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Found 17 results

  1. stevealicious

    Element Dust and Corrupted Dinos

    It's known that corrupted Dino's are attracted to element caches but I'm wondering if that affects element Dust as well? Keep finding corrupted Dino's around my base on pve official and not sure if they are from being kited there or from the stash of element Dust I have.
  2. RighteousDevil

    Element Glare

    On XBox One X, I've modified monitor and in game graphic settings. Element lakes and rivers are insanely bright, making it a pain, literally, to travel down in the red zone. Happens on official and unofficial servers. I have noticed my wife, whom is on a regular XBox, does not have this issue.
  3. Kazt

    All of my dinos taking radiation?

    Don't know if this is a bug or if it's just me being stupid. So I was on Abberation going into the element with full hazard suit, shinehorn on my shoulder, along with 1 Karkinos and 3 Megalos. When I got to the element, the shinehorn was taking radiation damage. I went back and made a couple mushroom brews and forcefed one to it, then when i went in again, my Karkinos and all my Megalos started taking radiation damage (they weren't until now) and my Shinehorn wasn't. I would assume this is a bug? It might be some non-radiation thing dealing damage instead but this is awful strange. I need to get a rock drake soon and would appreciate some advice for this asap. Also when I was messing around on a singleplayer abberation i went to element with rock drake and it took radiation damage but this was a while ago (about month and a half) so that may not be relevent.
  4. zombieslayer237

    tek Tek Compressor Idea

    Hi everyone, I have an idea that would make a pretty good addition to tek tier in Ark. This idea is a Tek Compressor, it would work as a forge but would cook at least 10 metal a second, and also because it uses pressure and element to cook this metal, it wouldn't waste metal like a normal forge would and will cook metal at a 1:1 ratio. Finally, since this is tek it will run on element or element shards with 1 element lasting 10 minutes.
  5. o0oNightmareo0o

    Authentic Cthulhu!!!

    Like the title says, I would love to see a legit Cthulhu in the sea. The first of its kind in Ark, a world boss that gives elements or extremely rare loot. Almost impossible to kill, but easy to die from. Hmm.. what is a Cthulhu you might ask? It is the brainchild of a H.P. Lovecraft. Let me google that for you. per Wiki.. In "The Call of Cthulhu", H. P. Lovecraft describes a statue of Cthulhu as "A monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow wings behind."[9] Cthulhu has been described in appearance as resembling an octopus, a dragon and a human caricature, hundreds of meters tall, with webbed human-looking arms and legs and a pair of rudimentary wings on its back.[9] Cthulhu's head is depicted as similar to the entirety of a gigantic octopus, with an unknown number of tentacles surrounding its supposed mouth. Simply looking upon the creature drives the viewer insane, a trait shared by many of the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods. .............................................................Basically, its crazy badazz. Or something based on it, something human, but Godlike, from the depths of the sea. Tentacles, multiple heads, worm like, man like, truly horrific. And the best part... It drops element in world!!!
  6. Scrysis

    Element crafting recipe?

    The element crafting recipe. Is there a way to change this at all? I run a small private server for me and a friend or two, and the server is only up when we're playing. Is there anyway of changing the configuration settings to make the station downtime shorter, or maybe have more element shards be crafted at one time? I would really like to avoid having to spawn in element just so that we could do stuff with it.
  7. Before I submit a bug report, I want to know if anyone else has experienced this issue. As the title suggests, I have encountered on two different occasions tek structures, that are fueled by element or shards, consuming them every half second. The first structure I noticed this happen to was the tek forcefield so I shut it off completely. I logged in just earlier to find one of my tek generators doing the same thing but with element shards instead, except this time, I turned it off and back on, and now it seems to be working again. I’ve been testing the consumption rates on different radius’s so I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on them, however this issue has only occurred once I’m in render distance, because the initial check of consumption seemed to be around the correct mark then it immediately starts burning through them. I’ve been running with tek generators for the past 3 weeks on my private servers, and this last week has only been an issue. Added info: Nitrado PC unofficial with fuel consumption interval multiplier set to 4x (as its an interval multiplier, increasing the amount prolongs the time in between intervals).
  8. Demerus

    Element Crafting

    hey all, so I just recently tried crafting element to see the difference compared to running boss marathons. I didn't expect it to be so time consuming and boring. My current method is: 1. take 8 empty batteries, stick them in a node to charge. 2. After a couple minutes when they are fully charged i put in all the matts to craft the element yielding 3. 3. The node goes dead for 40+ mins and I continue on to find the next available charged node to rinse and repeat. I have tried manually charging each battery with bugs thinking it would save me time, but this is not only more annoying to do but I have noticed no benefit to using pre-charged batteries. The node still goes dead weather i charge the batteries in the node or out of the node so I immediately abandonned charge bugs all together. I don't really see a point using that method. Is there something I am missing to make this process faster/more efficient? or am I stuck crafting 500+ element until I turn 65, grow a beard and retire? any input is greatly appreciated.
  9. the events are awesome and one of my favorite parts of ARK. But I think that we should have a way to access or keep the content after the event is over. I had an idea that the events themselves: colored dinos, the dodo moon, and raptor Santa ECT would be a toggle server option and all the items and structures like the eggs would stay on official servers. Also, a solution for the "element is a pain to get" problem would be to add the dodo creatures as worldly bosses that you don't need to go caving to find. they would not give telegrams but they would give element.
  10. Hi there, PC platform, PVE does anyone else have the feeling that the element consumption in tek generators was increased in the last week? Usually 1 element in a generator with lowest range lasted up to 26 hours. That would be at least 5 days for a generator. I did a boss fight on last friday evening and filled up the generators. Although only 4 days are gone, 5 element are already used up. Anyone with similar experiences?
  11. SpecNova

