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Found 11 results

  1. You can get up to 15 extra levels (gamma, beta, alpha) from ascending on the Island. You can get, from what I believe, 15 extra levels from fighting Rockwell on aberration (gamma, beta, alpha). Do these 15 extra levels stack so your same character gains 30 total levels or does it stop at a max of 15 levels from these ascensions/boss fights? Also, oh courses there are the extra levels given to us in the Extinction Chronicles from which they are up to 4 lvls to this date. I always choose to start a new character with each DLC so I can make it worth while without blasting through the new map with all my previous breed dinos/weapons/armor/etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  2. FrostyBrother

    A question for ark devs...

    Why are you adding 1 level in every Ark Extinction Chronicles? Could it be leading up to a big level boost? or just a thing you'll do every update? Thanks. -FrostyBrother
  3. Whenever I join a server I never manage to make it past level five out of pure boredom. I know you can easily level up by building a base, but I'd like to know some other ways to level up quickly before you have wooden foundations, walls, doorframes, doors, and roofs.
  4. SuperSaiyanBeezlebufo

    Level caps

    Hi, I would like to know if there are level caps in this game and if there are, then what the level caps are for your character and your tames.
  5. DiamondHawk8

    More Engram Points

    Ok so I know this must have been said before but I really thing there should be more engram points or at least allow surviovors to get more than normal in the expansions so they can have items fro m the island and the items from all the expansions I also think it should be possible to unlock all engrams because you dont want to just program all these great things into the game and then make it so players cannot use them all the points could be hard to get (just not insane, like get every achivment or find all explorer notes on all maps) but there should be the option for the dedicated players to unlock all the things this great game has to offer
  6. Hi! Ark is great but leveling isn't as fun as it could be. One side you increase stats, the other you unlock engrams one by one... Not that bad but not really rewarding/interesting? There is no "class" or true specific roles except for the engrams unlocking system, so each player characters ends up being really similar... I think that a leveling system like the Fallout 4 one could be perfect for ARK. take a look at it if you don't know it, it's a very interesting leveling system that makes you feel like your character is truly special. https://www.carls-fallout-4-guide.com/level-up.php For example you could unlock a perk about wood structures, unlocking all wood structures at once. Or unlocking a perk that increases your weight capacity or the number of active tames that can follow you in the same time. Or a perk that boost your taming speed. And you could have more specific roles, like becoming a strong warrior with boost at using weapons, an expert builder that can build every possible structures or a creature trainer that can tame creatures way easier and give a boost to his tames... Many possibilities that would be more attractive that only +10 in a stat and 3 new engrams. This system could also work for creatures, increasing stat and giving more abilities/boost to already existing abilities. For example, a high level dilo will shoot venom further than a low level dilo. Or a high level rex could get a grabbing ability that low level rexes can't access. A high level quetz can carry bigger creatures than a low level one for example. It could change the breeding mechanic too. With this new system, all creatures with the same perks and same specie will have the same stats. But to make breeding still useful, babies could randomly inherit one (or more) of their parents perks, already having some perks at level 1. Wild creatures will have random perks too. There is a huge potential at introducing a levelling system like that in a game like ark, I think that this system, despite being a big change, could make Ark a lot better, funnier and more interesting/rewarding. I truly hope that the dev are looking to some change for the leveling system as it could really make the game go to the next level! Advices?
  7. Can we get an option that displays the levels a dino had after taming but before being leveled up? At the moment it's theoretically possible due to the way stats grow differently between wild and tamed levels, but it's super inconvenient to try to do this for every stat for even one dino. This feature would help quite a bit when verifying the stats of a purchased dino or trying to breed dinos.
  8. Scrysis

    Reaper queen Levels

    So I run a private server, and I have the server set to difficulty 6 (level 180 dinos). The rock drakes obey the new setting and spawn at higher levels. But I'm having issues seeing if the Reaper Queens are bugged. The highest I've seen out of the many queens I've seen or murdered is a level 72. They spawn anywhere from level 12 to level 66 normally, with 12, 18, 28, 48, and 54 being the most popular levels. So I have to know. . . . is this normal? Do queens spawn at a different level than the rest of the map? Or should I be seeing queens the same level as the rest of the dinos?
  9. I need some help here everyone. I am curious if anyone has figured out the necessary difficulty offset for lvl 150s to spawn like on officials for my Nitrado server. I tried just 1.0 but it seems to stop at around 95 with that from what I have seen. I am sure others need this information as well so any help is appreciated.
  10. Scrysis

    Re-Evaluate Saddle Levels

    Some of the saddles don't seem to make sense in terms of when you access them when compared to utility and/or taming difficulty. Example: Players get access to mammoth saddles much earlier than, say, a doedi saddle. (Relatively speaking, mammoth saddles come pretty early.) Not only will most players be playing in a completely different zone, but Mammoths are native to one of the most hostile regions on maps. Players aren't going to access those areas very quickly, and mammoths aren't going to be one of the easier tames for an early or even mid-game player. The doedicurus, by comparison, can be found in more areas likely to be accessed by early players, and is MUCH easier to tame. (This is just an example, btw.) I'd also like to request lower level BASIC saddles for both beavers and thorny dragons. They are very good utility dinos that should be rideable maybe a level or two after the wood-tier building parts are introduced. (Same philosophy for the doedi saddle.) As it stands now, by the time you manage to get and craft, say, a beaver saddle, you're already looking towards getting a Therizino instead. This would expand the active use period of these dinos by quite a bit, and the crafting saddles can be pushed back as a late-game strategic item. Please re-evaluate saddles in terms of dino utility, taming difficulty, and level. I probably play this game way too much, but it's frustrating to finally get something like the beaver saddle and find that you already replaced your wood house that you with a stone house that you built by hand. And then you're stuck wondering why you bothered in the first place.
  11. Hi guys, I know there's many of us out here who are trying to breed up some beast therizino lines. I play Xbox primitive and so far I am hatching my theris at 8.1k HP and 373dmg. My other stats are just average right now, but I believe that the HP and Dmg I have are considered high average? Post here pics or a list of your therizino stats, just wondering what other people out there are working with to see what kind of stats I should shoot for to get the highest.