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Found 69 results

  1. Hello, today 17 day I started the game and I saw that there was a new DLC, when you want to download it directly, ARK: Survival Evolved starts. It does not initiate any download or add me to the library. What can I do to solve it quickly? Thank you, greetings from Argentina
  2. Hello, today 17 day I started the game and I saw that there was a new DLC, when you want to download it directly, ARK: Survival Evolved starts. It does not initiate any download or add me to the library. What can I do to solve it quickly? Thank you, greetings from Argentina
  3. Okay guys. Since Aberration is coming next month, I was curious as to whether anyone had any cool ideas or speculations for creatures that are going to be in the expansion or could be put in (other than those creatures we already know about or have seen). If you have suggestions, feel free to say so. It can be anything. Prehistoric creatures, stuff that's crazy and totally made up, creatures that take inspiration from popular fiction, anything. Feel free to make your own fanmade dossiers if you like. I'm probably going to make some of my own. Who knows? Maybe the ARK devs will see the stuff posted here and take some cues or ideas from it. Can't hurt to try. Anyway, hope to see what everyone comes up with.
  4. With the for coming release of ark survival evolved this winter I thought now would be a good time to look at the achievements for the different formats of the game! I'm Looking forward to hunting down these achievements and really hope WC don't go down the boring generic route with there achievements as I feel these can be a great way to connect with your community. We here can help massively by giving are ideas as to what we would like to see, these are just a few of mine as I can go on and on about this subject! 1: GATHERING THATCH/A MADE MAN, ok so we can start with the normal get to rank 25, 35, 50, 75, and then reach max lvl. Kill a max lvl rex / spino, kill a giga, tame a max lvl rex / spino, tame a giga and quetzal! 2 : ALL AROUND THE WORLD, fly ( in total ) the distance it would take to fly around the world ( unsure on the games ability to track stuff like this) 3 : DON'T GO INTO THE LONG GRASS, melee/kill three or more raptors or terror birds in 5 secs! 4 : NO MONKEY BUSINESS!, use a monkey to unlock your enemies door! 5 : AND ON THE 7TH DAY / ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY, place over 200 snapped items or harvest a large amount of fibre, wood and stone! So there is a few ideas to help get the ball rolling! If you have any ideas for map or dlc only achievements as I know on xbox you get extra achievements/250 gamer score per dlc! If you have ideas of your own or want to improve on ideas already suggested please let us know! thx ?
  5. Shouldn't A season pass include the base game? Right now its up for purchase but what's the point if you can't buy the base game with it? A friend of mine wants to play and I was hoping to gift him so he could play on our server too. Is this just for the expansions only? When I purchased other games on steam through a season pass I don't remember having to buy the game separately. Maybe this should be posted on steam, I don't know how these things work.
  6. Hello, I would like some official answer about legacy servers for the new upcoming DLCs, I play on a legacy PVE server and I don't want to start all over on a new cluster just to play the DLC, and if I remember correctly, they said we would get all the content the new cluster gets, but not sure if it applies to them adding legacy servers for new DLCs. If someone has any info about this, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  7. Let's face it. With the upcoming new servers coming, WC has dumped and will continue to dump a LOT of money into just their servers alone. And with their earlier oath on Steam that they will not ever have micro-transactions, this led me to wonder just HOW are they going to make a profit on this? How is WC gonna get the money to keep this many servers going and thus keep ARK alive? Don't get me wrong, it's lovely that they are doing this server thing to please the crowds, but it's made me worried about their future financial standing...moreso when it was spoken that in order to even do this, they need to remove 10% of their official servers. Which brings me to the topic at hand. The only way I can see that they can make more money outside of base-game sales, is DLC's. Not counting the free ones we've gotten, the only paid DLC we've gotten so far is Scorched Earth, with 2 more DLC's coming in the near future, one before Christmas this year, and another next year. Okay awesome!'s where I'm nervous. SE, while a really neat DLC, is not good enough. I personally have not bought it because I've grown out of the impulse buying mentality long ago, but I know everything there is to know about what's in it and what you can/can't do when you don't have it. And I'm glad I waited. why? Because SE is 20 bucks...and the ONLY thing you get exclusively for that 20 bucks, is a map. that's it...a map. Everything else, the dinos and the items, can all be gotten without having SE, either via trading, or a mod. Sure you need the expansion to be able to craft from SE engrams, which is good, at least it has that going for it. But I personally feel something a bit MORE must be done for me to ever think of buying ark DLC's in the future, even moreso if they try to price it as 20$ (again, 10 would be more reasonable. I'd buy SE for 10). I want to support WC to help keep ARK alive, but yet at the same time I wouldn't buy another SE expansion for $20 if all I got exclusively was a map. Maybe 5 bucks, or even 10, but not 20...And YET yet...I also don't want them to put items and especially dino's behind a pay wall either! It's like some kind of nagging loophole that I just can't see a way out of. For all I know though, maybe SE did well. Does anyone have any hard data on just how well SE did? For all I know I could be panicking for no reason, especially since future DLC's will be coming AFTER release and no more of the 'don't release paid DLC in EA' crap coming with it. So what do you all think WC should do for their future DLC's? Would you buy another SE-like DLC as is at a $20 price tag, or does it need to be lower in price for you to even consider it? Do future DLCs need something a bit more than just a map and easy-access engrams? Would you buy DLC if the only way to get anything in it was the buy it or get it through trades? Or would you be pissed off if you found out you'll never get that new dino just because it's behind a paywall? Is there even a feasible way for WC to give us content in a paid DLC that wouldn't completely cut off the penny pinching savers from content like dinos and items? Personally, I think they should keep future DLC's as they are now, but bump the price tag down to $10 default...maaaaaybe 15 but that's stretching into the nope side. I know sales are thing though, hence why I made the topic. I would buy SE only if it was $10 and under since the only thing you'd really get exclusively is the map. So many factors to this. What's everyone else's opinion on the handling of future DLC's?
