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Found 455 results

  1. Please help!

    Please help me! I got a new update on Xbox and my server on primitive plus ragnarok saved all of my engrams, players, stats, everything BUT tamed dinosaurs and built structures. I don't know what to do. My server isn't online it's a private I guess I go to join ark then it shows all the settings not the play online so I don't play online if that has anything to do with it so please halp!
  2. So there’s a large area close to where you first start on the island that when you walk into it, it becomes so laggy it is unplayable. You will hardly be able to move. Getting out of the lag is slow and tedious if you accidentally run into it as well. I’m playing single player so there should be no reason it lags this much.
  3. So I've rented a nitrado server and I'm trying to mess around with the max level that wild dinos will spawn in at. So far I haven't been able to get anything above 45 to spawn in.... I've tried raising the difficulty offset, override official difficulty and have done dino wipes after every server restart. Anyone have a fix for this? Thanks!
  4. There is a massive number of unclaimed bred dinosaurs in my ark server. Somewhere in the region of 1000 dinos in this one spot. The issue has its root in bred dinosaurs being born on wandering. This is like the 4th time this has happened, but other times I could enter the area without my game freezing or crashing.
  5. Server Rules Help

    Hey all, this is probably a stupid questions but what are the most basic rules you should have on your server? My server is: Ragnarok/ PvPvE / 15x / Mods My server rules: No form of phishing or advertisement in our server. No Hacking or Exploiting glitches, we want a fair environment for our users. If someone is built in a ''OP'' spot then band together to flush the enemy out. Unless it's a cave with more than 8 turrets guarding the entrance. No Spamming in Global. If someone infiltrates your Tribe and ruins you from within, that is your fault. Be more careful when allowing members into your circle. You can use whatever language you like, just do not be repetitive. We believe in freedom of speech and not censoring every little action like most servers, but do not abuse this since it is a two way street. We will mute people who become a drag. No base camping of any kind. Try to get video evidence if you think you are being camped. This really helps your case. Only 8 people per tribe so we do not get the cancerous overpowering alpha tribes coming into our server and ruling over the map. If a utility is open then do NOT destroy it, just take the items and leave it. Remaking chemistry benches can be very tedious. Any more that need to be added or tweaked?
  6. I was wondering how to rent a Xbox One Ark Server. When in main menu of the game says in the updates that there is "Rental Servers" now. How and where is this located because I have poor internet and I would like to rent a server for "XBOX ONE" for anyone to come play but having my settings I can enter for a Tiny Bit Boosted Server... Can someone help me? Also is it ran from Windows PC for the Xbox One, because of it saying on Xbox "Windows Rentable Servers"?
  7. ok so iv been trying for like a week now to fix this dam server I got.. and I cant seem to do it. Iv looked up stuff and its just not working.. Im trying to set up a 100X pvp server on the center map, I cant get the stats to go up. light weight and I want to give everyone more engram points. I was able to up the structure limit but I lost the ability to clip into the terrain. can someone please help me?
  8. I’m trying to change the search settings to find legacy servers and it pulls up the same thing ever single time. On top of that when I try to load a server it says “joining sever” in the middle of the screen for like 10 minutes and and the says “joining failed” and I didn’t even get a loading bar I haven’t been able to get on my sever for like two weeks and the only reason my base hasn’t decayed is because I have a tribe member who logs on regularly to feed. Any help would be sooooooooo appreciated.
  9. bossfight

    i will go to dragon hard what i need for this boss rex or other dinos what is the best?
  10. I bought 2 XBOX Ones to play with my room mate and we have been trying for hours to join each-others non-dedicated servers, not only would it say "unable to invite friend" when I tried inviting him, when we found a workaround by having him join my party and selecting "invite party to game", on his screen an error message would show up for 1/4s of a second before kicking him to the title screen. I thought ARK devs promised to fix this, please don't tell me that this is another "No Mans Sky situation", I badly want to play ark with my room mate and we hate playing in public games and want to be able to get trophies and not suffer from cave teleport glitches as split screen is forced to suffer, I want to play with him and get that full ark experience.
  11. taming order?

