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    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.
    • Eli

      Official PC: Hard Turret Limit begins on 18th of February at 1PM ET   02/16/18

      On the 18th of February, at 1PM ET we will be enabling the hard turret limit on all PC Official Servers. This means that you will not be able to build over 100 turrets within a 10k unit radius. This will work on autoturrets, heavy turrets, tek turrets, plus plant turrets and is no longer map specific. The hard limit calculation is done on start-up, so if your turrets are ever over the limit, they will be randomly shut-off until you're under the limit. In order to restore shut off turrets, you must pick up any which exceed the number, as well as shut-off turrets and replace them in order for them to work.

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Found 62 results

  1. Is it possible to have ark launch directly into aberration, giving the aberration menu & theme when starting? Currently, it always loads default ark, until I connect to some aberration server and then go back to the menu

    I feel stolen. I paid for DLC Scorched and months later WC launches Ragnarok with all Scorched content for free. I hope you do not do the same with Aberration. This is lack of respect with your customers.
  3. hay guys i got aberration brought form a usa psn account and im downloading from Australia and keeps saying content unavailable. Any help from the community would be most welcome.
  4. Hello Forum, Does anyone know if purchasing a season pass for a primary account on a PS4 allows all other sub-accounts to access the DLC? I started my PSN account when I was in the UK but have since moved back to Australia. Sony won't allow me to change my region so I need to have two accounts, one to play and one to purchase games. Usually, it isn't an issue, I buy things on my Australian PSN and I can play them on my UK PSN, but I'm unsure as to how this would work with a season pass DLC pack like Ark:SE and Ark:A since it uses servers etc. I don't want to purchase it on one account and then not end up being able to access the content on the account I want Hopefully, that makes sense but let me know if you need more info Thanks in advance, CptLovebone
  5. Before we get started, this title is not clickbait, and I will elaborate as time goes on. However, some things need to be addressed before I get to that point. For starters, I must say that, with whatever I am about to say about this game, there are some positive aspects about it that I should point out. This game, fundamentally speaking is phenomenal. This game is one of the few times in gaming history (perhaps the first to do it pretty well?) where you can explore a world of extinct or mythical creatures, tame them, and survive a very fascinating world. It started out on a map called The Island, where dinosaurs roam the world and you can choose to tame them to help you survive, craft items and structures to better improve your survivability or simply just explore, and let me tell you, exploration is the end game in this game, assuming of course you haven't looked up any videos about Ark. However, this premise is assaulted by so many different issues that I may skip over a few simply because there are far more dangerous issues that exist in this game. Let's start with a few of the less malign ones. For starters, the PvP and PvE modes are balanced together and not seperately; a warlord vrying for "alpha" status or "mega" status on a server (or servers) that are labelled as PvP, and a person who simply wants to tame creatures, wander around, or fight bosses in PvE are given the same buffs and nerfs when they are applied. Remember the grand flyer nerf? For PvP, it was, arguably, necessary to prevent the flyer spam in raids or when killing players. However for PvE, all it did was serve as an annoyance as loved flyers like the Argentavis and the mighty Quetzal became very frustrating to use. Then there's the frustrating building system. Although, again, this issue isn't a massive problem in PvP, where the most concerning things about building is whether or not something vital is sticking out. In PvE, there's the massive issue of pillars jutting out of ceilings (unless you build in a specific way), walls with the "inner" portion of the wall facing out (unless you build in a specific way), awkward electrical wire and pipe placements (again, unless you build in a specific way), and so much more. Let's not forget the issue with pillar spam in official PvE servers as well! There's so many issues of this type, that I could end up writing an essay for a doctorate if I really wanted to, but the ones above are the ones that came to mind and they are the only ones I will list. Because now, I must get to my point. Simply put, there are three things that are extremely dangerous in this game that have yet to be addressed. Three things that make the previous issues pale in comparison, and if left unchecked, can spell doom for Wildcard. The first issue primarily revolves around consoles, but I have also seen this issue pop up and get reported by PC players as well. This issue is the terrible optimization and lag that still exists in this game today. If you're lucky, one day you can get through a session on Ark without any technical issues. However, for many players, and especially console players (regardless of if they have the more powerful version or not), what ends up happening is, if you're playing on a server, you suffer immense amounts of lag, rubberbanding and rollbacks as the server chugs along trying to keep up with whatever god awful coding and invisible technical issues that have yet to be addressed. However, lag is not the only issue! Should you be playing on a server or playing on singleplayer, you will seem to always suffer a crash, regardless of console. And these crashes in particular are what I consider dangerous, because when they occur (at least in the case of the ps4) you typically are forced to hold the power button, effectively forcing the console to shut off. I think everyone at this day and age understand the danger of doing that repeatedly. In fact, I have already seen forum and reddit posts stating that their console is struggling to do normal things now because of the sheer amount of times they have had to force their console to shut down. This is one reason why I am uninstalling this game, because this happens a lot in singleplayer. I can be on a world with two tames and barely any structures, and if the game wants to load something or save some data to the console, there's a chance that the console will crash in the way described above. Then there's the second issue, which revolves around unhealthy gameplay. You may have already read or heard about this, but timer heavy aspects of the game like taming and (especially) imprinting are downright unhealthy for players. Should you be brave (or unfortunate) enough to tame a high level, high quality dino with the lowest quality food, expect your ENTIRE DAY to get consumed by watching over it (on official servers). If you're imprinting a medium quality dino or higher, expect not only your entire day to get chopped up into 3 hour 30 minute bits where you need to return to the baby to imprint on it, but expect YOUR SLEEP TO BE AFFECTED. While I'd rather not bring medical science into this post, I will at least say that when your sleep gets chopped up into bits as you get on and imprint a tame, your performance gets affected later on in the day and it's safe to say that we have all experienced this at some point in our lives. This personally made me shift to playing single player, where I set really rapid rates for everything, and boy oh boy is imprinting hectic now. With 45 seconds between imprints and only a few minutes until full maturation, if you get the "walk" request, you better be sprinting with that dino on follow Unfortunately, as you may have already seen, I no longer play singleplayer because of the crashing and the danger it poses to my console. Even if it turns out that your sleep getting affected does not have any adverse effects on you, it is still absurd that a game that we had to PAY FOR was designed to require more attention from us than free-to-play games, which are known to consume more of your time if you choose not to spend money on it than most other paid games. And sure, these rates can easily be changed to satisfy a player's desires in custom worlds. However again, the fact that the game was balanced so that it requires an immensive amount of time to do anything throws off a lot of players, including myself. Also, I think it's safe to say that the "fun" factor that exists in taming, breeding, and imprinting really only exists in the exhilirating knock-down process of taming, but even that gets old after a while. The fact that the taming, breeding, and imprinting systems have yet to be overhauled is beyond me, which leads me to my final point. Struggling Developers I personally do not like bashing on people who put a lot of time and effort into something, so I will do my best to watch my terminology, but it's going to be really hard considering some of the things Wildcard still struggles with to this day. For starters, let's begin with feedback. Should staff read a post like mine or honestly anything that could be utilized to better the game, there's typically no response, which is understandable. However, when there is a response, it's typically a response like "we're taking this into consideration" or it's an excuse from a developer because of the short-sights in development. I think all console players remember the tether distance dilemma, where we were allowed to adjust our tether distances in local games. However the devs quickly removed it, stating that the setting could have adverse effects on the console, and sure, there should be concern for that. However, the irony in that is even without the tether distance, or even split-screen in general, a player's console is at risk from just playing the game, as blue screens still plague this game to this very day! Then there's the obvious lack of desire to improve the techinical and funamental aspects of the game that truly need help, but instead a desire to promote DLC and additional content, as if Wildcard thinks the playerbase is stupid enough to forget the issues that still plague this game. And yet, the DLCs themselves even have issues surrounding them. The first two we received