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Found 55 results

  1. Since the abberation update our nitrado server has vanished. No response from Nitrado
  2. Xbox dedicated servers not saving?????

    Ok so let's first off start with nothing saving on dedicated servers and it gets wiped every time server go's down ... why was this not fix on day one of arbitration. People have paid money for a game they can't play on there own servers. So this bug need to fixed ,do your job and fix it. Save of games are one of the most important and basic things for game developers..... WILD CARD this I s not preview program any more. Get your poop together. Fix your mistakes.
  3. Nerfs to dinos

    I understand nerfs sure...but if you nerf a dino shouldn't you adjust the breeding times,tame times, amount of tranqz/narcos needed for said nerfed dino? Or does this not make sense?
  4. Transfering

    Simple Question, will you be able to transfer your person from Ragnarok to aberration?
  5. Doedicurus and obsidian

    Has my doed had a bad touch of allergies towards obsidian or can they no longer collect it as all I collect while hitting obsidian rocks (big black shiny ones) all I get is stone anyone shed any light on this
  6. Does anyone know any reason that my dedicated server won't show up in the list. Currently the only way I can join is invites and my server is not at my home so I can't just always have an invite sent to me also the join last session and auto favorite played session brings nothing up for me either.
  7. First off, Hello all starting this in attempt to address some things players would want different.(Attachments, Armor, etc) and here we go, 1.) Attachments: Most players love attachments, as they should. but some attachments aren't quite optimized to the fullest ( Example- **Scopes, shouldn't they be a more useful spyglass ? Not only does it save a equip slot by having it equipped to a rifle, but it make use of weapons more fun, maybe add a new scope capable of zoom and Night vision similar to holo scope. More on attachments .. 2.) attachments should be able to go on all guns and metal bow ( within reason) -laser pointer bow, scoped pistol(simple pistol), holo scope bow, ect.. 3.) Compound bow- It's a metal bow shouldn't it have an array of arrows to pick from? And make them available On all maps as well (Examples of arrows such as metal shocking arrow, metal poison cloud arrow, metal Frost arrow, metal knockout arrow (tranq) (boxing glove lol jk) metal flame arrows, zip line or grappling arrow, metal EMP arrow, and a attachment for bows, ** Quiver ** to sort thru arrows by pressing attachment button with a limit of each per quiver,And making these arrows in chemistry bench, quiver in smith. Or make a **Tek Bow with a feature to cycle thru different effects with attachment button. Armor- 1.) The Armor variety is great, but should higher level armors take more damage? maybe have armor classes ? Shouldn't they absorb more damage and leaving health in better shape than being armor less? Light - Cloth, fur, ghilly, scuba is fine should be weak, meant mainly for temperature control. Medium - *Hide,Chitin, for moderate protection ( or make a new hard leather armor and leave hide in light armor ) Heavy - Flak, Riot, riot obviously should be better than flak but even both standalone don't take near as much damage as needed., most of time it's one to three hit from high levels. Tek - the best protection possible, but shouldn't be outclassed by ascendant riot. Armor Attachments- * make them constant effect until armor broke,u Head/Chest light,(like hikers use) **Arm watch/compass/gps ( think spy kids 2 lol)or just make the track on player arms do something similar after ascending. Skins & Hair -more skins man ! Manticore is great, and we need more now lol -a full set of dragon not just gloves !,talk about tease! - Modern clothes and hats skins -turtle shell backs, sunglasses, masks in general from Halloween to ski mask to anime hair lol - variety is keen and make you feel less identical from everyone else since you can't modify face, - hairstyles, more variety! - hair styles of the ages Emo swoop, Macklemore cut, rocker hair, 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s a couple from each on both sexes . Would make individualization easy Weapons and Tools 1.) Flashlight! Or Tek torchlight! 2.) Tek needs more weapons, a Sniper rifle, Bow, Pistol( think Tek magnum), *Sword & Sheild*, (I think that's in production, ) And no Automatic Tek weapons as of that's tooooooo overpowered. 3.) Tek tools? (1-2 hit gather?) Chainsaw is great and it made me think there could be tek stuff like this. - Tek Pickaxe, Hatchet, Torch/ torchlight (omni-light area of effect) 4.) Tek Vehicles - 4 wheeler, ATV, Helicopter,Jet, submarine, boat. ( I understand it's difficult to implement so not to worried on this but submarine and atv are a definite) I have more but I want to hear others opinions? Do you think they would do some of these? #Jen #Jat opinions?
  8. Shoutout to Jat

