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Found 89 results

  1. Lost inventory

    Hey all, I've been putting in countless hours getting our first base set up and stocking up supplies so that we can get taming and exploring. After roughly 7 hours of hard graft I decided to call it a day. I logged back onto the server after about 24 hours and all of my shiny new weapons, ammunition and armour had disappeared! Literally everything that I had on my person when I logged off. I now have to put all my stuff into storage containers prior to leaving the server. It's not the end of the world but does get really frustrating. Anyone else faced this issue and if so Ark please work to resolve
  2. Dear, WILDCARD Join ARK > Session List > Session Filter: Changing of the "Session Filter" has always been a pain and annoying and something that really needs fixing. Issue is you can't change the "Session Filter" till all of the server is loaded. I switch between "Player Dedicated ARKS" and "OFFICIAL DEDICATED ARKS" often and it should not take 10 minutes to wait for every server to load to switch the "SESSION FILTER", You should be able to change it at anytime and it would restart the search to the new preference, But it does not do that. It really needs to be fixed to allow you to change any search settings on the fly. Its unable to be selected though while any servers are loading and then once all servers is loaded then it will let you change. Sometime the process is so slow or it freezes that I have to restart the game. Thank You and Hope This Can Be Fixed.
  3. Two texture issues on the Island, very close to each other. North of the redwoods, west of the volcano. Approx GPS 59.5, 26.8.

