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Found 24 results

  1. FKgaming


    I think the ark devs should create a tek device that should allow the removal of air spores; which should be obtainable by the beta Rockwell maybe.😁
  2. I am part of the Admin Tribe of an unofficial PvP PC server (I play on Xbox One). We do not raid, we mainly just build cool stuff and observe the chaos around us. The server message states that admin should not be attacked under any circumstances (as we are peaceful - and of course, have God-like powers, so what would be the point?) and we have recently built some communal settlements for anyone to use and enjoy. THE QUESTION is: What would the people of Ark would want in their game? What would be useful as a communal place? Here's what we've come up with so far... In one desert settlement, we have built: A fighting arena big enough for for a couple of gigas to battle, including tiered seating, a snack bar and coloured light displays during the action. An inn, "Ye Olde Pube", with a bar serving beer and water downstairs and guest rooms upstairs. A market where people can shed any unwanted resources and pick up someone else's through a swap/sell system. A Mall including a pet shop, weapons store, camping store and garden store, as well as a bulk buy area where you can order goods en masse (goods that aren't stored on the premises to avoid raids) A restaurant with fully functioning kitchen and upstairs seating with views over the settlement and out to the desert. Now inevitably, half the pub and some of the mall have already been blown up. We have shields and tek gates in parts that need more security, but most of it is stone and wood because we find its more aesthetically pleasing for our building style. We know its PvP and people are always going to blow your stuff up, but do you have any suggestions for how to try and dissuade people from doing that? We ban those who attack admin but we don't want to have to do that. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Old Gregg
  3. BlueGreebs

    New game ideas

    I have several ideas about what they need to add to the game. First I think they need to add a ability to the areneo which would be the ability to grapple when riding it Second I think they need to add dog sleds and horse wagons to the game and the dogsleds are slow when not used in snow and the horse wagons can carry 2 people or there could be a covered wagon variant that acts like a tent Third they need a smaller faster boat easy to build but you cant build on it something such as a rowboat or a dinghy
  4. Before I put Ark on hiatus, I have a solid list of small bugs or possible quality of life improvements a Dev will hopefully see at some point. I’m sure a few of these have been suggested before but it’s a lot to back check. -When alternating local servers between dedicated and non dedicated, journal progress is forgotten -On local servers, bodies and inventory disappear after death in caves. Only light pillar remains -On local servers, resources don’t respawn outside rendered area. A console command to force respawn all resources outside developed areas would be a simple fix -Make wild and tame Dinos smarter about maneuvering through doors and gates -Medium Dinos get stuck between small beach trees. It would still be realistic if they could knock little ones over -Change or add menu option to allow building clipping. Construction and architecture are one of the most enjoyable things in survival games but Ark building is extremely frustrating in having to build certain items in a certain order or tear down whole sections to upgrade say stone materials to metal. Behemoth Gates are the worst offender -No way to know when you’re nearing the build limit. Add line under character menu or in showcheatplayer hud of number of items in rendered area -In nondedicated sessions, not being able to see where other players are can get really obnoxious when you’re working with tether. In this case utility trumps realism -When transferring or dropping items and clearing a row, the cursor shifts up one row and often results in accidental tee drops or consumption -Disable tames from going into attack mode from fall or environment damage -Ability to select and deselect items a tame picks up whenever harvesting or victim collection to filter junk -Correct particle affects on waterfalls to reflect and not glow in fog or night -When typing or naming things on Xbox the game glitches and user has to open the console blade menu to back out -Wild aquatic Dinos somehow touch the air and die often -Console crashing, crashing, and more crashing -Sometimes Aquatic tames flee when attacked even when set on any targeting besides flee unless set to follow -Aquatic tames will start circling wildly on follow regardless of follow distance making remounting unnecessarily harder -Dinos have a hard time walking over fence foundations and trap doors -Aquatic tames with platform saddles Idle animations move them up and get players stuck in the saddle. Add collision box to push them out of the way Thank you for your time and consideration.
  5. Before I put Ark on hiatus, I thought I’d post my running list of ideas in hopes a Dev sees it. A few of these have likely been suggested before but it’s a lot to back check. -When managing inventories, a transfer all item type option -Menu settings or console command to activate any event for private/local servers -Putting items into objects like campfires can be unnecessarily finicky due to ash and byproducts. Add “overflow slots” which user should cannot place in but these items can go. -A tame log in character menu that shows all current tames’ names, species, level and gender to help with management -On consoles, especially Xbox, allow multiple saves on the same map -control to pickup body without accessing inventory -Option to “repair all” in smithies and fabricators -Ability to pick up, move, or undo placement of items like forges, grinders. At least, if nothing else, within 5 seconds of initially placing -Create way of placing “placeholder” or ghost versions of walls, etc to aid in constructing buildings and such. Could have an expiration timer and/or ability to delete all -Allow reinforcing or upgrading of basic items like firepits do they don’t break in a single errant melee -one time use mind wipe for tames -ability to turn off taps. Ability to fill water containers like at water sources without having to access tap inventory -A menu option to respawn (for when stuck) -field cameras engram -new metal or tek teir item “server” which blueprints could be saved to and accessed at any server -ability to permanently “learn” a certain number of blueprints not to crafting units like smithies -player trade screen so items don’t have to be dropped -A Dino that when tamed can walk around and collect selected item size like poop or eggs -metal or tek teir item that shows overlayed information like dining gender and level without having to telescope -a setting to make doors or gates close automatically after X seconds -a saddle attachment to forcefeed tames when not in combat to aid in healing -make megalodon size increase with level to Moreno accurately reflect true size Thank you for your time and consideration
  6. Keram

