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Found 23 results

  1. Official Server- Rag. Picture pretty much says it all, but basically had the glitch where griffin flew off on it's own. Ended up finding it and on the way of getting it back (following, not on it) it ended up getting stuck on the other side of the world border. Calling on WC to help get my boy stepson out of the world border. More than messed up, game breaking glitch. Thanks, Zach.
  2. Welcome to Unevolved Gaming, As requested in the comment section, we are going to take a closer look at the Griffin The Griffin is a medium sized creature that has its origin in legends. Their appearance is best described as a hybrid with a body and hind legs of a lion while their wings, head and front talons show large resemblance to an eagle. Griffins are very aggressive predators that can only be found on the Ragnarok map. They are most commonly found on the plains and mountain ridges surrounding the small lake just north of the green obelisk. On occasion Griffins are also reported to spawn on the cliffs near the Beaver sanctuary just east of the Viking bay castle. Griffins are easy to spot due to the cloud of dust they create with there wings while flying close to the ground. Griffins are rather strong opponents and don't appear to take any bonus damage from ranged weapons that other flying creatures do. Fortunately, wild Griffin attacks don't inflict as much damage as other flying creatures. Griffins are also easily distracted, and prone to switch targets. A flying Griffins attack can easily be avoided due to their large turning radius, which makes attacking them with an Argentavis that has a decent melee and stamina possible. Using a flier to kill a griffin can however be a time consuming undertaking due to the Griffins large health. Survivors that don't have access to a decent flier can also use ranged weapons or pikes when a griffin attacks from the ground or circles a survivor at short range. Using a mount with an attack that has a wide area of effect and decent damage output like a T-Rex can be very effective when attempting to kill a Griffin. Survivors will have to keep in mind that there can be other hostile creatures in the area, such as the Allosaurus, Carno or Terror Bird. When killed a Griffin can be harvested for raw meat and hide. The easiest way to tame a Griffin is to make it follow you into a taming pen with a flier or on foot. A simple taming pen made out of door frames or pillars will work as long as it is closed of with ceilings so the Griffin can not escape. When trapped a Survivor can knock out a Griffin with tranquilizer arrows, darts or shocking tranquilizer darts The Griffin being a carnivore can be tamed with al kinds of meat and fish however they prefer Allosaurus kibble, raw mutton, raw prime meat or raw prime fish meat Even though the Griffin needs a lot of tranquilizers to be knocked out, they only require a relatively small amount of narcoberries, narcotics or bio toxin to keep their torpor up. When tamed, a Griffin does not require a saddle to be ridden. They do however have the ability to carry a rider and a passenger, both the rider and the passenger will be able to make full use of their weapons when mounted on the Griffin both on land and in the air. The Griffin is a land and air predator. When on the ground a Griffin can do a bite attack by pressing the right trigger on your controller, when airborne this attack will make the Griffin claw its opponent. This attack is not extremely powerful however combined with the Griffins maneuverability it can devastating for your opponent. A Griffin can also pick up survivors and small creatures like Otters and Compy's with its front talons by pressing the left trigger on your controller while flying or hovering over them. Keep in mind that on official pve servers wild animals can not be picked up. Even though the Griffin has a large turning radius they are extremely agile and can easily outmaneuver most creatures in the game. Their ability to escape from danger with a high speed dive can be very useful when fighting a Wyvern or to use during an escape while stealing a Wyverns egg's. This