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Found 29 results

  1. I placed a raft down in the water in my base and I can't access it. It says raft in yellow. I didn't get an option to name it. It isn't red and it hasn't disappeared, it's been three days. Pve legacy, figured might get an answer to why this happened. I've never had this happen before so I'm really confused. I've tried damaging it, didn't work. I've looked all around it seeing if I can claim, nothing. It's not mine and not counted in my tames, Also it's yellow name
  2. Many new players see the legacy servers first for the first time playing We keep telling them thees are old servers . Please fix this so when the game boots up OFFICIAL servers show first New players are going on legacy servers that are caped and are getting frustrated . and this is not fair to new players or the old ones you forgot About and decided to play on legacy .
  3. Hello Everyone, I thought about publishing this topic because I wanted to know what do you think about re-playing some of the deprecated servers with some little tweaks and being able to use your saved survivor (if you were playing in this server when it was available on the official network). In the case of this Official server 64 I have been playing there in a private session exploring the map, taking as prisoner every survivor I could find and taking it to a dungeon, a cold cell, chained to a chair where it might never see the day light ever again. - May you be one of the prisoners now? - Would you like to try and escape the dungeon with your own survivor and reach the Obelisk to freedom and start a new life in the cross ark server? (which is also a backup server). - What other ideas would you find interesting to add in this game mode? I would be glad to hear your suggestions.
  4. Why not merge legacy and official servers?
  5. Jenso

    Early Bird again?

    So, I’m a player from a legacy server. I started playing in 2016 and have traded dinos over the forums before. I’ve been MIA for a while and just got back into the game again on a non-legacy server. I went to have a look on the PC trade forum and found out I’m listed as an Early Bird again with no Trade Forum access... Do I really have to do the whole posting thing again to become a member to be able to post/see PC dino trades again?
  6. I have about 50 people waiting for them so I could use saves as our unofficial. I don't like to ask about things like that but it is almost a month passed since shut down and players are waiting.
  7. As more and more legacy servers die. Could wildcard offer an option to save the server. Personally I am waiting for our server to be killed off but in order to keep my base healthy i need to log in. I have spoken to a few fellow server players who are doing the same thing. If Wildcard wants to close these servers down then i think if they offered all Legacy servers a save option on console so peeps can move to Nitrado, wildcard would see a dramatic drop in legacy server usage. Better yet if you could move your base to local play.
  8. To Ark devs: Can I have a copy of my server so I can keep playing locally? My family and myself are having a lot of fun in one of the legacy servers and would like to keep playing on the base we manage to build. Please say yes. Best regards.
  9. I want to start off by saying I 100% understand the need to shut down underused servers. My issue lies in the way it is being done. In the current state of the game if you play on a legacy server your days are numbered. Sooner or later there will be no legacy servers left. This is due to the fact that most new player don't go to legacy servers. I have been playing Ark since day 1 of the Game Preview. Since then I have had to move servers a multitude of times due to Toxic players and more recently servers being shut down. To make a long story short my friends and I WILL NOT continue playing the game if we are forced to restart from level 1. We have spent the time to create the perfect survivors, breed the perfect Rex's, Argys, etc. And when the last Legacy Server gets shut down all of our work will be gone forever. My solutiin to this is simple. Remove the title of Legacy. It nade sence to separate old servers from the new ones when the game first officially released. However now people are on an even playing field. Just allow the current Legacy servers to transfer to the non-legacy servers. Boom problem solved. I can't imagine I'm the only one who has encountered this issue of not wanting to restart the entire game. Thoughts or other solutions? I'd love to hear them!
  10. [EG] Comdriver W31