    Extinction ideas

    This threads if for ideas and things for extinction but ill start it of with my ideas. so with the things we see in the trailer i was wondering if there going to do the did we go to far or somthing like that story and if they do i hope they will throw in horror elements to make this point more clear. (i mean we have seen the rockwell boss and he injected himself with element and wild card said that there will be areas of creatures that have been corrupred by element) i would like to see living weapon/living tech (examples of what i mean can be seen in the games scorn, and soma) i also hope get to see a lab or somthing like that in this game to see where alot of the creatures come from. (and maybe we can make hybrids with our tames at said lab) oh and titan foot prints would also be a nice touch.
  7. LustyLaila

    Breeding Project

    Hey people I am looking to start a new breeding project. I want to breed for either stats or color depending on the dino but i cant make up my mind about what dinos to breed. So im asking here what you guys would be interested in seing bred to have OP stats or cool colors so if you have some cool ideas as to what i can breed and why i would be gratefull to hear them Atm the candidates are: Spino for stats, Bears for stats, Wolves for stats and Tapejara for color Looking forward to hear some cool ideas
  8. TheFalseLight

    TLC Ideas

    This is my first forum post. Yay I guess. So, what creatures do you all think should receive a TLC? I have my list, but I'm curious to see what other people have in mind. -TheFalseLight
  9. Qwertymine

    Water Wyvern Concept

    Been pondering the concept of a Water Wyvern recently. Have read other peoples forums(Commented on a few), but I thought I would express my vision of a Water Wyvern. As it stands now, the Water Wyvern would probably only be found on either Ragnarok or The Center. I'm kinda leaning towards Ragnarok because it has underwater ravines where their eggs could be. Water Wyverns are slightly larger than other Wyverns, with a face that slightly resembles a chubby lightning wyvern. Their wings look much like a humpback whale's pectoral fins, and their tail has a shark-like pectoral and caudal fin. A singular dorsal fin rises from the back behind where the rider sits. Water Wyverns are twenty percent faster than all other wyvern types, but their breath is extremely weak compared to that of other variants, only being valued for its high knockback. Water is sprayed in a tight stream when used in the ground, but when flyiing it becomes a large orb that is affected by gravity. This orb does slightly higher damage than the breath, deals high KB to the affected area, and creatures that are hit get the "Slippery" debuff. Creatures cannot move straight forward, and will "slip and slide" all over the place for fifteen seconds. Flyers will be grounded, but water creatures and amphibians are not affected(Mosa, Spino, Sarco, etc.). When underwater, the Water Wyvern's breath becomes pressurized and is extremely deadly, as it acts like a three prong lightning wyvern attack that deals slightly less damage. This breath is extremely strong against enemies like Mosas, Tusos, or Titans who have fallen in the water, as big targets will be hit by all three beams. What do you guys think? Good or Bad idea? Thoughts? Balancing ideas or different abilities?
  10. Fijiwolf

    Ideas and suggestions

    What ideas does the community have for dinos and items? please let me know!
  11. chancho33015

    Ark 2?

