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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 27 results

  1. Hey, all! Quick question. I like to label folders in my Dino's inventory for Stats. However, I get confused as to whether I should use the Base Stats or the Post-Imprint stats. Which stats actually get passed down?
  2. So the big update dropped for PS4 today, and I currently have 3 reapers raising. I'm at work so when I get home I can start the update which will be about a 3-4 hour download which pushes their available food to long past gone, and imprints missed. In other words am I just going to have to deal with the fact they're basically dead? Or is there any pausing on the timers during this on officials? It is what it is I guess either way. Just curious.
  3. Hi, guys ! Just a tough about the way imprints works. It would make a big difference if the imprinting would be done to player's steam account rather than in-game character name, of course with cloud capabilities. This would solve the problem for lost characters and probably server cap so players would not need to make multiple characters with same types of dinos and to be forced to play on 2-3 servers. Would an interesting subject. Is this possible?
  4. babies Dino Babies suggestions

    Now about baby dinossaurs i love taking care of them, to see they growing, then breeding and making mutations and stuff. but the baby growing period could be more... Interesting just giving them stuff in a pause of 30 minutes just for making them strong are a bit boring and for some players, complicated soo i'm bringing some suggestions for improve the baby growing period! Suggestion One- Imprint Animations, what if: when your pet asks for a kibble, when you come near he opens his mouth, or when he is asking for a pet, he lowers his head, when he is asking for a walk, he walks around in a small circle and then stop looking at you, this would be a bit useful for you beeing able to know what's he asking before reading, and... Cute of course! (i know, some babies would not have those animations, because it's a bit impossible to do then on some of them) Suggestion Two- Affinity with food, when the pet eats his favorite food (except kibbles) he would get 5% affinity, this would make the imprints not really necessary, and easier to grow a baby Suggestion Three- Family love!, so, there is the third and last suggestion, as a human, you should love your parents, don't you? so, the same for the dinos, the babies would not stop following his mother, not even if you ask him to follow you, and if his mother gets away, he would follow his dad. I know it's not much of a CHALLENGE, but it's a good suggestion and makes sense for me. They will stop following their parents on teen period That's it, i hope you guys liked it (please respect in the comments)
  5. My tribemate and I have been breeding squids and gigas since legacy and up to now in new servers and always hit 100% on all of them. We play in official PVE so no boosters and such. Now with the imprint timer change a few months ago, my tribemate was excited to hatch a squid, get it to 100% imprint without losing sleep. He hatched it right when the imprint timer changed to 8 hours, but despite always been on time, coming online 15 mins before care and bringing all imprint kibble with him, the imprint always gets lower than the growth. As in the imprint is 3% for 3 cares and for 4th care its only 2%. The imprint gets higher than growth for the 3rd care but on 4th care its lower than growth again. After accepting the fact that this squid won't hit 100%, a few days later they release a patch claiming to fix the imprint since some dinos can't hit 100%. Our squid was about half grown by then but still after being always on time the imprint per care was the same 3% then 2% on 4th care. The squid ended up with only 97% imprint. You can see the disappointment and frustration with investing 2 weeks time and not hitting 100%. Thinking it was only because the patch was released when squid was half grown, we hatched another but still same thing happened and only hit 97% before full grown. THIS IS AFTER THE PATCH THAT CLAIMS TO FIX THIS. Now I wanted to test it on gigas since i'm the one who breeds gigas. I hatched 4 gigas YESTERDAY (AS IN AFTER THE PATCH), and same as squid it was 3% imprint for the 1st 3 cares. but on the 4th care, when it was 11.6% maturity, my imprint only gave 2%, so my imprint was 11% while growth was 11.6%. So I already know that it will just be the same as the squid and they won't hit 100%. People might say that they are op anyway and 97% is practically 100% but we do not waste our time always doing care on time just so we get 97%. if we knew it was always 97% i just wouldnt go on time anymore since i can waste 8 hours since it wont count on the last care. Should we just accept this bug and always just get 97% on the biggest dinos where the imprint counts the most? Please fix this since its been going on since the imprint timer patch release @Jatheish @Jen @Chris tagging admins too and hopefully you let the higher ups know as well @GP @invincibleqc
  6. reaper king Glowtail Kibble