    Legacy Saves

    I'm not going to ask when are they going to be released, I'm sure they will be when they are ready. Me and some of my friends are playing on closing soon legacy server with "the island" map, the server where we was playing for last few years and we don't want to start over on a new server or to move to any other legacy so I'm going to host the saves as unofficial but we got small problem. we are also playing on other maps, like aberration, scorched, ragnarok.. but servers with that maps are not on the kill list and going to stay alive for some more time and I'd like to get saves for them too so I could run all the maps in a cluster. so @[email protected]@lilpanda, here is the question. is it possible to release saves for all legacy servers when shutting down servers from the list? I think I'm not the only one who would like to do that.
  11. as more and more server goes down, eventually we may very likely run into an issue where there are not enough space for anyone on any legacy server to tame/hatch a new dino. like the mad titan I gave this a thought, and I came up with an idea. since save files will be made available for all legacy pve server wouldn't it be good if I could transfer some of my not frequently used dino (aka memoirs) to one that is going to get wiped, and I'll keep them through the save? I can always load them on sp/rented server and then transfer it back. but this raises a question: how far before the wipe is the save file? I want to avoid maintaining (feeding) these dinos on the decommissioning server and at the same time I don't want them to get wiped because I transferred too late. I didn't have the chance to check that on the past 2 migration and I need to prepare in case my server gets picked for the 4th. any bit of information or discussion about what you would do to avoid this issue on your server is appreciated ❤️
  12. About 1 month ago, on Community Crunch 125, dated April 2nd, it was announced that PC legacy servers backup was made, and available to download from the support area. As of today, the most recent server backup file you get from this list is dated November 10th (clearly visible in the image), on most of the servers listed. Around Jan 8th, PVE OfficialServer36, which is the one displayed on the image, suffered a hardware malfunction, causing all players on this server major losses, including tames, breeds, and materials gathered. I would hate to know that the date it shows as modified is really the last date a backup was made, since a lot of work and hours has been invested on this server, and it was assured that a most recent backup was already available. And its not the only server with a major hardware malfunction since then, and that's what makes me wonder about the really old dates on this saves files. Is there a way to ask for a most recent backup via support? What is the IT staff really doing down there?
  13. WillyGomez

    Save files for legacy

    What do these save files for legacy PvE mean? it was released in the notes for the new update that came out a few hrs ago.
  14. babulba

    Hi guys! New!

    Hi guys! I'm new on here, but have logged a few hours mainly playing solo on PVE Legacy servers. Taken a while to get a profile on here, but hoping to get to know some of you.
  15. Be greeted fellow survivors and ark overseers, Hear my pleas and may divine wisdom and clairvoyance drive your decisions into prosperous ways for us all. The Story: Since the introduction of legacy servers and the continueing wipe of them, we (as in most members of our community on a legacy server) forged alliances and tried to vigorously keep the dreaded wipe of our beloved server at bay. We recruited countless new players, made friends, teached them how to survive in their sourroundings, hardened them for battles and even managed to get them ready for bossfights. But as we continued our efforts and legacy servers got wiped left and right even though we could stave off the threat for our server many of us got tired. Now our community is split between those who want to continue to fight, keeping the looming wipe at bay and those of us, who want to stop and let it shutdown for good, so that they can peacefully host a private server with a save file from that server. I too, came to the conclusion that my only way for peace was getting hands on the server save files, so that I can host a community server with the specific save file and invite all who are willing to follow me into our new old home. The Problems: Getting the server save files normally involves the server being shutdown but I don't want to cause turmoil in our great community we built, because I actually understand both sides. Even though the server was not shut down yet, there was a one time release of all current PC PVE Server files around the 10th of November 2017. But the problem with this is that some of us started playing later in december or january for example. Using those old save files would actually destroy all their progress they made. The last backups of the last batch of legacy servers that went offline was around 10th February 2018, having those save files would ascertain, that most of us (99%) would have their stuff saved for migration to a private server. The Request: Even though we know that it is an awful lot of work to get the server files and upload them costing lots of time, money and sweat we would actually very much appreciate another full release for all still running Non-Deprecated Legacy PC PVE Server Saves (or at least an update of the savefiles) I would assume we are not the only ones that would actually want those savefiles updated, since there are a lot of people still playing that don't actually play but only feed their dinos and reset their timers until the server files get released so they can rehost on private servers without losing their 4 months progress. Thank you for reading my wall of text, I hope you will take the contents of this request into consideration and let us know your decisions regarding this matter. All the best, A survivor fighting off extinction
  16. Simubaya