    I just wanted to give notice to how active Jat has been on the forums recently and am glad to see it! I know they get a rough time for their game, but in the end it is a great game. I mean why would people come to the forums and why would they still play it? So keep on working hard guys at WildCard! Love your work!
  9. Considering this is the official view, might I strongly request that all 70+ capped players on the current NA-PVE PrimPlus Ragnarok server request additional servers be created for this game mode? There is only ONE cluster for NA primplus and only one Rag map which the majority of the playerbase naturally will want to play. This server is consistently capped and without a queue system is beginning to become a large issue for growth and stability. Even with the 90% 1-hour AFK timer it's not enough of a countermeasure to the public release influx for players looking for the primitive aspect of the game in a pve environment for the ragnarok map since that is technically the newest. On that note, Prim+ still needs bug fixes that were not addressed in early access for issues reported in tickets, googledocs, fixed in patches and later broken in subsequent patches, or newly introduced. A few being.. Canteen Engram can't be learned/crafted still Island map Coal on majority of mountain tops still yield Christmas event coal rather than fuel coal. Giga's cannot harvest Stegos or Mammoth corpses and instead get stuck in them. Megatheriums cannot harvest fish corpses Megalania Kibble cannot be crafted in any type of cooking device regardless of the number of honey used. Raw Mutton does not cook in all cooking utensils Quality crafted Fishing Rods despawn from Pelagornis inventory on server restarts (Have not been able to test since pre-official release nor tested if this is unique to prim+) PrimitivePlus custom crops kibble alternative taming list does not work other than Beavers, Doeds, Mammoths, Megaloceros that I can remember having tried this weekend. A few other Quality of life issues that occur to me are that while in Primitive Plus we seemingly have the technology to make Cameras, Harpoon guns, Industrial technology, and steel-smithing we are still unable to discover the mysterious schematics behind creating a primitive scuba mask to aid in seeing underwater. There is also a need for a primitive plus variant of a gas mask or carbon based filtration system that would allow us to traverse the swamp cave system or survive poison wyverns. For all the other Primitive+ fans out there, what else have you come across that you've still been craving to have in Prim+ mode or come across as bugs that were never fixed or re-broken? Since this is now the future of the primitive mode, I figure it would be the best time to try and get everything out on the table for fixing before all resources are allocated for future expansion development and console projects leaving us on the backburner with these problems forever. Let's speak up before it's too late.
  10. Great game, had an amazing experience (aside from the immense lag). I could get over the lag issues, I could even see past the nerfs.... But the developers eyes are so messed up that it effects the ability for me to even play this game. Fix these simple things and the game becomes playable. 1. The game is way too Bright. This has been addressed so many times (just do a quick search for 'bright'). a. You can't look at the water or snow without feeling like you will go blind. b. Any metal item gives giant glare c. Gamma does not change this. It just makes the screen on the outside darker. The actual sun does not dim in brightness. d. Even stevie wonder thinks its ridiculous. 2. You Menu text choices are baffling. a. Blue background... Light blue text? b. The text is like this freaking small. it gets super frustrating having to walk closer to the tv just to see what it says. 3. Graphics look hazy and overall worse since the last few updates. 4. Stop adding new content without fixing the old. 5. Optimize your game
  11. Next Update Suggestions

    Suggestions Can you add breeding for pulminoscorpions? Pelagornis diving into the sea option in server settings for allowing level up of movement speed for fliers Rare dino breeding option (Ex. Griffins, Rock Golems, Wyverns Etc.)
  12. Here's an idea! Try naming legacy servers "legacy servers"! Wow! Think about it! This is such an excellent idea; NA-legacy-Ragnarok8 Because, right now... You can't tell which is which. And on top of that your server filter is broken - on release day. You've had two years to get something as simple as this implemented.
  13. Hey Survivors, in a few days, on PS4 the new map will be released, also new official servers (Center, Island) So im asking to what time and date this will happen. Time is more important, because my tribe and me have to spot the best spot on the map Greetings.
  14. Ark Official On Release

    How many servers does it look like will be added to official PvP, PvE for all platforms ?
  15. We had 180 tames in main tribe, we log in and are down to 20, every other tame went wild . This is the case with EVERY tribe. Half of our base is also no longer owned by us, same issue with EVERY tribe This needs to be fixed NOW
  16. platform saddles joke?

    Okay so, in terms of the big picture of ark dino cap. If i put one structure on a quetzal, does that effectively mean for THE SERVER my tribe just ate 20 dinos on the SERVER CAP or is that the TRIBE CAP only? I see all the servers hitting cap immediately if it's SERVER WIDE and not TRIBE ONLY.
  17. Hello, I just completed the northwest cave on my single player world and the artifact was not in its original location. Can any others confirm the missing artifact? Or any other missing artifacts? Hopefully this is just me, but it's potentially game breaking if not fixed. *Comfirmed, others have had this issue as well*
  18. Losing my stuff again

