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Found 58 results

  1. Hello, so I've mostly been a single player gamer, but in recent weeks, I've been playing on a pve official server. And I've noticed some major issues. Currently, these are the bugs I am suffering from on the Xbox. 1. Rubber banding. This is more of an annoyance than game breaking, walking for 15-20 seconds and doing stuff within that time window, just to go back in time as if I didn't do anything in that time frame. Like I said, this is more of an annoyance, but annoy someone enough and they stop playing, and as far as I can tell, this has been going on for a while. When will this issue be fixed? Are there any plans of a fix? Or is this going to go down in history as one of those notorious bugs that there are just no intentions of fixing, like I see many developers doing with their games and certain bugs. 2. Structures not placing where they say they will. Side note, the construction in this game needs an entire overhaul. It works, but it's lacking important features, like the ability to place down an object and preview it by walking around it without it turning with me or moving, and then lock it in place. But aside from that, there is a major bug, that I do think is borderline game breaking. And that's when i try to place a ceiling, pillar, fence foundations, mostly anything, more than half the time, it places somewhere else than it says it would. Example: trying to place a fence foundation, straight line. I place one, then go to place the other, it's shining green and snapped where it would be going straight with the other one, but then when I click to place, it goes angled and I'm forced to destroy it, wasting resources. This is really bad with things like walls and pillars. I will build some pillars going from a ceiling down to the ground, and when I get to needing one more to connect the pillar tower to the floor, it'll be green, I click the button to place it, and suddenly it's sticking out of the ground, 2 feet away from where it says it would place. I say this is borderline game breaking because I created a platform that consisted of 364 ceilings. A quarter of which would be connected to pillars, and then the rest not, because they would have the support from the ones connected to the pillars. Out of 364, I lost 40 because they kept snapping to the pillars in a way they weren't showing they would in the preview and I would be forced to destroy them. That's a lot of wasted resources and was very irritating. I have not heard anyone talking about this issue, but I know this is an issue affecting everyone I play with. Is this another bug that will be swept under the rug? 3. Won't load Primalgamedata_BP, stuck at Joining Sessions. This one I have kind of heard talks about. I've heard you guys talking about issues with connecting to the servers, but you're not describing the issue that me and 3 others are suffering from on Xbox. And that's when I click to join a server, it tries to load primalgamedata_bp, then when it gets to the end, it goes to Joining Session, and just stays there til it times out. I've figured out a fix for this, while it says Joining session, go to setting, go offline for about 5 seconds, reconnect, go back to game, and it's already loading The Island. Just sucks have to do this every single time. Only started happening after the Halloween event. I've tried with different accounts, uninstalling, reinstalling, I've even tried different console's, since I just got the new Xbox One X. Still has the issue. You recently sent out a 200mb patch, that I thought was suppose to fix this issue, but as far as I can tell, it's as if an update was never handed out. I have submitted a ticket for this about a week ago, and have not heard any reaponse. Time frame on fix? These are the 3 bigger issue bugs currently on Xbox I have personally suffered from. There are other, more minor ones, like how I try to roll away from a sabertooth on a doedicerus, but suddenly the sabertooth becomes hollow, goes into my doedicerus, then becomes solid again, and we are basically stuck together and I cant move. Not sure if things like these are actual bugs though or just the way the game is designed and will always be an issue. But the rest need addressed. And when I ask for more transparency, that's all we want as a community. To us, right now it seems like 99% of you are working on making this new doc, when your current thing is broken and you have one person, working one hour a day on the bugs. That's just what it feels like to us, because all we see is you pushing for people to buy this dlc, but aren't acknowledging how your base game should actually still be in early access, with the bugs it has. A few examples. You showed off the 4k features of ark on the X but that's NOTHING how it looks like in real life. When you go up in the clouds, you can't see ANYTHING. Everything is pure white. Not only that, when it rains or is foggy, I get like 1x1inch pixels outlining things like trees, Dino's, and structures that become very visible and just look like they're trying to show what they are suppose to, and also trying to show me what's behind the item at the same time. It's hard to explain. But you don't see these issues in your demo. It's as if you super tweaked just that version, or it was rendered on a super duty computer, not an actual Xbox. And that to me, seems like false advertising, and again, an example of just not caring about the current issues. Another example, your CEO, Dave Kennedy, recently had an interview with PC Gamer. And the whole interview just feels detached from reality. He talks about the mixed reviews on steam, and blames it on people getting the game in early access and and expecting a polished game. Nobody gets a game in early access, and expects it to be polished. But also, nobody gets a game in early access, and expects to be sold DLC for it while it's in early access. And when your team got heat from that during the time of Scorched Earth, you excused it by bringing up how many free updates you give us. But it was in EARLY ACCESS. We already prepaid for a complete game, and those free updates were you fulfilling your promise of completing the game. Also, he brings up how he wishes there would be a way to show all time ratings and ratings after launch, but we are so far out of launch that, there is a way. The most recent reviews, are also mixed, because this game is still broken. To say this is currently a polished game would be a joke. So again, the CEO in that interview doesn't even once mention that it's still buggy, and acts as if it is now polished and should be getting 5 star reviews. Here is a quote from him about the future of Ark "“We’re very concerned about quality, experience, and making sure we’re not just tossing stuff out there.”, but that's what it feels like. Because the base game feels like it was tossed out so you could rush out Aberration. The interview makes him sound like he is selling this game as a complete and polished game, when it isn't. And because of that, sounds like the CEO of your company just lied to your entire player base (at least on the Xbox, since I don't know how the PC/PS4 experience is). We need more transparency, we need these bugs addressed so we KNOW we are being heard. Saying "We are listening", doesn't mean anything. Actions speak louder than words. Address the bugs. Don't sweep them under a rug like you don't care about the people who have already given you their hard earned money.
