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Found 35 results

  1. I have 4 Dung Beetles lvl 9 12 8 31 None of them were producing any fert or oil i put Medium feses in them.Wandering Mode on,Big Pen, I put some meat while not for 2 others,They Re not over burdened I wait for about 2 Hour of gameplay But yeah still no working Im sorry maybe i have post it twice
  2. This has been happening since yesterdays update. I am unable to play both Singleplayer and Multiplayer, everytime I go to a game session in either the loading is stuck on "PrimalGameData_BP". My game is unplayable right now if anybody knows a fin I would appreciate it a lot!
  3. I have been unable to play any Primitive Plus servers, official or dedicated, since the end of July. I keep getting hung up on Snapshot 10 and then I get a connection timeout error and put right back to the server list. I've done several clean installs, cleaned out all mods, verified the cache at least 20 times... Nothing works. I've submitted ticket after ticket. Nothing happens. I know the servers are working because there are players in them almost all the time. I'm unsure of what to do or how to find a workaround. If anyone has any information or can tell me how to deal with this, I would be very appreciative. Not being able to play for that long really kills this game for me because Prim+ is my favorite game mode....
  4. So I'm hosting a dedicated server on my spare Xbox One. My friends and I have had no problems until suddenly one of my friends gets stuck on the primalgamedata_BP loading screen and can't join. We've tried rebooting both xbox's, joining from different menus, going offline, etc, and still can't join. We know reinstalling might be a fix, but we are using that as a last resort. Anyone got any suggestions? This bug really sucks.
  5. So I looked around the forums and couldn’t find this exact issue, sorry if I just missed it. Basically, I have an Xbox one in my living room hosting a dedicated server for me and some friends (I play on it from another xbox one in the bedroom). For some reason, about every 10 minutes or so, the console in the bedroom (the one I’m playing on) will get the “timeout/lost connection to host” error and kick me out of the game. However, my friends are always fine and say the game continues running smoothly for them (there’s usually 3-4 of us on at a time), and even for me the game runs smooth (no lag/rubber banding) other than this one issue. When I try to rejoin, it says the game no longer exists, and the only way for me to get back in is for the living room console (the host console) to leave the game and kick everybody off the server, then restart it and invite everyone back. Has anybody else had this issue or have any ideas how to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. Has Anyone else not been about to start up ARK on Xbox one, Mine keep opening up then closing down? Sometime Please try again appears and says its taken to long to start ? I have tried restarting the console, quitting the game and re-launching it. followed Xbox Help. Nothing has work so far? Does anyone else know how to fix this issue. Been wanting to play for days. Cheers
  7. So I've had problems lately with player dedicated servers. Xbox one 1. They don't show up on the ark server list 2. Host accounts won't let me join them The second problem is the one i'm most concerned and aggravated about because I know most of the time servers don't show up on the server list and that's fine because I find servers to play on through the internet. However when I add a host account to join someone's server it goes fine for a day or two but then I can no longer join because when I try to (I play on xbox 1) the join game option is grayed out and won't let me join even though it says that the account is on Ark Survival Evolved. I have a group of 5 people I play with and they can't join the server either and say they're having the same problem I am. Really wish ark would get fixed instead of wildcard adding new content before finishing or fixing the old stuff. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN! ;(
  8. So I uploaded a few things into the tek transmitter to another server as a a test that went fine. But. When I put a higher amount of stuff in the transmitter when I try to access it I crash and get kicked from server and cause of that I get kicked when I click on supply drops , obelisks , and transmitters now every time . I can't pick up any kind of drops or even do on bosses cause it crashes when I try to even accces it .
  9. eLk0

    ARK: SE - Connection problem

    Hi. I play with my bro ark and for some reason, I am gettin for like half month connection error, which says:" Connection to host lost ". I dunno how to translate correctly. What helps everytime is reinstall the game, but its not even possbile to do everytime when I turn off pc. The checkin integrity on steam doesnt work anymore. Help me please.
  10. TheMadSlacker

