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    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 62 results

  1. abberration engrams

    when i go back to aberration map and engrams are not showing, is there any fix for engrams?
  2. So I know PC has a line option you can put in the ini to auto learn engrams which is useful for single player any chance we could get this option to auto learn engrams for PS4 and Xbox?
  3. Engrams

    My Question is. What code do I enter in my game.ini file to unlock all the engrams that correspond to their level WITHOUT unlocking all the Dev. engrams?
  4. Hey all! So we have a dedicated server on our home PC running the Windows 10 copy of Ark. The server account (PC) only has the basic ark game, where as myself has the complete dlc collection too. I noticed last night that I couldn't build a windmill which is a SC Engram. Does this mean that I'd have to buy it on the server account to enable this? And in doing so would it prevent my girlfriend from joining & playing as she also only has the basic game? Any info would be great as it's Friday and a weekend of gaming is what the doctor called for!!
  5. Skill Tree

    To be honest I don't like the actual leveling system. You have specific points for attributes and an other kind of point for engrams... And you have to unlock each engram separately, you can buy a wood door but still need to wait the next level to get the wood door frame... I also think that it's not as fun as it could be to get a new level... So here is my suggestion: I'm a big fan of Fallout 4 and I think that their leveling system is very good and could be a good way to combine attributes and engrams in the same leveling system. There are many big "category" (strength, agility, intelligence...) with many perks in each one. You have only one kind of "perk point" and you can invest it in the" big category" or in one subcategory. To put points in a sub category you need to have the right level AND enough points invested in the "big category". For example, if you want to unlock the third perks in the Strength category, you must already have a Strenght level of at least 3. If it's not clear, check on google "Fallout 4 perks and leveling" A good things with such a system is that, instead of unlocking each engrams on his own, you can just use your perk point to unlock "wood structures" and get all the basic wood structures at the same time. You can use this point to increase your stamina stat too, or unlock "advanced ranged weapons", or get a pickpocket ability similar to the pegomastax... It's also good because you have a maximum limit of point that can be invest in each category/perk. This way a level 50 player can't invest all his points in health but he can "max" the health (like 10 health upgrade) and then invest in something else, maybe more specific. I think that each character could be more specific in this way and it would be easier to organize tribe looking at a perks board instead of the whole stat+engrams things. This system could also be given to creatures, changing their stats and upgrading some ability with perks (wyvern shooting fire further or things like that...) but it would need an other breeding system too... This means that all creatures from one specie could have the same base/max stats. But to give sense to the breeding dynamic, babies of high level/stats creatures could be born with random already-unlocked perks (1-5) at level 1, as an inherit of their parents. This way players will stop breeding so much creatures, hitting servers caps, because they won't try to have a 99,9% perfects stats creature but they will breed creatures to get good "bonus perks". It's just an idea to rebalance the whole leveling/stats/breeding system... It's just a suggestion, based on my experience on both Fallout 4 and Ark and maybe many people think that the actual system is perfect, that's okay too. I'm just sharing ideas, maybe some players or dev will think that it's good... or not. No matter the advice, if you agree or disagree, don't be afraid to share your point of view on it ! [By the way, let's have a "charisma" or "social" category where you can put points to upgrade your tribe or tames cap. If you don't invest in it, you're forced to have only a smaller amount of tames or you can only join small tribes...]
