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Found 39 results

  1. Hello there yesterday i have been wanting to play ark but can't because of and issues has come up, I start up the game and i am noticeing a green flickering going on when i startup the game. Now my drivers are updated to the latest drivers and also have try'ed a repair for the files. I also have tryed reinstalling the drivers to see if the was the issue aswell
  2. Server Issues

    Quick question guys. I've been playing ARK since last December on the PS4 so I feel as if I have gotten a good amount of experience in ARK. To everyone who's been grinding longer than me or around the same time frame as me, does it make sense for Wildcard to release a DLC when their servers are still having issues? I mean sure it is nice to see that their adding content in such as dinos, items, etc. but what's the point if the servers are going to constantly crash and or not even pop up in the new server browser. This is not a bashing topic, I truly love ARK and what it has given to the players but I wanted to see if other players have been thinking the same idea as myself. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, RadRussian364
  3. Recently I started to play on Ragnarok again and a new glitch occurred, giant jagged rocks sprout from the canyon areas. These rocks are very poorly textured as if they have been stretched out and you can also walk through them. Heres a screenshot.
  4. ARK Patch 268.11

    Okay so is anyone else having this issue. Server patch released 268.11 Client patch released 268.11 But still can't join my server comes up with mod mismatch issues. So to test it i updated server to 268.13 and still can't join. So rolled back to 268.11 and no luck. Can someone explain why i can't join.
  5. So i just recently opened a non dedicated session for me and my friends to play. All of my friends can simply join my server except one of my friends that every time he joins the server he disconnects about 3-5 minutes after he joined leaving no message or error note , just sending him to the main screen . he tried verifying the game files, restarting the internet, uninstall and reinstall (he prayed too XD) . Whenever he tries to join through steam without opening the game , steam leaves a weird message posted below. I would appreciate any form of help, thanks in advance!
  6. Ragnarok Phantom Grounds....

    So we are playing a dedicated server on Xbox One and are experiencing tons of issues with the ground clipping not being accurate. Example... You're walking towards a hill and all of suddenly you are walking INTO the ground. Also, dinos can be hiding underground. I was walking along, struggling with walking through the map and a raptors head comes charging at me. Just a head. You know how terrifying that was? Specifically, I was at the northwest part of the map if that helps. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I am, yet again, having issues with my player dedicated server. My dedicated Xbox is running the server just fine, however when I attempt to join the server with my other Xbox I get a message that simply says, "Join Failed." Can I PLEASE get some help with this? So many issues running my dedi before, finally got them straightened out, release Ragnarok, rejoice...briefly, dedi issues return, much sorrow and anguish!!! Please tell me we this isn't going to be an issue again! 😠
  8. Character Transfers

    Hey there, We ran a Island server and looked to transfer to Ragnarok when it came out today. However, it seems when we uploaded our characters and had our host switch to Ragnarok; we were unable to download them. All settings regarding the transfers have been altered to 'allow' so that it may happen. However there's simply no option. Interestingly, we can download them on Singleplayer, but not on any other dedicated. It's almost as if they're missing a link? We're not entirely sure how to proceed, and forums didn't seem to have necessarily the answer of suggestions we might need. As such, I'm hoping someone out there might know what we're missing in order to transfer our characters over? Thanks, Logos
  9. The console itself doesn't show that anything is wrong but at a certain point (seemingly random) all users get disconnected and no users are able to connect until I restart the server. Is anyone else having these issues? It's the worst as an admin when you can't even tell that your server is "down" This is getting ridiculous. Should I just expect that one day the Ragnarok server in my cluster just won't start up at this point? I didn't want to include it to begin with and it's becoming a problem child that I constantly have to maintain. I run all four maps in a cluster and this is the only map exhibiting these symptoms.
  10. 52416572375__9E6EF235-5AFC-4E9C-9175-B4A94C099B01.MOV
  11. So I come on to check the status of my ticket from the 24th of July which they hadn't bothered to respond to and look under activities and all of my tickets are magically gone. Even ones from way back. Just POOF.
