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Found 20 results

  1. Do anyone how much extra they give you to imprint 100%? I miss or late 1.30 hrs. Official server each imprint 4%, my current imprint 70%, mutation is 69.8% My Quetzal late 1.30 hrs too, and it only get to 98% imprint. miss by 2min. to get 100% kind of sad.
  2. Because of the latest event doubling maturation time, I'm losing 100% imprint on 2 Quetzes and a Sarco. Basically, speaking, 1 imprint left, 12 hours to go at the normal maturation rate, turns into 6 hours and the Sarco maturing 20 minutes before the imprint deadline. Same deal with the Quetz. After calculating it out, I will finish with 97% imprint, with them maturing 2.5 hours before I can do the finishing imprint. We shouldn't be penalized for events, right? Especially when there are dinos that take so long to mature that we're hatching them before the event is declared. As such, I would like to suggest 4 solutions. 1. Change imprinting from an 8 hour timer to an 8 hour window, as suggested by @DonaldDuck here. Rather than "wait 8 hours and try to imprint within seconds of the timer running out" have it be "imprint the dino sometime during this 8 hour period". This will substantially increase flexibility and stop favoring the unemployed and those willing to lose sleep. A game shouldn't encourage unhealthy behavior. As a more minor solution, change the timer for the imprint that WOULD reach 100% in one of two ways: 2. If it doesn't take a full imprint to reach 100%, don't set a 8 hour timer, but the appropriate fraction. Right now, my Quetz receive a 9% imprint per due to the event. But it only needs a 3% imprint to reach 100%. (3/9) * 8 = 2 hours, 40 minutes, which I would be able to achieve. My Sarco, needing 20% when it would have gotten a 40% imprint, would have been on a 4 hour timer then, giving me plenty of time rather than running out 20 minutes before I could imprint. 3. As a much more coarse option, during these events, maybe even outside of them(for sleep/work, etc...), cut the timer for the last imprint in half. IE let you do the finishing imprint 4 hours after the last one, rather than 8. An oddball way: 4. Improve the Procoptodon. Basically, have it's current baby-carrying capabilities count as base(level 1) creature. Then, based on level, health, or weight, have it be able to carry larger babies. Like have the baby be a percentage of the carry weight, and depending on level/health/weight the proc can carry up to a certain carry weight. Right now the Proc kicks its own baby out minutes before you can imprint, which sucks. So you could have this happen for low level procs, but at around 50 hold it's own baby for at least 1 imprint, and have the average ~200 level proc be able to hold even a quetz for 1 imprint.
  3. Avaraxius

    failed imprint support

    @Jatheish @Jen When are we going to get decent support after a survivor loss becasue of game bugs. Why not make it account bound imprint system as sugested by players many times since early access. If you cannot fix your bugs and guaranty a good server transfer and support after this. Atleast make a copy of the survivor on current servers that can be accesed by an GM... This is what you get after a ticket... as if this game is user friendly when it comes to imprinting and raising. We are unable to restore tek and boss Rex and cannot provide imprint without visual evidence. In addition, we can only reimburse a maximum of FIVE dinos.
  4. Eggsboi

    Tames losing stats

    Hello im fairly new to the game and i only play on mobile. I have a concern about why my argy has lost stats the day after i imprinted it for 100% and i dont know why. It even lost all its mutations by a drastic amount like its food went from 10500 to 7000. Please help
  5. Globy

    speed Gotta go fast !

    Is there a way/tips to make our dino less fast ? (yeah less, really) Spino/rexes are really too fast when imprinted, at a point where the walking animation is ridiculous (even more on follow 😥) And it is even more horrible when I have to park them Sooooo I would like to know if people have some tips to make them less fast ? (I know I can store wood/stone on them, but that is not what I'm looking for) Does a level 1 imprinted dino (why not) has less speed than a level 100 imprinted ? (if so I would breed my best dinos with a level 1 to get the speed of the level 1)
  6. @Jatheish or any other WC employee who can answer this for the dev team, When are you guys going to have support on lost survivors that also asignes imprint on new created survivors. 2nd time i lost my survivor because your bugged transfer system and again all my imprint bonuses are gone, i am sure i am no the only one who is really pissed about this poor support. When are you going to fix this that imprints also can be assigned since i do not see you guys fix the lost survivor issue any time soon. IS it so hard to make a tool for this or assign the IMPRINTS to the steam account or even make it bound to tribe.... your current system really sux (best way to describe it, wil not use other words ^^) Serious i got as a solo player ALOT of imprints and that is not the most easy task.. to get all 100, and now because of you faulty system its wasted time.. again. This i probably another post on the huge pile that gets ignored...
  7. Typically I screen shot or write down stats when breeding, however I sometimes forget and begin to imprint. I am wondering if anyone has a formula they use that would give them base stats after the imprint process. Example: If I have an imprint of 85% and 9,500 Health now, how could I determine the base stat.
  8. Yokai0711