were already plagued with issues. Scorched Earth was released while the game was in early access (the morality of this is still controversial), but then proved to be a nearly useless DLC as it contained very little content, received little additional attention, and some of the content can now be accessed for free on Ragnorok. Then there's the terribly planned DLC known as Abberation, the first DLC after the game was released, that was planned to be released in October, but ended up getting delayed for two months! Honestly, I feel bad for some of the devs at Wildcard, because whoever is in charge of priorities, deadlines, and projects obviously has no clue as to not only what their consumers want, but what their employees can accomplish. And until they change, or until they get replaced, this game will continue to be plagued by numerous issues. Not just the ones discussed, but many others as well. This will continue to shrink the playerbase, until there's not enough money going to Wildcard to support the game. And THAT is the final reason why I quit playing. Why should I continue to put my console at risk to play this game if the devs will never fix the issue? This game has been around for years, and yet no one has thought that the game has been optimized correctly? Has anyone tried looking at the code of the game? Who thought it would be a brilliant idea to make a game as ambitious as this with a pre-made engine? Epic Games got it right with Fortnite: a game as big as that needs its own engine and it operates as smooth as butter. And even if the technical issues FINALLY get sorted out, there's still so many issues that need attention from these devs that unless their wallets are being put at risk, they will never change anything. Thankfully, the playerbase is much more critical to these devs than other playerbases in other games, where they will literally wait until the game is nothing more than a donation box before they start critiquing the game. And that is the only hope that still remains for me about this game. Unfortunately, the playerbase doesn't seem to be at the forefront of Wildcard's decision making, so the hope is miniscule, and not enough for me to continue to support this game. I already held back on buying Abberation and now it is time for me to delete the game. Maybe in the future I will come back and see that the developers are as passionate as their original vision once was. Maybe in the future I will actually be excited about the upcoming DLC rather than suspicious or frustrated. Until then, I need to remove this very addicting game from my console, because the more it pulls me back in, the closer my console gets to an early death.
  6. Featherlight kibble

    Hello. I started breeding on new DLC and intended to imprint baby. It asked for featherlight kibble. I google it how to make it. Put all ingrediens in cooking pot. Voila! Nothing happened. So we cant do 100% imprinting on babys if they ask for this kibble? Kibble cant be made or what? So. Fix? Maybe? Please?
  7. Basilisk Bug

    So I play on local singleplayer and have traveled quite a bit and have searched for a basilisk(and ik it can be burrowed underground and you can see the tail spikes aboveground) and havent found any. I’ve played on an official server and have come across a basilisk before. I’ve even tried spawning one, and as soon as I unpause the game it shows its tail and its burrowed underground and then instantly vanishes.
  8. DLC Cross Platform question.

    I own Ark on steam and on my ps4, I recently bought the explorer's pass on steam to play aberration and I am having a blast with my buddies. However, my pc can only run on the lowest graphics and maintain a reasonably smooth speed. I would love to play aberration on ps4 but I'm not willing to pay another $20-$40 to buy ANOTHER copy of the dlc. Is there anything I can do? To clarify: I am not looking to fix a performance issue. I am trying to find out if there is any way to copy/port my dlc licence from steam to ps4.
  9. Dear Studio Wildcrad, I think Voice acting can be a very good idea for the last DLC because it will close the story of ARK and it must be a little more "Narrative" with maybe the voice of the very end boss or something really scary and epic ! I am very disappointed that Abarration doesn't have any voices for Rockwell, I mean you could have made the boss more terrifying and more epic with a voice for /!\ WARNING SOILER /!\ the mutant Rockwell who is much stronger and bigger than us and the most important: he was HUMAN ! Instead, I just feel like I have an ordinary mob who is a "Boss" and nothing else, just an empty shell.... And also, he CAN speak because he wrote a note (the one that is the last mysterious mystery). So please, make sure that the last DLC is EPIC and VOICE ACTED. By the way... I really like Aberration ! You did an absolutely great job with this DLC, but I'm just disappointed by the end boss So now, you have to do something better and more fantastic than Aberration and Scorched Earth !
  10. Please make the ascension for Scorched Earth ! I still feel like I bought an unfinished DLC, and with the arrival of Aberration it might be nice to know how we got in this malfunctional ARK
  11. "Sentient ARK"

    So when i first saw the ending of the game i got really fascinated about how the plot itself works out, you are in one of theese arks that are being controlled by some aliens or whatever it could be. And i thougt about the concept of this being a type of DLC for the game, a kind of "sentient ARK", where you have to ascend to get to, and it would be on a time limit, kind of like a boss fight. You gear up for it, (only one person goes at a time, or at least the sentient ark visit only allows for one passenger at a time), teleport into the sentient ark, and this place would be Hardcore, real hardcore. You come in, a 60 minute timer starts, and you get to go ham, you could have sort of a separate leveling system, where you already have your normal stats, but this level system gives different bonuses, such as : More time in the sentient ark per visit Lowered cost of going into the sentient ark Increased max level in the normal ARK (+1 Max level unlock per 10 sentient levels?) This level system would run parallel to your normal level, and the sentient ark would become available after your first Beta ascension. You don't get engram points etc, the levels would be linear, such as if you level to level 5 you can not pick what bonus you want. This place would have tek creatures, super harsh environment, and highly increased consumption rates. What could you get in this ark? For every creature you kill in the sentient ark, you get one "Rare ARK Crystal", this thing can have multiple uses, call in beacons, refill resources, spawn creatures, for various costs of course. Rare ark crystal and it's uses : Calling in beacons 1 White beacon : 1 Rare ARK Crystal 1 Green beacon : 2 Rare ARK Crystals 1 Blue beacon : 3 Rare ARK Crystals 1 Purple beacon : 4 Rare ARK Crystals 1 Yellow beacon : 5 Rare ARK Crystals 1 Red beacon : 10 Rare ARK Crystals Refilling resources : So when it comes to refilling resources, i factor in the balancing of this so that it wouldn't be as easily abused, because it is something that could very well be abused. The refilling of resources would have an exponensial cost. Also, different resources would weigh differently. Metal nodes would be more costly than obsidian nodes, which would be more costly than stone nodes, which would cost more than trees, etc. For example : Refilling 10 metal nodes would cost 50 Rare ARK Crystals, and it would show the nodes on the ground where they will spawn in, the same way your structures are transparent when you are placing them. When none of the resources you are refilling are obstructed, you would be able to hit confirm, the nodes would have the same density as the surface they are being placed on, for example, a metal rich mountain would have much denser metal than a forest. The cost growth per 10 nodes would grow by 10 per 10 nodes every time you increase the quantity. 10 nodes : 50 RAC's (Rare ARK Crystals). (50 RAC's per 10 nodes.) 20 nodes : 120 RAC's (60 RAC's per 10 nodes.) 30 Nodes : 210 RAC's (70 RAC's per 10 nodes.) 40 Nodes : 320 RAC's (80 RAC's per 10 nodes.) Max would be 50 nodes at 450 RAC's. The resource refill would have a tribe cooldown of 3 hours, so spawning 10 nodes wouldn't help you if you were looking for quantity, only for price. This means that if you want a lot of nodes you would have to pay up a big amount of RAC's. Spawning dino's : So i know this would be sort of controversial, especially when it comes to dino duping etc. However, i still think it would be a cool feature, both for the small tribes and the mega tribes out there. It would scale like this : The dinos would be in different tiers and categories. Herbivores and carnivores would be in separate categories, with separate tiers. Tiers would be 1-5. A tier 1 carnivore would be for example a Compy (And the likes of it.) A tier 2 would be a Direwolf (And the likes of it.) A tier 3 would be a megalosaurus (And the likes of it.) A tier 4 would be a spino (And the likes of it.) A tier 5 would be the very best ones, Daeodon, rex, gigas, etc. The herbivores would be considerably cheaper (obviously), however, they would have other types of tiers, these tiers would be based off of taming time. A tier 1 carnivore would cost 100 RAC's to spawn, and a tier 5 would go for as much as 700, depending on which one in particular you chose, it would be scaled so that the bottom one from tier 2 would be just a little better than the best in tier 1. Also a reminder, i know this can be heavily abused by mega tribes using temporary tribes etc, therefore all tribes will have a 6 hour cooldown from when they are created, to at least try to stop mega tribes from abusing it. The RAC's would be soulbound, meaning your tribemates can't share it and it cannot be looted by enemies. The sentient ark creatures would also be very very hard to kill unless you are properly geared for it, TEK wouldn't be allowed in the sentient ark, nor would blueprints count, meaning a small tribe and a mega tribe player would have the same odds in succeeding in the sentient ark. Sentient ark would be kind of like aberration in terms of map, and it would have strong creatures, which, depending on which one you kill would give you a different reward. I would really like to see your feedback on this. Thanks! Lang.
