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  1. Here are a few things that will really help with the game: 1) reboot servers daily at a set time to assist with the lag (i reboot my unofficial daily and it really helps with the lag. If the server does not reboot, then we feel the lagginess, therefore I belive this will also help on the official) 2) Under the OPTIONS on the wheel, switch the CHANGE NAME and SPAY/NEUTER options (I have several times almost 'fixed' my dino when trying to rename them 3) When placing a structure down and then someone tries to build near to "cock'-block your building; the outside of the structure radius is what it should be using. I had to totally redo my gates and walls (bring them in closer) due to someone built as close as they can to me and I could not even finish my build NOR replace/upgrade them. 4) Imprinting dinos, ANYONE in the tribe should be able to care for the baby, especially for the big dinos, like rexes, quetz, and gigas. For if someone actually is trying to get 100% imprint on these, they can not have a job/school/life and risk their health trying to get these imprints down. (Honestly, you have made this game WAY too time consuming. Like you want ppl to neglect their family, friends AND HEALTH). I understand you are trying in make this a tribe game, but with all the scammers/insiders/fakers/thieves/etc that just is not possible. 5) (edited) BIG issue, when we download dinos from the obi, have them spawn off tot he side of the terminal and NOT on top of us. I have gotten stuck under/on top/inside my dinos and other ppl just pulled several out and leave them stacked on top for the terminal making it almost impossible to access it and to pull out our dinos for ours then get stuck on theirs and we can not even put them backdue to the upload timers. When using a teleport pad, it usually pushes the dinos to the edge so why you you make it where when using obi, they do the same. Also, they should be some sort of timer on how long dinos can stay on the obi's metal circle. some ppl sue it as their personal parking lot. WC, you really need to reconsider some of your settings, actual enforce the CoC, and start caring a little more about your customers.
  2. I can't even login today. just love it timeout after timeout at the very least reset the server >.< are you guys hosting ark on a toaster with dialup? It took me 30 mins for 82 to show up on the official server list (not favorites.. OFFICIAL) this is unbelievable, am I asking too much?
  3. AFXAcid

    Boss Arena DC.

    On PVE Official Servers. Ragnarok, Island and Aberration. Entering the boss fights about 25-50% of the time, it always seems that players cant load in properly/lag out/fatal error. It wiped a beta rockwell run the other night. Damn near wiped another run tonight on gamma ragnarok when 6/8 players randomly dced with fatal errors. It was supposed to be a shoe in run, but it really stinks when an alliance member/ critical player in charge of dino control groups DISCONNECTS at the beginning of battles. Luckily, we loaded back in and since the ragnarok arena was so huge the remaining 2 members could kite everything away from our sleeping defenseless bodies... (rockwell/Island Dragon arena runs were not so lucky) My suggested fix is creating a protected load in area that players warp to once the battle begins (impermeable tek forcefield or something). Have the countdown for the boss battle to begin occur within the boss arena itself. Keep the player and boss isolated and restricted mobility on seperate sides of the arena. This will protect the players that haven't even successfully loaded into the arena, from dragon fireballs or rockwell orbs that just fry lagged out players like sitting ducks. Our server is gearing up and grinding thousands of cumulative hours towards downing the Alpha Dragon on Island. If when we go fully decked out with our best dino breeds and rare crafting bonus gear, and a DC lag issue causes a failed run, I can only promise one thing. I will stop playing immediately and never recommend the game to anyone ever again. Please fix this feature. Bosses are one of the coolest experiences ARK has to offer, but only if you can actually play the game as it is meant to be played, smooth and not glitchy. Cleaning up the Boss arena entrance interface could also be an opportunity to finally end obelisk congestion disputes. Imagine loading up dinosaurs one at a time the same way you transfer them to another server. Then once you have your team loaded up and locked in to be sent the arena you can initiate the countdown. This would eliminate all the trolls that block and grief the obelisk areas. Thank you for taking the time to consider this request. AFXACID
  4. Why my galaxy S8 is lagging so much in ark?? It's almost impossible to play!
  5. OGGavv