  12. The dreaded evolution weekend has reigned its terror yet again. Every weekend I get so excited to play Ark because there is so much to get done while 2x is active--so many babies to raise, materials to collect, and dinos to tame. But seldom am I able to enjoy an Evolution Event due to the ridiculous amount of lag that it brings to my server. And before anyone says it's me, I promise you the entire server feels the effects of the lag. Not only are we resting at 255 Ping, but there are 5-10 minute spans where we are only able to move our character--no attacking, interacting with items, and you can forget about opening a door/gate. This issue only seems to ramp up as the weekends progress until the server finally crashes..I'm on PVE-OfficialServer39. This issue is making the game completely unplayable...please look into this soon. @Jat
  13. PC & Xbox: Single Player & Dino Spawning

    So I have been playing on the island and center maps on single player for the past 3 months. And when I logged onto my island my last week all my Dino's and structures were all gone. My character data was there but nothing else. Same thing just happened on my center map too. Another issue I'm dealing with is I beat the center bosses yesterday and it rewarded me with a gigs bionic skin. But the actual achievement never unlocked.
  14. Ever since the most recent update, my player dedicated server seems to be having issues with the harvesting sliders. No matter what adjustments I have made to them they seem to be having no effect in game. Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions to fix the issue?
  15. Hello, I notice a lot of people on here are having similar issues. I own a second Xbox 1 to host a server. I have multiple tribe mates and they can all connect no problem. I never had a problem joining my server until one day it just stopped letting me in. I have tried literally everything from hard reset to reinstalling the game on both Xboxs. I have bumped up my internet connection through my cable/internet provider my connection is not the issue!! Everytime I try to join one of three things happen 1) this happens 7/10 times: gets stuck loading on snapshot_10 then says "lost connection to host" 2) will jump into the loading screen but instantly sends a pop-up box with "failed to join" message 3) 1/10 times I will make it all the way through the loading screen and think I'm home free.. then get stuck on a black screen and all you hear is the spawn music Anybody at all have any advice and or news on WTH is going on??? Is the drop on the 8th supposed to fix this???
  16. Me and my friends are playing on isolated ragnarok 19. 2 weeks ago there were lags and then the server was down for 8 hours. the next day while playing I lagged out while fighting some dinos and couldnt move. I died of course, but the point is this is the only server that lags and offline every day and its really pissed us off because we spent many hours on leveling up and building our base, now we can not even play. For god syke fix it!!
  17. I see that this have been an issue as far as i can see from September 2016, when Transfers were added. I have see posts about it for Official servers, in which the devs say they will try to help, HOWEVER once it happens on a unofficial or private server the devs seems to not care. This issue is causing the lost of characters Items and the characters themselves. We currently have issues where when an item goes in it says its being upload, then Poof, its gone. Then when characters transfer back and forth from our Cluster server their characters dissapear with no way of getting them back. THIS HAS BEEN AN ISSUE FOR AWHILE! and i think this requires some sort of fix if these people are thinking of going out of EA in August!
  18. Recently lost a tuso no fault of mine so put in ticket.. got auto response but nothing else, as I did not expect anything fast just been watching yesterday mother off all crap on server rubber banding DCing animals glitching and all sorts lost last Tuso so I figured another ticket as WC really don't care, was just expecting them to ignore like they have done for the last few times here's were I found there new system they just wiped my tickets, so I put in another mainly to check that I was checking correct place.... nope new system for complains they file it in the trash... so as I'm not letting this go because these were 100% I printed and if you raised Tuso you have an idea how fricking bone tiring it is to try for a 100% I'm post here as well.. REQUEST #536128 Tyx2Today at 17:07 Hello I wrote two tickets both have disappeared I linked them to unsure you were aware that both these issues were due to your incompetence and I'm very annoyed... Around Easter me and tribe mate (Bro) raised 2 tuso's 216 (unlvled) and 218 @ base location 54.3 13.9 (see pic) 100% Imprinted.. It was a hard breed due to time it take but we were happy to commit... A week ago you updated and me's (tribe members) tuso was killed in base at said location surrounded by 6 megladons, 7 pleas, 7 angla, 2 sarco, a basil, a beaver, 4 spinos, a mosa and a few other animals.. With no notice just came on and dead ? I do not see how this is possible.. we stopped doing anything and waited for the crashing and glitch to stop, just feeding a few new babies dinos and excepted the crashing while we waited for patch.. when patch came out I put in ticket, 534375 Yesterday while out trying to replace Tuso and find high lvl mosa me and bro saw alpha tuso and after checking lvl decided to kill (lvl 10 alpha tuso) almost from the second we attacked game started glitching and no attacked was registering I Guessed it was glitchins and tried to get my mount out but I was kicked and killed.. Brother tried "all follow" command and passive and nothing happened my tuso just was not responding. my lvl 270 tuso was killed even though there is no way it should have died, as my brother was trying to get away he kept rubber banding back into the tuso finally he was kicked and we spent a few hrs trying to get back on.. today found brother pleas Louise alive and healthy but I have still unfairly lost 2 tuso because last 2 updates I have spent to much time (4200hrs) playing and do not want to have to give up... But what choice are you leaving players that commit the time to your game for nothing.. I updated my email address in case that has caused issues with tickets (old email tyx2) THANK YOU WC for caring enough to hit the DELETE button!
