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Found 50 results

  1. SwitchDLCpls

    switch Switch Dlc??

    PLS ARK STAFF I only have a switch to play ark on, and I want to play some scorched earth but I cant pls tell me when its coming
  2. For those who play Ark: Mobile, which dinos should the devs put in the next big update? What else should they add? Personally, I think they should [eventually] add Thylacoleos. Tapejaras are quite useful, but they are extremely hard to find and tame. I know the Thylacoleos are rare as well, but it would be nice to have those big-toothed fluffballs around, especially for PvP! It would also be really cool if the devs added DLC, although it would probably have to be paid for (but thats not much different from tbe PC/Xbox/PS4 versions, obviously) What are your thoughts/opinions?
  3. JuicyPineappl3

    Nintendo Switch DLC

    Are the DLC's on the switch because I can't even find ARK on the e shop PLEASE tell me that wildcard didn't lie to us AGAIN.
  4. Uncommoncrib06

    ps4 PS4 DLC "Not downloaded"

    So, I bought the extinction DLC, went to play it and its giving me the "DLC is not installed" error, i go to the store to install it and it gives me a "content can not be retrieved at this time." I have tried everything i could look up but it's still not working. Someone please help.
  5. So i recently discovered this game on switch (Yeah....) after i had beat breath of the wild and it is just ridiculously addicting even on such a crap platform but i wanna get it and all the extras on ps4. which is the best way to go about it? i see there is a explorers edition.. does that have everything? the center etc etc if not then what is seperate. and if i had to buy base game will i have to buy an online account to purchase any exluded dlc? Help me out. Im trying to get to punching tree with actual graphics ASAP
  6. So every time i try to load the extinction dlc ether it be a single player server or an official multiplayer server a pop up come up saying "Required Dlc not installed would you like to go to the store to install it?". Problem is i DO have it installed and going to the stor page does nothing but let me read a small bit of text saying " This product is installed". i have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the dlc and re booting my xbox the issue still persists, non of the other dlc have this issue only extinction. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. KaiIsCool

    Will the DLCs come to mobile?

    I was just wondering, does anyone know if Scorched earth, abberration, or extinction will come to mobile? Or even ragnarok and the center?
  8. Zack2

    dlc Best Dlc

    Hey, my name is Zack. I was just wondering, What dlc is the best in your opinion
  9. jhammoz

    Dlc issue

    Ok so about a week or so ago I purchased extintion. It just said installed got no notification of it downloading. Ingame when I try to join the map it still says purchase the dlc. I click on takes me to the ps store page and on the extintion page it just says "purchased" no way to download it. Talk to ps live chat they say delete the game and restore licenses. I done that and now my scorched dlc also won't work. Got back on to ps chat and they said "delete game, rebuild database, restore licenses and then install game" done that still does the same thing. Was told to contact the developers. Been wait about 5 days for a reply.... Anyone got any suggestions? Or had the same issue?
  10. Sorkonx

    New DLC

    Hey just a random fan of the game with a suggestion for any planning teams, For 2019 you could release a DLC that would be free but requires SE AB and extinction, this DLC would be the reseed protocol in action. The map would be extinction plus aberration which would be destroyed a bit more and SE and the island all placed together in one super map that would require all dlc’s first but would give hardcore players a final reward for completing the reseed protocol
  11. SoaringSpirit