  6. So 2 suggestions: With the bookshelves, there's not much reason for them - so, what if they could hold twice as much storage for blueprints? Similar to how a beaver can carry twice as much wood, if a bookshelf could hold 2-3x more blueprints than other items. Also if the bookshelf could visually reflect a change based on how full it was it could be more decorative. Say at 25% capacity it there are a few books on the shelves, at 50% it would be half full, and 100% would have a more full look. Second suggestion: I love Ark, but one of the most disappointing aspects of the game for me was that I can't possibly discover everything in the game (without a bazillion tests) and I have to use the Wiki. My thinking is especially around kibble. There is no way to discover the ingredients needed for each one or what kibble works for what tame. It would be WAY more interesting if there was kibble information on the creature dossiers, or explorer notes with that information. (Just like the current recipe notes)
  7. When I started my nitrado server i wanted the engrams to auto unlock and so now ill be telling you how to make this happen on your nitrado server for xbox,pc or ps4 servers. So first if you want engrams to auto unlock make sure that you are under general then turn on expert settings and save changes now under the settings tab there should be a tab called expert settings you click that now there should be a slide box that says gameusersettings.ini change that to game.ini now scroll all the way down till to the bottom click at the ned of the last setting there and hit enter and type bAutoUnlockAllEngrams=true this will allow you to unlock every engram at your level when leveling up but if you spam something into like stamina the screen will be filled with the learning of the engrams also when you reach level 100 or higher you will unlock all the tea engrams i do not know how to fix this but if you use this be aware of that. Also make sure your server was stopped when you changed the settings in the game.ini and if your server is stopped there will be an option to save changes. This is all you need to know if you want to make your engrams to auto unlock in your server. Let me know if this was helpful and bye.
  8. Can't Unlock Tek Engrams on Abberation.

    I've been having fun with Abberation on PS4 and I've collected around about 200 element from just the charge station but I just realised that I can't get tek on there. I'm not on a cluster server so i can't go over to the island and defeat the bosses, so basically i created what took me over 4 days to create and i cant even use it. what is the point in putting down a charge node and create element when you cant even use it on the map? Can ark just do an update in the future to make it so you can create a tek replicator somehow because you can gather all resources to make it.
  9. So after I updated my Ark with the 1.55 update because of the Aberration DLC, I went to go play on my single player Island character on which I have been working very hard and have spent many hours on to get to a boss solo, its a non online character with no mods or tampering of any kind, and I was really proud of what I had accomplished, I am level 79 and had many tames, even just started a farm. Today however, much to my dismay, I logged in and found that all of my engrams were gone and I had no engram points, I thought to myself "maybe it's just not showing up" so I went to my smithy and it still says I have no engrams, went to my fabricator and still no engrams available, this is very upsetting to me, as I have said, I am preparing for a boss solo and I only need 1 more artifact yet I now find myself without the ability to create anything I need because of this problem. I play on PS4 and I did not have this problem before the Aberration update, It is very frustrating to spend as many hours on this game as I have only to have everything you worked for just disappear, if there is a fix, please let me know, but as far as I know, the only way to fix this is with admin commands, which I do not think are available in single player, my level is still the same, 79, but as I said every one of my engrams are gone and I have no engram points, if this truly is the end of my single player character then this will have pretty much ruined Ark for me, because I will not start completely over after being as close as I was to progressing to a boss and moving on to a new map. If there is a fix, I desperately need it, otherwise I will feel as if I wasted $60 on a game that I spent countless hours on. Sorry for rambling but this is pretty frustrating. P.S. I made this forum account for the single purpose of finding help for this problem, any help is appreciated.
  10. After the latest update, I've been having (UI?) issues. When I hightlight a piece of armor, the box that pops up with the stats (duribility, hypo, etc) is no longer there. Same problem with engrams, blueprints, and broken gear. The box that's supposed to tell the materials needed to create\fix an item isn't appearing. Bought and downloaded Aberration. The box flashed the first time I tried to craft, and then never worked again. I've been on different servers, different maps, different characters. I'm having the same problem no matter what. I managed fine on Ragnarok, because everything was familiar. The most annoying thing was hoping 900 Chitin would repair my ascendant chestpiece. But it's awful on Aberration with the new engrams. None of my server fam is having the same problem. The only thing in common is my Xbox. Did something get corrupted in the update? Is there a solution? Fingers crossed I don't have to re-install! I might cry. 😢
  11. engrams Update glitch?

    I havn't played ark for a while but I got on ark on single player and it showed that I only had the first 3 engrams (notes, stone pick and stone axe). I have no engram points, and no engrams researched. I am lvl 86 and in the engram menu it shows that I can learn all engrams up to 87 in the engram list, like normal, except i havnt learnt any of then yet This happened after the abberation update. Please help!
