, and creatures specific to each biome from mythology. To expand even further adding a whole new set of engrams for a full expansion. A “god” set of engrams. Either focusing on the gods of death using souls from killing certain creature to power or using sunlight or something similar that can be obtained from certain creature or bosses for a power source. Depending on the route unless adding both engram paths designing the new structures with a dark underworld theme for souls or a gold glowing them for the sunlight or similar path.
  12. I will be adding many new ideas to this over time. Also be sure to comment any ideas you have to add to this. This DLC adds a new map, a few new dinos, new biomes, and new engrams to the game. It is not designed to be a story map. New Creatures -Magma Crawler: A small but dangerous creature that lives in and near lava pools. Often hides in lava pools and jumps out when its prey gets near. Not tameable. -Rockclaw: A lizard-like creature that is usually found near rocks or rubble. Generally friendly unless attacked. Has four feet with sharp claws that it uses to climb rocks and boulders or for defense. Very fast and agile. Can be tamed and ridden. Cannot climb upside-down. -Elemental Anomaly: An odd and unpredictable life form that has been mutated by element into a very large alien-like creature. Extremely aggressive and powerful. Unlike anything that has ever been seen on any of the ARKs. Cannot be tamed. -Octopus: Shoulder-mounted creature that lives in the ocean. Can camouflage with its surroundings. Can't stay out of water for too long. -Crab: Untameable ocean creature. Main prey species of octopus. New Biomes -Wasteland: A dangerous environment with little water. The terrain is flat and open with remains of old civilizations scattered around. Resident creatures are dung beetles, titanomyrmas, lymantrias, rock elementals, deathworms, velonasaurs, and rockclaws. -Overgrown Jungle: A tropical forested biome with large trees, vines, and plentiful water. Crumbling structures are overgrown with vines and roots. Fairly safe environment, but low visibility. Creatures include mesopithecus, gigantopithecus, dimorphodon, pteranodon, dodo, therizinosaur, raptor, titanoboa, parasaur, and quetzal (flying above trees). -Drowned City: A swampy environment with old abandoned structures flooded by murky water. Land is marshy and has mushrooms growing in the soil. Creatures include diplocaulus, beelzebufo, paraceratherium, sarcosuchus, kaprosuchus, carbonemys, and phiomia. -Volcanic Caves: Area of high volcanic activity with many caves and caverns containing lava. Very hot and difficult to survive without proper protection. No water. Resident creatures in this biome include wyverns (not ice), mantises, onycs, arthropleuras, and magma crawlers. -Mountain Range: A series of snowcapped mountains. Supports many types of life. Cold. Resident creatures include mammoth, ankylosaurus, doedicurus, argentavis, sabertooth, direwolf, snow owl, and ice wyvern. -Foothills: Rolling hills that surround a mountain range. Creatures include stegosaurus, rex, ankylosaurus, doedicurus, sabertooth, diplodocus, brontosaurus, and carnotaurus. (occasional giganotosaurus) -Tek Civilization: Old civilization built out of tek. Whoever lived here abandoned it long ago. Resident creatures are elemental anomalies, all current tek dinos, enforcers, and defense units. New Engrams -Robot: A remote controlled humanoid robot that can be controlled by whoever possesses its remote within a certain radius. Made of metal, takes reduced damage, cannot go in water. Runs on gasoline or battery. -Remote Control: Used to control a robot, built in the robot's inventory. Permanently assigned to the robot whos inventory it was built in. -Rockclaw Saddle: Used to ride a rockclaw.
  13. With world composition being broken in the ADK for near on 4 years, how are people importing a tiled landscape? Trying to tinker with World Machine 2 and create my first map and importing one large heightmap isn't an option as my map is larger that the 8129x8129 limit. Tried exporting a few tiles from WM2 to import them, but my UE4 knowledge is minimal and I'm having issues importing them and using the sculpt tool without having to click on the secondary landscape. Can I not just create the map in the UE4 Editor itself via world composition (I have messed with it slightly and it works in the UE4 Editor) and then upload to the workshop from there or import to the ADK and upload from there if UE4 can't. From what I understand, using World Composition will allow me to create a much larger and efficient map than what we currently have which boggles my mind as to why the devs have let it stay broken for 4 years within the ADK.
  14. put the option to give points to the speed of the Flying Dinos and that some official servers pve are x4 the tame
  15. Would be really good to have a new map added to ark with a few new dinos that comes with it as this is a verry popular map and im sure people would agree.