    Ark Survival Evolved has one more DLC on its way and then the story is over. But what does this mean for Ark Survival Evolved? Will there be an Ark 2? What do we expect of it? Should it be another sandbox with an unimportant story in the background? or do we want to be submerge in a story as we share the content of this great game with our friends? I think Ark Survival Evolved has gotten many things right like an incredible amount of content to keep us busy playing, an interesting yet simple dino breeding/leveling up system, and an incredible building system which let us imagine and create things right in front of our eyes (obviously the building system has problems but we cant ignore everything it allows us to do). Ark has done a pretty amazing job as an open world sandbox where 70 players get to meet from all around the world and build/collaborate together to have an amazing time but i think we can all agree that ark is missing one thing... to submerge the players with the world it has. Sandboxes last as long as there are things to do but when there is nothing left to do, why stay? I think that is perhaps the one question that Ark Survival Evolved creators never asked themselves. Obviously all things must come to an end but i think there should be a clear path from beginning to end to have some character development or at least to tell the story it wants to tell. Those random notes are a lazy job to tell the game's story and clearly the cave design is weak as there is no wistful feeling of the story being told as you walk inside them to get the artifacts to do the bosses( Bosses which have no big part of the story ingame). There is no sense of wonder inside the caves nor in the maps...but i think with all this content created by Ark, Ark 2 has all the elements to make for an excellent game without the "BUT" issues Ark Survival Evolved has always carried in its shoulders. Things we should expect of ARK2: 1. To immerse the players with the story ingame (Use the map to tell the story...not unorganized notes spread around the map). 2. ALL tools create it for the characters must work properly. Many tools that would submerge us more into the survival aspect of the game are lost as tools that are intended to be use for such specific situations do not work properly leaving players with no other option but to turn night into day with gamma 5. Even inside caves such tools don't work properly ...which take the sense of terror off the caves. 3. Compressing dinos to store them inside of something like a pokeball or a talisman would be nice. I think that would be a good thing to allow more to focus on maybe interior design instead of taking giant parts of the map to just store dinos. Sometimes less is more... 4. PvE shouldnt exist. Perhaps there should be Neutral parts of the map where you have your things...and have a line where all hell brakes lose if you cross it. Very much like Tom Clancy's the division. 5. Tribe perks and Solo perks. (there should be a clear difference in being a solo player than a tribe player in gameplay). 6. Character customization. ARk has the worst character customization ever...let's all agree that it can be improved! we all look like people with elephantiasis. Just BAD! 7. More diversity in Armors/Weapons (hide,cloth,flak, riot, and tek should be the basic types of armors we should have). WE should have many types of cloth armors, many types of hide armor, and many types of other armors. Just makes the characters more individual and unique. Everyone should have its own personality that matches a unique looking armor. 8. Sponsored mods should be implemented quicker to the main official servers. It is pretty incredible that ark has sponsored so many great mods that are not part of official. Well, this is what i think i am expecting or Ark 2. Clearly i like ark but i hate the fact that there is a big fat BUT always attached to it. I think Ark 2 has a good chance to be great without the big fat BUT...but only the future will tell.
  12. so far I have been playing on pve. I've been playing on it for a few months, there are a few points I would like to throw out there. now before you hate me or dislike this, I am open to thoughts and ideas on this so please stay friendly for a while now, I have played the island for a while as well. am guess for a few months on n off. I have seen a lot of problems and I have feedback. i have seen toxic players who are out right hate full, i have super cool and nice ppl, from some one wanting over 3k poly for a egg to a guy giving me the same egg for free. i have seen dumb things happen. i love this game so far its been good a bit buggy so let me begin with the things i have found that is bad. so far I have seen a lot of unlimited falling or going thru the map bugs on this. I have given some proof of this but it can all work on fixing this by getting all the points in the game with video proof of it that be great. next is the random dc that has been happing, I have heard this for a while but the amount of stuff I have seen lost by a random dc on the back of a dino is pretty high up there. rock drakes, bulb pups and others. next is make it where you can't build right on or by metal, crystal, gems, etc I have seen players come and build little thatch right on top of the metal and stuff just to put it there and log off not to come back many of times hurting players that need that metal. next let's make it were you have flags, ever tribe gets only 2 and places were you can place them around the map, they have a big range, one is the main base, and one for a miner camp. there is a dumb amount of path blocking or mass gates on important paths that lag them out making them hard to use or outright unable to be used freely, this is only if the base doesn't outright cover the path. another point with this is, players, love to seem to build right were the main spawn points are and players get trapped inside there bases or gates traps and stuff. please make it to where if a player spawns within a range you can't build there. this is would help out in pve a lot. when players want to build and block ever were, or when they want to build right on your bases or traps, and thing then claim you're blocking them. this is getting pretty dumb. I really think one of the best things to do is make it so there are pathways that no matter what you can't build on threw out the map. on pvp they would just go base raid you, on pve you can't stop this but report it and get along, very long time to get a reply or nothing happens, so by try you get a new path its block and then it just keeps happing. so now here comes the trolls, the dislike and the ppl calling me an idiot lol. this was just a thought and like I said beforehand I am open to thoughts that could change my ideas into better ones. so please be nice and open to the ideas.
