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Found 38 results

  1. Mangum27

    Dino Nests

    I have a simple idea, Dino nests. Basically a storage box that automatically collects eggs. You could have small nest that collect smaller eggs; dodo’s etc. Medium nests that collect like stego’s or trike’s etc. Then you have large and giga sizes that collect the huge eggs. You could make it require special materials, making it a require a bunch of cp. Also, add make each nest only hold like one egg at a time. That way players still need to get on often to collect the eggs, but they no longer have to bob and weave around somtimes crowded pens to get the eggs.
  2. ArkySharky

    My dinos won’t lay eggs?

    Recently I tried to tame a Thyla but I realized that it takes like 1 million years without kibble, so I decided to tame up and oviraptor and a titanoboa. Put the oviraptor on wander near all my Dino’s and the titanoboa and I expected the eggs to start rolling in. But they didn’t. Almost no eggs. I had the egg effect on like 20 Dino’s and only one layed an egg over the span of 4 days. This is on a single player server, I tried switching up the egg laying intervals a bunch, first it was at .1, then .2, then I set it back to default, then .5 where it is now. Also, you can’t breed/mate boost titanoboas so that’s not really an option to get eggs. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here, or if It’s just bad luck. Any help is appreciated.
  3. raycpatterson

    No Dodo eggs

    I have a single player game which I have been using to try things out. I currently have 4 tamed dodos which I have had now for about 4 (real time) days and have not managed to lay a single egg? Was hoping to farm for kibble. Have also tried mating but nothing. Not having this issue with other dinos so are the Dodos bugged, or has the mechanics changed?
  4. I am trying to get Dilo eggs( I have about 5 females and 2 males ), and I want to use them to get as much eggs as possible. I can't find anywhere if I am supposed to put them on wandering or not to get eggs out of them or not. When I put them on wandering, they mate with each other, and instantly produce eggs, but then they can't do it for a while. Am I not supposed to do it this way if I want eggs? Should the wandering be disabled? When I have set it to disabled wandering, I haven't gotten any eggs from them, but maybe this is because the mating cooldown is affecting this? Is the mating cooldown completely seperate from the 17 minute timer for the chance for eggs to drop, or do they interact in some way? If there is another forum post or wiki page that goes over this, feel free to direct me towards it, but I couldn't find any. Thanks
  5. So while I'll admit it's a cool idea for the game which makes the rare breeding easier. However I'm wondering what really is the point since there is a glitch and the babies die so fricking fast? I found a fertilized dodo egg and since I keept loseing so many I sat there patiently, watched and waited. Once the incubation timer hit zero, three baby dodo's plop out, and run in three different directions. I got one imprinted and fed, then turned to the second and as soon as I walked up to it, at the exact same time it and & number three fell over dead. I was so mad, but one survived so I headed back to it to make sure it was doing ok and then it fell over dead. So I had triplets and they all died. It is so aggravating with the super slim chance of something like that happening, coupled with the fact that the babies die so fast, you can't hardly even keep one alive most of the time, but three at once is absolutely impossible to do. Unless someone else knows something I don't?
  6. Levelupp01

    Eggs don't hatch

    I have a problem with hatching eggs and Breeding, When i want to incubate the egg it says this number: (00:0-14:0-8) and idk what it means. I've waited a Day and there wasn't any progress with incubating the egg the meter didn't even move, The egg is happy and is not too hot or too cold. Its the same with mammals. Idk if it's the server or if it's a bug but plz help me!!!!
  7. KatWithScales

    Easiest Way To Get Rockdrake Eggs?

    I kinda just started my aberration world i made a base by this swampish area and under these yellow crystal things (i don't really know too much about the new map) i wanna know the easiest way to get rockdrake eggs. like a way that will be possible very quickly. my base has a wall of metal spikes around it ( 3 layers) and there is about 4-6 spinos that spawn every time the game decides it needs more dinos. also 3-5 crabs spawn and a couple paracers. so if any of that helps what i'm trying to do then please let me know..also the cords to the cave entrance would be nice too. thx ^ 3 ^
  8. I have a Tek forcefield around my breeding pen and noticed that my shield causes my baby dinos to fly to the outside of the shield when they hatch.
  9. I am not sure if this bug came with Arkeology, but I cannot make fertilized thorny dragon eggs into kibble. The normal eggs work just fine though, it just takes longer to get them. This isn't a crazy big issue, but it is annoying. WC introduced a few new bugs into the game with Arkeology, I hope they fix them quickly. I have only tried using a industrial cooker, I will try a cooking pot and post an update.
  10. I want to tame Basilisks on my SE server but unfertilized drake eggs don't work. Spawning fertilized rock drake eggs doesn't work either because they spawn at lvl 1 and disappear when I put them down. So I have to have fertilized drake eggs. My idea is to add rock drakes to the wyvern trench spawn container and in the hopes that the rock drake eggs will spawn instead of/along side wyvern eggs. Anyone know if this will work? Or of another method?
  11. I am playing Primitive Plus, Ragnorak Map on my PS4. I have tried looking in many places for an answer, but i can't find anything definite. Do Sabertooths lay non-fertalized Eggs? i have had a female for many of game day's now, and have included a male for the love affect, but she is the only animal not producing non-fertalized eggs. Thanks for any information anyone has.
  12. Hello all, Does anyone know if 2x maturation events (non- holiday occasions) are becoming less frequent than in past months? If so, have the developers announced why they're made this decision? I started Ark two months ago and my friends who have been playing for years say there used to be more frequent 2x maturation events. I didn't have an incubation center and therefore wasn't ready during the Valentine's event. I guess I'll be hand feeding a giga for 28 hours. Thankful for coffee.
  13. I just spent about five hours collecting a ton of eggs in order to redeem them for the Easter skins on PvP Official. Turns out they're not permanent and it's only a one-time deal. Kind of sucks considering how long it takes to earn them. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  14. TheGamingScientists

