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Found 5 results

  1. Tableman302

    Local multiplayer screen size

    When you host a local server and play with a friend while offline,the screens are very small wich makes it hard to read and see icons like what materials do you need to make something.Maybe a screen or icon and font size increase?
  2. Currently for PC users we use Steam Overlay to see a list of who is online. This is highly flawed, in many ways, and allows cheaters to go unreported and allows racism to be unreportable, even allows people to impersonate other people and start other very bad things. There's no way for a player to identify who's doing what in a server to properly report, as a result of these issues. As you can see here, we have 5 people named "123", and in chat it would show up as "SteamName" (PlayerName) [TribeName]" Which means one of these 5 "123" players, could blurt out something racist, with a generic in game name, and no one would be able to report him because no one would know which of the 123's that said it. Another problem is, someone can name himself "Vas" on steam, to appear as if he is me. Then he names his character "Vas" as well, and creates a duplicate "Drake" tribe, to impersonate me, and blurt out racial slurs. No one will be able to tell the difference between him and me in the chat. Similar did happen where a player logged in and created a character named my name, and started blurting out racial slurs in the chat earlier this day claiming to be me and such. You can also see here that players of Ark are extremely hostile, rude, and cause the game to be degraded in quality so that no one will want to buy it or play it. But in this example, two people with the steam name "123" can not be told apart, and since there are over 25 people in this server named 123 in steam, it would be impossible to figure out which of these users to report should they break a rule in the game. -------------------------------------------------------- So, what am I suggesting? I'd like a built in hud, something you can access by clicking a hotkey like F1. Perhaps you can even add interesting stats to it as well, but the minimum amount of information that should be included with this: Character Name, Tribe Name, Online Time, Steam Name, Steam Profile Button. This would allow you to click the steam profile URL of any online user to report them to Valve should they be cheating in game, or other conduct that isn't allowed by Valve. This would also let you get their steam profile for reporting users here should you not take my next suggestion in the next paragraph. Adding onto this, it would allow you to check if someone is trying to impersonate another user by comparing their steam profile ID to the user being impersonated. At the end of the table row showing the user's stats, a report button should be included. "Report This Player", with built in options to report them for specific things, integrated into the forum's report incident system. So I'd be able to report a cheater as well as misconduct in a single report, where the clicking of the button would give the exact moment of the time it happened instead of players needing to convert their time zone to PST for you, and it would include more in depth information to help Wildcard see the issue and deal with it accordingly. Obviously, this would make it easier for false reports, which is why a warning should be made before clicking "Submit Report" that pops up and asks "Are you sure you wish to file this report?" with the warning saying that users who are caught filing false reports will be punished accordingly. AKA if someone's filing lots of false reports, they themselves get banned, or lose report feature, or whatever it is you do to people who file false reports. Right now we have an issue with 123 accounts cheating and being unreportable. I don't mind people trying to hide and protect themselves on other servers and such, but we need a different system for that to prevent such harsh and unfair gameplay that people have to name themselves 123 to avoid the unfair gameplay features. ------------ I thank you, for taking the time to read my suggestion, and hope that it was detailed enough for you. I would have included more images and such, but your upload system barely lets me upload a single image so I can't get more in for detailed suggestions and examples.
  3. KrombopulosC12

    Bring back the old hud

    All I really want is for there to be an update that adds an option to go back to the previous hud it’s not that big of a change but many of us who don’t like the new hud would greatly appreciate it. Also an option to remove the flyer nerf on our own servers would be great.
  4. J0hnnySw1f7

    Glider Suit Skin Suggetion

    BIG SUGGESTION HERE Actually a rather small but what i feel is detrimental to survivors health on the aberration without. I have been using my Glider Suit Skin for a little bit know, just jumping from the local rock walls and tall ladders we have built. Since it is a skin it is wonderful, its a craft and keep till you lose it affair. Wonderful!!! However, it instead of the actual wind suit losing life, it uses the chest piece armors durability while in use. I think this is great, better chest piece, better flight time. Spot on idea really. But, for the love of Christmas!!!.....can we get a HUD icon similar to TEK items that shows the active wearer the wing suit durability left.....i just fell about 100 feet, luckily not dying lol. Because my cloth chest piece broke. Just a suggestion that i feel could greatly improve playability. I can always look in my inventory to see what it is at prior to jumping....but what if I'm being chased by a wild pack of Ravagers....god i hate those things...
  5. Maybe I'm just odd, but I like when I see the gained experience when I'm in a group of people, but I wish that could also be an optional check off for the HUD that I can see experience gained as I do things. I know there's the non-numeral HUD display for it and I know I can sit there and stare at my inventory to see the numbers, but I wish I could just see it like + # EXP when I'm sitting there doing narco and not just because someone else is making it next to me lol.