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Found 121 results

  1. Long time I've been only a passive reader on this forum, mainly active on the Steam forums. But it seems that ARK devs are not really active on the Steam forums, so I'll post my list of bugs that I have collected over the years here. Please discuss and PRAY TO GOD the ARK devs actually read this. I'll try to update this list every other day, so stay tuned for more bug discoveries! 1.: Auto-Jump out of water 2.: Loot crates inside unbreakable geometry (mostly fixed) 3.: OP Onycs, Pegomastax and other small creatures that can take way too many hits 4.: Creatures attack and hit through walls/rocks FIXED 5.: Action Wheel overloaded FIXED 6.: some buttons in UI have completely wrong hitboxes: - "Inventory" "Survivor Profile" "Drop all items" "use item" "Drop item" 7.: unskippable "happy about leveling up" animation, even when attacked 8.: inventory sorting doesnt stay (inside inventory folders) 9.: tames/pets sometimes take a very long time to react to your whistle (ie.: "follow") 10.: Quetzals broken messed up left leg 11.: Tames get completely stuck on other tames specially when you ride them 12.: terrible "follow me" AI, circle around you instead of slowing down and slowly follow the player 13.: -removed- 14.: terrible movement physics when running off a rock/cliff (sends you horizontally flying instead of just falling off the rock) or jumping against a tree (sends you flying sideways) FIXED 15.: Absolutely no control on which side the player unmounts a mount 16.: on some mounts the player slowly slides off a mount 17.: Redwood forest way too dark during night, even with "gamma 3" 18.: Rhino doesn't fit through a Stone Dinosaur Gateframe but it does thru a metal dinosaur gateway of the same size 19.: cannot rotate sloped roofs also can't place them on ceilings (unlike ramps) 20.: Mining Helmet: Light doesnt move with players head 21.: Mining Helmet: Light way too dark 22.: pillars don't stack, they snap half inside another pillar FIXED 23.: Cant properly build because "... is obstructed" way too many build restrictions, remove! 24.: can't build ramps anymore (on high cliffs to get up there) because ceilings don't snap to ramps anymore 25.: No stone ramps are available 26.: open door prevents foundation placement in front of it 27.: huge hitbox/collision box for standing torches, cant place in a corner 28.: Terrible hitbox/collisionbox for smithy, cant place against wall 29.: Most Dinos cant side-step 30.: Cant hit dinos with most weapons that are behind a wall (like throwing a grenade down into a pit, but you dont see the enemies directly, no line of sight) It definitely should hit them, but it does no damage 31.: Flyers not landing, sometimes stay in air forever - need a land now button (or auto land, after unfollow) 32.: mating progress bar sometimes not updating (might be fixed now) 33.: Structure snapping for many items way off (such as the adobe window frame above a door frame, you cant walk thru the door) 34.: Cant shoulder-mount Troodons? 35.: Insane freeze frames/lag spikes after transfering large amount of items 36.: Server Lag is quite insane when world saving, even on SSD 37.: Water tanks and industrial cooker don't work together 38.: Megalania incorrect socket location for egg laying or pooping 39.: Feces not fitting the size of the animal (horse, iguanadon) 40.: Weird front leg animation on brontos 41.: Light coming off a lamp mounted on an assault rifle is way darker than that off a fabricated sniper rifle 42.: cant get air while riding Tusoteuthis and visually above water (first and third person persp.) 43.: Unmounting Tusoteuthis inside the animal 44.: Lay-Egg-Buff also counts for male animals and mammals that dont lay eggs 45.: The game sometimes loses mouse focus (Fullscreen-Windowed) 46.: Dead Lightning Wyvern keeps shooting electro beam 47.: Fabricated Sniper Rifle reloading animation way off with the timing until it actually has finished reloading 48.: Wooden shield blueprint not showing durability 49.: Multiple Iced Canteens stack and makes the player freeze in the desert at 60°C (stacking intentional?) 