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Found 26 results

  1. Maybe I'm just odd, but I like when I see the gained experience when I'm in a group of people, but I wish that could also be an optional check off for the HUD that I can see experience gained as I do things. I know there's the non-numeral HUD display for it and I know I can sit there and stare at my inventory to see the numbers, but I wish I could just see it like + # EXP when I'm sitting there doing narco and not just because someone else is making it next to me lol.
  2. Extended HUD not working

    Hey guys ! having an issue with the Extend HUD atm tried remapping the Key ect still nothing, seems to refuse to work atm and im pretty sure its a bug but doesn't seem to effect everyone. Anyone know of a solution for this by any chance ? i don't understand whats changed as it use to work. I've tried all the usual steps any tips may help ! Thank in advance guys !
  3. Ah, split screen has so many problems I'm not even sure where to begin. First, there's the still too small text size. I got the impression they attempted to fix this but it's so hard to read from a couch, and makes the game unplayable for more than 20 minutes. Same goes for the tiny HUD/tool bar. Surely an option to adjust all these things wouldn't be too hard? Even worse than this is that on split screen, the top player can't see what they're harvesting, their status effects, admin command confirmation (I.e if you spawn an item in) and lower screen player can't see notifications for if they or their tames kill anything. This has been worse since the last update. Please fix this!
  4. Hi Guys, I am sure I am being a bit thick but the extended HUD is not working, I have tried pressing back space and the normal HUD appears but when i press H on my keyboard nothing comes up so I cant see the temperature etc. Resetting also has not worked. Help!
  5. Either as an additional option to the HUD toggle, or as its own key, I would like to be able to turn off the dino names and status icons(feeding, in love, and horny) without having to go into the options menu. In areas with a lot of tames, this appears to give a good FPS boost, plus it removes clutter when you really don't need the info. Having the key, or making it an additional option in the HUD cycle(backspace) instead of going into the Options makes it more convenient; plus going into Options and saving resets any changes you made through the console for bloomquality and lightrays. By HUD cycle, in mean the that instead of a straight on and off, it would cycle from On, On without names & icon, and Off.
  6. Hi, I have a minor bug on the tek Helmet and tek rifle, i can switch between the three modes with the helmet (i did hear a noise every time) but i'm unable to see the nightvision/friends foe, .... the same bug exist on the tek rifle, i can't see the visor (crosshair, HUD, ...) I'm on dedicated server with latest version, it's my own (first bug on this server and i'm the only one affected) my driver are up-to-date, i run two mods (Badazz sniper rifle and No collision v1.3 a) both of them has already been tested on a old server and are not in cause. I apologize for my level in english (french), thanks in advance !
  7. Cross hair only works for player two Hello, I know I've seen the crosshair issue posted somewhere, but I couldn't find it. This time I've noticed something I hope helps to fix this issue. While enabled in singleplayer it is still not visible. However, when I add my friend to the game his cross hair is visible. This makes me think that maybe there is some work around until this is fixed. That, or I'm doing something wrong. Has this been fixed and I'm simply doing it wrong? Thank you
  8. Client version: v226.3 Server version: v226.3 When re-spawning following a death the health icon HUD doesn't always appear as "filled", even with full HP. This bug has happened twice to me following a death. Once as a result of dying to a Titanboa, and once and when dying to the environment (too cold). On both occasions I also noted that the re-spawn map that appears following a death was not on a black background as it normally is, instead I could still see the in-game world with the map overlaid. Attached is a screenshot showing the health icon in my HUD as empty (circled in red because it is so faint), while my character had full HP.