  8. Wildcards pls ... ?

    Hello .... i do own ark since the first week of its early access ... now i did see the trailer of the new DLC and i checked for the season pass ... so we got the game , we do buy scorched earth and now we have to buy the season pass as well ? people already own scorched earth ... so we do pay half of the money for nothing ... the old players dont even get anything from the release ... no instead we have to buy the collectors edition once again to get the skins etc as well.
  9. I would like to see a Season Pass option that does NOT include Scorched Earth. I purchased Ark a few months after it's initial release into Early Access. I purchased Scorched Earth when it too was released into Early Access. Not that I think that was a great decision, but I really wanted to play it and I was willing to help support a game that I enjoyed so that I could do my part to seeing it become a finished, released game. Why then, if I want to further help support the game by buying a Season Pass am I rewarded with essentially purchasing Scorched Earth a 2nd time?! I feel as though my previous support of the game in Early Access meant nothing. Why is there not a Season Pass option for Early Access players that purchased SE back in the day, or better yet, just have the Season Pass only include the unreleased DLCs with an option to bundle the Season Pass with SE for those that didn't already buy it the first time. When you go to the "package info" for the Season Pass, it lists Scorched Earth separate from the Season Pass, as if it was meant to be the way I describe it above. I was ready to buy a Season Pass until I saw that I would be paying for Scorched Earth again. Until there is a Season Pass option for Early Access players that does NOT include Scorched Earth, I will not be purchasing one, and I'm pretty sure others will not be either.
  10. Ark Digest 20: Survivor, David Bowie’s Bum asks, “What can we expect from the ocean in future updates?” Answer: "We have a lot of sea creatures in the works! As well as an expansion of the playable sea area along with a deeper max depth, and a sea Cave-Dungeon. Furthermore, you can also expect an entire Oceanic/Isles ARK ;)" Ark Digest 28: Survivor, MLaidler asks, “It was mentioned several digests ago that (post-release) there would be an oceanic isles map. Is this still planned post-release? I'd love the emphasis on sea and air dinos, boats, and making outposts on smaller islands” Answer: "We’re very interested in expanding the sea-based gameplay, and that necessarily includes more space to do that!" And it's really looking like we'll get to dive in on Sept. 1st. So excited!
  11. Trading DLC [The Bazaar]

    Idea For "The Bazaar" Trading DLC -One server dedicated per platform and play style (PVP/PVE) Layout: The inner circle will be a gathering of people who wish to trade and socialize. Within the inner circle lays around a variety of small stalls for trading resources, wepons, gear, u name it. The UI will let the seller enter a stall, put in his item, and set his cost with an "accept" button letting them know its set. The trader would need to stay in the stall for the time the trade is active and if he leaves his items will go into a holding vault (like the tribute with a 24 hr timer to get it or lose it.) The middle circle of stalls would be your small med dino's where seller does the same as above, but the buy will be able to see all the dinos information at the stall's UI. sellers could walk in and out to view the dino like if it was desired for mutations or its skin. Another idea for the stalls would be a "barter" button, where the seller can put in a value or bid and if accepted can have a timer to put in resources or the trade becomes null. Lots of little code and parameters to get the kinks out. Then on the outskirts of the map will be your larger stalls. these could be on an outer wall exiting the bazaar, or shelved in some manner to have sellers of gigas, brontos, any larger type dinos that can be maintained to not have clutter in the inner trading areas. (blocked so they cannot enter the middle) Extras: Upon spawning into this map you'd be on the outside walking in. as you walk in maybe you could see a ticker board or something to see the last 10 trades that have been completed. Or.... like a resource stock market to where it computes the pricing of resources to ingots. This would take a lot more time and can understand if its abandoned due to complexity. Auction House: Lets say a person wants something but doesn't care what it is. send it to auction! based on a timer and bidding system, once the timer runs out the seller picks the best offer and may not refuse. this is a one way trade to prevent people rejecting their sell after all bids have been entered. Flags, banners, or tapestries. This is very important to me. Color. Either vision you can see this going it is important to know that traders love to advertise with color. This is no different for the map and where they trade. Make sure to add lots of the little things that open eye appeal to both sellers and buyers. If you wanted to get even more in depth with immersion Quality stalls could be added. This means that the ones with the most viewing, more decorative stalls could lets say have to be "bought" in order to sell. In order to buy these you would need trading coins. trading coins would be obtained by successful trading and could be the unique item for the DLC. There's many more ideas I have as the process would continue, but for the basic frame of the concept I have stopped here. Thank you for reading and hope I have opened the doors to a potential DLC.