  2. "ARK 2"

    Hi ! I read some news about a potential sequel. I love ARK, it's an awesome game but please... NO sequel. Sequel is the kind of thing that kill a game. You start everything from zero, you forget the old version... If you restart from zero you'll have less content than the old one. Game Sequel are like an eternal restart and it's boring. An "ARK 2" would be great only if it keeps as much creatures, maps and items as the first one, all of that at the LAUNCH day and then add more things... but a NEW game with LESS content would be truly sad. I suggest big updates (free or paid) maybe changing many gameplay things, adding new things to the original game BUT still keeping most of the old stuff. ARK don't have to be replaced by SEQUEL, ARK has to SURVIVE by EVOLVING, by getting updates. If you truly want to make an ARK 2... It has to have all creatures, locations and items that the first one already have, or better version of them. Losing content between the first one and the sequel would be a shame. Believe me, I used to be a FIFA fan, they make new games but keep losing content... Keep making it bigger, don't restart !
  3. DLC ideas

    Hi ! I know it's ambitious but I'm trying to make a "compilation" of ideas for the game and potential DLCs. I will update this thread and my posts with more ideas and more descriptions. You could also give your opinion on the ideas (if you like or dislike ideas, both are good to know) and ask me (on the thread or by private message) to add or modify ideas to the "compilation" posts on the top of the first page. I'll add your name in the credit of this compilation I hope you'll enjoyed this thread, don't be afraid to share ideas, they are all welcomed ! Credits: Thanks to all people that help to make this compilation of ideas bigger: RowletAlex / First DLC idea: ARK: LOST PARADISE Map: The Valley Introduction: A lost valley with massive snowy mountains all around. It's splited in 4 parts, the 3 first are each in a corner of the "triangle" shape of the Valley. The 4th is in the center, where the three parts are "connected" : 1) The Jungle: A tropical forest with an aztek-like temple in the center. Some rivers all around. Medium altitude and tropical weather. The Jungle is made of three kind of trees: Large (like Redwood trees), medium (half the size of Redwood trees) and small (normal The Island's jungle trees) The Jungle locations: There are some quicksands: (different sizes: small or medium). Quicksands are a natural traps. If you fall in, you can't move away (except if you're on a creature big enough to go out or use a grappling). You don't "fall through" a normal quicksand, you're just trapped. The Big Quicksands: There is one big quicksands in the Jungle. If you fall in this one, you're not trapped. But you go through it, falling in a cave (Big Quicksands Cave). There is an exit to escape this cave but some creatures on the way... It's still an easy cave. On the way to escape you can collect an artifact in the middle of the cave: The Sandglass of Time. The Death Temple: A lost and dark temple partially made into a mountain. It works as a cave, full of Raptors, Troodon and other predators... Hard difficulty cave. You'll find an artefect in this cave: The Raptor's Crystal Skull. The Gold mine: It's a cave. The entrance is close to mountains. There are many forgotten objects of an old mine. Medium difficulty cave. In the deepest part you'll find an ancient city made of (uncollectable) gold and an artifact: The (gold) Apple of Life The Jungle Temple: It stands in the middle of the Jungle part. The Jungle tribe have build it and they live around this temple. It looks like a normal aztek temple but has a small "arena" on the top, where you'll find an obelisk that send you to the Jungle Boss Arena. Aztek prisoners are forced to stay in this arena until they go through the Obelisk... You can access the obelisk without being a prisoneer or fighting, if you have the three artefacts of The Jungle or the Quetz-God trophy. The Jungle Boss Arena: After being teleported by the Jungle Temple obelisk, you'll spawn there. You will find wood shields and pikes in some storages box (made for Aztek prisoners), If you want to fight the boss with all your stuffs and tames you have to go to the Jungle Temple with the three artefacts of the Jungle or the. Quetz-God trophy, the tribe will be passive to you and your tames. The Arena is a big destroyed Aztek City. You need the three artifacts of the jungle to open the portal to the arena, but if your an Aztek-prisoner you don't need the artifacts. The Jungle inhabitants: The Azteks, aka The Jungle tribe: It's a NPC human tribe: They build Aztek reskined stone small houses around the Jungle Temple. They catch players with bolas, narco-blowpipes and other traps, killing creatures and throwing player's inventory in the nature. They transport many players at the same time with chained-handcuffs. They offer players to sacrifice in the Temple, forcing them to stay prisoners in the top of the Jungle Temple with only one way to escape: going to the Jungle Boss Arena with the Obelisk. Prisoners are always trying to escape but they got shot