  9. Hello ARK developers, I started playing ARK on PS4 and i like games which are really polished at UI, Menus and Usability in general... , but i found that using the Inventory with everything in one window is laggy and not practical. It feels as a pain to use inventory, crafting system and engrams. Basically using the UI is does not feels easy and this ruins the fun. I believe that a good effort should be spent on redesign of the Inventory, Crafting UI. My suggestion would be to split the information into different Windows. Instead having 1 (one) screen for everything like Inventory, Character 3d model, character details, crafting ui, engrams ui... you should split it to feel like a pleasure into using the Inventory. For example, removing the 3D model of the character and character details would fit better into a separate window then the inventory. In this way there will be also more space for the inventory and it will fill as having a breathing space instead to feel that crowded. Check for example The Witcher 3, Diablo 3, Dragon Age, No Man's Sky - inventory, character details and so on.. how nice and easy is to navigate between UI windows. I really believe that a optimization and redesign of the UI windows, menus will help alot on having a pleasure using it then having a pain using it like now. Crafting and Inventory is a big part of the game and it should be redesigned in such a way to be a pleasure using inventory, and crafting and so on.... Please split the information into several windows then everything crowded in one screen. I really hope that developers will take this into consideration fast because it will add a big ++++ to the game feel if it will be designed in a optimized and loose way, then as crowded as it is now. thanks !
  10. On our private server cluster, all users experience the same issue following these steps: 1.) Select "Transfer to Another ARK" from an obelisk or drop 2.) Pick a server in the cluster (we have all maps) 3.) Transfer 4.) Game hangs. You can still see around you and stuff is changing, but you can't move and you can only exit. 5.) Exit to main menu and select the server you wanted to go to 6.) Download character to that server In these steps, the maps are all running from the same install/directory. There are three save folders for each game and one cluster folder. The users get put into the cluster folder properly. I would have expected this to behave like official servers where when I pick a server, it automatically kicks me to a loading screen and boots up that new map/server. However, this is not happening. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. Can we get the aiming reticle while displaying extended HUD info?
  12. On the Scorched Earth map, while you are checking another inventory that is not your own, the little pop-up display you get showing crafting requirements for recipies or information about the item will not display - not on the secondary inventory and not on the player inventory. Likewise, you cannot transfer or drop items or item stacks that you hover over with the mouse cursor with the standard "t", "shift-t", or drop items with "o". When you are JUST looking at your own inventory and no others, it displays the pop-up information window just fine.
  13. When harvesting heavy resources like stone and wood I have been having issues manging my encumbrance. Can the weight icon be color coded to indicate how close a player is to bring encumbered? Teal for unencumbered, then shifting to yellow, then orange, and eventually red. If not color, could a percentage display in the icon?
  14. Hello, Yesterday evening the official server i play on restarted to update it to version 244.1. When I logged back on I noticed i had 2 swamp fever icons (biohazard) on my onscreen HUD as you can see on the attached screenshot. I already had swamp fever before the server restart but only 1 icon was showing. It doesn't look like my stats have been changed by the second swamp fever icon, they are the same as before the restart. Let me know if there is more info needed. Regards, sTim
  15. Console HUD scaling?

    Hello, so I recently purchased Ark on Xbox after watching my favorite youtubers (Neebs Gaming) play it. I'm really excited about it, but for what ever reason the icons that are suppose to show my hunger, health, energy are all so far to the right that they don't even appear on my TV, same with the notifications like players dying, or item gained. Those are so far at the top the only time I can see it is if I get two notifications at once and I can then see the second one. This is just a quality of life suggestion.
