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Found 15 results

  1. Update broke Nameless

    After the most recent update my tribe and I have not been able to get nameless to spawn. This is a huge issue as we just hatched a good amount of Rock Drakes. anyone have any idea whats happening? This is on official by the way.
  2. Griffin Balance

    HHAHA Please raise awareness by sharing this video to everyone. People need to know and ark devs please fixy the grffin
  3. CRASHING!!!! Obelisks and supply drops

    I'm having a major bug that I've been dealing with since when ark was fully released. I can't open any supply drops, loot crates, or obelisks without instantly timing out of the server and being sent to the title screen. This is absolutely game breaking making you unable to profit from the supply drops, fight the bosses, and most importantly transfer servers. I'm very afraid that this is a rare bug left to be forgotten. Im REALLY REALLLLLLY hoping that this horrid bug is resolved by the time Aberration is released. It's been two paches now and it's still not fixed so im very afraid. Also this is only for specific players. None of my friends are dealing with this. To replicate the bug follow these steps: 1. Open any supply drop, loot crate, or obelisk 2. Watch helplessly as you're timed out of the server and sent to the title screen
  4. Whats the point?

    Whats the point of playing ark? I thought the game was in beta to resolve these issues such as duping, ddos attacks etc. And yes, Duping is now a thing on the new servers. After all the beta did last 2 years but still the game gets fully released and people are still able to knock servers offline and duplicate. Joke
  5. Undermapping Glaciers

    I'm built on the southernmost glacier on the west coast on official Xbox pvp the island, and I have people constantly trying to under map me with rafts. I've found where this spot is and I have it blocked with my own rafts and a tek force field, but this is a fragile and temporary solution to a very big issue. I'd be happy to send photos/videos of the issue to help solve the problem and make other people aware on how they can protect themselves until a permanent fix is out
  6. Skins Missing

    So i play ark on both Pc and PS4 but last week I was playing normally I had all my skins in my inventory even when i died all my skins would still respawn with me but a few days ago I didnt have internet connection so i played ark singleplayer after deleting the datas after i got my internet back i went on different servers and i noticed all my skins has dissappered and my notes, map and dossiers also reset to nothing I still have all my achievements so basically everything reset apart from the achievement??? please help!!!!
  7. ever since patch 264 players are randomly teleported to the host seems to only happen in certain areas even when there 10 feet away they will be teleported like there outside the tether range makes it almost unplayable please resolve this
  8. Under the map wipe = OP

    How are we a few weeks away from official release and still have people able to get under the map and wipe? This is nonsense.
  9. so its that time of the patchcycle again, i got loads of wild dinos spawning in my base, alpha raptors, diplos, therizinos, and all the herbis, have shown up, so far, i have a tight mesh of foundations wich is supposed to prevent exactly what is happening now, gamebreaking, fix pls,
  10. For the past 2 weeks servers 377, 378, 379, and 380 have been crashing and roll backing to their previous saved point causing dozens of players to loose tamed dinos and wasting hours and hours of our time. Does anyone know when this will be fixed? Is it someone ddosing and duping? Or is it actual server software/hardware problem? Does anyone have a serious and truthfull ansewer? I just want to go no life ARK for the summer but it sems I can only play for an hour or two a day. And if anyone knows whos duping on these servers please tell me, and lets report them so everyone can return playing on these 4 servers normally again. Thanks!
  11. isolated servers are constantly crashing to the point where you cant do poop. I downloaded a bunch of crap on 37, an hour later server crashes, and 3 days of work simply got deleted. Its bad enough you made me pay for free poop, can't you for once in your crappy life time make the game work? It's not like you have years of experience raptoring everything up. Oh wait, you do. People should get fired.
  12. I hope this is an April Fools joke