by narco-bliwpipes every time they try... Extremely dangerous tribe but passive to you if you got the three artifacts of the Jungle or The Quetz-God trophy The Quetz-God, aka The Jungle Boss: It's a huge kind of Quetzal, with colorful (green, blue, red, yellow...) feathers all over is body, a very long snake-like tail and poisonous teeth. (Kind of Quetzal & snake hybrid). It lives in the Jungle Arena. It summons snakes to help him through the Boss battle. If you beat this boss, you get the Quetz God Trophy The Ceratosaurus: A carno-size predator. It's a slow but powerful dino. The Ceratosaurus Smelling Ability is more developped than other creatures Smelling Ability: it can detect every kind of prey (you can set a filter in the Dino options to choose specific preys) in a very large area. It helps a lot survivors that love to do hunting partys. Very useful in the Jungle biome. Rideable. The Velociraptor: Smaller than the Raptor, it's faster but has a low weight stats. Velociraptors are hunting in packs of 3. They use a jump attack, using their claws to stay on the prey, biting it for a few seconds (it uses a lot of stamina to stay on the prey). Then they jump back, go away (waiting for stamina to refill) and let an other velociraptor take is turn. They do it until the prey is dead. It's rideable. The Acrocanthosaurus: An allo-size predator. Rideable. It has a very low stamina but a powerful and fast "charge and bite" attack. It has a camouflage ability like the Rock Drake. The Brachiosaurus: A huge dino, the size of a brontosaurus. It moves slowly. His neck is very strong. It eats the fruits and foliages of the highest jungle trees. When tamed, you can equip it with a special multi-level platform around his vertical neck, transforming him into a strong siege mount. This saddle is made of three platforms with an included ladder to go between the three levels. 2) The Plain: Some big plains with snowy parts, some highlands parts and some small forests with. Lot of hills. High altitude and cold weather. The Plain locations: There are cavemen camps all over the plain. The cavemen will help you fight creatures but be careful: they will also attack unmounted tames. The Saber Cave: A cave full of sabertooth but also some direbears. There are many mammoth and other creature's skeleton. Hard difficulty cave. If you go to the end of this cave you'll find the artifact of the Saber. The Ice Trap: A cave full of ice. In the walls, made of ice, of this cave you'll see some funny "freezed" situations (Dodo hunted by a dilo, hunted by a raptor, hunted by a rex, hunted by a giga OR a caveman traped in the Ice HanSolo-style OR a small megatherium, a sabertooth and a mammoth walking together AND many other possible easter eggs... ). Easy difficulty map. At this end of this cave you'll find the artifact of the Sloth. The Neanderthal camp: A cave with primitives NPC Neanderthals. They aren't like the Plain tribe: not the same look, not the same behaviour. They are aggressive to creatures AND humans. They fight with primitive weapons. There is some primitive structures in the cave and paintings on walls. Some mammoth skeletons too. If you reach the end of the cave you'll find the artifact of the mammoth in a big mammoth skeleton. The Red Rock: In the middle of the Plain, you'll find the huge Red Rock. It's a rock with a mountain-size and some small ways to go on the top of it by feet. Some caves in it too. It has a "U" shape. The Cavemen tribe live mainly on the top of the Red Rock. You'll find the obelisk to go to the Plain Boss Arena right in the middle of the "U" shape of the Rock. The Plain Boss Arena: You'll find the Plain Boss there. It's a big plain with some big rocks and bushes. There are many big skeletons. You need the three artifacts of the Plain to open the portal to the arena. The Plain inhabitants: The Cavemen, aka The Plain Tribe: It's a NPC human tribe. They build Skins&Bones small structures to make small camps on/in the Red Rock and in other places where they set hunting camps. They hunts creatures (wild and tamed, not mounted) but don't care about the player as long as he isn't aggressive to them. The King Rex, aka the Plain Boss: A giant Rex, inspired by Ragnarok huge Skeleton. It's slow but sooo powerful. It has a grab&throw attack. It has an "armored" back and no feathers (except some on the top of his head). The King Rex is mainly red&orange with some yellow feathers on the top of his head. If you beat it you get the King Rex Trophy The Neanderthals: Some primitive humans, aggressive to every lifeforms. They live in the Neanderthal Cave. They fight with very primitive weapons. The Cave Lion: A big (Thylacoleo-size) Lion. It sleeps most of the time. Very reactive to sound, if it heard a running/roaring creatures it will wake up and attack. It's a very strong and very fast predator but with low stamina. When it has no more stamina he goes back to sleep (except if in the middle of a fight). A good "watchdog" for base entrance. The Albertosaurus: The Valley variant of "Allosaurus", a reskined version with more feathers. Same abilities. The Carcharodontosaurus: The Valley variant of "Gigas", a reskined version, a bit smaller. Same abilities. The Deinonychus: The Valley variant of "Raptors", a reskined version, a bit bigger, no feathers. Same abilities. The Mastodon: The Valley variant of "Mammoth", a reskined version, bigger. Same abilities. 