  16. it'll be nice if we can see what dinos are we attacking and what dino are attacking us. usually when I go out on a bronto 1 swing will turn on battle music, and I have no idea what I just hit. with the new recent update I can be sure it's not a dilo, but it'll be better if I know what did I hit. and of course, what is hitting us. this will help us to determine if we are supposed to run or stand attack
  17. Hi! This is a post about suggestions for ARK. I. Survival and items Ark needs accessories for fishing. Some players love hunting, someone - not. So, implementing these items will add a "fishing simulator" into ark: fishing pole; fishing net; undewater trap and net trap [ITEMS] Actually it means that water should be filled with low lvl fishes and crabs. [creatures] When a player catches a fish, it does not turn into "fish meat" - it is just a fish that should be refined. To refine fish and crabs into meat, player will require a table (from just "table" item - make "cooking table"). [ITEMS] Low lvl players that receive fish can just roast it - it will give less food, but it will be an option for some players that do not want to eat and gather berries. Player can slice fish and crab with either an axe (existing) - to get small amount of meat and shells and scales, OR player can make new weapon-instrument: the knife. [ITEMS] Knives are: rough stone knives and good metall knives. They also can be used as weapon - very fast, very close range and using very low amount of endurance on hit. Knife should be a must have item to craft: meat and stuff from fishes and crabs; to make leather armor and all leather items (we need to slice leather straps!!!). Knife can be thrown same as a spear, but it will have durability. To throw it, player will need to hold LMB. To hit - just tap LMB. To gather fish, player also can choose another option (not a pole, nor a net): the returning spear. [ITEMS] This is an item that can be made from usual spear and a rope. [ITEMS] You connect 1 rope and 1 spear and now if a player taps LMB after throwing this spear, he will pull a spear back with a connected rope. This will allow players to get fish - with throwing spears into them - this is a mechanism of primitive fishing. Rope is made from fibre. I've noticed that fibre resource is too easily got, and it is not really needed in game. Metal ore and some stones or meat are much more expensive resources, so my another suggestion is: every item that needs fibre for craft, will now need ropes. So, players will need more fibre to make items: fibre will become more valuable resource. [resource balance] Another item for fishers and hunters is a mini-refrigerator [ITEMS] - it is just a metall container with 1 or 2 slots that will allow players to stand on a coast of river all day long without beeing afraid that fish will become rotten. The next part of my suggestions is about berries. Right now, all berries are just similar to each other - they give some food. And only 2 of them are more valuable: narco berries and stim berries. I think, that there should be more recipes for every berries type - some of them will restore stamina (stamina stimulator [ITEM] that made in pounder), some of them will become a juice [ITEM] to restore water - 1 time used item with much bigger durability than water in flask. Also, there should be 2 different effects: drug effect and dormitive effect. First effect (from narko berries and drugs) will force an enemy to have unadequate behaviour: significant visual and movement changes (running in strange directions, not seeing a target etc.). 2nd effect is just a "sleeping pill" as it is in current state. [balance] Some berries need to have "poison" effect that deals damage over time. "Poison" [ITEM] is an item that is made from these berries or that player can receive from snakes. It can be used as a one-time weapon buff [balance] (make a poisoned knife, poisoned arrow, poisoned spear etc.) - poison effect will be implemented for short period of time (except arrows). The last idea in this chapter is about weapon upgrades [balance] . I think, that all weapons should be upgredable. Spear can become a trident, a pick can become a "long pick" (with long grip), an axe can become a double bladed axe (more damage and durability), a club can become a hammer, a knife can become a sword/hatchet. [ITEMS] So, low level items should be upgradeable too. For a fight, player needs some medkits. Very easy medkit can be made from meat - you gain "blood vial" from meat and then you make a one-time used syringe [ITEM] that restores some health over time. Player can make a "medkit" [ITEM] . One it is used, player willgrab medkit in his hands, open it and starts to use different items - to restore health, stamina, to cancel poison, drug and sleep effects. It is an ultimate, expensive item and its effect will apply not instantly, but over time - you are running from a dino with your medkit while patching youself up. 3-4 seconds for use. Medkit is a box that contains items inside of it - you should place these items first to use it. II. Character, talents, slots and other stuff Character should receive special slots for bags [CHARACTER]. There should be 3-4-5 slots where a player can place a bag [ITEM] . Bag is made from leather. On respawn, player will have a starter bag. This bag will have some amount of slots (no infinite!!!) and later he can change it to more roomy one. Also, all tamed dinosaurs will have same