50.: Some cooked items such as the Shadow Steak Saute make a drinking sound when consumed FIXED 51.: Last shot on the rocket launcher doesnt actually shoot a rocket 52.: Loot bags from wild bee hives stay (float) in air instead of falling down 53.: riding a Tuso and attacking something, then swimming away does a pointless 360° turn instead of just straight swimming in that direction 54.: Allosaurus bleed effect lasts longer than the tooltip shows up (tested with Yuty) 55.: Crossbow doesnt work during electrical storm 56.: some explorer notes don't center when opened 57.: holding a torch, gps or something like that prevents dive bomb with griffin 58.: Vessel (for preserving salt) makes same opening sound when closing 59.: Standing Torches or Wall Torches dont emit blue light when burning angler gel anymore 60.: Cant ESC out of Tribe Panel (might have been fixed by now) 61.: Music sometimes keeps playing after the game has loaded and player is fully ingame (joined a server) 62.: "Claiming allowed in:" not properly updating once the owner (or tribe member) comes nearby 63.: Can't see (or hear) rain from inside the houses thru windows/doors etc. 64.: Player swims slower on water surface than under water (scuba flippers) 65.: hanging onto a wall with the Thyla disables torch 66.: Riding a tame in the water, looking down and press any movement key, crouch or jump key makes the tame move forward 67.: Jumping while tames look at you, makes the tame look away for the time the player is airborne 68.: Adding a folder inside an inventory: textbox has no focus for text input 69.: Some aquatic animals commit suicide by trying to swim on land 70.: Can't pick up kairuku babies, but can pick up fully grown ones? Same with other babies. 71.: Can't stand on Therizinosaurus or Carnotaurus etc. but I can stand on a Megalosaurus? 72.: As of v265.xx Eggs now sometimes have no proper physics and the player has to pull them out of the dinos butts. 73.: Beaver dam fern/plant-ish stuff stretches out weirdly when looking at it from specific angles 74.: Unmounting Ankylo: player jumps abnormally far away from it 75.: Feeding Trough makes "door opening and closing" sounds, even though it doesn't have any doors at all. 76.: Player has absolutely no control when "sliding" ontop of a stone railing or other railings or walls etc. 77.: v265.51 Eggs still falling thru the floor, even after patching this for like the fifth time now (Dimetrodon mating on stone ceiling) 78.: Damage numbers on griffins and megalania are white? (intentional?) 79.: Player sometimes doesn't auto reload crossbow, can't be triggered manually either (no server lag at this time!!!!) 80.: Training dummy pointless because it doesn't work at all (no dmg shown with rifles, arrows etc..) 81.: v265 broke the Thylacoleo climbing wall icon, it doesnt show up anymore 82.: Ragnarok: 66.3 41.9 rock has no collision 83.: Flashlight on weapons doesn't stay on when looking into inventory (same for torches where the player has to disable his torch to look at the left arm...) 84.: After v265 eggs sometimes get stuck inside the dino, player has to "pull them out" 85.: huge flat brush with rock texture in the middle of the ice cave at -155837 -179937 6729 (setcheatplayer 1) This looks like low-detail terrain that is still streaming from outside, even though it should be invisible from inside the cave 86.: Weird untextured brushes in the cave at -221505 -51213 27230 87.: Pulminoscorpius Egg vs Pulmonoscorpius? Which name is right? 88.: Ragnarok: Weird round black shadow even without trees at -193850 -333870 -13766, at -192910 -27810 25612 89.: Can't transfer to cluster servers in the same network (Dedicated server in the LAN) 90.: Water rings appear when I fly in artifact cave "Artifact of the Massive" on TheCenter with the Griffin. KOs: -6281 -191753 -27414 91.: World can be seen from below when flying up the roof on TheCenter in the cave "Artifact of the Massive". Kos.: 35700 -184660 -12760 92.: TheCenter: Can see the sun from caves such as the ice artifact cave at: -447794 78434 -51000 (Artifact of the Cunning) 93.: TheCenter: During rain there is an insane pinkish tint in dark areas such as: -191307 630248 7853 94.: Cant destroy Plant Species X or Y anymore? 95.: Griffin throws off dust even under water 96.: ARK crashes giving the player multiple items at once, like: cheat gfi artifact_01 1 0 0 | cheat gfi artifact_02 1 0 0 | cheat gfi artifact_03 1 0 0 | cheat gfi art............. 97.: Ragnarok: Rocks that get broken (for example at 32 56) have a grey texture instead of rock texture 98.: Sometimes front legs like on the Sabertooth, Chalicoterium don't move when they chase something 99.: When going uphill, some creatures seem to clip through the terrain (Rhino, Carno, you name it...) 100.: Ankylo floats after breaking rock below 101.: Can't hear running Chem Bench? 102.: Ragnarok: Light glitch when looking into chertain directions (Workaround: reduce Resolution Scale) 103.: Torch on saddle doesn't give off heat 104.: Since a couple recent patches (v267) the player sometimes auto equips the last tool from hotbar 105.: Having a spyglass active and mount a rideable animal, auto-uses the spyglass with no way of putting it down (other than unequipping) 106.: Playing with controller and having zoomed in with any weapon has way too fast camera movement 107.: XBOX Controller: The radial menu (hold down B) gives the option to poop, but this is linked to the player itself. While riding it doesn't update with the mounts need to poop. It always shows the players status - even though it still works for the mount. 