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Found 37 results

  1. @Jatheish or any other WC employee who can answer this for the dev team, When are you guys going to have support on lost survivors that also asignes imprint on new created survivors. 2nd time i lost my survivor because your bugged transfer system and again all my imprint bonuses are gone, i am sure i am no the only one who is really pissed about this poor support. When are you going to fix this that imprints also can be assigned since i do not see you guys fix the lost survivor issue any time soon. IS it so hard to make a tool for this or assign the IMPRINTS to the steam account or even make it bound to tribe.... your current system really sux (best way to describe it, wil not use other words ^^) Serious i got as a solo player ALOT of imprints and that is not the most easy task.. to get all 100, and now because of you faulty system its wasted time.. again. This i probably another post on the huge pile that gets ignored...
  2. This has been happening since yesterdays update. I am unable to play both Singleplayer and Multiplayer, everytime I go to a game session in either the loading is stuck on "PrimalGameData_BP". My game is unplayable right now if anybody knows a fin I would appreciate it a lot!
  3. There really needs to be an easier way to clear out spoilt Wyvern and Drake Eggs from unofficial servers (which should also help officials!). Running a small community server, the eggs don't have as much traffic in them being collected so quite often it results in having to clean out the nests - normally in god mode - once a week (since spoil time is just over 7 days). While yeah its doable, I also don't see why admins should have to spend sometimes hours cleaning eggs- I suggest either a way to admincheat eggs clear, or allowing wild eggs to vanish once spoilt by themselves. I am sure this has been suggested countless times, but I wish to re submit this as a suggestion.
  4. Mejoberry server on mobile is suddenly broken. We can’t get back online. Will there be a fix?
  5. So update 1.96 seems to have broke the advanced work bench again. I have an idea. Remove the advanced work bench engram from the game until fix. Problem is primitive plus doesn't seem to like the override engram name but use the index. Anyone able to find the engram index for advanced work bench. I can't find it anywhere!! Please help
  6. Let me first start off by saying I’ve put in 50+ days into ark on the Xbox ever since it launched and I feel it’s the worst it’s ever been as of June 21st 2018. Ark keeps pushing new maps, dlcs, and Dino’s. When their previous content is failing. Things like undermaping and Dino’s disappearing plague arks old maps. I’ve been in a mega tribe as well at one point and even then I couldn’t escape arks terrible system. As well as previous nerfs to fix lag. Lag is a very big problem in ark but the ways they’ve attempted to fix it make things worse for example the 100 turrets in a 36 foundation radius update. This ruined previous bases and bases to come. It made bases with more than enough resources to defend better too weak against raiders. Huge bases with tek could be taken down by 2-3 guys with flak and C4. Aswell as undermapping ark needs to get a concrete decision to fix this many bases and Dino’s of mine have been lost due to this. And bugs with Dino’s platform saddles, Dino’s, and the environment around you. To sum up while the dlcs are great ark you need to focus on getting a better system to run the game aswell as fix these bugs you’re losing your fan base my tribe and I have taken countless breaks for now and we’ve permanently stopped playing until they did their game. Share this and get the word around please ark devs need to see this.
  7. Sleiva