  19. Server Loading Issues

    Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but every now and again when I load into dedicated servers the server itself loads up, but it's like the loading screen doesn't go away. For example, my hotbar on the bottom will load in, as well as my character stats (health, water, weight, etc) on the side. I can hear the game sounds (i.e. from our base dinos) and can hear my character moving around, but all I can SEE is the purple loading screen with the "A" in the bottom right corner. The only fix I know of is to quit the game entirely and restart it and sometimes that doesn't seem to fix it. Just curious if anyone else has had this issue.
  20. Not that this will get any attention, but seeing how devs always sneak in a few nasty ''improvement'' surprises, let's hear about it. 1) Consuming Rare Mushroom and Rare Flowers now gives their intended effects Look, I know the game is in development, except it is not because it will release in a month to public... So my first question is : How can a desired effect be so random, never have you guys told us anything about their ''desired effect''. The person who made 261 change just woke up this morning and decided...yep i'm gonna poop, brush my teeth and screw up rare mushrooms and rare flowers and call it an intended effect. Not only is the greatest food ever now useless, had counter effects but also...people had 1000s of boxes full of those...and there are none anymore. Not a single stack of rare mushrooms to be found. They all got removed. I guess it was intended. My second question is : what is the point in a) giving it super weight (15 per a stack of 100), b) spoil timer (1 day 5 hours) and c) the poison effects. You did made a nice game, but I swear your non existent communication skills will make you kill your own unborn baby. Today, I give this game a 6 months lifespan post release. So, I would really love for a dev to explain how any of this makes senses, and when I say dev, I really hope someone who makes decisions and not a CM or one of the very well known players that get paid to post positive feedback about the game all day long.
  21. Okay so I don't even.... Few updates ago the game was just fine. Now you tried to fix something that wasn't really that broken. And you broke it. My focus has been lately on the rafts. You know where this is going now. - I wish you could return the way the rafts were, even though every once in a while you could see a person having an "underwater base" under the raft but hey I mean it's not unraidable. Unraidable things (not too literally please) are what alpha tribes like to build to block the obelisks so that nobody can move their character between official servers and therefore ruin the game experience for me atleast. Oh and before you get your first fabricator up, you've been wiped four times by the alpha tribes so no chance on official servers. Would you please do something about the blocked obelisks thing? I don't mind the alpha tribes but the blocked obelisks are really annoying. No, I'm not going to pve server either. This is for your own sakes too; if the official servers work nicely, then everyone is having a good time and the game is popular n stuff. If the game is not too expensive in the first place that is. The pricetag of the game on steam at the moment? 69.99€? Wat. Seriously? Wat? See I understand that you have done lots of job deveoping the game and you aim big and have done good job with it, but now I won't buy it to my friends so I could play with them, nor will they buy it either. Here is my suggestion: I see you've made lots of merchandise stuff, 3D printable dodos etc. Aim your source of income to such stuff instead. Because more people buy the ARK, more people will like the game and therefore are more likely to buy stuff related to it. I mean I'd like to have a model of a dodo standing on my desk! This is how I got in to the game, my friend bought it to me (since it wasn't too expensive) and I decided to give it a try and now I have +1400 hours behind. So yeah I've been enjoying playing it. That hadn't ever happened if the game would of cost like more than 49,99€ a year ago when my friend got it to me. (it was something about 23€ I think back then) Also I like to build in single player. Or did. Now I'm just furstrated. Because in single player my save game has dissapeared every time a new update has arrived since 260 patch. I built a nice village, tamed dinos, built awesome rafts just to realize that my singleplayer save had dissapeared! Then after gathering myself, I rebuilt bunch of stuff and tamed dinos and for what? Update -> savegame gone!! So reinstalled game. Maybe it was broken somehow. Okay now today I finished a nice motorboat design, spent another few hours tweaking it