  13. Hi. I have an idea for a mod to help tribes organise and function as a micro-society, mostly for RP purposes, but also some functionality (like assigning engrams and blueprints to specific players). It'd be a modular mod that would feature ways to control all sections of societal division: professions, religion, birth status (e.g. noble, commoner, royalty, etc.), political ranks, among others. Of course, I have a lot planned already, just need someone to discuss my ideas with and who's able to implement them into the game. I don't have any knowledge (or interest) in programming, which is why I'm not willing to do it myself, but it's an idea that's worth making into fruition. If there's anyone who'd like to take a shot at this and has the time and good will, please let me know =)
  14. As the TLC suggestions thread is in General Discussion I think this should be as well. The Quality of Life update is the new focus for the developers and there should be one centralized location for everyone to post their ideas/suggestions/thoughts/opinions on what needs to be changed, removed, an/or added. Many of the issues developers may know about but if enough people are posting/liking the same stuff perhaps it'll assist in highlighting stuff that is most important/desired. Having it all in one place should be helpful as well. I did a search and haven't seen this anywhere in General Discussion yet. With no known date yet for the QoL update I wanted to get everyone brainstorming now rather than later on ideas. Here are a few suggestions to get started in no particular order. My list is based of my issues currently with single player and haven't tested to see if they exist on PvP/PvE: Ability to drop all items from flyer while in air. Control what does and doesn't connect to an electrical outlet to stop unsightly connections. Show/Hide pipes and wires. Improved mechanics for placing items, especially for large items. Better/more snap points. Improved creature AI. More options for building, specifically for large bases so a wall height of behemoth gate doesn't have to be so many pieces. Ability to switch between two preset hotbars. For example: one for building and one for taming/fighting? Spiral stairs not be nightmare in general. Elevators.. just start over. Seriously between them not lining up right, not stopping when they get to ground so you got to stop then elevate again, or no option for them to stop at preset spots absolutely annoyting. Griffin's dive bomb many times leads to the Griffin just hovering above ground, not doing any damage, hovering in a direction for a bit then landing. Some more flyers should be able to swim, perhaps needs land to dry off and fly again? More gate options so a gate the width of the behemoth gate but the height of the dino gate would be cool. Double doors. Doors for railing. ACTUAL FENCING, not using the same walls for building a structure for a fence. Bridges.. is this even possible? Tek device for tranquilizing creatures. Tek actually being viable for people. Option to turn off resources when using creative mode so you aren't gathering everything you destroy. Quick delete option in creative mode. Option to see building limit (toggle on/off) before reaching it. Floating names toggle off doesn't take away wild creature information when looking through spyglass to see it's level. Timer to know when generator will run out of fuel (at least for tek). Automatic dispenser for fertilizer that you can fill and keep plants fed. Tames not leaning forward, to the side, or falling partially through stuff when logging in. Not having to be 1 inch away from something for wyvern's fire breath to actually hit. Phoenix can land. Got one, killed it as it was so annoying always flying. Some kind of way to know when tames like Sarco lay an egg that is hidden inside it's tail. Kibble.. yea entire thing.. I know supposed to be re-worked but it needs to be said. ACTUAL stairs! Stackable foundatins Larger water resivours Industrial cooking pot not being able to be irrigated from water tanks is ridiculous. Pillars PLEASE PLEASE stop poking through ceilings by default. I am cool with it be an option, sometimes I want it for something, but it shouldn't be that way by default. I know placing the pillar first fixes this, but sometimes it doesn't work so well. Ceilings sitting almost a ceiling's height above a foundation is completely silly. Make them flush please! Not being prevented from going through a doorway if there is a railing above the doorway. Or many other circumstances making me have to duck to enter door. Auto turrets being able to only target wild carnivores would be nice. Tranq dart not registering when all conditions are met for a perfect hit. Can't see the level of dino from menu, have to look at floating box before entering inventory. Tek item for offhand that allows player to set specific stats as preferable and when looking at dino stats shows poor/average/high for each stat. Ability to turn down reflections. Odd glitch with flyers facing water or while flying in fog. Not noticed if all flyers or just wyvern but when attacked while in water wyvern flies away no matter what setting passive/neutral/aggressive. Glass option that doesn't have annoying tint, non greenhouse glass option. Transparent tek window/doors/gates option. Reworked painting system. For console it's miserable and even though I'd love to paint stuff no desire to as it is such a hassle. More wall decorations, and ones that don't mesh into walls (at least tek walls) when trying to place them. Adjustable font size for signs. Tek signs with digital font. Maybe toggle option for unofficial/single players where mods don't exist to allow for speed adjustment on flyers. Some method to automatically collect eggs. Way to upgrade building without having to destroy and replace with new part. Allowing to upgrade part with reduced cost to some degree. Tek submarine? I love idea of underwater base but I'd trade it for a sub I can live in personally. Similar to Subnautica. Ventilation that can be added to walls, ceilings, foundations and one large A/C unit with same principle as electricity or water. Then just add vents where A/C will come out at. Can be added after building has been placed, as an upgrade option. Thin turf like option to place over bare ground so a nice simple floor could be in place for lets say a pen where dinos are wandering around but make it easier to see eggs on ground. Ability to see creature's torpor from quick glance floating box, not having to go to inventory for that number. Tek spyglass that adds properties of magnifying glass. All I can think of right now. I'll post again if I think of anything else. Let's see what everyone has in mind would like to see added/changed/removed!
  15. SmileB4DEATH_YouTuber_71K