    Booted From Server

    I live in America, so naturally I play on the NA servers. I am on a low population, NA, abberation server. 2 Times in a row now after spending the entire day hunting reaper queens, getting pregnant and than attempting to level up by killing more reapers I have been booted from the server whilst fighting a reaper queen. I run games on my PC simultaneously whilst playing ark on my xbox and have absolutely no issue with my connection. My internet is flawless, yet I get booted from the servers repeatedly (connection on PC, phone, etc remains perfect). This time, My level 135 reaper queen was aborted due to radiation and I lost my Max tame male breeding shinehorn. I am a long time Ark player and take the game very seriously, however, I am very inclined to quit the game because by no fault of my own, and due to how poor your servers run, EVEN ON LOW POP NA, I can lose everything on my person and whatever tame I have simply because you cannot run functioning servers. So, I will be awaiting a reply to fix this, and I can assure you if this is not addressed, then you will lose someone who once loved this game.
  6. Wildcard whats the chances of some more oceanic servers?
  7. If your favorite thing is to be killed by "invisible" Raptors including your tames or lag to do anything like ride a tame. North America PVP server Scorched Earth 95 is the server for you!
  8. Hello everyone, wanted to ask you guys who have built a big massive mega tribe base on ark ps4 servers , is it give you like 1 frame per 10 seconds when you are inside the base and your game keep crashing and make you suffer while playing?? Or is it only me here ....!
  9. i was trying to find a abertaion sever and i found a sever with 0 players and 2200 ping why is it so laggy
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZEJekLck6A
  11. Since the recent update on the 26th our Raganrok server is going through some major lag spikes and consistent lag. 1 person on; myself. And the ping is bouncing at 255... I need a resolution. Nitrado said it's a known issue but couldn't say whether you; Wildcard is working on it. I need to know something please. Arks Finest Dish - server name to bring up our list of 4 servers. Again only Ragnarok is going through some major life crisis. Please help
  12. The server now performs AI at every server game frame. For every Dino (tamed or wild) and every turret (plant or auto-) that are not in stasis) the AI is performed. These AI characters are often called NPC (non-playing-characters). For turrets it checks in an area if there is something to shoot at, for every tamed dino it decides whether to eat, poop, wander, lay eggs, give birth, do evasive action when attacked. If aggressive it also checks an area to seek prey. Wild dinos do mostly the same except give birth. The AI of turrets apparently takes the most time (mostly because of high range turrets searching a much larger area then low limit ones), hence the recent turret limits. A server rate can vary between (>0 and 14+), the lower, the most apparent lag. The question now is: is it really necessary to perform AI for every NPC on every server frame, or every type of AI for an NPC on every frame? What if we do AI every 2nd server frame? That would reduce the server CPU time used on AI to half. Just test for each NPC if a random number between 0 and 1 is lower than 0.5, and skip the AI for this NPC if it is. It doesn't really matter if a turret checks 4 times, or 2 times a second for stuff to shoot at. Chances are an NPC doesn't (or does) perform AI for a number of consecutive frames, but this only makes the game play less predictable. It seems easy to implement and test.
  13. Steveo4

    The Center

    I am playing single player on a Xbox one x and I am currently on the Center map, I go near or into the South Island cave and it is unplayable, hundreds of creatures are spawning and as fast as you kill them more just keep coming, causing massive lag ( even flying above this area causes lag) hundreds of creatures are pouring out the cave entrance near the beaver pond and one area has them coming out of the ground, I tried the water entrance from the tropical island side, lag got so bad had to Xbox quit and once again hundreds of spawns. I went into a cave on the middle jungle island which had dire bears, there was like 50+ the lag was not as bad but why so many spawns? They just kept coming. it sad really, that the game In some Areas is unplayable and from what I have seen posted it’s a know issue for along time, is it going to be fixed? Or is there a work around? I did a destroy all dinos and it stops the lag but they all eventually respawn and it starts again, literally hundreds of them. please help, thx in advance one very frustrated Ark player!!!!
  14. AngelTG01


