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Found 7 results

  1. The ichthyosaurus, according to the wiki, had/has a base speed of 2376, while the manta still has a base speed of 2700. This makes it far faster even before the speed nerf and the fastest creature in the ocean. I can't think of why the manta should be that much faster than the ichthy especially when it excels at combat and isn't much harder to tame. I'd either revert the ichthy speed or change the manta's. Share your opinion.
  2. I have a 300% speed manta(not even close to fully leveled), that just swim insanely fast for deep sea loots (Cant Find Any but worth the fun outrunning alpha squid BIG TIME) And ive got a full speed bronto, its footsteps are too fast to distinguish each step. ( Have a few ppl complain why I would keep this useless dino Im on PvE) Not ready for a max speed thyla for cave running but I will expect great results on the Center map. And I lost the manta when I park it outside of underwater bubble for taming a mosa. 2 Plesi spawn once every half minute making me hard to take care of everything.
  3. Ya, I was hoping this bug would be fixed by now, but maybe it's not even on the radar? Basically, get a manta to follow your plesi/basil/mosa/shark and then swim at the surface... the manta is usually faster and will ride up on the back of the leading dino and then die as if it was beaching itself. It would be nice if I could tame a manta and safely have it swim/follow behind me ... while at the surface.
  4. UnevolvedGaming

    video Manta spotlight

    Welcome to Unevolved gaming, today we are going to take a closer look at the Manta The Manta is an aquatic carnivore that shows a large resemblance to the modern day manta and sting ray, they have a wide body and an incredibly sharp barbed stinger on their tail that can pierce through most armors with ease. Manta's are very aggressive, swimming near them is reason enough for them to attack a survivor. Manta's also seem to actively seek out their prey as tamed sea creatures that are parked near the coast will often be under their attack. Mantas usually swim together in groups of three. The Manta can be found in both the shallow waters and the deepest parts of the ocean surrounding the Island. Manta's can also be found in large groups surrounding a Basilosaurus. Manta's sometimes commit suicide by beaching themselves. They have low health and reduced damage resistance when run onto land. This makes killing them with a spear or pike easy. When killed a Manta can be harvested for raw fish meat The Manta is tamed passively, by feeding it Angler gel. Angler Gel can be obtained fairly easy by killing and harvesting Angler fish. You can use a fast mount like the Ichthy to travel to the deep parts of the ocean where they can be found. Starting survivors that don't have scuba gear unlocked can always use Lazarus chowder to slow down their rate of oxygen consumption to 15%, this will allow you to stay under water 6 times longer then normal without surfacing for air. The effects of Lazarus chowder lasts for 600 seconds. There are multiple strategies that can be used to tame a Manta. The main problem you are going to face is that the manta is a hostile creature which makes a tame in the wild very frustrating and dangerous. The Manta's high damage output and the surrounding wild life make this a method that is not recommended. Most likely the safest way to tame a Manta is to lure it in to a pen made from stone pillars. Leave one side of the trap open so you can lure in a Manta. As soon as the Manta is inside the trap close it by placing the last pillar. Make sure the pillars breach the surface of the water so the Manta can't escape. Once trapped u can use bug repellent to approach the Manta from the rear without it becoming aggressive. Place the Angler gel in the last slot of your hotbar and press the Y button on your controller to feed it. To speed up the taming process you can let the Manta become aggressive in between feedings, this will make the Manta drain it's food faster and reduces the time between feedings. You can feed an aggressive Manta however be careful of it's attack since it can destroy flak armor in 6 to 8 hits. Waiting till the Manta is calmed down is much safer. It might also be useful to bring some Medical Brew with you when taming a Manta. To ride the Manta when tamed a saddle can be crafted in the smithy when a survivor reaches level 28. The winged shape of the Manta makes it the fastest sea creature in the game, its base speed is even faster than an Ichthy. The Manta also has the capability to briefly leap out of water by pressing the a button on your controller when riding near the surface, this might prove useful when avoiding predators. Be careful when jumping or swimming to close to shore with the Manta, touching land will inflict a great deal of damage on to your Manta and may result in it's death. In official an player dedicated servers the Manta also has the ability to move vertically in the water. Press the right joystick on your controller to make the Manta descend very quickly. Pressing the left joystick or the A button on your controller will make your manta rise to the surface in an instant. The Manta has a powerful melee attack but a low health, it can defend itself against predators when using hit and run tactics. Leveling health will prove useless since the stat increase is extremely low. In my opinion The manta can be a very useful mount for both starting and more advanced survivors. It's ability to outrun all other sea creatures combined with it's decent stamina make it of great value to explore the oceans. Even though the Manta has a deadly melee attack it is not an ideal war mount due to it's low health. The manta can also be of great use when farming silica pearls and underwater loot crates. farming other resources is not advised due to a low carry weight. It is best to set your Manta to ignore group whistle as an accidental whistle follow all might result in death due to your manta beaching itself. That concludes our spotlight on the Manta don't forget to comment, leave a like and subscribe for more ark spotlights and we will see you in the next episode where we will take a closer look at the Thylacoleo.
  5. Joeothermama

    Manta death

    I wish i had a pic but when mantas follow other dinosaurs too close to the surface they will die when accidentally going above the water.
  6. Joeothermama

    Manta death

    I wish i had a pic but when mantas follow other dinosaurs too close to the surface they will die when accidentally going above the water.
  7. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Manta Species: Manta Mobula Time: Early Oligocene - Holocene Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Defensive Wild: Here is another example of a creature that seems to have evolved beyond its historical traits. Everything points to this being a saltwater ray, but Manta Mobula has developed the ability to swim into the island´s rivers and shallows, as well as through the open ocean. Perhaps there were originally two types of ray on the island before, but years of interbreeding combined their lineage. Normally docile, the Manta Mobula is a carnivore only in that it consumes Plankton. Its tail is incredibly sharp, and can pierce through thick hide and armor with ease. Fortunately, Manta Mobula is usually not aggressive, unless encouraged. Domesticated: While not the fastest swimmer around the island, Manta Mobula is the deadliest of small ocean mounts, and can be ridden bare-back. Tribes who value striking power over speed often keep large schools of Manta to ride. Its capability to briefly leap out of water provides it a showy tactic for avoiding combat as well. A quick jab through the heart onto an unsuspecting survivor can easily take them by surprise. Thusly, many tribes use it as an escort for their slower cargo-carrying swimmers.