  16. I like to put all my settings as close as I can get to the online settings when they use to be: x2 exp, harvesting, and breeding weekends, but I have heard that the imprinting settings are a little messed up on offline/single player maps. So, how would I set up the imprint to be on x2?! It’s confusing the crap out of me.
  17. I'm gonna be honest here, as much as I love this game, some of the creatures in the game look either really old or really stupid *cough cough* aquatics *cough cough* and certain areas of some of the maps are..... well..... sloppily done. Like how in certain areas of the map, you can throw an item on the ground and it will fall into the void, which is a major problem for when my friends and I play because we don't like having to use admin commands to have to go through the world to attempt to get our stuff back. I've also lost one of my best dinos in a cave due to the sloppy meshing (my Bary was in the Lava cave on the Island and when I hopped off to grab the artifact and he bolted into the lava and ran through the wall to search for fish. When I tried to get him back out, the walls would not allow me to get to him and he died from the lava damage). You could possibly re-mesh certain parts of the map like how you did with the Volcano's original look when you put the glowy ring around the area where the Volcano would open up and destroy bases. You could also use this to make the game seem more realistic, instead of having one area where you're dying of Hyperthermia then 3 steps away it's Hypothermia or use it to blend certain parts of the map to look like the biome is changing. I know that the Dino TLC is definitely a minor inconvenience to the game compared to the map design, but my friends and I always look forward to seeing new dinos in-game and TLC patches for old dinos to have new purposes. I really feel like it will be a great way to reignite some people's passions to play the game with these changes.
  18. Aftter play on the same map for the majority of my ARK career, The Center, I feel that Center, Scorched and Island should have adaptions to add a new "Freshness to them". Nothing outrageousness or anything that could interfere with pre-existing bases but simple changes or examples such as... Center- having wyvern nests built into the bottom of floating island, add water tames spawns to the left lower ocean of map, and fix the parkor, pack artifact, so people can not use a managarmr to reach the red drops. Island- Add generated farms, such as the highlands on Rag. Make south east coast or near valcano a black sands and lava rivers. Scorched- Add a way to asscend like every other DLC. Remove gens slowly breaking and make it so you cant build outside the map.
  19. We all now the Gamma and Beta maps, we all love them. Where the final amazing Alpha map? I've seen a lot of good maps that I would love to play but I can't since I play on Xbox. Id would love to see a huge map with a variety of creatures from all the different maps to make a final difficult map. They could even make it to where you have to be fully ascended. Even though there would probably be a command to unlock it. Anyways I just want a new map to play on that has a lot of arks creatures map even map exclusive creatures.
  20. devrocks19

    New things

    I would like to suggest to add in custom maps or user made maps for console. And I would like to see a new weather mechanic which would be flooding but that might be very difficult to do. And also add valguero to the maps for console it is a wonderful map that I seen so far. One last thing add in more mods/conversions for console.
  21. After exploring the map the revealed area resets when I load it back up. Tried multiple profiles, but it does it on all of them. Super annoying. Single player, Xbox
  22. (Skip to 4th paragraph to skip the TLDR-worthy backstory) I've always loved Ark's ocean. Back as a young one, with only 50 hours in Ark, the depths of even The Island terrified me, and I always needed my friend to join me on even a miniscule silica or oil run. Fast forward around 400 hours of experience. I can handle parts of the ocean but I had not yet played Ragnarok or The Center so I didn't know their oceans. I thought up one day, "It would be awesome to have a map that was based on an ocean!" That idea was swept aside into my subconscious and hid for a long time. Fast forward about 300-ish more Ark experience hours. I decided that Ark would become a game I play frequently and continued to buy the Season Pass. I was immediately scratching the surface of Scorched Earth and the newly-released Aberration, but alas, no ocean. This upset me so much, I immediately switched to Ragnarok with some of my friends. Getting bored of Ragnarok about 50 hours of experience later, I start to play The Center, something I only regret not doing earlier. The ocean on The Center filled me with such joy, it quickly became my favorite map. I loved the beautiful rock spires in the flat ocean shallows, the magical underwater air-pocket-domes, and we can't forget the trenches. To this day, if anyone asked me my favorite location in the entirety of Ark, I'd say in a heartbeat- "Southeastern Trench on The Center." But looking back a couple hundred hours from now, I noticed- the Deep Ocean on The Center was quite empty. Yes, it's beautiful. Yes, it gives me chills. And yes, I am going to explore it a 400th time after