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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 38 results

  1. Listen, I already expect the " Just go play offline if you don't like how Official ark is" stuff, but I'm doing it anyway! I would love some genuine feedback on a way to implement my suggestion, or ways to improve it, and how likely any of it happening is. We need some kind of material that can be used to create TEMPORARY STRUCTURES in all maps. This way we will be able to trap dinos, without being hindered by the presence of other player's bases. Anyway, If it possible, I've thought of a few ways to counter predicted trolling of this temporary structure idea. - The structure lasts like 2-3 hours maybe? Enough time to get a dino into it, tranq them, and not care if the trap disappears. - Unable to be placed directly on other player's foundations, ceilings, or too close to their gates (So they can still open their doors). - The temporary structure DOES NOT PREVENT PEOPLE FROM BUILDING NEARBY like a permanent structure. This way, if your trap is near a base, you don't affect those people at all. Also, in the very least, do this for PVE only? If it somehow affects PVP. I don't see it hurting PVE at all. On a side note, how lame is it to not be able to place a tent in SE during a heat/sand storm because the tent is counted as an enemy foundation and can't be placed near bases? c-c.... Ark has many aspects like this that pretty much encourage you to play AWAY from people, or on less crowded servers, or offline, etc. I'm just trying to alleviate some of that nuisance.
  2. Ark Dino Ideas

    WELL HELLO THERE: Today I feel like talking about the process of coming up with ideas for new dinos. It's been far too often that I look at a fan-made dossier and read it and at the end just think to myself. "...so it's another large carnivore" or "So it's another berry gatherer...." Contrary to popular belief, Ark still has an innumerable amount of untapped niches to fill in its ecosystem, and especially in terms of taming utility. In my opinion the way that dinos should work is that every dino should have some kind of unique use and should never become completely useless, not even in late game. A good example of this is how the Raptors and Trike now have at least some sort of new utility late game thanks to the TLC pass. Anyway, my point is that I tend to focus more on the utility of dinos as tames than how they will act in their environment, though some unique environmental behavior wouldn't be a bad thing. The main point of this topic is for me to hear you guys' ideas for new dinos, without hearing about things that would either be useless as tames or would make other tames totally useless, so here are some niches that have yet to be filled by Ark. Niches: A fast multi-terrain herbivore (we have the Spino and Baryonyx, but both are carnivores), A carnivore larger than T-rex, but actually has a roughly equivalent and reasonable downside (i.e. not being able to swim in water at all)(This in my opinion was not done well with the Giga), a spoiled meat gatherer, a step between Brontosaurus and Titanosaurus w/ some unique ability to make it useful late game, a dino that can mine all stone-based resources equally, a flying egg thief, living preserving bin, an animal that gathers exclusively prime meat (a lot of it) but also eats exclusively prime meat, a small dino that draws all AI aggro away from the player until it dies, amphibian that can jump directly upwards out of the water and pull fliers down, an underwater animal or flyer with echolocation, an animal that generates salt from sea water (likely aquatic), an underwater multi-seater, an aquatic animal that can deliver a bleed effects, an animal with an adrenaline boost whenever it's attacked, an underwater animal that will sense nearby danger and warn you, an underwater animal that has omnimaneuverability like the Tapejara does, a small animal smart enough to only attack larger threats from behind, an animal that acts as a repellent to other animals either due to sound or smell, an aquatic dino that can smell injured creatures in the water, an aquatic animal with an Allosaurus-like pack boost, an animal that can lead players in the direction of loot boxes, artifacts or explorer notes, a construction dino useful for taking down structures without destroying them (can only be used on the structures of one's on tribe). I like thinking about coming up with new dinos for Ark, even though I'm pretty sure none are planning on being added to the game past the third DLC, it's still fun. What I try to do with every dino is make it unique. Let me know what niches you guys think could be filled or what dinos could fill the niches I've mentioned. I have a full list of more ideas in terms of which dinos could fill what roles.
  3. Natural Disasters

    I thought I'd share my thoughts regarding some natural disasters that could make the game interesting, but I do realize that it'll intensify the game graphically quite intensively so it'll require a beefy computer more than likely. Also m'm happy to receive constructive criticism regarding my ideas, just thought I'd share them nonetheless. The following is some things that I've been thinking about recently that would be awesome to have in the game: Flooding Tornados Earthquakes Volcanic Eruptions Would create a new dynamic to the game, having to choose carefully where to build bases and maybe implement different building materials to make a building 'flood happy'? Might be a tad out there but still interesting imo but can be available for harder difficulties? Also my apologies if there was already a suggestion made regarding these ideas but I couldn't find anything similar. Anyways I'm keen to hear some feedback.
  4. Hello everyone i have recently tamed a high level pteranadon and i need some good name ideas.
  5. idea Ark survival: the edge