    Ive been playing in Asia server 484 on ps4 and lately theres been plenty of lag and crashes all day. Ive been trying to raise my babies but it's difficult when the server lags then crashes for hours.
  15. Hello, i've just made an account for these forums as I have not really found any relevant or recent topics of people of the same issue. I hear many people say that servers get laggy and such around update days. My problem is that as of 6th and 7th of March 2018 the server that i run on my own setup has been running smoothly for roughly around a month and a half, with little to no issues. I was running the game fine during the 8th with no lag in my base like usual. Up untill around 5pm gmt where my friend who i play with joins (from a different but nearby country me being UK/ her being Czech rep who has a better connection than I) and the server starts to lag out (255 ping) (usually about 15-30), but i notice that the game has updated aswell and mods needed updating aswell (Structure+, Platform+, Snappy Saddles and rafts) (the only 3 mods we use). Everytime we are near our base it lags out, but nothing had changed from the previous day, if anything we have less dinos (as we tried a small purge to see if it helped the issue). Now i've seen some people recommend resetting the GameUserSettings.ini but I am hesitant and pretty inept at this type of thing untill i know what to do (as i don't want to break or ruin something) as we have NoFoundations setup and resetting the .ini would perhaps cause us to lose buildings. Im not sure on whether this is something to do with a problem on my end, or a mod causing lag, or perhaps our base being too big (which its not, and its been the same size for 2-3 weeks now with 0 issues) We have been breeding for mutations. and in the server admin log i see a constant spam of (allosaurus being killed/tribe tamed) even if neither of us is online but the servers running, and we haven't bred any Allos in a week. Which has me suspicious. Any help would be very appreciated as I don't want to lose interest in the game and get stressed over it as its our place to hang out and have fun.
  16. This is the 2nd time we have bee screwed by this game while doing boss on rag. 1st time the lag was horrendous so all 20 tames died. This time we killed both boss with 28 mins left but in the 1min countdown timer to trans out of boss it got to 19 secs and booted us All and killed everything and bye bye element (I have the video). How and DILO? That's 40 tames in under 2 weeks just killed by the bugs in this game. I've posted a ticket but probably won't hear bk I'm still waiting for them to replace my character the ob swallowed from 3 months ago! I tried to attach an image but it won't let me.
  17. Hi, let me start off by saying thank you to Wildcard for making an awesome game and putting forth all the continued hard work into making new and improved content. One of the biggest problems i see in both pvp and especially pve is performance issues around large structures or bases housing hundreds and hundreds of dinos from the huge alpha tribes in pvp to the ever expanding bases built next to each other in pve. Each server will have countless plant/mechanical turrents and 100's of raised boss dinos as well as endless dinos for kibble. This will always contribute to the overall performance of each server. My idea is simple and hopefully Wildcard will take the time to read this. Ark should develop a "kibble farm" type structure that would look similar to the raptor pen in the first Jurassic Park movie. This would be a preshaped structure that you can build in different sizes similar to crop plots to house or upload medium, large to gigantic dinos into kinda like a transmitter that would collect eggs from all the dinos placed in there. By adding an Oviraptor you would increase the yield amount for the eggs and be able to pull them out to store them or let the egg count grow. The structure should be a fairly large but simple caged building with barbwire or bars running across the top area and a few dino animation like the Rex's head poping out every now and then or a bronto reaching his neck over to pick at a tree, what ever you want. Much like a transmtter you would be able to pull out any dino and place them back in any time you want without the timer of course. You would be able to create some kind of easy to make grain or nutritional supplement for the animals to eat that would last a long time so we are not constantly feeding them and this could act as the "feul or gas" this kibble farm would run off of I know that having this "kibble farm" will mean that every farm that is built would be like a personal cloud for each tribe and would result in huge memory consuption but imagine if you will how much that would improve server performance and stability and how easy it would be for ark to keep track of lost dinos if they were lost in the kibble farm. How much easier it would be to collect kibble and not build giant elaborate structures to house and collect the kibble from each of the dinos. How much room would be saved at each base and how having less populated basses would greatly decrease the lag or performance issues of each server. Thanks again for taking the time to read this. I hope this sparks some kind of discussion on how this would help and benefit both the developers and the players.
  18. Black Wolf