    Adjusting Imprint Timers

    Over the course of the easter holidays, me and my girlfriend raised a Giga. We raised Gigas before and it wasn't really a problem to get it to 100%. DeFacto we even had 16 hours left, where we already had it at 100% Imprint. Even though we didn't catch every Imprint punctual on time. But now, with the new 8 hour System, it was basically impossible to reach the 100% on the Giga. We've been off for the complete time of the raise, and been punctual on time almost always. Still, we only got the Giga to 97% Imprint... Sometimes something unexpected could happen, like a Server Outage or a Rollback, and the Baby wont make it to 100% anymore , without fault of the player... My suggestion would be, to Adjust the Imprint timers, to give players the opportunity to make up for times they lost. Before the change, imprint-timer varied between 3-4 hours. I think with an adjustment from 8 hours to 7-8 hours, more players would be able to reach higher imprint-percentages, without making it to casual.
  9. On average how many hours or minutes can you 'miss' on a Rex to still gain a 100% imprint? I'm currently at 26.2% maturation with 18% imprint, I missed a few hours this morning Next imprint is in 1 hour 16 mins Thank you in advance ^^
  10. Hey, all! Quick question. I like to label folders in my Dino's inventory for Stats. However, I get confused as to whether I should use the Base Stats or the Post-Imprint stats. Which stats actually get passed down?
  11. So the big update dropped for PS4 today, and I currently have 3 reapers raising. I'm at work so when I get home I can start the update which will be about a 3-4 hour download which pushes their available food to long past gone, and imprints missed. In other words am I just going to have to deal with the fact they're basically dead? Or is there any pausing on the timers during this on officials? It is what it is I guess either way. Just curious.
  12. Hi, guys ! Just a tough about the way imprints works. It would make a big difference if the imprinting would be done to player's steam account rather than in-game character name, of course with cloud capabilities. This would solve the problem for lost characters and probably server cap so players would not need to make multiple characters with same types of dinos and to be forced to play on 2-3 servers. Would an interesting subject. Is this possible?
  13. SuperSonicPlays

    babies Dino Babies suggestions

    Now about baby dinossaurs i love taking care of them, to see they growing, then breeding and making mutations and stuff. but the baby growing period could be more... Interesting just giving them stuff in a pause of 30 minutes just for making them strong are a bit boring and for some players, complicated soo i'm bringing some suggestions for improve the baby growing period! Suggestion One- Imprint Animations, what if: when your pet asks for a kibble, when you come near he opens his mouth, or when he is asking for a pet, he lowers his head, when he is asking for a walk, he walks around in a small circle and then stop looking at you, this would be a bit useful for you beeing able to know what's he asking before reading, and... Cute of course! (i know, some babies would not have those animations, because it's a bit impossible to do then on some of them) Suggestion Two- Affinity with food, when the pet eats his favorite food (except kibbles) he would get 5% affinity, this would make the imprints not really necessary, and easier to grow a baby Suggestion Three- Family love!, so, there is the third and last suggestion, as a human, you should love your parents, don't you? so, the same for the dinos, the babies would not stop following his mother, not even if you ask him to follow you, and if his mother gets away, he would follow his dad. I know it's not much of a CHALLENGE, but it's a good suggestion and makes sense for me. They will stop following their parents on teen period That's it, i hope you guys liked it (please respect in the comments)
  14. JZhong

    Glowtail Kibble

    Do you mind fixing the kibble... I can bear 6 hour anky tame, 6 hour horse tame without kibble But if the baby ask for glowtail kibble, I assume it exists in the game. Now my baby is stuck at second imprint Also, i might have the best luck that baby spino always ask for rock drake kibble
  15. I am rising a reaper and find out that the name of the player is no showed next to the "RISED BY" that means that will have no rider bonus? Somebody playing on official servers can confirm if the fist icon appear when ride an adult reaper?
  16. OsirisDN