    Hi, I recently got the idea for a new ark, ark survival: the edge. This would be like scorched earth but instead of hot it’s cold. I am going to compile everything about this into this post and will update as I come up with new things. Also if you have any ideas for it please share! creatures: Here is the list of creatures to be incorporated into the map, if there is a new animal I will add information about it. -yuty -terror bird -dire wolves -Archie -daedon -allos -haenodons -Arctic fox: a new cute little fox that is a passive tame with meat and runs away from survivors, when transferred to other maps it gets an orange coat like a real fox. Also it can ride on your shoulder. -Polar bear: lives near the ocean and is like the dire bear but with an affinity for swimming. -kariku -mammoth -ice wyverns: live on a cliff. -snowy owl: an owl that once tamed can hunt for small prey and bring them back to you. Also can sit on shoulder. -Arctic hare: replacement for the dodo and passive tamed with berries. Can sit on shoulder and it also drops fur. -red panda: since the cold doesn’t always stop life these guys live in a more fertile area (which would be the easiest spawn zone) and of course it’s still pretty cold there. They are passive tames with mejo berries and can sit on your shoulder. -rex -giga is there anything I missed? Explorer notes: (sorry for the non colored title, my iPad is weird and won’t let me change it, I’ll fix it on my computer later.) i cant think of what they’d say but I know who wrote them, there would be a cave man, an Arctic researcher and a guy from Nepal (do you call them nappaness?) anybody else? Cool features: this is basically the engrams but I’ll include other stuff here. -like SE has sand this will have snow (with a spoil timer because it melts) which you can melt at a campfire to make water (requires water skin.) -fur tents you can use fur to make a little fur tent for warmth. -tek air conditioner ver large radius and works better than the first one -tek flame thrower better version of the SE one just seems right on a frozen map -can’t think of any more tek things. cant think of anything else but if you have any ideas please share oh, and I can’t think of any bosses caves: the first one would have almost no Dinos in it, so the challenge would be the cold/traversing the terrain also can’t think of an artifact name, also the player would be the only thing able to fit. cant think of the second one the third would have the yeti as a boss. anything I missed?
  6. Megalania Balance Idea

    Hello people of survivetheark, this is my first post so bear with me here :). I've been thinking about it lately after I tamed a lvl 130 Megalania, I absolutely love the look of these guys and prefer their size to Rock Drakes as well as their model. I understand that Rock Drakes are meant to be the Aberration equivalent to Wyverns but weaker, so I'm not saying the Megalania has to be nearly that strong or have a special ability on the "C" key like Wyverns Grab/Wingflap. The megalania as it currently stands cannot inflict MegaRabies to non-player/dodo creatures so their main "debuff" isn't' valuable at all in PvE, the megalania has two attacks one being a bite and one being a slash.The Megalania's bite does 10 dmg and slash does 18 dmg the bite is faster than the slash probably being able to get 2 bites to 1 slash. The Megalania is considered a "small" category dino along with creatures like Terror Birds,Direwolves and Raptors, The Raptor being arguably the weakest out of the nimble small class mounts does 15 dmg per bite and attacks rather quickly, compared to the Megalania I would estimate the Raptor could get in 1-2 more attacks on a target. The Raptor and Megalania seemingly have similar speed with the Raptor being faster but the Megalania can climb walls and ceilings. The Megalania has far better weight and health than the Raptor which is a huge plus and almost equals out. The main issue lies in the damage, the megalania can't hold its own to many different creatures. A 229% melee damage Megalania has trouble killing mate boosted jerboas it takes 3+ hits on each, the place you tame these guys, the difficulty of the tame (amount of narcotics) and the lvl (73) you learn the engram + the fact that its' saddles are in red drops really shows that they were meant to be strong. Megalania are tamed in caves (exlcluding Ragnarok) where many other swarms of dangerous creatures lie, on the island they are most abundant in the Swamp cave which is arguably the 3rd hardest cave on the map meaning this isn't just a Raptor you tame at lvl 20 and move on. I really love the TLC updates coming out so far and hope to see many more, my main hope is that they can keep the model as it is and just adjust stats to be more fitting to the creature. TL;DR Megalanis are meant to be strong, which they are but they lack the damage. -Zinogresword/Teostraclaws
  7. Christmas Grinch