    Hello, I am going, to be honest, I didn't want to scroll through hundreds of pages to make sure my suggestions were not already spoken of. Chat: I think it is time to give some TLC to the chat system. You should be able to just turn off one channel i.e Global, message or ignore individual people, and have your allies in separate chats so you aren't getting half a conversation if you are not allied with someone and your allies are chatting to them. Leaving offline messages would also be nice. A new UI for it would be nice too. It is the same chat it was when the game was first out, it's time for some attention to it. Player/Server Types: You have so many types of players, some that enjoy various servers you have in play and there is nothing wrong with each style of play but they don't mix. But I wanted to toss a suggestion out there. It shouldn't be too hard to give players what they want on your official servers. You have "types" of servers already PVP/PVE, but I think you should change the grades of it. Maybe a PVEPVP system where you have PVE until you declare war using the system you designed. Maybe a Hardcore server which is basically what you have now with your open servers that have no protections on the server. Then a standard mode so to speak that is PVP but with Offline Protection once the last tribe member has logged off. I am not afraid of PVP but, attacking someone offline is just cheese and cowardly. I personally am a huge fan of the crossark/cluster servers and would like to see some of these ideas applied to them. By varying the type of servers you have Kibble Update: Currently you have to tame literally all the kibble dinos in order to be able to make and tame various dinosaurs. This leads to HUGE egg pens with 1 male and 4 females kept for each species, not to mention the actual used tames. You think the turrets were the issue, but I find that you were mistaken. It's the loads of dinosaurs that each tribe must keep in order to have kibble to tame and breed. My suggestion is simple, make tier grades of kibble and get rid of a specific need of kibble for a dino that is needed. I.e a Gig would need a Tier 1 Kibble, etc. This will get rid of the need to keep farms of dinosaurs. Which on my private server not so bad but on the officials would help you out and help out the lag? Players would be grateful to not have to keep so many kinds of dinos but instead have a limited amount. Defenses: I'd like to see more defensive items for bases. Ways to strengthen walls, and add durability to the resources, etc Those are just a few of my ideas I have been able to think through. Thank You
  19. Fuzzynavelpocket

    Ps4 lag on local

    Is there. Reason for this? I'm playing on local and as long as I'm high in the air on my pteranadon I don't lag. But if I'm on the ground I'm laggy and sometimes freeze up for 5 minutes at a time. I'm playing on single player on ps4. So it shouldn't be server or hosting issues?
  20. DarkSoul666


    Ragnarock is unplayable due to game breaking lag, even on the center map I’m getting kicked out on occasion & getting tames killed. Not enough servers on primitive plus (scorched earth isn’t even an option). I paid for that DLC yet I only play primitive plus, what a waste of money and time I’ve put into thus game. Will you ever fix your game?
  21. magicjinnsavann