    Ever since they announced that scorched earth was only the beginning of a few DLCs I've been thinking long and hard about different habitats that Wildcard could take advantage of. A lot of people wanted a water DLC but I never really liked that idea. I finally came up with an idea to rival scorched earth, A CAVE DLC!!!! Imagine this, 5 levels of caves with two spawn points for each level except the deepest. 10 new and creatures 3 new weapons, I'll detail each level in descending order then the new creatures with detail. SURFACE Look, I know this isn't a cave but it is on here anyway. the surface will be a small valley (surrounded entirely on all sides by an unclimbable mountain) with a few trees and bushes and a semi ruined cottage with lemon trees in the back yard and dodo eggs in a coop. There will Be a small Human sized hole leading to the first level in the mountain. LEVEL 1 EASY LEVEL This is the easiest level of the cave with few carnivores other than small bats and they are rare. the creatures spawning on this level would be Glowworms, Bats (the small kind), Centipedes, and, blind dogs (see below for more details) and very rarely Rat Horses. This level is fairly lit with holes in the roof showing light and glowworms everywhere the temperature can vary from cold to warm but never to overheating or hypothermia levels there are no large mushrooms but there are vine trees and some rare bushes that produce the base berries. This level has many ruins (to find out why see the explorer note section) with similar boxes to the ones seen in Ragnarok with one treasure chest. LEVEL 2 SLIGHTLY LESS EASY LEVEL This level is mostly the same as the above minus around half the ruins, holes and plants in addition if a gun is shot I this cave anyone in 4 foundations is slightly damaged and given an ringing rebuff which causes them not to be able to hear for 5 seconds (this is the same throughout all the following levels). the creatures are fairly the same except a few rare onyc spawns are added and the rat horses are less rare this level is also hotter and in full fur gear you will receive the overheating debuff. instead of berries and bushes, this level will have mushrooms and fungus clumps (e.g. torpor mushroom, stimulation mushroom, temp resistance mushroom) there will also be an entrance to one of the dungeon ruins. LEVEL 3 MEDIUM LEVEL this level is when the main creatures introduced in this level the creatures from all the previous levels are still here with the added cave rex, cave crawler and mole this level starts the theme of lava this level is fairly hot but full flak won’t make you overheat. there are not many ruins on this level apart from a sunken house in a lava pool there will also be an entrance to the second dungeon cave in the main lava pool (this will be accessible to a special creature that spawns only on the lowest level) this is the top tier cave with all red drops. there are no vines in this part of the cave but there are large mushrooms that can be harvested for thatch and wood as well as rare mushroom chunks which can be consumed for food they don’t have the blindness effect but they do spoil still. LEVEL 4 HARD LEVEL This level is very hard on your first trip because the creatures are the strongest with almost everything from the previous levels spawning here with no plants many lava pools with many sunken ruins in them LEVEL 5 GOD TIER LEVEL This level is half lava with most aggressive creatures spawning here such as cave rexes, rat horses, cave crawlers, and this levels exclusive creature lava otter (see below) there is also the middle tier dungeon and also a few deep crates scattered around FAUNA GLOW WORMS ~ · Creature description: a long worm that is about as thick as a person’s arm. It wraps around a person’s waist when on their shoulder much like a boa constrictor it also has a very creepy face a lot like the leeches with horns dotting around the head. It lives on the ceiling and can be tamed by climbing up the vines that dot the cave also at night their light dims about 40% in the wild · Taming: passive tame requires 1 lemon · Utilities: light source can be hung from a ceiling or stored on a person shoulder for a better torch · Resources: glow worm powder if tamed it will passively produce one of this when eating a lemon, it can be used as spark powder but it spoils one every 1 day it can also be killed for this resource but it will spoil twice as fast. they don’t give meat when killed and no dinosaur will actively attack a glow worm. BLIND DOGS ~ · Creature Description: a small fox like creature with huge ears and glazed over red eyes, it can cling to the shoulder of people. It will only attack centipedes and will sulk away if a human comes near it however if a human carries meat it will walk up to the human. · Taming: if you feed it one meat it will follow you around until you feed it enough to tame · Utilities: it acts like a lower tier Troodon with a scout ability and it gains a pack bonus up to 4 (if lower levels are in range they will be excluded from the pack) · Resources: They aren’t particularly good at gathering anything but if you turn of harvesting you can use them to farm meat very easily with their pack ability making them much stronger CENTIPEDES ~ · Creature Description: A large centipede around the size of the glow-worms that don’t fight back and eat mushrooms · Taming: they can be tamed using knock out method and fed mushrooms · Utilities: they can be milked for lesser poison which will craft an item later · Resources: lesser poison MONSTER BATS ~ · Creature Description: a larger version of the vampire bat around the size of a flying fox they exist around the caves and will attack humans once and then retreat until the human has regenerated the health they lost · Taming: by allowing the vampire bat to consume your blood it tames it a small amount you can also knock them out and feed them blood bags · Utilities: they can sit on your shoulder and are a fairly decent combat dino working much like the dimorphodon or vulture attacking the rider not the mount. · Resources: when damaging something the Monster Bat will gain health = to half the damage it inflicted it can also have an extra store of health = to 39 if it gets 40 it will make a blood bag that can be taken from its inventory. It can also turn meat put into its inventory into dried meat which lasts as long as jerky but can be fed to babies. RAT HORSES ~ · Creature Description: a large rat that is naturally aggressive towards humans, its body is large around the height of a horse. Though it has short legs it is not particularly slow. Its head sports a very large set of sharp long teeth and when not in motion it will stand on its hind legs like the Megatherium, it scavenges using its bulk to scare away other scavengers it has a large health pool but fairly normal damage. · Taming: it is a normal knock out tame taking either mushrooms or meat taking around the time of a raptor, its saddle unlocks at level 25 · Utilities: it can squeeze through every hole in the caves making a great scouting tame or exploring tame · Resources: it gathers things off bodies but can also gather mushrooms with its paws. CAVE REX ~ · Creature Description: a much smaller white/grey rex with red glazed over eyes, it has evolved longer arms and has plating on its head. It is naturally aggressive