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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 234 results

  1. Hi, let me start off by saying thank you to Wildcard for making an awesome game and putting forth all the continued hard work into making new and improved content. One of the biggest problems i see in both pvp and especially pve is performance issues around large structures or bases housing hundreds and hundreds of dinos from the huge alpha tribes in pvp to the ever expanding bases built next to each other in pve. Each server will have countless plant/mechanical turrents and 100's of raised boss dinos as well as endless dinos for kibble. This will always contribute to the overall performance of each server. My idea is simple and hopefully Wildcard will take the time to read this. Ark should develop a "kibble farm" type structure that would look similar to the raptor pen in the first Jurassic Park movie. This would be a preshaped structure that you can build in different sizes similar to crop plots to house or upload medium, large to gigantic dinos into kinda like a transmitter that would collect eggs from all the dinos placed in there. By adding an Oviraptor you would increase the yield amount for the eggs and be able to pull them out to store them or let the egg count grow. The structure should be a fairly large but simple caged building with barbwire or bars running across the top area and a few dino animation like the Rex's head poping out every now and then or a bronto reaching his neck over to pick at a tree, what ever you want. Much like a transmtter you would be able to pull out any dino and place them back in any time you want without the timer of course. You would be able to create some kind of easy to make grain or nutritional supplement for the animals to eat that would last a long time so we are not constantly feeding them and this could act as the "feul or gas" this kibble farm would run off of I know that having this "kibble farm" will mean that every farm that is built would be like a personal cloud for each tribe and would result in huge memory consuption but imagine if you will how much that would improve server performance and stability and how easy it would be for ark to keep track of lost dinos if they were lost in the kibble farm. How much easier it would be to collect kibble and not build giant elaborate structures to house and collect the kibble from each of the dinos. How much room would be saved at each base and how having less populated basses would greatly decrease the lag or performance issues of each server. Thanks again for taking the time to read this. I hope this sparks some kind of discussion on how this would help and benefit both the developers and the players.
  2. This is getting to a comical level on Xbox ragnarok. We’re recording 10+ full server crashes an hour with insane amounts of lag the entire time between. Using eggs and raising tames as a way of measuring time lost it is actually, not an exaggeration, double the time. That means for every 30 minutes you spend on the server 15 minutes of time elapses where things run. If you lay an egg down and it’s an hour until hatch you have 2 hours until it hatches. Is there any ACTUAL plan to get this game to run for Xbox?
  3. Suggestions

    Hello, I am going, to be honest, I didn't want to scroll through hundreds of pages to make sure my suggestions were not already spoken of. Chat: I think it is time to give some TLC to the chat system. You should be able to just turn off one channel i.e Global, message or ignore individual people, and have your allies in separate chats so you aren't getting half a conversation if you are not allied with someone and your allies are chatting to them. Leaving offline messages would also be nice. A new UI for it would be nice too. It is the same chat it was when the game was first out, it's time for some attention to it. Player/Server Types: You have so many types of players, some that enjoy various servers you have in play and there is nothing wrong with each style of play but they don't mix. But I wanted to toss a suggestion out there. It shouldn't be too hard to give players what they want on your official servers. You have "types" of servers already PVP/PVE, but I think you should change the grades of it. Maybe a PVEPVP system where you have PVE until you declare war using the system you designed. Maybe a Hardcore server which is basically what you have now with your open servers that have no protections on the server. Then a standard mode so to speak that is PVP but with Offline Protection once the last tribe member has logged off. I am not afraid of PVP but, attacking someone offline is just cheese and cowardly. I personally am a huge fan of the crossark/cluster servers and would like to see some of these ideas applied to them. By varying the type of servers you have Kibble Update: Currently you have to tame literally all the kibble dinos in order to be able to make and tame various dinosaurs. This leads to HUGE egg pens with 1 male and 4 females kept for each species, not to mention the actual used tames. You think the turrets were the issue, but I find that you were mistaken. It's the loads of dinosaurs that each tribe must keep in order to have kibble to tame and breed. My suggestion is simple, make tier grades of kibble and get rid of a specific need of kibble for a dino that is needed. I.e a Gig would need a Tier 1 Kibble, etc. This will get rid of the need to keep farms of dinosaurs. Which on my private server not so bad but on the officials would help you out and help out the lag? Players would be grateful to not have to keep so many kinds of dinos but instead have a limited amount. Defenses: I'd like to see more defensive items for bases. Ways to strengthen walls, and add durability to the resources, etc Those are just a few of my ideas I have been able to think through. Thank You
  4. Ps4 lag on local