    Easter Event Guide

    Hey, I was wondering how you were supposed to collecte the Easter eggs as the wiki says they only lay them every 1-2hrs (bit long to stare at a dodo to take a dump) so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas?
  15. Antimatter

    Kibble Farming Question

    Hey everyone! Just a quick question with regards to some effective ways on generating eggs from tamed creatures? Primarily interested in what the best way for creature to generate non - fertilized eggs for use in kibble (ie: my tamed Rexes primarily). I have read some things here and there, wondering if having them on wander helps? or if it is just on a timer of sorts that they pop them out every now and again? Any insight or best practices would be appreciated - thanks in advance! Antimatter
  16. Attempting to transfer eggs and kibble from Ragnarok server to another server and its timer refreshes as soon as the 'server timer' ticks across to allow transfer of items.
  17. Egg use to spawn frequently and now there is only one egg spawn on the whole map that works. I noticed that the egg spawns were getting worse and worse over time. Now the one egg that spawns is always a low level egg. This is a problem on other servers as well. We have tribe mates that dont have a drake and it sucks to tell them i had no luck in the drake nest. This issue needs to be fixed.
  18. skyguard1

    Transfering Fertilized Eggs to Aberration

    Just for the hell of it, we decided to test Dino transfer from other maps in our cluster to our Aberration map and we were glad to see that it did not work. We than decided to test with Fertilized eggs and Lo and behold we can, transmitter/OB/drops block them but if you have them on you they transfer. Anyone else can do it ? ps. it is on our unofficial servers, don't know if its a bug, as intended or like that on official servers. If it is us and there is a line we can add to the ini please let me know. Thanks
  19. Avaraxius

    breeding with server cap

    Why is it not possible dinos to mate when server hit cap, this should be enabled. DIno's should be able to lay fertilised eggs even if it is server cap since it does not count for a dino. pregnancy / gestation should be also possible since even if the baby comes it has to be claimed and it is not owned by anyone.
  20. Hello! I've seen icy wyvern nests, but after a failed attempt to breed one (I accidentally ate it. Yes, I did that) I was looking for eggs again. I cannot find any across the map and usual locations, no eggs, and no empty nest either. So, can it be because there are no female Icy Wyverns alive? Should I kill the one that's alive (Only seen one, maybe there are more?) so a female respawn? What do you do when this happens? Or, it is a bug? Thanks in advance.
  21. Does anyone have a working WILD Mantis egg farm on Ragnarok?
  22. DrChicken24

    Hatching Wyvern Eggs

    So I recently got a fire wyvern egg on Ragnarok, and am wondering how to hatch it? Is it different than scorched? How many campfires do I need? Do I NEED to feed the baby wyvern milk? Thanks!
  23. I am not able to view the parents of the eggs on my windows 10 client. not sure if it is a setting on my end or a bug
  24. Insultasaurus

    Ice Wyvern Eggs

    Does anyone know a few places Ice Wyvern eggs can spawn for certain or do does it not have a correlation? I looked for a few spots people have mentions in previous posts, but cannot actually find any.
  25. Demigod

    Where are the wyvern eggs?

    I started playing on an xbox player dedicated server a few days ago to take a break from officials. (ragnarok) since i'm already somewhat familiar with the map, it was easy for me to figure out where things normally are and where i want to live. i was finally able to tame a griffin and it is a very wonderful flyer...but i wanted something more. i set sail on my journey to obtain a wyvern egg. first i search for nests on the south of the map (where wyverns are most prevalent) but find none. i search in the purple crystal cave and see none either, which indicates to me that i need to travel a bit farther. my next stop is the trench, where i was confident that i would be flying home with an egg. being my first trip to the trench, i entered with caution and searched slowly for any dangers...only to discover the absence of any wyverns at all. I looked into the alcoves and crevices lining the interior of the trench where egg nests should be, deep into the lava cavern and all around the area. even after leaving the area for several minutes and returning, there is not a single wyvern, egg, or nest anywhere in the trench. disappointed, i travel to the killing-cold biome and search for an ice wyvern. finally, i see a wild one! but lo and behold, NO EGG NESTS ANYWHERE in the vicinity of it. i left three times for my health to regenerate and searched again upon every return and was unable to find out. at this point i was very confused and angry, but still determined to get an egg. its been about an hour since the ice wyvern egg hunt, and i return to the trench to see if my luck might change...but it did not. my trip ended with me headed back to base without having seen any wild wyverns or egg nests in the trench. a very discouraged me was done for the night. so what's up with this? is there a particular reason that the trench was so vacant? the area near the main south of the map has wild ones roaming around like crazy all the time, but i have yet to ever see a nest around there. can someone help me out and let me know if i'm not hunting in the right places or doing something wrong? from what i'm aware of the host has not changed anything regarding wyvern spawns. maybe it's a console thing? i don't know. i want a wyvern very badly but i don't want to have to buy scorched earth to get one.