    NPC'S Tames

    I would love to see NPC cavemen themed roaming the maps like the bush people "which is gone now" Great mod, to capture NPCs and have them defend your base would be awesome. Like i said just an idea haha, aint no coder or designer so im sure dreams sound nice but creating it is a whole new level. Stay awesome!
  16. guntotingatheist

    New map ideas for future DLC

    Carboniferous: the whole map is a giagantic forest with patches of swamp where rivers pool into. Not just redwoods, but other gigantic trees as well. In Scorched Earth you compete for water, in Carboniferous, you compete for treeline territory because the ground is so hostile. Wildfires occasianally sear the oxygen-enriched landscape. See also; multiplayer map Guardian on Halo 3 Snow Ball Earth: takes place at the end of the Snow Ball Earth period and tribes compete over "hot spots", pools of lava or volcanic activity with ambient temperatures high enough to support plant life. You spawn in with a fortitude buff, and there are snow elementals which die if on SE for too long, but can turn themselves or snow into water for you. End Times: takes place in an alternate history of Earth, in an abandoned and polluted city and its surrounding badlands. Water is toxic and landfills can be harvested for some clothing and metal. Fertile Crescent: land full of colorful flowers, crystals, and giant mushrooms. Venus: a hot jungle map inspired by the early predictions that Venus was covered in rainforests. Intelligent NPCs who work against us or can ally with us.
  17. RhapsodyofRoses

    Custom Recipes!

    Hi all! I was trying to work on making custom recipes and was having a lot of trouble finding ideas. So I figured I’d make a list of some tried and true recipes to share. This isn’t a how-to thread. I want it to be more like a simple recipe book for anyone interested in custom cooking. Especially in Aberration! I’m still trying to figure out those mushrooms. 😂 Basic example: 10 Raw meat = Health 3 Citronal = Water Play around with amounts until you find stats you like. Please post recipes you find useful and what they do. ☺️ And please comment if anything is wrong! ANNNDDDDD GO! I will post recipes below! (#) Dodo eggs = Health and food
  18. Poemkid