3) The Swamp: A huge swamp with small lakes and rivers. Huge tree are growning in this area (just a bit smaller than the Redwood trees). There is a huge lake in the center of this area. Low altitude. The Swamp Locations: There is some mud in some part of the Swamp. Walking on normal mud is not a problem but there are some Deep Mud Places too. Deep Mud works like water, you go through it. But you can't swim in mud. You can't breath too, so you better get out of the mud if it's too deep for you. The Deep Mud slow your speed. The Snake Nest: The Snake Nest is a cave network where you find many snakes, moulting and snakes nests. It's a easy difficulty cave. You can find an artifact: the Moulting of Eternity The Dead Tree Roots: The entrance is between two roots of the dead tree. It's a cave with medium difficulty. There are many insects in this caves network. You can find an artifact: The Venom of the End The Underground Lake: An Undergound lake with many creatures living around. It's big and you'll find sarcos and spinos. Hard difficulty cave, with an artifact: The Drop of the Beggining The Muddy Lake and the Muddy Lake Forrest: The Muddy Lake is in the center of the Swamp area. The Muddy Lake Forrest is made of huge trees, where the Indigenes lives on thatchs&ropes tree-structures. In the center of the Muddy Lake there is a small island with the obelisk to reach the Swamp Boss Arena. The Swamp Boss Arena: That's where you'll find the Swamp Boss. It's a swamp area with big trees and a lake in the center. You'll see a crashed aircraft in a tree and some Rex skeletons around. There are also some otters wandering in the arena lake. There are some tree structures with bridges and ladder. But they are not high enough so the Boss can still attack you... You need the three artifacts of the Swamp to open the portal for the arena. The Swamp inhabitants: The Indigenes, aka the Swamp tribe: It's a NPC human tribe. They build Indigene-reskined thatch&ropes buildings on the Swamp big trees, to stay protect from all the ground predators. They are fishing on small boats. A peaceful tribe. The Spino Emperor, aka the Swamp Boss: A gigantic Spino (bigger than the King Rex) with a white/grey color. This Spino is bipedal, unlike the other ARK spinos. It can attack with his mouth, arms or tail. It's powerful and fast but you can try to slow him in deep mud when possible. If you beat it, you get the Spino-Emperor Trophy. The Deinosuchus: The Valley variant of the "Sarco", a reskined version. Bigger than classic sarcos. Same abilities. The Anaconda: The Valley variant of the "Titanoboa", a reskined version. No frillies, no poison. 4) The Warrior's Tomb: It's the area in the center of the map, connected to each of the other 3 areas. The Warrior's place is a burnt forest/plain where tribes are fighting each others. Many predators live in this area, eating dead corpses and changing some battles... Between tribes and predators, this place is one of the most dangerous. The Valley other inhabitants: The Ornitocheirus: A rideable dangerous flyer. Ptero-size. Ornitocheirus are aggressive to other flyers, Be careful and don't forget to have a parachute when travelling in the sky of the Valley... The Pterodactyls: The Valley variant of "Pteranodon", a reskined version. Same abilities. The Dinofelis: A prehistoric panther. Same size as the Sabertooth but less powerful. It's rideable and it can climb trees and rocks with his claws. It has a jump attack. A smaller and fastest alternative to the Thylacoleo. There are 3 Dinofelis variants: Yellow Dinofelis (in the Jungle), Black Dinofelis (in the Swamp) and White Dinofelis (in the Plain forests) The three "cargo" dinos of the Valley are very similar: all of them are big and able to carry a lot of weight, they are quadripede but are running on two legs, like the Iguanodon but with far less stamina. The three variants are: The Edmontosaurus (a bit bigger than the para, more muscular. Variant of the Jungle), the Ouranosaurus (Variant of the Swamp. Smaller than the Edmontosaurus, has a spine-back like the spino, faster in the water than the Edmontosaurus) and the Shantungosaurus (the biggest of the three variants, twice the size of the Edmontosaurus. Slower but stronger. Variant of the Plain). Structures, items and resources: Aztek-like stone structures Skins&Bones structures Indigene-like thatch structures Rope structures: non-electric elevator / bridges / rope to hang corpses and small structure like cages ( usable for warnings or to set traps for predators) / bigger rope ladder Traps: Spikey walls / Rollin Rocks trap / Fire traps / trapdoor with pikes / trapdoor with rocks falling from the ceiling / room that "shrimp" (moving walls) / ropes and nets traps to catch people/creatures in the jungle / wall, ceiling, floor interruptors / wild dinos "handcuff" to force them to stay somewhere strategic like watchdogs / cage traps (falling cage) Cages (small and medium