    Map Concept – The Gauntlet

    I’ve been pondering this a little while now and I’ve decided to actually post this. A lot of people like Ragnarok and to be honest I have been holding back on going to it until I’m fully happy with the other maps, but its huge and as far as I’m aware its very popular. Its also very large and uses aspects of DLC’s, which should easily give away where I’m going with this. The basic premise of what I’m going to suggest/ask here is whether we can expect a map that merges some of the newer concepts together and by that, I mean Aberration and Extinction with older concepts such as those in Scorched Earth and The Island. Now do bear in mind before I go on is that I am purely a PvE player, I have not PvPed in Ark and will not pretend to understand how any of what I say would affect PvP so please be tolerant of my ignorance on that part. This post so going to be long also no matter how I break it down so to make things easier I’m going to bullet point what I’d hope to see with a bit of an explanation as to my thinking. Here we go: · Pull all previous boss fights into the overworld, by that I mean Dragon, Broodmother Lysrix, Megapithecus, Overseer, Manticore and yes, some form of Rockwell (Hence the title suggestion “The Gauntlet” you would probably change the name of the actual Rockwell Boss), perhaps each of the Titans? Or an aquatic boss / titan? Logic: I really enjoyed this aspect of Extinction, these fights would obviously have to be tweaked to account for the fact they are open and not self-contained. · Consider making these bosses tameable? Well outside of the obvious Rockwell and questionably Overseer (What would a tamed one be used for? Access to Defence Units and Attack Drones?) Logic: I’d say why not given how powerful the Titans are they could perhaps be tweaked to have a tamed variation though I think they want to be unique, not the cleanse of corruption methods the titans use for example. (Maybe you engineer them at in a way unique to the map) · Have a zone dedicated to each of the games environments, so perhaps a volcanic area in which the Dragon is openly spawned, an underground nest for Broodmother Lystrix, a Frozen Mountainous area for Megapthicus, a Desert segment for Manticore, a Tek City for Overseer using transitional themes such as generic but stable forest, swamp, to connect these zones perhaps working with Aberration’s Wasteland and Extinctions Radioactive / Corrupted aspects where possible. Logic: I’d like to think it’s doable but difficult to fully imagine how you’d be able to link these zones together and equally be able to do each one justice, though the nice thing with some of the themes is that they can be categorised and in some cases merged, especially when it comes to Aberration and the underground themes, it also helps to justify having new variations of creatures that we may not have seen. · A cave per artifact and obviously by this I mean quite a few caves, probably separate ones that take you too the Boss spawners too Logic – I love caves they are my favourite thing about the Island, the sheer amount of caves, something I found rather lacking in later maps, OK I admit Caves are not always very different but thing is they can be, equally they can be fun places to hide certain tames as well as encourage use of certain types of Dino ·Weather effects – A mix if possible and while not a weather effect I will include earthquakes in this. I don’t exactly know how difficult it would be to have multiple effects on a single map, but I’d just like to entertain the idea of it Well that the main bulk of what I’d like to see from a super map, I’ve been very generic as its well beyond the scope of one person to try and consider if this could be reasonably achieved. Equally I think its nice to go a bit mad with the ideas alone sometimes then reel it back when you start finding a fabric of what’s going to be included. There were some additions I wanted to include, such as the whole underwater aspect of the game, something that the Titans don’t really account for as of the last time I checked :P. But in short, I’d have hoped to say it would be cool to have an underwater themed segments, perhaps a section of the underground that got huge air pockets in or just huge bodies or water with enough space to have fun with underwater TEK bases and as I understand it Rock Drakes are pretty good swimmers, something that I’ve not really played with, I partially would like to extend that thought to a map of its own, but that’s a whole other discussion. Still I hope you all like the post, I won’t be too surprised if someone is already out there working on something like this and I’m certainly aware there are mods for tameable Island Bosses. I am not however deep enough into the modding scene of ARK to know for certain, so I thought I’d just throw this out there.
  12. EduJunes