writing this. But it lacks... action, adventure... overall, we needed a more descriptive ocean with PLENTY more wildlife. I remembered my previously-mentioned idea of an ocean map, and thought about how long ago that was. Cue the "nostalgia_trip.jpeg". After that deal, I immediately started thinking of what cool creatures and environments I could integrate into an ocean map. I came up with SO MANY IDEAS! From a Tek explorer pod like Subnautica's "Cyclops" to a grasshopper that runs on top of water, from an amphibious monkey pet that holds oxygen to a ginormous Cancer Borealis crab the size of a Titan. I had all the ideas in the world. What did I do? If you said nothing, you'd be dead wrong. I got my notebook and raced to my computer to download the dev kit and start building this map of mine. This was probably one of the happiest times I remember. When I load in the dev kit though... it crashed. I brushed it off, and started the dev kit again. Same crash. No pop-up or anything, the application just closed. I searched for around 2 months for a fix, and no, that is not an exaggeration to the slightest. Not a single fix worked, and to this day I still can't get it to work. I asked my friend if he could try the devkit and he seems to have it working. I decided if I would work with him, a team of people might be essential. And that's why I'm writing this thread! If you're like me and want to create this ocean-based map before WildCard does, regardless of what expense that might cost us, I urge you- come join my friend and I in our Agualaha Project! If it sounds intriguing but you still aren't sure, perhaps some of me and my friend's concepts might win you over. Here's a couple ideas, and who came up with them, Me=me, NGJ=my friend. Map Features: -Ocean Sections: Me and NGJ's idea for the ocean being split into quadrants. The 2 quadrants on the southern side of the map would be freshwater oceans, the same as normal oceans. The northern side would be saline waters, water would drain faster unless under the effect of a scuba tank, drinking would dehydrate the player. The eastern quadrants would be tropical/warm oceans, which would have warmer temperatures and have more small creatures like coelecanth, megapiranha, aquiticus, etc. The western quadrants would be cold oceans, with bigger creatures spawning at higher frequencies than the warm oceans. -Trench Types: Trenches would be broken into 2 categories; linear and divot. Linear trenches were a crack-like shape and are elongated, while divot trenches were circular and went deeper. -Drenched Creatures: Variants of creatures found in the deepest depths of trenches and oceans, similar to Corrupted Creatures, however they have the strength of 2 of that creature most of the time, with certain exceptions for obvious reasons. They would be able to break up to metal, but not tek. Their appearance would frighten the daylights out of anyone not expecting it, as they are translucent white with bright aqua, pink, and yellow accents. Somewhat similar to Subnautica's "Ghost Leviathan" in a way. Creatures with this variant would include, to name a few; Megalodon, Plesiosaur, Mosasaur, Tusoteuthis, Leedsitchthys, Dakosaurus, Helicoprion, and Megapiranha are the significant ones. These creatures are rare, only slightly more common than Alphas, and are untamable. -Spawn Regions: The map would consist of all spawn points on the south side of the map, where there are 2 main islands with small islets surrounding. They include a swamp, forest, small mountain, tropical forest, small tundra, and PLENTY of beach. But fear not- we'll be having NO ICHTHYORNIS. You can rest easy. The north would have 2 floating islands, and not floating like on Crystal Isles or Amissa, floating as in, they float at the top of the water. -Combat Expectation: We expect the most popular of all-round combat mounts from the existing roster to be the Spinosaurus or Baryonyx. We are adding others that will be amphibious land-and-water creatures that will be better at that specific job, but those will be the ones most transferred (we assume.) -No Flyers: The map will not naturally spawn any rideable flying creatures! Sorry guys, but it is one of the easiest ways to balance gameplay. We plan to allow other map dinos to transfer, unlike Aberration, but will limit it and disable flyer transferring. Dinos: -Aquiticus: My idea for an amphibious monkey that holds oxygen in a pouch/tank like tail. Would be able to shoulder mount. -Levyatan: My idea for a sperm whale that is slightly bigger than a bronto, stays just shy of the water's surface and eats up rafts, motorboats, and small creatures (including players) in a single bite. Used to encourage deep sea exploration rather than skimming the surface. Tamable and has a platform saddle. -NGJ's unnamed idea for a cockroach creature (roughly between Galli and Mantis in size) that is able to move at extreme speed on top of water while being very weak and vulnerable in water. Tamable with a single seat saddle and one that holds 3 other passengers. -Borealis: My idea for a giant crab roughly the size of Extinction's titans. Used as a raid dino and lasts for (not exact yet) 12-24 hours after taming with no saddle, but its back is so flat that it can be built on without the need of a platform. Can only survive out of water for 30 minutes as it begins to dry up and die. -Dakosaurus (or Dako): Me and NGJ's idea for a reliable