    My Reaper King is asking for a Kibble that isn't even on game yet... I spent 12 Hours grinding xp to Max it to 75+ and 9 hours by the chamber feeding it because if I left render area it would glitch through. Not counting the grind of Queens to find a decent high level one 125. That's over TWENTY ONE hours for a REAPER KING , WILDCARD. Why is even an unique tame(like Drake's and wyverns) asking for kibble...let alone a broken kibble like Glowtail.. I'm playing on official , please contact me to fix this issue. It's very very upsetting.
  7. I am rising a reaper and find out that the name of the player is no showed next to the "RISED BY" that means that will have no rider bonus? Somebody playing on official servers can confirm if the fist icon appear when ride an adult reaper?
  8. Single Player Imprint

    Hello, about 2-3 months ago I was playing in the single player and I was playing just to make mutations in the animals and as I had an accelerated setup I also put to give faster imprint at that time every imprint I could get gave more or less 30% , however I lost my old save of these settings and now that changed the imprint system in the officials for 8 hours I tried to set up the single player again but it is only giving 1% of imprint no matter what my setup is I am doing something wrong ?
  9. Glowtail Kibble

    Do you mind fixing the kibble... I can bear 6 hour anky tame, 6 hour horse tame without kibble But if the baby ask for glowtail kibble, I assume it exists in the game. Now my baby is stuck at second imprint Also, i might have the best luck that baby spino always ask for rock drake kibble
  10. Imprinting

    Is it not possible to make the imprint account bound. Since it it is possible to transfer from one survivor to another on another server by obelisks or drops so seems to be that items etc are bound to the account. Why is it not possible for breeded dinos. Can this be implemented.
  11. Tl;Dr: imprinting system discriminates against players with jobs and makes it impossible to hit 100% imprint on some dinosaurs. Poorly thought through, wonder if there are even any breeders on the dev team. First, let me make this statement. If you no-life a game, if you choose to spend 20 hours a day on ark and sleep for 4 hours and you don't work, that's fine. You do you. If that makes you happy, go for it. This is not a post to trash on no-lifers. This is purely about the game and it's mechanics. Another statement, this will be about imprinting to 100%. I know, 80% to 90% is still a good imprint, but if 100% is in the game, it should be obtainable by everyone, with only their SKILL as a breeder holding them back. Now let's move on. Here is my issue. In a game, if someone spends more time on it than me and gets ahead of me, fine. I won't complain, put more time into it, you should get more rewards. As long as I know I can eventually get what you got, it will just be a little longer of a wait. If you can grind out 100,000 narcotics in a day, but it might take me a week to do that, fine. As long as I can eventually make that much. That's not the case with imprinting and it's unfair. I felt like with this new update, it was going to fix this issue, but it didn't. The old imprinting system was one imprint every 3-4 hours. And you had to hit every single one to get 100% imprint. So no sleep, no work for you if you wanted 100%. Again, if your skill as a breeder prevents you from not imprinting, examples: you forget about your babies, you don't have a kibble farm dedicated to imprinting kibbles, then that's on you for not being able to hit 100%. But this is the game's mechanics preventing you. The new imprinting system. Now it's once every 8 hours with increased percent rewards. Better, but still flawed. I'm assuming they did 8 hours because they just rounded to people needing 8 hours of sleep and work 8 hour work/school shifts. But that's not the case for probably 99% of their player base. Most people don't just lay in bed for 8 hours. They go to bed, they lay there for at least 15 minutes, then they go to sleep, but most people need to sleep longer than 8 hours to keep from being sleep deprived, because when you sleep for 8, you're not really getting a full 8. You're waking up in the middle of the night for the most part, leading to the full time you lay in bed about 9 to 10 hours. And that's just to stay healthy, that's not oversleeping. Now for your work shift. 8 hours isn't enough. They're excluding lunch breaks that add to that and the drive to and from work. Now I won't say increase it to 12 hours because some people work 12 hour shifts, it shouldnt try to please everyone, but at least the majority. This system doesn't just allow no-lifers to get ahead, it supports it and discriminates against people who want a healthy night of sleep and who work. I've done the math and there is only one time schedule a person that works and wants to get SOME sleep can go by to get 100% imprinting. Note: this only works for Dino's that the growth lasts 2 days and 7 hours at the most. If it lasts 2 days and 8 hours, it will intervene with your work. Note 2: this schedule can't work with pregnancy, like doedicerus, wolves, sabertooths, Mammoth's, etc. Because you can't pause their pregnancy like you can an egg. Here is the schedule Saturday 7am: hatch egg. Then imprinting times are saturday 3pm, 11pm, Sunday 7am, 3pm, 11pm, Monday 7am, done. Now depending on the dino, depends on how much slack you have. An argentavis has 7 hours of slack, because it's 2 days and 7 hours. So you have 7 hours you can be late between all imprints. But if you're late like an hour on one, then you're looking at staying up until midnight for the remainder of the night imprints. There are actually some Dino's that are actually impossible to hit 100% with this system, even for no-lifers. The Giga is an example. It's maturation time is 11 days and 16 hours. Since it lands on a time divisible by 8, then the last imprint would be needed as soon as it becomes an adult and actually prevent you from getting that last one. And, even if it did let you imprint right before turning into an adult, you're talking about 35 imprints and not being 1 second late to any of them. That's insane. This system needs fixed. Either more slack, like allow us to miss 10-20% of the imprints for a dino and still get 100% or 3 strikes and you're out, or increase the time to 12 hour intervals. This even the playing field for everyone. No-lifers still get the upper hand by having more time to breed more 100% Dino's, but at least, this system would allow everyone to hit 100% some of the time. And don't bring up how it's to be realistic to real life. How a real baby would need you regardless of work or sleep. But real life, you would most likely have a partner that could help you. In ark, only one person can imprint on one dino. And also, in real life, I wouldn't just leave my baby alone when I go to work.
  12. I hope someone from Wild Card reads this post. Since the last patch, WC changed the timer for imprint to a fixes value of 8 hours while doubling the imprint quality per interaction. As many people has already noticed, this change makes impossible to get 100% imprint on any creature as they are always missing the last imprint. This change also affects private servers so there is no possible setting combination to get 100% imprint at all. My idea is quite simple yet effective to be able to fix this, just give a first imprint bonus upon claiming a baby, like in real animals, this way, every creatures could get enough imprints to hit 100%. Now, there are breeders that love to have creatures with base stats, just add the option "Disable Imprint Bonus" during baby phase only, which should disable imprint at all for that baby. This should be very easy to implement yet I guess will make most people happy. No need to change coding to add options like minimum/maximum imprint timers or a multiplier for imprint bonus per interaction, which so far has never been implemented.
  13. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    Omfg you are doing it Ark devs!! The forum is arguable the best place to comsoongmunicate with devs. It was suggested soooo long ago that ark promotes an unhealthy life for player with 4hour imprint system. For all these years, finally it changed!! Now we all get better sleep and better dinos And yes i use dimorph for manticore boss lul
  14. Imprinting on Unofficial