    Aberration Bosses

    I think it'd be a really neat idea to incorporate the other traditional bosses into the aberration servers, seeing as there's no Daeodons, Yut's, Theri's Rexes, or Megatheriums, most of the typical boss dinos being gone, and no real buffs or healing coming from Daeodons and Yut's it'd make for a nice challenging experience, and if the dev's are worried about the element system they set up being ruined by this, just lower the element reward from the bosses, I get that the whole 'damaged ark' thing is in play, but honestly after you beat alpha Rockwell, there's nothing really left to do on the server as far as end game goes, this would provide new challenges for players to have to come up with strategies to overcome, and give purpose to a lot of the currently useless trophy items like Spino Sails, Sarco Skin, the Sauropod Vertebra, and Titanoboa Venom. This would also allow players who do not wish to constantly grind out element to work for an alternative means for getting it, as well as being able to unlock the tek tier engrams without risk of having to swap out to another server and risk losing their character, and all their hard work due to a rollback or other game bug.
  12. Won the beta fight, looted dragon, manticore didnt drop any element (of course) everything ported out, tribe mates. but not me! im stuck in here with 110 element... raganarok 160.
  13. Myself and my tribe have cleared the rock well boss from gamma to alpha and have not gotten any element drops, this is on an unoffical server. According to the wiki the boss drops element. The wiki could be incorrect. However at the end of each fight we get 15 seconds and then it jumps to the ascension cut screen. Is the rockwell boss only for ascension like on the island? Or dose everyone fighting the boss need to have ascended already to not trigger the cut scene and get the element?
  14. Miiyuki

    Element crafting cost

    So does anyone know how to change element crafting cost in abberation? i've tried to do like this, but didn't worked, not sure if i needed that _C with element ore and pheromone ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemResource_Element_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_BlackPearl_C",BaseResourceRequirement=70.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=False),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Crystal_C",BaseResourceRequirement=50.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=False),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Gem_Element_C",BaseResourceRequirement=50.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=False),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Gem_BioLum_C",BaseResourceRequirement=50.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=False),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Silicon_C",BaseResourceRequirement=100.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=False),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_ElementOre_C",BaseResourceRequirement=100.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=False),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_XenomorphPheromoneGland_C",BaseResourceRequirement=1.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=False)))
  15. Hello and welcome to my Ark server! I decided to run my own server because I was sick of me going to server to server. Due to the fact admins that barely did anything,server would go down and never come back up, and many more reasons why. This will be a 20 slot server right now, when I get my pay check I'll be making it 32slot. I will have a Xbox Club, for all of us to post what ever, for me to post stuff that is going on as well to announce events going on. The club is called Only In Your Dreams. In my server if you beat the bosses I'll hand you 4x more element then it gives you! For example gamma on ragnarok (easy) hands you usually 65. But when you give me the element saying you defeated it I'll hand you 260! I'll be handing your a free Tek replicator as well because I think they cost to much for a crafting station. The admin tribe is called Forerunners183 so don't mess with that tribe! I have a friend that's in it that does only PVE. Obviously if you do something to that tribe I will probably ban you. Difficulty: Max XP multipler: 15x Taming speed: 20x Dino harvest amount: 2.3x Harvest amount: 10x Lay egg interval: 6.0x Time between breeding: 30 minutes Baby mature: 15x cuddling every 5 minutes Things to mention: There will be events in the server! Later there will be a dino shop but obviously need to figure out how the dinos are since this is a brand new expansion and dinos. As well I will be playing as a active player. The only time I will be activating admin commands is to dino wipe, ban someone or other big admin things and will let the server know when I turn the commands on. You can if you wish, send me a message saying you will be in the server. My gamertag is Brutalmeta183. Now how you find the server is you click on join ark like if you were trying to play official. Make sure unofficial pc sessions is on, password protected is off. The Name of the sever is [US] Haven Aberration Boosted
  16. RaiderofthelostARK

    Element farming

    I know aberration caves will have mineable element. But will those caves be similar to the ice cave? I know with risk comes reward but seriously? Just how bosses have poor difficult scaling the caves are no different....how hard is it to implement rare dinos that are infected and will drop 5 element when killed or tamed. Or other means to obtain element. I've done bosses on legacy and could have raised rexes for current servers but just feel its annoying to collect the artifacts,move the rexes and pray you don't dc during the fight. Tek is a cool thing but needs to be reworked. Anyone agree?
  17. 1) The island versions of bosses aren’t summoning to Rag (Works according to PC players using long spawn code) This is the only one that works but it's gamma: admincheat summon SpiderL_Character_BP_C. This does nothing: admincheat summon SpiderL_Character_BP_Hard_C. Neither does this or any version of it: Gorilla_Character_BP_C 2) Rag hard bosses do not unlock all the TEK engrams. They only unlock these engrams. IMAGE