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Found 20 results

  1. stevealicious

    Parking Drake On The Wall

    I've been to bases where people park their rock drakes on the wall in climbing mode. Looks classy and I want to do this also but when I do my drakes eventually fall off. How can I get them to stay? Or is it not possible and just a temporary thing? If it exists, does it also work with thylas?
  2. Onyxiaa

    Drake Stuck Under Map

    So today one of my Drakes was forced under the map down in the radiation zone. I know this has happened to others, so how did you go about digging the Drake out of the ground? I can't access it's inventory either, It is just stuck in it's gliding animation. Image too big for upload, it is no longer upside down and is now half out of the map... and floating.😣
  3. I want to tame Basilisks on my SE server but unfertilized drake eggs don't work. Spawning fertilized rock drake eggs doesn't work either because they spawn at lvl 1 and disappear when I put them down. So I have to have fertilized drake eggs. My idea is to add rock drakes to the wyvern trench spawn container and in the hopes that the rock drake eggs will spawn instead of/along side wyvern eggs. Anyone know if this will work? Or of another method?
  4. Should Drakes do the same damage as Wyverns with their bite? My Drake Exodus has fifteen percent more melee damage percentage than my wyvern but does around one hundred fifty less damage. Does anyone find that a little unfair, seeing as how Drakes need their Tek saddle to have a projectile and can't fly? Or is it balanced because they have a saddle and can go invisible?
  5. Neolord

    Rock Drakes in Ragnarok

    Dear Ragnarok Dev's I believe you should add a Rock Drake Cave to Ragnarok as it would make for a serious game changer especially if you put it in the Carnivorous Caverns. This would be like the Artifact found in the Wyvern Trench next to the volcano. End Result it would be harder for players to reach the Artifacts. Just here me out for a sec, at this very moment the Carnivorous Caverns isn't very Carnivorous but with Rock Drakes it poses more of a challenge to players meaning they would have to be near end game level in order to even have a slight chance of collecting the Artifacts. I'm aware you're arming for more a Medieval type theme with the abandoned castle and all that type of stuff. I believe this idea fit in quite well with the theme of Ragnarok. Another Idea i propose is to increase the difficulty of you're boss arena. Why, because it just simple reminds me of The Center and it seems not as challenging. Maybe instead of 2 Bosses how about all 4 Bosses from The Island and Scorched Earth. Also please add the Phoenix too Thank you Neolord
  6. We transported four Rock Drakes to the underwater bubble on The Center and found that as soon as they were spawned in with the transmitter the shot up into the air and got stuck in the cave structure... It's as if they're being treated like they're still underwater, being forced to the surface. The other, separate Rock Drake issue is on Ragnarok where you can't jump *and* glide while standing on any of the ground mesh black area in the volcanic land. If you try standing on the lava river that runs when the volcano erupts, every time you jump you'll stutter and drop right back in place instead of gliding. I reported it in the Ragnarok Dev Discord but figured I'd place it here as well since we're on the subject of Drakes.
  7. I just fought a gang of Karkinos, as usual, on my Drake. But this time was very different. The Karkinos grabbed me off my Drake. Its never happened before. Is this a bug or intended?? Have i just been lucky until now? Glad I had my shot gun...
  8. SandsOfSalt

    Rock Drake Variants?

    So I was thinking 'If Rock Drakes are the Aberration equivalent of Wyverns, shouldn't there be some variants?'. The Variations could probably get a bit more creative than a simple Lightning, Fire, Poison and Ice. A small more gecko-like one that can ride on you shoulders that can act as a natural replacement for a glider and climbing picks for the sacrifice of not being able to have a lantern pet whilst using it and not being able to equip anything whilst climbing. It would probably be very fast and skittish like a Tapejara with its preferred food being element ore(or some other rare resource)? High Speed and Stamina, Low Melee and Health, Decent Weight A slightly smaller weaker Rock Drake that can breathe charge in a beam like fashion to buff Rock Drakes, recharge Lantern Pets and stun and scare off the Nameless and Reapers. Passive in the wild and preferred food is gems. Similiar stats to a Ravager. A weaker, Ravager-sized Drake that has good invisibility and a good stealth attack that can only be done from behind and will decloak with a stealth attack. Aggresive and mostly cloaked in the wild and preferred food is fish in fish baskets. Puny Health, Very High Melee and Stamina, Decent Weight. These are my ideas so far.
  9. AdligerAdler

    Is my rock drake good, average, or bad?

    It's my first, so I have nothing to compare it to. I typed the stats into the Dododex calculator but I'm not sure if it works since it says type in wild stats. Level: 150 Health: 4712 Stamina: 1080 Oxygen: 495 Food: 7400 Weight: 576 Melee: 241% No imprints yet.
  10. Usually I dive down and land on the skeleton's spine at full speed. No issues until today. In the skeleton's spine are cavities. My drake got stuck in one of those. It took 10 minutes until I somehow managed to get out by spamming jumping and boost gliding. Just a warning. Better land somewhere else or slow down before touching the spine.
  11. Here's a couple easy tips to help you get your first drake egg on foot. In my testing I have about a 50% success rate and it's pretty simple.
  12. RoyMustang

    Rock Drake Raising Tips?

    Does anyone have any tips for raising rock drakes? It isn't that hard to get the egg for me, just storm the trench with a few megalosaurus and ez pz... But raising them is really difficult. I was wondering if anyone had any tips/tricks to raising these things. The main problem is the spoil timer on the Venom is extremely short, and they don't stack. What I'm currently doing is setting multiple alarms throughout the night to get on and feed them, but it's messing up my sleep schedule. The only options I see are really to struggle like I am, or bring them onto a rag server and use preserving salt with nameless venom, or ditch the drakes until I can afford tek trough (which is hard since I play official). Does anyone have better ideas?
  13. Jatheish

    It's coming for you...

    From the album: Screenshots

    Are you Survivor enough to Tame it?!
  14. Jatheish

    A Beautiful Baby Boy!

    From the album: Screenshots

  15. Jatheish


    From the album: Screenshots

  16. Jatheish

    Quetzelcoatus: Resting Ground

    From the album: Screenshots

  17. Jatheish

    ARK of the Apes! (programmer screenshot)

    From the album: Screenshots

    Now you can Build your own autonomous Ape Army!
  18. Jatheish

    Quetzelcoatus: The Rundown

    From the album: Screenshots

  19. Jatheish

    Warpaint Preview!

    From the album: Screenshots

    Mister J Some Dinos just want to watch the world burn...
  20. Jatheish

    Luv u Garry! <3

    From the album: Screenshots

    Real-time simultaneous per-pixel painting in ARK ;)