    Right this is the second time in two weeks of lost my stuff for no reason and it's not some cheap stuff and not even my armour that I care about it's my captain's hat if had them twice and whilst wearing them if had a giga woke up with half topor and kill me then wasn't able to get my stuff in time then I die in the sea right next to my base as I spawn there is no body no bag nor a death line what the hell ark its not like i can die and get a new one like every skin I have to find an alpha Leeds and there's only been 3 on my server since they came out and luckily I was able to get 2 sort it out please I'm fed up with losing my stuff because of a glitch nothing to do with my faults
  19. Hard level cap on tamed dinos

    Hi I was wondering If someone could answer a question I have been trying to figure out as I can't find a clear answer. If I were to hatch a 380 dino and lvl it up with all 71 lvls to 451 will I lose it? I've heard that it's only if you hatch above 450 you will lose it. I have also heard if you do hatch under 450 and lvl it passed the cap you will end up losing it if you leave render distance or if the server resets. I am looking for a solid answer regarding this as lots of people are still pretty lost on this and I don't want to lose a tame that I 100% imprinted just because I wanted to level it up. Also to the Devs if that's the case where you will still lose the dino even if you level it up would there be any possible way to make it so it's not possible to level it up once you hit 450 It would really suck to have a tribemate come by and see your dino has a lvl, they level it up then poof it's gone. Would appreciate any info on this subject. Thanks ~Pack
  20. Ally not playing

    One of my ally's hasn't come on yet in nearly a week all his Dinos will be tameable I know the reason he can't get on and it's a personal matter was hoping a Dev could help him out before he loses his stuff I might be able to get his dinos for him but he's buildings will most likely get demolished if u could reset his timer I'm sure he'll be on within the week
  21. Server has gone down 3 times in the past 2-3 weeks. First time it was 4 days, second time 16-24 hours, and this time it's 3+ days. Step up your game devs, what is with these servers? This isn't an isolated incident, I've seen countless posts and reports about all this. I've made tickets several times but no response. #ReadyForRelease
  22. Since their going to 'cull' 10% of the servers on launch, how about having a method to download dinos you upload to local, items also. I would love to be able to relocate old dinos were not using but put so much work into getting. Just thought I bring it up again since I never got anything official about it and the whole 'steam uploads' seems to be dead now.
  23. Dear @[email protected] and the rest of the Wildcard Studios team: This is a formal plea from all of your supporters that backed the product since launch of EA on Steam... the "legacy" players that have pushed content from the island to the center and even purchased Scorched Earth and are now adventuring in the latest mod available: Ragnarok. I'll admit I've posted very little but it has been mostly me lashing out at being unable to play Ark on my server for the past few days. I apologize for that and instead plead with you to look into the server fluctuations of the Ragnarok Mod on PC official servers. There have been many posts about connection issues with multiple NA-Ragnarok or NA-Isolated-Ragnarok or NA-PVE-Ragnarok not being online or available. These servers crash multiple times nearly everyday or suffer from a long period of unavailability and the players get either very vague or no response from anyone on the subject. We post to forums and report the outages on the google docs form but have not seen any improvements on the issue. The main reason I am posting is to make you aware that we are actively LOSING progression because even though we cannot see or connect to these servers the time-clock in-game continues forward. Meat spoils, berries spoil, fertilizer/plants die and dinos eventually end up starving. Any breeds from baby to adolescent are as good as dead as we cannot log into the server and feed them. We are losing progress and will end up having to redo multiple actions to get back up to speed before all the connection issues. I understand that you all as a team were working hard with disc submission and other areas of development but as a veteran player who has bought multiple copies of the game and its expansion would like to know the cause of Ragnarok issues and if there is ANY immediate resolution or something that can be done so we at least don't lose progress when we can't play on the server. Thank you Sincerely, All the PC Ragnarok players!!! :-)
  24. ok we just tested every way we can on a private server that is set up the same way the offical servers are set we have found that there is no way to kill the broodmother in alpha we even spawned a level 15k gigga with over 10k dmg and 100k hp it killed the gigga in under 5 mins after that we tested what kind of damage the gigga was doing we spawned a alpha rex in and killed it with a level 150k gigga with 100k damage and the gigga did 450k damage to the rex then we sent the same gigga to the broodmother were the gigga only did 90k damage to her now if it still takes a 100k damage gigga more the 15 bits to kill a broodmother there is no way on a official server to kill it and if any one has a way to kill it with out using a glitch or a exploit plz let me know now
  25. ok we just tested every way we can on a privet server that is set up the same way the real server are set we find there is no way to kill the broodmother in alpha we even spawned a level 15k gigga with over 10k dmg and 100k hp it killed the gigga in under 5 mins after that we tested what kinda dam the gigga was doing we spawned a alpha rex in and killed it with a level 150k gigga with 100k dam. the gigga did 450k dam to the rex then we sent the same gigga to the broodmother were the gigga only did 90k dam to her now if it still take a 100k dam gigga more the 15 bits to kill a broodmother there is no way on a official server to kill it and if any one has a way to kill it with out using a glich or a exsplite plz let me now