  12. I am sorta torn between getting the Horizon Frozen Wilds expansion or Ark's Arberration... though I am leaning towards 1 more than the other. I prefer physical discs and already have the Ark & HZD hardcopies. So I could either get the $50 hardcopy of HZD with Frozen Wilds on it or take my PS4 to a friends & download the $20 expansion. Or do the same thing for Ark's Arberration. Though I have no idea what the cost of it is yet or the file size, that would be really helpful at this point. And I am not sure how WC handles these things, will in be available in the PS store? Or is it a go through Steam only deal? I do really love HZD but maybe I should wait and see about Arberration. I mainly just want the items and creatures though, so would it even be worth it. And I am not even sure if I want to give WC any more $ until some things are fixed on their base game. Considering both games are pretty great (1 possibly more-so than the other) and both have their own unique beasts it makes it a very tough decision. And I know that asking on the Ark forum I'll probably get biased answers but I figured I'd ask anyways.And since it probably matters some, I'll be playing only local Single Player and Splitscreen (PS4) so no worries about common server issues. So what do you think and why?
  13. Hello, so I've mostly been a single player gamer, but in recent weeks, I've been playing on a pve official server. And I've noticed some major issues. Currently, these are the bugs I am suffering from on the Xbox. 1. Rubber banding. This is more of an annoyance than game breaking, walking for 15-20 seconds and doing stuff within that time window, just to go back in time as if I didn't do anything in that time frame. Like I said, this is more of an annoyance, but annoy someone enough and they stop playing, and as far as I can tell, this has been going on for a while. When will this issue be fixed? Are there any plans of a fix? Or is this going to go down in history as one of those notorious bugs that there are just no intentions of fixing, like I see many developers doing with their games and certain bugs. 2. Structures not placing where they say they will. Side note, the construction in this game needs an entire overhaul. It works, but it's lacking important features, like the ability to place down an object and preview it by walking around it without it turning with me or moving, and then lock it in place. But aside from that, there is a major bug, that I do think is borderline game breaking. And that's when i try to place a ceiling, pillar, fence foundations, mostly anything, more than half the time, it places somewhere else than it says it would. Example: trying to place a fence foundation, straight line. I place one, then go to place the other, it's shining green and snapped where it would be going straight with the other one, but then when I click to place, it goes angled and I'm forced to destroy it, wasting resources. This is really bad with things like walls and pillars. I will build some pillars going from a ceiling down to the ground, and when I get to needing one more to connect the pillar tower to the floor, it'll be green, I click the button to place it, and suddenly it's sticking out of the ground, 2 feet away from where it says it would place. I say this is borderline game breaking because I created a platform that consisted of 364 ceilings. A quarter of which would be connected to pillars, and then the rest not, because they would have the support from the ones connected to the pillars. Out of 364, I lost 40 because they kept snapping to the pillars in a way they weren't showing they would in the preview and I would be forced to destroy them. That's a lot of wasted resources and was very irritating. I have not heard anyone talking about this issue, but I know this is an issue affecting everyone I play with. Is this another bug that will be swept under the rug? 3. Won't load Primalgamedata_BP, stuck at Joining Sessions. This one I have kind of heard talks about. I've heard you guys talking about issues with connecting to the servers, but you're not describing the issue that me and 3 others are suffering from on Xbox. And that's when I click to join a server, it tries to load primalgamedata_bp, then when it gets to the end, it goes to Joining Session, and just stays there til it times out. I've figured out a fix for this, while it says Joining session, go to setting, go offline for about 5 seconds, reconnect, go back to game, and it's already loading The Island. Just sucks have to do this every single time. Only started happening after the Halloween event. I've tried with different accounts, uninstalling, reinstalling, I've even tried different console's, since I just got the new Xbox One X. Still has the issue. You recently sent out a 200mb patch, that I thought was suppose to fix this issue, but as far as I can tell, it's as if an update was never handed out. I have submitted a ticket for this about a week ago, and have not heard any reaponse. Time frame on fix? These are the 3 bigger issue bugs currently on Xbox I have personally suffered from. There are other, more minor ones, like how I try to roll away from a sabertooth on a doedicerus, but suddenly the sabertooth becomes hollow, goes into my doedicerus, then becomes solid again, and we are basically stuck together and I cant move. Not sure if things like these are actual bugs though or just the way the game is designed and will always be an issue. But the rest need addressed. And when I ask for more transparency, that's all we want as a community. To us, right now it seems like 99% of you are working on making this new doc, when your current thing is broken and you have one person, working one hour a day on the bugs. That's just what it feels like to us, because all we see is you pushing for people to buy this dlc, but aren't acknowledging how your base game should actually still be in early access, with the bugs it has. A few examples. You showed off the 4k features of ark on the X but that's NOTHING how it looks like in real life. When you go up in the clouds, you can't see ANYTHING. Everything is pure white. Not only that, when it rains or is foggy, I get like 1x1inch pixels outlining things like trees, Dino's, and structures that become very visible and just look like they're trying to show what they are suppose to, and also trying to show me what's behind the item at the same time. It's hard to explain. But you don't see these issues in your demo. It's as if you super tweaked just that version, or it was rendered on a super duty computer, not an actual Xbox. And that to me, seems like false advertising, and again, an example of just not caring about the current issues. Another example, your CEO, Dave Kennedy, recently had an interview with PC Gamer. And the whole interview just feels detached from reality. He talks about the mixed reviews on steam, and blames it on people getting the game in early access and and expecting a polished game. Nobody gets a game in early access, and expects it to be polished. But also, nobody gets a game in early access, and expects to be sold DLC for it while it's in early access. And when your team got heat from that during the time of Scorched Earth, you excused it by bringing up how many free updates you give us. But it was in EARLY ACCESS. We already prepaid for a complete game, and those free updates were you fulfilling your promise of completing the game. Also, he brings up how he wishes there would be a way to show all time ratings and ratings after launch, but we are so far out of launch that, there is a way. The most recent reviews, are also mixed, because this game is still broken. To say this is currently a polished game would be a joke. So again, the CEO in that interview doesn't even once mention that it's still buggy, and acts as if it is now polished and should be getting 5 star reviews. Here is a quote from him about the future of Ark "“We’re very concerned about quality, experience, and making sure we’re not just tossing stuff out there.”, but that's what it feels like. Because the base game feels like it was tossed out so you could rush out Aberration. The interview makes him sound like he is selling this game as a complete and polished game, when it isn't. And because of that, sounds like the CEO of your company just lied to your entire player base (at least on the Xbox, since I don't know how the PC/PS4 experience is). We need more transparency, we need these bugs addressed so we KNOW we are being heard. Saying "We are listening", doesn't mean anything. Actions speak louder than words. Address the bugs. Don't sweep them under a rug like you don't care about the people who have already given you their hard earned money.