    so with christmas time coming up , everyone is looking forward to raptor santa, but i thought wouldnt it be cool to have christmas grinch as well, a high level Alpha dino that spawns at one of the obelisks , and when its killed, the packages still dropping or un collected disappear and there loot is given to the player who killed it, marking that player as the grinch and showing his location on the map for 2 mins for players to hunt
  8. Asking WC basically to take a look at adding server configurations to make more items stackable into larger sizes to save space in ones inventory as well as storage. It will help prevent larger base builds for storage as well as aid in rendering bases with less structures. Ideas would include raw prime meat at stacks of 20, raw meat at 200 and most others at least doubling in stacking size. Would be nice to use per item stacking option that way say like black pearls could stay at its current 100 stack. However electronics and pearls fiber etc that weigh less could be stacked even higher per config. Thank you for your consideration in making this a possibility.
  9. Tribe Halls

    There's a lot of lag nowadays on every server. Also, every server is at tame cap. I have a suggestion that might sound weird but I think would resolve both issues : Tribe halls. Basically, it would be a confined area hosted separately from the server where players could build and breed dinos. Only your tribe members would have access ( a bit like Guild Halls on Guild Wars 1) To access it, you could have a teleporter in your base or something like that. Since that would be very OP to have, I'd make it a rare tek loot. The way I imagine it, it would only contain a floor intially and the players could then build on it. This would limit the space allowed per tribe. Since there's no wild dinos around, the server wouldn't have to calculate them. The only thing it would need to do would be to maintain the food and items and egg timers and yadada. And since players would move their dinos there, it would free up the maps. No more huge bases with 500 eggers and 500 babies lying around, waiting to be rendered. Of course, the tribe tame limit would still apply so it's not like it allows a tribe to have unlimited dinos. It just moves a chunk of their dinos somewhere away from their original map since (let's face it), my neighboors' 500000 dinos do nothing for me. Why do I have to lag because I have to render them? Why am I prevented from taming because of them? Of course, the only issue with this concept would be PVP. You could make it so that if the teleporter gets destroyed, the enemies have access to your private tribe area or that the dinos of that area get teleported back to the map. Not a perfect solution, I know, but I'm sure there something that could be done. Of course, this is only a little brainstorming. Feel free to build on this idea.

    Hello, Wild Card & Players I am going to run you threw some points that are just horrible & other things that should be done differently because the game isn't perfect by all means. I will list of all the ideas and things I see wrong with ark today that should be fix, changed, or re-thought... 1) (Fix) Baryonyx - Well I am sure you all know how horrible the Baryonyx even level 5 or 15 is depending on map, How they are in water.. I can be max level and have pretty good flak on & i have a 90% chance of dying. There water spin stun effect is so horrible and broken. I should not die by a Baryonyx that level, But guess what it happens because you cant even attack before getting stunned again. Can't move and just getting beat alive by the Baryonyx. Total garbage! (Note: The Spin Stun Attack how often it can use the attack should be lowed by 50% so it takes 50% longer for him to do another spin attack. 2) (Fix) Ichthyornis - Really my items are gone if he takes it. Anyhow that is so annoying and horrible its one of the top hated creatures in ARK. The Ichthyornis should always drop non eatable items to the ground as a item box. Not completely lost for ever. Only thing the Icthyornis should take and eat and loose that item is food items. All meats, Kibbles, Berries, Seeds, Mushrooms, Flowers, and any other consumables. PLEASE FIX THIS! 3) (Change) Platform Saddled Dino Turrets - Platform Saddled Dino's should be able to have auto turrets again that was a dumb removal back in the past. Then the game was fun. Anyhow what needs to happen is just have it limited on how many turrets you can have on a dino depending on the type of dino to no more then 4 to 5 turrets at most. That will give them dino's more war purpose again. 4) (Change) Flyer Nerf - That should have never happened the way it did either. It was a slap in the face to all the dino's that everyone worked so hard on. *This is how it should have been nerfed: Speed should be go by dino type such as Argentavis it should go by the level of the dino if you have a breed level 300 Argentavis it should go much faster then a fresh tamed level 25 Agentavis. That way it will give more meaning for the bird breeders. 5) (Fix) Ark Transferring - Obelisk should be the only place you can bring tames out & loot out of. Loot Drops should never be able to pull dino's out of & equipment. Drops should be only used for uploading or transferring a character that is it. There is no cross-ark strategy for a guy pulling 10 giga's out of his butt cheeks 50 feet from your base. 6) (Fix) Ark Transferring - Idea number two: I think there should be a limit weekly & daily how many transfers you can do. Because being the little guy and someone bringing 10 to 20 giga's out of a loot drop by your base its no chance for a smaller tribe. It's exactly what ran me off the game and why i play it so much less now & the nerfs. 7) (Change) Tek Tier - Its just lame when you have guys on the map that starting out and only have stone building & you have these guys that have Tek and they want the server for them self's... Its just lame... *Tek Tier should have been just like Primitive + a Standalone game mode with low Tek up to High End Tek. They should never put guys with sticks fighting off guys with plasma guns... Its just stupid. 8) (Fix & Change) Menu & Options Screens - I am color blind I have 45' TV and I still cant read anything unless I am 2 feet from the tv. The blue menu they changed to is really horrible choice of colors.. Layout of then menu's are fine but I cant read anything in that hexagonal looking blue menu to craft or anything... You should be able to set up the color as you choose for the menu's.. PLEASE! 9) (CHANGE) Mindwipe - The mindwipe change is horrible that mean people have to make new characters when they shouldn't have too... If you want mindwipes to have a bad effect make them loose 5 levels each mindwipe they do. To slow down the use of it, but it should be unlimited again because that's just more characters the database has to hold because people want different builds. It was dumb making mindwipe's only one use per level. Thanks for reading and hope you read my thought... Really beating at them points because they hurt the game for me and I know many others that feel the same way. Also i will try to update and add more thoughts to this post. Take care & enjoy my post.
  11. New TEK Idea