  12. Since the 275 patch I've been seeing problems with XP levels across our server cluster. Before the update my player levels in config looked like this: LevelExperienceRampOverrides=(ExperiencePointsForLevel[0]=0,ExperiencePointsForLevel[1]=3,ExperiencePointsForLevel[2]=7,ExperiencePointsForLevel[3]=14,ExperiencePointsForLevel[4]=25,ExperiencePointsForLevel[5]=44,ExperiencePointsForLevel[6]=71,ExperiencePointsForLevel[7]=110,ExperiencePointsForLevel[8]=162,ExperiencePointsForLevel[9]=230,ExperiencePointsForLevel[10]=315,ExperiencePointsForLevel[11]=420,ExperiencePointsForLevel[12]=546,ExperiencePointsForLevel[13]=696,ExperiencePointsForLevel[14]=872,ExperiencePointsForLevel[15]=1076,ExperiencePointsForLevel[16]=1310,ExperiencePointsForLevel[17]=1577,ExperiencePointsForLevel[18]=1877,ExperiencePointsForLevel[19]=2214,ExperiencePointsForLevel[20]=2590,ExperiencePointsForLevel[21]=3006,ExperiencePointsForLevel[22]=3465,ExperiencePointsForLevel[23]=3969,ExperiencePointsForLevel[24]=4519,ExperiencePointsForLevel[25]=5119,ExperiencePointsForLevel[26]=5769,ExperiencePointsForLevel[27]=6473,ExperiencePointsForLevel[28]=7232,ExperiencePointsForLevel[29]=8049,ExperiencePointsForLevel[30]=8925,ExperiencePointsForLevel[31]=9863,ExperiencePointsForLevel[32]=10864,ExperiencePointsForLevel[33]=11931,ExperiencePointsForLevel[34]=13066,ExperiencePointsForLevel[35]=14271,ExperiencePointsForLevel[36]=15548,ExperiencePointsForLevel[37]=16900,ExperiencePointsForLevel[38]=18327,ExperiencePointsForLevel[39]=19833,ExperiencePointsForLevel[40]=21420,ExperiencePointsForLevel[41]=23089,ExperiencePointsForLevel[42]=24843,ExperiencePointsForLevel[43]=26684,ExperiencePointsForLevel[44]=28613,ExperiencePointsForLevel[45]=30634,ExperiencePointsForLevel[46]=32747,ExperiencePointsForLevel[47]=34956,ExperiencePointsForLevel[48]=37262,ExperiencePointsForLevel[49]=39668,ExperiencePointsForLevel[50]=42175,ExperiencePointsForLevel[51]=44786,ExperiencePointsForLevel[52]=47502,ExperiencePointsForLevel[53]=50326,ExperiencePointsForLevel[54]=53260,ExperiencePointsForLevel[55]=56306,ExperiencePointsForLevel[56]=59466,ExperiencePointsForLevel[57]=62743,ExperiencePointsForLevel[58]=66137,ExperiencePointsForLevel[59]=69652,ExperiencePointsForLevel[60]=73290,ExperiencePointsForLevel[61]=77052,ExperiencePointsForLevel[62]=80941,ExperiencePointsForLevel[63]=84959,ExperiencePointsForLevel[64]=89107,ExperiencePointsForLevel[65]=93389,ExperiencePointsForLevel[66]=97805,ExperiencePointsForLevel[67]=102359,ExperiencePointsForLevel[68]=107052,ExperiencePointsForLevel[69]=111887,ExperiencePointsForLevel[70]=116865,ExperiencePointsForLevel[71]=121989,ExperiencePointsForLevel[72]=127260,ExperiencePointsForLevel[73]=132681,ExperiencePointsForLevel[74]=138254,ExperiencePointsForLevel[75]=143981,ExperiencePointsForLevel[76]=149864,ExperiencePointsForLevel[77]=155906,ExperiencePointsForLevel[78]=162107,ExperiencePointsForLevel[79]=168471,ExperiencePointsForLevel[80]=175000,ExperiencePointsForLevel[81]=181695,ExperiencePointsForLevel[82]=188559,ExperiencePointsForLevel[83]=195594,ExperiencePointsForLevel[84]=202801,ExperiencePointsForLevel[85]=210184,ExperiencePointsForLevel[86]=217743,ExperiencePointsForLevel[87]=225482,ExperiencePointsForLevel[88]=233402,ExperiencePointsForLevel[89]=241506,ExperiencePointsForLevel[90]=249795,ExperiencePointsForLevel[91]=258272,ExperiencePointsForLevel[92]=266938,ExperiencePointsForLevel[93]=275796,ExperiencePointsForLevel[94]=284848,ExperiencePointsForLevel[95]=294096,ExperiencePointsForLevel[96]=303542,ExperiencePointsForLevel[97]=313189,ExperiencePointsForLevel[98]=323037,ExperiencePointsForLevel[99]=333090,ExperiencePointsForLevel[100]=343350,ExperiencePointsForLevel[