108.: XBOX Controller: Can't disengage the grappling hook while playing with game controller 109.: SE: During electrical storm: weapon light attachments still work? 110.: SE: During electrical storm: crossbow shoots electrical sparks and arrows?! (related to 55) 111.: SE: Unreachable loot crate at 76.4 80.6 (down at the bottom below a pointless kill trigger) 112.: Vulture (and other shoulder mounted flyers) don't fall to ground when encumbered, instead they float up unable to move and unable to be retrieved by player 113.: SE: World loading issue when walking around at 28.5 29.3 114.: SE: Industrial Grinder still works in electrical storm 115.: Very glitchy Kentrosaurus tail, can't crouch or prone behind it without glitching on top 116.: After clinging to the wall with a Tapejara in 3rd person, taking off again, landing and unmounting the tame, the game defaults the player to 3rd person camera instead of 1st person 117.: Giganotosaurus: feet sinking weirdly into the ground when the Giganotosaurus is pooping or laying an egg 118.: With the Griffin one could fast-fly backwards (up) and instantly full-dive-bombing down 119.: Observer cave: Player can get stuck at 13.6 73.9 120.: Observer cave: Round metal beams make "grass sound" when player landing on them 121.: Dedicated Linux Server won't properly save on "SaveWorld" it just generates an empty map when loaded (_NOT_ a permission issue) Suggestions: - completely redo the wiring system for electricity (just like in Fallout 4) - "Land" button for flyers - should be able to push other dinos with a button or so - able to change weather with admin commands - make Troodon shoulder-mountable - ability to cancel the wyvern lightning beam - double click in server browser should join the respective server - combine "electric" and "electrical" folders in fabricator into one - should be able to pick up (or at least rotate) the lamp posts after placing - Switches on electric cable intersections, so we can switch off for instance loud air conditioners - damage overlay (floating damage numbers): option to make them smaller text (slider) - Inventory sort by type would be nice
  2. This is my opinion, and how i feel as of right now I've played Ark for over two years now. Been dealing with poor performance, and bugs on a daily basis. Now i feel i am done with that though. The developers keeps adding more content, instead of improving the game. I would much rather experience new content, in a good performance, and bug-free experience. I've already gotten burnt out on the game's content, and it's bugs and bad performance. And the bugs and bad performance, is what I'm mostly burnt out on. And seeing as bugs and bad performance will be a part of the new content, which I'd love to play and experience. I really don't want my first experience with the content being: ''Ah yeah. This game. Proceeds to Alt-F4'' So my point is. If the developers don't optimize this game, before adding all the new content. People are gonna get burnt out on the game's content very fast, thanks to the bad performance, and bugs they have to deal with on a daily basis. And by the time the developers have optimized and fixed most of the bugs. The players will have nothing to be hyped for to play, as they are already burnt out on the content. This will result in player loss. The only thing they got left to do, is to experience the smooth game play for a couple of hours, and then realize, that they have already done all of this hundreds of times before. So if the game gets optimized before all the major new content gets released. People will be a lot more hyped for the new content, and will enjoy it a lot more, and wont get burnt out as fast, thanks to the decrease in bugs and bad performance they don't have to deal with on a daily basis. I'm not saying this will happen. But this is my opinion, and how i feel right now. I posted this to see if anyone else feels the same. So for me personally. What i explained in this post. Is exactly what's gonna happen for me. I'm not touching ark until it gets improved. Not because i don't like the game, for the opposite in fact. I love it so much, that i don't want to ruin this amazing game to some bugs and poor performance. Edit: No matter what specs you have, you wont get a smooth stable performance in Ark. And performance is the least of my problems. The bugs are what ruins it for me. I can't tell you how many times i let go off my Ankylo from the quetzal and he would stand still in mid air. And one time he glitched through the map and died.
