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Found 355 results

  1. What is the deal with the lag and rubber banding every weekend on our server 45, there has been post every week about this and there is no fix. there is an x2 event and whole server is lagging and rubber banding how do you expect us to play? What is the reason for this can not be x2 because there are 25 players online.
  2. On our server at least EU 63 RAG lag, dc’ng and crashes, or dashboarding, have become out of control. I fell bad now for complaining for so long when we would disconnect a few times a week back in the day, but with every new update this problem gets much worse. On our server now disconnecting 20 + Times a day is the norm for most and some even upwards of 50+ times a day. This is disconnecting, or crashing and being sent to main Xbox screen. Also lag is well lol, I hate to even complain about as so many do but really it’s absolutly crazy. And it seems like certain areas of the map are triggers or hotspots that are guaranteed to crash your game. As we have been hoping for sometime maybe this will get better instead of becoming increasingly worse as generally the only time most die or lose gear is because of this issue.
  3. Hello! I just want to do a quick question. All the rgnarok servers are super lagged? I play in an official pvp xbox one ragnarok server. In this server are like 6 tribes with big bases. The problem here, is that there is a lot of lag on this server, every 5 or 10 minutes, even less the server lags and you cant do nothing. Sometimes it kicks you but the times you survive you have issues to join to the server and its really anoying. I have another center and Island server, and those servers are really ok, anything of lag. I want to ask, because i knew that when the game came out the were problems with official servers and the lag. I just want to know if this lag is an issue of the game servers or is for the bases? because like in my center there are big bases too, but theres no lag like in this ragnarok server. I hope to get an answer by part of wildcard team, because all my friend on that server are really tired of that lag. It is a xbox one server.
  4. NA-Official-PVE-Island-48 Honestly, not the first time I posted about this, and certainly not the only person whos posted about lag/rubberbanding. ANd this isnt even on a Rag map. The game was in beta in 2015. It feels like 2015. Why is this even an issue on these "repurposed" servers? Come on guys, seriously, whats the deal with the outrageous lag and rubberbanding?
  5. There is no fix until WC gets off their butts and does something. This is a game killer. EVERY official server is going through this. We are getting lag stalls up to 4 minutes long. Losing dinos daily. Losing hope as well. Yes, it's true, we could all move to private servers and start over...blah blah... you trolls just shut it, mkay? PLEASE WC, actually DO something about this issue. It's getting old, and with new games coming out just over the horizon, you are going to lose a lot of player base.
  6. Buenas soy un jugador de ARK desde la beta, tengo mas de 3000 horas jugadas, y jugado en oficiales, privados, custom y mantenido servidores. (DLC) para Octubre y una más para el próximo año y el día de hoy el juego fatal, los servidores están con mucho tiempo, no hay casi servidores, con el mapa de Ragnarok es muy ridículo la cantidad de servidores que tienen puestos, después de 70 ranuras, como mínimo poner 100 ranura como mínimo, todos los servidores saturados, la gente construye en cualquier zona de bloqueo de recursos o respawn de pj, colocan cimientos y pilares en todas las partes, una que los logos entrar en un servidor luego tienen una odisea para poder encontrar un lugar donde poner tu base, tenia menos lag en los servidores que el juego beta que actualmente, me parece un verdadero fraude por parte de la compañía, pero de 3000 horas jugando a una beta reportando los errores para salir del juego oficial en el juego, luego entrar en ARK primitivo,el juego en el cargar 30 minutos contados de reloj, 30 minutos para poder entrar en un servidor y después entras continuo y igual buscar zona para poder construir una base imposible, de verdad espero que lo solucionen y espero que algún administrador o moderador de foro me de alguna respuesta, por qué pienso tranvía una reclamación.
  7. I spawned to play some and my char simply woke up without the tribe command, like it had just been created in the server. My base is still there, but it isn't mine anymore. Any dev to help? - I Play on NA OFFICIAL THE ISLAND 22
  8. Hello, i want to do a question, my server is a ragnarok server, we have a los of big tribes there, like 6 are super big bases. The problem here is that every day every single hour the server is lagged. 5 minutes lags and 5 minutes you can play. The problem here, is that i knew that before there where issues with the servers when the full game came out for xbox, the servers was kinda lagged and that, but, now i want to ask if this lag is still existing or it is a problem for the bases on the server, because when we played on legacy, we played with this same people, and they're bases were a lot bigger than now, and the lag was soportable, but in this ragnarok server is super anoying. Just want to know if this is a problem of the servers by parto of wildcard or is a problem for the bases on the server. Hope i can talk with someone of wildcard and get a solution please.
  9. Surprise! There is outrageous lag/rubber-banding on the repurposed Rag server 81. Makes for an already challenging ordeal trying to knock out a ptera thats flying nose down into the ground/vanishing under the rocks because of lag. Is it me? Is it everyone? Am I shooting? Am I standing still? Who knows! Why does the game feel back to 2015 beta mode? Where were all these hardware upgrades and fixes and improvements we always hear/heard about?
  10. One of the ideas i have come up with is behemoth walls what are your ideas.
  11. Lagging Ark Servers