underwater mount. Basically the egg creature of Agualaha, one would need to venture to a specific trench and collect an egg with a handling tool and bring it back to their settlement, raise it, and feed the offspring Dako Salt from knocking out male Dakos. Male dakos will also guarantee a Dako Salt Gland trophy upon death. Rideable with a saddle and tek saddle. It also would get a very large MS increase (~75%) when moving in a single direction and sprinting, can be maintained if turning steady and slow enough. Engrams / Items: -Handler: My idea for a tool used to hold a single aquatic egg and move it or save for later. Learn at lvl 74. -Torpedo: My idea for a rocket launcher ammunition fireable underwater, dealing decent damage to dinos/players but immense damage to structures, able to damage Tek slightly on a direct hit. Learn at lvl 89. -Heat Seeking Torpedo: NGJ's idea for a variant that targets a dino or player and locks onto them, moving towards the target. Turns extremely slowly. Will lock onto a new target if another is closer, cannot lock onto user or tribemates but CAN hit tribe-owned dinos. Learn at lvl 94. -Tiered Vacuum Compartments: Me and NGJ's idea for Wood, Stone, and Metal variants of the Vacuum Compartment that are powered by Spongy Fungus, a chemical substance made at the Mortar and Pestle as well as the Chemistry Bench. It will take 1 Rare Mushroom and 3 Oil or Gas Balls. It will craft 5 fungus per craft. The fungus will stack to 200. Each fungus will power the Wood and Stone tiers for 1 hour (place in inventory, compartments have 5 slots) and the Metal tier for 30 minutes. However, the Metal Tier can also be run on Electricity and will only consume fungus if there is no electricity source. Wood unlocked at lvl 31, stone at lvl 59, and metal at lvl 86. -Sonar Panel: My idea for a device that can double as a radio and a dino scanner. Scans for dinos within a 40-foundation radius and the detected creatures (including players and the user) are given a white outline through terrain and structures for 8 seconds. Ability has a cooldown of 22 seconds that starts when the outline effect ends. Learn at lvl 60. So yeah. There's some ideas for Agualaha. It's not all the ideas we have, but its's a small chunk of them. Again, if you want to work with us, contact me on Discord (User is "! kazt#8832") or Steam (User is "Kazt [SSS]"), or join or Discord Network, DCG - https://discord.gg/s9qVhc3 <<<<< with that link. We welcome anyone who can contribute even the smallest amount to our project. If you want to design things in the dev kit, great! If you want to design ideas that get implemented, great! And if you want to advertise our project further, great! We'll need all the help we can get! Happy hunting, Survivors!
  23. I found a cool looking/ high level tek rex and lured it into an area of the map that it couldn't escape. (near the water fall next to the twisty bridges in the city). I went away to collect wood and once I got back I noticed the rex was gone. I saw it's tail whip out from beneath the ground and then it's head popped out. Because it's wild I have no way of getting it out of the ground :/ Any help is appreciated!
  24. Ahoy, I had a friend msg me about a lost map. Tried to find it but I could not, so I write this. Before you get your map deleted follow these steps to have a backup. Access Settings->Network->network settings->Bandwidth usage before you start the game and notice the current usage 0bit/s or quickly 100b to 5kb per second. This is idle state and nothing to sync to xbox cloud or download. Start your Ark and as you start to move around a little (ark start sequence) type command SAVEWORLD wait for two after each other save indicators at bottom right, this is a indication of a successful save operation. Aftet that go to home screen and yes Ark is paused (indicated by Resume) now logout your gamertag and go again to Bandwisrh usage. Observe how your save is uploaded / sync. This process is finished when the above described idle state is reached. If you play offline you can always access that cloud save. If you play with friends and you see your map empty then quickly take your Xbox offline so that the last save state is NOT uploaded (empty map). How to access the cload save. Well you need to access it from a friends Xbox since your latest/newest save is empty map state. The cload save need to be saved with SAVEWORLD command and then synced on another xbox. After a player do this your ark save in the Xbox cloud is newer than on your home Xbox i.e. older save with the empty map @home. Finally player can start Ark on home Xbox and when the question is given if player want to load the newer cloud save. Choose that option and NOT the older local save option. Done and I fixed but only if a player can read it before the map is erased. @Jen pin this - plz. Avast (pirate term) Ariana
  25. So we tamed the desert titan yesterday evening thinking we could use it to farm drops today since a couple off us had the day off.... I woke this morning and the damn thing has wandered to the edge of the map where it is not retrievable. I submitted a ticket but that will not help us get it back in time I am thinking. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks, Hutch Yes next time I will make sure tribe mates know to have it follow a stationary dino when they finish using it.
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