    Hey all! Just got a new server for a few of us to play on. Just wondering about some of the settings for raising and imprinting. We have it on 4.0x raising, and I was just wondering how I set the imprint timers/imprint gain to match this value. Ideally, we want the imprint timers around 8 hours between imprint. Let's us work/go to school etc. . . Any insight about lining these values up to allow 100% imprinting would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, QuetzalQuincy
  15. Just started to imprint on the latest batch of babies, but the only stat that's increased after the imprint is health - the other imprint affected stats have remained at the pre-imprint values (16% imprint from 1 imprinting, so not just that the increase is too small to register). Is anyone else seeing this?
  16. When an evolution event starts and you've already got a dino, the timer for the next imprint (only the one that's already started) should be cut to half to avoid the situations like the one below that I've encountered. I've had two adolescent rexes waiting for the last imprint to get them to 100% and when the event started they grew up too quickly - what was enough time to get to 100% before reaching adult stage, wasn't quite enough with 2x maturing, making me miss out on 100% by 10mins for one and 40 mins for the other one. Considering the fact that Rexes normally take almost 4 days to mature, I've put a lot of time into these to get them to 100% and unfortunately all that time has now gone into waste. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's ever encountered this problem either. If the existing timer got cut to half to match the faster maturation process this wouldn't have been an issue.
  17. overhaul breeding system

    The release of the game almost here but till now nothing about breeding changes, i have read enough posts about recent patch changes on boss fights. And as a casual mostly solo player (offical PVE server) i got my rexes ready but since the posts i am not even going to try it right now. There is nothing about changes to be made to breeding since the bosses got more difficult and players more often loose their breeds. Is there any plans for changes since taming and xp and harvest got their x2 boost and since breeding is also a part of the game almost everyone wants to be able to use. I know it is for some people a emotional thing to talk about breeding offcourse effort is needed to be able to raise that one perfect dino (but think this is a bit changes since trade forum). The imprinting should stay like it was it probably will scale but should be a reward for the effort. So anyone of the WC crew that could give a comment on this if it is planned maybe in a later stage of the game after performance and balancing the game, and when?
  18. Double the imprint timer.