    fix Scar

    Hi, I wanna talking about scar on many scorched earth or ragnarok servers have beginner people who catch wyvern eggs then if it's low level they drop it away instead eating it when they drop they block spawns in scar untill someone will pickup that egg with tapejara and eat it. That need to be fixed like those wyvern eggs will disappear in scar whitch are dropped by poeple or just disappear when it's 0:00 timer or another method to fix it. Please fix that.
  8. So last night I transferred to a random Ragnarok server and I brought a flyer with me so that I could get around a little easier. I went to re-upload my tame so I could download it again on the random server so that if it were to get killed by another tribe they wouldn't be able to see the server It was uploaded from just the server it was tamed on. I wasn't able to because of the 12-timer. So after finding some loot I hid my flyer and went to bed. I woke up the next morning found a supply drop and uploaded all my loot without any problems. I went to upload my tame so I could keep it in the ob instead of the random server (was afraid it may get killed, didn't necessarily make friends 😂) It gave me the option to upload a tame, the 12-timer had ended, I could select the tame and click "upload tame", then it would show me the prompt saying "are you sure you want to do this all items on tame will be dropped blah blah blah", but then when I accept this nothing happens. The prompt goes away but my tame doesn't upload. I thought maybe it was because I was at a drop instead of the ob, so I tried green but still the same thing. i've tried googling and youtubeing the problem but haven't found any recent forums or videos on this. Im going to try knocking out my bird and attempting it again when it wakes up or exiting the game and joining again. If anyone has experienced this problem and knows how to fix this bug It would be extremely appreciated!!! Time is of the essence
  9. Kurosai

    Xbox Trading Clubs are so bad

    I just recently got into the trading scene on xbox 5 or 4 months ago and through the scams that have happened to me and my tribemate. I just think the moderation on the clubs is horrible it's so easy to scam to since the Admins/Mods just accept every join request so all it takes is a quick fake gmail account and creating a new microsoft account and if you have gold it will be shared to that account due to the home xbox feature microsoft implemented when Xbox one was released and boom you have a fresh account all you need to do is apply to a club wait a day then go look at all the stuff people are selling and it's as simple as porting fake screenshots to the spoof account to show to the seller that it's real. It's ridiculous and I'm not here to complain about how I've lost So much stuff I just think wildcard should make their own verified club so it can be heavily moderated. And I know what your gonna say ''Well just use facebook or a Subreddit or the Official Ark Trader Group'' I agree but as an avid ark player I know the majority of Trades are PvE related and people on PvE are usually casual laid back Older People with Daily Jobs they don't wanna hop on Reddit or Facebook to contact a person Via Dm's they would rather just press 4 buttons to go to a club where things are simpler and the majority of victims are these types of people and this primarily goes to Console Players as console is just simpler as opposed to Pc. I think an easy fix would to have an Official Ark Club for Consoles I don't know about Ps4 but they have something similar I'm sure but if this were to happen I know people would like it. 2:54AM damn what am I doing up this late I'm not even gonna spell check this lol
  10. Under the Map (UTM) is still alive and kicking, I'm wondering why the developers have not implemented under the mesh kill zones? Where? Xbox Official PVP server 611 is where there is currently happening. What? There are players using Under the mesh attacks. Who? Players exploiting the game to cause grief. Why? This is happening because Under the mesh exploits/holes/bugs have not been fixed. When? This is happening now 02/28/2018 How? I don't know but you can ask wildcard why there are no kill zones under the mesh. BTW how do I link a video, seems the max file size is 300kb, the video I have is 8mb.
  11. Burnsfanboy

    pc ark hosting problem

    I need help starting a server on my pc so i can play it on my Xbox. My NAT Type is open so i don't know why i cant join my server that my pc is hosting.
  12. soaringeagles

    The center purple rain glitch

    Please fix the center map, whenever it rains in the redwoods everything goes purple or blue. I can't believe you release the game that has such a glitch in it
  13. Juancho310

    Ark crashes when loading

    I'll update this the error message if my ark crashes again and I get the error. Happens about once a day. This error also happen while updating the game this weekend 01/12/2018, it would look back to "update available" when I had already downloaded the update. Ark would launch and crash on the splash screen sending you back to the xbox dashboard. My Ark was crashing when I was loading the game from the xbox dashboard. From the xbox dashboard if you click on ark to launch the game, you will get the splash screen and then immediately Ark crashes back to the dashboard and an microsoft error message is displayed. This may be due to the Digital Rights management. What I did: Quit ark by forced quit on the dashboard. Deleted the 512 ARK cache off the Ark game under manage game. Signed off my Xbox account Restart or shut off the Xbox, through the setting menu, not by pushing the button on controller. When the Xbox restarted, I was able to start Ark. I experienced harsh crashes while playing the game and got the same error message again and ark would not launch past the splash screen, I repeated the above and was able to start playing again. Be patient it can take upwards of 5+ mins plus to do all this.
  14. I decided to spend the morning collecting Wyvern eggs and searching for a high level poison wyvern egg to complete our set. On two out of 4 occasions I picked up the egg.. Ran for my life.. Got back to base.. and there was no Wyvern egg in my Inventory. I went back to the scar to make sure I wasn't going crazy and the eggs/nests that I had raided were gone. I appreciate that loads of new content is regularly released but whats the point if the base game doesn't work properly. Things like this tempt me to put the game down and not bother if all my hard work results to nothing. Please look into this.
  15. CaptainRS3