  3. Omnidirectional Lamppost Bug

    Hey there, we are encountering a bug involving our lampposts. Everytime we set the light intensity to "medium" and change server/log off it sets it back to "high". Its really annoying tbh greetings
  4. The center purple rain glitch

    Please fix the center map, whenever it rains in the redwoods everything goes purple or blue. I can't believe you release the game that has such a glitch in it
  5. Water pipes need a small fix ;)

    Let's say you are not happy with your water pipes and want to destroy them, you can't entirely destroy them and loads of water pipes are left flying in the air... forever. We need a small fix on this as I didn't know you couldn't connect to water well's and near the green ob's water "pond". Now my water pipes are just flying there and it looks ugly.
  6. Since these forums are the last thing to get any and every information about the game... Source :
  7. Anyone else on xbox play on the cross ark cluster servers? The ones which ate supposed to have 1 of each map to each cluster? Notice how none of them have all the maps for any of the clusters? If you play on them, please keep this topic going, send tweets, fill out the right forms. Let's get this fixed. 50 tweets in and at least 20 forms sent for server problems and it hasn't been addressed yet they keep putting out new servers. Let's get the ones out working properly please!
  8. So whats up with the servers on prim + will they be fixed or labeled right. I would like to play on a PVP prim+ cluster server, but they say PVP but are labeled PVE. I don't want to waste my time on a server thinking I'm prepping for PVP and come to find out they are PVE. I started on what says NA-PVP-Ragnarok-crossark3 and no one on that server knows if its PVP or PVE, but I can't hurt anyone and when the tribe is offline it says offline damage prevented. So will it become pvp later or will it stay like this.
  9. Fix Dedicated Servers

    The dedicated servers have a problem where anyone can join despite the server having a password. If a random joins and gets kicked, there's a 50% chance the Server will crash. This is a HUGE problem that needs to be fixed. The dedicated server menu could use a redesign as well.
  10. Dupe fix suggestion

    Change the way server handles uploads: build a queue of uploaded items and dinos without uploading to global storage yet (while queued items and dinos are removed from the world), then add an actual upload finalize procedure during server save. So the uploading feature will look like this: world > local upload storage (queue) > global storage. That would add a bit of inconvenience to players as they would have to wait at most 30 min before they can download and use items or dinos again, but in case of server crashes and roll backs it will revert to state as if nothing has been uploaded at all. Downloading could be also done on server save to prevent item loss in case of server crash: global server > local download storage > world. Players that want to download an item/dino will have to request server to do so at transmitter or obelisk and wait for server save, then they are free to use anything in download storage/folder as those items/dinos are already saved on that server. That would add an additional <30 min to re-use uploaded item. I think it shouldn't be very hard to implement and will add an extra layer of protection while WC team works to fix server crash cases.
  11. Every evening i try to log i almost always get this and cant play as of late. Used to not do this so something is up please fix. It happens for both servers i play on. See image below.