size for each kind) : Stone / Skin&Bones / Bird cages / small Aquarium / Metal cage / Tek cage / Wood (a bigger one) Blowpipes: Used by the Azteks. It shoots small darts (poisonous, narco, paralytic, pheromones) Chained-handcuffs: Used by the Azteks. They can make move many prisoners together using this multiple handcuffs chain. Bucket (small wooden / medium plastic): you can collect water, mud and poop with it. Then you can throw it on yourself or on other player or keep it for a while. Armor and weapons Tribe-skins: Azteks skins / Cavemen skins / Indigene skins (You can get a Tribe Skin Blueprint by killing the "God" of a tribe, beating their respectives Boss) Canoes: a small wooden boat used by the Swamp Tribe. The player fall from it when it's hit by a creature. You can fish on and store fishing material in the canoe. More Fruits: Banana / Apple / Watermelon / more... Mud: you can collect it with a bucket and put it on yourself later (lot of mud, last longer) or simply put it on yourself directly when collecting (just a bit of mud, last for a small time period only) New gameplay dynamics: NPC HUMAN TRIBE: characters that build small houses and fight (Jungle/Plain/Swamp). Some are only like aggressive creatures that use weapons (Neanderthals) SLEEPING TIME Creatures sleep. Some are active the day, others at night... Some species are also taking short naps. STEALTH MOVESET: This moveset is used to hunt or hide. It works like the "run" moveset, changing walking animations and speed. Humans and creatures can use it. They move closer to the ground, slower, near silent... When a creature use the stealth moveset, they can go 2x closer to other creatures before turning them into "attack or flee" behavior. FOOD CHAIN: every predator looked for some (3-5) specific prey-species. They attack other creatures (not listed as their natural preys) only if they are too close or if the predator is too hungry. Some preys attract specific predator, you can use them to set trap for a specific predator. Creatures also flee from potentially dangerous predators. Example: A rex hunts trikes/paras and is focused on hunting this kind of creatures. It will attack other kind of creatures ONLY if they are really too close or if the rex is too hungry. Smaller non-prey creatures (like carbonemys) and smaller predators (raptors) will flee/walk away from the rex when he is too close (before he becomes aggressive). No more predators team attack (Raptor, Rex and Carno against the same prey) SMELLING ABILITY: Predators are able to smell the air to detect potential prey (works like the tek helmet but only show the "natural" preys of the predator. Not other prey. Not other predators...). Some herbivorous are also able to smell the air to detect some kind of resources (wood, stone...). That way hunting and farming becomes better, especially when hunting in dense forest. SMELL HIDING: Water, mud and poop help to hide your smell for some time. FOOTPRINTS: They stay for a few minutes, spawning when creatures/players are walking. It allows you to follow your prey for a longer time if you poisoned it for example. You can also identify some creatures by their footprints. NESTS: creatures are building nests where they store food and let their eggs. coryphosaurus (para-like) styracosaurus (trike like) gigantoraptor torosaurus (trike like) sauropelta (ankylo-like) Dracorex (pachyc-like) Cobra (snake) Australopitec (gigantopithecus-like) elasmotherium (rhino-like) Maiasaurus (para-like) macrochenia (antelop) eohippus (little horse) toxodon arsinoitherium (rhino) deinotherium (elphant) palaeoloxodon (elephant) uintatherium (rhino) platybelodon (elphant) megacerops (rhino) embolotherium (rhino) moeritherium (tapir) Brontotherium (rhino) Carnivorous plants Birdeater giant spider Goliath beetle Queen Ants andrewsarchus Auroch dinopitecus 8baboon) wasp amargosaurus (diplo-like) bipedal lizard monster (kind of skull island crawler ?) ARK: chilled earth is essentially Scorched Earth’s polar opposite (ba dum tss) where survivors are placed on a completely frozen ARK where days are short, nights are long, and hypothermia will quickly set in if you don’t have fire, fur, or a friendly Confuciuraptor/Teepeesaur to help keep you warm. Many new creatures walk the frozen land, like Fire Beetles, Snow Voles, Giant Lynx, and the dangerous Yuki-Onna, amongst others. Survivors can craft a plethora of new items, like bow drills, coal carrying pouches, snowshoes, igloos, arrows with ropes attached to the ends, several new harpoons, bone needles for repairing armor on the go, canoes, and ice fishing equipment! New creatures: Fire Beetle Carries hot coals and extender fungus in its abdomen, essentially a jug bug Giant Lynx Capable of leaping from the snow and pouncing on prey, good for hunting. Also has an insulation effect. Snow Vole Can make tunnel systems in the deep snow, just big enough for a person. Confuciuraptor/Teepeesaur Gigantoraptor-Confuciusornis hybrid, can make a teepee of sorts with its wings that is incredibly insulating, and big enough for 2-3 people and a campfire. Can be ridden. Elephant Seal Your only water mount that you won’t die on while riding due