    Abberant Megalosaur's

    So what is with PC having this patched where bred Abberant Megalosaur's don't become sleepy but xbox has the bug that they are sleepy. Basically makes the only good melee Dino in the game expansion useless.
  16. ClaySmock

    Aberration bugs

    Is anyone else experiencing the bug where you are on a tame like a crab of spino and trap a wild dino that you are going to tame by just cornering it into a rock or something and blocking it from moving and then it just vanishes?? I was doing this to a 145 crab and the crab just disappeared. Also the issue with the crab dropping anything, especially the anky, when whatever you're holding comes close to any of your own structures? This is REALLY annoying and needs to be fixed. And how about nameless being able to come up out of the ground through you're foundations? This happened to me and a reaper king came out of the ground inside my main building in my base lol rip like half my tames
  17. Why isnt this fxed yet it has been broken for months now someone needs to get on this now didnt spend money on a game that i cant play
  18. J0hnnySw1f7

    Glider Suit Skin Suggetion

    BIG SUGGESTION HERE Actually a rather small but what i feel is detrimental to survivors health on the aberration without. I have been using my Glider Suit Skin for a little bit know, just jumping from the local rock walls and tall ladders we have built. Since it is a skin it is wonderful, its a craft and keep till you lose it affair. Wonderful!!! However, it instead of the actual wind suit losing life, it uses the chest piece armors durability while in use. I think this is great, better chest piece, better flight time. Spot on idea really. But, for the love of Christmas!!!.....can we get a HUD icon similar to TEK items that shows the active wearer the wing suit durability left.....i just fell about 100 feet, luckily not dying lol. Because my cloth chest piece broke. Just a suggestion that i feel could greatly improve playability. I can always look in my inventory to see what it is at prior to jumping....but what if I'm being chased by a wild pack of Ravagers....god i hate those things...
  19. bdcreel

    placement of smithys

    Can the ark devs fix the smithy to where i can place it closer to walls, because it seems it forces me to have a big gap between the smithy and wall
  20. genie45

    Dragon Issue possibly fix

    Hey guys we might found a fix for unoffical servers that suffer from the flying away Dragon in the Ragnarok Bossfight. Solution: find your SAVED folder of your Server Copy folder "SAVED" to your desktop or an other save folder (not in your server install) create a NEW Serverinstallation (not a reinstall a complete fresh install from steam) paste your SAVED folder in the new serverinstallation in the according place start your server this should fix that issue BE AWARE - if you are using CACHE from ASM for fresh instalation of servers - you need to delete that !! ASM CACHE folders content need to be deleted please let me know if you can confirm that this fix was first found from @Baradine Allawa on our discord THANK YOU Für deutsche User hier ist eine Übersetzung für euch: https://arkforum.de/index.php?thread/18504-möglicher-fix-des-drachenboss-problems-auf-inoffiziellen-ragnarok-servern/
  21. As many may know it's such a pain in the A to switch from official to legacy. First, that's something I consider a bug plus leads into my report. Devs need to make it easier to access the server lists. The drop down where you select legacy, dedicated, official etc. You cannot just click join ark then the drop down to select what's servers you want.... which again leads to my bug report. You gotta click join ark. Let some servers load then go back to the main screen. Wait a little and then click join ark again and hope it let's you select the server list. By hope I mean this. I've just now as we speak tried going to main menu then back into the server list to select legacy. If you go into servers, back to main screen, then back to servers the game 99% of the time freezes and completely crashes. It's done this as far back as I can remember. Is it seriously that hard to select the server list? Please fix.... also! If you select favorites for quick access to your servers. If you use an ob to transfer your chare tor from one server to another, the favorites list changes back to official or whatever your on. This should stay on favorites. When it doesn't you gotta go back through crashing to try and find your servers again. Such a pain..
  22. Demonslaye


