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Found 276 results

  1. Hello. I have experience this problem with ARK through two different computers, so I figured it was time to ask for help. Whenever I load into a server, the loading screen basically makes my PC grind to a halt. Any voice programs I have in the background begin to chop up so bad I can't hear, my mouse jumps all over the place, and alt tabbing or clicking outside of the window is extremely slow. The loading screen itself (the smoke) is jumpy and skips frames. I have tried using -useallavailablecores and -novsync. My settings are currently on epic+ since I have a vega64 card. The game itself looks beautiful and has no problem playing on these settings. My only problem is the load screen. Additionally, if I search for a game and have to load the list of servers, I have to wait for all 4k+ to respond before I'm able to select any menu items (input lag stops me from doing anything). Not sure if this is related to my loading issue or not.
  2. We are posting this for months now and hate for posting it again. We fill the form for the server each week, But now months past stil same **** every weekend, whats the deal with server 45. Our breeding and imprint timers are getting messed up duration is longer we do not have full benefit of this event. This only happens in the weekends even with low player count like WC klicking on another buton when they activate x2. Any smart DEV - hosting person who can answer this, WHY? BTW no need posting link to the form since it is not working, because our issues are stil here I think it is now almost 2h since my imprint keeps moving up because of the lag-rollbacks. waiting now almost 2h to do my imprint.... so probably my wyvern wil be done somewhere late on monday hope the event still runs then.....
  3. Abberation FPS problems

    So I’ve been trying to get Abberation to run on my Xbox since October but my FPS is still a flat zero, got any suggestions?
  4. Lag Issues

    Why is Ragnarok soooooooooo laggy on every single official PvP server? serious question. It's not like this on the Island or Center. I'm talking about the kind of lag where you spend 10-20 seconds trying to open a door/inventory, etc. then it rolls back to the last 10-20 seconds.
  5. server 45 lag again

    When can we expect performance increase (weekends) official server should run better then legacy. Would like an official reply on this subject, since your game is for the most part not playable on the official servers on weekends even with 3 players online (depending on server) and NO this is not turret related......
  6. The timers constantly 'resetting' or going back for maturation and imprinting because of the constant 255 server ping.
  7. server 45 lag again

    Seriously what kind of titanosaurus crap this this, the event gets activated and ping 255 lag rubber banding disconnects roll-backs start. What is happening each time an event gets activated the server lags even at this time with 7 player online. I set my timers to imprint now i am about 1h to early because of the amount off roll backs? Can we have and official word from a dev on this subject we are posting this almost each week without any response. If you cannot manage to deliver a decent server performance do not activate events.
  8. Lag on server na45 rag

    I play on the official EU45 Ragnarok server and the lag is enormous. Part of the problem is the fact that some people spawned pillars with ladders on them all over the map. It's really annoying that WC can't find a solution for this, but when I put a pillar next to my house to start a new part of my building it disappears a few minutes later if nothing is connected to it yet. I can't even put a campfire in the middle of a field in the highlands where no buildings are visible. It's a shame that we have this kind of problems on official servers. If you guys need more info: contact me. I want to help with this, because it's really demotivating for the loyal player base.
  9. Taming issue

    I was taming a level 110 male mosasaur on ark official pvp (not legacy) on Xbox, the server crashed along with many other servers and by the time I could get back on around 2-3 hours later the mosa was gone along with over 1 thousand narcotics my friend who was with my had died and lost all of his gear now we don't have a mosa and high level ones are very hard to find on the island map.
  10. Server 45 the island official 255 ping.

