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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 15 results

  1. Again, Rock Drake Eggs are going under nests after patch 278. The patch 278 was effective for one day with eggs far away up to the nest. I took some just after the pacth but it was not respawning during the Vanlentine event... I checked again with the 3rd person camera and bingo: the eggs are back under the nests and unreachable. Here is a picture taken today the 15.02.2018 at 11:00 am CET Hope there will be a issue for this problem. If you want a Rock Drake or a Basilik, be patient. Only pink ravagers areavailable for the moment! ;-)
  2. Any supply drops that come down or invisible to me other tribe members say that it is there when I walk up to where they say it is it allows me to open the supply drop but they are completely invisible on my screen
  3. Any supply drops that come down or invisible to me other tribe members say that it is there when I walk up to where they say it is it allows me to open the supply drop but they are completely invisible on my screen
  4. I'm playing on PS4 EU Official PVP - Ragnarok -server and I have the problem that I can't see any beacons. I know for sure that those are there, because I can here the sound the beacons if I bump to those by accident. I've also managed to loot the beacons. I' can also see the light those emit to ground and surrounding areas at game night time. Last time when I was able to see those was after the server crashed a week ago and there was 10min rollback. It was night time at the game when I managed to log back in and there were several visible beacons. After the sunrise all those disappeared again. I've tried to change all possible craphic configurations and I think that I've also tried all the combinations of the configurations but nothing seems to help. Does anyone else have these problems.
  5. Invisible Wild Dinos

    I've found this to be a common issue with console players. but this is the first I'm seeing of the ice worms. Ice wyverns don't show up at all and neither do their eggs. When found they appear as a simple item cache bag in the nest and appear invisible within your inventory. I tried doing the ice cave for the first time on this player dedicated server and had invisible things attacking me with just the name above it and nothing infront of me, even though I'm still able to attack it. Are the devs aware of this bug and will there ever be a fix to this??
  6. Frost death worms

    In official, when going to the ice queen boss all the frost worms along the way are completely invisible, as well as the ground animation that is supposed to serve as a warning. Not only that but once getting hit once by the frost worn was stuck in place for 3 more hits till dead. Went back with less gear to re-test. It's broken in there..
  7. Just been in the ice cave and was attacked by something invisible. We think it was probably an ice worm. We managed to damage it but it went before we could kill it. We can't do the ice cave with invisible creatures attacking us so won't be able to tame a mantis or get the artefact until this is fixed. We are playing on a Xbox ragnarock dedicated server FYI.
  8. Ragnarok issues

    Ice wyverns are invisible.. the ice eggs also invisible.. Accessing drops or picking up eggs causes server to crash Breeding set to x11.9 yet somehow breeds all eggs at 1000 no matter the setting.
  9. The ice wyverns are invisible on my player dedicated server. You can spawn them in amd see them if you spawn them when you turn the server on. But anyone who joins after is unable to see them. I have reset my server several times and the issue keeps occuring. There are also no wild ice wyverns on the server either
  10. non dedicated problems

    first the resources become unobtainable . it happens off and on during play. invisible players exept head,remove clothing and put back on only fixes for about 5 minutes . cannot land birds on rocks and players glitch through them.
  11. after the 5gb update earlier tonight, when the server was warned of maintenence, one of the messages was just ".." and i was booted. when i got back on immediately after, every rock and berry bush was (and is) invisible. i have tried disconnecting and reconnecting, exiting the game and rebooting, waiting for the (second?) server maintenence reboot, and the problem persists
  12. I've recently began mining in the North ice cave on The Center map. All the crystal nodes on the Artifact of the Devourer side of the cave are invisible, they can still be mined, but not seen, causing bad rubber banding when just trying to run around.
  13. Invisible Wall Signs

    Invisible Wall Signs (Steam version of Ark). Hi there, so I've noticed when trying to place a wall sign onto a metal wall on my raft, that the sign is not showing up after placing. It IS there however as the option to write text and paint on it is there. But even if i paint on it or write text on it, it still doesn't show up. This is the same for both a metal wall sign and a wooden wall sign, still has the same problem. Some more details. The signs are being placed on a metal wall (which has been painted black). The wall is on a raft. The wall signs still show up on stone walls however, just not these metal walls. Is this a bug? Is this only effecting me as I've seen NOBODY else post about this problem anywhere online and when asking others in game I'm met with silence. Has this always been a problem or has no one even tried it?
  14. Of all the dinos I have Kaprosuchus, Thylacoleo, Mantis, and Purlovia appear to be the most glitched. No matter what building I put them in, they appear to fall through the floor but they aren't really through the floor: I can see them under the base and can access their inventory, click them, etc. But they aren't truly under the base: When you try to walk where they would be located IN the base, you are bumping into them as though they are there but invisible. Their eggs and poop also appear in the base and not under it with them. This issue does not happen with ANY of the other dinos. Just Kapros, Thyla, Mantis, and Purlovia. Has anyone else experienced this? EDIT (3/22/2017): Now happens with Thylacoleos as well. Why these 3 dinos? EDIT: (4/6/2017): Just acquired a Mantis and they fall through as well. EDIT: (4/28/2017): This below is the stupidity of this. Here are where a ton of thylacoleos should be sitting. You can even see poop on the floor from the "invisible" thylacoleo who pooped it. But where are they? They are all sitting far, far below under the dino pen. I had to make a circle of dino gates UNDER the dino pen and add goddamn plants to protect them from argents and wolves who wander under it. All of this because a simple fix to stop them from falling through the floors, hasn't been implemented. Why cant this just be tossed in a patch? EDIT: 6/13/2017 - GRIFFINS - The new dino that wont stay in a pen. Always sinks underneath. Where the dinos should be in pen: Where the dinos really are UNDER the friggin pen: This is NOT how I keep dinos house: stacked and under a time consuming built pen: The nice new griffins......UNDER THE PEN!
  15. Invisible clothes

    Hi, I have a problem when I'm playing with friends in a non-dedicated host, when a friends is sleeping (before to connect) everything is fine but when he wake up their clothes it dissappears and the only way to fix it is re- equip, and when he ride a dino the problem it repeat again. I didn't take screenshot, but i found this user's image with the same problem. It's really annoying, can someone give me a solution? another thing: The dino stamina is not configurable anymore?, I can't see the option in the config, I used to use 0.0 to have infinite dino stamina. Thnks!