towards humans · Taming: a simple knockout tame it takes meat · Utilities: the largest carnivore on the map it Is best for gathering meat · Resources: meat GIANT MOLE ~ · Creature Description: a large mole that is like the badger moles from avatar · Taming: it tames by feeding it cave rex eggs or mutton it is a passive tame. · Utilities: it can gather stone and flint and other things you can get from rocks better than an anky or doed and can dig its way through any hole in the cave system (just to be clear you can’t dig into the cave walls but you can dig through any boulders that will appear above every entrance and exit between levels) and it can bury itself like a purlovia. · Resources: stone flint metal sulphur CAVE CRAWLER ~ · Creature Description: a very spindly limbed wolf like creature that can run very fast through most holes. it is named for its practice of appearing on a ledge in the 3rd level previously thought to be inaccessible without climbing. In actuality there was a small hole in the wall which humans thought too small for them to travel through which they used as an exit and entrance (this is a location in the game which has many dead bodies of humans which can be looted like loot drops with high tier weapons but cannot be opened until level 50 and you must kill every cave crawler first) they are naturally aggressive towards humans and they have a bleed attack · Taming: they are a knock out tame with fast draining torp but a generally quick tame · Utilities: the 2nd tier meat gatherer in the caverns, alternatively they can be used as a scout tame and they give a pack/pride boost up to ten. At 10 gives them the roar (lasts 20 secs) which makes them 25% faster and 100% more damage on top of the 100% already added by the pack boost they’re health is compromised by 25% as most of their energy is in damage not damage reduction. LAVA OTTER ~ · Creature Description: a long mammal like reptile that gives live birth. It is covered head to toe in hard chitin resource which reduces damage by almost 75% however they’re health is quite low to compromise this. They can swim in lava pools for 5 secs before their chitin warms up too much and they lose health quite quickly. When going into the lava pools the rider must enter the alt mode which completely seals up every hole on the body and roles chitin up over the rider (hey its fantastical) otherwise the otter will die however when in alt mode the otter loses oxygen. · Taming: a loooooong tame because it can be used as a good turret soaker taking 1 damage from every shot CAVE SHEEP · Creature Description: a sheep with glazed over red eyes and a skinnier figure · Taming: the same as Ovis Aires except with mushroom cakes instead of veggie cakes · Utilities: Mutton · Resources: Mutton FLORA LARGE MUSHROOM ~ · Description: a large mushroom (lol) · Resources: thatch, wood, mushroom chunks MUSHROOM CLUMP ~ · Description: a large group of small mushrooms clumped together · Resources: yellow mushroom, red mushroom, blue mushroom, torpor mushroom, health regen mushroom, stim mushroom VINE · Description: a vine that can hang from the ceiling or lie across the ground · Resources: fibre, vinefruit, thatch, wood CONSUMABLES · MUSHROOM (see flora for more details) · MUSHROOM CAKE (the same as veggie cakes) · VINEFRUIT (gives a drunk buff because they are semi decomposed) WEAPONS · Climbing gear/pick: a pick like grapple attached to a rope which can be used to reliably climb walls at a close range but can be thrown to be a worse version of the grapple. when thrown it will only travel half the distance of the grapple and if you wish to climb up the ropes you will slowly lose stamina it also has a 30% chance of not working · Dagger: a close quarters weapon and I mean very close quarters with a radius of only just in front of you it will mostly be used for when you find a player in an inventory of their tame or a drop. It will deal a normal amount of damage similar to the pike but also gives a disembowelling effect which stops your enemy from sprinting for a few seconds · Poison Dagger: the same as the dagger except it requires one lesser poison and doubles the daggers damage making it able to one shot anyone with no points in health and no armour. BOSS Courtesy of wazzamanizac What would be cool is a plant type boss, which would be the "mother of all plant x", a terrifying massive venus fly trap of sorts, in a gas-filled swampy cave, sporting tentacles and spewing toxic spores. *not finished still need to add resources*
  13. Just curious how this DLC been out for a minute now, but still so unstable, I have gotten in the habit of checking all Rags now when it goes down. Seem that EU-Rag is always up... and someone on 15 said he tried an EU server , community there said it had been stable for over a week. Why is 13,14,15 so bad?!? Is it the backend netcode?!? Is it duping/DOS?!?!? Any ETA on when this will be fixed..
  14. Hello everyone, For any PC player of ARK, I wonder if many of you have checked out the map mod, Madagascar Evolved. I've looked at it for myself, and I have to say the map is of exceptional quality. Plus, the people who created it won fourth place in the modding contest in which it was featured. We currently don't have an Africa-themed map of any sort at the moment officially, so I wanted to create this topic to see how many people would want to see this map make it into the official game as Ragnarok has recently done. Leave a yes or no as to whether you think this would make a good DLC map and perhaps a reason you think so. Thanks!
  15. Ark: Mythical Islands

    Ark: Mythical Islands A new map idea, an RPG of ark. You know where i'm going with this idea. Magic! Different Dinosaurs! Different Everything! Lets start with Magic, magic engrams to learn and new ones to get at a certain level. You would have to make the spell tome that you learned and equip it on your character to use that magic. Dinosaurs that could be in this; Pegasaurus - A horse with wings, Unicornasaur - A horse with a horn (aka Unicorn), Wyverns - Fire, Lightning, Poison, Ice, and Earth, Minotaurus - A half bull, half dinosaur, Cyclopcus - Cyclops, Hydradon - Hydra, Mermaidamer - Mermaid, Iron Golem, Elemental Golem, Chimerasos - Chimera, etc... Bosses - Manticore, 3 Dragons, Fire, Ice, Earth. Drops from the dragons, Power Stones used to create spells. The Loch Ness Monster. Weapons - Wood Swood, Spear, Iron Spear, Iron Sword, Steel Spear, Steel Sword, Damascus Steel Spear, Damascus Steel Sword, etc... Armor - Iron, Steel, Damascus Steel, etc... Crafting - Spell Tome Crafter, Smithy, Forge - Used to upgrade your equipment, Enchanted Forge - Used to enchant your equipment, etc... The Map Design - Forests, Floating Islands, Mythical Forests, Caves, Enchanted Desert, etc... I know some of the dinosaurs names are lame but I could have added more, you get what i'm saying. This Expansion of Ark could get lots of likes, a mythical survival sounds like a challenge and awesome, I would pay anything for this but this idea, well, it would be a whole new experience!
  16. Some of us do not have fast internet available. It would be nice to be able to have the same chance at prime locations as the players that have superfast internet available to them when new maps are available. Download available at X time, official servers online at Y time. Thanks!