    theres troodons every where you walk!!!! they are so broken and its getting on my nerves!
  23. CookedBread

    Help with stuck wyvern pls

    Help my quetzal is stuck in a wall, I was farming metal in the western metal cave, i need help getting him out, he's the only Quetz we have, pls help im on Xbox hardcore server 1 official
  24. Get a few Dev's and have them join PvE servers and if they find pillars/land claim made setups, that are beyond expected range from a players base (generally pillars that are the second+ layer out from the base. One layer out is of course understandable for expansion and preventing people building tooooooo close for comfort but a second pillar layer is overkill) or just flat out, in the middle of nowhere (along entire beach coasts / covering mountains / entire mini island masses) then just have them remove them without any warning. Take a random time, once or twice during a week to do this and new players will begin building in the previously claimed areas for their own bases. You get these players who talk about how they are protecting the servers resources while having 50+ pillars scattered around a biome, if not giant doors that cut off primary pathways to the rest of the map on foot. People will of course try to re-pillar IF they actually notice their pillars are suddenly gone and if it becomes a problem on specific servers where too much land is being reclaimed over and over by the same person/tribe then issuing warnings and temp bans can happen. If they put pillars back near a new players base then that new player will have the rights to contact Support and the offending pillar player may receive some form of punishment if not a warning about their griefing of another players base. Knowing the Dev's are taking down pillars manually will spread to the PvE servers pointing out that pillaring too far from your base is just a waste of time and they should do more productive things. Gamers have low patience for simple things. They will take forever for a Wyvern because it's a Wyvern but their pillars being taken down is just a tedious task and there's a Wyvern they want to add to their collection of 5 other Wyverns. Tack on the possibility of temporary bans and the rate of pillar spam drops even more. 'Wyverns or banned for the weekend because you put ladders on hunks of wood.' Tough choice. I got on try out Ragnarok now at an updated map size and, while not every PvE server in NA but I can figure MOST of them, were full of nothing but bases and pillars at every possible location leaving a tiny bit of space to build a base in most of the decent areas that are not full of slopes and cliff sides. Beach coast with 0 bases and full of pillars, grassy plains with a few bases and a river running through them and layers of pillars, you get the idea. The only other non manual idea is just to make it so you need X amount of building pieces to be connected to give a radius that prevents players from building too close. Anything too small would have a reduced preventative radius (thatch huts for the night/offline player). I'm no game designer but automatic stuff is most likely harder to do compared to manual removal and warnings/punishments. People get banned from Customer Support Player Abuse Reports so it's not like repeat pillar offenders is hard to handle.
  25. Crows

    Fix Ragnarok Please

    Ragnarok is a great map but it's already proving to be anti-raft. I've lost 2 rafts to two different locations on a official PvP Ragnarok server while driving/sailing the raft over a certain part of the water, causing it to completely destroy itself like as if black hole instantly swallowed it up, and teleported my character far away - then, I was doing a U-turn near the shore on my new raft and it suddenly shot up into the sky, literally... the raft was floating and I was stuck inside, so I couldn't do anything but log out and then when I logged back in, it was instantly, fully destroyed. This is getting ridiculous and I cannot be bothered building on rafts anymore. All of those hours wasted on building a fully-covered stone raft with plant X, smithy, pres bin, forges, etc. all gone within the blink of an eye thanks to glitches on Ragnarok. I also recorded it.