to the freezing cold. Has very thick blubber that can be melted into oil. Giant Owl An enormous owl that can’t fly extremely quickly, mostly meant to be a hunting mount. It is silent, so creatures won’t aggro on it unless you get close enough Hippogriff CE equivalent of wyvern or griffin, difficult to tame, but worth it. Incredible ground speed with decent flight speed, and high HP, but attack is mostly useless. Generally used for traveling quickly. Snowshoe hare A snow version of the procoptodon, but it does not sink into the snow as a procoptodon or gallimimus (or any other large mount for that matter) would. Yuki-Onna An extremely dangerous large humanoid creature that is actually a bird, these creatures often appear to be a woman wearing a kimono to lost travelers in snowstorms at night, due to the poor visibility. It “rescues” them, then it takes them back to its lair and either freezes them to death or eats them. And sometimes, it will just kill you and eat you on the spot. Somehow tameable, and a powerful ally if you manage to do so. It can freeze enemies almost instantly, and carry humans and small creatures into the air (it can fly, but when mounted, it can only glide in a rockdrake like fashion) Polar bear A semi aquatic, larger, more powerful version of the direbear that has an insulation effect. Can dig ice fishing holes. (Not to be confused with the ragnarok polar bears, these are actual proper polar bears.) Musk ox These slow, huge herbivores are used as pack animals, but they also provide a source of wool/pelt (not as good as sheep though) Dryosaurus (pegomastax neutrel) Tarbosaurus (rex) Chasmosaurus Cryolophosaurus Herrerasaurus (allo variant) Sivatherium Epigaulus Synthetoceras bison More to come. New items: Bow drill This simple bow drill is necessary for making fire. You use it to get coals, and with tinder bundles made from bark, you can make flaming tinder bundles, which are necessary to light a campfire. Coal carrying pouch This leather pouch is used to extend the life of coals and keep them hot, and store them efficiently. Can be carried around and then placed, and then picked up again. Put extender fungus in it to keep the coals even longer. With this, your coals can potentially go forever. Ice saw This item is crucial for cutting your way through ice walls that often block your way in and out of various places, such as caves. Is also used to dig holes in the ice where you can fish. Snowshoes Snowshoes are crucial for traveling quickly in areas with deep snow. They are applied as skins to any shoe. Bone needles Bone needles are used to quickly and cheaply repair any armor that is chitin or weaker. Simple fur armor This simple fur armor isn’t as good as regular fur, and it is between cloth and leather (closer to leather) for the armor it gives and it’s durability, but in early game, it does the job. Made with lots of hide and some fur, mostly. (Obviously some fiber and thatch) Rope arrow These arrows have a long rope tied to the end, which can be used to tie down smaller prey, or trip enemies. The rope itself is made of fiber, and it costs like 50 fiber per arrow (rough guess) When fires from a bow, it costs stamina to reel in something by hand, but not with a crossbow. Uses one wood and one fiber to tie the rope down with a peg. Rope spear bolt These spear bolts have a rope tied into the end, which can be used to tie down larger prey, or harpoon and reel in medium animals. Multiple harpoons can be used to reel in large prey (ballistas mounted on longboats are perfect for whaling with these) Uses fiber and hide for the rope. Uses 5 metal and 15 fiber to tie down a rope on the ground. Can also be fired from harpoon guns, with no range difference above or under water. Bomb spear bolt These spear bolts have an explosive charge mounted on the shaft, with explosive power a little bit weaker than an IED. Bomb arrows Basically grenade arrows. Same as regular grenades, strength wise. Igloos Igloos are built with large amounts of snow, which can easily encumber someone. Fortunately, they can be built gradually, so one does not need all the snow at once. They act as a small tent that holds in warmth well. Canoes Small wooden canoes that one can fish on. No Leedsichthys on this map, since the ocean isn’t big enough. They cannot be built on, but longboat/Inuit whaling boat versions can be built that can have a ballista or a cannon mounted on the front. Oil hoses These advanced turrets shoot large fields of oil, which can be lit on fire with fire arrows or torches. Throwing knives These metal knives can be thrown at enemies, and they do more damage depending on their velocity (how long it was charged up) They also have a melee attack for close range.
  4. Aberration Artwork

    Does anyone know where the full image of the aberration artwork is? I heard @JadePlaysGamessay there was a full version but I can't find it anywhere. It has a sneak peek at the boss, so I really want to check it out. I couldn't upload the file, so just go the and scroll down to see the cut off version. There is another whole panel that we can't see. If anyone can direct me to the full version, that would be awesome.