    Hello, First off, i know that several changes regarding the current imprinting system had been suggested before but please, consider this with an open mind. The current imprint timer is 3-4 hours for each imprint, which is not sufficient. Take rex for example, 4 days of imprints, it will take 4 sleepless nights to get proper imprints on it. My suggestions is that the imprint timers should be doubled, 6-8 hours per imprint, this way everyone can have a chance to get good imprinted dinos. People have jobs, people need sleep, 3-4 hours timer is too short. Even nerds who stay awake for days to get 100% imprinting, its sleep depriving and highly unhealthy.
  19. Dino Imprinting

    Due to current server rollbacks on Ragnarok, I want to transfer my Wyverns to a different server to raise them. I do not want to have to keep finding an Obelisk to transport my character back and forth, so is it possible to utilize a new survivor to imprint them and it still be imprinted for my main toon? I do know that if you transfer something with a new survivor in the Obelisk you can grab it with your main character.
  20. Hey devs, I know that you are totaly busy but, I really need an apps to make my imprints from my job at noon. Otherwise I've to drive 20min x2, and, you know, it kills planet earth and polar bears. Could you let me know when its done ? Thx a lot !
  21. Ark cuddle interval help!

    Greetings, I currently require assistance as I've been trying all night with no luck whatsoever. My current custom server settings are as followed: MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.04 BabyImprintStatScaleMultiplier=3 BabyCuddleGracePeriodMulitiplier=2 EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=100 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=50 BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier=0.0464 BabyFoodConsumptionSpeedMultiplier=0.5 My problem is that I can't get the correct cuddle interval to fully imprint a Rex. I'm able to get it to 90% at most (Time between cuddles are 8min 39sec). I'd appreciate it if you guys could help me get the perfect interval for my mature speed as I want them to mature quickly but also to be able to fully imprint on them. (Also if my current rates aren't working can you guys suggest fast rates that will allow be to do what was said above?) I've also tried it with 0.06, but that unfortunately also caused me to miss the timer and not get the full imprint. Edit: I'm on PC.
  22. Imprinting/Cuddle Sliders

    When will the sliders for imprinting/cuddle be fixed or addressed? It's really annoying that you can adjust the sliders for imprinting, yet in game, the changes don't take effect. Playing on a dedicated server allows us to change hatch and maturation speed, but not being able to imprint 100% pretty much nullifies the point of raising babies. Before you say anything negative, yes I know not everyone cares about imprinting, but I myself like to get 100% as often as possible. I know there are others who feel the same way. Please fix this issue, as it has been broken since release.
  23. In order for solo players to have some semblence of a good night's sleep, it would be adviseable to: - Add "Hibernate" function, to pause a baby's imprint and maturation timer, and lower food consumption until woken. Not only would this be respectful to a player's time, but it would also counter the life-changing habit of sacrificing work efficiency in RL for good imprints, due to an interrupted sleep cycle. While it is true that there is alot of pride to be had for sacrificing one's health and welfare for good imprints, this is not very conducive to good design. Furthermore, if one could reduce a baby's food in-take during RL-work hours, then putting babies inside of "baby baths" will no longer be a necessity for those tribeless poeple with trust issues, who don't have a nocturnal partner.
  24. Xbox ark is always put out of the way they forget that lots of people play. Ive been on my single player server and tamed a few perfect tames. No one wants to wait six hours to breed on single player so I raised the baby mature speed usually this shortens the imprint too but it didn't. Please please please fix this.
  25. So here is my problem that i don't know how to solve. I have 2 servers one Island (my primary one) and other Scorched Earth (SE) in cluster. I transferred between them many times with no problem. But after last transfer from Island to SE (transfer was OK) i was kicked from server by timeout 3 times. So i checked, and one of mods on Scorched Earth server was outdated That is why i was getting kicked out. So i update the mod and since then server was unable to start and saves got corrupted... Basically SE server died with my character on it. So i created new one on island. Take my tribe back, give myself level back. But now i am not imprinted to my rised dinos anymore cause i have new character. Is there a way how to change imprinted characer on my dinos? Or only way is to rise new ones?