  14. "ARK 2"

    Hi ! I read some news about a potential sequel. I love ARK, it's an awesome game but please... NO sequel. Sequel is the kind of thing that kill a game. You start everything from zero, you forget the old version... If you restart from zero you'll have less content than the old one. Game Sequel are like an eternal restart and it's boring. An "ARK 2" would be great only if it keeps as much creatures, maps and items as the first one, all of that at the LAUNCH day and then add more things... but a NEW game with LESS content would be truly sad. I suggest big updates (free or paid) maybe changing many gameplay things, adding new things to the original game BUT still keeping most of the old stuff. ARK don't have to be replaced by SEQUEL, ARK has to SURVIVE by EVOLVING, by getting updates. If you truly want to make an ARK 2... It has to have all creatures, locations and items that the first one already have, or better version of them. Losing content between the first one and the sequel would be a shame. Believe me, I used to be a FIFA fan, they make new games but keep losing content... Keep making it bigger, don't restart !
  15. DLC & Updates Ideas

    Hi! I know it's ambitious but I'm trying to make a "compilation" of ideas for the base game and potential DLCs. I will update this thread and my posts with more ideas and more descriptions. You could also give your opinion on the ideas (if you like or dislike ideas, both are good to know) and ask me (on the thread or by private message) to add or modify ideas to the "compilation" posts on the top of the first page. I'll add your name in the credit of this compilation The firsts posts of this thread will be UPDATED and EDITED instead of adding more posts. So, check it every time you look again at this forum! I hope you'll enjoyed this thread, don't be afraid to share ideas, they are all welcomed! ___________________________________________________________________________________________ CREDITS: Thanks to all people that help to make this compilation of ideas bigger: RowletAlex / and all others that shared ideas on various threads!! ___________________________________________________________________________________________ SUMMARY: 1) New Attributes, Skills and Character’s Customization 2) New Gameplay Dynamics 3) New Maps and Locations 4) New Creatures, Updates and Variants 5) New Structures, Items and Resources 6) New Modes ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 1-New Attributes, Skills and Character’s Customization New Skills Tree: Health: Stamina: Oxygen: Food: Water: Weight: Melee damage: Movement Speed: Crafting Skill: Fortitude: Torpidity: Learning Skill: How fast you get XP ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 2-New Gameplay Dynamics New Gameplay Dynamics: Sleeping Time: Creatures sleep. Some are active the day, others at night... Some species are also taking short naps. Every Creatures as a sleeping animation like the Megalosaurus. There is a sleep stat. It goes down with time, like hunger. The more stamina you use, the more the sleep stat decrease. Eating and Drinking New Dynamic: Herbivorous are eating bushes, leaves or the ground flora (destroying bushes, trees and grass). Carnivorous are eating corpses (after killing the prey). Both are drinking water. Eating and Drinking animations are used on resources/corpses. It doesn't deal damage around but satisfy thrust and hunger while reducing the durability of the targeted resources. It happens when using the attack command on resources. Thirst and Hunger: The behavior of wild creatures depends of their thirst and hunger. Thirst has an influence on stamina. Hunger has an influence on behavior (passive, aggressive, neutral). Carnivorous are more aggressive when hungry, they have the Starving Status Effect and they have a bigger aggro radius, being aggressive to every potential kind of preys. Weather, Time and Biomes Boosts: Creatures have a bonus/malus depending of the biome, the weather and the time of the day (night/day). Some are adapted to many kinds of biomes, weathers and times and have smaller bonus, others have more specifics conditions but bigger bonuses. For example: Mammoth would have a health bonus in the snow biome. Achatina would have a speed bonus when the weather is rainy. Direwolf would have an attack bonus at night. Stealth Move Set: This move set is used to hunt or hide. It works like the "run" move set, changing moving animations and speed. Humans and creatures can use it. They move closer to the ground, slower, near silent... When a creature uses the stealth move set, they can go 2x closer to other creatures before turning them into "attack or flee" behavior. Creatures are less 2x less detectable by the Detection ability when moving stealthy. Defensive Move Set: Some creatures /ankylo, doedicurus, carbonemys…) will take a defensive position (in their shell or ready to fight...) when a predator is too closed to them. Some predators won't attack creatures that are in defensive position (too difficult to kill, too many risks of damages...). This move set is a substitute to the stealth move set. Food Chain and Hunting/Fleeing Behaviors: Every predator looked for some (3-5) specific prey-species: Their Natural Preys. They attack “unnatural” preys only if the predator is too hungry. Some preys attract specific predators: Their Natural Predators. You can use those preys as Bait to attract specific predators. Preys also flee at the sight of their natural predators (or another potential predator), or when hearing his roar. Predators will only focus on their natural preys when they are in the area. If there is none of their natural preys, they will look after other potential, but unnatural, preys. A rex will hunt trikes, paras and iguanodon, ignoring other creatures like dodo, raptor and bronto that aren’t one of his natural preys. Paras will flee when they see raptors or rex, without waiting for the attack. Predators Respect: Predators won’t attack each other’s, except if hungry. If a big predator attacks a prey, smaller predators will flee from the fight. Raptors will go away of their para-prey if a rex start attacking this para. Detection Ability: Most of the creatures have a detection ability. They have the same detection ability as the tek helmet but doesn’t detect everything. Predators can detect their natural preys in a big radius. Herbivorous can detect the resources they need (fruits, trees, bushes…). As the tek helmet, you can disable this view. It changes the way to hunt and collect resources. Some creatures can detect preys exactly like the tek helmet, some only detect the Smell Track of creatures (you can hide your smell with water, poop…), some only detect Moving Creatures (by sound, you need to stop moving or use the stealth move set), some only detect the Heat of Creatures (you can hide it with clothes…) and finally some only detects Bleeding Creatures (you can hide by healing your wound). It changes the way predators are hunting and how to escape/hide from them. Footprints and Blood Tracks: Footprints stays for a few minutes, spawning when creatures/players are walking. It allows you to follow your prey track or identify creatures wandering around. Blood Tracks works the same way, when a creature starts bleeding it lets a blood track on the ground. Useful to follow a bleeding prey. A creature stop bleeding when her health is back to the max. Creature’s Nests: Creatures are building nests where they store food, let their eggs and sleep. Nests are, like beaver dam, structures spawned by dinos. Every dino can build 1 nest. If it builds a new one, the old one will be considered as “abandoned” and have a spoiling timer. You can ask tames to build a nest if they have enough resources. They will build it exactly where they stand at the time of the building order. New Creatures Carrying Dynamic: Creatures, without saddles, can only carry some specific resources and cannot carry structures and items. For example, an herbivorous can carry wood, berries but not meat. A predator can carry meat and skins but not