    Question about DLC

    Hello, i play ark with a friend on a non dedicated server we finish The Island and Scorched Earth and we are going for Aberration, and Extintion on future, we think in i buy Aberration and he Extinction, but i have a question.
  13. Hello to anyone reading this. For the last 6 months my tribe who hasn’t played ark in over a year have been anxiously awaiting the release of extinction. We gathered together all old friends in ark from the old days and created the largest tribe we’ve ever created before, with one intention, to experience the final map of the game we’ve come to love so much and has given a group of people who met by such strange chance and circumstances so many great memories that will stay with us for our entire lives now. Our tribe came together in the beginning for one reason, to overthrow evil alphas and create an environment on whatever server we were playing on that allows new players to learn the game and advance which many in our tribe never got to do because of said, “evil alphas.” We were incredibly successful and ended up being the protector alpha of our server on legacy for over a year. The legacy duping bugs on official destroyed the game for us toward the end and put a sour taste in our mouths toward ark for a long time to come. We were so excited for this map to come out. A week ago we started on Extinction with just 10 people, within 2 days our tribe grew to the size of 38 people. We progressed rapidly and became the target of 2 massive mega alliances attempting to assert control of the server. We essentially declared that we would be making the server an open/ non mega alliance server for everyone. Obviously we went to war. We were completely dominating as we had superior coordination, skill and a veteran relationship with each other that not many mega alliances can say their members charge with each other... Everything was going perfect, we had 16 tek turrets and 15 heavy turrets by the end of day 4. Then at 6AM on the morning of day 5 we saw a desert titan marker pop up on our maps. Some of our members(myself included) started to panic... We managed to calm ourselves down because this is not the first time we’ve had to kill a titan being used against us and we knew we could do it... we immediately got to work crafting anything to do damage to it when it got to our base. We crafted over two thousand rounds of fabricated sniper ammo as this is one of the listed weaknesses of the desert titan. When the titan got to our base we had no idea all of this preparation was completely and utterly useless... the titan sat well outside of our turret range and sent lightning straight through the roof of our metal/tek base and insta killed every single person still inside the base(a massive killfeed of offline players. Those of us who survived continued trying to damage it(about 11 of us managed to get online). The enemy only had 4 people on. We managed to cryo pod the majority of our tames and get them in our cryo fridge before the titan got there, but all of our pteras, snow owls, argies and any other tame we didn’t have cryo pods for was electrocuted and killed THROUGH THE WALLS OF THE BASE....We put up a long fight, they had nothing to actually tank our turrets(the desert titan took insane damage when attempting to tank the heavies and tek turrets. So the enemy just sat at our base for 2 hours spamming lightning and making it impossible for us to spawn in base. (I have many game clips spawning into base and being instantly killed by lightning). Eventually they left and went down to the forest to tame the forest titan. It was here that we made our final stand with anything we had left. By now we had read up on everything titan related and we knew what would happen if they tamed it... An 8 hour dog fight ensued over control of the underworld and an attempt to claim the forest titan.. the titan went down and the managed to claim it first. We knew as soon as they got it that it was over. We all flew back to our base in the city and started filling any high weight fliers with our hard earned loot, we cryod our most important Dino’s and transferred everything to a friends island server that were not even members of. We then watched the titans reign down he’ll on our base while we watched with absolutely no way to defend. Both of these titans sat out of turret range and completely obliterated our base... we had no possible way to defend, our tek mek which we spent hours grinding for was ripped to shreds instantly... after Our base was destroyed they then went and wiped any tribe who was not part of the “UWS/99 problem alliance”(apparently the present day biggest alliance in ark pvp) and we just watched the chat fill up with all of our new friends complaints that the titans were doing the same to their bases... Now we’re all left here thinking how great the map we just played on was and want to experience it so much more, but every server we’ve tried to join now has a titan spawned and claimed.. Something needs to be done about this. I don’t normally complain about anything but this was the most game breaking thing I’ve experienced in official pvp since the duping wars which ruined the game for us the first time... I really hope wildcard opens up new Xbox one extinction servers, I’m sitting here now, left feeling hopeless sad and despaired that our gathering of friends won’t ever happen again. It was so great and rejuvenating to have gathered together again after so long... I never thought I would say it but i am truly deeply saddened by this. I just hope if new servers come out we can manage to get everyone together again. Many of our players don’t want to deal with ark bugs anymore so it was already hard enough to get everyone back together... I hope this is fixed and I hope by some miracle that wildcard will read this and do something about it.. This game has been extremely influential in all of our lives and we want to enjoy it in it’s full finished balanced state... thank you to anyone who took the time to read this...
  14. So I was playing my single player world which I have had for a few weeks now and suddenly when I went to go craft something, I noticed I had heaps of new things that I could craft which were from DLC. I haven’t purchased any DLC and I was wandering if this is a glitch or if this has ever happened to anybody else.
  15. How about a holographic cryopod Dino Viewer? Put the cryopod(s) in, and it brings up a small holographic picture and lists the stats? We tame Dino's for colors, stats, or just to collect them, but bringing them out of the pods just to see their colors or stats is a huge pain, and seriously slows down gameplay. Give it 10-50 slots, or make multiple versions we can craft that have varying storage capacity, make it work like a cryofridge, with the durability of a vault. A huge bonus would be to list the color regions, and what color they are. I'd like to be able to look at my Dino collection without having to pull them out everytime, and wait for the timer to tick down.
  16. troubleshooterpl

