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Found 69 results

  1. Rex/Allo/Giga TLC Pass

    Rex First off I want to say that the updated Rex model looks great! Glad to see it finally getting some love. The only Tweak that I might suggest in that department is maybe give him an overbite so that only his upper teeth are visible when his mouth is closed. Not a big deal though. More importantly though, we need to talk about his abilities. Right now he's just not really good at much of anything. Basically he's a mid-tier tank-n-spank who is treated as if he were a top-tier tank-n-spank. Let's go through the jobs that are relevant to him and see who is actually best for each role: Killing stuff quickly: Giga Killing wild Gigas/Titanosaurs: Giga Meat harvesting: Giga Overall Tank-n-Spank: Giga. A good Rex will have a bit more tank than Giga, but not nearly enough to make up for the lack of spank. Tank: Herbivores, Golems, ect... Killing the Spider boss: Megatherium Killing the Ape boss: Rex is probably a decent enough choice for this one, though Theri is probably just as good as him, if not better. Killing the Dragon boss: Theri Wearing a Tek saddle: Right now this is the one thing that actually makes the Rex relevant, and admittedly it is cool. However I hope that his status as the only Tek ground unit is only a temporary band aid and not actually the intended balancing factor. It would do an injustice to Rex because he would be the only one pathetic enough to need a Tek saddle, and it would do an injustice to all other ground units because they would be denied having their own Tek saddles. What I would suggest: What needs to happen is he needs to be the king of tank-n-spank. Giga can still be the walking nuke who kills stuff the quickest and harvests meat most efficiently. Golems and Brontos can still be the tanks. But for overall tank-n-spank a good Rex should be the undisputed king. One way that this could be done if you don't want to boost his base stats could be to activate a 'King of Carnivores' buff when you use his roar. It would buff his damage and resistance for a time, but also come with a long cooldown. Allosaurus You almost got this one right. He has a unique skill which is appropriate for the species and which gives him a unique niche as the sauropod slayer. Well, it would. You know, if Giga weren't a thing. What I would suggest: The answer to this one is simple. Have the bleed do extra damage specifically vs sauropods so that he can take them down faster than a Giga would. Giga Well he's advertised as being the high-risk-high-reward dino, but let's be honest about this. These days there's basically no risk at all to using him. Which I'm fine with, but he will always be in a weird and unbalanced spot if we try to pretend that he's something that he's not. If we don't want the rider to ever actually get killed by their Giga then the mechanic should just be reworked into something else entirely. What I would suggest: As I said, Rex should take the status as the apex 'warrior' who has the tank-n-spank needed for a longer battle. Giga, on the other hand, can be the apex berserker/assassin who comes in, deals devastating burst damage to an unsuspecting foe, then gets out before it's too late. The rage mechanic can be completely reworked to fit this play style. It can be a player-activated skill that temporarily gives the Giga a huge buff to his damage and stamina, but makes him tired and weak after the rage wears off.
  2. [Fixed in v275.4] The silent Giga nerf

    Idk if my previous post got deleted or it just didnt create, but gigas got a huge nerf with rhe abberation update, assault rifles and shotguns now enrage gigas with just a few bullets My ascendant pump action shotgun with 212% weapon samage enraged my giga with an ascendant saddle in 2 shots My friend used an assault rifle with 170 weapon damage and enraged a giga in 7-8 shots These were tested on an official PVP server on xbox, anyone else having issues woth this? Was this supposed to happen? Wildcard you guys got a bit of explaining to do
  3. Rex levels

    Hey I just traded for a Rex that was breeded and it’s base level was 266 with +31 levels ready to go as i am writing this I have used all the levels (and a few more) and my Rex’s stats currently stand at HEALTH: 25k STAMINA:3k Melee:575 I still have more levels to come so what should I invest them in to? And is this a good Rex? (Current lvl 306)
  4. Mutations?

    So I have been breeding giga's non-stop for a few days now (Boosted server) and have finally gotten a mutation... I suspect it is a color mutation because the baby has a white underbelly and a dark purple/blue navy blue back, I just wanted to know all the colors that can be mutated into a giga.... I havent found anything online about what colors are actual mutations so any info will help thanks
  5. Giga question

    Please give info recently been taming gigas. On official. Tamed a 95 male and 140 male. Do all gigas wake up with the same melee? I know the health gets nerfed but if that’s the case how do you ever get to 250 melee gigas? Do you have to breed 1,000 times to get there or can you get decent melee gigas through taming?
  6. rag giga spawns wierd

    i know that they added a spawn at green obby but has anyone else gone a week with out seeing a giga some times the only time i see good spawns is after a dino wipe and then there is almost always 3 on the map i have killed the low lv ones to try to get high lv ones to spawn but it fells like a waste because even then it can take days for another one to spawn i fell like there should always be at least one wild giga on rag it is alittle disheartening to wait days for one to spawn and it be lv 40.
  7. I finally beat the alpha overseer last night in single player. I love that fight. I hate the lave cave part... there are certain areas where you can't choo-choo train more than 6 dinos without them bunching up and falling off a ledge. It takes over an hour just to navigate over 15 rexes to the bottom of the lava cave part... Anyways, everytime I got to the 496 giga at the entrance to the cold tek chamber area - it was never just one giga. It was always multiples of him standing on the exact same spot. It would look like one giga, but once agro'd I would see the different gigas split off and come at me. Half the time they would all just be spinning on the spot because they were stuck together. I would then have to just sit there laser-blasting them with my rex until they all died at the same time in a dramatic giga corpse eruption. SIDE NOTE: my vultures never teleported from the tele pad into the overseer part.
  8. How to re-start server?

    I've recently depleted the iron ore on SE and so I returned to the island for a while and there is a few things off.(these were off before I left actually) Rarely any Rexes spawn(only one on Death Island, and there isn't even always one), the only common apex predators are Carnos and Yutas. I haven't seen a Spino in ages. I've seen a giga ONCE. But since I changed the sever difficulty it's been gone. I'm gunna get some low level Quetzals then I need to reset the server to get the predators to spawn again. I play on Local and I'd like to keep my dinos and buildings, is there a way to reset only dinos and metal ore? I appreciate any advice given.
  9. Alpha giga

    Make an alpha giga and if you manage to kill it you get asc stuff lmao
  10. does anyone know wehn the SE area of rag is coming out on ps4? because its out on PC. also i hope that they are new loading zones so the lag wont be bad over there.
  11. Just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with baby gigas that stop eating from tek troughs while being raised. Last weekend we were raising a bunch of rexes and three gigas from our new tek troughs. All three gigas died of starvation at very different points of their maturation. One about 20%, one about 50% and one about 85% (that really hurt). All troughs were kept a minimum of 50% full at all times. The deaths all occurred when nobody was online on that server, however when we logged back on, saw the death, and checked the status of the troughs they were all almost full. None of the rexes starved. All made it to maturation. There is a remote possibility that somehow something got into the base and attacked the giga, causing it to move out of range of the trough, but none of the rexes ever moved at all, and after the first death we installed several turrets to ensure anything that did get in would be killed immediately. I'm hoping someone can provide some insight.
  12. How do you kite a barn on pve?

    So someone has been greifing me and i want to wipe his base. He has a decent location with all stone, has a barn he keeps his dinos in, but its on a fairly hard to reach location. Its not impossible but i feel like if i try to kite something up it would attack other bases as well. The rag server has no giga spaws and i think only 1 titan spawn, all blocked. Im great at tanking wyverns but idk, if i kite them all the way from the scar to blue ob, how i would get them to agro. Any kiting/wiping techniques or strategies i can get to help?
  13. I have been playing a single player game on the Island map since the game went "full release" and I've yet to see a giga spawn. I did a "DestroyWildDinos" command a week ago to see if something would change... nothing... I see all kinds of dinos. I have dinocount of 2.0 . I see the odd titanosaur/quetz... but no giga. I don't think it should be so hard to find a giga on a single player game...
  14. Hi all my giga was despareted

    hello how can I find my giga because in fact I hunt on the black earth and suddenly he came into rage and my logical kill but on my return he was more and he is not dead I even waited that the lava come back nothing we looked everywhere we did not find it please help me
  15. Here is a tip for people with Gigas! I don't have a Giga yet but I know what they do and how they look, and one of those things I know about Gigas is that they can't damage metal. So, when your at your base make a cage. This will be made with 4 metal BEHEMOTH gates. You need the gates and the frames. Make the gates form a square, then put your Giga into the cage. Once you've done that, your good! Now if it goes into rage mode, it won't kill all your tames and you! Make sure you put the cage further from your base, or else something could go wrong. Hope this helps you out!
  16. How do I find a Giga?

    I need to know where to find a Giga. I'm on a singleplayer world on Xbox One. Anyone have advice?
  17. Anyone got higher on official? I still didnt hit the weight and food so 280 in my sights. ARK-ALERTS 0 Started conversation: 38 minutes ago ARK-BABY: 09/29 @ 09:19 on PVE-OfficialServer378, WAS BORN IN 'Baby Giganotosaurus - Lvl 274'!
  18. So, I wasn't actually around when the incident occurred, so I am just looking for opinion but not looking to 'hunt/abuse' said player. We have a fairly large base on a PvE (new) server and whilst moving some resources from one building to another, a player decides to run into the building (via an open door, yes I know what you will say, so don't bother being a pedant) and he takes the Giga egg which is housed in our air con room. The room at that time wasn't closed off (it is now). off he goes, a very happy chappy. So, what do you make of this behaviour, right or wrong? I believe my tribe mates attempted to ask for it back and that the culprit had been seen and caught in the act but he denied all knowledge, but still... my question to you is, is this right or wrong and would you do it yourselves? I mean, lets be honest, I could never be arsed to tame on myself. Also, would you admit to it if you were caught doing it? I'd love to hear your feelings on this.
  19. Hello Survivors, i hope this is allowed, 3 days ago i started a new Channel, with a series named TOP 5 ARK PLAYS. But to continue this series i need more people who send me clips and i would be very happy if you maybe subscribe or help me to get bigger and send me clips. I will name every clip with your Name! Thanks Guys, i love this game! Greetings. [email protected] is the email for the clips!
  20. Bred Dino Stats

    Hey people! I have played some ark and heard some people say that they had realy good dino stats, like 400 melee and 25k health on a rex, and i was thinking like 'is that really so high? Because i saw videos of people who had like 600 melee and 45k health or so, and i was just curious what your best dino stats are from like rexes, gigas, therizinos, pteras, etc. i never bred dinos before because i have no time to wake up at night... props to all the people who bred rexes and gigas and such!
  21. I deleted all dinos once and deleted all wild dinos twice and gigas and titans are not spawning. Check with ACM, checked visually and also with dino tracker. No Giga or Titans.
  22. Primitive Plus Services Launch!

    Primitive Plus Services is a network that has been connecting numerous tribes of all sizes from every ps4 primitive server. Our function is to connect players that are requiring a service or offering one. There are many different services we can arrange and many job opportunities for those looking for a different ark experience. P+Services has been the main focus of our Hive tribe since it began, and it has proven succesful, so we'vedecided to go public and reach out to the forums to further primitive plus and prevent it from becoming a dead mod. Although we do intend on staying anonymous for the time being. Why do we bother you might ask? Because someone needs to be the good guy. Some of our network's P+SERVICES that people have requested or provided are -Mercenaries for hire -Organising safe dino/item trades -Grinders for hire -Breeding programs -Assistance in finding a reliable alliance in your server - Species X tower installations And Wall/Behemoth Gate builders -Character leveling double XP ride alongs -Egg/Juvenile raising -River Sickness outbreak cures and rival tribe infection -Taming assistance -custom recipe/recipe item orders (High crafing skill) PrimitivePlusServices are also happy to send one of our many in game agents to provide services if we cannot find you a provider, although our agents do NOT harm other tribes or players while acting as an agent to avoid a conflict of interest. Only a service provider can engage in pvp like services. RULES. 1. Once agreed upon, a deal cannot be changed. 2. Keep anonymous for security reasons until you are given your customers/providers playstation username. 3. All participants must have a microphone, and must communicate through playstation messages or party only. 4. Only tell your customer/provider your base location if the service requires them to be at your base. (Extra security measure) 5. Do not talk about the network in global chat or forums. (This is an old rule, but we are still enforcing it as we want people to understand how the network works before they contact us) 6. If you break a rule there are no warnings, you are banned from the network and we will cease all communications. So how does it work? Email [email protected] Include in the email your ps username and what service you would like to offer/provide, and any crucial details. (Leaving tour tribe name is optional) We will resond shortly with further instructions (finding a provider/customer for your particular service may take up to a few days depending on the service) Thats it, its that simple! We expect to be hearing from alot of you soon and look forward to making primitive a more productive mod. And remember guys, your tribes can benefit more working with us than trying to cheat one of our members, so do yourself a favour and contact us. Your mate, The candle
  23. Thyla Flying

    So I have found that while meat farming in the redwoods on a Giga if you pass a Thyla and it jumps at you it will Fly and then continue to do the same jumping movement from the tree to the ground over and over
  24. Pre Launch Tribe

    Hello all My names Narc and with almost 1800 hours in the game and just over a year of play I'm glad to see the option for a fresh start on launch with a new cluster. That being said I've noticed many people have stopped playing, and with mega tribes going berserk across the server many small tribes have been wiped out. With that I would like to actually find like minded individuals and small tribes that would like to move over to the new cluster together so we can secure a safe start for ourselves. Anyone who would like to join in on this idea message me here or reply to the thread I know launch seems an age away but being ready will make sure our new group can have a fun start together. Steam Group: ~Narc