  17. Special Theme Skin Packs

    I would like to see some special theme skin packs for consoles e.g. Halo or Gears of War armor/weapon skins or Horizon Zero Dawn Dino skins even if its paid DLC.
  18. Hi Guys! Now that this map is released, I'm quite curious to know why the hell scorched earth costs money, when every resource gets released for free in the workshop and additional maps anyway? Mind to explain to me? : /
  19. Ragnarok New Dinos

    Just showcasing some of the new Dinos in the new ragnarok map dlc. The Griffin click here The Polar Bear Click here The Ice Wyern click here other helpful ark videos
  20. Plans for DLC

    Hey guys I know this is a bit early but what is the plans for DLC for ark? I loved Scorched Earth dlc and want more!!!!! Love the work and keep on kicking ass!!!!!
  21. Hello there! And thanks for checking out Fabulous ARK PvE! I don't have a lot of experience running an ARK server, but I am surely learning fast! I'm quite open to suggestions, and my goal here is to build a community of players that helped shape the server into what it becomes. I want my players to be proud of playing on my server, knowing that it's not really my's -our- server. I aim to create a unique PvE environment (Yeah, pretty hard to do I know) where you actually feel engaged, excited, and interested! An environment that makes you log on and say "You know...I really feel like logging onto Fabulous ARK today..." Admins are friendly and active about 12-18 hours per day, depending on circumstances. So if this idea appeals to you, I'll list off some specific information for you below and you can decide whether to check us out or not! We are a new, fresh PvE server. Dedicated and run through We are currently running 13 mods, the details of which can be found on our website. Our website can be found at We have a discord! This is our invite code Open, welcoming and helpful, to veterans and new players alike! We ♥ feedback from our players, good, bad and ugly! We are running on The Center Admins are active 12-18 hours per day! SERVER NAME IN LIST: PvE-15xG15xT5xE SERVER IP : SERVER PORT : 27048
  22. I bought Ark Survival on my Xbox one, because I liked the game itself and was quite thrilled with the upcoming "Microsoft Play Anywhere" function that will allow me to also play the game on PC for free (When I get a gaming PC this fall). I tested Ark Survival on my Xbox and fell in love with the game concept and the dinosaurs almost immediately, but decided to stop playing and wait for the full release, since there were still quite a lot of bugs back then (Which I expected, since the game is still in development). loved the game so much that when the Scorched Earth DLC came out, I bought it just to support the ARK team, even though I do not currently play Ark at all and was, I must admit, not particularly interested in the fantasy critters, being more of a dino-girl. Anyway, as time passed I started wondering: Will I be able to play any DLC bought on my Xbox version, on my future gaming PC? I know ARK is going to be included in the "Microsoft Play anywhere" function, but will it also allow me to play DLC content?
  23. Ideas for new DLC's

    I read some ideas for new DLC's and i made some ideas for my own and i wanted to share them...So there is a sunken Obelisk announced and a water Boss, i thought about a Ocean DLC where the Boss is actually only summonable there with its own Arena and stuff...on the new ocean map you could Transfer water creatures from there to the normal ARK at the sunken Obelisk, as well as the other way arround (normal ARK to Ocean Map). First of all, in an Oceanic styled ARK there should of course be some smaller Island so you dont have to swim always and stuff, there are Ichthyornis, Pelagornis and Maybe one or two new piscivorous Pterosaurs, Ramphorhynchus and something else maybe, maybe Penguins and Monkeys as well for some popullation, but they are already in game. So, in the water AND on Land, two new Creatures, Giant Crabs and Archelon (Giant Sea Turtles). The Crab for gathering Wood and Thatch and even Pearls from down at the bottom, Crab should be Territorial and quite fast cause that would be terrifying and that is great. Maybe they can Pick up Smaller creatures and carry a bunch, would be nice, cant swim but walk underwater and climb surfaces slowly. Archelon would be a passive creature that is very slow on land but quick in water, can carry a platform saddle and is capable of squirting out a liquid like the Ammonite but that will make creatures passive and not aggressive. Then in the water maybe Tylosaurus as a smaller more agile Version of the Mosa, more Fish with their own Dossier that just Displays some of them with Standard info about fishes, its fish, not every different one of them would Need a own Dossier. A new structure like a Aquarium would be nice to have then. A new whale like an extinct Spermwhale or Orca would be nice, probably better the Orca cause Moby sausage wont be a thing cause of the Leeds...Shastasaurus could be nice, (a much bigger ichthy used for more aggressive or defensive ways), could swipe with ist tail and stun Things with that ability like the Baryonyx. Maybe no Salmon or Piranhas or just very very few ones. We could get Dallasaurus which is a very small Mosasaur, he could be like a sea Compy or something like that, we could finally get Harpoon guns and maybe a Special material for Building small, non Tek Underwater Bases. Xiphactinus could be like the Ocean Raptor or Terrorbird, or even Kapro. Onchopristis (A extinct Sword fish) could gather Sea weed and such that is a Food source like Berrys, you could make Sushi from it and stuff, it could also be a replacement for Fiber. Stethacanthus could be funny as a rideable Smithy Shark. Maybe even add something like a water Jerboa, a Little fish Humanoid that you can carry on your shoulder that will tell you about the weather. That would be enough sea creatures for now...But wait...what about a water Wyvern? Can not Fly, maybe just glide but swim and walk and shoot hot boiling water at you, he could also function like a Morellatops and carry water for drinking or Shooting on land that would fill up by going into the water or rain. For normal drinking without having the Wyvern would just boiling Saltwater be an Option. Rough streams, big waves that damage structures on land could be some neat dangers. Lampreys are also confirmed they could bring sea Diseases. As you go further down, more dangerous creatures should Show up, on the shallows should mostly be nothing but passive creatures. At last i wanted to share an idea for an Ocean Boss, maybe a giant mutated Crab that spawns some normal Big ones that come after you. Or something like a Kraken or Kaiju, i dont really know, they could do everything...literally... Did i just say at last? Oh... no that was just one DLC idea, The next one is more focussed on Mountains and Prairies and even willows, there