  12. Cluster servers

    When will the cluster servers have one of each map? You keep putting out new servers. Please fix the ones out currently. If cluster servers have one of each map, and Xbox has 9-10 clusters, then why are there only 23 servers?!?!? @Jen @Jat @Jeremy Stieglitz
  13. The UI dont fix this issue i can't see everything wrote on screen even in the main menu on XBOX ONE... It cuts off even O in options on the main screen also in the option screen it cuts of the text... UI is for the menu and things in game... but what about the option menu and the main Screen? There needs to be away to adjust the screen ratio fully not just the UI.... because all TV's is different... It been cut off and many things annoy me with the new updates coming out also why i quit ark for months since the flyer nerf... PLEASE GET THINGS RIGHT....
  14. Hello after patch 264.4 on center it's light flickering when is daylight keeps going dark, light, dark, light not only me on global chat some people saying same and my mate in my tribe too. Please fix this
  15. Overheating PC?

    Hey, I appreciate the time taken to reply to this. I seem to have a bit of bother with Ark. I run Battlefield 1, Day Z, whatever there is fine, usually on ultra. Why does my PC get so hot when playing ark? I've barely had the PC for two months and the side casing of my PC heats up. I'm not sure if its due to my processor being OC'd to 4.0ghz rather than the standard 3.6ghz, but I don't think that is the problem. Any suggestions?
  16. The babies are starving over night We just lost a 175 lightning wyvern. please devs fix this. It was at full food we have a few more how ever a 190 fire wyvern was at 0 food an 80 fire wyvern at 0 food. We have others that are completely fine that are still at full food so how the hell is this happening?? We have bred 8 Rex and 4 of them died of starvation when the others were completely fine on food as well as the Thylo and Argent that we also raised, we also raised 5 Ovis and 1 starved again the other 4 were fine had the food and even berries in the trough (The rex we hatched at that time the meat wasn't in there but all were still alive but those 4) That's why it doesn't make sense if the 4 that died of starving all the others should of same with the god dam sheep. 1 more thing we had a 119 mutated giga we bred 2 only that one got the mutated same mother and father (Because of the RNG with the wild giga tames) and the 115 was completely fine with food and even feeding trough had meat. the 119 Mutated Giga died of starvation LIKE COME THE raptor ON!!!!! sorry but really pissed because we got the RNG to be in our favor with the giga to get a mutation and then just the day after it died still as a baby was at 9% when I logged off and had about 15 stacks of meat which should of lasted at least 2 hours and that 1% was on 2 times breeding at that point which should of only needed like 1 hour so last 2 weeks 1 Giga 1 Wyvern 4 Rex 1 Ovis all died. for no reason. and just on the wyvern we almost lost another while writing this and we calculated it looses 100 food like every 10 hours and they all had over 1k food 1 Theory I have is that when you go out of Render some dinos will consume the food super fast so please fix that if that's a thing. or another theory is they are taking damage for some reason like a large amount and are needing to heal when not in render Just check into all thing with food and render because I really don't want to waste time breeding knowing that half my poop is going to starve because it's a complete waste of time
  17. Hello i am trying to kill at island 10 spinosaurus to get spinosaurus sail so they are spawning very more rarerly than gigantosaurus or titanosaurus is it bug or something else? More than week i can't find any spinosaurus which are strange thing that i can't farm those spinosaurus sail for a megapithecus boss. If it's bug please fix it i can't more than week collect spinosaurus sails for megapithecus boss i think not only me who have this problem.