    Is there. Reason for this? I'm playing on local and as long as I'm high in the air on my pteranadon I don't lag. But if I'm on the ground I'm laggy and sometimes freeze up for 5 minutes at a time. I'm playing on single player on ps4. So it shouldn't be server or hosting issues?
  5. Server Save lag is back!

    Hello everyone, I have a server cluster and it has run great for about a month. However, after a month or so the server began to experience small save lags. We set it to save every 30 min. Now the server is two month old and there has been a lot of activity :-) We run structure clean up and do wild dino wipes ever day but the save lag is still there. I know this issue has been fixed before but it looks like it need to be done again. It must have something to do with cleaning up the code and the way the ark server saves to the disk? I'm thinking that all the patches are at fault here and maybe some not so clean coding :-P Please guys, try to fix this issue. It is breaking the immersion a lot when you are playing the game. There is a lot of complaining about this from the people playing on my server :'( /Shepard
  6. If anyone know offical ragnarok non lecasy server that are not lagging like hell please tell me.

    Ragnarock is unplayable due to game breaking lag, even on the center map I’m getting kicked out on occasion & getting tames killed. Not enough servers on primitive plus (scorched earth isn’t even an option). I paid for that DLC yet I only play primitive plus, what a waste of money and time I’ve put into thus game. Will you ever fix your game?
  8. So I have quit ARK....again....for the 4th time in the last two-ish years. It seems like a reoccurring theme in ARK that I play for 1-4 weeks (grinding hard at least 4-8 hours on most days) but end up leaving and taking a 6 months to a year off? I play on unofficial pvp servers fyi because I enjoy playing as a solo tribe and being a pain to other tribes with lots of small hidden bases and lots of explosives Some even 'hire' me as a bounty hunter to kill certain tribe members or attack satellite bases. Funny enough most contracts come from tribes that are allied with the tribe I am attacking so they can take the farming spot or base location etc without coming off as the aggressors. Anyway, now that you know my play style, I still wonder why I always quit within a month of playing. I think I have compiled a list why I and maybe others quit as well only to play again later. 1. Takes up too much time/game is in real time - grinding resources, upkeep of dinos, base, defenses etc 2. Glitches, lag, rubberbanding, disconnects - all of which usually lead to a death and loss of good gear and items. 3. Getting raided - once in awhile one of my bases will get discovered and you can't stop 2-5 tribe members that want to kill your base, especially offline. (seeing a base that took 2-6 hours to make to only get destroyed within likely 3 mins can suck, as well as losing 2-4 hours of gathered resources and items) 4. Sleep schedule gets destroyed IRL - this is a personal thing but I have caught myself playing til 4am. I would be tired at 2am but I had to the spend the extra 2 hours to make sure that my bases were secure, turrets had enough ammo, generator had enough gas, dinos were hidden/in pens, made sure I had lots of idle items going (making metal, cp etc) This goes hand in hand with #1 but since the is in real time, you feel obligated to login a lot to make sure all your poop is still there. 5. Eventually gets stale/stagnate - I have caught myself getting bored at times spending 20% of time upkeeping, 30% gathering, 20% traveling to/from places and only 30% enjoying the game. Things that used to be fun aren't anymore such as taming dinos (just adds upkeep time and traveling back to your base with it can take hours), pvping can get stale since most bases have 1000 auto turrets, and you eventually end up spending your time doing a lot of...nothing. 6. You realize none of it matters/you wasted a lot of time - eventually the game gets stale and you spend more time flying around looking for SOMETHING to do/interact with that is different. All it takes is one base wipe, one glitch or DC, one death to undo hours upon hours of play time and then you think "Why tf am I still playing this? Putting in tons of hours only to be undone in mere seconds." All it takes is that one death or raid for you to then close the game, and proceed to uninstall it. I love this game, I do but for these reason and more, I just can't bring myself to play it long term at all. Why do you guys stop and start playing this game again and again?
  9. ps4 Ark ps4 Settings