101]=353818,ExperiencePointsForLevel[102]=364497,ExperiencePointsForLevel[103]=375389,ExperiencePointsForLevel[104]=386495,ExperiencePointsForLevel[105]=397819,ExperiencePointsForLevel[106]=409361,ExperiencePointsForLevel[107]=421125,ExperiencePointsForLevel[108]=433112,ExperiencePointsForLevel[109]=445325,ExperiencePointsForLevel[110]=457765,ExperiencePointsForLevel[111]=470435,ExperiencePointsForLevel[112]=483336,ExperiencePointsForLevel[113]=496471,ExperiencePointsForLevel[114]=509842,ExperiencePointsForLevel[115]=523451,ExperiencePointsForLevel[116]=537300,ExperiencePointsForLevel[117]=551392,ExperiencePointsForLevel[118]=565727,ExperiencePointsForLevel[119]=580309,ExperiencePointsForLevel[120]=595140,ExperiencePointsForLevel[121]=610221,ExperiencePointsForLevel[122]=625555,ExperiencePointsForLevel[123]=641144,ExperiencePointsForLevel[124]=656989,ExperiencePointsForLevel[125]=673094,ExperiencePointsForLevel[126]=689459,ExperiencePointsForLevel[127]=706088,ExperiencePointsForLevel[128]=722982,ExperiencePointsForLevel[129]=740144,ExperiencePointsForLevel[130]=757575,ExperiencePointsForLevel[131]=775278,ExperiencePointsForLevel[132]=793254,ExperiencePointsForLevel[133]=811506,ExperiencePointsForLevel[134]=830036,ExperiencePointsForLevel[135]=848846,ExperiencePointsForLevel[136]=867938,ExperiencePointsForLevel[137]=887315,ExperiencePointsForLevel[138]=906977,ExperiencePointsForLevel[139]=926928,ExperiencePointsForLevel[140]=947170,ExperiencePointsForLevel[141]=967704,ExperiencePointsForLevel[142]=988533,ExperiencePointsForLevel[143]=1009659,ExperiencePointsForLevel[144]=1031083,ExperiencePointsForLevel[145]=1052809,ExperiencePointsForLevel[146]=1074837,ExperiencePointsForLevel[147]=1097171,ExperiencePointsForLevel[148]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[149]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[150]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[151]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[152]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[153]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[154]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[155]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[156]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[157]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[158]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[159]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[160]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[161]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[162]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[163]=1119812) This goes from 0-163 and resulted in max level being 150 before ascension, with another 15 levels above that. Since the patch however this exact config results in a max of 135 before ascension. I assumed that 15 new levels were added for ascension on Aberration so I added 15 new levels to the config to compensate for that. This now looks like this and goes from 0-178: LevelExperienceRampOverrides=(ExperiencePointsForLevel[0]=0,ExperiencePointsForLevel[1]=3,ExperiencePointsForLevel[2]=7,ExperiencePointsForLevel[3]=14,ExperiencePointsForLevel[4]=25,ExperiencePointsForLevel[5]=44,ExperiencePointsForLevel[6]=71,ExperiencePointsForLevel[7]=110,ExperiencePointsForLevel[8]=162,ExperiencePointsForLevel[9]=230,ExperiencePointsForLevel[10]=315,ExperiencePointsForLevel[11]=420,ExperiencePointsForLevel[12]=546,ExperiencePointsForLevel[13]=696,ExperiencePointsForLevel[14]=872,ExperiencePointsForLevel[15]=1076,ExperiencePointsForLevel[16]=1310,ExperiencePointsForLevel[17]=1577,ExperiencePointsForLevel[18]=1877,ExperiencePointsForLevel[19]=2214,ExperiencePointsForLevel[20]=2590,ExperiencePointsForLevel[21]=3006,ExperiencePointsForLevel[22]=3465,ExperiencePointsForLevel[23]=3969,ExperiencePointsForLevel[24]=4519,ExperiencePointsForLevel[25]=5119,ExperiencePointsForLevel[26]=5769,ExperiencePointsForLevel[27]=6473,ExperiencePointsForLevel[28]=7232,ExperiencePointsForLevel[29]=8049,ExperiencePointsForLevel[30]=8925,ExperiencePointsForLevel[31]=9863,ExperiencePointsForLevel[32]=10864,ExperiencePointsForLevel[33]=11931,ExperiencePointsForLevel[34]=13066,ExperiencePointsForLevel[35]=14271,ExperiencePointsForLevel[36]=15548,ExperiencePointsForLevel[37]=16900,ExperiencePointsForLevel[38]=18327,ExperiencePointsForLevel[39]=19833,ExperiencePointsForLevel[40]=21420,ExperiencePointsForLevel[41]=23089,ExperiencePointsForLevel[42]=24843,ExperiencePointsForLevel[43]=26684,ExperiencePointsForLevel[44]=28613,ExperiencePointsForLevel[45]=30634,ExperiencePointsForLevel[46]=32747,ExperiencePointsForLevel[47]=34956,ExperiencePointsForLevel[48]=37262,ExperiencePointsForLevel[49]=39668,ExperiencePointsForLevel[50]=42175,ExperiencePointsForLevel[51]=44786,ExperiencePointsForLevel[52]=47502,ExperiencePointsForLevel[53]=50326,ExperiencePointsForLevel[54]=53260,ExperiencePointsForLevel[55]=56306,ExperiencePointsForLevel[56]=59466,ExperiencePointsForLevel[57]=62743,ExperiencePointsForLevel[58]=66137,ExperiencePointsForLevel[59]=69652,ExperiencePointsForLevel[60]=73290,ExperiencePointsForLevel[61]=77052,ExperiencePointsForLevel[62]=80941,ExperiencePointsForLevel[63]=84959,ExperiencePointsForLevel[64]=89107,ExperiencePointsForLevel[65]=93389,ExperiencePointsForLevel[66]=97805,ExperiencePointsForLevel[67]=102359,ExperiencePointsForLevel[68]=107052,ExperiencePointsForLevel[69]=111887,ExperiencePointsForLevel[70]=116865,ExperiencePointsForLevel[71]=121989,ExperiencePointsForLevel[72]=127260,ExperiencePointsForLevel[73]=132681,ExperiencePointsForLevel[74]=138254,ExperiencePointsForLevel[75]=143981,ExperiencePointsForLevel[76]=149864,ExperiencePointsForLevel[77]=155906,ExperiencePointsForLevel[78]=162107,ExperiencePointsForLevel[79]=168471,ExperiencePointsForLevel[80]=175000,ExperiencePointsForLevel[81]=181695,ExperiencePointsForLevel[82]=188559,ExperiencePointsForLevel[83]=195594,ExperiencePointsForLevel[84]=202801,ExperiencePointsForLevel[85]=210184,ExperiencePointsForLevel[86]=217743,ExperiencePointsForLevel[87]=225482,ExperiencePointsForLevel[88]=233402,ExperiencePointsForLevel[89]=241506,ExperiencePointsForLevel[90]=249795,ExperiencePointsForLevel[91]=258272,ExperiencePointsForLevel[92]=266938,ExperiencePointsForLevel[93]=275796,ExperiencePointsForLevel[94]=284848,ExperiencePointsForLevel[95]=294096,ExperiencePointsForLevel[96]=303542,ExperiencePointsForLevel[97]=313189,ExperiencePointsForLevel[98]=323037,ExperiencePointsForLevel[99]=333090,ExperiencePointsForLevel[100]=343350,ExperiencePointsForLevel[101]=353818,ExperiencePointsForLevel[102]=364497,ExperiencePointsForLevel[103]=375389,ExperiencePointsForLevel[104]=386495,ExperiencePointsForLevel[105]=397819,ExperiencePointsForLevel[106]=409361,ExperiencePointsForLevel[107]=421125,ExperiencePointsForLevel[108]=433112,ExperiencePointsForLevel[109]=445325,ExperiencePointsForLevel[110]=457765,ExperiencePointsForLevel[111]=470435,ExperiencePointsForLevel[112]=483336,ExperiencePointsForLevel[113]=496471,ExperiencePointsForLevel[114]=509842,ExperiencePointsForLevel[115]=523451,ExperiencePointsForLevel[116]=537300,ExperiencePointsForLevel[117]=551392,ExperiencePointsForLevel[118]=565727,ExperiencePointsForLevel[119]=580309,ExperiencePointsForLevel[120]=595140,ExperiencePointsForLevel[121]=610221,ExperiencePointsForLevel[122]=625555,ExperiencePointsForLevel[123]=641144,ExperiencePointsForLevel[124]=656989,ExperiencePointsForLevel[125]=673094,ExperiencePointsForLevel[126]=689459,ExperiencePointsForLevel[127]=706088,ExperiencePointsForLevel[128]=722982,ExperiencePointsForLevel[129]=740144,ExperiencePointsForLevel[130]=757575,ExperiencePointsForLevel[131]=775278,ExperiencePointsForLevel[132]=793254,ExperiencePointsForLevel[133]=811506,ExperiencePointsForLevel[134]=830036,ExperiencePointsForLevel[135]=848846,ExperiencePointsForLevel[136]=867938,ExperiencePointsForLevel[137]=887315,ExperiencePointsForLevel[138]=906977,ExperiencePointsForLevel[139]=926928,ExperiencePointsForLevel[140]=947170,ExperiencePointsForLevel[141]=967704,ExperiencePointsForLevel[142]=988533,ExperiencePointsForLevel[143]=1009659,ExperiencePointsForLevel[144]=1031083,ExperiencePointsForLevel[145]=1052809,ExperiencePointsForLevel[146]=1074837,ExperiencePointsForLevel[147]=1097171,ExperiencePointsForLevel[148]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[149]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[150]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[151]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[152]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[153]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[154]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[155]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[156]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[157]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[158]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[159]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[160]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[161]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[162]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[163]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[164]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[165]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[166]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[167]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[168]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[169]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[170]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[171]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[172]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[173]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[174]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[175]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[176]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[177]=1119812,ExperiencePointsForLevel[178]=1119812) Now with an added 15 levels, the max before ascension has been increased to 165. Somewhere, 15 extra levels have appeared out of nowhere. I have no idea whats going on anymore and there is clearly something wrong here.
  13. Engram Points

    I like to play Single Player, as i'm sure a lot of you like to do, multiplayer can get tedious after a short time, mostly because of other players. Yes multiplayer is an important part of the game and it is a lot of fun, part of what make it good is having to work together, you don't have this Engram maybe this person has it and will help you out and so on, but I mainly like to play single player like i said, but because you can get every engram in the game, single player can be frustrating, in my opinion it think it would be better to have an option to allow players to unlock all engrams themselves if they want, this would make single player butter i think and would also not change multiplayer if you don't want it to. what do you all think? is having just another option put in to be able to unlock all engrams a good idea, or not? would love your input.