    Thank you for the failed support of the couple of months we have been posting for server (45) issues, we still have it in good amount of 155 pings, rollback disconnects, almost unplayable weekends (x2? what is that we cannot even breed or tame without lagging out). The server is running worse then a legacy server and the server is not even crowded, this is a new server one that is added last it is unbelievable that there is not a solution for this. (and no this is not caused by turrets)
  11. So there’s a large area close to where you first start on the island that when you walk into it, it becomes so laggy it is unplayable. You will hardly be able to move. Getting out of the lag is slow and tedious if you accidentally run into it as well. I’m playing single player so there should be no reason it lags this much.
  12. TLDR; New Wall item, nothing changes, point A to point B, pay the mats, smaller actual bases with fence for dinoes, with an additional "ceiling" shield type of device, think glass ceiling but 95% see through, no metal or anything. Basically a shield for the opening to your base, if the base is small and the fence is big you need a "roof" so i came up with a shield idea in an attempt to make this work better. <To sell the smaller bases idea..better.. Long I can read: If the issue (Disconnects/timeouts/crashing/lag) actually is Building of bases, you need a great wall item that sinks into the floor enough to prevent gaps at any surface(if it clips through the world it has to clip.) Next is base height, width, length, limits. It does take some creativity out of it but to be honest there are a bunch of boxes... When i was limited in my space i made an actual home and it was pretty kick ass about 8 long 6 wide and 6-8 high to move around in i got to say and it was super creative i had a bunch of good ideas i won't share cause i keeps the precious and i really enjoyed looking at it and running around in it. (I made it work and i enjoyed that base much more than any of the big ones I've made, less time building the base more time kicking -ass. Pve.) (1st experience was pvp, lvl 65, 1 group of "kids", wanted to beef with the single player and well there is a good story there. anywho.) On to the topc: I build so that i only use foundations if i can and if not i find a way to make ceiling work and not stick up and out cause it looks really bad. (I want a smooth floor and walls, it just makes sense.) Once you have this wall item that works well, it can be upgraded say 1st evolution to this wall is 2 walls high from end to end (to explain its function) say click the left mouse button once to start, click the left mouse button again to stop < allow for a miss-click so 3 clicks to confirm the circumference to the walls length needed. ^Right, right, then it has options like the smithy, right, right, you open the greened wall (the same green that says its okay to place this item/ red would mean something is blocking it.) right, right. Upon pressing E on this wall you get options thatch/wood/stone/metal/element (idk how element works atm, didn't use cheats in single player.) You get the idea, editing this wall would be the issue so say you wanted to expand in any direction (you devs have to figure this one out.) or community can. Then 4 walls high, and so on each costing a certain amount of mats (of your choosing or just the same as say 4 walls high and 20 rows long,, no change in the amount of mats it is just more or less automated with this new wall item.) With the smaller base/home building idea and a bigger fence idea, you need a "roof", i vote we get some sort of "blast shielding" ONLY for the upper circumference of your base area. If you make a "perfect" circle fence with a base smack in the middle the "roof" shielding will mimic the area AS IF you had a roof, for PVP you can obviously get a way inside or something of the devs choosing i can't think of it all myself. End. New topic about world map seams, as a secondary possible issue: On an totally related situation to this lag issue, I find building ON TOP of or around WOLD MAP seams is a possible issue with building all together, perhaps it is just world seams in general. To explain, where i am is a giant seam right through the middle of my place. Base spot possibly but i couldn't have known that seam was there and with pillar-ing it was my only solution to a somewhat decently sided base, do the world seams cause an issue idk only the devs would know. Figured i'd toss everything into this discussion so perhaps maybe someone feels the same about any of this or i get a response to any of it. Good luck with it otherwise. Edit: If smaller bases free's up space for more dino slots this turns into an AUTOMATIC Yes for me and possibly many others. edit wanted to add that in.
  13. Hi, Could we have some official feedback on server performance. Not low FPS but server unresponsiveness ,rubber banding , small rollbacks as this is an ongoing issue for months. Is this a PS4 only issue related to Sony? Would demolishing remnant bases help the server performance? Are the servers being monitored for these issues for example a graph that displays server spikes in ping / cpu usage? Would it be possible to lower the amount of unused/very low pop servers and dedicate that hardware to support current officials? If other community members could bump this to hopefully get some WC visibility that would be <3. @[email protected] @lilpanda
  14. Lag Issues

    before i moan i must say this is by far the most addictive and wonderful game ive played, but since the last update im being kicked to the mainscreen every couple of hours and its driving me mad what with all the other lag issues, pls get this sorted as unluckyly i always flying and useually die and lose my stuff, thx..
  15. This game is unplayable in some eu offical servers. Ping is jumping like bad hearth with arrhythmia. Is there fix coming any soon? I have tested now over 10 servers and find one server with a minium lag. But i needed to leave there because alpha tribe prevent everyones gameplay.
  16. Lag Issues

