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Found 9 results

  1. My tribemate and I have been breeding squids and gigas since legacy and up to now in new servers and always hit 100% on all of them. We play in official PVE so no boosters and such. Now with the imprint timer change a few months ago, my tribemate was excited to hatch a squid, get it to 100% imprint without losing sleep. He hatched it right when the imprint timer changed to 8 hours, but despite always been on time, coming online 15 mins before care and bringing all imprint kibble with him, the imprint always gets lower than the growth. As in the imprint is 3% for 3 cares and for 4th care its only 2%. The imprint gets higher than growth for the 3rd care but on 4th care its lower than growth again. After accepting the fact that this squid won't hit 100%, a few days later they release a patch claiming to fix the imprint since some dinos can't hit 100%. Our squid was about half grown by then but still after being always on time the imprint per care was the same 3% then 2% on 4th care. The squid ended up with only 97% imprint. You can see the disappointment and frustration with investing 2 weeks time and not hitting 100%. Thinking it was only because the patch was released when squid was half grown, we hatched another but still same thing happened and only hit 97% before full grown. THIS IS AFTER THE PATCH THAT CLAIMS TO FIX THIS. Now I wanted to test it on gigas since i'm the one who breeds gigas. I hatched 4 gigas YESTERDAY (AS IN AFTER THE PATCH), and same as squid it was 3% imprint for the 1st 3 cares. but on the 4th care, when it was 11.6% maturity, my imprint only gave 2%, so my imprint was 11% while growth was 11.6%. So I already know that it will just be the same as the squid and they won't hit 100%. People might say that they are op anyway and 97% is practically 100% but we do not waste our time always doing care on time just so we get 97%. if we knew it was always 97% i just wouldnt go on time anymore since i can waste 8 hours since it wont count on the last care. Should we just accept this bug and always just get 97% on the biggest dinos where the imprint counts the most? Please fix this since its been going on since the imprint timer patch release @Jatheish @Jen @Chris tagging admins too and hopefully you let the higher ups know as well @GP @invincibleqc
  2. there's been a bug I haven't been able to figure out completely, which causes the giganotosaurus to fall partially under the map while riding it, leaving it in a floating state. using a quetz with a ramp usually can get it unstuck, unfortunately I have lost some to this glitch which has just happened again about 2 days ago.
  3. So when i joined my Official The Island EU Server yesterday, i was greeted by a Giga near my base, so i decided to Tame it (Lvl 100 Male). Dropping it was very easy but then a Problem arised, no matter how much Narcotics i would give him, his Torpor rose at normal speed, but then dropped by 500ish points in between the rising ticks, so after about half an hour and 3000 Narcotics (Dododex suggested 400) he woke up and proceded to drown himself in the ocean. Is this intentional? Because normally the torpor does not drain while a narcotic is in effect. The Server is a bit laggy since it's always at 70/70 but with other tames this didn't happen. So Wildcard, please Fix (or explain)
  4. TheMetalMan

    Giganotosaurus Tamming Advice

    So I am planning to tame a giga, it's a level 72 female. I have three main questions. 1. She's on the east side Winter's Mouth,(pictured below) last I flew by she didn't move at all, almost as if she's stuck. What I am wondering if you guys think the mauntain side is too tilted for the metal doorway trick to work? Will she be able to step over them and escape? How tall does something have to be for her to not step over it? Or a suggestion for an area to place the trap on. 2. I've got a Mastercraft rifle with 203% damage, and a Journeyman Crossbow. I've heard that Crossbows are better than using darts because they're faster, but acording to my math, I'd need to fire about 125 Shock darts or 333 arrows to knock her out. And since I've already got such a powerful rifle would it be more effective to use that instead, I dunno maybe only 75 darts would be needed. I mean, I've knocked out lvl 3 Quetzals with two shots of that thing 3. Which flying mount is the best to lure the giga into the trap? I think I've got all flyers available except Griffin. A Tapejara is more maneuverable but a Argientavis has more health but is slower. Which one is best suited? What do you guys think? Also general advice for Giga Tamming. Thank you for your time.
  5. Mike221v