    Reaper King Ideas

    Ok this is my first time making one of these so bear with me. I just had of few ideas about one of my newly favorite dinos the reaper king. Although fun to use i still feel like its lacking so here are a few additions that i think should be added to an awesome creature to make it that much more awsomer .A dedicated roar button on consoles: I play on Xbox and theres no way to roar even though its a feature on pc,please add,it can go right where the change ride view camera button is Rb .More utility features:What about an ability that lets you track wounded prey, or an immunity to nameless and other reapers agro .Switching up the jump:Jumping is cool in all but on the reaper it just looks kinda silly just floating there with a static fall animation,i was thinking that it could have a cool agile non static jump animation and run animation worthy of sush a magnificent beast. .A Pounce attack: Like the Thyla but works on bigger creatures,also it could have the same arc aim as the pick axes and maybe adds acid damage over time and ignores armour. Also the pounce could be used to climb up near by ledges .Better stats:pretty self explanatory,this thing is a monster it should fight like one too .Friendly Charge light:it shouldn't hurt it .Better tamed damage reduction:it should have enough at least to make up for lack of a saddle so what do you guys think,and also thank you WildCard for such an awesome game,keep up the good work.
  19. Ark PvPvE RP Server- To join Server, please join Facebook Page and post your Gamertag, In Game Character Name and Backstory on Character _________________________________________ Rules- +1. NO TROLLING/NO INSIDING +2. If the stat is not shown below, it is at Official Levels and Multipliers +3a. No Wiping is allowed. This is to keep the population on the server alive and well and not cause people to leave. +3b. If you raiding or participating in a war, (There is a difference) take what you need to take and leave. Unnecessary breaking of structures is against the rules and penalties will be enforced. +4. Difference between Raiding & War: 💢Raiding: Small Scale attacks that your tribe initiates where you break into another Tribe’s property to steal resources ⭕️: -Breaking Doors, Walls, etc. to access resources, BP’s, etc. ❌: -Can’t kill passive tames -(If you want to kill passive tames and break into safes, you must initiate a War) 💢War: Large Scale Attacks between 2 or more tribes that begin because of disputes between Unwarranted Violence, Land and Property Lines, etc. (Main Purpose of War but it doesn’t haven’t to be is to take over Kingdoms. How to take over Kingdoms is explained in rule #5) ⭕️: -Can kill all tames of Opposing Tribes -Can break into structures that contain resources to steal them. ❌: Can’t wipe kingdoms +5. How to take over Kingdoms: Taking over a Kingdom means that you become the new King/Queen in that respective Kingdom. You must complete 2 of the 3 Objectives +5a. You must Take the Given Note with the code on it to the Specified Location as determined by the Admins(Required) +5b. You must Capture the King or Queen and take their Living Body/ Dead Body/ Speciman Implant to the Specified Location as determined by the Admins (Optional) +5c. You must take all of the Artifacts located in the Kingdom within 12 hours and take them to the Specified Location as determined by the Admins. +6. How to start a Kingdom: Starting a Kingdom means that 5 or more people come together to control a piece of land and are given ___ Behemoth Gates, can claim an Apex Animal, and a King/Queen controls everything from the Rules the Economy to the Delegation of Jobs. +6a. Must have 5+ people in your Kingdom(Will become 10 when the server gets bigger) +6b. Must have: 1 Throne Room 1 Store 1 Hotel Houses for the original tribe members 1 Animal Pen/Garage +7. You may apply for Kingdomship once a week and you get 24 hours of Protection to fully reach the necessary requirements to become a Kingdom. To apply you must have: 5+ people 1 Store 1 Hotel Land Claiming Markers 10 Behemoth Gates +8. The Wastelands, which is any area that isn’t occupied by a Kingdom, is a complete PvP area +9. The Community Kingdom will contain a: Store: Will contain Limited Time items and Blueprints Bank: Place to store important items for a cost depending on rarity and quality of item +10. If a player or group of players collectively turn in a player’s Speciman Implant 10 Times, that player will be forced to start over from level 1. +10a. When turning in Speciman Implants for high ranking players in a Kingdom, you will be paid: King/Queen- _____ 2nd in Command- _____ +11. To be a PvE player/tribe, you must put “PvE” in your character and tribe name and can only switch between PvE and PvP every 2 weeks. No player/tribe with the “PvE” tag can be attacked or attack anyone under any circumstance. +12. Any chat in game must take place in the realm of Roleplaying, which means conversation that doesn’t pertain to any