    This is not a discussion thing but rather a request for Wildcard to get better Servers or decrease the players allowed on Servers, because they are (despite Wildcard selling Dlc in early access and the rather high price of the game) really bad. So please, Wildcard, get some better Servers because it's not just inconvenient as having a few ping spikes, but it really breaks the game, for example taming an otter on a laggy server is nearly impossible because of it teleporting in a ~10 foundations high triangle. Also Torpor mechanics dont work properly on laggy servers, like some gigas, whose torpor drops despite being under the effect of narcotics. I think solving all lag related bugs would use waaayy mor resources than just getting some better servers, at least for crowded arks.
  12. Hey @Jatheish it has been a while since I have given you a rough time about Ark. Now that the dedicated servers are working and not crashing all the time, can you give us a hand on the next major player quality of life issue? Currently running Ragnarok map on the PDS. When a player logs in it causes a lag spike of 10 - 30 seconds across the server. Every player is Impacted and can result in some catastrophic endings for players and their dinos in some situations. This seems to be a recently introduced issue (maybe 1 or 2 patches ago). It also seems like the frame rate for the game is very low and will lag out at times. A couple of scenarios that are easy to reproduce: When on a griffin and you dive down to gain speed and then level out in most cases the game lags pretty bad for the player. It seems like the speed of the griffin is causing the game to play catch up on rendering. When in an area with a medium to large base and/or a larger number of dinos (more than 10) the frame rate drops extremely low Are these items currently being looked into? Any possible resolution to these problems in the near future? A couple more related questions: Will the Nitrado hosted servers provide better performance for PDS? I really don't want to pay for a server if my players just experience more of the same. When Xbox Play Anywhere is available, will it allow cross play from PC / XBOX? Could I host a PDS on a PC for my Xbox players? Thanks!
  13. Rag very high ping

    As topic says on rag is very hihj ping when server is full its 200+ for me so its lagy hard to do somthing SO i was wondering is it for me only or other too? As muchh as i know its on all rags
  14. This is crazy. The entire server is disconnecting and so laggy it's unplayable. I'm asking wildcard to find the person responsible and ban them when the time comes. BAN WAVES BETTER COME THIS IS REDICULOUS.
  15. Anti-Lag suggestion