    So I purchased Ark a few weeks ago after building a new computer that could run this gorgeous game. I have encountered various problems that have persisted through out my player experience. However, the most pressing matter on the ballot is the new patch. I am fine will all of the new content that is added, but severely disappointed and upset at the same time. Flying Mounts- Flying mounts are ruined. While the change may not be as noticeable for extremely high level flying mounts, the rest of the people who have tamed a Pteranodon, Tapejara, Wyvern, Argentavis or Quetzal will feel the burn. They are completely useless now. Stamina fully depletes withing seconds and having to sit on a rock waiting for it to regenerate is not very fun (the whole point of a flying mount, is to fly). There are very few options for people looking to tame a flying mount, and with those options being made less desirable, you are hurting your own game Wildcard. There is a plethora of ground mounts to choose from each varying in purpose and usefulness. A raptor is a more reliable mount than Argentavis now. Flyers are needed to obtain and transport metal (as well as other goods) across the large and hostile maps of the Island, the Center, and Scorched Earth. They are an essential part of the game for most people. New UI- Hey, what really screams survival? A 4X or space based RTS game's User Interface (menu)? Wow, that was my first thought too. Sarcasm. The new UI is clunky and terrible. The greens and blues of the original menu really blended together and complimented the fact that this a survival game. I know you want to make everything look "space age" now since you have added in tek tier items, but for the 99% of the player-base that does not have those items, it looks weird and out of place. Having to manually sort through folders to craft one item is tedious, and having to right click instead of using buttons is even worse. I do appreciate the upped resolution of the text in chat though. I hope this is an April Fools joke, as the game has become significantly less fun due to these changes. It is funny how you want to "balance things", yet you still allow people to transfer all their items and dinosaurs through the obelisks and wipe server after server after server. (That is a topic for another discussion though). Thank you for your time, and while I am only one person speaking, I can guarantee you there are a thousand people who feel the same as I do.
  13. The first and for-most problem i see people talking about in chat all day long is the extreme amount of lag that has come since we went to v255, not being able to access anything or use anything for up to minutes at a time watching as our babies die because no one can use or access anything, or watching as a rouge Argentavis kills our dinos because we cant attack it, ride any dinos or whistle to neutral for up to minutes at a time , everyone in my tribe has either lost an important dino or nearly lost one entirely due to lag and asking around in chat shows every other tribe has been dealing with the same thing across all official servers, and now today i come online to most of my tribe messaging me asking me if anyone else is able to connect to any server and the answer is NO, most of us cannot play the game today for what ever reason, most of my tribe is unable to connect to any official server, we have been trying to connect to our two main servers for hours now and looking at the server population, all the servers we play on have less people than normal suggesting this problem extends far outside my tribe, its the way of early access games to make a great game and then constantly make it worse with premature updates, this is why pretty much every other early access game has a stable branch and an dev branch so they can avoid losing their player base and i hope wildcard has the sense to do the same before they kill their player base off before the game actually releases, the massive amount of lag since we upgraded to v255 had figuratively made the game unplayable however the inability to actually join a server has literally made the game unplayable for the majority of my tribe and i hope wildcard can fix this issue before our dinos starve or die off due to no one being able to log in and take care of them. My best advice to Wildcard or any game dev for that matter is to actually play your game and ask the players what there biggest problems are and you will learn very quickly and easily what problems you need to focus on, before V255 the main things people complained about were mostly getting stuck in dinos, walls and floors, as well as dinos getting stuck in each other, after v255 i cant look up at global chat with out seeing someone complaining about the lag, for an early access game feedback is very important and with this BS forum site that you cant actually use the forums unless you notice the message telling you to update your profile and select the "i am human" option is completely idiotic considering we already did the i am human test when making the account and its even dumber when you realized the majority of your players think the site is just broken and are still waiting on a fix so maybe use your brain fire who ever thought that was a good idea and make it more obvious what you have to do to actually use the forum, i made an account did the i am human test while creating my account, verified my account from my email and still cant do anything on the forums? unless i decide to check my message box on this website and notice the message telling me i have to edit my profile and click i am human..... so yeah most people wouldn't bother checking there messages when they cant even make a thread considering the messages you would be expecting on a site like this would be in reply to a thread or post
  14. We are havin issues with the survivor duplicates every time we upload, so it leaves one copy behind on the map we are uploadin from. Not the biggest issue, but with the tek tier coming its gonna be since its linked to the survivor and only completly available on the island. Only solution i found so far is takeall when returning. But with 10 tribes and everytime a player wants to get the tek. This is on xbox dedicated server.
  15. Can't harvest

    Ok just wondering if anyone is have a problem with harvesting and such, after a while the game stops letting me harvest what do i do? if this is a glitch in the game Devs Plz move swifty and fast to fix it its breaking ur game.