    Combining the servers

    Is there any plans to maybe combine the Legacy and Retail servers at one point after a year or two? I know that the servers were divided up originally to make it so that new players wouldn't have to deal with alpha tribes immediately taking over the entire retail game, but after a year or two, there should be well established tribes in both clusters. Instead of gradually closing all of the Legacy servers, leave the ones with the most people, and combine the server clusters. That way some people still can keep their stuff, and you won't have to punish your most dedicated players. It will be an even playing field, and will make a lot of people, and open up more servers. Just a thought. What are the odds of that happening?
  17. Remote

    Help Save Legacy!

    Not quite sure if this is in the right forums, but to all the players who bought Ark before the full release, you know that large numbers of the original servers are being deleted. "Legacy" servers are the history of this Ark. Those servers have taken countless hours of many peoples lives, whether it was from building bases to raising the best animals possible. Many legacy servers are already gone, but certain servers have thriving communities. The Primitive Plus legacy servers for example have been growing slowly and after the servers are deleted only a small number of Primitive plus legacy servers will remain. As Alpha's of Prim+ official legacy server 6 on PS4, my alliance and I have worked hard on our bases and realized we need more people to keep the server populated. If we lose a majority of our active players then we might soon join the list of servers in which are being deleted/ already gone. And there's a chance that if the devs see the community growing on the last remaining legacy servers of primitive plus, then they might add at least one scorched earth/ragnarok server for the community.
  18. So me and some mates were gonna go to OC and get some dinos, to our dismay ive seen that the only 2 OC Scorched Earth legacy servers are BOTH getting deleted!!!. It makes sence too remove one but leaving OC without a Legacy SE server is just ridiculous as were now forced to go to an NA server at such a high ping. At least one of all DLC maps should be available to legacy players. Killing off players ability to enjoy their experience in their region is just bad planning. Thoughts everyone? Who else agrees at least one of the servers should stay?
  19. Hopefully someone can help. I've just started a server with a save file of my old server. It's dated 24th August 2017 but having gone exploring it has aberation items on it and seems about a month old? Any ideas on getting the right save file?
  20. Wilcard announces the closure on March 9th of servers "Legacy" on the 3 platforms, 2nd wave of closures, and others will certainly follow until the complete closure of all servers "Legacy" ... The ways of Wilcard being impenetrable, only they know what sauce we will accomodate when we taste! : p Anyway, despite hours of playing on a server "Legacy", I resign myself and I convinced myself to abandon my base, my dinos and all the hard work done since all this time .... But a new challenge awaits me when creating a new character on the servers! And yes, it is now a question of finding an Official server that is not caped in taming Dino!?! : o Believe me, having tested a dozen servers, this is very specialized work for this dear Ethan Hunt! So, once again thank you Wilcard for all these marks of consideration and all this precious care brought to your dear customers ... Not signed "Furax", but a passionate player for an exciting game so badly surrounded and managed
  21. Hello all, i downloaded the legacy savegame for EU-official-PVE-island-273 (from here https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/pc-legacy-pve-saves ) and rented a nitrado server. I unzipped all the files and uploaded them via WinSCP to the /savedarks directory on the server. When i start the server, it takes like 20 minutes to run, i can log in and even play my old legacy character (level 93 Shanzo). However, there are no structures loaded, from any tribe. It seems like the island is missing all tribes structures / dinos. Also, i can't choose any savegame to start the server running. Anybody know how to fix it or whats the problem?
  22. DoctorDingo