and then another update came. And you can guess what happened. Savegame gone. It's fkng gone! AGAIN! I CAN'T BELIVE I'VE SPENT THAT MANY HOURS OF BUILDING AND ALL THAT just to lose it! Now I'm so pissed off that I could just go slap a bunch of people in their faces, feed them mindwipes and re-slappp them and mindwipe again! I wish I had a mindwipe so I'd forget that I had this experience... But there's a problem with mindwipe too. 1 per level? Even in singleplayer? Make a command to override that please, because that's ridicilous limiting.if I singleplay and I wish to just mindlessly run around and puch everything I see, I'd be glad to have mindwipe so I can add my points to "buttkick" and "sonido". Then maybe I would like to explore the deep oceans and ocean caves so maybe pump stamina and oxygen. I don't care if my character would get vomiting and seizures and whatnot from that constant mindwiping. Seizures. Yeah that's what the building is all about when placing the walls and ceilings and stuffs they are just... well.. having a seizures when you try to place them. Have you tried it yourselves? How about limiting the seizure speed atleast so I don't get epilepsy every time I try to place a ceiling and it tries to find it's place between two or more snap points about 400 times in a second? That would be an improvement. And it's like lottery trying to guess which one of the snap points the part will actually go to. Most of the time it goes to the wrong one. What else.. Ascendanting is okay.. tek cave is okay.. movement speed rebalancing.. well.. it's reasonable...oh and atleast crops doesn't glitch anymore thanks for that! All and all in general the game is okay. But are you dev guys okay there? I feel like you are either being pushed to improve the game at all cost or something. Atleast this is what feel when I see all these weird "fixes" going on and game pricing and I feel there's a tension in the air.. Do you even know what you are doing? Ark deving gone too serious? Deadlines pushing in? Calm down a bit maybe? DILO = where's the fun? Or are you just being greedy and try to look cool? Work on the bugs, keep the good stuff and most importantly: Keep surviving. It's a harsh world sometimes. Friendly regards: Survivor Nizzine
  22. List of problems Ark has NOT fixed since its release or release of a dino in particular: 1. Squid pushes dinos off map. 2. People glitching with stairs under map. 3. Server crash cloning. 4. Pillar problem (now people use stairs on pillars to render it as a normal structure. 5. Chat clutter. (Not being able to switch on chat to tribe only, or open chat, or allience). We see all chat combines all the time. 6. Rexes getting stuck on little rocks (even gigas). 7. Boss fights keep getting more rediculous by the second. (Example, dragon fixed where is not landing to get it stuck. Or map changes so that you cant kill it as previeusly done). 8. Characters able to be glitch through foundations or ceilings. 9. New servers always crash for weeks constantly. 10. Thylas still glitch through. 11. Sharks have a small radius bite. 12. Tek armor for dinos usless. Should have extra features like imbulnerable against eels lighting strike. 13. Alpha spawn are very rare. 14. Bodies still disapear on high impact when falling from high altitudes. 15. Tek gear consuption very high. 16. Boss fighting tributes are exesive. 17. Finally, still holding on new updates for bugs, crashes, or fixes for release. (Seriously?!)
  23. Ragnarok Bugs/Glitches/Issues

    Hey Guys its the Ragnarok Devolopment Team here. We want to ask to tell you that alot of the current issues occuring on the map are caused by the change from mod to dlc and its already being work on. If you find any bugs/glitches/issues we would like if you share them with us. The best way to report is to join this discord and report it in the #bug_reports section. If you dont like discord please be so kind and report it here. Also note this: if you report a bug please make sure to include Information where this happens that means include a screenshot of the bug and the actual locations its not helpful to use GPS or ingame map since these cant be easily transferred to the devkit coordinates to help the devs use the one of the following commands to provide the location: also please always try to get an screenshot with background stuff for a better reference here are two example on how to (not) do 1. this is how to do it 2. this is how not to do it
  24. When I was in Ark with the new 755 update the first thing I went to do was paint but soon figured out that you can't paint on yourself, so my question is, is this a bug or is there a way to paint on yourself that I've missed somehow? Either way I would appreciate if someone could help me on this issue I'm having, Thank you.