    Hello, Wild Card & Players I am going to run you threw some points that are just horrible & other things that should be done differently because the game isn't perfect by all means. I will list of all the ideas and things I see wrong with ark today that should be fix, changed, or re-thought... 1) (Fix) Baryonyx - Well I am sure you all know how horrible the Baryonyx even level 5 or 15 is depending on map, How they are in water.. I can be max level and have pretty good flak on & i have a 90% chance of dying. There water spin stun effect is so horrible and broken. I should not die by a Baryonyx that level, But guess what it happens because you cant even attack before getting stunned again. Can't move and just getting beat alive by the Baryonyx. Total garbage! (Note: The Spin Stun Attack how often it can use the attack should be lowed by 50% so it takes 50% longer for him to do another spin attack. 2) (Fix) Ichthyornis - Really my items are gone if he takes it. Anyhow that is so annoying and horrible its one of the top hated creatures in ARK. The Ichthyornis should always drop non eatable items to the ground as a item box. Not completely lost for ever. Only thing the Icthyornis should take and eat and loose that item is food items. All meats, Kibbles, Berries, Seeds, Mushrooms, Flowers, and any other consumables. PLEASE FIX THIS! 3) (Change) Platform Saddled Dino Turrets - Platform Saddled Dino's should be able to have auto turrets again that was a dumb removal back in the past. Then the game was fun. Anyhow what needs to happen is just have it limited on how many turrets you can have on a dino depending on the type of dino to no more then 4 to 5 turrets at most. That will give them dino's more war purpose again. 4) (Change) Flyer Nerf - That should have never happened the way it did either. It was a slap in the face to all the dino's that everyone worked so hard on. *This is how it should have been nerfed: Speed should be go by dino type such as Argentavis it should go by the level of the dino if you have a breed level 300 Argentavis it should go much faster then a fresh tamed level 25 Agentavis. That way it will give more meaning for the bird breeders. 5) (Fix) Ark Transferring - Obelisk should be the only place you can bring tames out & loot out of. Loot Drops should never be able to pull dino's out of & equipment. Drops should be only used for uploading or transferring a character that is it. There is no cross-ark strategy for a guy pulling 10 giga's out of his butt cheeks 50 feet from your base. 6) (Fix) Ark Transferring - Idea number two: I think there should be a limit weekly & daily how many transfers you can do. Because being the little guy and someone bringing 10 to 20 giga's out of a loot drop by your base its no chance for a smaller tribe. It's exactly what ran me off the game and why i play it so much less now & the nerfs. 7) (Change) Tek Tier - Its just lame when you have guys on the map that starting out and only have stone building & you have these guys that have Tek and they want the server for them self's... Its just lame... *Tek Tier should have been just like Primitive + a Standalone game mode with low Tek up to High End Tek. They should never put guys with sticks fighting off guys with plasma guns... Its just stupid. 8) (Fix & Change) Menu & Options Screens - I am color blind I have 45' TV and I still cant read anything unless I am 2 feet from the tv. The blue menu they changed to is really horrible choice of colors.. Layout of then menu's are fine but I cant read anything in that hexagonal looking blue menu to craft or anything... You should be able to set up the color as you choose for the menu's.. PLEASE! 9) (CHANGE) Mindwipe - The mindwipe change is horrible that mean people have to make new characters when they shouldn't have too... If you want mindwipes to have a bad effect make them loose 5 levels each mindwipe they do. To slow down the use of it, but it should be unlimited again because that's just more characters the database has to hold because people want different builds. It was dumb making mindwipe's only one use per level. Thanks for reading and hope you read my thought... Really beating at them points because they hurt the game for me and I know many others that feel the same way. Also i will try to update and add more thoughts to this post. Take care & enjoy my post.
  5. Hello,I am sure you know that when you hit a resource in ARK, a visual impact spot is visible, for me, this has vanished, and I am not sure what it would be under in the settings. I want to get it back, but I have no clue, can anyone please help me out?
  6. Hi Survivors and possibly Ark Devs, I know i'm not the only one experiencing this issue. I play on Xbox EU OFFICIAL PVE SERVER number 100-and-something, 143 I think. At any given time there are about 10-20 people on the server, Nothing compared to the 60+ people always on other more popular servers. The issues: Severe lag at times, like, severe. Nothing to do with my internet service provider, all my tribe mates experience it at all the same time. On occation especially when up again a large angry dino that wants to eat you, renders the game virtually unplayable. Booted out. Randomly boots you out, i'll be on with some tribe members and it'll just boot one of them out, or me. Again, when you are battling something or in a dangerous area, or on a flier or in the ocean, this just kills you. Rubber-Banning, it's the effects that happens when a lag issue comes up, where you just go about your day, and the server doesn't seem to register the last 10 seconds, so you "ping" back to where you were 10 seconds ago, again, not cool. And this happen ALOT. Can anyone, ark dev, server guru, let me know if this a common occurrence on other servers? is there anything we can do as players? Will this be patched in future patches? On a seperate note, when other tribes have built up a crazy huge base and you fly near it and it pops into existence you get like a solid 3 frames a second. can anything be done about that?
  7. Whenever I try to open a loot crate or an obelisk inventory I crash, I have tried uninstalling / reinstalling ark, I have SUPPOSEDLY tried hard resetting ark (idk if it was a hard reset, hard to tell when its a sensor xbox..) and I dont know what much to do, I have found no fix, there is no actual code error or anything popping up after the crash, it just freezes and then kick me back into the ark main menu.
  8. Been on this server for 2 days and the graphics never render correctly. The map is constantly changing shape and hills, rocks, dinos disappear. The lag is also very bad even when 12 people are connected. Please fix.... the issues with Ragna are ruining the fun totally.
