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Found 43 results

  1. So I haven't really seen anything about anyone beating dragon yet, We have beat it on easy but I really wanna try for hard here, since Tek teleporters are pretty essential for abbeartion lol, so I was wondering has anyone got any stats for beating Dragon hard on new cluster official?
  2. So i've pretty much tried every way i've seen from Cheat summon Dragon_Character_BP_C to Summon Dragon_Character_BP_C and admincheat summon Dragon_character_bp_c but nothing works... i just want to spawn in a dragon. i honestly don't care if its tamed or not but i just want a dragon so if anyone knows a working way to spawn the dragon boss on ragnarok with console commands then PLEASe let me know thanks ^ 3 ^
  3. Hi guys, look at the our new video from Dragon BOSS fight with 2 reaper(tank) and Aberrant megalosaurus. We install megalo AI fix to server, when they try grab attack to bosses. Mod is here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1286914584 Video:
  4. So i have a question, im playing on a boosted server with megatjeriums with 83k hp and 1100 melee, do you think they can do the hard ragnarok boss?(18 megatheriums, 1 daeodon, 1 yuty)
  5. KatWithScales

    Spawned Dragon Wont Move

    i spawned into Ragnarok, maybe 5-10 mins after i spawned in a dragon, i dide forcetame and i hopped on it...its weight wasnt up at all but it wouldn't move. it flies up. only up. when i whistle it to follow me it won't. it flies up and bites, doesn't even breath fire. this happened with both admincheat summon Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_C and admincheat summon Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_Hard_Ragnarok_C i really don't know what to do. i just want to ride this amazing dragon
  6. ** PLEASE BE WARNED ** If you do boss fights on Ragnarok, please be warned that it is broken! Tonight (after the v278.1 update) we very nearly lost our entire set of dinos in the first 60 seconds of a beta ragnarok fight due to what is either a MASSIVE undocumented change or a HUGE bug in the abilities of either the rexes or the dragon. Our tribe has been successfully farming alpha Ragnarok for a few months now with this exact same team of rexes, players, saddles etc. After a complete successful ALPHA fight our rexes usually have 10k-15k health. TONIGHT after 60 seconds of the BETA fight they all got down to ONLY 1K-2K HEALTH!! We have our team of 18 purpose bred and highly levelled Rexes, plus our pig and yuti. The rexes have min 35k health, 600-800 damage and 100+ saddles. The alpha fight is not easy, but we normally complete it with anywhere from 15-25 mins to spare. Our rexes usually have around 10k-15k health left at the end of the fight. Occasionally we have lost a rex or two during the fight because they have gotten stuck on rock elementals. Tonight we took our usual alpha team along to a beta fight to help out another tribe on our server, and I'm so glad we did this instead of our usual alpha fight. PLEASE share this information as quickly as possible amongst your Ark friends. We very nearly lost our entire set of boss rexes. These represent many hundreds of hours of breeding and raising, and hundreds more hours levelling them all up. Add to that the incredibly expensive saddles and it would have been an epic disaster for our entire tribe due to absolutely no fault of our own. WC, please share this info immediately, and fix it asap!
  7. Roderick

