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Found 6 results

  1. So after a lot of farming mats I've finally got an industrial grinder and started creating tatch and flint, however this does not give any XP, not to me or any tribemates. Could you take a look at it? I realized it also consumes 1x gasoline each time you use the grind button on a item, but I don't know it that's expected behavior.
  2. Lunar Larry

    XP From Narcotics & Industrial Grinder

    I noticed that when crafting narcotics, although I do gain some XP, it is negligible in the grand scheme of things. For every 10 narcotics I crafted, I only received 1 experience. On the PC/Consoles, (with standard multipliers) I’m fairly sure each narcotic gives the player 2 XP. I was just wondering if there was a reason that narcotics give so little XP on the mobile version. It makes it a lot harder to grind levels. Also, I was recently able to gather all of the resources necessary to craft an industrial grinder after spending the better part of a day playing the game. I crafted it, mainly because I was under the impression that it would be a good way to gather XP, but I was mistaken. I earned zero XP using the grinder. Is this intentional, or was it accidentally overlooked when the game was brought to mobile? And if this is the case, will the experience feature be implemented in the future? (I realize another player pointed this out a few days ago, my thinking was that if I mentioned it again hopefully an admin would see it) I just wanted to thank the admins for all of their help. They seem to be extremely active on the forums, and they’ve helped to bring such a great game to mobile devices
  3. We wanted to make a custom "LevelExperienceRampOverrides" recently but it can take AGES. I mean... if I want lets say... make level 4000 cap. So we made a tool that generates the level ramp. Maybe, you just really hate MMO grinder - like playstyle? Well.. thats for you! Just adjust scaling to match your preferences . Player levels along with engrams and dino levels are all adjustable with multiple different styles and scaling options. WARNING! Newest version (v4) (as of 11.06.2017) may contain some bugs, that will be fixed as soon as you report them. Currently we know one issue that idk how to solve. It may affect very few, but still somebody. If you are having issues running the app and have ever installed QT framework on your computer, change name of QT directory if you have QT newer than 5.6.0 (for example from "C:\Qt\" to "C:\QtHidden\" features: -choose the number of levels you want to be created -set scaling (amount per level) -several styles including exponential, complex curve, static -in app tutorial/help -place for custom code -easy to follow UI DOWNLOAD http://dubba.pl/ark/ ------------------- current version change log: 4.6.101. iniial ------------------- version 4: -streamlined everything -maths re-worked -added real stock values and features like "real time preview table" -convenient wizard form! created by Dubba Thonny and myself. I have included a few screen shots.
  4. #TLDR : Someone crying about stuff that veterans don't want to hear. Ok, so I left my previous server because it was always tame capped, every single day it seemed, and it was a known hotspot for mass breeders and traders to destroy with their corporate storage bases. (by filling the server with insane amounts of dinos) This week I started on a server with less than half the population of my previous server, thinking things would be different. I spend 2-3 days building a decent sized wooden base, protected by like 30 wooden dino gates. Which is a lot of work on a new character that can barely carry anything. I started in a slightly more difficult area, filled with argentavis, sabers, raptors, carnos, scorpions and rexes. So 50% of the time I was depositing all my valuables into a box and luring predators away from my base, or bolaing smaller ones and poking them to death. Inbetween all of that, I kept trying to tame dodos, but the dodos die every time I try to punch or slingshot them unconscious. Then someone says " The easter event won't let you tame the dodos ".... Which instantly blows a noob's life away. How are we suppose to tame a ptera without dodo kibble? Meat? Ok, get ready for 2 hours of level 20 ptera taming, surrounted by predators and NO good dinos to protect it. So I gave up on the ptera and went straight for an argy, since my base is surrounded by them. I get a pathetic level 10 down right ontop of my house ( Best conditions possible) and I would have had exactly enough meat stored up from countless battles with smaller predators with my spears. ... But then suddenly, at 10:00am in the morning when there's usually less players online . " Too many dinos on the ark ". Tame capped. The players in the server say it's been that way every single day since the easter event.... I've pretty much given up on Ark online, since the game fights progress in every way possible.... Just imagine how many newbies are turned away by situations like this.. And yeah, whatever, I could have spent time trying to find less crowded, less capped servers, constantly asking in world chat " Is this server capped ", only to get dishonest replies from regulars who don't want their server to be invaded by newbies, etc etc. I could have went straight for a dino and had no proper base to protect them once I had tamed them, and realized it was capped sooner, etc. I could have went to a newer server with less days old, and hoped it's not already capped by migrating players who are tired of the tame caps on older servers, etc etc. But I didn't, and those things aside, how do you even play ark when you can't do the main objective of the game? Which is to tame dinosaurs? .. Ok well, maybe not EVERYONE's main objective, but the majority of players.
  5. ravajer

    Maximum Survivor Trophy

    Hello people, I've been trying to get this achievement for a while now and I've tried multiple methods and I just don't seem to understand the method or the requirement for the achievement. I've tried getting 100 doing each ascension afterwards and gaining the 15 levels at the end. I've tried skipping straight to alpha for the 15 levels. I've tried doing it on different maps... Nothing seems to be working. Suggestions please!?
  6. Hey guys, so I have been thinking about my first experience with ARK on my PS4, and since the official release (seeing all the brand new players) I have come to realize how much my single player playthrough has helped me out. Single player allows you to start the game on your own time and figure out what is going on and how to make things on your own. This experience is invaluable when it comes time to head into an online mode whether it be pvp or pve. When I first started the game, and went with single player, I have absolutely no idea what all those settings were for. So I actually didn't change anything (for fear I'd make the game crash...no joke) and started the game fresh. Let me tell you starting a brand new experience on your own dropped on an unforgiving island was both breathtakingly beautiful and absolutely terrifying! I knew I needed food and started to gather berries (I started in the easy southern part) and it took me a while to figure out how to harvest from trees lol. So long story short, I had to figure out everything on my own, I very rarely looked up how to make things because I wanted to figure it out on my own. I even got killed by an angry trike after it woke up because I didn't know how to force feed it narco berries. But the fact that I was able to figure it out and do it on my own without other players assisting me I feel made me more capable of a player to go on pvp and pve servers. Actually to this day, on pve I very rarely if at all join a tribe, I know I can make it on my own (not counting bosses). Heck my shining moment in my single player is being stranded on a rock, my ptero dead, and two rexes trying to make me their next meal! I start to desperately fire as many tranq arrows from my crossbow as I can, (by the end, my crossbow was almost broke) and I had two unconscious rexes, one was sacrificed to feed the other one, but nothing beats the feeling of taming your first rex solo! so my overarching point is that single player is a valuable mode to play on and I would definitely recommend any new player buying ark to start on single player without touching the modifiers and just explore and have fun. Since the game's official release I have started on a new official island server and I cannot believe how many poor new players are spamming the comments asking about how to do the most basic task in this game (though I usually cut them some slack because I was in their situation long ago). But honestly I think single player is a good way to at least become accustom to the game, until you are confident enough to start playing on pve or pvp.