  25. TLDR AHEAD. but no summary. so. if ya wanna know... ya gotta read it. Hey guys, so to start off this isn't a complaint post, there's a lot to love about ark, but there are also a lot of poor mechanics that make it, well, not very much fun. But it could be, some things I'll talk about here are already mods implemented on private servers, others are poor mechanics that only benefit players with no life, and even for them I'm certain the mechanics are quite dull. The three big issues I'd like to tackle here are, time sinks and dinos, communication and PvO, (player vs Offline), and tek tier usability. Ark is a game I WANT to love, but it's got serious game health issues. Issue #1-2 Time sinks and dinos. Time sinks are a huge issue in this game and at the core of that is taming and breeding dinos, Taming and breeding in this game is ridiculous, any decently level tame takes an exceptionally long time, especially without kibble, babies are a nightmare to raise, especially early on due to bugs that cause them to stop eating and die unless force fed, and these issues have long reaching effects, especially in pvp, if you took 4 hours taming that rex for example, a dino largely useful for pvp purposes you aren't going to want to risk it dying, which encourages PvO moreover it increases the power gap between new and old tribes, as well as large vs small tribes and makes everyone extremely overprotective of their tames, you can kill one person's tame in fair combat and suddenly they're crying in chat and the whole server is after your head for pvping on a pvp server... because tames are so damn valuable due to TIME and naught else. Fix. Mostly this is a numbers fix and a simple thing to do, first Dial back tame times, all of them, to between 1 minute (a dilo with prime) to 2.5 hours ( giga with raw meat), depending on method. Next, and I know people would want my head on a pike for this one since it would nerf a lot of current tames, but it would be a healthy change. Remove dinosaur wild level. whaaaaat? simple. By removing dinosaur's wild level and standardizing their stats, it would provide specific use to specific dinos, they can still gain levels and players can choose what stats to boost, but they would all have the same base to work from, would be simpler to balance, and with no varying levels the only determining factors are your taming effectiveness and how you invest your points, that said Taming effectiveness should be reworked to be like imprinting, giving a percent boost to the dino's stats when ridden by it's Tamer/parent, this boost would be applied to its stats after point investment making each point more worthwhile and keeping taming effectiveness quite valid. Breeding times should also be dialed back to under a day, still should be longer than taming times but with each 1% of imprinting give 1.25-1.5 times the amount of stat boost as the same % of taming effectiveness. Lastly I feel mutations should be separated into stat and aesthetic mutations, should be easily identifiable, cap out at 2 stat mutations, but be significant, for example 1 attack mutation would give the dino a 10% boost to melee base stats and melee gains per point, however two mutations of the same type, say 2 attack mutations, would give diminishing returns, while 1 mutation would grant a 10% boost, 2 would only grant a 15% boost. natural mutations would be random and rare, say a 2% chance, unless the parent had the mutation in which case it would have a 70-80% chance of passing that along, A tek tier lab could be added that allows players to extract mutagens from parents who have them, learning that mutation and allowing them to pick and choose mutations and apply them to eggs, overriding any natural mutations at the same. time allowing player to both adjust and optimize stat growth and colorations of their dinos. natural colors would also be learnable/usable. Issue # 2 Communication and PvO- while streamlining taming and all the aforementioned adjustments are a big part of discouraging PvO, the other issues are that it's simply far easier, safer and simpler to raid people while they're offline and unable to fight back. Pvp, at it's best is some of the most fun you can have in ark, but it takes a lot of resources, puts dinos at risk that you would hate to lose due to tame times being terribly long, and is just easy to avoid. many people have held of raiders in siege for hours only to be completely destroyed minutes after going offline, lets face it if someone wants to ruin your day and kill all your stuff in ark, they can, and there's nothing you can do about it, save being a mega tribe with hundreds of fully loaded auto turrets. the fix? encourage pvp by making tribe structures and tames invincible against weapon/tamed dino damage for 2 real time days starting say 5 minutes after the last tribe member is offline, the 2 day timer is simply to keep inactive players from leaving their stuff on a server for weeks or months on end, and forces players to actually fight each other FAIRLY. I know some private serves have mods that do this, because IT'S A GOOD IDEA. I also feel global chat should be gated behind walkie talkies, of course you would still be able to talk locally, chat bubbles would still be there always, but for long range communication you would need to have a walkie talkie out and then would be able to chat on two frequencies, global or tribe, though your chat bubble would still be visible to other players in range. so. careful. Lastly give players who have been captured a way to die. not immediately, but give us a toggle in main menu, that will set a death timer for 5 hours later, preventing permanent player caging, since PvO would be disabled, there would be no further call for this feature. Issue 3# tek tier accessibility. tek tier, the end game equipment that is pretty damn awesome, but you need to challenge bosses frequently in order to maintain... and that's where it gets ridiculous, getting element is a huge risk with little payoff on the whole aside from VERY durable structures. element expires, is consumed stupidly fast and is generally too heavily gated, once an alpha tribe has constant access to it they are cemented in invincibility, because once they control the caves, they control the server. The fix? simple. Make Element a craftable tek engram, and remove the spoil timer. something like 10 electronics and 10 polymer=1 element. this would make it so that players are never totally out of the game, and would be able to always fight back. again encouraging PVP. while it would make the alpha stronger too, it helps them overall less than it helps everyone in general. assuming all my suggestions were implemented together. Thoughts?