    Alpha Dragon Suggestions

    Hi. could anyone please suggest me good detailed setups that work against alpha dragon? I really need to get the teleporter but from what i've been trying on test servers all my attempts have failed due to adds doing a lot of damage to armor mostly Could anyone give me some suggestions as to how I can defeat him? Including dino and gear stats if possible?
  8. Legacy pve fight. I am not offering a win as we know the fight has changed but I am offering my artifacts for the run. It would be nice to get the element since it cannot be transferred off the server but there are some people that can be rude. If Gamma is an ok run then we can shoot for Beta after and again I will offer the NEEDED artifacts/trophies for the run. Yes you will have to come to our server. You dinos can be parked just outside green obi on the island in our boss facility and retrieved at your leisure. If you don't have a great rex saddle but want one we have a BP with +87 armor and if you can return the mats we will make one with our crafting toon to get the number higher. I hear the saddle doesn't matter but call me crazy mine will be the best i have. You also will need gear, very good gear to attack the boss if needed. AS Assault rifle/pistol and alot of ammo. Like I said 2 runs may be possible and we may die as well so if you are broke don't spend your only gear on this. If you have some time and the extra to lose this is for you. We have a team speak client, I know old school but it works fine. It will be mandatory. I want everyone to succeed and most of all have fun!! So it is not 1st to reply gets to ride. It is those most likely to influence a win. I am not getting payed so it costs you the dinos you bring and the gear(if we lose). We can open the discussion as to what as a group we think we should bring. So reply and lets go for Sunday Oct 8 time tba. Great!
  9. I’ve heard that the ragnarok boss combo is easier to beat than the island dragon, does anybody have any insights. I’ve solo killed the broodmother, megapithecus, and manticore, but the dragon has kicked the crap out of me every time I’ve took it on. Any info would be appreciated. I’ve got 30k health, 600 melee, 70ish armored rexes and a yutyrannus.
  10. fox876

    Transfer the Trophäe

    Sie müssen die Trophäen wieder transferieren können. Niemand kann, wenn Sie den Drachenkopf auf einen anderen Server übertragen können. Google Übersetzer
  11. I'm looking for some feedback on the boss fight in here. I have plenty of rexes, enough to do this arena and wipe 3 or 4x and lose every rex. There is some variance in my rexes, but i am able to level most if not all of them up to 20-25k hp and 500 melee. Some have over 30k and a few are even up at 35k. I have a journeyman saddle bp with about 58 armor on it, which ends up around 60 due to my crafting skill. I've got some yutyrannus that I've been breeding that I am also able to level around 25k hp and 4k stam w/ around 300 melee, though i don't anticipate them doing too many melees. I also can likely get 5 maybe 6 people to come do the fight with me. With all of this in mind, how does someone who has experience with this arena think I would do on each of the difficulties? I would not mind testing with these rexes since I have recently gotten a health mutation that I would love to start a new generation of rexes with. I am just trying to gauge how people with experience think i would do with these dinos since I have never done the boss fights. Thanks!
  12. Hello, i have a unofficial PVE ark server. When me and my tribe tried to do the Boss fight on easy, the manticore, griffins and rock golems attacked and worked just fine. But the dragon at the start of the fight just flew away out of the arena threw the invisible wall. So when we killed the manticore we just waited till we and our dinos died. I don't care about the loss of dinos and what not, whatever no biggie. But we tried to figure out was what going on. So we did the boss fight on easy 4 times, then medium 4 times and all 8 times the dragon just flew off, threw the invisible wall so we could not kill it and finish the arena. Honestly this just kind of ruins the game..like the end game is broken if we cant fight the boss. The dragon just flies off so we can complete it. On our server we do run mods, i will list them below. I dont know if the mods are making it bug out, i cant find any info online about this issuie, i went to the discord channel and talked to some people who said it happend to them to, but it does not happen often. But on our server..8 times in a row. I feel this is a MAJOR issuie with the game and its hard to beleive to think that a bug like this got threw..having a main boss just..fly away threw an invisible wall. So i am trying to rule out if i am doing something wrong, or if its the mods i have on our server. Please help me with this issue. Thank you for your time Medieval Props Werkrat's Spoiling Bin Super Spyglass Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture Stackable Foundations Platforms Plus Classic Flyers ACM V2.6.8700 Bridge Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator Upgrade Station v1.8h Dino Pick Up Mod - v1.2 AG Tek Better Lights Reusable Plus Unlock Haircuts and Emotes StackMeMore (v1.11) Structures Plus (S+) Heres some footage of the dragon flying away...ignore the sound >_> of me talking to my dad and me breathing into the mic
  13. Any suggestions on how to defeat the Dragon boss on Island Map, on any difficulty without the used of the exploit of getting it stuck. We have defeated it on gamma with the following: 19 Rex (bred with 45K hp and 700+ Dmg) they have ascendant saddles with 95% armor. All rexes are 100% imprinted. 1 yuti with 20K hp and 400+ dmg and also an ascendant saddle with 109% armor. We are two players both lvl 100. Our current strategy is to buff with yuti (player 1 is riding the yuti) and then once dragon has landed send in the other rexes (player 2 riding a 100% imprinted rex to them) and just tank and try get as much dmg in as possible. When we defeated the gamma dragon player 2 died, player 1 survived with the yuti and only 5 rexes lived.
  14. Vishimtar

    Gamma Dragon tips?

    My tribe has finished Gamma/Beta Brood and Gamma Megapithecus. We're now looking towards Gamma Dragon. We did Gamma Brood/Ape with 13 20k hp 500-600% melee rexes and a yuty. I've seen videos of everything from people fighting Dragon with a mass of rexes, to people only bringing one or two rexes in and riding around on deer shooting the Dragon with shotgun/AR. Is brute forcing it via Rexes still the way to go since you can no longer get Dragon stuck? Or should we make some MC Assault Rifles/Pump Shotguns and shoot at the rex from afar? Should we even bother bringing the Yuty in?
  15. Idk if I’m getting upset for no reason or if I’m a complete idiot. I used to be on ps4 a few months ago and for boss fights our rexes were the same hatch as Xbox but the entire alliance would only pump rex health to 25k tips would be 30k then just unloaded melee. This was good enough to beat the dragon with the trap method. Then when you could trap the dragon took hp away and not a percentage. Now that the dragon takes 20% regardless of your health shouldn’t you still only level to 25k or so and pump melee? I’ve traded 3 different trusted traders for a full grown boss rex and they all have 35-55k health ranging from 491-550 melee. Is this right? Our trek rexes would start at 50khp but these guys are still using them as boss with no melee
  16. bomhoofdalienkid

    Chinese dragon / serpent like dragon

    Plss ad a chinese dragon to the game We already have the : manticore, griffin and phoenix so why not a chinese dragon?
  17. I've done the ragnarok boss fight a couple of times and keep having the same issue: Getting stuck inside the dead dragon on my rex after killing it, while the manticore is still alive. I can fix it by jumping off the rex and whistle it out, but having to dismount during a boss fight is risky business. (I play on ps4 on a rented nitrado server.)
  18. i don't know what everyone else thinks, but i think lightning is far stronger in all cases than the fire or poison. the poison is the most difficult to use and the weakest damage, that makes no sense. For the poison i would suggest making the projectile MUCH larger and do more of a area damage around the projectile even in the air. so a near miss would still do some damage like a poison aura. Even if you could add a damage seep through walls with the gas, that would be an awesome feature to differ from the other two. The fire should be longer range and more of a wider range of damage area. i feel the damage is pretty good. the lightning is just really OP. Its the easiest to aim for accuracy and if u get a direct contact that thing is dead. i would just like to see the other two more on par with the lightning to make them a little more desirable from the lightning. id like to here any other thoughts on the subject. agree or disagree, other suggestions. leave your feedback.
  19. genie45