slots. To place items into dinosaur, you will need some bags for it, too. Another slot that is needed for character is an "booster chip" slot. [CHARACTER] In this slot, player can place some modules that give some stats - allowing him to run faster or to lose food slower or to have more health etc etc. Also, character needs an accuracy stat [CHARACTER] [balance] With bigger accuracy, ranged weapons will get less shot dispersion. If you have no accuracy stats, you just can't hit anything with a bow - arrows will fly in random directions. The more is accuracy - the more precise is a shot. This stat is needed to balance "melee" stat - you need to upgrade it for more melee damage, but there's no stat that balances ranged weapons. Also, character needs to have "weapon slots". [CHARACTER] In these slots, character has his weapons. In a fight, player can gain access only to these weapons. "instrument slots" - [CHARACTER] 2 slots for different instruments that can be picked up while in a fight. Also, every item in a slot will appear on you character visually: axe, knife, pick, club, sword, pistol - in the right/left belt slots. Bow, crossbow, rifles, spears etc - in a backpack slots. Also, on the back of a character should be visualised his bag. So when a player runs, you see his equipment. Every character should have his talents tree and tree points. [CHARACTER] You should choose where to spend points to be albe to open new recipes (ingrams): You should spend your points into "builder" tree to be able to make metall house, stone house or tree house. "hunter" will open some hunting tools - traps, net, fishing pole, spear, bow, crossbow, rifle, pistol etc. etc. "farmer" - for plants. "survivalist" - for armor, shields, booster chips. So, a player can't just open any ingram that he wants to (similar to current state where you need to get a club in order to get a sword). But now it is a mess of talents in one list, i suggest to structure them in additional tab. III Pets balance The last part is about dinosaurs and their stuff. First: we need to have additional buttons in HUD to make commands for our pets. Different commands - with hand claps or different whistling or shouts from our character. "follow" and "stop follow", "attack" and "stop attack", "gather" and "stop gather", etc etc. - it can be implemented in buttons F1, F2, F3, F4 ... Then, there will be some good reason to pick fast dinosaurs - to order them "chase and attack" to a running away target. As i already said, dinos should have "bag slots". But also they will need "weapon" slots. [CHARACTER] In this slot, you can place some melee upgrades - for example, place a pike or a spear in front of your pet, so it can gain more attack. Also, all players should be able to use items while on pets: melee items (you can hit enemies to the right side of dino or to the lesft side) and ranged items. How it should work? Similar as tank manuvering (in lots of games): WASD to turn your pet and move it. Turn your mouse to aim with your bow/rifle/spear. Turning mouse to the left will not turn a dino. Also you can turn in some angle and yuo can't run to north while on a dino and meanwhile shoot on the south. So players will need another button to activate dino special abilities and dino attacks (F6, F7 buttons for example). All dinosaurs should be also structured by game purpose: 1. gathering (stones, wood, fibre, meat, fish, berries) - every dino should be usefull in his own way. We need some variance "gather a lot, low speed" OR "medium gather, faster". 2. Movement 3. Combat Every dino shoud have his own special effect. Some of them will highlight stones with metall ore, some of them will highlight a low hp target, some will highlight weak spots on enemy, some of them will knock enemies down, some of them will poison them of make enemies asleep, some of them will bite them and immobilise them while holding them, some of them will force everyone else to run away in fear with fierce roar. Etc. I'm trying to say that every dino should be special. But right now, most of them are similar and only some of them are unique: fly mount, stone gatherer mount, and stun mount (frog), also one water mount for speed. May be unique mammoth or bronto - as an item carrier. Every else dinos are "just for fun" in current state.
  18. Add Ping to the HUD

    So As i have put in the title i want the HUD to show your ping, This is because I'm am getting really annoyed with having to press esc every time to check my ping, and due to my somewhat bad internet connection i sometimes have to check it every 5 minuets just to insure I'm not going to drop dead from flying or attacking a dino on my rex or something and its also the most inconvenient thing to have to show the ping as well because my screenshot button is ` so some times when i try to exit the menu I get a Screenshot. So could u Add Ping to the HUD in the next update you do because It should not be necessary for people to just open the menu just to check their ping Even if it comes in the form of a toggle I don't Care I just Need Ping Added to the HUD. Thanks For Reading. Reguards DoubleDerp
  19. Hello, I feel like this might have already been reported, but want to give you guys a heads up in case it hasn't. Whenever I die, and rescan, the health bar in the HUD remains blank and does not work until I reload game. In addition to that, all of the deacons on my server's ark have the "spawn broodmother" icon in them.