  14. On Ragnarok solo player my engrams disappeared from the Smithy?
  15. I love P+ but I question if the game is even beatable without guns and riot armor let alone taming every tamable creature . I thought that by P+ they just ment more fun things to do not ruin the gameplay.
  16. Prim plus currently does not allow ALL Tek and modern engrams. If the engram is added, placing something like a Tek replicator doesn't work. The player 'consumes' it instead of placing it. This should be a server option, not locked out completely. The engram for many modern engrams also do not get added.(eg scuba tank, electric generator, elevator parts, tranq darts) 1. I should have the freedom to mix both if I want especially if I am the admin and the one paying for the server. I understand that P+ is not meant to have modern engrams or Tek but if I want to add the engrams for a Tek replicator I should be allowed to. It's the way I want to play on my server. 2. There is zero incentive to beat the bosses. 3. No Scorched Earth engrams work using P+. This clashes with the Ragnarok map which allows whips and has resources from SE. Spawning a Tek replicator doesn't work either. Video of me 'consuming' it... video Admins should have full control and power over a server they are paying for.
  17. New Tek Idea - Fossil Generator

    Had this idea for a while now but never really been bothered to mention it until now. The basic premise of the idea is to collect hard to find fossil shards across the maps using a fossil excavation tool. Each map could have it' own unique dino attached to the fossils in order to some variety. Once enough fossil shards have been collected they can be put into a fossil incubator or chamber where the shards are slowly formed together until the dino is complete. The chamber would have to be powered by a tek generator and also the amount off fossil shards collected will depend on overall level of the complete dino and also how long the fusion process takes. I have no idea on what dinos there could be but they'd Have to be something pretty special and beast in order to make it a worth while process to go through, maybe even have a land, air and sea dino and each once connected to one of the maps. Just an idea and looking for peoples opinions or if anyone else has any good ideas they'd like too share.
  18. Mindwipe Tonic Re-work

    Would you guys mind reworking the mindwipe tonic patch? As of now you can only wipe once per level and when you get to max level you are stuck with the engrams you have learned unable to unlock the new dlc engrams without creating a new character first. How about adding a system where you can only mindwipe once per real life month or after a amount of time, that way you cannot wipe constantly giving the older players access to new engrams with newer ways to play and balancing out gameplay?
  19. After the last patch, every engram point gained with new levels will disappear after exiting the game, the engrams learned since the patch are gone too. I've verified this bug on three maps: the Island, the Center and Ragnarock, also I was in singleplayer mode. This bug will make Aberration impossible to play, so i hope it will be solved soon
  20. you have an engram that you would like it to be in ark or you would like certain engrams to be modified and / or improved, then put your ideal in this topic so that I study wildcard itrodusca in the game I am going to share the few engrams that you might like for example: metal arrows: these arrows would have slightly more damage and durability would be learned at level 25 and would cost 2 metal ingot 4 wood 4 cementing paste 6 fiber 3 straw or feathers created on smity decrease the bow weight from 7 to 3 weight the rocket launcher from 20 to 12 the semiautomatic rifle from 25 to 10 to the cluster grenades redusi its weight to .06 weight the flamethrower from 20 to 9 also riot armor and pelage redusi its weight to lamitad and it increases the metal increase the distance, speed and decrease the projectiles drop of weapons like bow, harpoon launcher, crossbow, rocket laucher, ballista turret, spear, slingshot, darts and grenades (in real life the bullets have a certain velocity and a deflection by the distance an average bullet has a speed of 300 and so many meters per second a .50 takes approximately 5 seconds in travel a distance of 3km between more distance more factors affect the bullet for example: the top, wind, temperature, humidity, to the rotation of the earth is a factor a gun bullet in feeta to fall to 800m in the game to the time in which the projectile hits your target is less than a second anque this is far away so much that if you put the command slomo zero (0) the projectile already leaves the cannon before doing the shooting animation that the tek grenade does not simply adhere to and explode but is programmable to be thrown and exploded afterwards as any grenade, explode to