    The Center Boss Arena Glitch

    So... Today I was playing single-player on The Center. I had finally gotten the stuff to open a portal to the boss arena. I put everything into the obelisk, I make sure my dinos are in the circle. I activate the Beta Arena. I teleport to the Arena and next thing I know I'm inside that mountain that is in the redwood forest. I use the ghost command to escape. I use my glider to make my way back to the green obelisk (where I started) to see if my dinos were there. My Quetzal, Rock Drake, and 2 Thylacoleos were there. But my 2 Spinos, 2 Rexes, 2 Baryonyx, and 2 Allosaurus were missing. I quickly spawned the artifacts to get back to the Arena. I teleported to the arena what did I find? NOTHING, and it happened again. I teleported to the redwood mountain but this time I died and lost my: Ascendant Compound Bow and 388 Metal Arrows, My Ascendant Climbing Pick, Metal Pick, Metal Hatchet, My Glider Suit, Journeyman to Ascendant Riot Gear and LvL 76 Dimorphodon. Not to mention my dinos. WILD CARD FIX THIS! Can I Have My Dinos Back? Please! Thank you all for reading this! -Slacker
  11. I decided to spend the morning collecting Wyvern eggs and searching for a high level poison wyvern egg to complete our set. On two out of 4 occasions I picked up the egg.. Ran for my life.. Got back to base.. and there was no Wyvern egg in my Inventory. I went back to the scar to make sure I wasn't going crazy and the eggs/nests that I had raided were gone. I appreciate that loads of new content is regularly released but whats the point if the base game doesn't work properly. Things like this tempt me to put the game down and not bother if all my hard work results to nothing. Please look into this.
  12. ive been playing on aberration for a while and all of a sudden when i tried going on my sp game, it gave an error saying: ''The UE4-shootergame game has crashed and will close'' ive tried some things out and concluded that it was the file ''Aberration_P.ark'' that caused it, i cannot play my saved game without it however, because it will begin a new game. its does this crash when loading the AB_SupplyDrops. my other worlds seem to work fine and i can play on other servers, just not my aberration save.... is there any way to fix this without having to start all over again? it does the same without mods, but these are the mods I normally use I think: Death helper Platforms Plus Structures Plus Classic Flyers dino mindwipe MANY NEW ITEMS in that order... edit: ive tried validating my steam files and all files are validated properly until I try logging into my save game, after the error message i validated them again and 2 files were bad...
  13. Vullet

    Glider + Zipline Motor and Dyes

    I'm not rly sure how to explain, but whenever you attach a zipline motor or a glider to your suit, it's colors are based off itself, but say if there's not that option on the specific armor piece, it won't appear at all. I have a Hazard Suit with all the yellow parts dyed Purple, but whenever I attach a glider with purple straps and black wing membrane, it only has the purple straps. And whenever I attach a motor to my pants, it resets the purple part of the pants to yellow. I know it's because they're skins, but it'd be really nice to see this fixed up or something. It'd also be very nice if we could dye our Zipline Motors. Idk, just some poop I've noticed while trying to make my armor look nicer
  14. devilsenpai

    Nameless causing crash

    Problem occurs on: un-official server PC, Windows 10. AMD radeon R9 200 series. Intel Core i5-4670. Using: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -high -culture=en -d3d10 -sm4 -norhithread (doesn't help at all) When: Everytime Nameless spawns or pops out of the ground (according to my friend who doesn't have such problems) What: My game freezes and the screen shakes once, then have to force ctrl+alt+del and close it manually. Any ideas?
  15. was doing a vid, so once i defeated him in SP an restarted the game in which ark promptly boots you from (very annoying btw...) i log in and start the same character again and sounds like im constantly radiated... so, delete character start new one... same issue. stupid crackling sound is constant an it wont go away an i cant rec vids with constant crackling sound X_X
  16. After the latest update, I've been having (UI?) issues. When I hightlight a piece of armor, the box that pops up with the stats (duribility, hypo, etc) is no longer there. Same problem with engrams, blueprints, and broken gear. The box that's supposed to tell the materials needed to create\fix an item isn't appearing. Bought and downloaded Aberration. The box flashed the first time I tried to craft, and then never worked again. I've been on different servers, different maps, different characters. I'm having the same problem no matter what. I managed fine on Ragnarok, because everything was familiar. The most annoying thing was hoping 900 Chitin would repair my ascendant chestpiece. But it's awful on Aberration with the new engrams. None of my server fam is having the same problem. The only thing in common is my Xbox. Did something get corrupted in the update? Is there a solution? Fingers crossed I don't have to re-install! I might cry. 😢
  17. Anyone else having trouble playing ARK on ps4????????? It keeps saying there's an error and the game crashes. Can't play 20 minutes without it happening if I go to far north on the island map... extremely pissed off not sure if it's a disc or a ps4 or a game thing... anyone else experiencing this?????
  18. tikibomber