  5. Aberration PVP

    I'm really interested in how pvp is going to work on the new dlc. I'm guessing it will be mostly players and weapons and less tames. Sure the Reaper Queen seemed powerful when it got forcedtamed during the demo, but how is it useful if everyone has super high up cliff bases? And how will the Rock Drake be able to stand against an army of auto turrets? I'm super excited, I just don't know how the new tames will be useful. I hope they make them useful for raiding, because sometimes rockets and longnecks get boring after a while. Let me know what you guys are thinking.
  6. I believe WC should make UV or Charge(d) ammo for handling the Nameless. Use glow bug blood or a Bioluminescent mushroom paste for it. please bump or whatever lets make this a thing.
  7. I would like to buy the Season pass wich would give me Scorched Earth, Aberration and 1 more future dlc. I allready have bought the Scorched Earth DLC so my question is... Can i activate the aberration on 1 account and the Scorched Earth on my other wich does not have the Scorched Earth?
  8. Are you buying aberation?

    Are you buying dlc, seems like a huge population in pc pve especially is waiting to see if the care about pve at all, due to full servers at start, now on tamelimit on several servers, way to crowded servers, Very laggy servers etc.. People seems unsure thaat they can even deliver even a place to play core game on new servers. what do you think ?
  9. Canary Like Creature For Aberration

    Ever thought of implementing a canary like creatures into Aberration since its mainly an underground map with gas leaks and low oxygen environments? The reason I say this is that miners used to take canaries into the caves with them to tell if they would have enough oxygen to survive and to give them a warning to natural gas leaks; If the canary died it meant they needed to get out of the area of the mine as soon as possible. Canaries are very sensitive to these changes in the environment and if this type of creature is added it would be a shoulder mount with low health and either a warning call, like the jerboa, or it could die all together. Saying this it should be a easy tame with low breed timers. Let me know what you guys think. =)
  10. Water World

    So one day me and my friend watned to build a map but we dont know anything about it so we decided not too, the plan was to make a archipelago and few continets map, best way i can describe is if you watched the movie "Water World". It would be great if you make dlc about it, add boats and put resources to be very few unless you go deep deep underwater where is very dangerous, we planned to make the continets with every possible biome and small archipelagos as well, here is my suggestion for your DLC, so many people taking poop about you not fixing game but they dont understand poop, i love the game and you can count on me buying anything you put out, thank you so much :*
  11. Ark: Primal Survival

    What can we expect in this major update if it does ever release? Last I heard there would be about 10 playable species to start, eventually all species would be playable. To my knowledge Devs haven't said anymore on this since February 2017 (it's previous release date) and we are approaching 2018.
  12. massive omni map

    when all the dlcs are done and made maybe all of wild card can make a massive omni map which combines all of the dlcs and base game ark into one map the main reason why i like ragnarok is because it is a combination of the island and scorched earth in a sense the map could work with it having a massive cave system where regular cave dinos and abberation creatures spawn leading to massive under ground abberation biomes a desert on the surface of the map with the scorched creatures ranging from dunes to the boneyards and grand canyons a massive central volcano with a functioning tek cave. a gigantic ocean element to it where one could make a focus on naval bases with deep trenches leading to large air pockets filled with eithier normal cave dinos or abberation cave beasts or like the center contained under ground worlds. on the surface add ragnarok biomes like scotland and grand canyons, or murder snow. a new antarctic biome that takes a large portion of the northern side of the map themed after the ice age with tundras and frozen glaciers with hidden caves. a sky based area if there is a sky dlc with floating islands with wyvern nests on small floating islands the floating isles regions filled with only fliers but larger amounts of them including griffins over all just a massive map made from everything the game has to offer with access to all engrams, animals, and resources size around 2 to 4 times bigger than ragnarok unique biomes grand plains a massive flatland where the giant turtles spawn deathworm nest located in desert just like the iceworm cave the fallen factory(requires all artifacts and 1 gamma boss head ) used to get element via fighting overseer's droids and drones max amount of element gathered proportionate to how many droids you kill located deep underground completing guantlet run gives you tekgrams to make both droids in replicator( this area is completely optional and doesn't have even be added) tribe camps small camp areas where neanderthals spawn night zone permanent night where troodons and megalos stay active permanently but revert to normal when they leave it. a variety of wyvern trences/ map specific creatures, a massive turtle that can can have a platform saddle bigger than a titans and rival the titan in size but is a 2/3rds the size tamed same way as titan but is permanent tame and cannot damage metal also has the golems resistances tempermant absolutely passive / protective diet herbivore, eats wood due to size extremely slow moving sea serpents large bio luminescent creature twice as long as a mosa middle ground between mosa and tuso has constriction ability neanderthal minion style humanoid that whose trust has to be gain but once its gained can be told to harvest all resources at lower amounts than creatures but can be taught how to use weapons and can be equipped with armor new wyvern species Air/tempest wyvern has a breath that does heavy knockback. really fast has griffin dive ability but really frail and slightly smaller then standard wyvern not recommended for combat but for found in sky islands biome Earth no breath or has a sand breath that needs sand in inventory to use focuses mainly on melee has a tailclub that can be used to knockout/ kill creatures. found in grand canyons mostly land based wyvern with ability to climb wall and glide like rock drake Water extremely slow on land but has the ability to swim ability to fly debatable breath requires water in inventory think morellatops ability to store water only instead of hydration its ammunition found in coastal wyvern trench weather biome specific ( if possible) map name (a little cliche) The Ark bosses all of them(including aberation and future dlc bosses, and a leviathan for the underwater section lets get wild card to see also put any suggestions you have in the comments
  13. I am not familiar with consoles + online stuff at all. So please someone help me out here... I play on a PS4 using the physical disc (no internet here in BFE). BUT I would love to possibly update the game, and possibly get a couple of the other DLC's and maps. My main issue is- if I take my PS4 to my parents (to use their internet) and download some of the DLC's and maps would they be playable at my house in BFE with NO internet? (I REALLY want some of the newer dinos since from what I can tell the physical disc only got up to December 2016's dinos & items. And would at least like The Center and SE maps too) I have tried doing some research on this and some say you can and some say you can't but all say that the PS4 needs to be registered as Primary. But that's all I have found literally. So I come here knowing most of you are a lot more technical savvy than me and hope y'all can help me out. TIA