structures or weapons. If you put a saddle on a creature, you can then put every kind of resources and items in the inventory. Waiting, Cleaning, Scratching and Playing Animations: Some animations that will help creatures to look more naturals, not just standing without doing anything else. It happens when they don’t move. Animations When Taking Damages: There is a Damage Taking Animation for every creature when they get a medium amount of damages. There is a Falling Animation for every creature when they get a large amount of damages, or when they are projected by a charged attack or when they fall from a cliff. They fall on a side or on their back and lay down on the ground until they try to move. Creatures are taking more damage when they lay down on the ground. When they try to move there is a Get Up Animation. You take 2 times less damages during the animations. Herd and Migration Dynamic: A lot of herbivorous have a pack behavior. They stay relatively close to each other, move from one place to another in groups. If one is attacked they all flee or attack. They flee in the same directions. They are all looking for food and water at the same time, do their nests in the same places. They are sometimes multi-species pack (stego and kentro for example). Size Variations: Some variations in size (small, medium, big models) for creatures. Some dinos of a same specie would be a bit smaller or a bit bigger than the original model. Bigger means more powerful, smaller means faster. Male Rivalry: Males of some species (wooly rhinos, carnos, mammoth…) will fight each other until one is killed/flees. The winner has a mating boost. Watch Mode: You can use every kind of creature as a “Watch dog”. You can set the attack radius and the creature will fight everything coming in this radius, but it will never go out of this radius. At the end of the fight the creature come back to his original standing point. Tree Plantations: You can grow (small and harvestable) trees in the ground or in crop plant. Handcuffs Connections: Connected to other prisoners and creatures Fur Protection: All creatures with fur/fat give an Insulation effect depending on their fur and size. Fire Attracting/Repulsive Effect: Fire attracts some creatures in need of warm or curious but also make others flee. The bigger the fire, the bigger the radius effect. Wind Effects: The windy weather makes the weather colder and all living forms thirst come faster. Depending on his direction it can make the detection ability better or useless. The direction also provides a speed bonus/malus for all walking/running/flying creatures. It also put off unprotected (not in house or cave) fire. Cold Water Effects: You swim slower than in normal water. High hypothermia risk. Players and creatures slowly take damage when in cold water. Dead Corpse Temperature Effect: You remember how Han saved Luke by putting him in a dead body to protect him from cold? Here is the same. When you kill a creature, during the decompositions time, the corpse warm protect from the cold all player and creatures in a set radius. One reason to stay close to dead corpse. Just be careful of potential predators that would be attracted... ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 3-New Maps Map- The Lost Valley: A lost valley with massive snowy mountains all around the valley. It’s made of 4 parts (The Tropical Jungle, The Great Plains, The Green Swamp and The Arid Steppes) Each one is in one corner of the map. In the middle of the Valley, where all other parts should be connected, there is the Warrior’s Tomb, the 5th part. Many dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures live in the Lost Valley. Locations: The Great Plains (North Part): Some big plains with highlands parts, small forests and areas full of big rocks. There is a huge red rock in the middle of this area. Lot of hills. A temperate weather, sunny, rainy. Inspired by the Great Plains in North America. There are many Natives Camps in the plain. The Natives in the camp will attack every unmounted creature (wild or tamed). There are some Abandoned Farms, some small houses with vegetables field around. The Gold Mine: A cave with many forgotten objects of an old mine, with unusable wagons and tracks. In the deepest part of the cave they are some walls with gold. The Rocky Maze: Many scars in the rocky ground have made a big rocky maze. Many dangerous flyers are wandering above the maze. There is an unfinished train bridge. In the middle of the maze you can enter the Rocky Maze Cave. The Western Town Ruin: A western-like town, partially destroyed. There is an abandoned jail. One of the cell has a broken wall and a big hole in the ground that lead to the Escape Tunnel Cave. The Abandoned Train Station: There are some tracks around and a broken steam engine with wagons. The Cursed Totem: A huge broken Totem with many predators around… The Red Rock: In the middle of the Plain, you'll find the huge Red Rock. It's a mountain-sized rock. There are some big walking ways to go on the top of it by feet. There are some caves in it too. The Red Rock is "U"-shaped. The Native Tribe live mainly on the top of the Red Rock. You'll find the obelisk to go to the Plain Boss Arena right in the middle of the "U" shape of the Rock. The Plain Boss Arena: You'll find the Plain Boss there. It's a big plain with some big rocks and bushes. There are many big skeletons (bronto, diplo and a titanos skeleton). The Tropical Jungle (West Part): A tropical forest with an Aztec-like temple in the center. There are many rivers. A tropical weather, mainly rainy or sunny. Lot of trees. Inspired by the Amazon Rainforest. There are 3 kinds of trees in the Jungle: Large Jungle Trees (same size as Redwood trees; can be equipped with tree-platforms; it has huge branches, big enough for medium-sized creatures to walk on; the top leaves of the trees are strong enough for small creatures to walk on without falling through), Medium Jungle Trees (half the size of Redwood trees; can be equipped with tree-platforms; it has big branches, big enough for small creatures to walk on) and Small Jungle Trees (The Island's jungle trees). The Acid Rain happens sometimes in the Jungle Part. It deals damages to creatures, players and structures. The tall trees are a good protection to it. Don’t build on the top of them or in area not covered by their leaves. There are Lianas falling from Medium and Large Jungle Trees. You can use Lianas like ladders. There are some lianas above quicksands sometimes, it’s a good way to escape. There are some Quicksands. Quicksands are very dangerous natural traps. If you fall in, you can only move very slowly. If you try to run, it doesn’t work, and you don’t move. Small Quicksands affect every small creature and it slows medium creatures. Big creatures aren’t affected. The depth is approximately half the size of a player. Medium Quicksand affect every small to medium creatures and it slows big creatures. The depth is approximately the size of a player. The Big Quicksand: There is one big quicksand in the Jungle. If you fall in this one, you're not trapped, but you go through it, falling in a cave: The Big Quicksand Cave. There is an exit to escape this cave but some creatures on the way... The Death Temple: A lost and dark temple partially made into a mountain. It works as a cave, full of predators... The Golden City: It's a cave. The entrance is close to mountains, in the Jungle border. In the deepest part you'll find an ancient city made of (uncollectable) gold. The Explorer’s Tree House: A big abandoned wood house, built on a tree. An explorer used to live there. There is a strange board game on the floor. (Jumanji easter egg) The Apes Nest: A big tree with many ape’s nests built on. There are sometimes survivors (wild human NPC) living there, in harmony with the apes. (Tarzan easter egg) The Jungle Temple: It stands in the middle of the Jungle part. A huge temple. The Aztec Tribe has built it and they live around this temple. It looks like a normal Aztec temple but has a small "arena" in it, where you'll