    Two accounts, DLC problem

    Hi, I got a little problem. I bought Ark on one account which I was using when I was in other country. Then I moved and had to create a new one, and on this second account I bought DLC. Now when I run the game on this second account and choose scorched earth I get the error "you don't have this map, and do you want buy" I click yes and I am transferred to PS store but immediately I got unknown error. When I go to ps store and choose scorched earth I see "purchased". Now I can buy somehow these DLC on this first account, or the full game on the latter. Is there any other solution?
  17. I understand why the game "Atlas" have no singleplayer, at least, not yet: most likely because it`s MMo in first lace. However, some of the creatures are very similar to ARK creatures, but still unique. Each map in ARK have some unique creatures, which maked the game great before - from wyverns in Scorched Earths to kaijus in extinction. I hope that it`s possible to re-release "The center" map as paid DLC with creatures (or creature pack for The Center priced about 50-75% of "Extinction" price), imported from Atlas. The map itself is ideal for atlas creatures. Volcanic islands and nearby planes are suitable territories for drakes, "batman lava island" is a good home for Ragnaros-like magmatic golem/elemental, hydra can fit in ocean/rivers.
  18. The Ark Extinction DLC is not going to be at all what anybody expects it to be like. There have been a whole host of hints regarding what we can expect this DLC to look like. The first hint is in the following video by Anthomnia. You don't need to watch the whole video. Just skip to 15:50. That's where he reveals a supposed map leak. "The zones that you're seeing right now that...look like they'd be water: I believe, and a couple of people on my discord server believe that that is actually molten element or some kind of element inside inside the planet or on the surface of it. It's not water." -Anthomnia I'll have to disagree. That is, in fact water. I believe this because of what the Extinction DLC is going to be. The Extinction DLC will be a MOSTLY AQUATIC DLC. Many people have been asking for an overhaul of Ark's underwater environments and a diversification of its oceans. This DLC will be the answer to that. Now you may be thinking "What evidence could there possibly be for that!?" To be honest, there isn't much, however if you go on the Ark wiki and look at the section that says "Upcoming Features" there are many features that could very much be added in what would be an underwater DLC. Under the Weapons section "Torpedoes" are mentioned, under the Environment section, "more underwater harvestables" are mentioned. I don't really know how you would fit more harvestables into the base game without adding a significant amount of items that would require those resources to craft, therefore a mostly underwater DLC would be logical. Now these two things alone wouldn't make anybody look twice. Here's the clincher: under the Map section it mentions a "Sunken Obelisk with Underwater Boss." Does anybody actually think this would be added into the base game? Where would there be room?! Judging by the past two DLC's we know that a new boss warrants a DLC. My final piece of supporting evidence is the fact that before the Aberration DLC was released, under this same section I believe that there used to be something referring to a broken obelisk, which then turned into what we know as Aberration. I’m not entirely certain in that, though. It oils be my mind playing tricks on me. The Extinction DLC is when Studio WildCard will take the opportunity to create diverse and spectacular underwater environments with lots of smaller islands all around the map. Just knowing this we can already take some pretty good guesses as to which creatures will