    Ark Legacy Save Hosting

    So I'm trying to figure out how to host an ark legacy server save file. Do I have to use nitrado or is there a way to upload it and use it on a dedicated/non-dedicated session for my wife and I to mess around with.
  23. wildcard stated that new round of server wipe will hapen 3 months after first one. that date was due yesterday. some people like me still play on legacy server and becouse of all those turret changes we have to invest a lot of work to cope with that limitation. its pointles for us to grind for days or weeks if @Panda will delete our server in 10, 30, 60 days. so please @Jatheish and @TheRightHand please be kind to your player base community that still plays on legacy servers and tell us which servers will be deleted. thanks for understanding
  24. Given the recent announcement that the TLC pass for legacy dinos is solid, but for a future date, I thought it would be good to start a suggestion thread to collect ideas for the developers to look over. Here's a few of mine: Edit: new first priority. Give the griffin flying mechanism to all rideable flyers. It's just way more fun, plus it's very much what flyers do anyways. That would be a massive upgrade to the fun of flyers and a hit with everyone imo, and a great transition from early-access flying model to full-launch flying model. Walking damage to anything two sizes smaller than the walker. It just comes with the territory of being that much bigger than something. Front-leg stomp attacks for all sizeable 4-leggers, scaled by the size of what they're attacking - the smaller the target compared to the attacker, the more damage. Bite attacks such as carry-chew-drop, Bite-shake-drop etc. for all predators on prey of sufficiently small size - two sizes smaller? one? So yes, a T-Rex can carry you in its mouth and chew you for awhile, then drop you to eat you properly. *Perhaps you have to do enough damage to make it drop you, or be wearing chitin or metal armor to make it spit you out faster? Edit: *I know the Kapro carries medium but seriously it shouldn't, it's too small to carry things it's own weight class. I would suggest it gets a grab and drag into the water and death-roll attack, same as the Sarco should. To me, the main differences between the two is that the Kapro can launch out of the water and chase you at a decent speed to drag you in, making it the more dangerous threat to people on foot, while the Sarco can haul much larger things into the water, making it a threat to mounted players. If the Sarco does get far enough into the attack, the player should be dismounted so the Sarco can haul the mount into deeper water. Stomp/pin foot attacks for all predators on prey of sufficiently small size (two sizes smaller? one?). So a raptor could pin a dodo, while a T-rex can step on you and hold you while it eats your face, and you would have to do sufficient damage to make it step off. *Yes, T-Rexes and other large carnivores should be terrifying for an artificially-clothed monkey to face. Your tribe or your run endurance should be your salvation. Edit: Add "trotting" runs for slow dinos such as the anky. The doed has the pillbug thing, which is frankly rolleyes but gets a pass because it's fun. Ankys just have a gallop run and other slow dinos cant' really run at all. But irl a lot of heavy animals have a trotting run style which is how they get around long distances at a decent speed. They build up speed over time so they can actually travel ok, and this particular mechanic already exists for dire bears. I would retain the slower run animations such as gallop for anky for steep hills as it looks perfect for that, and change to the trotting run for more level terrain. Edit: Client-side global option to toggle all dino level-up and "nuzzle" animations OFF please. I never wanted the level up animations, and the nuzzle thing causes immense problems when trying to park dinos or even move through them. The dino pokes its head object right into you or the dino you're riding, causing an object collision which stops your movement. *If you're next to a wall, the nuzzle can stick you to the wall and prevent you from moving at all. You can't even log off and back on to fix it, you will have to remove structure to be freed. This is very very bad, esp if you don't own that structure. You have to be admin-teleported free.* Your thoughts?
  25. This is just a friendly reminder from the players in the Xbox legacy PVE servers for the people who is in charge to release the Legacy Official PVE Server Backups for XBOX. Please don't forget about us, you have released the PC backups, 21 days ago, we are expecting the backups for XBOX. Acknowledge would be nice. ps. sorry for bad english