maneuver can be performed by pushing the left joystick forward while looking at the ground. Performing a dive will drain a Griffins stamina. The same maneuver can also be turned into a dive bomb and used to attack land based targets, this can be done by lining up a target right below your griffin, pushing the left joystick forward and diving vertically on top or close to your target. This will cause your Griffin to pound onto its target. When done correctly the impact of a dive bomb can kill smaller creatures in one hit. A dive bomb can be abborted by pressing the left joystick on your controller even while already diving. Survivors will have to keep in mind that the Griffin must be sprinting and that the dive has to be vertical to be turned into a dive bomb, survivors that are using a weapon while mounted can not perform a dive bomb. A Griffin can also perform a diving swipe attack in order to inflict an even higher amount of damage. This can be done by using the claw or right trigger attack when hitting a creature coming from a high speed dive. This dive can be repeated when pulling up after clawing the target and does not have to be vertical as long as you have enough speed. Survivors will have to keep in mind that both the dive bomb and the dive swipe will drain a Griffins stamina rapidly. The Griffins ability to hover or move in any direction also make it a very useful mount to place walls and ceilings in hard to reach places. This ability can also prove very useful when collecting giant bee honey from bee hives. In my opinion the griffin is a very useful mount for both pve and pvp servers. It's ability to carry 2 survivors make the Griffin an essential mount for taming purposes while it's maneuverability and speed make it a mount not to be underestimated. Performing a dive bomb or dive swipe can be devastating for your opponents when executed correctly, they might however take some practice at first. Survivors will have to keep in mind that hitting a tree whilst performing a dive bomb can result in your Griffin taking considerable fall damage. That concludes our spotlight on the Griffin Don't forget to leave a like and subscribe for more ark spotlights and comment to tell us which creature you would like to see in the next episode.
  3. So I have read the general idea that when it comes to dog fighting the Griffin is the king of the skies. But in practice I just don't see it. Now it's true that the griffin is faster for short spurts when it has a chance to climb high altitude and swoop down. But in almost ever dog fight I have been practicing in with tribe mates I have learned that if the Wyvern rider is aware of the griffins existence, he can bank hard and initiate a dog fight pattern like this: It starts with the Wyvern and Griffin approaching each other at max speeds. Usually there is an initial attempt to pick which usually fails and then both pilots engage this maneuver (The one circle flow or two circle flow) At that point it transitions to a turn circle geometry. In the below pic, look at it as if you were looking down from the sky towards the ground: And at this point The griffin's initial speed bonus is gone and is starting to get low on stamina. The Wyvern has plenty of stamina and now is gaining on the Griffin in this loop. But the biggest benefit for the Wyvern starts when I put his head to as far as I can over his own shoulder and shoot my fire, ice, or lightening breath. It actually hits the Griffin. Did the same with a Pteranodon. So during the dog fight the Wyvern has a stamina advantage, does damage to the enemy while trying to get in position to pick them, AND eventually is traveling faster than the Griffin after the initial one circle flow maneuver. On top of all of that the, the Wyvern has a larger grab area. He can miss the target more and still get a successful grab connection to the rider. And if being played as a defensive unit, the wyvern, not griffin, can pick up stegos dropped on his own base. What am I missing here? How is the Griffin better than a Wyvern unless its a situation where the Griffin ambushes a Wyvern from higher alt without being seen?
  4. Cannot Upload Certain Animals

