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Found 10 results

  1. Glider Suit Skin Suggetion

    BIG SUGGESTION HERE Actually a rather small but what i feel is detrimental to survivors health on the aberration without. I have been using my Glider Suit Skin for a little bit know, just jumping from the local rock walls and tall ladders we have built. Since it is a skin it is wonderful, its a craft and keep till you lose it affair. Wonderful!!! However, it instead of the actual wind suit losing life, it uses the chest piece armors durability while in use. I think this is great, better chest piece, better flight time. Spot on idea really. But, for the love of Christmas!!!.....can we get a HUD icon similar to TEK items that shows the active wearer the wing suit durability left.....i just fell about 100 feet, luckily not dying lol. Because my cloth chest piece broke. Just a suggestion that i feel could greatly improve playability. I can always look in my inventory to see what it is at prior to jumping....but what if I'm being chased by a wild pack of Ravagers....god i hate those things...
  2. in my base with lots of dinos and inside of building, toggling HUD off makes huge fps increase. a HUD shouldn't drop fps like that. Need confirmation for other users. specs: intel i4770k cpu, 16 gig ram, GTX 970
  3. Maybe I'm just odd, but I like when I see the gained experience when I'm in a group of people, but I wish that could also be an optional check off for the HUD that I can see experience gained as I do things. I know there's the non-numeral HUD display for it and I know I can sit there and stare at my inventory to see the numbers, but I wish I could just see it like + # EXP when I'm sitting there doing narco and not just because someone else is making it next to me lol.
  4. Extended HUD not working

    Hey guys ! having an issue with the Extend HUD atm tried remapping the Key ect still nothing, seems to refuse to work atm and im pretty sure its a bug but doesn't seem to effect everyone. Anyone know of a solution for this by any chance ? i don't understand whats changed as it use to work. I've tried all the usual steps any tips may help ! Thank in advance guys !
  5. Ah, split screen has so many problems I'm not even sure where to begin. First, there's the still too small text size. I got the impression they attempted to fix this but it's so hard to read from a couch, and makes the game unplayable for more than 20 minutes. Same goes for the tiny HUD/tool bar. Surely an option to adjust all these things wouldn't be too hard? Even worse than this is that on split screen, the top player can't see what they're harvesting, their status effects, admin command confirmation (I.e if you spawn an item in) and lower screen player can't see notifications for if they or their tames kill anything. This has been worse since the last update. Please fix this!
  6. Hi Guys, I am sure I am being a bit thick but the extended HUD is not working, I have tried pressing back space and the normal HUD appears but when i press H on my keyboard nothing comes up so I cant see the temperature etc. Resetting also has not worked. Help!
  7. Cross hair only works for player two Hello, I know I've seen the crosshair issue posted somewhere, but I couldn't find it. This time I've noticed something I hope helps to fix this issue. While enabled in singleplayer it is still not visible. However, when I add my friend to the game his cross hair is visible. This makes me think that maybe there is some work around until this is fixed. That, or I'm doing something wrong. Has this been fixed and I'm simply doing it wrong? Thank you
  8. Hi, I have a minor bug on the tek Helmet and tek rifle, i can switch between the three modes with the helmet (i did hear a noise every time) but i'm unable to see the nightvision/friends foe, .... the same bug exist on the tek rifle, i can't see the visor (crosshair, HUD, ...) I'm on dedicated server with latest version, it's my own (first bug on this server and i'm the only one affected) my driver are up-to-date, i run two mods (Badazz sniper rifle and No collision v1.3 a) both of them has already been tested on a old server and are not in cause. I apologize for my level in english (french), thanks in advance !
  9. Either as an additional option to the HUD toggle, or as its own key, I would like to be able to turn off the dino names and status icons(feeding, in love, and horny) without having to go into the options menu. In areas with a lot of tames, this appears to give a good FPS boost, plus it removes clutter when you really don't need the info. Having the key, or making it an additional option in the HUD cycle(backspace) instead of going into the Options makes it more convenient; plus going into Options and saving resets any changes you made through the console for bloomquality and lightrays. By HUD cycle, in mean the that instead of a straight on and off, it would cycle from On, On without names & icon, and Off.
  10. Client version: v226.3 Server version: v226.3 When re-spawning following a death the health icon HUD doesn't always appear as "filled", even with full HP. This bug has happened twice to me following a death. Once as a result of dying to a Titanboa, and once and when dying to the environment (too cold). On both occasions I also noted that the re-spawn map that appears following a death was not on a black background as it normally is, instead I could still see the in-game world with the map overlaid. Attached is a screenshot showing the health icon in my HUD as empty (circled in red because it is so faint), while my character had full HP.