  9. A common issue, that i find in multiplayer, and that i am unable to reproduce due to the nature of the game and the circumstances, is for me annoying to say the least. For a start, i'll tell about the random crashes, that certainly everyone or anyone has had the patience to actually make a proper review and explained the circumstances of the "why" and "how" it happens and their consequences in-game, as well as the logs that can be provided, which in my end, my game doesn't generate since the nature of my crashes is related to my old GPU, that barely runs Ark in Medium settings, but certainly can run it in low settings - thus there is a relation towards the optimization of the game. In this topic, the crashes are the issue though they are so varied and random that it is pointless to explain, be it the GPU or the game itself. So i am going to focus their consequences in a single player world, and what needs to be changed. Whenever a crash happens (whatever the source, or issue), the crash messes up the single player world greatly, i believe ever single player out there knows this unless they play in a unofficial server dedicated solely for only a single player, in this environment i don't know how the game behaves. Any way, on the long run of a single player game, or after a crash (in-game time doesn't apply to the crashes it seems) you will notice that the majority of the creatures spawns will become empty and none will re-spawn, leaving quite literally an empty environment. It can be fixed with a command line [DestroyWildDinos], though i am opposed to using commands while playing the game. Further more, the game has been officially released. So the point of using the commands, now, should be only considered to be has a last-minute resource to bring back balance and refresh the world with new creatures, it shouldn't be mandatory to know them or use them. Nowadays, games that possess various entities like Ark, have in their core, mechanics that are a "automatic version of the essential commands". Which forces, consistently the refreshment of the world with new creatures, not allowing the world to be empty at all. The exception would be the long running servers, where they need to restart for not only about those reasons, but for maintenance as well. These mechanics, are a must in FPS oriented games, i am sure of it. Where you face off tons of enemies, so for a single player, what would happen if they where gone for ever? The game would become dull, boring and undesirable. This is what happens, with me, in the majority of single player worlds that i have created in any map on the Ark, at a certain point in time the creatures just disappear out of existence, and don't come back unless i personally force them. - This needs to change, in the near future: The game play in Single player needs to have a fair share of challenges, but also environments where anyone could develop and progress, a mechanic needs to be implemented where: - - 1st: Forces the re-spawns of new creatures no matter what and without the need to use commands. Consistently, Persistently and Randomly. - -2nd: Bring balance to the world in-game. The mechanic should spawn carnivores if the world gets to stale with herbivores, or herbivores if the world gets to aggressive with carnivores. In the end this mechanic should bring out the balance correctly, and not so randomly, has the current game is. Another topic at hand is the resources themselves. Like the fair share, of Creatures disappearing and never spawning back, the same happens with the resources in-game. The most notable of the resources are the Crystal, Obsidian and Metal nodes for their long re-spawn times. I am aware, that every time you harvest a node, that you activate their "Re-spawn Timer" - I've read it in multiple threads in this forum, as well as in Reddit. The Re-spawn timer is subjected to the multiplier that you can customize in the main menu. So what this means? The lower the multiplier the faster the resources re-spawns, simple to understand. Now the problem in single player though is worse when compared to a long running server. If you have experienced a crash, or even log off, after harvesting a resource in game. The "Resource Timer" of the resources, specially the one harvested, will reset. This means that the resource will take a longer period of time to re-spawn. Now, the incredible issue in single player is due to the "Resource timer" bugging out and not actually working properly, this probably correlates to the timer not timing the time correctly or become stagnant, which conducts and leaves a world, or most commonly a area, to not have any kind of resources. In the custom maps: The Center and Ragnarok, the issue is not visible nor even noticeable. Since the maps are huge have lots of resources nodes there are always alternatives in the case where a resource will take longer to re-spawn, though it will re-spawn back. However in The Island Map, and perhaps Scorched Earth (which i don't have much experience on), the issue is prevalent and noticeable. It is extremely noticeable with the crystals either on top of the mountain or underground. In which sometimes the world at a certain point in time does not generate any Crystals. To prevent this, the game should have a mechanic, in which - again - should reinforce and force the resource spawns. Furthermore the "Resource Re-spawn timer" should be either removed or improved to be more constant and persistent. Since every time you log off, or even crashes, make the Timer to "reset" or to bug out. Then this only gives more problems than actually solves them. In conclusion, all of these problems in single player mode, could be fixed quite easily with a unique yet similar mechanic that the game now lacks. -This is within my understanding, elaborating this is easy. In the other end, manipulating and fixing code is another story i am aware of that -
  10. Hey so I have an open NAT and can play ark perfectly fine on pc. Why is my Xbox unable to connect to any server whatsoever. I can't join official, player dedicated, or player non dedicated. I have also tried all maps on both primitive and survival evolved. So if you would please tell me how to fix the issue that would be nice. Got game early and havnt been able to play more then 3 hours past week cause when I do get it I disconnect from host.
  11. I decided to reinstall ARK because I wanted to see how it faired since I last played it since it is released now and well I can't even really play it when it is paused and I cannot see what I am selecting. I can't even use alt-enter to force it into windowed mode? Here is a youtube video of it below: Specs: AMD 8350 4.0 Ghz 7870 2gb OC edition 8gbs RAM 1tb HDD windows 10 1080p This only seems to occur on ARK, other games like GTAV/XCOM2/Empyrion all work fine. I also tried doing the "reset resolution" option, even re validated my files and still the same thing. I am at a loss what could be the issue of this. edit: it to me almost acts like the opposit of how some games work where when it is minimized or it loses focus it pauses the game... but in this game the game is paused when the game is actually selected and not minimized. If click on say Join, I have to alt tab and then go back to it then it shows the server browser.. but when I click cancel nothing happens till I alt-tab out again, it is like odd. ARK is only game where I am suffering these issues, so I do not think it can be something wrong with my computer.
  12. Hi, Serveur 'The-EU-PVP-RagnarockPrimitivePlus25 ' is unavalable since 2 days. I have reported the issue in the google form but there is no mention in the "Currently know server outage" post. Does Wildcard is working on it ? will we have a x3 for 3 days when server came back available ? my fridge wil be empty of sparkpowder and some dinos really starved......
  13. Unable to load servers