  18. Hi Guys, So last night- after finding my ded unable to now load the P+ centre map (save file) we'd been playing on since the save file corruption of the normal centre map, I started a fresh Island map. My friends loaded in as normal, but I kinda didn't. I had the noise of the Island, along with the animal sounds- I had my quick slots showing- along with my stat icons (health weight stamina etc) but the picture was of the mottled Ark backdrop, along with the Ark logo in the bottom right. Bottom left of screen saying snapshot_15- then it cycled through a few other 'snaphots'... I could also open my inventory and return to main menu screens. So I heard the creature that killed me :-) So... I returned to main and tried again- same ol thing. I then started a single player game- same thing... so I rebooted the xbox- same ol thing. I looked it up on the net- found a guy telling me to delete my local save file- didn't want to do that! I had also noticed that since the patch yesterday I no longer had the ability to exit the game- normally located by pressing start on the icon of the game (in the drop down box) it had simply disappeared. So, I checked my nat- all good- server nat all good. I then went to advanced settings on the network and cleared my MAC address- which did a reboot. I then tried SE single player and it worked! I was then able to join my ded and play. PS I also noticed (after the MAC address change that I was able to shut the game properly (the exit game button was back) and I did this because upon starting the game I noticed it was still running? But I don't remember at what point I did this. I hope this is helpful to anyone experiencing the same problem since the update.
  19. Hello all, Currently experiencing an issue with the painting of my Wyvern. I know that painting on PS4 painting is bug city at the best of times, however I had what I thought at the time successfully painted my Wyv however upon my next login the painting has disappeared and I cannot seem to re-load it. Also painting on the Wyvern again does not work at all. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there is a known work-around? I have raised a ticket however I never seem to get a reply. Many thanks
  20. To all Dedicated Server Hosts

    So it seems to me like wildcard, still, after 2 years, can not get their s**t together. To all you other server hosts out there, I feel like the Ark community has literally turned against us. With the amount of dedicated hosts that are out here now... you'd figure dev would have figured out a way to fix their garbage official servers by now... but what... 2 years later and you have lvl 1500 gigas on OFFICIAL servers. So people turn to dedicated... because the last shred of hope that they actually have in you counts on your reliability on the DEDICATED people that actually enjoy playing the game. Instead... Dedicated server hosts are left to deal with your ****ing broken game in order to try to make an experience for other people enjoyable. But instead, it's mess up after mess up, release date after release date and you guys still can't seem to get right @Jat. I have 500 followers on my server dedicated account... one server host... 500 followers... if that doesn't show you how ****ed up your "official" servers are then you really are beyond help... still... after 4 months can not figure out a way to back up your memory so the client is not corrupted during a proper or imporoper shut down... seriously... embarrassment. I've played this game for 2 years and over the last month can't honestly say I've played more than a couple minutes before I just set my controller down and say "**** it, the server will be gone in 48 hours so what is the point?" Now you move back the official release date... it was July 4th, then August 8th, and now August 29th. At the rate you guys are going, You won't release the game until December 2019, but not before you lose 2/3 of your fan base. Your game is nose diving right now on console. At a very minimum, fix dedicated servers so us hosts can at least pick up on the slack. Since you guys are too busy failing at everything else. Give your fan base something to waste their time on while you all circle jerk in your office trying to release your "final product" after 2 years.
  21. The steam console cant download Ragnarok it says missing file privileges can some tell me what i need to do.. i have logged in and out and back in that didn't work i also deleted all file and folders the were called Ragnarok in workshop and the game folders. some help would be greatly appreciated by me and some others that might have the same problem...
  22. Since I updated ARK to 262.16, I got the error message: "Your video driver crashed and was reset!" After the crash I managed to connect to my server but I only got 1 FPS and my GPU load was 100% and my CPU only 20%.
  23. Got two dinos stuck in the snow biome in glitchy places, tried everything to get them out, is there anything else I can do? 150 max tame yuty stuck: stuck rex:
  24. soo i had 3 allo's 3 griffins' 2 max lev poison wyrvens 6 rexs 3 therzi's and a couple elthse and they just poof gone like this is wildcard telling me to go F myself this is bull shi like how in the hell are they going to replace my mute well let me tell you how... they cant they can not replace the mutes i worked my ass off to get and i can not re buythem becouse i am no longer in contact with the sellers and or no longer have the parents i used to make them so i ask you again how in the hell are they going to replace my shi they stole this is some bullpoop they need to fix there game cancel the release date ( they are not ready at all and rather the gam go to shi instead of admittng it ) stop adding new content and acualy get this game running but hmmmm let me geuss they wont do any of that becouse they dont care about there player one lil bit