subject outside of the story is prohibited. +13. NO META-GAMING: Gaining Information on a Character and their Location via Streaming and other outside sources is Prohibited +14. MUST JOIN FACEBOOK PAGE AND/OR DISCORD SERVER +15. BLACK PEARLS IS THE CURRENCY +16. First Few Weeks will be an experimental phase. Stats and Rules are liable to change _________________________________________ _________________________________________ General Difficulty Level- 0.1x XP Multiplier- 2x Harvest Amount- 8x Player Water/Food/Stam Drain- 0.5x Dino Food/Stam Drain- 0.5x Max Players In Tribe- 6 _______________________________________ Taming Taming Speed- 3x _______________________________________ Crops Crop Growth Speed- 2.5x Crop Decay Speed- 2x _______________________________________ Spoil/Decomposition Spoil Time- 2x Item Decomposition- 2x Corpse Decomposition- 2x _______________________________________ Breeding Egg Hatch Speed- 20x Baby Mature Speed- 20x Baby Food Consumption- 0.5x Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier- 0.2x Baby Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier- 3x Baby Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality SM- 0.5x _______________________________________ Player Stats Health- 2x (20) Stamina- 2.5x (25) Oxygen- 1.25x (25) Food- 5x (50) Water- 5x (50) Weight- 10x (100) Damage- 2x (10) Speed- 5x (7.5) Fortitude- 2.5x (2) _______________________________________ Tamed Dino Stats Weight- 5x _______________________________________ Misc. Increase Platform Structure Limit- 3x __________________________________________________________________________________ Random Information: 1. First 10-15 people on the Server gets a starter pack when they first get on the server and when they make/join a Kingdom 2. Donations always help with keeping the server up and running and with the help of donations from members of the server, I can increase the quality of the server and the amount of people that can be on the server😁 3. People who donate will get in game perks and resources and animals depending on the amount that was donated.
  20. Crafting I like the idea of crafting being more "challanging". At the moment it's just grinding for different structures / tools / etc.. It would be neat if, for example, a hatchet would be made of let's say two parts. The handle and the head. So we need to craft the handle and the head first before we can craft the whole hatchet. Same for devices like fabricators, forges, etc., which are made of more parts. The crafting costs shouldn't obviously get increased. It's only the time you invest in crafting which gets increased. Constructing Yes, it is comfortable to carry a 20 meters tall gate in your pocket which only weighs 4 kg but, like the crafting system, depths is missing. In this case I like to refere to the game "The Forest". If you want to build a shelter in The Forest you need to place the "construction plan" on the ground and bring ressources to it. I would like to see this system or a similar one in Ark. Construction costs should obviously get decreased. Other Ideas Inventory It would be nice if the weight system would get some changes. For example: Instead of upgrading weight with every level you can upgrade inventory slots. So let's say a player starts with 5 slots. So with every level he can get one additional slot. In this case I would also devide into let's say "backpack slots" (this would imply that an actual backpack should be developed) and "hotkeys" (the number of hotkeys should also be decreased. Two main slots and two secondary slots which I don't know is a good idea yet but I'm just collecting ideas). Another idea: The weight system actually works like it should. If my stats say I can carry 100 kg I should be able to carry 100 kg without losing speed / mobility. Or let's say I should be able to carry 99.9 kg without restrictions. After reaching 100 kg I should get slowed down and after reaching like 110 or 115 kg I souldn't be able to move anymore. Another idea: I would like to not be able to put larger items like wooden logs, stones, etc. in my inventory. Because they're large and wouldn't fit in there. So instead of transporting it inside the backpack we should be able to carry them by hand to our base or dino or transportation device. (That's why I suggested to decrease the construction costs.) It could work like this: You use your hatchet to collect some wood. The maximum amout of logs you can carry is 3 for example. After you mined 3 logs your hatchet automatically disappears and the logs appear in your hands which you can now carry to your destination. In this case we would also need some transportation devices for players and for dinos. Transportation Nice transportation devices could be: backpacks, carts / wagons (a rail system would be neat), carts which can be pulled by dinos, saddlebags or even saddlecrates, etc.. I'm open for more ideas on this topic. For more ideas and feedback in general Thanks for reading.
  21. SubjectedGaming