    Dragon Issue possibly fix

    Hey guys we might found a fix for unoffical servers that suffer from the flying away Dragon in the Ragnarok Bossfight. Solution: find your SAVED folder of your Server Copy folder "SAVED" to your desktop or an other save folder (not in your server install) create a NEW Serverinstallation (not a reinstall a complete fresh install from steam) paste your SAVED folder in the new serverinstallation in the according place start your server this should fix that issue BE AWARE - if you are using CACHE from ASM for fresh instalation of servers - you need to delete that !! ASM CACHE folders content need to be deleted please let me know if you can confirm that this fix was first found from @Baradine Allawa on our discord THANK YOU Für deutsche User hier ist eine Übersetzung für euch: https://arkforum.de/index.php?thread/18504-möglicher-fix-des-drachenboss-problems-auf-inoffiziellen-ragnarok-servern/
  20. everybody that plays ARK would like to see more types of wyverns and more Special attacks. For example: Water wyvern : a wyvern with fins that can use Waterbreath and a waterball. Able to dive in the water for a certain amount of time ( scooba suit needed for longer periods ) actual use of the Oxygen attribute Wind wyvern : a wyvern that can create a small tornado with his wings, use windbreath and windball. Rock wyvern : wyvern that can use sandbreath and use a rock ball. I really really want to see more colour variations of wyverns. I always see the same colour patterns. For example : poison wyverns are always greenish.. it would be so freaking awesome if they could be blue or red or any other colour. Please wildcard give it a try..
  21. Monica9692

    Dragons in Ark

    Are dragons able to be found/tamed on The Island map? Or is it only a certain map that they can be found on? If they can only be found on a certain map, can you use a cheat to get them on the island or trade them or anything like that?
  22. Me and my two friends have played ark a long time but we are much slower on progress because we play on mostly default settings (default difficulty, stats, resource gathering, etc) i tend to play in my own world a lot which is very similar say for a few increased options like spoil time, taming speed (not instantaneous still), and some utility stuff like cave building and flyers. We play on Xbox, single player and non-dedicated host sessions. So ive been looking at the bosses stats on the wiki (which btw severely needs updating) and looking at the numbers i dont see how even high level rexes and such can last against these bosses, my friend went on a test world to spawn some in and see, and the broodmother was dealing 20k damage in under a minute... So basically the question is has anyone beaten the bosses without changing any settings?
  23. blueflamewolf

    Lowering Dino ammout?

    Me an my mate recently started playing ark, on our own non dedicated server (ragnarok) an one problem we have ran into is a large number of dragons, elementals, an brontosaurs. Iv tried looking up how to change these but I'm a noob when it comes to editing game files an not sure what to look for on editing SPEICIFIC dinos.. For example, we went otter hunting the other day, to a place otters are supposed to be more abundant, an instantly ran into 5-6 dragons where these otters are supposed to be, its so dangerous there, we havnt gone back lol. We also just discovered rock elementals. One was near our main base, we took care of it, but now there are four! imo, elementals and dragons should be MUCH rarer then what we have seen. I would like to lower the amount of dragons an elementals in our game, as well as a few less brontosaurs (they are big, very buggy, and annoying!) What code would I have to enter in for each of these 3? Please be specific >.< I'm not sure where it is in the game file I'm looking for, I tried finding something called "DinoCountMultiplier" but it wasn't in the "GameUserSettings.ini" Is it possible to lower/adjust a specific dino for a non dedicated server?
  24. When you go into arena, the dragon will fly away. This ensures you can not finish the bossfight, and you will lose all tames/items you took inside, nor will you keep any element! Tested on unofficial fresh server. We made a video to show you what happens:
  25. NewBloodwarrior

    Coordinates for Cool Places

    When the Boss Arenas came out, I thought it was a cool concept, but handled poorly. You had a limited time to kill the Boss, and an even shorter time to get your crap and leave. A disappointment with that is you don't really get to explore the Arena all that much. I searched online and found coordinates to the Island Boss Arenas, but couldn't find any for The Center or Scorched Earth. So, I decided to find them myself and put them here! Here's the Island Boss Arenas: Broodmother: -261227 239562 -70990 Megapithecus: -195200 -196800 -119300 Dragon: 233000 35000 -102300 The Center: Broodmother & Megapithecus: -205481 573754 101000 Scorched Earth: Manticore: -3560 7468 -148362 Use the setplayerpos command with these coordinates, and you can use the Arenas for whatever you like! Building bases, fighting Dinos, Roleplaying, anything to your heart's content! If you have any cool places for people to check out, why not add them to this post?