    I'm not one to complain, typically, and I can easily say that Ark has been one of the best games I've played on console. I mean, look at the amount of hours we all have played. But, does anyone else have continual lag on their Ragnarok server? I'm pretty sure the answer across the board will be the same and i'm sure everyone is fed up with it. But I figure it's worth asking. No one is rolling our server back or anything, it's just constant, terrible server lag. Over the weekend we had the opportunity to donate and reap the rewards from donating in multiplied taming, breeding, etc., timers. But how much were we really able to enjoy our reward? It was essentially 2x instead of the 8x advertised due to the amount of lag that was present. It literally took me an hour to get into the server at one point because it was kicking everyone out as soon as they joined. Continually DC-ing on meat runs, the inability to passive tame most things because of lag, triple and quadruple imprinting, Imprint timers being hours off in real time, etc. After reading today's patch notes, yet another update has come out with no improvements to Rag servers in terms of playability. Are they going to continue to produce more content little by little without addressing current issues? What's your opinion?
  17. does anyone know wehn the SE area of rag is coming out on ps4? because its out on PC. also i hope that they are new loading zones so the lag wont be bad over there.
  18. Hello Everyone. I am not a forum spammer, i hardly ever post here, or on any forums for that matter but i consider this to be an issue worth discussing. So, here we are, one big happy dino taming and breeding community, on a rather cold weekend and with an event running on ark, like most weekends. This one is x4 as of now, and damn, i'd like to take the opportunity, like just about any of us, to tame that high level dino i still need, or hatch those eggs i've been keeping in my refrigerator for the past 3 weeks because i didn't have time to do so on normal rates. Standard fare, right? Well, wrong! Servers are full, you can't get in. When you do get in, lag is insane, rubberbanding all the time, it only takes 15 secs to open the inventory of anything. Alright, i can take it, patience is golden! But you go out, take the lag, the rubberbanding, worked all the kibble and gear and everything you need to tame that dino, you even find it, you tranq it, and surprize!!! The ark you play on has too many tames and you can not get another dino because there is a limit! So, in other words, it's really nice of WildCard to give us an x4 event, but too bad we can't do a damn thing with it! Ark is a great game and i have 2000 hours on record, some have double or triple that. However, Ark is about taming and building and breeding and doing stuff in the game. It all takes a lot of time and preparation. However, due to lag issues, taming limit on arks and not having enough servers, all our favorite activities in Ark are off the table.... This begs the questions: Are there any plans to fixing this? When? Is Ark worth playing at this point? As it stands, it is too bad about the x4 this weekend, i can't do a damn thing with it. I can't even feed my dinos, let alone get new ones or progress my gameplay. It all feels like a gigantic waste of my time and sure as hell i will not buy the new expansion, knowing i will probably not be able to play it! I hope some dev will give us a straight answer on this, or at least take our concerns to the dev team and get things done, because i would hate to see my favorite game die because of poor management.
  19. So, most of the time when taming a Megalania on a high lag server they lose torpor even when they are being fed narcotics/narcoberries. This makes them a very tedious tame, since if they wake up you cannot knock them out again until they heal enough. Wondering if this is just something like the narcotics are failing to apply due to some sort of error, or if it has something to do with their torpor drop being out of sync with how narcotic application functions. Regardless it is rather a pain, not looking forward to spending 3x the time to tame a pumpkin Megalania.
  20. Lag Issues