also be included on the map. Definitely the following either because they're underwater dinos and there's no obvious reason to exclude them or because they are the best/only dino that harvests a specific resource: Ankylosaurus Ammonite Angler Baryonyx Basilosaurus Beelzebufo Carbonemys Castoroides Cnidaria Ceolocanth Diplocaulus Doedicurus Dunkleosteus Electrophorus Eurypterid Giant Bee Hesperornis Ichthyornis Ichthyosaurus Kaprosuchus Leedsicthys Liopleurodon Manta Megalodon Mosasaurus Otter Pelagornis Piranha Plesiosaurus Salmon Sarco Spino Trilobite Tusoteuthis Probably the following: -Achatina, Dimetrodon, Kairuku, Leech: Often seen near water. -Araneo, Arthropluera, Dung Beetle, Megalania, Onyc, Pulminoscorpius, Titanoboa: I at first figured that these guys would be a definite, however since the Obelisk on this map would be underwater, it makes sense that the caves would be as well, which means that it is possible (though not probable) that most common cave creatures would not appear on this map at all. That's the reason they're only a 'probably' rather than a 'definitely.' -Archaeopteryx, Terror Bird: No obvious reason to exclude it. Can make transport across some bodies of water easier. -Compy, Dimorphodon,Mesopithecus, Pegomastax: Easy to transport across large bodies of water since it's able to be carried on a player's shoulder. -Direbear: Although it is not particularly fast in water, Direbears are technically amphibious due to their large oxygen stat. Their lack of speed in water is the main reason that they're only a 'probably.' -Dodo, Meganeura, Titanomyrma: No obvious reason to exclude it -Carno, Oviraptor, Parasaur, Phiomia, Procoptodon, Raptor, Trike, Stego, Troodon: Fills a very unique niche. No obvious reason to exclude it. Totally Unsure: Allosaurus Chalicotherium Daeodon Dilo Direwolf Gigantopithecus Hyaenodon Iguanodon Kentrosaurus Lystrosaurus Megaloceros Megalosaurus Megatherium Microraptor Ovis Pachy Pachyrhino Purlovia Yutyrannus Aberration Creatures (other than The Nameless and Reapers): Some Aberration creatures would actually make sense in an aquatic map such as lamprays and Karkinos, however so many of these animals seem to be bioluminescent/very adapted to a very specific environment. Especially the shoulder pets. Fliers: I'm unsure as to whether WildCard will decide to include all of the usual fliers (Ptera, Argy, Tape, Quetzal) in this DLC. It would make sense if they didn't because they'd likely want to make an aquatic DLC more...ya know...aquatic. The downside to that is that I could definitely see them getting a lot of backlash from the fanbase about disregarding fliers again. (As I expressed above, I HIGHLY doubt that they'd leave Pelagornis out of an aquatic DLC, however the other fliers are all...well...wildcards BADUM BUMP NOTSORRY- ahem...anyway) Probably not: These dinos would be too big of a burden to transport on a map layout that is mostly separate islands either because of size, their lack of aptitude in swimming, or because they're usually meant to be good for land transport, a niche that will not be useful in this DLC. Bronto Diplodocus Equus Gallimimus Giga Mammoth Moschops Paracer Rex Sabertooth Therizino Thyla Titanosaur Woolly Rhino Definitely not: Scorched Earth Dinos: It just doesn't make sense for something that lives in a place as dry as SE to also be able to exist in a place as damp as the Extinction DLC. This also includes Wyverns. There's not a lot of room on the map for an above ground Canyon for the Wyvern eggs to be kept in. The Nameless and Reapers: These creatures are anomalies directly connected to the transformation of Rockwell into the Element-filled monster we all know and hate. Therefore there'd be no reason for them to be on Earth (which is where the DLC will be occuring in case you weren't aware).
  19. Bubblegumhokage