    Im a Solo player looking for a good way to start like what to tame first ---last and where and how to start a good base. Please and thank you.
  12. My Tribesmate lost his lvl 100 survivor after transferring to EU Ragnarok PVE 83 on Xbox. Yes there is risk when transferring but he was through the transfer, downloaded the character, feeding Dino's and then a rollback hit that pushed back to before his transfer and he lost the survivor data. Now no one can get in to feed the Dino's and he lost his character. If someone could please help him get his toon back we would be eternally greatful! Any information you need to help get this resolved we will be more than happy to provide!
  13. Transfering Servers

    Hello, I have recently transferred one of my better Argies to another server. After I was done there I went to transfer back to my server and my bird wouldn't upload. It showed where I could download creature but when I clicked it , nothing happened. Please help my bird is now stuck.
  14. Multiplayer

    Is it possible to keep all my progress in my single player game, but turn it in to a multiplayer game that I can play with just my friends without the tether?
  15. Hey so like the title says im having issues switching my renterd server map. Im using the server company nitrado and i cant seem to get my map to switch from the island to Ragnorok. Ive gone into settings already and changed them and nothing seems to work. Anyone have any ideas?
  16. Official Server- Rag. Picture pretty much says it all, but basically had the glitch where griffin flew off on it's own. Ended up finding it and on the way of getting it back (following, not on it) it ended up getting stuck on the other side of the world border. Calling on WC to help get my boy stepson out of the world border. More than messed up, game breaking glitch. Thanks, Zach.
  17. New Server Help

    So i'm currently running my own server as of an hour ago, I understand most everything I need to in order to adjust settings according to my liking. With this though, I believe I messed something up in either the coding, or there could be a checkbox I engaged/disengaged as I can no longer drop all of any item. I'm sure its an easy fix, and hopefully someone runs across this post saying "well dumba$$". this would be very nice. haha. Thank you
  18. Hello, I'm a new player to Ark and I'm having trouble breeding. I've decided to amass an army of Carbonemys, because giant turtles are just awesome. I'm up to five and having trouble finding more, so I started breeding them. I got an egg, but it's not wanting to get warm. When I hold (H) it tells me the temperature is 17C, and the Wiki told me that the Carbonemys egg is ideal in temperatures from 14C to 19C, but when I put the egg down it says its too cold. Even resting against two campfires it says too cold! Does anyone know what to do? I'm still fairly early into the game, so AC isn't really feasible. Thanks guys!
  19. Crossplatforms on LAN?

    Hey! I know in 2016, there was some stuff going around about servers being cross platform. The game devs said it wasn't possible, and some bigger companies like Microsoft said it was. What I want to know is that now with the official release of the game across multiple platforms, is it possible? The thing is, I want a co-op game (or vs) that my mother and I can play. We already have explored some of the games that are out there. Yet we have run into the same problem. She is very fluent in the Xbox controls, and I am a PC gamer. I would just buy my mom a copy of the game for her laptop, but it can't run minecraft as a client, let alone ARK. Even my computer (built so I can do 3d renders) occasionally has issues if I'm running too many programs. So the idea would be, I host the game over our LAN, and she plays on the Xbox. Is it possible?
  20. Help pleasr

    So my son wants to play ark with me and I was wondering if he can get decent fps. Here is his specs Intel i5 8250 1.6-3.4 GHz Intel UHD 620 integrated graphis 8gb ddr4 ram Nvm.e SSD He would only be playing low graphics on local/singleplayer Thanks in advance for any replies.
  21. Alpha Tribe System

    There needs to be a way to control or nerf the “alpha” tribe. It’s ruining the game for a lot of people because the bigger tribes do what they want and almost all people can’t stop them. Maybe a tier system for when you unlock certain engrams then it puts you in that tier. Let’s say you unlock the turret. And another smaller tribe hasn’ want be able to damage their structures because you both aren’t in the same tier. Same thing with Dino’s. They all should be in different classes. Most of my bases can be wiped with one wyvern, so I should be placed in a lower tier so I don’t have to put up with being wiped because it makes the game uninteresting and they are losing a lot of players because of this. Ark will not survive if this keeps up.
  22. Hello again, Like the title states did they ever patch or adjust these guys waking up at night no matter what per their dossier info. I just want know as I want to get a couple of these guys for egg purposes but if they wake up at night still and with this event having longer nights I just want to know where I stand. Any and all help is appreciated Oh also the wiki is not loading, probably everyone on it. Can argent pick these guys up? Using a community trap and just wanted to know that as well. Thanks again.
  23. I load ark attempt to play and crashes like this, it doesn't happen immediately though
  24. Alliance Glitch?

    Okay so, I run and play on my own dedi server. We have regular purge day events every couple of weeks to keep it interesting. Well I keep alliances until purge day when it's practically a free for all and then I break them. Now here's the problem I've run into twice now: I go to raid the tribe I just broke alliance with and I can't damage their dinos nor will their turrets target me. Almost like I'm still allianced but the alliance is no long there and their names are all either yellow or red. The only way I can damage anything, is with aoe damage much like damaging my own dinos. Is there a fix to this?
  25. Boss rex breeding help

    So i play on xbox, bit of a noob, i just got melee and hp from our top rex's combined into male and female step siblings, 11.5k health and 355 melee both. How do you get them to 20-40k and over 400 melee, like im seeing some people say they have? Do i just have to keep imbreading and praying for more and more stat mutations or what? I feel like that would take months and hundreds of breeds. Whats the best wsy to procede?