    ps4 Ark ps4 Settings

    Dear People of ARK. I've been playing ARK for a very long time on a ps4. I let a friend of me play ARK on the same ps4 via splitscreen. This causes a lot of lag, which could be solved easily. Like almost every ps4 game ARK (on ps4) does not have graphics settings like the computer has. If advanced graphics settings would be added two people could play on the same device and the host-distance could be removed.
  22. So I have quit ARK....again....for the 4th time in the last two-ish years. It seems like a reoccurring theme in ARK that I play for 1-4 weeks (grinding hard at least 4-8 hours on most days) but end up leaving and taking a 6 months to a year off? I play on unofficial pvp servers fyi because I enjoy playing as a solo tribe and being a pain to other tribes with lots of small hidden bases and lots of explosives Some even 'hire' me as a bounty hunter to kill certain tribe members or attack satellite bases. Funny enough most contracts come from tribes that are allied with the tribe I am attacking so they can take the farming spot or base location etc without coming off as the aggressors. Anyway, now that you know my play style, I still wonder why I always quit within a month of playing. I think I have compiled a list why I and maybe others quit as well only to play again later. 1. Takes up too much time/game is in real time - grinding resources, upkeep of dinos, base, defenses etc 2. Glitches, lag, rubberbanding, disconnects - all of which usually lead to a death and loss of good gear and items. 3. Getting raided - once in awhile one of my bases will get discovered and you can't stop 2-5 tribe members that want to kill your base, especially offline. (seeing a base that took 2-6 hours to make to only get destroyed within likely 3 mins can suck, as well as losing 2-4 hours of gathered resources and items) 4. Sleep schedule gets destroyed IRL - this is a personal thing but I have caught myself playing til 4am. I would be tired at 2am but I had to the spend the extra 2 hours to make sure that my bases were secure, turrets had enough ammo, generator had enough gas, dinos were hidden/in pens, made sure I had lots of idle items going (making metal, cp etc) This goes hand in hand with #1 but since the is in real time, you feel obligated to login a lot to make sure all your poop is still there. 5. Eventually gets stale/stagnate - I have caught myself getting bored at times spending 20% of time upkeeping, 30% gathering, 20% traveling to/from places and only 30% enjoying the game. Things that used to be fun aren't anymore such as taming dinos (just adds upkeep time and traveling back to your base with it can take hours), pvping can get stale since most bases have 1000 auto turrets, and you eventually end up spending your time doing a lot of...nothing. 6. You realize none of it matters/you wasted a lot of time - eventually the game gets stale and you spend more time flying around looking for SOMETHING to do/interact with that is different. All it takes is one base wipe, one glitch or DC, one death to undo hours upon hours of play time and then you think "Why tf am I still playing this? Putting in tons of hours only to be undone in mere seconds." All it takes is that one death or raid for you to then close the game, and proceed to uninstall it. I love this game, I do but for these reason and more, I just can't bring myself to play it long term at all. Why do you guys stop and start playing this game again and again?
  23. So far these holiday events are 2 for 2 in corrupting my Ragnarok server and 1/1 for my Aberration server. I even switched hosting companies believing the problem was a host issue. I love the idea of these holiday events but I will never use one again if some kind of functional means for disabling the event after its expiration period. Wasting entire days trying to recover servers is not any fun...
  24. Some friends of mine have a Ragnarok server that has major rubber banding if Game.ini contains ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems entries to customize beacons (the supply crates that drop from the sky). Their server is rented from a hosting service, and runs on Windows. I've been trying to test this on my Linux (CentOS 7 x86_64) server, and while it doesn't lag/rubber band anywhere near as bad, it does have the issue as well. I assume the issue is not as bad because my Linux server has two Intel Xeon E5-2620 (hexacore) processors. Note that this issue did not happen on my server (or rented servers) when the map was set to The Center or Scorched Earth, which has caused speculation that it's a Ragnarok related issue, however I have not been able to find other server admins complaining about it, so I am a bit skeptical and am thinking it's a configuration issue. While troubleshooting, I've noticed that the server will do the majority of its work in a single thread, even though it creates more than 10 threads. When the primary thread pegs the CPU core it is running in at 100%, everything in the server seems to stop (although players will still be able to move around they can't build things, switch weapons, or move inventory items), and when the CPU usage of that core drops back down below 100% everything in the server resumes, thus causing a "rubber band" effect as players are returned to wherever they were when the CPU core's usage was pushed to 100%. Note that using -USEALLAVAILABLECORES or -allcores in the command line seems to make this worse. We've noticed that removing all ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems entries from Game.ini seems to resolve this problem, however I have not been able to find any other way of fixing it. I can reduce the severity of the rubber banding effect by reducing the number of things in the ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems lines, and I can reduce the frequency by removing lines for beacons that spawn more frequently, however nothing I have tried has solved the problem. I've tried removing all mods from ActiveMods and removing unnecessary lines from Game.ini, and that hasn't helped either. Below are links to my config files (slightly censored for public view) if anyone wants to see them. I've made the extensions .txt so that some browsers will open them instead of trying to save them. Note that these are the config files I started with (only a few minor changes from what my friends are using on their server), and not the stripped-down versions I made while troubleshooting. Server Start Script GameUserSettings.ini Game.ini Does anyone have any clue what might be causing this? Is it actually a map-related issue? For the sake of making things easy, these are the mods listed in ActiveMods: HG Stacking Mod 10000-90 V1.3 (my friends' server uses the HG 5000 stacking mod, but that causes lag when harvest rates are set high, so I switched to this one while testing) Structures Plus (S+) Ark Steampunk Mod Stargate Worlds [SGw] v2.2 (previously SGA) Deadly Weapons! FloatingFoundations +Clouds Grappling Flare Gun v1.01 Cute Hair Boss Spawner for The Center (I was told this was removed, not sure what it's doing here) [discontinued] Craftable Artifacts/Body parts! (I was told this was removed, not sure what it's doing here) Upgrade Station v1.8h Classic Flyers My friends' server has 3 or 4 mods in addition to this, but I had already removed those from the config when I set up this test server.
  25. My personal opinion on reasons why most Ark players die. #1 - Server crashes, lag, & glitches brought to you by Studio Wildcard #2 - Dinos #3 - Turrets/other Players #4 - Fall Damage #5 - Environmental Elements (Cold/Heat/Drowning) #6 - Starving/Thirst #7 - Killing self on purpose (eating poop, punching to death) #8 - Pissing off the wrong dodo...