    I have nothing to say except they need to have a EMP in ark. It would shut down all TEK and other things the use electricity such as generators, turrets, lights so on and so forth it would be a neat concept and if it is implemented well it might be one of the most useful items in raids. I really hope Wild Card might put this in to consideration maybe to help raid alpha tribes. I don't know it just sounds cool. -Dinodev
  12. I am one of the people who lost their server during the great migration. I only have scorched earth backup which I went to, two months prior to the great migration. I am very unhappy with with card for many of their latest lies and decisions, but I am trying to continue to play until it's all over. I personally will not start on new clusters just as many say to do, I find no point, so the day I can no longer play on Legacy is the day I quit. Many of my friends, trading community, and my own server have just completely quit ark all together due to various reasons like the new ob timers, sudden super-lag unstable legacy servers, the lies from WC, and the biggest one being that there aren't enough ragnorak pve legacy servers out and they are all at dino cap .. so I'm trying to be hopeful, but with no where to move or go, especially not ragnorak being at cap, I fear my server will be next wipe due to population between 1-15. Now, my island server that was wiped had average of 6-30 people always. Only in early mornings America time, there was 0-1 people on. However, still got wiped so their calculations of how to figure out what servers are quote on quote "ghost towns" isnt reliable so hence the very real fear. SO, with the back story and to understand where I am coming from on both sides, I present my idea. THE GREAT GREAT MIGRATION IDEA: There are 4 Legacy maps right now. Open up 25 new clean servers for each map, which gives 100 new Legacy PVE servers. Then give people 1 month exactly and lift the transfer timers on Legacy pve, to move to one of the following 100 servers that you'd list. Everyone will have to move to the 100 servers (25 of each map) and every other pve legacy will be wiped. It will force people to be in more populated servers. It will put everyone on the same foot of starting over building wise, but getting to keep Dino's and other things they have worked hard for. It will also give people the chance to experience ragnorak as many were promised and excited for, but let down as it's not something duable right now with Dino cap and insane pillaring/foundationing the entire map head to toe (this isn't over exaggeration, I went to every single ragnorak pve legacy map). I've asked a lot of people and it seems to have more positive result than a backlash of crazy because the shuffle and fear of only getting a few days now with these timers and not knowing who will be next. You'll save money, some will get a chance, some will get to feel the "starting over idea" without losing animals and items just buildings and spawns. That's just my opinion. I would rather be in a more populated playable server with many more people on instead of 6-10 people. With the dino tame cap for servers, it's pretty hard to not stay spread out. Something has to happen or the tame limit for servers need to be raised.
  13. This was an idea some friends and I came up with, but could nintrado create a button that sets all parameters to Official settings(as in no customization) and to also set the cluster id to unique id that nintrado is hosting(which is invisible in server selection, dont expect nintrado to host for free), this would allow the illusion of official and with server hosts(admin) as police, in which case only allot to ban or suspend players from their own hosted server.Just an idea, would love some feedback or anything that could help improve this idea, would be lovely.
  14. Optional