would be Horses, Sheep, Dodos, maybe Wolves, Bears and such,.In the Mountains would be Argentavis, maybe Ice Elementals that throw giant snow balls at you that dont hurt alot but slow you down so he could come up and kill you. Maybe an Ice Wyvern Type at the Snowy Tops as well as the already unofficial announced Griffins. Wild Yetis you could tame actually. Cave Lions in Mountain Caves, they are quite slow and massive but Strong and tanky. down at the plain land are Sheep and such, maybe also Woolly Rhinos, maybe Moas who can sit on fertilized Eggs and they get a hatch Booster, maybe Aurochs that give milk which makes Babys grow faster. Maybe even add Bunnys like Nuralagus that slowly dig out Vegetables for you. At a River that starts at one of the mountains are Bears and Salmon, maybe even Otters that catch fish and can ride on your shoulder, The river would end in a big Pond with Frogs, and maybe Amargasaurus as a new fast Swimming Sauropod, maybe even the demon duck of doom as a water terrorbird xD. on the rocky beaches could be prehistoric big seals and Penguins with some Ichthyornis. Cryolophosaurus could also be in Caves and is a rideable Troodon-Dilo Thing. New items could be Bear rags, the Tomahawks and such. As a Boss there could be a giant Hairy Monster with Ram Horns and hooves that send evil Two legged Demon Ovis at you with glowing red eyes and sharp teeth. Those where some of my ideas, a Special gift for People who got every DLC and the Main Game could be a Map where everything got combined, it would fit quite well because at the Ocean you could gather Sand and salt like in Scorched Earth, there are Wyverns in the Oceans and on the Mountains like in Scorched (according to my ideas). I would really like to see all of that or in a similar way, it would add alot to the game and i would buy every DLC for that, no matter the Price. (But yea, they should Focus on the main game first...blabla...)
  24. I have had these thoughts brewing inside my head since Scorched Earth's release and I feel like I just have to get them out there. But before I do I think I should lay down a context for these concepts. When thinking these up I first took a look at what Ark has given us, through the two free maps and dlc, to get an idea of where they are headed and what can be added. I have thought long and hard over these, and I believe that some people may appreciate what I have to bring forward. The Map What makes each map so special from one another? Their individual advantages, layouts, challenges, and options. If you want something balanced and original you go with The Island, if you want to spice things up a bit and try something visually astonishing you play The Center, and if you are looking for a brow wiping, sweat dripping challenge you go with Scorched Earth. Well how about something bone chilling? Something that challenges you in the polar opposite of what Scorched Earth provides? A desolate frozen tundra. A place where it is always cold, experiences frequent blizzards, and requires heat to even keep your generators running. Sounds interesting? I know that at first this may sound like just Scorched Earth with snow, but if you continue on to the end you may find how much of a gem this idea truly is. Features: Different regions with their own challenges. Glacier filled ocean, steep snowy cliffs, high mountains, deep crevasses, many long caves, the Dark Depths (light-less sub caves/region), underground oasis(es), and many more. Weather anomalies. Like Scorched Earth's sand storms and heat waves that require you to seek cover, the frozen tundra would have its own weather obstacles. Blizzards will stop players from moving quickly or seeing far ahead of themselves. Coldsnaps (sudden extreme drops in temperature) will chill even the most well weathered individuals to their cores. Long days/nights that would work on a cycle, hindering or helping players dependent on one or the other. Temperature hindrances. Similar to how the generator takes damage over time in Scorched Earth, certain electrical based objects in the tundra will not work if they are too cold, may take a few "pulls" to get to fire up, or may freeze over when a blizzard blows through. In situations where your structures freeze over you will have to thaw them out with a source of heat (torch, flamethrower, etc). Things that freeze or ice over could be containers, pipes, electrical appliances, gates, or even your front door! Another small implementable feature could be that outdoor inactive fire pits and feeding troughs could fill with snow over time, requiring you to empty out the snow before using (or in the case of the feeding trough, to make room). Dinos People love (or hate) when new dinos are implemented into the game. They add to the growing variety of ways to harvest, hunt, defend, and just play around. This map would focus more on winter hardened creatures like the Dire Wolves, Dire Bears, Argentavise, Ankylosaurus, Gigantopithecus, Woolly Rhino, and etcetera. But new dinos! We could see other winter hardy and handy creatures that would perhaps gather ice or snow, provide more polymer, or create light. Lots of different things that would be very handy in such a cold area and sometimes dark area. More Refined/Specific Ideas: In an area full of snow and ice it would only make sense that there be a creature (or creatures) that can collect this stuff. But how about one that lives off of it? Or, more specifically, is made of it? What I am alluding to would be the colder cousin to the Scorched Earth's Rock Elemental, an Ice/Snow Elemental. A huge towering titan made of the wintering cold itself. Its uses are self explanatory, and would be nothing more than a winter based and utilized version of the Rock Elemental. Or hey, why not just make a blue/white version of the already existing elemental for this new map and just give it the ability to also harvest ice and snow mounds effectively? Furry Flier (not an actual name). Yes. Although it may sound bizarre, there would not be very many flying options to this new area. With the Argentavis and maybe Quetzal being the only sensible ride-able flying options that this type of region could sustain, a new addition to the aerial ensemble wouldn't hurt. This tame could provide players with a little more warmth while riding it, and be more skilled at gathering.... something. I am not sure what creature fits this mold, but something just might. Scarves would be nice, but ferrets would be better! How about a shoulder mounted ferret friend that helps keep you warm while also informing you of the tundra's impending weather related dooms? It's basically the tundra's version of the Jerboa, but come on it would be cute. Narwhals! These sea-lion/whale-esc creatures are great at skewering fish and are generally quick swimmers. Slow at walking on land, these semi-lazy creatures like to sit around on rocky beaches when not looking for food. They are often