  20. Taming progress

    Just a suggestion i thought of while taming last night, It would be pretty cool if there was a progress bar for your current/ongoing tames on the HUD showing the dinos health torpidity and food levels. Eg How many times have you been forced to gather narcos but constantly have to go check on your tames torpidity levels . its a slight pain but this could be a cool alternative, we could also make it optional by enabling/disabling it via options menu. Thoughts everyone.
  21. So after playing a fair bit of SOTF and then switching back to ARK I thought, wouldn't it be cool if we could have a ticky box in the settings to have the SOTF HUD on Ark? obviously only a few things are different, but having heat/cold in the top left instead of bottom left, item text just above the action bar instead of the top of the screen, the little things y'know? Anyways I thought this would be a cool and relatively easy thing to implement
  22. High tech tier

    I would like to see some additions to the high tech/futuristic tier. Helmet: A helmet that converts your health/stamina/food/water/weight/XP bars into digital bars. Like a straight line meter with a numbered readout on it. Also for the helmet, a built-in mini map. Perhaps the mini map could be a permanent attachment for the helmet. This could be used to set Custom way-points. A flashlight mounted on helmet. This could also be an attachment. A visor that could provide tinting from glare like sunglasses. Or even better, Night-vision!! A permanent cross hair. Even while unarmed or just using melee. <--- especially for console. A mouse is easier to aim with. An attachment that gives you the same ability as spyglass without the zoom or hassle of losing you target. The helmet provides increased resistance to poison grenades. Parachute: A higher tiered parachute that isn't consumed when used. It simply breaks after use and has to be repaired. (Like in real life, they have to be refolded and repackaged) This would allow it to be painted like the flags in game. Make them look like a modern skydiver's parachute. The rectangular ones. Smoke grenades: Colored smoke grenades. Apply dye after a smoke grenade is made then apply the color you want. Rename smoke grenade after color used to allow stacking and keeping colors separate. Fire grenades: Explodes and causes fire, heat, and burn damage. Flashbang Grenades: Produces blinding light for 5-10 seconds. Grenade launcher: Fires grenades similar to the rifle, but more of a lob. If your wearing the high tech helmet, it will show you the projected flight path of each round. Stack grenades in stacks of 10. Can also fire poison grenades, fire grenades, flashbang grenades, flares, and smoke grenades. Specilalized dino saddles: Cargo saddle- more evenly distributes luggage. (Increases carry weight) (Carry weight buff)(Lowers movement speed) Light weight saddle- made of lighter materials. (Increases movement speed)(Increases stamina or lowers stamina cost) Battle/War saddle- made of stronger/heavier materials. (Increases health and melee damage) All specialized saddles would have their own appearance. Cargo would look like boxes, bags, and/or barrels tied down with straps. Light weight would appear very small. Just enough to carry rider. Battle/War would look like plate armor for the dinos. All saddles would have different crafting materials Cargo- basic with wood, hide, fiber just more than regular saddle Light weight- a lot of chitin and/or polymer Battle/War- a lot of metal Just a few thoughts
  23. So after the 731.0 update, my HUD is now off centered. I used to be able to use the UI Scale to correct but now it only changes the vertical position and not horizontal position; causing me not to be able to see my health, stamina, weight, etc.
  24. Changeable HUD Colour

    Would be nice to change HUD colour, it can get hard to see in certain conditions like blue background. This is Xbox I am talking about.

    -dinosaurs get stuk on trees( not sure if this is only in non dedicated) -game crashes sometimes -can never get into servers/get stuck at joining session screen and have to restart game -dodos that are glitched into trees/environment items disapear when killed (noticed in non dedicated) -sometimes the option to interact with players disapears