    Single Player Imprint

    Hello, about 2-3 months ago I was playing in the single player and I was playing just to make mutations in the animals and as I had an accelerated setup I also put to give faster imprint at that time every imprint I could get gave more or less 30% , however I lost my old save of these settings and now that changed the imprint system in the officials for 8 hours I tried to set up the single player again but it is only giving 1% of imprint no matter what my setup is I am doing something wrong ?
  17. Tl;Dr: imprinting system discriminates against players with jobs and makes it impossible to hit 100% imprint on some dinosaurs. Poorly thought through, wonder if there are even any breeders on the dev team. First, let me make this statement. If you no-life a game, if you choose to spend 20 hours a day on ark and sleep for 4 hours and you don't work, that's fine. You do you. If that makes you happy, go for it. This is not a post to trash on no-lifers. This is purely about the game and it's mechanics. Another statement, this will be about imprinting to 100%. I know, 80% to 90% is still a good imprint, but if 100% is in the game, it should be obtainable by everyone, with only their SKILL as a breeder holding them back. Now let's move on. Here is my issue. In a game, if someone spends more time on it than me and gets ahead of me, fine. I won't complain, put more time into it, you should get more rewards. As long as I know I can eventually get what you got, it will just be a little longer of a wait. If you can grind out 100,000 narcotics in a day, but it might take me a week to do that, fine. As long as I can eventually make that much. That's not the case with imprinting and it's unfair. I felt like with this new update, it was going to fix this issue, but it didn't. The old imprinting system was one imprint every 3-4 hours. And you had to hit every single one to get 100% imprint. So no sleep, no work for you if you wanted 100%. Again, if your skill as a breeder prevents you from not imprinting, examples: you forget about your babies, you don't have a kibble farm dedicated to imprinting kibbles, then that's on you for not being able to hit 100%. But this is the game's mechanics preventing you. The new imprinting system. Now it's once every 8 hours with increased percent rewards. Better, but still flawed. I'm assuming they did 8 hours because they just rounded to people needing 8 hours of sleep and work 8 hour work/school shifts. But that's not the case for probably 99% of their player base. Most people don't just lay in bed for 8 hours. They go to bed, they lay there for at least 15 minutes, then they go to sleep, but most people need to sleep longer than 8 hours to keep from being sleep deprived, because when you sleep for 8, you're not really getting a full 8. You're waking up in the middle of the night for the most part, leading to the full time you lay in bed about 9 to 10 hours. And that's just to stay healthy, that's not oversleeping. Now for your work shift. 8 hours isn't enough. They're excluding lunch breaks that add to that and the drive to and from work. Now I won't say increase it to 12 hours because some people work 12 hour shifts, it shouldnt try to please everyone, but at least the majority. This system doesn't just allow no-lifers to get ahead, it supports it and discriminates against people who want a healthy night of sleep and who work. I've done the math and there is only one time schedule a person that works and wants to get SOME sleep can go by to get 100% imprinting. Note: this only works for Dino's that the growth lasts 2 days and 7 hours at the most. If it lasts 2 days and 8 hours, it will intervene with your work. Note 2: this schedule can't work with pregnancy, like doedicerus, wolves, sabertooths, Mammoth's, etc. Because you can't pause their pregnancy like you can an egg. Here is the schedule Saturday 7am: hatch egg. Then imprinting times are saturday 3pm, 11pm, Sunday 7am, 3pm, 11pm, Monday 7am, done. Now depending on the dino, depends on how much slack you have. An argentavis has 7 hours of slack, because it's 2 days and 7 hours. So you have 7 hours you can be late between all imprints. But if you're late like an hour on one, then you're looking at staying up until midnight for the remainder of the night imprints. There are actually some Dino's that are actually impossible to hit 100% with this system, even for no-lifers. The Giga is an example. It's maturation time is 11 days and 16 hours. Since it lands on a time divisible by 8, then the last imprint would be needed as soon as it becomes an adult and actually prevent you from getting that last one. And, even if it did let you imprint right before turning into an adult, you're talking about 35 imprints and not being 1 second late to any of them. That's insane. This system needs fixed. Either more slack, like allow us to miss 10-20% of the imprints for a dino and still get 100% or 3 strikes and you're out, or increase the time to 12 hour intervals. This even the playing field for everyone. No-lifers still get the upper hand by having more time to breed more 100% Dino's, but at least, this system would allow everyone to hit 100% some of the time. And don't bring up how it's to be realistic to real life. How a real baby would need you regardless of work or sleep. But real life, you would most likely have a partner that could help you. In ark, only one person can imprint on one dino. And also, in real life, I wouldn't just leave my baby alone when I go to work.
  18. Avaraxius


    Is it not possible to make the imprint account bound. Since it it is possible to transfer from one survivor to another on another server by obelisks or drops so seems to be that items etc are bound to the account. Why is it not possible for breeded dinos. Can this be implemented.
  19. I hope someone from Wild Card reads this post. Since the last patch, WC changed the timer for imprint to a fixes value of 8 hours while doubling the imprint quality per interaction. As many people has already noticed, this change makes impossible to get 100% imprint on any creature as they are always missing the last imprint. This change also affects private servers so there is no possible setting combination to get 100% imprint at all. My idea is quite simple yet effective to be able to fix this, just give a first imprint bonus upon claiming a baby, like in real animals, this way, every creatures could get enough imprints to hit 100%. Now, there are breeders that love to have creatures with base stats, just add the option "Disable Imprint Bonus" during baby phase only, which should disable imprint at all for that baby. This should be very easy to implement yet I guess will make most people happy. No need to change coding to add options like minimum/maximum imprint timers or a multiplier for imprint bonus per interaction, which so far has never been implemented.
  20. QuetzalQuincy

    Imprinting on Unofficial

    Hey all! Just got a new server for a few of us to play on. Just wondering about some of the settings for raising and imprinting. We have it on 4.0x raising, and I was just wondering how I set the imprint timers/imprint gain to match this value. Ideally, we want the imprint timers around 8 hours between imprint. Let's us work/go to school etc. . . Any insight about lining these values up to allow 100% imprinting would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, QuetzalQuincy