find an obelisk that send you to the Jungle Boss Arena. The Jungle Boss Arena: After being teleported by the Jungle Temple obelisk, you'll spawn there. The Arena is a big destroyed Aztec City. You’ll find the Jungle Boss there. The Arid Steppes (East Part): It's a huge steppes/bush area, with many lonely trees and some small forests. There is a desert part. There are some hills, but it’s mainly flat. The weather is warm the day, cold the night. There are a lot of Big Bushes. You can hide in it. With the bush’s perfume and is visual camouflage, you can’t be detected by creature’s detection ability when you are in it. There are some Tar Pits. Tar Pits are dangerous natural traps. If you fall in, you can’t move/ you move extremely slow, (it depends of your creature’s size or your own size if walking). You don’t fall through a tar pit, you’re just trapped. You can set it on fire like oil. There are 2 kinds of tar pits: Small Tar Pits stop every small creature from moving but medium creatures can move (but slower) and big creatures aren’t affected. The depth is approximately half the size of a player. Medium Tar Pits stop every small to medium creatures and big creatures can move but slower. The depth is approximately the size of a player. There are some Tall Grass Parts. You can move through it, but you can’t see a lot through it. It’s a bit bigger than a raptor. There are some Oasis: Small lakes with lot of trees and bushes around. The Peaceful Oasis: A big Oasis. You will find a cave entrance, between 2 rocks, that leads to the Fountain of Youth Cave. If you go totally in this water (when the oxygen starts decreasing), it will heal you. The Forgotten Pyramid: A huge pyramid in the middle of a small desert area. There is an entrance that lead to the Secret Tomb Cave. This cave is full of snakes and scorpions. There are also many traps. In the deepest part of the cave you’ll find a spacious room with a sarcophagus. The Deadly Pit: A huge pit where many predators live. Lot of skeletons. There is a cave entrance, in one corner of the pit, that lead to the Predator Nest Cave. This cave is full of reptiles. The Lion’s Rock: A huge rock where many cats live around. The Tall Grass Field: A vast area with a lot of Tall Grass. The Tree of Life: The biggest tree of the game, with many ways to climb it thanks to his huge roots and branches. A tribe of Australopithecus lives on this tree branches. There is a wide room between his roots, with a small lake. In the middle of this lake there is a small island with the obelisk to go to the Bush Boss Arena. The Steppes Boss Arena: A big bush arena with small rocks, small trees, lot of tall grass... Here you can find the Bush Boss. The Green Swamp (South Part): A huge swamp with small lakes, rivers and forests. It has many big waterfalls. It has a muddy ground but most the swamp is flooded. There is a huge lake in the center of this area. The weather is sometimes sunny but most of the time it’s rainy or foggy. There are many huge Swamp (Cypress) Trees. They are half the size of Redwood Trees, but you can still put a tree-platform on them. There is a lot of High Reed. You can go through it. There are some Deep Mud Zones in some part of the Swamp. Walking on normal mud is not a problem but walking in Deep Mud Zones are. Deep Mud Zones work like water zone, you go “through” it. It’s not deep enough for players to be fully in it. The depth of mud is approximately half the size of a human. The Deep Mud slow the speed of every creatures/players. Deep Mud turn temporally your color to brown and hide your smell and heat. The Snake Nest: The Snake Nest is a cave network where you find many snakes, sloughing and snake’s nests. The Dead Tree: A scary huge dead tree. There is a cave under it, the Dead Tree Roots Cave. The entrance is between two roots of the dead tree. There are many insects in this caves network. The Waterfall Secret Cave: Behind one of the many waterfalls of the swamp, there is a cave entrance. The cave is made of a small entrance tunnel and a spacious room with a hidden underground lake. The Muddy Trap: a wide area full of Deep Mud Zones, next to a huge river. The Waterfalls Stairs: a location with many waterfalls, some of them are above other waterfalls. A beautiful location. The Green Lake is a big lake with a green-colored water. It’s in the center of the Green Swamp. There is a big forest next to it, the Green Lake Forrest. There are many of the huge Swamp Trees there. The Indigenes live in small houses built on tree-platforms in the Green Lake Forrest. In the center of the Green Lake there is a small island, the Green Lake Island, with the obelisk that lead to the Swamp Boss Arena. You need the 3 Swamp’s Artifacts to open the portal to the arena. The Swamp Boss Arena: That's where you'll find the Swamp Boss. It's a swamp area with huge Swamp Trees and a lake in the center. You'll see a crashed aircraft in a tree and some Rex skeletons around. There are some, partially destroyed, tree-structures with bridges and ladder. But they are not high enough, so the Boss can still attack you... There is a lot of deep mud. The Warrior's Tomb (Center Part): It's the area in the center of the map, connected to each of the 4 other areas. The Warrior's place is a burnt forest/plain where tribes are fighting each other. Many predators live in this area, eating dead corpses and taking parts in some battles... Between tribes and predators, this place is one of the most dangerous. The Snowy Border (Borders of the Map): The mountain chain around the Valley. I’s cold with hard to climb cliffs. Map- The Frozen Sea: A Frozen Sea with some islands (small, medium, one big island with mountains) and some floe parts. Days are short, nights are long, and the risk of hypothermia is always there. Lot of Ice Age and Arctic kind of creatures. There are 3 distinct parts in this map: Locations: There are Deep Snow in some places. Creatures and players go slower in the deep snow and are partially falling in it. There are Geysers, shooting hot water at regular times. It can throw you in the air if you’re too close. There are Hot Springs in some places. They provide water and a protection from cold. Be careful, it attracts many creatures. The Tundra: A continental part in the south of the map, made of wide plains and forests. There are huge mountains making a natural border on the south. Lot of caves. There are Small Caves, some holes where you are protected of the wind and the snow. The Saber Cave: A cave full of sabertooth and other cat species. There are many creature's skeletons (from mammoth for example). The Ice Trap: A cave full of ice. In the walls, made of ice, of this cave you'll see some funny "freezed" situations: A Dodo hunted by a dilo, hunted by a raptor, hunted by a rex… (like a predator chain); a caveman trapped in the Ice (like Han Solo in Star Wars); a small megatherium, a sabertooth and a mammoth walking together. The Neanderthal Camp: A cave with primitives NPC Neanderthals. There are some primitive structures in the cave and paintings on walls. Some mammoth skeletons too. The Frozen Lake: A big frozen lake where you can fish under the frozen lake surface. There is a frozen waterfall too. The Caves Valley: An area with a lot of small caves. The Cavemen Tribe mostly live here. The Bear Pit: A pit with many bears. The portal to the Giant Bear Boss Arena is in the middle. The Tundra Boss Arena: An area that looks like a big cave. You’ll find the Tundra Boss here. The Great Floe: A huge floe area that connects the main island with the continental part. The Floe Surface is breakable. You can break it to go in the water OR to go out of water (be careful, it's not that easy to break and you could be attacked by sea creatures that will be aggressive to you on the surface and break the ice to make you fall in the freezing water... The floe surface could also be breached if something too heavy walk on it. Holes in the floe regenerated as resources. You can collect Ice by breaking it. The Ice Tunnel: A strange tunnel of unbreakable ice that go under the floe surface. In the deepest part, you’ll find a big dome of ice and a secret temple. The Forgotten Boat: A huge boat in the deepest part under the Great Floe. There is an underwater cave inside the boat. The Sacred Mountain Island: A big mountain always covered by cloud and a storm with lightning and thunder. Near the top of it, there is a cave entrance to the Asgardian Temple Cave. The Cold Rock Island: A small island with lot of rocks. Many creatures of the floe come here to escape the attacks of predators living under the floe. The Inuit’s Island: A small island in the middle of the Great Floe where you’ll find the Inuit Tribe Village, made of many Igloos. The Broken Floe Island: A small island in the middle of a big breach in the floe. You’ll find the obelisk that leads to the Great Floe Boss Arena here. The Great Floe Boss Arena: A big icebergs field with a breakable floe part. You’ll find the Great Floe Boss here. The White Island: The main and biggest island of the map, lot of forests. There are a few small mountains. The Big Hot Springs is a big place full of hot springs. You can find the entrance to the Hot Springs Source Cave. The Castle of Ice: A huge castle of unbreakable ice. You’ll find the Castle of Ice Dungeon under it. The Frozen Jail: A secret tunnel that leads to the Forgotten Dinos Valley, a small valley where dinos are living in a tropical forest. The Snow Bunker: A big cave network dig in a mountain. There are some trenches just outside the bunker. There are many (big) entrances. The Viking Village: A small harbor with wooden houses where the Viking Tribe is living. The Deadly Peak: A big mountain. On the top of it you’ll find the obelisk that leads to the White Island Boss Arena. The White Island Boss Arena: A peak with a big bird nest and broken eggs. You’ll find the White Island Boss here. The Cold Sea: A very cold sea. There are small islands. You can also find many Icebergs moving on the water surface. There are Floating Icebergs on the water surface. Varied sizes (small, medium, big). They are like big ground rocks, breakable, but made of ice and moving on the water. You can change their direction by hitting them with big creatures. It deals damage to boats. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 4-New Creatures and Variants Creatures Updates: All invertebrates: Breedable, there are eggs and different looks (metamorphosis) Araneo: New ability: It can climb walls and trees Argentavis: New Ability: It is powerful enough to ignore Wind effects. It has a diving ability like griffin. Dilophosaurus: Bigger but still unrideable. Dimetrodon: It's a good farming dino because, thanks to his spine, it provides a “Greenhouse Effect” with a big radius around him. Liopleurodon: It can be permanently tamed but loses his “luck” ability. Mantis: New ability: It can climb walls and trees Microraptor: New ability: It can climb walls and trees Onyc: New ability: It can hang from ceiling Trike: New look: Bigger model, they are way to small compared to rexes. New ability: Defensive Formation, they make a circle formation when a predator is near, protecting each other’s back. Max circle of 8 trikes. Pteranodon: It can dive like the griffin. Raptor: New ability: Jump Attack, they jump and use their claws to stay on the prey, biting it for a few seconds (it uses a lot of stamina to stay on the prey). Then they jump back, go away (waiting for stamina to refill) and let another raptor take his turn. They do it until the prey is dead. Sabertooth: New ability: It can climb walls and trees like panthers in real life. Sarcosuchus: New ability: His jaws ignore armors and armored creatures (doed, ankylo, carbonemys) protection. It has the same Deflection Ability than the tek shield: all bullets and other projectiles are deflected. Titanoboa: New ability: It can climb walls and trees. Rideable New Creatures: NPC Human Tribes: Some NPC humans. You can ask them to join your tribe, like with other players. You can give them orders like with tames. -Natives, aka The Plain Tribe: They build Skins&Bones Teepees to make camps all over the Great Plains, but mainly only the Red Rock. Every Native can spawn one pre-built structure. They are aggressive to creatures (wild and unmounted tames) but are neutral to the player and other NPC humans. They use bow/arrows to kill creatures. They have tamed Equus and Wolfs that they ride. Dangerous tribe for yours tames but they are neutral to yours tames if you have the 3 Artifacts of the Plains or the Rex-King trophy. You can make them join your tribe by making them prisoners and offering them creatures to fight. Once in your tribe you can give them orders like with tames. You can order them to build Skins&Bones Teepees too (one teepee buildable by Native). They have a bonus when fighting creatures. -Aztecs, aka The Jungle Tribe: They build Aztec-reskinned Stone Houses, mainly near the Jungle Temple. Every Aztec can spawn one pre-built structure. They are aggressive to humans but neutral to creatures. They use poisoned-blowpipes to kill humans. They have tamed Palaeoloxodons and Dinofelis that they ride. Extremely dangerous tribe but neutral to you if you got the 3 Artifacts of the Jungle or the Quetz-God trophy. You can make them join your tribe by making them prisoners and offering them other human prisoners to fight. Once in your tribe you can give them orders like with tames. You can order them to build Aztec houses too (one house buildable by Aztec). They have a bonus when fighting players or NPC humans. -Australopithecus, aka The Steppes Tribe: They build Leaves&Branches Tree-houses, mainly on the Tree of Life. Every Australopithecus can spawn one pre-built structure. They are fleeing from humans but neutral to creatures. They use silex-knives to protect themselves and collect fruits and resources. They have tamed Gigantopithecus and monkeys that protect them. Tribe fleeing from humans, but they are neutral to you and your tribe if you have the 3 Artifacts of the Bush or the Saber-Tsar trophy. You can make them join your tribe by giving them fruit and vegetables. Once in your tribe you can give them orders like with tames. You can order them to build Leaves&Branches Tree-houses too (one house buildable by Australopithecus). They have a bonus when collecting fruits, seeds and vegetables. -Indigenes, aka the Swamp Tribe: They build Thatch&Ropes Tree-houses, mainly in the Green Lake Forrest. Every Indigene can spawn one pre-built structure. They are fleeing from creatures (wild and unmounted tames) but are neutral to the player and other NPC humans. They use pikes with rope to kill fishes. They have tamed Hippo Gorgops and Kapro that they ride. They also use canoes. Tribe fleeing from creatures, but they are neutral to yours tames if you have the 3 Artifacts of the Swamp or the Spino-Emperor trophy. You can make them join your tribe by giving them fish meat. Once in your tribe you can give them orders like with tames. You can order them to build Thatch&Ropes Tree-houses too (one tree-house buildable by Indigene). They have a bonus when fighting fishes. -Neanderthals: They are aggressive to every creature. They fight with primitive weapons. Tameable. They are attracted by fire. They can carry more weight than normal humans. Acrocanthosaurus and Variants: Acrocanthosaurus: A big predator, between rex and spino sizes. It’s very slow. It has a camouflage ability like the Rock Drake but it doesn’t work well when moving. When it bites a prey, the Acro weight is added to the inventory weight of the prey. This way, you can slow/immobilize the prey. It hunts big preys. Variants: Auroch and Variants: Auroch: A prehistoric big cow. It produces milk and fight with his two big horns. Always in big packs. It provides a good amount of prime meat. An Auroch usually fill totally most of predator’s hunger, the predator will move slower and will have is hunger stat full for a moment, coming back directly to the original level (no matter how low it was) when the effect stops. A good beast to sacrifice. Variants: -Giant Water Buffalo: Faster in water. More