    New ideas for Ark Items

    New items they could add to ark. 1# Salavage Metal Pickaxe/Axe - A salvaged metal tool that gathers small amounts of wood/stone from nodes. And its only 5 raw metal ,8 sparkpowder,3 fiber ,an 2 wood. 2# Slap Pistol - A pistol that uses stone to slap sparkpowder and fire a single shot stone ammo like the eloka in Rust. 3# Wood Armor - just as it sounds. 4# Hold stone like in rust or hold a stick to harvest fiber - This would make starting out faster ,and easier for new players. 5# A Tutorial - Self Explanatory. 6# Blueprint Structures - Plan out your buildings beforehand ,and then just collect the resources to make it. 7# More Barrier Types - So far we only have spike barriers what if we had these types. (Below) Wall Barrier - Its the same hieght as the spike barrier with spikes on one side facing away from player ,and comes in 4 types which are Wood,Stone,Metal,Tek. 8# Decoy Covers - Decoy covers would be used for bear traps. 9# More Traps - More types of traps like Snares,Deadfalls,Nets. 10# More types of stuctures - Like ramp foundations,triangle floors,ceilings,foundations,and towers with types like lookout tower,gatehouse tower,ect an also add double walls,doors,windows,stairs,and ramps. 11# Add better snap for building - It get really buggy when trying to snap walls,ramps and roofs. 12# Sizes of foundations - This will help building if thers no flat ground around the player so like the sizes would be 2x1,2x2 ,2x3 ,2x4 ,2x5 ,2x6 ,2x7 ,2x8 ,4x4 ,4x8. Personal Favorite - Being able to make Salvaged metal tools.
  22. I was just thinking that it would be amazing to have indoor fish as wild animals in ark. I not a modder, so i'm not really sure if this is possible, but I think it would be awesome if they could only spawn inside player made structures. Their purpose would be something like a guard dog of sorts??? I'm not too sure what is/isn't possible, but I thought it was a cool idea. I would appreciate if a person with knowledge would enlighten me on the possibilities <3
  23. I figured we could use a place to list community ideas for new creatures to add to aberration "they have added stuff on SE so hopfully they add more here especially with the fantastic sci-fi theme so post your ideas below in as much detail as possible and ill try to add them all up here 1: Giant wall slugs just imagine giant " stego size" bioluminescent slugs on the walls and ceilings. mostly out of reach except for when a earthquake hits which can dislodge these giants and send them falling to the ground once down you have a brief opportunity "before they are eaten or crawl back up" to kill these beasties and harvest them for oil or tame them with mushroom soup passively once tamed these creatures can be ridden by up to 3 with no saddle and can climb any surface while horrible at combat they do passively produce oil and pearls and act as "industrial" charge lights with high capacity and large radius "To slow to be moved around a lot with horrible stam" allowing them to protect a small base all on their own from nameless !!!!! 2:fungus elemental what appears to be a strange looking patch of shrooms is actually abberations variant of the rock elemental covered in rotted material and covered in mushrooms "different depending on what biome its in" the fungus elemental specializes in collecting large amounts of resources and transporting them by using the symbiotic mushrooms on its body it can preform various attacks such as a aoe mist that poisons and disorients enemies "think red shroom toxins" and another ranged "spore bomb" that will cause most creatures to agro on the victim the fungus elemental can also passively collect fiber and mushrooms perhaps the blue mushroom variant could also provide charge around it when it goes into "rock/mushroom tree" hiding mode? 3:mutated Daedon/phioma capable of harvesting a special mushroom "truffles" and perhaps could also be a good shroom / fiber collector since abb doesent have one possibly with long forward facing tusk and a charge / gore attack? if you enjoy any of the above ideas also please feel free to say what you like or feel should change and voice your support for the creatures of your dreams !!!!
  24. OtterlyRidiculous

    More non-maned defensive structures

    basically i would like more options for base defense that doesn't involve 20 plus rexs on aggressive or 100's of x-seeds/turrets littered throughout inside/outside base some ideas a trap that would fire/unload a clip of a pre-loaded and specified gun after a person tripped the place wire (would have to be angled and aligned in the direction you wish it to fire as well as setting up the wire and reloading the gun after the trap was sprung) a way to make a false floor/ceiling (really want that snake/shark/spikes pit along with a way to make dinos fall onto another unsuspecting player) maybe a stationary turret that shoots small stone's (or a refined variant) that has to be paired with a gigantopithecus would have better rpms as well as accuracy than the turret mode of an arthropleura but lower dpm as well as low hp<- still think this is one good option to do for early to mid game defense give the meso and dilo a turret functionally similar the arthropleura (all dinos with ranged atks are getting a turret mode so no need for this)<---- i would revisit the range at which they start to agro its okay on most dinos but it needs to be better (ie; a dilo should be able to start to spit agro around what it would agro at with out turret mode enabled same for any turret mode especially if the flight speed for the projectiles dont get any better) a plant seed variant that does around 300-400 dmg (with no knock back or vision effects) and make the fire interval around 7-10 seconds with each shot costing around 5x more fertilizer per shot than the plant seed-X plant seed variant that shoots bola like vines taking small to medium flyers down for 3-5 seconds as well as dismounting the rider should be highly accurate or have a fast base projectile speed ( thanks to Viseraldeath for this idea) Sap plant. shoots a sappy material that attaches to the target weighing it down (if enough is applied to a single target it can cause an encumber effect) uses sap from redwoods as fertilizer. remove attached sap like the leach. ( thanks to Colbeh for this idea ) a option to make the bat/new creature able to hang from the ceiling and shoot vision impairing spit at intruders (makes them blind and immobile for 3-5 seconds) a Sound cannon that would use a end game bosses roar to scare off the titan and gigas for pve and pvp and maybe instill fear in raiding dinos that are atking giving them some kind of debuff like less dmg for x amount of time (basically a electronic version of the yutyrannus roar but a lot more powerfull of an effect) Make the African beehive effect from structures + cannon for all behives Dart walls something that when a floor plate gets triggered makes darts fly out of a certain wall New items could include false floor and or ceiling (get stepped on it collapses) tech tripwires bassically a regular trip wire that is invisible to the naked eye could be attached to doors as a open or close mech or sirens that alert your tribe claymore traps (idk who hasnt heard of these) Gun rigs ( for the gun traps) the primitive turret (some thing like the pic below but shoots stone and can be paired with a gigantopithecus)