    Rag servers are impossible to play on. Raised a bronto on Rag yesturday and took 5 and a half hours till first imprint due to constant server lag and crash. As well as dinos get lost under the map and spinos are impossible to find. Ragnorak was clearly not ready for release, fix your game
  21. I Play on a playstation 4 Official Legacy PvP rag 10 server, and I got off during an update that was going to happen a while back and apparently a Wild wyvern came in our turret filled cave and killed my op stat 247 poison Wyvern names toilet paper, with 21,000 health, and 1,600 Stam, and a woppin 300 melee to go with it. When I got on I couldn’t find it in our cave, and so I checked to tribe log just for it to be listed. Gonna miss him, I bought him a while back, and will never regret the buy. But gosh, you’ve got to love the game screwing yah over from time to time, I wish I could have him back ahha.
  22. After this past 2x weekend (do to the "weekend warriors" that only play when its 2x) over crowding the servers we noticed a reoccurring trend with the longer lag spikes. Because of the login notification at the top of the screen letting us know when someone enters the server, we realized the longest lag spikes were during or just after this time. So we did some testing on our own. We noticed a member of an ally tribe logging in and the spike lasted 10-11sec. Having my tribe mate timing these spikes, I myself traveled to our ally's based once again experiencing 10-11sec lag but this time do to his massive base rendering in... The third test involved myself logging out in the ally's base (this is where we started noticing a pattern). When logging back in to the game (and into the ally base) everyone on the server experienced the same 10-11sec lag spike. We tested this with even larger base structures and the results were the same. Each time finding that the time it took for the base/structures to render in for the person logging in, the servers current players experienced the same lag spike time. Now, I realize this may not be the cause of ALL of the lag, but just think about how often someone logs in and out over a 2x weekend on a popular server... Has anyone else noticed this trend? We tested this as well on PC with similar results. The only difference to point out was on private servers, the small lag spikes we encountered were still unable to be explained as the only 6 people on the server were in the game the entire time during the lag.
  23. The Concept: •Adding a taming proficiency (TP) stat to players which increases imprinting percentage per event and increases taming effectiveness. Kibble now only decreases overall taming time. When Taming: •The higher the taming proficiency, the higher the taming effectiveness and as a result, the more levels the wild Dino gets while being tamed. In order for this to work, kibble would only decrease overall taming time but have no effect on levels added by taming effectiveness. •The benefits from the taming proficiency stat max out at the same point as the current kibble system. I.e. Taming with favorite food gives +70 levels = player taming with max taming proficiency gives +70 levels. When Imprinting: •The stat also increases imprinting percentage per event requiring less imprinting actions and longer time between imprinting events, promoting healthier game/sleep cycles for ‘Ark is life’ type players. How to Increase Taming Proficiency: •Simple Option: TP would be a character stat which players add points to when they level up. It functions similar to how the crafting stat increases armor quality when crafting from a blueprint. Using the same comparison, the dino being tamed is the “blueprint” and the players TP would increase the taming effectiveness or “quality” of the tame. This stat would have a maximum cap as mentioned previously. This option would give players the option to focus their characters role in the tribe as a “beast master”. •Better Option: The player must tame dinos to add (exp/TP) points toward that particular class of dino. Repeated taming would increase proficiency for that dino class. Class type example: Carnivore and Herbivore dinos are two separate class types. Extrapolate the concept for other classes; (Mammals/Flyers/Swimmers/Mythical etc.) Imprinting then raising the tame to adulthood also adds points to the class types proficiency. This option promotes certain tribe member becoming specialists in a particular dino’s class type. If members like taming Dolphins or enjoy breeding Horses, their proficiency would increase for the Carnivore Marine and Herbivore Mammal class types. This option allows every member to eventually gain maximum TP with every dino class type over time. The Fine Details: •While taming, the player who adds the first piece of taming food to the dino’s inventory is the one whose proficiency is applied to the dino’s taming effectiveness. •All tribe members within a set range get shared points toward their TP stat the moment a dino has been tamed or raised to adulthood. •Taming or raising different size/level tames would give different amounts of taming proficiency exp toward the dino class. This would function the same way killing a level 1 rex gives you more experience then killing a level 1 dodo. The exp from taming or raising is added toward the class type until the player is 100% proficient in that class. •Imprinting does not give points toward the TP stat but raising the imprinted baby to adulthood does. •Taming effectiveness percentage would no longer drop over time while taming unless the Dino loses health. The value for taming effectiveness is fixed based on the tamers TP. Final thoughts: •Some of the top complaints in Ark are regarding the unhealthy game/life cycles due to the demands of breeding/imprinting and egg farms causing server tame limits which strain the servers resulting in lag. Kibble and the resulting egg farms should be a convenience item and not a requirement. The hope is maybe this would cut down servers reaching tame limits from egg farms and reduce lag. On imprinting: the idea is that even if your TP is not maxed and you only get 30% for early attempts at a perfect imprint, your TP will be high enough over time that getting a perfect imprint will be easier and easier. There will be a sense of progress at becoming a better tamer/breeder. Hopefully it promotes healthier gaming for the player.
  24. LAG on ALL servers

    Fix lag on rag already with x2 for breeding but eggs that shoud hatch in 2.5h hatch in 4h Same goes for dinos growing rex grows like 4 days same for inprint 4h inprint you need to wait for 6-7h As for farming almost inbosyble Boss farming? Inposyble to lagy Devs fix this lag Or atleast give on rag x2 or x3 for time beaning while you Fix lag