    Memory Error and many others to follow...

    Now, before the 15 gb update to ARK, I was able to play on Ragnarok very well. Even was playing on an EU server when I'm on the West Coast of the United States. After the 15 gb update, I have nothing but "MEMORY ERROR" issues when trying to get into a game server (YES GAME SERVER) while not having the same issue in single player mode. "WELL, MAYBE I NEED TO VALIDATE MY FILES?" MEMORY ERROR "Uh, How about just a fresh reinstall." and 7 hours later.... MEMORY ERROR "Um... computer reset?" MEMORY ERROR "Reinstalling steam?" M E M O R Y E R R O R So! Maybe something on the server's end? I mean I'm just trying to play on the server I'm usually playing on for Ragnarok. Nope! They updated their server, and everyone else who is usually playing on the map is able to get on and do things! SO- I've boiled it down to it being a software problem. An issue within the game file itself. Something that was changed so I can no longer get into game servers and play on ARK servers. After all, if it was a hard ware issue, I would be having the problem regardless if I could play on a game server or single player only. And before you suggest ANYTHING ELSE, yes. IT! HAS! BEEN! DONE!!!!!!!!
  19. Michael26


    good day after the update I do not have points and more stuff more video on my youtube channel please for a quick fix play Xbox One X gamartag Xbox Live : mikiCZ20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jmxr58EYkhg&t=10s
  20. Idk if there's any requirements to reporting a potential bug, my internet is being finicky so I'll check back later and make any adjustments necessary. My problem is simple. On the map, Ragnarok, in between the redwood forest and tundra, where the two combine, are three oil veins. The one around the coordinates 39.3 and 64.1 is giving me a problem when trying to place an oil pump. I get the message "Can't place oil pump: can't place on floor". I have no idea what that's supposed to mean. There's no foundation or anything placed there. I'm playing sp so I know no one else has been there or placed anything. I placed oil pumps on the other two that at nearby with no problems. I don't know if this is a terrain glitch or what. Any help would be great.
  21. Just thought I'd post here as I have a serious problem. Since the full release of Ark, I haven't been able to access any light/drop/obelisk without timing out and being force logged off. This happens to me alone, on any server.
  22. Не могу зайти в игру античит блокирует некоторые файлы снизу скриншот.Помогите пожалуйста.Писал через переводчик, так как я из России
  23. Hi there, my dedicated server keeps crashing since today whenever i try to join. Yesterday it worked fine. I just quit the server and let the acutal windows pc running over night. Today the server starts easy as always. But shortly after joining it crashes with the popup attached. Has anyone advice how to fix? There have been no updates to ARK or Windows within the last time it worked. 09.11-20.12.42.crashstack Dump722804272.dmp ShooterGame.log ShooterGame-backup-2017.09.11-20.04.41.log
  24. Hi for everyone guys, i have a problem i put the command enabledevelopmentzones=True on my nitrado server and dont work, i dont know what can i do to enable again the overpass over the wall, anyone can explain to me, ?? THx
  25. so im on the island map on my single player game. and I did the blue and red obelisk bosses all 3 at each. I go to the green one and do the first 1 on easy and then when I get back out I cant open the tower inventory to do the others! any one know why its not working or how to fix it?