contact, which is thrown and exploded when something comes closer, that when the grenade approaches, if it were a rpg adose and explode or that the grenade stun their enemies and the maneuvers to fly and porsupesto that the radius of the exploit is also scheduled a small and very powerful area and a very large but weaker area and that can be autoprogramas pa what the pomegranate creates convenient. that the sniper rifle remove the peephole and the camien the name to semi automatic rifle and that the current version of the rifle is that the blacksmith was created with 8 shots and an expanded magazine of 10 shots and that they put an improved version that I would call semi-automatic rife made with a base of 10 shots and expansion of 12 shots and with better pressure, a cushion head and with a hydraulic system to improve the rate of fire and that has more distance and durability that the current slide shotgun put you hunting shotgun design and change the design to that of the spass-12 (it is the shotgun that arises in jurasic park) with the characteristics of the semiautomatic rifle the harpoon launcher increase the terrestrial damage is similar to that of aquatic damage the handle also has to have a harpoon that works with elastics and what should be done in a forwarded smity a harpoon launcher framed and composite that works with elastics and with a pneumatic system adding damage durability precision with spear bolt compounds that work like the current compound arrows. E
  21. Hi there can any tell me why, after playing Single Player, the character I was using was gone, and also any skins I have achieved are gone as well. My structures and dinos are still there, but my character is gone. After doing the alpha for the Tek Cave, I went through the whole thing and also the end credits, I went to start up and my character wasn't there to download. Can someone tell me what might have happened also I am on PS4. Thank you guys.
  22. Hello, I have successfully used beer barrels in this game before, but I am trying to set a few up on The Island, and they just will not work. Looking at them, they say that they're irrigated, but when I open the inventory none of the engrams show up, and if I put the ingredients into the barrels nothing happens. Apart from the engrams not showing, I notice that there is not water bubbling from the cork on top of the barrels, as it did previously. They do show that they're fully irrigated (1000/1000), though. Any help, please!
  23. A Name Not To Be Forgotten

    SO I'M BACK AGAIN WITH JUST ANOTHER SUGGESTION!!!!!!!! This time, I want to talk about our tractable items.... Back in Minecraft or even Skyrim, did you ever have a sword, bow, shield, or even a live of armor that you named specifically just because it (May or may not have) held some meaning to you? Well, personally, as I go slaying Dodos with my bow every time I start a new sever, I often think to myself, "Self, don't you wish you could name your bow the Dodo Destroyer?" Often times, I find myself answering yes. Now a little silly, yes. But don't you wish you could personalize a pike's or chest niece's name, just so you'll always know that it was yours? Maybe this suggestion is for you! I think that it would provide a bit of entertainment as well as a small sense of pride if someone was able to name and rename a crafted item, you know, for the sake of customization. AGAIN, as I post every time, I'd love a little feedback, and as always guys, constructive criticism is always appreciated!!! Sincerely, Your Not So Amazing Neighborhood Zevaryian
  24. Ok, my character got bugged with the last update that came last weekend, ark version 1.28 I think it is. I didn't had time to play until today, so after I login in the official ark server # 647 on PS4 (server that I always play with my friends), I noticed that my character was still lvl 77. It was strange to me because my friends told me that with the update, they reseted everything (LVL and engrams learned) but gave back to you, your lvl points and engram points to reorganize your character. The problem is that when I enter the engram tree screen, it appears to me that I have 0 (ZERO) engram points to put and no engrams learned. So basically, I'm lvl 77 and can't place a campfire lol......................... This is driving me nuts, I don't know what to do and where to seek for help, I reported this in-game as "report abuse", also searched for this issue on the internet and no answers. Is there some way to contact official Ark Support in case this problem still persist and actually come to a solution for this? Is stupid to invest so many hours in this game and recieve this back to me. Maybe there's a way to return to lvl 1 but with all my lvl points available for putting them again and recieve engram points and re-learn everything.................... My ps4 tag is: Thekushie. PLEASE HEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!