    Hello! I have had no problems with Ark up until now. I could load and join servers at will whenever I wanted to a few days ago without problem. Now I have to wait up to 15 mins for a few empty unofficial servers to join. I used to be able to join both official and unofficial. Now no servers load whatsoever. I have verified game cache. Uninstalled twice deleting all files from my pc. I have opened up my firewall to ark. Made sure I had the current versions, tried to launch through the steam server browser. Nothing. Made sure I had correct mods installed to join my friends server and got the 'unable to query server info' error. It's been a few days now and nothing seems to work and I cannot load any servers worth playing on. Help!
  14. i get dc from the server when i demolish or destroy some things . i tried driver update , game setting reset , lunch options , verify game, every thing but my problem not solved yet. i cant play pvp every time i try to defend or attack i will disconnect and fail my pc is : cpu:intel 7700k gpu:1060 gtx ram: 16gb mb: z270 prime-a realy idk how to fix this any one have this problem too? any one could solve it? pls pls pls fix this
  15. The Tame Limit Problem

    With the latest patch on the pc we saw that platform saddles now add to the tame limit. Even without this new change, the tame limit was a little talked about problem but I am here to explain why it ruins the game and even increases lag. The tame limit is in place to limit both tribe size and lag amount. With a limit of 200 dinos, large tribes are forced to expand to other servers or form massive alliances, crushing small tribes in their path, to be able to keep all the dinos they need to compete with other tribes doing the same thing. Without a tame limit, mega tribes would be more inclined to stay on one server thus reducing overall lag and giving the little guys a fighting chance because of there not being a massive Dino pen of 40 different servers. Currently, brontos are the meta in blocking turrets. The game now is at a point where if you have enough brontos and gigas... any base can be wiped but with new changes to turrets it seems that these dinos are severely weakened and now can't compete with mega bases. If there was no tame limit, people would be able to have enough dinos to stand a fighting chance. My last point is probably the biggest and most painful, lag. The biggest causes of lag (outside of duping) are Dino movements and floating names. The names of tribe tames can be turned off but that is only a max of 200 dinos. All other allied tames still show a floating blue name thus largely contributing to lag. I won't leave you without a fix so here it is: increase the tame limit to at least 500 or remove it all together. I have made my point and hope that you agree with me <3
  16. So I got home from work and hopped on to play around. When I logged off last night everything was fine. The update came through over night (PS4) and when I logged on today. Checked my sliders (playing on a beefed up personal) my stats are not scaled according to my personal settings to the point the game is unplayable now. I can't even carry my gear and move!
  17. Hello all, Currently experiencing an issue with the painting of my Wyvern. I know that painting on PS4 painting is bug city at the best of times, however I had what I thought at the time successfully painted my Wyv however upon my next login the painting has disappeared and I cannot seem to re-load it. Also painting on the Wyvern again does not work at all. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there is a known work-around? I have raised a ticket however I never seem to get a reply. Many thanks
  18. Transponder node