    Add an option disable inbreeding between your tames. When they wander around that they will be able to mate with anyone except their parents. I don't like "inbreeding" that much for my singleplayer save. I hope it can be added!
  15. Giant (Hermit) Crab

    I wanted a giant Crab for ages and it was apparently confirmed to come but never did so i just thought about what it could do and look like...i didnt do an actual Dossier, i just drew some bad concept Art you will see here: http://imgur.com/a/EwrE9 it is a bit rushed and even i can roughly read it now so i just type what i wrote down... The Hermit Crab got a Natural Shell that got a high damage resistance and the Color scheme of it is White to black and sometimes brownish, its natural Skin tones are Yellowish to red and blue and they stand up about 8-9 meters high. They are giant ocean dwellers but sometimes crawl up on land, they cant swim, only walk, their Speed is probably medium compared to their size..."They cant live on land permanently", they Need water but have a slow depleting Oxygen Meter that can get filled up on water Pipes, their strong claws are able to damage Stone structures and carry Things up to carno size, on land they are useful for cutting down trees for Wood. Their died is SIllicia Pearls which they can harvest. They can retrect in their Shell for a short time and wont get any harm (not even from Bolders thrown by Rock Golems), at this state you could feed them Black Pearls so they tame up or they get a unique taming method where you drop a giant platform saddle nearby it, that Looks like a Shell out of metal, they will Need time but if the taming Speed is high they will literally shoot out their Shell and into the new one and are tamed, they are also immune to being grabbed by tusos and if you manage to kill one you can harvest their Shells for tons of Chitin and Pearls, The Metal Shell platform saddle could be a bit Op cause it reduces damage by a huge amount so maybe there is also a lower Tier or maybe two, one where it got like a hide sock with platform on top, and maybe one fur sock type for cold regions maybe, those are just ideas...I just want a Giant crab man...give me please...
  16. Offhand backpack