    Dear People of ARK. I've been playing ARK for a very long time on a ps4. I let a friend of me play ARK on the same ps4 via splitscreen. This causes a lot of lag, which could be solved easily. Like almost every ps4 game ARK (on ps4) does not have graphics settings like the computer has. If advanced graphics settings would be added two people could play on the same device and the host-distance could be removed.
  10. My personal opinion on reasons why most Ark players die. #1 - Server crashes, lag, & glitches brought to you by Studio Wildcard #2 - Dinos #3 - Turrets/other Players #4 - Fall Damage #5 - Environmental Elements (Cold/Heat/Drowning) #6 - Starving/Thirst #7 - Killing self on purpose (eating poop, punching to death) #8 - Pissing off the wrong dodo...
  11. So Rock Drakes are absolutely broken during any kind of server lag. Anything above 100 quickly turns them into nothing more than an object of torture worthy of a United Nations ban. They will not glide. You jump off a cliff, wait for the glide to start, and drop straight down. The only way to get around is run, or to bunny-hop your drake along the path. This makes you want to rip your hair out. They will not climb properly. They either won't grab the wall and start climbing. They let go and drop like a stone without warning. They turn around and head in the wrong direction. So you spend ten minutes fighting with your drake to get it to climb a high wall, including multiple spurts of travel in the wrong direction, only to have it simply let go and drop down to the bottom again without warning just as you reach the top. This makes you want to grab your entire PC and throw it right out the window. The lag on our official server is horrific. Multiple episodes of server reboots with rollbacks. Server Ping above 150 most of the time. Put all this together and it seems the entire thing has been designed to torture users of slow official servers. Please, what have we done to deserve this?
  12. Server load keeps failing

    I started having this issue a couple of days ago and it just appeared out of no where. I am playing on a pc session server with my xbox and it was all working fine but now when I try to join the server everything works fine untill It starts loading the map. When the music starts and my character starts waking up the sound and screen stutters like crazy and 99% of the time goes silent and freezes. Not freezing as in crashing but just silent and a still frame. This does not happen on other servers and only started happening when server got above 20 players. Any ideas what is causing this?
  13. So far these holiday events are 2 for 2 in corrupting my Ragnarok server and 1/1 for my Aberration server. I even switched hosting companies believing the problem was a host issue. I love the idea of these holiday events but I will never use one again if some kind of functional means for disabling the event after its expiration period. Wasting entire days trying to recover servers is not any fun...
  14. So attached is a screen shot of the fairly typical server ping we have been experiencing on all OC Aberration servers for the last 7 days or so. Yes, I and many, many others on our server have logged server fault reports many times over the last week. There has been zero response. The last time the official page which is supposed to show current faults was updated was 2016. I have emailed a wildcard staff member directly, and the only response I received was "have you logged a fault?". Not a thing more after that. I had been so hopeful that Wildcard would get it right this time. That these newly launched servers, combined with a newly launched map would somehow lessen the problems of the past. Yet instead they have become even worse than before. This is made all the more devastating for users because the heavily promoted new mechanics of this wonderful new map seem to be so severely affected by the same server ping that is now so huge. I'm at a loss as to what to do next.
  15. Hello everybody, I open this topic about these problems that are almost daily on, it seems to me, almost all of the official PVE game servers. Tell me if I'm wrong. It's killing the game and it's sad. We are told do do not open ticket about those problems. But we don't get any information or any answer here or in "server outage report section" I speak to administarors, first, are you sure "report server outage" is read by someone ? Or should we open tickets to report server outages ? Can you tell us is thoses problems are know by wilcard and if they itend to do something ? Thank you
  16. For the last 3 days now we have been experiencing *EXTREME* lag, rubberbanding and constant disconnects on all official OC Aberration servers. As a player with 3k playing hours on legacy and new official servers, I'm very well aware of the multitude of different types of lag that can be experienced in this game, however this is something else. The chat boxes in all servers is full of non-stop complaints from all users. I have travelled between all three servers to discuss the situation with all the users on those servers, and the result is the same. Outrage at the severity of the lag which essentially makes much of the intended game play impossible because of 10 second lag spikes, extreme rubberbanding and frequent disconnects. Since these are brand new servers which (I hope) cannot possibly be overloaded with tamed dinos or huge bases, I have to assume that this is cause by either some kind of DDOS attack against the machine that runs the three OC Aberration servers, or that it's some kind of bug in the software itself. I know for a fact that many, many people across all servers have been filling out daily fault report forms but as yet there has been zero response. The link in the official server fault form that is supposed to show what faults have been acknowledged has not been updated since 2016. There is no way of knowing whether there is anyone even reading those fault reports. If anyone doubts what I'm saying, just log on to any of the OC Aberration servers (318, 319, 320) and run around for 2 mins, or ask in chat. WC, PLEASE at least acknowledge that these issues exist and that you're working on a fix. You've got an entire country and region of users pretty pissed off right now. Thanks.
  17. Raptors and Glowsticks