    So I have put a transponder node on all my tames alright. Just in case they get lost. Good thing they added it, I love it even while it sometimes is a little wacky to locate, that may be my own mistake for using 1 frequency. Now here is the issue that definetely has to be fixed. On some animals like: Dilophosaurus, Ichtyornis, Sabertooth, Beelzebufo, Haenodon and basically all small to midsized creatures. Note that the Beelzebufo is WORST of all in the glitch. That all of these animals literaly show iron spikes out of their bodies like "DILO"? Instead of a placed clean node the way it is supposed to show. I will submit a post of the Beelzebufo what I am talking about and definetely I hope this issue will be fixed soon, I will like to keep track of my creatures without them having sadistic spikes squirting out of their bodies all around. I do hope that is understandable. More research has to be done specifically on which creatures it all happens but here is the list I am certain to confirm that has the issue: Dilophosaurus, Ichtyornis, Sabertooth, Beelzebufo, Haenodon, Dodo, Raptor, Lystrosaurus, Compsognathus, Pelagornis, Archeopteryx, Terrorbird, Direwolf Creatures I can confirm not to have that issue: Pulmonoscorpio, Parasaurolophus, Paraceratherium, Triceratops, Araneo, Kaprosuchus, Doedicurus, Ankylosaurus, Pteranodon, Carbonemys, Casteroides, Megalosaurus, Moschops, Arthropleura, Iguanodon, Dung Beetle, Pegomastax, Dimorphodon. To be added due to my own mistake: carnotaurus. The rest of the creatures have not yet been tamed up and should b either confirmed to have the issue or not have the issue. This really makes the usage of the Transponder nodes very annoying as it looks way too glitchy to use. As promised here's a picture of the worst case scenario, hopefully they issue will be solved soon and I've tried to make this as detailed as possible! Greets Marilyn. Note: *The Direwolf is experiencing this issue as well. *The Dimorphodon is clean and needs no fixing. *The Pegamastax is clean and needs no fixing.
  19. Dedicated Server Save

    Hello! I own a second xbox and host a server on it. Before the latest update, most if not all ded servers... the loading screen gets stuck on •VolcanoEntrance (island)• and •Underworld_near (center)• ... ... Every two to three days I have to wipe the server, I even had to reinstall the game. Please fix it!!
  20. Ragnarok server 55

    We still have issues with ragnarok server 55 EU, please look in to this! I am breeding and reroll after reroll, getting tired of this poop!
  21. Hello all! Recently I started a dedicated server. I have it running locally on my machine in a HyperV virtual machine (server performance isn't currently an issue plus I plan to migrate the VM to a dedicated server machine in the near future). I have forwarded the following ports on the router and through the windows firewall on the server: UDP 4380,7777-7790,27000-27036 TCP 27015,27020,27030,27036-27037,32330 and ports 80,443 I can see and connect to the server from within the game. I can connect to the server if I create a desktop shortcut with my external IP (EXAMPLE: steam://connect/67.255.XXX.XX:27015/password) The PROBLEM is I cannot connect through the steam server browser or connect to the server over LAN via its local address (EXAMPLE: steam://connect/ Game returns 'unable to query server info for invite' error. EDIT: I can see the server in the steam server browser under 'LAN' tab. The IP address it has detected the server at but it won't connect. I'm running a small server for my friends and want it to be easy to join plus connecting to my own servers externally yields a higher ping. Half the people I play with live in my house the other half all live together in another location. Any insight would be appreciated THANK YOU!
  22. Offline Raid Protection on *XBOX ONE* the offline timer does not stick i set it for 15.0 clicks of being offline for it to be active and it will not stay what i set it too... Why or Can this be fixed this is how i intended my server to be...
  23. Imgur and Trade Forums

    Anyone else having issues with Imgur showing the slideshows like it did before in the trade forums? Is there another way to show images? Makes it hard to sell color mutations if i cant show the color
  24. Observed this in V260.2. The tree showed the same kind of crazy extended foliage that crop plants used to show. I was toppling trees in order to get past them on the island map. This was repeatable, and showed the problem as the tree was falling.
  25. Ive been playing ARK on xbox for like a year and a half. Ever since I bought the game sometimes when you attempt to join a server it will just sit there saying joining session... and no matter how long you wait it will never truly join the session. Devs idk if you know this but there are many videos on youtube showing. If your xbox gets stuck saying joining session all you have to do is go to network settings and click go offline. Wait for about 5 seconds and go back online. Now open your ARK app back up and like magic it will finally show the white joining text with the server number instead of the gray text you can never get past. This is EXTREMELY apparent when trying to join the Xbox PGM extinction servers. You LITERALLY cannot join the extinction server without doing this trick EVERY SINGLE TIME. Everyone Ive talked to thinks the PGM maps are awesome but nobody wants to put the effort in to do all this joining session crap