    I try to upload my Griffin but it will not work, I have to wait 3 to 5 hours before I can upload it again but once I upload it and bring it out I can see the timer but even when the time runs out I have to wait. This happens for most of my tames and I've tried finding out why but have not found any awnsers on why it's doing this
  5. On my PC Single Player Ragnarok game I tamed the three griffins shown. After logging out and back in their colors reverted to default. Players across all platforms are experiencing this issue. Please fix and bring back our beautiful griffins. @Jatheish
  6. So, recently got a PvP fight with my fire wyvern (grown from lvl 175 egg) which got aprox 430% damage, against Griffin (dunno stats). Have set him in flames about 5-6times, and realised I did NO damage to him. After that we decided to try it with my tribemate on one of ours Griffins, and what was my surprising face, when from Fire breathe right in a face to a griffin I dealt only 900dmg, out of hes 16k HP....(it's 5.625% of hp approx.) So: 1. - Am I missing something? As wiki says it deals 20% damage of hp during 10 seconds, excluding fire resistance...(actually burning it for 5sec. only) So logically to think that Griffins feathers made of steel and have amazing fire resistance??!!? 2. - Where I can find out those resistances if they actually existing? Can someone make it clear for me please???
  7. Griffin (peter) and black pearls

    So I have been trying using great heights and aiming for smallest targets of trilobites to get black pearls amongst other things. It is shown that the griffin is the Number one harvester for black pearls but for the love of god I have not got a single successful attempt. take in to account that the moment a griff touches water you are removed from it as a mount . Has anyone had any success with this and if so how ? sorry if another topic on this exists I have searched and I have found nothing relating the the 2.
  8. Griffin Questions

    Some things I've thought about... Should the Griffin have a saddle for it? Should the Griffin be able to breed? Should we be able to change the speed of the griffin or flyers in general? Why isn't there a two handed option? Tell me in the comments please...
  9. In Single player, the griffins all have the samme color on their wings and Ice Wyverns also have the same color. Its only those those two species who have this bug. When im hatching ice wyverns egg they have their normal different colors, but when i log out and later log in again, it have exactly the samme color as all the others who have this bug.
  10. According to the wiki Griffins are able to be trapped by both Bear Traps and Large Bear Traps. I went into Single Player with PVP and Friendly Fire Enabled to test this theory, and I could not get either bear trap to spring on the Griffin. The following is what I found: Argentavis: Trappable by both Small and Large Bear Traps Lymantria: Trappable by both Small and Large Bear Traps Pelagornis: Trappable by both Small and Large Bear Traps Pteranodon: Trappable by both Small and Large Bear Traps Quetzal: Trappable by both Small and Large Bear Traps Wyvern: Trappable by only Large Bear Traps It seems the only flyer in the game that is not effected by one or both of the bear traps is the Griffin, and this I would assume is a bug. Additionally, it does not seem that the player riding the dino (whether there is a saddle equipped or not) is forced to dismount the dino as it says on the wiki: Once activated, the rider is forced to dismount, and cannot remount until the Dino is freed. What is actually happening is, the player riding is not forced to dismount; however if they do they cannot remount until the trap is removed. This becomes a problem in PVP when players can dive bomb turrets and plant X without worry of being trapped or dismounted by bear traps.
  11. Griffon Wings anatomy

    Finally Ragnarok comes to xboxone! I've pretty much avoided all things ragnarok online so I could bask in the wonderfulness without spoilers haha. Anyways. So, I've finally tamed a griffin and I am enjoying it. The only thing that severely bothers me is its awkward wing stance when it's on the ground. I know its a mythological creature, but at rest I feel as though the wings would cross closed over its back just like a parrot's wings.
  12. Griffin bugs on console

    I summoned a griffin in to the centre on single player and force tamed it, as I did it lost it's gender. Upon logging back in, it's colour had changed. (I tried redyeing it, but that reset also) I then uploaded him in to an obelisk, but he disappeared. Can't tell if this is an issue with the griffin being brand new and attached to ragnarok, or if there a bug with force tame/summon.
  13. That makes me really nervous they're going to get nerfed. I don't know, it took me awhile to get a Griffin, and now that I have a nice pool of Level 200+ Griffs, I've had a ton of fun on them, just dive-bombing everything and flying fast. When do you guys think Griffins are going to get their wings clipped? After release? Next patch? two patches from now? Never?
  14. Griffin suggestion

    Today i have tamed a beawer and tried to pick it up with m griffin and he wasn't able to do so.On dododex it says that griffins can carry the same dinos as Argy's.Idk if this is some bug or not if that is the case please add griffins abillity to carry same dinos as argy's.
  15. Griffin Breeding Petition

    We should have griffin breeding, I realize the weirdness of deciding if it lays eggs or has live young. I have decided it should lay eggs and we should petition to have it be able to breed. Let the petition begin!
  16. Griffin stats reset

