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  1. if you go in Creative mode (GCM) using console commands and type "gfi Sniper 1 1 0" you will be given the TekGram for a Tek Railgun. i play on the switch with 0 DLCs and this railgun is only on Aberration. it is currently unusable even with "learnengrams" on. try this for yourselves and see what i mean. this 100% hints to a new boss and/or new Tekgrams. Have a nice day and thanks for reading also
  2. Valgueros Pros and Cons First of i like to say that i do not hate Valguero,i actually like it,but i noticed some problems or shortcomings i would like to point out. Im going to go over the pros first though. Pros Good Water to Land ratio (alot of people dislike the ocean due to it being sort of a resource depot instead a full fleshed out biome) Heaps of metal,this map has alot of metal nodes,not as much as Ragnarok,but alot. Sap Stumps provide early game sap Heaps of pearls,this map has alot of silica pearls,the underground ocean also provides easy black pearls Oil veins,Oil pumps are always great Beavers,Beavers,Beavers,theres alot of beaver nest Cool ruins Plenty of small water sources,anywhere you build on this map you will have a water source nearby Underground Ocean,this provides a cool take on the ocean (some people where hoping for something like this in Extinction) Boreal Forest is a great biome providing redwood resources with jungle threats Flat areas,this provides alot of great building areas Small caves (not refering to actual caves) these provide base areas and cool environments! New Dino Cons Allosaurus Apocalypse,there are way too many allo spawns not enough crystal spreads,there is alot of crystal on this map,however it is only in a few areas on the surface making crystal one of the more annoying resources on this map Bugs? Bug creatures are harder to farm due to them only spawning in higher threat areas BroodMother,dont bother with her,she doesnt give tek engrams and only gives low tier to no loot. Caves? There are very little caves in this map and the ones that are really underwhelming,only 2 of the caves have enemies in them. Ice golem and Chalk golems being reskins,they could have made these alternate versions of the rock golems example making ice golems rock throw freeze or slow enemies but they are weak to fire,chalk golems rock throw being several small rocks for more aoe but less damage. No Chargenodes,batteries are impossible to charge on this map NOW FOR THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM The Abberation area is extremely lacking content,no vines,no rockdrakes,nameless,reapers,baslisk,shinehorns,featherlights,no liquid element,only contains 2 of the abberation biomes making it very boring(surface obviously cant be added) and not really worth,Wildcard has stated that this is for that way abberation doesn't become useless and not generate sales for abberation (abberation has probably sold 99% percent of what its going to sell ever),HOWEVER Abberation has been out for 18 months.To put this in perspective,Ragnarok came out only 10 months after Scorched earth released with all of its content being added to Ragnarok (phoenix came after ragnaroks release),this has caused scorched earth to become very pointless to ragnarok. This is most likely why abberation creatures are missing from valguero. Wildcard most likely doesn't want Valguero to become a replacement to abberation. However wildcard has to realize that hype and interest are two different things. Hype can create interest (Valguero Announcement trailer for example),However hype cannot sustain interest unless the content is interesting itself. Hopefully wildcard will stop being stubborn and give the players what we want,but this is how they responded to the whole Valguero Abberation thing.
  3. So every time i try to load the extinction dlc ether it be a single player server or an official multiplayer server a pop up come up saying "Required Dlc not installed would you like to go to the store to install it?". Problem is i DO have it installed and going to the stor page does nothing but let me read a small bit of text saying " This product is installed". i have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the dlc and re booting my xbox the issue still persists, non of the other dlc have this issue only extinction. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Tameable isand bosses as lategame tames I was thinking about it and it would be cool to see an old enemy become a friend as you explore genesis, downscale their HP and stuff and stronger than a rex for megapithecus but weaker than a giga and other stuff for the bossez
  5. Dungeon Loot Suggestion Hello all, I have noticed that there seems to be widespread demand for DLCs on Mobile. Simultaneously, dungeon loot is so low quality that there isn't much point in going to any crates that give normal loot as opposed to premium items, TEK, keys or saddles. To decrease the number of essentially useless crates, I have an idea: DLC Crates. Rather than having to deal with issues regarding adding entire new maps to Mobile, DLC-exclusive items and/or their blueprints could instead be added to the current normal crate loot table or a new crate type(s). They could even be on a rotation, Mobile TEK style. Things like flamethrowers, chainsaws, cluster grenades, oil jars etc. (items) could have blueprint drops, while exclusive mined resources such as salt and sulfur or perhaps even crafted resources such as propellant can be given as straight-up items. Special ammunition could be given either way. Alternatively, items and special ammunition could both be in blueprint form and have their recipes altered to use base resources instead of DLC ones. This could also apply to DLCs other than Scorched Earth, e.g. glider suits, ziplines, gems etc. from Aberration. Which things are added and how quickly is up to WarDrum, so useless things like radiation suits can be left out. Note: please do not add climbing picks, they are useless on the Island and cause meshing issues on PC and Console which would likely carry over to Mobile if they were added. You may be wondering why I tagged wyverns and rock drakes. This is because the eggs for these creatures could also be added with a very low probability (as in Noctis-level low probability) to appear in DLC crates/modified standard crates. This would prevent those capable of running dungeons on PVP from gaining an army of wyverns or drakes in no time, but would still satisfy the player base demand for them. Since the low probability is a PVP/PVX/PVXC consideration, PVE or single player could have higher probabilities for wyvern/drake egg drops. To offset the low probabilities on PVP/PVX, the eggs on those modes could be set to drop only as certain level ranges to prevent frustration due to getting a super-low level after a lot of hard work. As I am aware that WarDrum is a relatively small studio and needs the income from ARK:Mobile, I even have an idea for how money can unobtrusively be earned from such an implementation. Amber-purchased items (name suggestion: Accelerators) can be added to the store which function similarly to pheromones, but for drop rate of items from different DLCs rather than mutations on different categories of creatures. For example, the more OP DLC items will of course have a lower drop rate, but this rate can be boosted in this way, which works for both the 'modified standard crate' and 'individual crate type for each DLC' variants of this concept: Scorched Earth Accelerator: Modified Standard Crate: higher rate of Scorched Earth drops SE-Specific Crate: higher rate of rarer Scorched Earth drops Aberration Accelerator: Modified Standard Crate: higher rate of Aberration drops AB-Specific Crate: higher rate of rarer Aberration drops Extinction Accelerator (maybe, Extinction might be a tad too OP) Modified Standard Crate: higher rate of Extinction drops EX-specific Crate: higher rate of rarer Extinction drops And that concludes my ideas for now. Sincerely, ScienceFire
  6. Suggested Map Name: Rip Tide The idea is to have a mostly ocean map (similar in size to Ragnarok) with a few small scattered islands (or one relatively large one). - islands will be very tropical, though some will be volcanic, mountainous, or snowy There should be large underground caves to build in (many of which are also underwater). Varied underwater biomes and areas such as: - Giant kelp beds - Sea grass plains - Oil fields - Steam vents - Underwater lakes (highly toxic and will harm creatures and players; possibly kick players off mounts?) - Ship graveyard - Sunken forests - Cypress or mangrove swamps (large redwood-sized trees growing in shallower waters) - Abyssal plains (very deep, very dark waters) - Coral reefs - Bioluminescent caves - Sunken Tek city - Molten element lake (located in the abyss?) New weather events: - Hurricanes - Tides (could tie dino spawns to tide events where certain creatures only spawn during low/high tides) Dinos - Trilobytes, Spinosaurus, Baryonyx are common around coastal areas and shallow areas where fish hide - Sarcos and kapros relatively common (kapros more-so by the swamp areas; they should be fairly uncommon elsewhere) - Otters - Obviously water dinos such as ichthyosaur, megalodon, plesiosaur, mosasaur, etc. should be common - New water dinos - New water-based wyvern: capable of swimming and flying; has a poisonous barbed tail (torpor); breath weapon is ?? - Breath weapon possibilities - Sonic blast that stuns mounts (and dismounts players); could only be used underwater - Stream of super-heated water; deals damage ignoring some armor and also causes player temperature to rise; uses a water stat rather than stamina; has vastly increased damage and range on land/flying or on the water's surface - Cloud of toxic gas - nest in toxic underwater lakes and therefore immune to toxic effects of said lakes - Limited mobility out of water due to water stat drain - Sea drakes: variation of rock drakes better adapted to water - Hippocampus: Equus of the ocean; tames and acts just like an Equus - Nothosaurus: Basically an amphibious version of the plesiosaur - Aigialosaurus: basically a prehistoric iguana; possible oxygen shoulder pet - Eonatator: Small version of mosasaur - Goronyosaurus: An amphibious version of the mosasaur; ambush predator - Temnodontosaurus: Ichthyosaur with very large eyes to see in dark, deep waters - Helicoprion: Spiral-toothed shark; give it the "gnashed" ability - Kronosaurus: Very similar in appearance to mosasaur, but was able to crawl on land - Archelon: The largest sea turtle to have existed - Archegosaurus: Small amphibious salamander-like creature; possible oxygen shoulder pet - Eogyrinus: Large amphibious salamander-like creature - Ophiderpeton: Basically an amphibious version of titanoboa; has a constricting attack - Proterogyrinus: Basically an amphibious komodo dragon that lived in swamps and rivers - Gerrothorax: Basically an aquatic purlovia - Anatosuchus: "duck-billed crocodile"; very small, not rideable - Pakasuchus: "cat crocodile" SWAMP CAT!! small, not rideable - Desmatosuchus: Kapro with shoulder spikes; also an herbivore - Postosuchus: Kapro capable of both quadruped and biped stance - Terrestrisuchus: very small crocodile that inhabited wooded areas - Anomalocaris: Prehistoric crustacean; Essentially an aquatic version of Moschops (can be taught to harvest many resources) - Bacculite: Ammonite with a straight pointy shell - Bananogmius: A sail-finned fish - Xiphactinus: Large fish with large upturned jaw and lots of big pointy teeth - Astraspis, Cephalaspis, and/or Doryaspis: armored fishes; some (especially doryaspis) look like tadpoles - Ceratodus: lung fish, capable of breathing air and "walking" on its fins - Mud Dragons (Phylum Kinorhyncha): These are tiny creatures, but a larger fictional form could make for a terrifying enemy on the beaches, can burrow and move underground (similar to Deathworms) - Giant octopus or cuttlefish - Giant ride-able crab (Karkinos? maybe with brighter color patterns) - New land/flying dinos - Moeritherium: Large hippo-like creature equally at home in water as on land - Thalassoleon: Large primitive seal - Anteosaurus: Basically a larger, predatory moschops - Hatzegopteryx: slightly smaller than quetz, but much more aggressive (to fill the flying apex predator role) - Dive bomb attack like the griffins - Amargasaurus: Smaller amphibious version of Bronto Water tames that supply oxygen - Diplocaulus (should be very common around shallow waters) - New kind of fish (Bladderfish? This would obviously be a fictional creature) - This would be a "shoulder pet" type of tame - Cannot leave the water; oxygen drains slowly while "held" and recharges when swimming free Bosses: - Livyatan melvillei - Kraken - Giant electric ray New resources - Existing DLC resources: Sand, green/blue/red gems, and element ore - Corkwood: used in flotation oriented recipes, such as life vests and lighter/faster rafts - Bamboo: could be used as a snorkel; bamboo could also be used for a new building tier between thatch and wood - Bamboo buildings would have the main benefit of being much more resistant to hurricanes than wood or thatch - Underwater oil veins (and accompanying pumps; similar to SE) - black variation of the clams that give pearls; found only in deep water and give black pearls - Seaweed/Kelp; could be used to tame aquatic and semi-aquatic herbivores - Aquatic version of berries for taming aquatic and semi-aquatic herbivores - Algae or Coral (technically coral are animals, but could work) Plant Species W - Found underwater - Harvest for seeds/fruits; seeds must be planted underwater in order to grow - Fruits, when eaten, allow player to breathe and regen stamina underwater; also give boost to swim speed - This might limit the usefulness of Lazarus chowder, so some drawbacks need to be added to give the player viable choices: - Shorter duration (ex, 3 mins vs 10 mins) - Much more difficult to obtain (wild plants only found in hostile bio-luminescent underwater caves or especially deep water) - Shorter spoil time (ex, 10 mins vs 5 hrs) - Another possibility is to modify the Lazarus chowder recipe so that it requires these fruits - This could allow the plants to be more common and in easier to reach waters - Also provide oxygen while near them (like Plant Z heals) New forms of electricity generation - Underwater turbines similar to windmills in SE; would need to add ocean currents to the map (similarly to wind in SE) - Geothermal pump to generate energy from steam vents More raft styles, plus add ways to fend off the infamous Leedsichthys (armored raft?) - Small/Light Raft: made from corkwood and is lighter and faster than the normal raft (just fast enough to outrun a Leedsichthys) but is not buildable except for storage containers - Armored raft: requires corkwood and metal; same stats as standard raft but takes much less damage from a Leedsichthys - Large raft: larger, slower version of standard raft; has much higher build limits and takes slightly less damage from a Leedsichthys (perhaps an armored version as well?) Craftable items that aid in swimming: - Primitive flippers: crafted from hide and wood or bamboo - Diving pump: airhose/mask and pump combination to allow limited range/depth but unlimited duration (provided pump does not run out of fuel) - Simple flotation device (life vest): crafted from fiber, hide and corkwood - Perhaps a "hazard suit" version of scuba gear to be able to survive the toxic underwater lakes - craftable mini-sub device (similar to seaglide in Subnautica); player can "ride" it by holding onto it; used to propel the player in areas where even small water mounts don't fit - runs on gasoline Primitive forms of the Tek vacuum chamber - Leak over time, requiring continuous pumping - Tek chamber does require continuous power from Tek generator, but I believe they fill with water immediately if the generator runs out of element. These primitive ones must be on a "decay timer" to enable hand pumping every so often (or even better, if there's a way to partially fill them with water, gradually increasing the water level over time if not pumped out). - Start with stone tier - Simple 2x2 sized room with moonpool; no other options/pieces - Metal tier - 2x2 rooms with no pre-built entrances - Can snap moonpool or air-lock style entrances - Has tunnel pieces in straight, corner, t- or x- configurations - Glass variants of tunnels and rooms - Water pumps to empty them - Hand pump: most primitive, requires significant stamina to use; snaps to inside of exterior walls of stone or metal rooms/tunnels - Electrical pump: requires electricity - These should be able to be built anywhere (excluding underwater) and will have hose attachments that can be built down to the vacuum chambers to pump out water - Once a chamber is emptied of water, pumps and other electrical/gasoline items can be built there (and fully function) - Submersible pump: can be built anywhere, even underwater, but still requires electricity to run - limited range/number of chambers any one pump can handle - These primitive chambers also have the disadvantage of running on normal generators, which cannot operate while submerged like the Tek generator - this requires players to either hand pump or build a generator on land to empty the chambers initially or if they get flooded - Add more Tek pieces such as sloped chambers, tunnels and an air-lock style entrance - Add Tek vacuum platforms (like the cliff/tree platforms) that can attach to underwater cliffs and columns Other notes: An interesting mechanic would be the ability to bury small storage chests in the sand
  7. Would be really good to have this implemented into consols as i really enjoyed watching streams on pc! More peoplw would then join the comunity
  8. What the h*ll is going on with Valguero??? My tribemate who plays on a MAC still isn't able to play Valguero. Is this a joke? Valguero for MACs should have been out by now. It's been *2 MONTHS!* Valguero came out June 18th and it still isn't working on MAC?
  9. Hey, my name is Zack. I was just wondering, What dlc is the best in your opinion
  10. Silvaeger

    The Lost ARK

    Summary: when the ARK started landing one malfunctioned and landed on an alien planet Full Story: when the Survivors finally killed the King Titan and got the ARKs to land something went wrong with one and it went off course traveling through space for a while until it entered the atmosphere of an alien planet but when landing the ARK broke into fragments and started to leak element. After Crash: it seems like humans have tried to colonize the plant but it looks as though they were wiped out leaving behind obelisks and some ruins and there are notes all over the map hopefully they will tell you how or why they were wiped out. Will you be able to kill the King of this planet and find your way back home? Heres the link to the map: https://imgur.com/a/y5Nk3uF LAND BIOMES: SOUTHERN LANDS: The Fragment: a fragment of the ARK main player spawn its is in the southwestern corner with the Redwood Jungle to the north and the Element Swamp to the east. Redwood Jungle: a mix of redwood forests of earth and the native jungles of the planet the Silent Sea to the north and the Element Swamp and the West Quicksand Shores to the east. The Great Chasm: home and nest of the Chasm Crawlers with a river at its bottom in the Crystal Desert it starts at the shores of the Chained Islands. The Crystal Desert: a beautiful desert made of grains of crystal instead of sand it is in the southeast corner to the west is the Element Swamp, Hidden Plains, and the East Quick Sand Shores and to the west is the Chained Islands and the Stone Field. Element Swamp: it is an area of land where element leaked out from the fragment it is a harsh and barren landscape with both pure and corrupted liquid element there are many caves under it that allows safe passage under the swamp and home to many mutants. Quicksand Shores: there are both western and eastern parts of this biomes it is full of quicksand pits. Hidden Plains: full of tall grass and a few trees here and there home to the trapdoor spider and other creatures that hide in plain sight. NORTHERN LANDS: Fields of Insanity: it is where the main nest of the Hive Mind is located Caves of Insanity: it is a cave system that has branches and entrances in the Electromagnetic Plain, Shimmer Island, and the Crystal Desert but the main cave network is under the Fields of Insanity. The Towering Caverns: a maze of tunnels and caves in the Great Northern Mountains home and nest of the Hawk wyverns. The Great Northern Mountains: giant mountains covered in snow. The Dark Forest: the Dark Forest is a forest that is covered constantly in a thick black fog and is home to Fairys. The Electromagnetic Plains: a huge plain filled with electromagnetic rocks this area is very dangerous because the magnetic rocks emit bolts of electricity and compasses and GPS's don't work here. Sky Rivers: a sub biome of the Electromagnetic Plains where the magnetism has caused the rivers of the area the float. The Wild Swamp: a dense swamp home of the dredger. OTHER LANDS: The Shattered Bridge: a shattered land bridge that used to connect the northern and southern landmasses and separates the western and eastern oceans. The Crystal Forest: an island full of crystal covered trees in the western ocean with the Crystal Sea surrounding 80% of its shores. The Shimmering Island: an island full of illusions and mirages it is in the middles of the eastern ocean with the stone field to the east the kelp forest to the north and the chained islands to the west and south. WATER BIOMES: WESTERN OCEAN: The Abyssal Trench: a deep abyss in the ocean home and nest of the Leviathans in the Dark Sea. The Dark Sea: a dark, cloudy and deep sea the home of many nightmares. The Silent Sea: it is eerily silent there not even a ripple on the surface until you hear the screams of the Banshee. The Crystal Sea: next to the Crystal Forest and home to the Crystal Eel. EASTERN OCEAN: The Chained islands: many floating underwater islands that are chained to the sea floor blue ob is on the biggest one. The Stone Field: (yes this is a water biome) an underwater stone field with a lot of resources and home to Stone Hermits. Kelp Forest: a dense forest of kelp in which Sea Dragons make their home. THE WATER BIOMES ARE COMPLETE. WEATHER: Plasma Storm: you can collect plasma during these storms. Tornado: BOSSES: 1. Hive Emporess Medusa: she was like Rockwell she took her experiments to far after completely mutated she was able to control the 3 Hive Queens and therefore all of the Hive 2. Centries: a giant centipede-like creature spits poison fought in a cave that it crawls around in spawn Chasm Crawlers and is summoned at red(land dinos only) 3. Jormungandr: the final and biggest boss it is a giant serpent fought underwater summons and is summoned at blue leviathans also suspected to be what wiped out the human colonies(water only) CREATURES/DINOS: Hive Mind: creatures able to attach like a leach to and controls other creatures some are immune to the mind control but it still does damage humans are immune to their mind control but they still do damage can drop Hive Mind Toxin. Spawns: caves of insanity common and is a rare spawn almost everywhere except the fragment(untameable). The Gone: dinos and creatures that have been under the control of the Hive Mind for so long that they have changed physically. Uncommon spawn in the caves of insanity rare spawn everywhere else except the fragment (untameable). Wendigo: https://imgur.com/05asVWI Hybrids: they seem to be the results of genetic experiments they are untameable but you can breed one after injecting a creature with a serum made from hybrid blood Mutants: they are the result of a dino being mutated by pure element and corrupted by corrupt element this results in them being untameable and unable to be taken over by Hive Mind you can obtain one by injecting Pure Element Serum, Corrupt Element Serum, or Negative Element Serum Chasm Crawlers: https://imgur.com/c1nxO6L Leviathans: https://imgur.com/2A47mcU Hawk Wyverns: https://imgur.com/u9La4pR Fairies: your worst nightmare https://imgur.com/gallery/bXGUV3A Deathwinder: https://imgur.com/mePgE9X Dredger: https://imgur.com/1GfpAl8 The Sand Flea: inspired by blueberry jackal's post. https://imgur.com/ICcqrfG The Behemoth: https://imgur.com/jKe41PC The Crystal Eel: https://imgur.com/Shsrlcn DINOS FROM OTHER MAPS: all fliers except the Quetz all carnivores bigger than a Carno all appropriate herbivores except the Bronto (if the map is made this will all be up to the Devs) (i plan to replace both the Bronto and Quetz) (the bronto replacement will hopefully a lot less laggy on boosted servers) ITEMS: Hive mind shield: is like a tek force field but it only works on The Gone and Hive Minds(mid game). Plasma: no use yet. Hive Mind Toxin: harvested from killing Hive Mind use to raise Chasm Crawlers Leviathan Gel: obtained from killing or knocking out female Leviathans used to raise Leviathans. Hawk Wyvern Crop Milk: obtain by knocking out female Hawk Wyverns used to raise Hawk Wyverns. Magnetite: used to make floaty stuff. CONSUMABLES: Mind Blocker Stew: makes any player that consumes it invisible to Hive Minds temporarily(early-mid game) Corrupt Element Serum: a serum that mutates creatures injected with it. it causes highly increased attack damage and health but causes it to be unbreedable and has a 50/50 chance of turning into an aggressive beast that attacks anything in sight. Pure Element Serum: a serum that mutates creatures injected with it. it slowly mutates the creature it will be breedable but the mutated stats are random. Negative Element Serum: a mix of both pure and corrupt element its effects are completely random and unpredictable. Hybrid Serum: made from hybrid blood when a creature is injected with this makes it so when they are bred their offspring have a 50/50 chance of being a hybrid. Kelp: food and used to tame.
  11. Remove transfer of Desert Titan to Island on Arkpocalypse This is day 3 of the arkpocalypse server and already my tribe with over 50 turrets was wiped by a desert titan brought from a DLC map when Island is Non-DLC this is unfair and broken and it is way to easy to tame to be allowed for transfer so early and is creating a cancerous game play, It cant be stopped on island so for arkpocalypse please make changes so the Desert Titan either... 1. Can't be transferred. 2. Takes Double damage. 3. Can't be uploaded/downloaded till day 5-10 of wipe. 4. Can't be tamed on Arkpocalypse period!!!! 5. Make it so it is wayyyyy harder to tame as it is way to damn OVERPOWERED!!!!!!!!! *the cost to stop a Desert Titan far out ways the cost to tame it this needs to be fixed/balanced* *KEEP IN MIND THIS IS FROM THE STANDPOINT OF SOMEONE THAT BOUGHT ALL YOUR DLC*
  12. So when will this be coming on to nintendo switch? I heard October 2019, but idk if thats true. Any info on that, and other DLC would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Renting out PS4 servers I am renting out dedicated servers for PS4: · 1 month + 24/7 admin (60 people) - $15 USD · 3 month + 24/7 admin (60 people) - $40 USD · 6 month + 24/7 admin (60 people) - $75 USD · 1 year + 24/7 admin (60 people) - $140 USD Note* All settings can be adjusted, including amount of people per server and any DLC can be chosen. Message for more information.
  14. my dlc doesnt work right Someone bought aberration for me, i have it installed, i dont get the skins that i should get from the dlc, i can play the map in singleplayer but i cant find any servers for non-dedicated servers, i cant join people even if they invite. sorry if its in the wrong category, but ark support is pretty confusing
  15. Potential for Season 2 DLC Greetings! I was unable to come across a suggestion like this from my searches so I checked to find a suggestion area and boom, here I am. Today I wanted to talk about a potential for 2 different DLC packs that seem (at least to me and a small minority I have asked) as though it would both be an exciting project for the devs and for the community. Since the first selection of DLCs were end game scenarios (Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, Extinction) I really enjoyed their base attributes of surviving them. The features that made each map unique allowed players to think creatively in their base building and movements across maps, also allowing the menagerie of creatures to be varied and interesting to the players. So my suggestion is this! For a second DLC pass but with only 2 DLC packs in it. As far as naming I haven't really gotten this far as it would require an underlying level of development to go into it, but I thought that for the next batch (should more DLC come) the DLC should be 2 maps with completely different methods of travel and exploration. Imagine 2 new maps that made half of the current creatures unable to be used, meaning that the players would need to be using the majority of the new creatures in these maps for base travel and movement. The first map could be something akin floating islands, using flying creatures you have will give you an advantage however the new options amongst cliff scaling and gliding creatures have many open possibilities. The second map maybe to counter this would be a map situated entirely under water and even though you can have your normal aquatic dinos, you could never survive the depths if don't learn to interact with the abominations from the deep. I felt the concept would be a good following that could keep the creative juices flowing since there are not only plenty of creatures that can be added via research and scientific conjecture to keep the dino nerds interested, but also allow dev creative juices to flow in creature design as well. After all we did get an underground/subterranean DLC (I loved Aberration). I feel like if this isn't already being worked on that it was a good idea to suggest. Thanks for reading, have a nice day EDIT: I just added tags to organise this post better, along with spelling corrections.
  16. Release dlc on switch and patch it. Everyone, or at least lots of people, are getting ark on switch. If you, wildcard, ported it onto switch, you should patch it and release the dlc for it or as a bundle with the base game.
  17. No Fire Wyverns in the Fire Wyvern part of the trench So we started playing on our unofficial server and we went to the trench and went to get some fire eggs but no fire wyverns are spawning in when ik they said they are on the map. Please does anyone know whats going on or if they will be added later we are very confused and I myself miss my fire wyverns
  18. Hi guys, long Story short we all know theres not a tsunami of Information about Ark on Nintendo Switch. But i reached out to Abstraction Games, and heres what they said. At least they answered and see we are out there. But as it always was: Wildcard is asleep. Heres the Quote: “Hi Thorsten, Thanks for reaching out to us! We are working on all console versions, including ARK Switch. We do not however have any control over when new patches will be released as Studio Wildcard controls that process 100% and sends instructions our way as they see fit. Basically, we’re in the same boat as the community as far as information is concerned. That said, our idea is to vastly improve the Switch version over time. We just don’t know when we are able to put the bulk of our resources on either platform. I guess this is still just a case of waiting for Wildcard to broadcast their plans or release date commitment. DLC was planned for Switch, but honestly I don’t know where that sits right now. I’ve been trying to get a hold of Wildcard management for weeks but there has been radio silence for a while. I’m sure at some point they’ll be in touch again after a period of being overwhelmed on their end is my best guess. Cheers, Ralph Abstraction“ Bottom Line is that Wildcard does not even respond to a freaking developer that they paid for porting their game. Thats probably the most sad company I have ever seen. But there is hope because the Support is not canceled. Just wanted to share this since no one has any word on the Switch Version.
  19. Ark new DLC suggestion (Winter only based) I had an idea about a new ark DLC with a whole new map. New experience and maybe even new creatures. The main theme is a winter based with fury dodo's for players to get fur faster to get wormer gear faster. Map: A map with high mountains Sneeke spots to build your base And more New suggestion Creatures: Fox ( can be picked up and put on your neck to keep you work) Mountain goats (aggressive and defensive also can be ridden and is able to do a charge like a rhino) And more Hope u like my idea Greetings Kuba (RedClaw
  20. LegendGains

    DLC Map

    DLC Map I’m a console player so I haven’t had the pleasure of playing in the new maps like Crystal Isles, Valguero, and some of the others which I hope will be added to console eventually, but I have an idea for a map which no one seems to have tried to create. The idea I imagine is similar to the layout of extinction with different biomes set up, although these biomes will be made up of mythology. One features Egyptian mythology, one for Greek mythology and one for Chinese mythology. Using the gods of the different mythological sets as bosses, and creatures specific to each biome from mythology. To expand even further adding a whole new set of engrams for a full expansion. A “god” set of engrams. Either focusing on the gods of death using souls from killing certain creature to power or using sunlight or something similar that can be obtained from certain creature or bosses for a power source. Depending on the route unless adding both engram paths designing the new structures with a dark underworld theme for souls or a gold glowing them for the sunlight or similar path.
  21. My idea is to choose what Dinos to spawn on your pgmap. The dlc exclusives will be grayed out,unless you got the dlc.there will be icons for creatures and you can select and drag them to a certain part of the map.Also can you fix the pgark on xbox?
  22. return the option to speed up the Flying Dinos because the argentavis and the pteranodon are two useless I do not know why they removed that
  23. I will be adding many new ideas to this over time. Also be sure to comment any ideas you have to add to this. This DLC adds a new map, a few new dinos, new biomes, and new engrams to the game. It is not designed to be a story map. New Creatures -Magma Crawler: A small but dangerous creature that lives in and near lava pools. Often hides in lava pools and jumps out when its prey gets near. Not tameable. -Rockclaw: A lizard-like creature that is usually found near rocks or rubble. Generally friendly unless attacked. Has four feet with sharp claws that it uses to climb rocks and boulders or for defense. Very fast and agile. Can be tamed and ridden. Cannot climb upside-down. -Elemental Anomaly: An odd and unpredictable life form that has been mutated by element into a very large alien-like creature. Extremely aggressive and powerful. Unlike anything that has ever been seen on any of the ARKs. Cannot be tamed. -Octopus: Shoulder-mounted creature that lives in the ocean. Can camouflage with its surroundings. Can't stay out of water for too long. -Crab: Untameable ocean creature. Main prey species of octopus. New Biomes -Wasteland: A dangerous environment with little water. The terrain is flat and open with remains of old civilizations scattered around. Resident creatures are dung beetles, titanomyrmas, lymantrias, rock elementals, deathworms, velonasaurs, and rockclaws. -Overgrown Jungle: A tropical forested biome with large trees, vines, and plentiful water. Crumbling structures are overgrown with vines and roots. Fairly safe environment, but low visibility. Creatures include mesopithecus, gigantopithecus, dimorphodon, pteranodon, dodo, therizinosaur, raptor, titanoboa, parasaur, and quetzal (flying above trees). -Drowned City: A swampy environment with old abandoned structures flooded by murky water. Land is marshy and has mushrooms growing in the soil. Creatures include diplocaulus, beelzebufo, paraceratherium, sarcosuchus, kaprosuchus, carbonemys, and phiomia. -Volcanic Caves: Area of high volcanic activity with many caves and caverns containing lava. Very hot and difficult to survive without proper protection. No water. Resident creatures in this biome include wyverns (not ice), mantises, onycs, arthropleuras, and magma crawlers. -Mountain Range: A series of snowcapped mountains. Supports many types of life. Cold. Resident creatures include mammoth, ankylosaurus, doedicurus, argentavis, sabertooth, direwolf, snow owl, and ice wyvern. -Foothills: Rolling hills that surround a mountain range. Creatures include stegosaurus, rex, ankylosaurus, doedicurus, sabertooth, diplodocus, brontosaurus, and carnotaurus. (occasional giganotosaurus) -Tek Civilization: Old civilization built out of tek. Whoever lived here abandoned it long ago. Resident creatures are elemental anomalies, all current tek dinos, enforcers, and defense units. New Engrams -Robot: A remote controlled humanoid robot that can be controlled by whoever possesses its remote within a certain radius. Made of metal, takes reduced damage, cannot go in water. Runs on gasoline or battery. -Remote Control: Used to control a robot, built in the robot's inventory. Permanently assigned to the robot whos inventory it was built in. -Rockclaw Saddle: Used to ride a rockclaw.
  24. ...at least we don’t have to deal with messes like the vault drop “fix” and tons of people losing their characters after the rollback. Maybe being ignored is a blessing.
  25. Dear Team Why did anyone here purchase ark switch? cause we love ark and we love to play it on the and tv, yes myself I have a ps4 pro which does a amazing job at ark but the switch version just has a magic that you guys can fix I don't know what your teams issue is with funding the fix for switch did you not forget that we paid for the game ? Please look into this and fix the game the switch version deserves fixes
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