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Found 10 results

  1. poplava

    Manticore landing still not fixed??

    Seriously devs?? This has been reported god knows how many times, we have lost our rexes 5-6 weeks ago and never done the manticore since. Today we went to try again with leveled rexes (17k base, 585% melee base) and beta manticore didnt even get to 80% of hp but was forever trying to land. http://prntscr.com/k0joso Is this a joke to you devs? It takes atleast 5 days of our life to raise these just so they can die to a bug that was reported months ago?
  2. Mikessnow

    Deathworm Blackpearls

    The rate at which black pearls drop and also there quantity should increase from deathworms. I fought the manticore on an ARKpocalype server and got 8 black pearls one time in total and 90 element. Considering the cost of Tek along side general progression that figure doesn't make sense. At most I got around 40 black pearls from deathworms during the boss in total. I don't think progressing to Tek teir on the scorched earth map should be about farming deathworms and rolling a dice to see how many, if any it will drop. I think the element drop rate is fine but the black pearls which is equally required to make tek is not.
  3. So i have a question, im playing on a boosted server with megatjeriums with 83k hp and 1100 melee, do you think they can do the hard ragnarok boss?(18 megatheriums, 1 daeodon, 1 yuty)
  4. ** PLEASE BE WARNED ** If you do boss fights on Ragnarok, please be warned that it is broken! Tonight (after the v278.1 update) we very nearly lost our entire set of dinos in the first 60 seconds of a beta ragnarok fight due to what is either a MASSIVE undocumented change or a HUGE bug in the abilities of either the rexes or the dragon. Our tribe has been successfully farming alpha Ragnarok for a few months now with this exact same team of rexes, players, saddles etc. After a complete successful ALPHA fight our rexes usually have 10k-15k health. TONIGHT after 60 seconds of the BETA fight they all got down to ONLY 1K-2K HEALTH!! We have our team of 18 purpose bred and highly levelled Rexes, plus our pig and yuti. The rexes have min 35k health, 600-800 damage and 100+ saddles. The alpha fight is not easy, but we normally complete it with anywhere from 15-25 mins to spare. Our rexes usually have around 10k-15k health left at the end of the fight. Occasionally we have lost a rex or two during the fight because they have gotten stuck on rock elementals. Tonight we took our usual alpha team along to a beta fight to help out another tribe on our server, and I'm so glad we did this instead of our usual alpha fight. PLEASE share this information as quickly as possible amongst your Ark friends. We very nearly lost our entire set of boss rexes. These represent many hundreds of hours of breeding and raising, and hundreds more hours levelling them all up. Add to that the incredibly expensive saddles and it would have been an epic disaster for our entire tribe due to absolutely no fault of our own. WC, please share this info immediately, and fix it asap!
  5. jpcab

    Manticore Boss and TRex

    Is it true? Rexes are useless to do this boss on SE?
  6. I'm looking for some feedback on the boss fight in here. I have plenty of rexes, enough to do this arena and wipe 3 or 4x and lose every rex. There is some variance in my rexes, but i am able to level most if not all of them up to 20-25k hp and 500 melee. Some have over 30k and a few are even up at 35k. I have a journeyman saddle bp with about 58 armor on it, which ends up around 60 due to my crafting skill. I've got some yutyrannus that I've been breeding that I am also able to level around 25k hp and 4k stam w/ around 300 melee, though i don't anticipate them doing too many melees. I also can likely get 5 maybe 6 people to come do the fight with me. With all of this in mind, how does someone who has experience with this arena think I would do on each of the difficulties? I would not mind testing with these rexes since I have recently gotten a health mutation that I would love to start a new generation of rexes with. I am just trying to gauge how people with experience think i would do with these dinos since I have never done the boss fights. Thanks!
  7. They have buffed manticore so it is no longer a case of getting it stuck with rexes over and over again, generally I do like the challenge but my tribe is busy with aberration right now to focus on killing it and I really need element on Scorched to power my tek troughs that right now are just gathering dust, so I was kind of wondering if anyone who has one it would know of any ways to take it down fairly easily?
  8. Has anyone noticed that Manticore's speed is abnormally faster than usual and movements are much more spastic than normal? We had 19 fliers and a yuty tonight and lost to a fight that we normally win because the boss was much faster than normal and had very spastic, random movements that include flying to the ceiling and back down. Also the boss never landed once other than twice where it started the landing sequence but aborted immediately and went back to flight. We have multiple kills already with argentavis and a yuty but this was VERY different. All Argy had atleast 12k hp and 600% dmg. Normally the argy can keep up with manticore easily but this time it feels like it was at a minimum 20-30% faster. If WC makes changed to a boss dynamic and code it should be noted in the patch notes. I am getting really sick of no consistency. Also, if you look at my achievements this has been done on my alt account as I just recently moved this one to SE since my main server has been tame capped. EDIT: I forgot to mention not a single argy got knocked out from tranq or killed. The fight was lost with ~5 percent health left on manticore with no losses.
  9. Idk if I’m getting upset for no reason or if I’m a complete idiot. I used to be on ps4 a few months ago and for boss fights our rexes were the same hatch as Xbox but the entire alliance would only pump rex health to 25k tips would be 30k then just unloaded melee. This was good enough to beat the dragon with the trap method. Then when you could trap the dragon took hp away and not a percentage. Now that the dragon takes 20% regardless of your health shouldn’t you still only level to 25k or so and pump melee? I’ve traded 3 different trusted traders for a full grown boss rex and they all have 35-55k health ranging from 491-550 melee. Is this right? Our trek rexes would start at 50khp but these guys are still using them as boss with no melee
  10. LPTF

    Manticore Arena is broken

    Dear WC, I want to report that the boss fights on Scorched Earth are absolutely broken. The random nature of the landing times makes the entire thing incredibly unfair. I know that you have changed the arena so that the Manticore cannot be pinned down any longer, but the issue now is that the thing simply does not land. We have now done beta Manticore on an official SE server, the first time with 8 reasonable rexes with about 500-600 damage, the next time with 14 very good rexes of 700-800 damage and a yuti, and each time the Manticore basically did not land. We have a video recording of our second fight during which, as in our first fight, for the first 12 or 13 minutes, the Manticore does not land even once. This makes it completely impossible to attack with any land dinos. We are not alone in finding this completely unacceptable and definitely bugged. The same has happened to at least two other large tribes on our server. All of us lost huge amounts of resources and dinos. We understand your desire to make the boss fights more difficult, but making them randomly impossible is completely unfair and makes for very angry and dissatisfied customers. We were all very well prepared and organised, and had spent weeks preparing. A tribe that completed a fight just minutes before us, who had similar numbers of rexes but with much lower stats, was able to kill the Manticore in under ten minutes, and said that it landed all the time. How can anyone prepare for a boss when the outcome appears to be almost entirely down to chance?