    Missing Server - Megathread

    Can’t log into NA PVE Xbox Official Extinction server 1062.... Normally it’s on top of the list of servers when I open ark, but it wasn’t there so I searched the server and it said “no sessions found”. Tried just looking at extinction servers and saw servers 1059, 1060, 1061.....then 1063. Anyone else have this issue and what happens now?
  20. OK, we are now at the end of the story of Ark Survival Evolved. And needles to say, the story sucks. To this day perhaps the worst story told in videogame history. Yet, they still put more story content that makes no sense. OK, So the ark is a literal an Ark..wow, no one saw that coming. Perhaps I am sounding like a jerk for saying the story sucks but I believe there is reason in my argument. 1. Story has many holes. What happened? War, ok! Against each other? We don't know. Keep in mind this is supposedly the last DLC regarding this story. 2. Method of deliverance is terrible. It is hard to argue that notes do a good job of telling a story...specially THE MAIN STORY. Even in games like skyrim the stories in the book are just side stories and additional information regarding the main story or just side notes (even prequel information) . However, The main story is told in a more fulfilling fashion as part of the main Quest (or of the main Quests). 3. Priorities! Their priorities is releasing MAps. Not 100% functional content. Servers one month later suffer from ping 250+ (servers unplayable on official servers). Not to mention every fix they add comes with 3 more glitches. In other words, take one step forward.... Jump into the abyss after. Feels like is WildCard's Motto. So here are some solution to these mess: 1. Make the story relevant by having caves do the talking. In other words, if you are making a cave in a map tell the stories in the walls. Very much like the Egyptians did it. I know there is a lame attempt at that on Scorched earth but i am sure they can do a lot better. HAve a boss in the end of the cave that tell us something or perhaps have each boss unlock a cut scene that tells parts of the story. 2. If you want to tell a story do not go the easy rout. Either tell a story or dont tell it at all. It is only damaging to the image of the videogame that the story is as bad as the Twilight Saga. All we got at the end of the last DLC was a cheese cutscene of how these biomes were...ARKS. Seriously?! That is worst that a twist at an M Night Shyamalan movie. We all saw this coming. Cause it was the laziest thing to do. 3. If the priority of ark is not the story...then make sure that the content being release works. Testers are the most important thing in gaming. I mean, i can find a few people with 10k hours that can figure out in less than 1 day glitches, exploits, and holes in the map. I think it is time you guys put some money on that. Or fire the ones you have cause they are doing a TERRIBLE job! 4. Why? That is the most important question when making anything. IF you are creating content always ask yourself, "why!?". There are a lot of content that doesnt work properly because it was never properly thought out. Like the Gachas having mood swings like a pregnant lady. Sounds like a funny thing...but when you play it is the stupidest thing! IT IS perhaps the dummest mechanic so far in the game. Who wants to play with an annoying moody freaking dino?! 5. IT is time to get rid of the Writer of the story. I don't think i need more explanation. There is no Act 1, Act 2, or even an Act 3. There is no structure in the story. I mean, THERE IS NO STORY. Any decent writer can tell you that a simple story told is worth 100000 pages of nonsense. So we have people from different ages which should mean that there is some time travelling aspect in Ark Survival Evolved. Yet, no one went back in time to fix the problem. like...DILO! so many questions, so little answers, and all we got is some nonsense patchnotes! Also, please fix the Servers in official. NEW SERVERS ON PVE official PC are ping 200+ at the moment...like seriously!
  21. Hello everyone, Been playing extinction since release and there are some open questions and suggestions that I have. These pertain to weather being added for more effect in the world because the areas you hang out in the most have nothing going on. With also a suggestion on how to handle the corrupted being used for raiding. First; how come the desert dome is a more comfortable temperature than the city? I believe it would be better if the small desert biome functioned like scorched earth, being hot and cold based on time of day and having a few more of the weather possibility besides rain. Also Jerboa please :3. Second; could the snow biome and sunken forest also get weather. Like a thick fog for the underground forest and sleet storm/hail in the cold. Its just having no weather it feels like nothing is happening to add to the experience of these locations making them bland instead of unique. Third; So it clear from the meteor showers that the city is in a dome as well, so because of the higher temperature of the city could we have regular rain fall? It would explain really well why there is so much vegetation and also explain the random water falls that seem to just come out of buildings. Fourth; So I have seen a lot of talk from the other players about corrupted being kited into safe areas to raid with, i think a good deterrent that would be if a corrupted enters the city, sunken forest, desert or snow biome as it passes through the barrier the creature starts to burn for their max health until they die as the locations are protected. Or alternatively have the obelisk spawn in more defense units and enforcers to kill the corrupt that invaded having them deal extra bonus damage to kill them off. Basically having the machines working as anti bodies.
  22. Daimon03

    Scorched Earth TLC

    With Extinction DLC just around the corner (not really) I was wondering if I had missed out on any news regarding a Scorched TLC patch. I remember Wildcard talking about it a while ago as well as seeing some leaked Scorched TEK engrams such as a TEK wyvern saddle but haven't heard anything since then. Does anyone know if they are still working on this? Just kinda of feel like we're missing a chunk of the story as it is and a TEK TLC patch would add some welcome content to Scorched.
  23. I recently returned to ark PS4 to play the new expansion extinction only to see that I am missing all my paid bionic costumes even the dinos that had them equipped are missing the costumes, it's not in their costume slot or inventory, I tried to spawn them in single player using the spawn codes but it didn't work I even tried deleting all my ark data and even uninstalling the game and reinstalling it, nothing worked I believe they are missing from the game files.
  24. The title says it all. This is, to my knowledge, the first time a DLC has been released without being available to every single cluster, despite the fact that these are OFFICIAL servers. In my case, it's the notek-notaming cluster. It really saddens me to see that they left us in the dust on this one, and seems like it wouldn't be that much to ask for one single extinction map on the cluster. I feel as though everybody who plays official on any cluster deserves the right to access this DLC. Please Wildcard, there's no reason to give anybody the cold shoulder on this one, especially after all of the hype. If the cluster seems inactive, one server is more than enough will still mean a lot since the people who are on that cluster are still players who were expecting to play the new DLC.
  25. crossbones2018

    DLC not working

    So, my dad was trying to get onto ARK on the XBox One. We had gotten the season pass a few weeks ago, and so we have all the DLCs. He went to get onto Shinobi ARK, but it said that the DLC wasn't installed. Shinobi runs an Island PvP undedicated server on XBox One, so we shouldn't need any DLC to be installed, but it keeps popping up, saying DLC not installed' then it takes me to the Microsoft Store. Single Player is working fine on Island, but Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction are not working. I didn't test out Center or Rag yet. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks.