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Found 11 results

  1. 20 green gems, 20 gas balls = 5 gasoline? You can't be serious, i haven't noticed this till now. That much amount should be giving at least one stack of gasoline, i don't understand why they had to make gasoline SOOOO HARD on aberration whilst its' so damn easy to make on other maps, mainly SE and Ragnarok. My Suggestion: 20 green gems + 20 gas balls = 100 Gasoline.
  2. Wife and I are playing on official PVE Aberration 264. Her character was created on the server, mine was transferred from Official PVE Ragnarok 68. She see the recipe, and I do not. It is not in my engram list to learn. She is lvl 76, I am lvl 87
  3. Gas-crafted gasoline in chemictry bench is just dissappeared, materials (congealed gas ball and green crystals) are used but no gasoline appeared. Official Aberration PC PvE server 222
  4. Easy way to get gasoline?

    Can someone tell me an easy way to get gasoline? I play on the Center Map but will be having another base on ragnorok. (PVE) I make a journey to the snow and collect all the oil but I end up with like 100gasoline. I have two dung beetles that barely produce anything. If someone could give me some ideas then that'll help.
  5. So dinos have a slot for saddles and costume. So any reason why can't the DEVs add a slot to things like the Industrial Cooker, Grill and Forge to hold the gasoline? It is a pain to mass dump prime meat to cook, and then trying to transfer it back, it always kicks out your gasoline too. I can't imagine this would be a tough change to implement, but it sure would add convenience. Especially when you are a hurry and trying to cook Prime before it spoils. Same theory could apply to the Industrial forge and Cooker too.
  6. Gasoline Nerfed????

    Was Gasoline's burning time nerfed? seriously? because https://ark.gamepedia.com/Gasoline now says it burns 1 every 30 minutes in an Electrical Generator, when it used to be 1 per hour. I can't believe this. We have 15 generators in our base (official pvp server) and I make it my task to farm oil and hide to fill them with gas before every 30 days, which is like 12,000 gas that I have to farm which takes hours. Last month, I checked my generator's gas and noticed they only had 60 left from 800 and it weren't even close to the 30 day duration, so I thought it was a bug, so I ignored it and filled all generators up then I put a reminder on my notepad to check the generators in about 28 days. I come on, it's now the 22nd and I had til the 5th of September, and my Gas count is at 58 left in each generator already? If this is an intended change, it just adds to the pile of reasons of why not to play Ark.
  7. I have noticed my gasoline consumption has gone through the roof on my PS4 PVE server, so I did some googling. Turns out you guys intended just for single player use but are on the fence about leaving it in multiplayer. It is super annoying doing so many oil runs, it takes the focus away from the rest of the aspects of the game. I'd much rather be building, or breeding, or out exploring caves, taming dinos, and defeating bosses but instead I'm stuck flying around on my slow ass Argent you no longer let me put speed points into flying all the way up north to whack some oil rocks with a pick. From all of the hardcore gamers on 489 to any developer listening, please change it back. Thank you.
  8. from patch notes: - Doubled the rate of oil and element consumption in singleplayer only on the gas generator and tek generator. This seems to have been applied to unofficial servers. set a stopwatch when i refilled a genny and it had used 9 gas in just under 5 hours. don't have a tek genny to test.
  9. Gasoline - Prim +

    Is there any way to refine gasoline in primitive plus? We run a dedicated server and the admins have agreed that if you bring the materials needed to make the industrial items, and drop it and let it decompose, we will admin in what you wanted (Industrial grill, industrial forge, industrial cooker, no electricity) but was wondering if theres a way to make gasoline still? Crude oil and hide in forge doesnt work, organic oil from basilosaurus that i tamed doesnt work. Any ideas? Side note: i havent figured out any real positive uses for oil in primitive plus, what do you guys use it for?
  10. Man-Made Vehicles

    So, I have brewing over this for a long time, and would really like to see vehicles implemented into the game. I've heard it a lot from others that we don't need vehicles, that they are a waste of developer resources since we have dinosaurs. But I have to disagree. Dinosaurs have a HUGE range of variation on how good they can be with there always being a chance you can't find a good wild dino to tame and then breed - which can take months for some dinos. In the event that you don't have a million hours to pour into making the best possible dino through a breeding program with the mutations you want, why not make a slightly more inefficient, man-made version? This would allow for people who do pour their time into breeding perfect dinos to still outclass those who make machines, but not leave those without the time out to dry, as it were. Drone: A small flying drone, that can't attack and has very small amounts of health. Costing very high amounts of electronics or maybe even element to produce along with other appropriate resources Droid: A humanoid automaton capable of moving slowly, but with the ability to be programmed to work on certain tasks. Passively mining resources, fertilizing crops, wielding weapons for defense, etc. Supposed to automate some of the more miscellaneous processes around the base, they will cost quite the pretty penny and need to be recharged at a generator every couple of days, but i think pathing to the generator should be programmable as well. Hot Air Balloon: A small platform, powered by the burning of a small fire, accepts gas, wood and spark powder, but the weight capacity of the balloon will limit both air time and what else can be brought on. having a small 2 by 2 platform with maybe 3 walls high until you hit the balloon itself, the structure limit would be somewhere around 30 so very minimalistic "cabins" could be built on it. a central "pillar" acts as your steering wheel and where you put the fuel. Rover: A robust, springy and fast land transport, powered by gasoline it can move over various terrains but does best on long stretches of moderately smooth land. Really expensive in regards to metal and polymer this thing needs a lot of resources to get going, but if you are transporting one or two players at high speeds over land this would be the way to go. Helicopter: Again similar to the rover in cost but even more so with a higher consumption of gasoline. able to over it has one pilot seat and a super small cargo bay that acts as a platform with one foundation worth of room and one wall in height. the best use would be to load up on people for transport/bombing runs. Tek Armor: Already in the game, just placed on the list as a refrence to how far along the tech level is. Submarine: Not sure if the mosa can have the vacuum chambers built on its platform, but a mobile air pocket underwater with the possibility of mounted guns is just too juicy to pass up. But in the case that the mosa, and plesi can't take vacuum chambers on their back then a dedicated platform that can, it has it's own inventory and works much like a boat in other regards, a flat platform to build on with maybe a structure limit of 180. Has a built in tek generator effect for everything that is built on it. Mech-Suit: The upgraded version of the Tek Armor, piloted by one survivor, it is powered by element and has two arms controlled by left and right mouse buttons, or the equivalent on console. The arms can be swapped out for different tools, similar to how the mantis works, but the tools are specific to the mech-suit. the most versatile vehicle, with it's range of tool and weapon arms, each reflecting a counterpart with the normal tool and weapon set. Airship: The end all/be all of this vehicle list, it is literally a flying base platform that can be expanded with more thrusters. Each thruster section is module and gives 88 for structures to the airship's limit. powered by massive amounts of element, only mega tribes should be able to build these with dozens if not near a hundred players needed to maintain even moderately sized airships. As the ultimate, base, I would want to see them able to be transferred between servers, but keep in mind they are SOOOOOOOOO slow that if could take most of a RL day to get them across the island. This is to make sure you can't just pop in with a "Death Star" and wipe people they have plenty of chance to see you coming and attempt a counter attack. I know there are mixed feelings on this, so instead of just saying "that's stupid" suggest ways to improve the idea. If you straight up hate the idea of everything I posted just leave a comment saying what you don't like and why. Constructive criticism guys
  11. Outboard Motor: a mid-game upgrade for rafts Basic idea: Equip-able item for rafts. Allows rafts to move faster than normal, by consuming gas. To make this more interesting, there are some control and gameplay tradeoffs I will suggest in the longer version. The item would be built in a fabricator, and is applied to the raft, upgrading it. It's a new use for gasoline, and I've tried to design it to be fun, worth using, but not over powered. Please give any feedback you think will improve it further! Long version The Outboard is an item that is crafted in a fabricator, and applied to an already-built and placed raft, similar to a saddle being added to a Dino. It is removable, and by applying it as a saddle-like upgrade it allows players to improve an already-existing raft without needing to rebuild it. The upgrade grants the raft a health or armor boost, and a small inventory that can hold gasoline. The outboard changes the speed and handling of the raft, consuming gas. When the engine is off, the raft moves at typical speed. When it's running in "idle" mode, it only gives a 20 to 30% increase to speed, and consumes gas slowly, and makes some noise. When the player driving the raft with a running engine, they can push and hold their right click (or left trigger on console), which causes the engine to be "gunned". Gunning the engine boosts the raft speed to 300%, increases gas consumption to something like 3x - 10x rate (depending on the Devs' balance), reduces the handling (bigger turn radius) and control (ability to NOT go forward is reduced), and makes a bunch of noise so you can't be stealthy (and maybe leaves a trail of smoke so you can be tracked, if the Devs want to be evil). This combination of traits means the driver can use skill to switch between gunning the engine and idling in order to have control to make sharp turns. The outboard motor makes the rafts tougher (I'd suggest a major health or armor damage boost to the raft core, like 5 or 10 times), faster, and really fun. The gasoline consumption I'm suggesting is comparable to the way Tek Tier consumes Element. Each gasoline consumed provides a "charge" of 100% that is consumed by operation, and at 0% the engine consumes another gasoline. Shutting off the engine returns the raft to base speed, and stops the charge% of the gas from dropping. How long it takes for the engine to consume one gas while idiling... I have no idea? 5 minutes maybe? At that rate, gunning the engine would consume one gasoline every 30 seconds (for a 10x increase in consumption when gunning it). That can all be scaled for the best gameplay. Rafts need some love. The combination of increased health, increased speed, and the ability to add this to your already existing raft, seems like a good little love letter to start with.