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Found 13 results

  1. I have multiple types Xbox ones so I decided to host Player-Dedicated servers for friends and other people and I'm also able to play on them (since I have multiple Xboxes) but me and other people run into this problem trying to join off my host accounts, the "Join Game" option would be greyed out after a few hours of the server being up and it prevents anyone outside of the game from joining. I end up just resetting the server and it usually happens again and i'm losing players and trust that the server doesn't have to go down every other hour it's very frustrating, the game is so great and we're just trying to play it but we can't even do that :(.
  2. Alright to keep this short and simple,the entire ps4 prim+ community after this one update cant place a selection of structures. Help
  3. radiatorlions

    gamebreaking Invisivle dinos

    Playing on unofficial dedicated aberration server on xbox one and most wild dinos are invisible including ravagers and spinos. There was no new update or anything like that, I logged in for the first time today and I cant see anything, just invisible dinos killing me over and over.
  4. I can post video of this, if needed. What happend was we were fighting the overseer, it was at around 60% health, suddenly it disappeared, there was extremely loud and dramatic music (I guess this is the normal part) and around the asc . terminal an animation started playing. As the animation finished, the world turned white. Everything except hud and player names turned 100% white. We were still at the same spot (ascension room), but there were no enemies left, timer counting down. Re-logging cleared up the whiteout problem temporarily (animation started playing again), but it was the same after it finished playing. Not sure what happened to players inside after countdown ended, everybody killed themselves before that.
  5. CaptainRS3

    Update broke Nameless

    After the most recent update my tribe and I have not been able to get nameless to spawn. This is a huge issue as we just hatched a good amount of Rock Drakes. anyone have any idea whats happening? This is on official by the way.
  6. McCluskeyy

    Whats the point?

    Whats the point of playing ark? I thought the game was in beta to resolve these issues such as duping, ddos attacks etc. And yes, Duping is now a thing on the new servers. After all the beta did last 2 years but still the game gets fully released and people are still able to knock servers offline and duplicate. Joke
  7. BakaZeroHD

    Skins Missing

    So i play ark on both Pc and PS4 but last week I was playing normally I had all my skins in my inventory even when i died all my skins would still respawn with me but a few days ago I didnt have internet connection so i played ark singleplayer after deleting the datas after i got my internet back i went on different servers and i noticed all my skins has dissappered and my notes, map and dossiers also reset to nothing I still have all my achievements so basically everything reset apart from the achievement??? please help!!!!
  8. NarutoUzumaki

    Undermapping Glaciers

    I'm built on the southernmost glacier on the west coast on official Xbox pvp the island, and I have people constantly trying to under map me with rafts. I've found where this spot is and I have it blocked with my own rafts and a tek force field, but this is a fragile and temporary solution to a very big issue. I'd be happy to send photos/videos of the issue to help solve the problem and make other people aware on how they can protect themselves until a permanent fix is out
  9. ever since patch 264 players are randomly teleported to the host seems to only happen in certain areas even when there 10 feet away they will be teleported like there outside the tether range makes it almost unplayable please resolve this
  10. staggerlee45

    Under the map wipe = OP

    How are we a few weeks away from official release and still have people able to get under the map and wipe? This is nonsense.
  11. so its that time of the patchcycle again, i got loads of wild dinos spawning in my base, alpha raptors, diplos, therizinos, and all the herbis, have shown up, so far, i have a tight mesh of foundations wich is supposed to prevent exactly what is happening now, gamebreaking, fix pls,
  12. For the past 2 weeks servers 377, 378, 379, and 380 have been crashing and roll backing to their previous saved point causing dozens of players to loose tamed dinos and wasting hours and hours of our time. Does anyone know when this will be fixed? Is it someone ddosing and duping? Or is it actual server software/hardware problem? Does anyone have a serious and truthfull ansewer? I just want to go no life ARK for the summer but it sems I can only play for an hour or two a day. And if anyone knows whos duping on these servers please tell me, and lets report them so everyone can return playing on these 4 servers normally again. Thanks!
  13. isolated servers are constantly crashing to the point where you cant do poop. I downloaded a bunch of crap on 37, an hour later server crashes, and 3 days of work simply got deleted. Its bad enough you made me pay for free poop, can't you for once in your crappy life time make the game work? It's not like you have years of experience raptoring everything up. Oh wait, you do. People should get fired.