    Hello There seems to be a problem with the stats of one our griffin, We restarted our server since our private server is not always on and only open it if ever we need playing. but after restarting and opening our server the stats of one of our griffin seem to have reset to something like a level 1 griffin even though it's level is 1607. I searched other forums about stat reset but they seem to only apply to wild dinos/creaures not tamed ones and if ever it was reset because of the calculation of stat based on the game's max level then it should have reset the other griffin's we tamed but that wasn't the case. so me and my friends have deduced that this could be a bug and must be checked to avoid it in future events.
  17. Griffins and Breeding

    i was wondering if Griffins not having a gender was a bug or uncompleted part? I ask because they also do have a tool tip picture just a blank white square. These creatures are so enjoyable that i would very much like to see Griffin breeding. With their regions i can already imagine some very amazing color region mutation.
  18. I have to say I am loving the new mechanics brought to the game with the griffin, it has a very unique niche as a dive bomber like a peregrine falcon and can be very powerful under one condition... It's used properly. It's ability looks easy to pull off in an edited video but I assure you it is very much skill based. That is something that is very lacking in this game, right now it's all about who can spend the time and reasources to tame or breed the best and most powerful creatures giving anything else no chance. I hope in the coming TLC update (that was so very clearly teased and mostly ignored) every creature is given powerful difficult to use abilities each favouring a different play style that players will have to master to use effectivly. This would make the game more about learning how to use your favourite creatures effectivly rather than just obtain the most powerful ones.
  19. Griffin divebomb damage

    the divebomb shouldn't damage the rider the way it is at the moment. either -the rider takes the damage on impact or -the rider's torpor will increase on impact so that it's an impact penalty or another player has a better solution for the divebomb... the moment it's just confusing to die every time i accidentally started diving more than 4 times... edited: the rider's torpor will increase while diving (getting unconcsious when diving for too long) <- was only an idea to balance that OP speed compared to other fliers
  20. Ragnarok New Dinos

    Just showcasing some of the new Dinos in the new ragnarok map dlc. The Griffin click here The Polar Bear Click here The Ice Wyern click here other helpful ark videos
  21. For the love of god

    Please allow Griffin breeding. It's the only thing Argy has on it. Griffin colour mutations would be epic
  22. So the griffin. Exciting and cool new dino! Let's talk about how we think it'll impact the game and discoveries we've made. So first off, in Singleplayer with cheats on. I spawned one in and did Dotame, thinking it wouldn't need a saddle to ride. Nope...apparently a saddle exists but there's no engram for one. Or this is a bug. Had to do Forcetame to be able to ride it. Once I was able to ride it, time to test it out. It has a ground clawing attack and an aerial clawing attack. It can also pick up things (what it can carry we'll have to figure out). You can also wield firearms on it's back. This makes it the first flyer that you can shoot from it's back AND fly at the same time. EPIC! (new way to down Quetzal's easily yessss) I don't see any gender...which sadly means these guys cannot mate. How sad... It's stats are pretty average, if not on the low side. I forcetamed an Argie and a Griffin at lvl 1 and the Argie had better numbers in EVERYTHING. In some spots like Weight and Stamina, the Griffin had only a little more than HALF of what the Argie had. The health is only a tiny bit lower than the Argie. Seems like it sucks doesn't it. But...where the Griffin felt awesome was it's flying. So how fast is it? Pretty dang fast. Like it's probably as fast as a Ptera, if not more. But what makes it way speedier than a Ptera is it's divebombing maneuver. If you fly straight down, you pick up an INSANE amount of speed. If you hit the ground doing this, you damage things that are nearby. Landing RIGHT on a creatures didn't seem to work, it just kinda halted the griffin in it's tracks. If you divebomb and then swoop up to fly horizontally though, you keep the momentum. And dang can you go FAST when you do this. It's awesome. I did notice that I took damage (the player) whenever I was divebombing (your screen turns all blurry and you hear a loud wooshing sound when divebombing). I don't know if this is intended for possible balancing it for PVP use, or if it's a bug. If it is balancing, I can see how that would keep players from spamming divebombs. But if it isn't a bug...well... With this new flyer, I feel like the 'picking wars' in PVP might return though. I have yet to see if it can even grab enemy players, but if it can, and with it's swift default speed if flown correctly with the divebombs, this thing is going to dominate PVP engagements...something that I thought WC was trying to avoid with the flyer nerf being implemented. Personally, I love the beast as is, but I play PVE and love how it functions at present (minus getting hurt when divebombing). Thoughts? EDIT: Allo Kibble is its' preferred food. Typical tranq and feed method to down.