    Giga Rage Mechanic

    Right now the Giga rage mechanic is absurdly easy to work around and doesn't offer much of a risk to anyone using them to attack. In my experience a late game raid consists of multiple Gigas with air support in the form of quetzals/argents/pteras and snipers scattered around at long range. Occasionally there is a war bronto/paracer as well for anti air purposes. In these scenarios the rage mechanic doesn't really pose a risk to the attacking tribe because of how controlled and consistent the mechanic is. It's too easy to work around on top of the fact that Gigas will not attack each other when enraged. These beasts are not difficult to tame, store safely, or utilize, which I think is completely opposite of what was intended for these dinos. What if there was a randomized time rage mechanic in addition to the taken damage mechanic? For example, every 5 seconds the giga has a .001 chance to enrage. This chance to enrage could be increased for each additional giga within a certain proximity. There is no reason that an "apex predator" should be so calm and accommodating to another "apex predator" (particularly of the same gender) in its pen. I see so many elite tribes that simply store their giga armies next to everything else because they are THAT confident that they won't rage. These things are supposed to be difficult to tame, difficult to store, and difficult to utilize in battle. They are currently none of those things and they make PVP extremely binary. Do you have a giga? Yes - You have a fighting chance. No - You lose, period. By introducing a simple and less predictable mechanic it would be possible to address the issues that are making these things too easy to utilize and store. They were advertised as being a "roll of the dice" type of thing where the risk was there and the high reward was there, at this point in time it is simply nothing but high reward. Additional thought - What if the Gigas had to "ramp up" in damage during fights rather than starting fights grossly overpowered? They could start out doing 50% of the damage that they currently do and each attack they could gain 5-10% of the damage back until they hit 100% power. This gives them a bit of a window of weakness where defending tribes that are organized can shut them down a bit. Sorry for the scattered thoughts but you get the idea! I would greatly appreciate any input or feedback on the idea because I think ark is a really fantastic game but the giga has proven itself as an outlier.
  6. TheAngelAnMan

    Bred Dino Stats

    Hey people! I have played some ark and heard some people say that they had realy good dino stats, like 400 melee and 25k health on a rex, and i was thinking like 'is that really so high? Because i saw videos of people who had like 600 melee and 45k health or so, and i was just curious what your best dino stats are from like rexes, gigas, therizinos, pteras, etc. i never bred dinos before because i have no time to wake up at night... props to all the people who bred rexes and gigas and such!
  7. Schelmixi

    Suddenly Giga starving?

    Hey, i just checked tribe log and saw that the Giganotosaurus of my mate Sop (Gluupor in forum) starved to dead. But there cant be any reason why this happened, since he had the same amount of food like our other Gigas have. Same access to feeder. Thats super frustrating, since we took holidays from our work to imprint this Giga and three others to 100% Thats one of his siblings, Hannah. The food amount of the dead Giga Edgar must have been the same.
  8. Jatheish

    It's coming for you...

    From the album: Screenshots

    Are you Survivor enough to Tame it?!
  9. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Giganotosaurus Species: Giganotosaurus Furiosa Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Angry Wild: Giganotosaurus Furiosa is an enormous predator, larger even than the Tyrannosaurus or Spinosaurus. While greater in size than those storied predators, it can be somewhat less dangerous when encountered in the wild, due to its sluggish speed. Even still, getting cornered or run down by a Giganotosaurus means certain death for nearly creature! Fighting a Giganotosaurus directly is never a good idea, as its rage rapidly grows with every hit it takes. With this rage, it builds increasing reserves of energy to use, making its iron jawed bites progressively more deadly and enhancing stamina. Add to this the fact that its huge body enables it to take a tremendous amount of punishment, and you have a creature that is generally better avoided or outsmarted than attacked head-on. Domesticated: Taming Giganotosaurus is a dangerous prospect. Its rage reaction even when tamed, can sometimes cause it to briefly turn of its own tribe. Indeed it may even throw off its rider is it has been angered! And yet, The sheer size and immense power that the Giganotosaurus possesses means that some factions endeavor to tame it as a fear-inducing "Captal" beast of war even at great risk!