very territorial, and are very deadly if you stumble across them in a pack. These creatures provide a lot of animal fat, and are often hunted for their tusks and pelt. Seals, the dog of the ocean. Similar to everybody's favorite reptilian dog, the Lystrosaurus, these creatures give an exp buff to dinos in its immediate area. Also a skilled swimmer these little pups can keep up with rafts with ease, and wild seals can often be found jumping onto boats just to say hello. These creatures can also be killed for polymer and pelt (similar to the Kairuku). Alpha Dires. Alpha versions of the Dire Wolf and Dire Bear specific to this new map. Since there may not be many (or any) Raptors or Carnos, adding these two in as substitutes may not be a bad idea. Creatures of the Dark Depths. This is more like a blanket idea for an array of new creatures that could be implemented. These creatures survive underground in places with no light. Before the great freeze that turned this region into ice there were many cave dwelling creatures that would come out during the long nights and wreak havoc on the surface dwellers. When the freeze came the creatures went deeper into the depths, find refuge in the cave's strangely warm sub-sections. Mostly carnivorous (or perhaps a couple with a fungi based diet), these types of creatures like to stalk you from the shadows. They are quiet, possibly poisonous, and some may even lure in their prey with their own dazzling lights. Once tamed these creatures can provide their owners with interesting benefits like: Lighting your path, luring in prey, sensing other creatures in the dark, laying down a sticky trap, and etc. New Boss. The new boss specific to this map would be something fought in a dungeon within the dark depths. Similar in principle to the Brood Mother's den, this boss's domain would be cavern like. The den would be very dark except for the few giant mushrooms operating as light sources, and maybe some glowing spores that dust the area. The creature itself would look very dark, with neon colored accents, and lengthy as though it may be frail. Perhaps it could be a gorgon (medusa) inspired mix of creatures. Centipede leg/abdomen base, with a long stalky body and sharp poisonous claws protruding from its thin, lengthy hands. Perhaps this creature is also feathered, similar to the ancient idea of feathered flying snakes? This boss is very poisonous. It spits glowing poisonous bile (not also corrosive because that may be a little too over powered). It can also spurt a cloud of poisonous/narcoleptic fungus spores that cloud its location and slow you down. The creature will do so in an effort to make a quick escape to a different area so that it can continue to spit its sticky poison at you from a distance. Leaving in its wake other dark depth specific creatures to keep you busy. It is HIGHLY recommended to bring fire to fight this creature, flares to keep the area well light, and gas masks. Resources Just as the Scorched Earth dlc brought to us an array of fresh materials, so should a new wintry dlc. When you think of a desert you think of... sand and salt. So when you think of a frozen tundra you think of... snow and ice. Bingo! Easy! Roll credits. I do not have many ideas in this realm, and I am not too sure what new food you could bring. Maybe low nutrition animal fat? But then again perhaps food should not be as easy to obtain in a complete winter-scape. Speaking of food, similar to how salt helps preserve food, placing ice in a preservation bin will keep your food chilled, and can even freeze dry berries to make them lighter and last much longer while on trips. Ice in a refrigerator can allow food from spoiling for up to three days if your power goes out (how realistic!). If you are finding ice too hard to gather, then just packing some snow together hard enough in your mortor and pestal should do the trick. A use for the animal fat could be that it can be an alternative item in creating propellant? Structures/Objects Okay, this is where my brain had a field-day. The following will be different ideas of things that you would be able to learn to make from this frozen wasteland. Similar to the things you learn to make from Scorched Earth, the majority of these items would be most useful in the tundra versus other maps. Build-able Structures: Tipi/Tepee/Teepee (has three different spellings). Essentially a hardier version of the tent, a tepee could be pitched up and lived in for a time. It can also be dissembled and carried to wherever you would need to bring it. It would have a larger interior compared to a tent, and would be able to help keep you warm provided you have a campfire or two lit inside. The downsides are that it would weigh more than a tent, its cost to build may be a bit steep, and it would actually take a little time to "pitch". That is to say once you place it your character has to spend a few seconds putting it up (similar to waiting on an item to craft). The benefits though are huge, this could be used across other maps, and this structure would be extremely valuable to nomad styled players. Igloos. Similar to a teepee in that is houses players, this would be a one object/house quick build. It would be very heavy (about raft weight), larger than a teepee, and can only be placed once. It is very sturdy however, and can withstand the harsh environment with ease. It is also slightly easier to keep warm in when compared to an teepee, and will actually stay warm for a time after the fire has gone out (given that the door isn't opened too many times). Snow Structures. Have you seen palaces made out of just pure ice and stone? No? Look them up real quick, this post isn't going anywhere. Now imagine building a literal castle out of ice. That would be kinda cool, yeah? These structures can only be made and survive in this map however, for building them in any other location without the winter event active will cause them to melt rather quickly. Insulated Metal Pipes. Because it is so cold normal pipes carrying water will freeze up if they stretch too far from their source. Once that happens you will probably have to hire a person to come in with a Flamethrower to thaw them back out again. To keep that from happening you will need to use insulated piping. Or perhaps you have to paint your pipes with an insulation solvent created from animal fat and spark powder? And hey, maybe this same insulation/paint can also be used on stone or metal structures to make them warmer on the inside. Solar Panels. Just as Scorched Earth gave us Wind Turbines to be used on its windy, sandy dunes, the tundra would be a decent place to use solar panels. During its long-day cycle this object can help get you free energy! This is a far better energy generating alternative to the Wind Turbine, because the cold blizzards will cause a turbine to freeze up, then requiring the Flamethrower to be used to thaw it out again. Backup Batteries. This has