    A backpack that can be used in the offhand slot in place of a shield, It would increase carry weight or alternatively reduce item stack weight. thoughts?
  17. Wild The Archelon is a magnificent creature to behold; these gentle giants make their home in the semi-shallow coastal waters of The Island and all but ignore most life-forms in their vicinity. While studying them I discovered that these enormous sea turtles are one of only two creatures on the entire Island that prove entirely immune to all forms of drug or electrically induced torpor. In fact, they prey almost exclusively on Cnidaria and actually draw enormous amounts of nutrients from the chemical breakdown of their bio-toxins. Domesticated Taming one of these turtles can prove a very daunting task as the only way to subdue them is to grab onto their shells and hold on for dear life as they power-dive into the deepest darkest waters in an attempt to shake off their would-be conquerors, for good. Once tamed however, Narcoaegis serves as a loyal bodyguard for undersea travelers and will frighten off any Cnidaria that come too close for comfort. What's more, an Archelon that consumes enough Cnidaria will produce minute amounts of bile which can be consumed by Survivors to grant temporary immunity to all torpor-inducing effects. Other Dossiers:
  18. Common Name: Giant Crab Group: Invertebrates Species: Megaxantho Hephaestus Time Period: Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Skittish Wild Megaxantho is a creature whose temperament simply doesn't seem to align with it's stature. It is a massive creature that bears pincers large enough to challenge even the deadliest of ocean predators, but when attacked, it seems to choose flight over fight every time, even when domesticated! It is rare however, to see any but the largest ocean predators even willing to attack Megaxantho, as it is impossible to escape a such a struggle unscathed by it's jagged armor. Domesticated Named after the Greek god of metallurgy, the Giant Crab is a creature both coveted and prized by water-dwelling tribes. It's primary food source are the vast deposits of bacteria and small organisms that litter the sea floor around The Island, but in processing this food source, something miraculous occurs. Traces deposits of minerals are picked up as the Crabs dredge the ocean floor and over time they are secreted out of it's shell and crystallize. Water dwelling tribes thus keep large groups of these creatures and jealously protect them, occasionally harvesting raw metal, and very rarely obsidian or crystal, from their shells. Other Dossiers:
  19. Common Name: Giant Owl Group: Birds Species: Ornimegalonyx Ardentium Time Period: Late Pleistocene Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Reactive Wild Ornimegalonyx Ardentium, more commonly known as the Giant Owl, is a truly fascinating creature. Like the Megalosaurus, it is a primarily nocturnal animal that can be found sleeping during most of the day. Unlike the Megalosaurus, however, stumbling upon one in this state probably won't engender any feelings of affection; as they sleep upright with their eyes wide open and will utterly terrify most unprepared hikers who stumble upon them in their deep jungle hideaways. Though they are not normally aggressive towards humans, bothering them while they are awake will lead them to create a powerful burst of wind with their wings and take-off into the skies. I've heard tales of survivors falling to their deaths off of foliage obscured jungle cliffsides due to disturbing a Giant Owl. Some have even suggested that the creatures lure them there intentionally... Domesticated What makes Ornimegalonyx worth taming is the startlingly unique properties they exhibit during their active hours. Aside from increased vigor and the ability to silently glide over vast distances, their feathers seem to be dusted by a curious type of silver particulate that is highly reflective and almost amplifies moonlight, lending them a slight glow that provides low lighting in the immediate area around them. What's more, survivors riding Ornimegalonyx will actually acquire enhanced night vision due to these silver particles trailing off the feathers and embedding themselves in the rider's retina. Unlike true silver, these metal particles seem to have no harmful effects even with long term exposure, making Ornimegalonyx a valuable tame for night operations... Other Dossiers:
  20. I've seen a lot of people asking for a single player campaign and how many say that Ark is primarily built around pvp. But many still ask "what's the point of single player mode ?" and the answer unfortunately is that there really isn't a decent goal when playing solo, apart from survive, build, tame, survive and build and tame again just to survive longer. I feel this could be easily rectified by making a clear goal for the solo player to escape the Ark. Explorer notes could be written in such a way to suggest previous survivors had escaped and direct the game toward that end. One of the first items discovered could be a GPS to mark these notes on the map and direct a player's exploration. I'd love a full story campaign with dialogue of your own survivor wondering what is happening to him/her and thinking out loud about how to escape. But if this is not on the cards then a simple note driven story would suffice. Whatever the development team decided I just really hope the game isn't left as empty as it is for those of us that love the world they've created but lack time or lifestyle to play with lots of other people.
  21. I like the increased difficulty of Scorched Earth but feel that the option "disable structure decay pve" should apply to tents. This would also be an easy work around the fact that the tent repair option is broken.
  22. I hit the 500hour benchmark of play time recently. Of all the suggestions I have seen and read, I haven't run across this. For all flyers I suppose, but I mainly find myself wanting it to the point I am about to make my middle mouse button a W toggle macro. I really wish Quetz had the ability to just toggle the forward thrust on/off as well as current manuverability controls. Would make my life sooo much easier.
  23. Idea for ya

    Ok first off I love ARK but you really need to make pvp and pve have different stuff so you stop making us pve players suffer. #1 you changed the flyers speed to crap so people in pvp would have a better chance in surviving but people on pve need the flying speed to get things done. I don't have all day to fly to get metal and all day to get it back, you need to realize people have lives and cannot spend every waking moment in this game. #2 stop changing engrams and how our skills work, they were fine before but you keep messing with things that do not even need to be messed with instead you could be working on fixing the glitches and the graphic problems. The other day I was playing and killed a creature just to have the body fly off into the sky.. things like this should not be happening when the game is getting ready to be released..
  24. How about a Target painter turret that needs a cript for target selection. Scipts available are for bronto, turtle, paracer, dunkeostous, rex, giga, diplo, yutyrannus, daeodon etc.. You place the target painter turret close to other turrets. You then select a script onto it to choose which targets to focus on. That turret then outputs a laser beam with a small delay into enemy dino and provides dmg bonus for the autoturrets either linked to it or in close proximity of the turret. If the turrets dont have target of selected type they will shoot normally what ever.
  25. Singleplayer and/or co-op mod that removes the survival, harvesting and crafting mechanics of ARK: Survival Evolved and replaces them with a currency system. Progression revolves around hunting dangerous dinosaurs, selling their skins, horns, claws and other droppables at a home base, and then using the money to buy better gear so you can go after even more dangerous creatures. I have more details on how this could work, if anyone is curious. Doesn't seem like it'd take too much work to be done for what it offers.