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Found 7 results

  1. Fur Armor useless

    In my opinion the Fur armor in its current state is way too weak since it still is common to have an ice cube at the bottom of the screen for half of the time im in the ice biome. I would either suggest buffing it or making a better version available in the engram system to get rid of this annoying inconvenience. Also an Armor, craftable on the island, that protects against heat in the southern regions would be cool too.
  2. Question about adobe

    On scorched earth, if you have a metal building for dinosaurs, would you need to put a layer of adobe on the ceiling or is a layer of adobe on the walls enough to stop you burning? thanks
  3. Hello all, I started on the Scorched Earth map as soon as it launched, and I'm having this issue. I did some testing and tweaking - 2x2x2 structure, all thatch, the hyperthermal insulation is approx +200. Start swapping out the thatch for wood, adobe, or stone, and it changes dramatically. If the structure is 2x2x2 of all stone, it's approx -700 insulation, and near heat death. Right now, the only structure configuration that I can do that has as little thatch as possible, is one level of thatch walls, one level of wood walls, thatch roof, and the foundation doesn't seem to matter much. Replace even ONE wall with wood, and it inverts to approx hyper -150 insulation, causing death. I have no billboards or signs, just foundations, walls, ceilings/roofs, and a door. Window walls made very tiny difference. I have not plugged in the window holes. I have performed this in various points of the Scortched Earth map, but I have not tested on TheIsland yet. This issue started in 246, and persisted in to 246.1 (even though it was supposedly patched), and now 246.2.
  4. Recently started living in the Snow Biome. Really enjoying it. One thing I have noticed is I am going through my rare mushrooms and rare flowers at quite a rate. I am fortitude 31 and have full fur armour (primitive). Wondered how people stay warm to reduce the food consumption? I know you can tame the penguins but rarely am based in one spot so not sure that will work. I also know you can cook curry, but recon the resources needed are probably less than the additional food I need to consume due to the icicle temperature. Any other clever ways to keep warm while out and about the snow biome farming, etc?
  5. I'm wondering if the Devs are going to add in an aspect of body heat generation? What I mean is that I find it strange that your temperature is guided by what you wear or the lack of and in general the environment around you - But what seems to be lacking is the ability of ones body generating heat when physically active! It could be a freezing night, but even if your jogging or chopping trees down, you can't seem to increase your temperature? Likewise when you're less active, you should cool down to ambient temperature + clothing. I suggest that our overall temperature is guided by the environment (including fires), what we wear and our actions or activity which is directly linked to how quickly we use our stamina... This will add greatly to the survival aspect as you would be able to have a heat stroke if you're too active in a heat wave or be more active in a snow storm so as to not get hypothermia. If one's temperature is normal in a cold environment, they would need less food - but at the cost funny enough of more food to be more active. There would not be any more food consumption than what is already happening in the snow, but would actually justify the food loss that's taking place. Any thoughts? On a side note, it would be interesting if there was better insulation from heat and cold in a thatch house, less in wood, then much less in stone, and then metal being the worst in keeping good insulation! The higher up the building tier, the more important it is to have fireplaces or air conditioners...just a thought.
  6. Carpeting/Insulation

    Dyeable carpet that could help with keeping a building warm and add style to any foundation. Dying foundation is cool but, carpeting would be awesome especially if it helps to protect you from the elements and insulation that you could add to walls could also be added at the same to really help those northern bases stay warm. If you could dye the insulation this could really add an awesome feature to buildings and more style options for those tribes who want to look unique.
  7. I'm so confused with the logic behind the kibble for this dinosaur. Let me explain and someone please tell me if I'm missing something here... Ok, so these things are basically equal to an AC but in the form of a dinosaur. What I do not understand is why it was necessary for the developers to make it so that a 120 dimetrodon would require half the kibble of what a giganotosaurus would require... Thing is that I can already fly around in the snow biome naked on a quetzal by creating a 2x2 structure just behind rider location and tucking in 4 air conditioners behind the wall next to the quetzal rider location. The point is that the quetzals that make the egg to tame a dimetrodon can already do its job ridiculously better than the dimetrodon itself if the player chooses to make such a platform on a quetzal that is... So WHY.... WHY would you require a superior dino to tame a lesser dino. The only logical thing in my mind would be that a dimetrodon could serve the role of mobile air conditioning for lower end players but that was completely ruined by this terribly stupid kibble decision. I'm just simply baffled here. Someone please set me straight and don't tell me these things are useful for caves. No one needs these things getting in their way when bats and scorpions are attacking when you can just use special food for temporary insulation in caves.