    Single Player When you have a glowstick on your back and are riding a raptor, there is a mini rubber banding or pauses, that take place when running. Nothing else stutters, just the person riding the raptor. It does not occur riding other dinos that I have experienced, or when having a glowstick attached without a mount.
  18. Hello, Input lag on XBOX when opening Argent inventory from below. Example Dino on wood ramp and from below open the inventory. Somehow this is much slower and require several inputs to open the inventory or accessing command wheel. I first noticed it in 765.x but also now in 768.4 current version. Seams to me that this could ease lag on several levels Regards, Ariana
  19. Hello. I have experience this problem with ARK through two different computers, so I figured it was time to ask for help. Whenever I load into a server, the loading screen basically makes my PC grind to a halt. Any voice programs I have in the background begin to chop up so bad I can't hear, my mouse jumps all over the place, and alt tabbing or clicking outside of the window is extremely slow. The loading screen itself (the smoke) is jumpy and skips frames. I have tried using -useallavailablecores and -novsync. My settings are currently on epic+ since I have a vega64 card. The game itself looks beautiful and has no problem playing on these settings. My only problem is the load screen. Additionally, if I search for a game and have to load the list of servers, I have to wait for all 4k+ to respond before I'm able to select any menu items (input lag stops me from doing anything). Not sure if this is related to my loading issue or not.
  20. We are posting this for months now and hate for posting it again. We fill the form for the server each week, But now months past stil same **** every weekend, whats the deal with server 45. Our breeding and imprint timers are getting messed up duration is longer we do not have full benefit of this event. This only happens in the weekends even with low player count like WC klicking on another buton when they activate x2. Any smart DEV - hosting person who can answer this, WHY? BTW no need posting link to the form since it is not working, because our issues are stil here I think it is now almost 2h since my imprint keeps moving up because of the lag-rollbacks. waiting now almost 2h to do my imprint.... so probably my wyvern wil be done somewhere late on monday hope the event still runs then.....
  21. Abberation FPS problems

    So I’ve been trying to get Abberation to run on my Xbox since October but my FPS is still a flat zero, got any suggestions?
  22. Lag Issues

    Why is Ragnarok soooooooooo laggy on every single official PvP server? serious question. It's not like this on the Island or Center. I'm talking about the kind of lag where you spend 10-20 seconds trying to open a door/inventory, etc. then it rolls back to the last 10-20 seconds.
  23. server 45 lag again

    When can we expect performance increase (weekends) official server should run better then legacy. Would like an official reply on this subject, since your game is for the most part not playable on the official servers on weekends even with 3 players online (depending on server) and NO this is not turret related......
  24. The timers constantly 'resetting' or going back for maturation and imprinting because of the constant 255 server ping.
  25. server 45 lag again

    Seriously what kind of titanosaurus crap this this, the event gets activated and ping 255 lag rubber banding disconnects roll-backs start. What is happening each time an event gets activated the server lags even at this time with 7 player online. I set my timers to imprint now i am about 1h to early because of the amount off roll backs? Can we have and official word from a dev on this subject we are posting this almost each week without any response. If you cannot manage to deliver a decent server performance do not activate events.