  14. Your Aberration Theories!

    I just wanted to hear what other people's potential theories behind the story of the upcoming DLC ARK: Aberration. I have a few of my own and I'm curious about what other people have to say!
  15. Won't let me download

    I'm on PC trying to download ragnarok from steam and all it does is launch my game when I press the download button. Does not add it to my dlc's in the library page for ark.
  16. So, I found an interesting bug with the new Aberration Helmet skin (see attached files). While I know it doesn't bother most, as they don't normally put hats on their animals, it bothers me alot. If you are unable to see what is happening, the helmet is placed under the jerboa, at ground level under it's head.
  17. So, I found an interesting bug with the new Aberration Helmet skin (see attached files). While I know it doesn't bother most, as they don't normally put hats on their animals, it bothers me alot. If you are unable to see what is happening, the helmet is placed under the jerboa, at ground level under it's head.
  18. Server Issues

    Quick question guys. I've been playing ARK since last December on the PS4 so I feel as if I have gotten a good amount of experience in ARK. To everyone who's been grinding longer than me or around the same time frame as me, does it make sense for Wildcard to release a DLC when their servers are still having issues? I mean sure it is nice to see that their adding content in such as dinos, items, etc. but what's the point if the servers are going to constantly crash and or not even pop up in the new server browser. This is not a bashing topic, I truly love ARK and what it has given to the players but I wanted to see if other players have been thinking the same idea as myself. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, RadRussian364
  19. Hello, today 17 day I started the game and I saw that there was a new DLC, when you want to download it directly, ARK: Survival Evolved starts. It does not initiate any download or add me to the library. What can I do to solve it quickly? Thank you, greetings from Argentina
  20. Hello, today 17 day I started the game and I saw that there was a new DLC, when you want to download it directly, ARK: Survival Evolved starts. It does not initiate any download or add me to the library. What can I do to solve it quickly? Thank you, greetings from Argentina
  21. Okay guys. Since Aberration is coming next month, I was curious as to whether anyone had any cool ideas or speculations for creatures that are going to be in the expansion or could be put in (other than those creatures we already know about or have seen). If you have suggestions, feel free to say so. It can be anything. Prehistoric creatures, stuff that's crazy and totally made up, creatures that take inspiration from popular fiction, anything. Feel free to make your own fanmade dossiers if you like. I'm probably going to make some of my own. Who knows? Maybe the ARK devs will see the stuff posted here and take some cues or ideas from it. Can't hurt to try. Anyway, hope to see what everyone comes up with.
  22. Shouldn't A season pass include the base game? Right now its up for purchase but what's the point if you can't buy the base game with it? A friend of mine wants to play and I was hoping to gift him so he could play on our server too. Is this just for the expansions only? When I purchased other games on steam through a season pass I don't remember having to buy the game separately. Maybe this should be posted on steam, I don't know how these things work.
  23. Hello, I would like some official answer about legacy servers for the new upcoming DLCs, I play on a legacy PVE server and I don't want to start all over on a new cluster just to play the DLC, and if I remember correctly, they said we would get all the content the new cluster gets, but not sure if it applies to them adding legacy servers for new DLCs. If someone has any info about this, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  24. Wildcards pls ... ?

    Hello .... i do own ark since the first week of its early access ... now i did see the trailer of the new DLC and i checked for the season pass ... so we got the game , we do buy scorched earth and now we have to buy the season pass as well ? people already own scorched earth ... so we do pay half of the money for nothing ... the old players dont even get anything from the release ... no instead we have to buy the collectors edition once again to get the skins etc as well.