been a long awaited and requested object from the Ark community, and I think an icy tundra would be just the place to introduce it. Intended to be used as a backup energy provider for when your main energy source expires (Wind Turbines when they freeze up or Solar Panels during the long-night cycle). This structure will store energy by a small amount over time, and its usage time will always be smaller than the time that it takes to get to full charge. Hook up a chain of these and they can be used one after another until the last one loses its charge. The E.E.E (Elemental Electricity Emitter). This is the grand top-tier Tek level generator. Running off of element this generator can run for a long time off of only a little bit of Element. The energy that this generator converts into electricity is so bizarre, it actually gives a boost to any appliance that is hooked into its feed. This causes lights to be brighter, Refrigerators and Air Conditioners to be more effective, and the Chemistry Bench to be a little more effective and craft items even faster! The only downside is that the generator takes an exuberant amount of resources to craft. That, and that it explodes like several tons of explosives if destroyed while active (destroyed like damaged until broken(not demolished)). Being added soon so no point in keeping it here. Miscellaneous Items: A Drill. Scorched Earth gave us a chainsaw. Wonderful for harvesting trees and dead bodies. So how about a gas powered drill for the snowy wastes? When used on snow and ice mounds it can harvest a considerably large amount of each. When also used on metal nodes, rocks, obsidian, and sulfur, the drill will power through them quickly providing you with lots of material. The drill can also be used on trees to provide thatch, and to create fishing holes on frozen lakes. A Sled. A very simple concept that could go a VERY long way. Imagine a small, dome-shaped platform. You can carry it with you to slide down hills, and with a running start slide across flat land for a ways. A quick escape from enemies, an ease to get you back to base, or just for messing around. You may be able to keep in on your off hand and it could be used as a weak shield or to help block wind from your face in a blizzard. Just using the offhand button while walking or standing will raise it to your face like a shield. Running and then using your shield button will then cause you to ride it as a sled. Just be aware that having too much weight will slow down your slide and cause you to stop sooner, and being completely encumbered may cause it to get you nowhere at all. While sledding you can also use a grapple to attach yourself to things. As odd as it may sound a sled might also be useful in Scorched Earth. What are you giving me that look for? Sand sledding is a thing! Piggybacking off of the previous idea (the sled) as a prerequisite, the sleigh. A platform with skies on the bottom that can carry about ten structures or so. It can be drawn (attached) to many medium sized creatures such as Dire Wolves, Dire Bears, Megaloceros, Ovis, Purlovias, Sabertooths, Terror Birds, and even slightly larger tames like the Woolly Rhino and Therizinosaurus. Because whatever items you put on your sleigh (or in containers placed on it) will apply their overall weight to the sleigh as a whole, you may need your sleigh to be carried by a team of tames rather than having just one carry the entire burden. (This same idea may be able to be implemented into carts for other maps) Snowballs. While this one should be pretty transparent, it has its importance. They can be fun, and even dyed different colors. Imagine having a snowball fight where you pelter your tribe-mates (or enemies) with balls of snow. Maybe even splattering them like paintballs. These same snowballs can also be used to sabotage and graffiti people's bases and structures. Snowballs could also help save your life. When used in situations other than fun, a well aimed snowball can temporarily slow down a target or even blind them for a second or two. This would allow an opening for a quick escape or a dirty attack. Combine the snowball with a slingshot for a long range and painful advantage. Hand Flare. Much brighter than a torch, and lasting much longer, a hand flare can light your way and be left behind as a signal that can be seen from far away. An essential when venturing in the deep depths. The creatures down there are not accustom to light, and they fear the hand flare far more than a torch. Just be aware, this will not stop these creatures from stabbing you in the back, or ambushing you if they have friends around. Combine with a dye when creating to make custom colors! The Icicle (Ice Spear). This ice based weaponry is a little heavy, but sure is sharp! You should be able to get a few good thrusts and a throw in before it shatters into shards. A Snowmobile. Similar to how the Dune Buggy would be practical in the main three maps (and still could be here) the Snowmobile would be far more effective here than in any of the other map. Running off of gasoline and oil this "snow toy" will get you from place to place quickly and with ease. Unlike the Dune Buggy, this vehicle has wonderful traction over ice. The snowmobile has a front light source, and a little storage space. Hook up a sleigh for added storage or to tow dinos and friends. The Snowmobile is also a working vessel for friends to grapple to while on their sleds! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's all that I have for now. I will update to correct errors and to add more ideas as they come to me. Comment/reply your suggestions and thoughts to my ideas, or even add on your own for the devs to possibly see. Best of luck surviving, - Reventern
  25. New map ideas for future DLC

    Carboniferous: the whole map is a giagantic forest with patches of swamp where rivers pool into. Not just redwoods, but other gigantic trees as well. In Scorched Earth you compete for water, in Carboniferous, you compete for treeline territory because the ground is so hostile. Wildfires occasianally sear the oxygen-enriched landscape. See also; multiplayer map Guardian on Halo 3 Snow Ball Earth: takes place at the end of the Snow Ball Earth period and tribes compete over "hot spots", pools of lava or volcanic activity with ambient temperatures high enough to support plant life. You spawn in with a fortitude buff, and there are snow elementals which die if on SE for too long, but can turn themselves or snow into water for you. End Times: takes place in an alternate history of Earth, in an abandoned and polluted city and its surrounding badlands. Water is toxic and landfills can be harvested for some clothing and metal. Fertile Crescent: land full of colorful flowers, crystals, and giant mushrooms. Venus: a hot jungle map inspired by the early predictions that Venus was covered in rainforests. Intelligent NPCs who work against us or can ally with us.