    Hello, Another weekend, another period of curses regarding lag and rubberbanding. Don't get me wrong, during week day evening it is bad as well. I play on Ragnarok 72 and as soon as ping starts to vary over 130-160 (which is at 45/70 players) , everything takes 3 times longer to do - craft, fly, harvest; that is not taking into consideration nerve wracking mistakes that inevitably happen such as dropping off a ledge, standing still fall damage that dinos take (this one is the Worst and should be worth looking into separately) or building over existing structure item instead of snapping to it. I play on Ragnarok 72 and lately found myself wishing for period of 10 players online when my ping is a steady 30-40 and I can actually play the game as it was meant to be. Dear devs, this time for me is during 3:00 - 7:00 AM during weekdays and 4:30 - 6:30 AM during weekends, approximately. I hope you understand my feeling. Anyway, enough griefing - I propose official servers of max 50 players. This could even be a temporary solution until lag is fixed, or permanent if feedback is positive long-term. Please give this more thought, if you haven't all ready. I'm sure I speak for more than myself when I say that I appreciate the new official servers that were opened recently -- they took some of the load off my current playing server. However, make no mistake, once there 45+ players on Rag 72, it gets frustrating to play and I am sure this is server is not the only one with this feeling, based on other threads Looking forward to feedback, Zee
  16. I been playing Ragnarok1 official PvP EU Xbox primitive plus server for about 4-5 weeks. It has non stop lagged, rubberbandded or knocked me out of server. It’s unplayble. I have sent 2 tickets in the time I have played and tweeted admin support and have gotten no response. This is the support you get for a payed ful release game? I love the game and I just want to be able to play lol. I can’t even do that. I’m scared to go out on a Dino or anything bc of how bad the lag is. Help!!!
  17. Can someone explain to me how Early Access works please. I thought that we as a community support the game by putting up with bugs until the full release... The full release being that it runs as well as all of the other fully released games on Xbox. The reason its in early access is because it doesn't have the financial support to create a full game before its released for sales like triple A games are? And just to clarify, that I'm not being a salty whiner. But after putting up with the bugs since day 1, sure extra cool stuff has been added in... but the lag, rubberbanding and server crashes are as bad (possibly worse) than its first month on early access. I know Wildcard are 100% responsible for releasing it in its state (very likely so they can push for DLC and not get criticism like they did with Scorched), but after all of the certification processes Microsoft love to do, shouldn't there be a testing system in place to see if the game can even run REASONABLY, before allowing it to be published along side games like GTA, Call of Duty, Gears of War etc in the Xbox store?
  18. Approximately 2 hours earlier, heavy lag was noticed on Rag 72 and has been slowly getting worse since. This is a similar scenario to the lag from this Saturday, which was followed by Rag 72 being down for 12 hours on Sunday. Currently, it is not worth playing on this server as it takes 5-10 times longer to do any action, not taking into account making mistakes because of lag, e.g. building structures over existing ones instead of snapping; falling off the edge, diving into water with flier and being unmounted, missing shots, etc. Note: when I am in the server, my ping is 255 all the time, but the server browser shows 70-80 ... I am curious about the technical explanation for this difference.
  19. I have never posted anything on here before and was not really planning on it but I feel that I have to now. I play on TheCenter server 708 on Xbox and due to the games issues I have lost multiple dinos that took a lot of time to get. I am posting this because right now the game crashed and I cannot retrieve the address to join back, because of this I have lost my last water dino, a 150 perf plessiosaur. This is extremely annoying because due to crashing we have lost 2 high level plessiosaurs, 5 ichthys, and a pteranodon. We have had dinos completely disappear and have yet to show up in the tribe log. These include 3 Quetzals, 1 pteranodon, a bred argy, and a bred anky (I am probably forgetting others too). Every time we lose another dino I come and check these forums and twitter to see if there is anything being done regarding it and I can't see much. If anybody wants to see a video of us losing a quetzal to the ether my friend recorded a video of it happening (Gamertag: TrippySTK420 Recording made on 7/26/2016). my whole tribe and I are very tired of wasting our time we all would play a lot and after this continued to happen with no fixes in sight my friends have left this game for others. We have gone from a tribe of over 10 active players down to 4 which is about to be 2. I was a big fan of this game like my friends and would try to get as many people as I can to buy this game but now I will not be telling people to do so and neither will any of my friends unfortunately. We were all going to purchase this game when it comes out but now we have no intention of doing so. I know this is a t&e version and errors are expected which is why I have never posted any complaints before. I am posting now to let my frustrations out as well as provide an area where other can voice theirs. I hope these issues can be fixed for the other players who continue to play.
  20. The game is pretty much unplayable atm rubberbanding lagging and just yes. Please fix.
  21. Sorry to bother you guys. But our server is lagging reaaally bad again two days in a row. Latency for everyone is 255 and its unplayable again. Whatever you guys did at customer support yesterday helped for a while but now it has started again about 2hours ago. Please help! Was really looking forward to taking advantage of the 2x event. @Jatheish anyway you could please help us here on the server? Would really appreciate it or even just an update as to what may be going on? Thankyou! <3
  22. my sever is lagging so bad on Official rag . Got my 1st mutated Tera killed. Any news on what is going on can't even play? Help me.compton
  23. server 60 is unplayable

    literally anymore than 40 people on the server at once and it crashes. server crashes alone up to 20 times a day. not even a high pop server. this all started happening after we wiped treadstoners off the map. so many players have left the server due to it, and it STILL lags. if only wildcard did their jobs, they cant hide behind the whole "pre-release" thing anymore. lots of people payed lot of money just to have horrible customer service like this
  24. Server 57

    Hey there, for the last couple of weeks server 57 has been EXTREMELY laggy, the ping says it's perfectly playable, however, everything minute or two there will be a massive ping spike that lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to upwards of a few minutes. It's extremely annoying and causes people to crash in random locations sometimes. Can you take a look at this server please? It's a pretty high populated one, just want everyone to be able to enjoy their experience without the constant lag. A reply would be great just so I can confirm it's being looked into for me and everyone else on the server. Have a great day!