aggressive. -Great Buffalo: It has a big fur helping him to survive to the frosty night. You can collect his special fur like the Ovis one. More powerful than cow. Bigger horns than modern bison. -Musk Ox: Provides lot of fur like Ovis. It has an insulation effect. Brachiosaurus and Variants: Brachiosaurus: A huge dino, bigger than brontosaurus. It moves slowly. His neck is very strong and vertical. It reaches the fruits and foliages of the highest jungle trees. When tamed, you can equip it with tree-platforms around his neck. Variants: Ceratogaulus and Variants: Ceratogaulus: A two-horned gopher. It builds an Underground Nest that protect him from the outside environnement. This structure spawn like the beaver dam. The Ceratogaulus Underground Nest is made of a main nest area (small but big enough for somebody to stand in and put a storage box, a campfire and a bed. The Nest entrance is a small tunnel ramp, only a human (creeping), a ceratogaulus or small creatures can go through it. The wild Ceratogaulus will attack every creature that go in his nest. Once tamed you can ask your Ceratogaulus to build an underground nest. If it already had a nest, the old one (and everything in it) will be destroyed. If the ceratogaulus who builded the nest die, the nest is destroyed too. Variants: Chapalmalania and Variants: Chapalmalania: A very smart racoon that could be shoulder-mounted. It's a passive tame. It's stealthy. His special ability is that it can put turrets off for a moment, one at a time. It can climb walls and trees. Undetectable by turrets too. It provides an XP boost. Variants: Dinopithecus and Variants: Dinopithecus: A big baboon. It eats fruits, insects and small preys. They are always in packs of 4. Once tamed, they take cares of other predators’ babies, feed them and provide a bonus for baby maturation. Variants: Eohippus and Variants: Eohippus: A very small horse. It's a fast but weak creature. Very low on the Food Chain. Once tamed you can use them as Bait. You can send them near predators and when a predator starts to run after the eohippus, it will come back to you, taking the predator with him. As they are small and fast, they can go between doors and ignores traps. Useful to set traps for predators. Could be shoulder-mounted. Variants: -Hare: Really fast. It has a good jump ability too. Giant Venus Flytrap and Variants: Giant Venus Flytrap: A carnivorous plant with a mouth-trap. The size of a human. It inflicts torpor when it bites and it's hard to escape it (you must kill the plant). It attracts insects. You can collect seeds when killing it. Variants: Gigantoraptor and Variants: Gigantoraptor: A strong, fast and big predator. It always stays close to his nest, keeping an eye on it, especially when there are eggs in it. Once tamed it protects all eggs that the tribe put in his nest, giving a speed bonus to egg hatching. With his wings it forms a kind of teepee when sitting. It also has a weather-protection ability for players and creatures in his “teepee”. Variants: -Elephant Bird: An herbivorous bird. Not aggressive. Less powerful, it isn’t as good as the gigantoraptor at protecting a nest. Fox and Variants: Giant Fox: A big fox. It’s stealthy (undetectable by predators, preys, traps and detectors). His fur has a thermic/smell/noise hiding ability, useful to craft stealth armors. Tamed foxes give an XP boost and stamina boost. They build nests like Ceratogaulus. Variants: -Arctic Fox: A snow variant with a cold protection ability. Not affected by cold weather effects. -Fennec: A desert variant with bigger ears, undetectable by sandworms. Not affected by SE weather effects. Killer whale and Variants: Killer Whale: If the megalodon is the rex of the sea, the Killer Whale is the allo of the sea! They hunt in packs of 3. Less powerful and big but faster than megalodon. They hunt other sea creatures. You can tame them by throwing to them some tamed creatures from the safety of a raft or coast. They love playing with the preys. A beautiful and smart killing machine. Variants: Longisquama and Variants: Longisquama: A small lizard with a strange big spine. It eats fruits and leaves. When it eats something, his spine color change to the fruit/leave color… As his smell also change, it could be detected by herbivorous detection ability. It attracts the herbivorous looking for this kind of fruit/leave. It could be useful to set traps for herbivorous. Variants: Maiasaura and Variants: Maiasaura: It looks like the iguanodon but more “fatty”, bigger and slower. When tamed, it feeds herbivorous babies. It can carry a lot of food. It provides a maturation speed bonus to herbivorous babies around him. It’s slow but can carry a lot of weight. Variants: - Edmontosaurus: It has a strange form on the head. More colorful, carry more food. - Shantungosaurus: A lot bigger, more powerful. - Hadrosaurus: Faster in water. Carry less food. Ornithocheirus and Variants: Ornithocheirus: A rideable dangerous flyer. Bigger than ptero, smaller than quetz. Ornitocheirus are aggressive to other flyers, they have a boost (attack, stamina, speed) when attacking other flyers. They can vomit stones that they swallowed, using it like “bombs” on other creatures. Variants: Sturgeon and Variants: Sturgeon: A big fish that produces some delicious eggs that give an xp boost. You can collect some of those eggs by killing a female sturgeon. Be careful, it's powerful and big enough to make you fall in water if you try to catch one with a fishing rod. Variants: Walrus and Variants: Walrus: A lot faster in water than on land. It can easily break the floe surface to go out or in water. Good source of meat. It has a similar role in water than cow on the ground. Provides a bit of keratin. It eats fishes. Variants: -Sea Lion: A smaller and faster variant, in water and on land. Doesn’t provide keratin. -Elephant Seal: An aggressive variant with a strange nose. Doesn’t provide keratin but a lot of meat. New Variants: Reskinned versions of already existing creatures. Sizes, stats, visual models and colors may change but it has the same role/ability that the original creature. Allosaurus Variants: -Sinraptor: Smaller and more colorful, lot of feathers. -Saurophaganax: Bigger than allo, in packs of 2 only. -Aerosteon: A different head form. Less “spikey”. Ankylosaurus Variants: -Saichania: Same size, smaller spikes but a bigger tail club. Deals more damages but lower defense. -Sauropelta: Smaller. Spikier around the neck. -Edmontonia: Bigger, no spikes, only an armored back and no tail club. Argentavis Variants: -Condor: Biggest flying bird in the game, size of quetz. Slower than argentavis but bigger weight capacity. It can carry creatures like the Quetz can. -Giant Eagle: More powerful and faster but less weight capacity. Baryonix Variants: -Suchomimus: Lot bigger than classic baryonix, but still smaller than spino. A bit more powerful and less fast. Basilosaurus Variants: -Sea Leopard: A smaller and faster variant. It can move on land but slowly. It’s aggressive but is followed by small predators passive to humans (otter, sea lion…). Carnotaurus Variants: -Ceratosaurus: It's a slower but more powerful variant. His Smelling Ability has a lot bigger radius than the original carno. Very useful to hunt in the dense jungle. Compsognathus Variants: -Coelophysis: Less feathers, 3 times bigger. 3 times smaller packs. Daeodon Variants: -Andrewsarchus: More fur, it looks less like a pig and more like a hyeana/wolfs. Less hungry. Instead of a healing ability it has a stamina regeneration boost effect. -Hippo Gorgops: It’s an omnivore hippopotamus that eat a lot and has the same ability as daeodon. Slower on ground, faster in water. Dilophosaurus Variants: -Guanlong: Bigger and stronger. --Cryolophosaurus: A snow variant with a small form on his head. Size of a human, his venom doesn’t change the visibility but slows the prey. Dimorphodon Variants: -Darwinopterus: Faster but less powerful. Diplodocus Variants: -Amargasaurus: A Diplo with a developed double "spine back" that partially protect the players on each side of the saddle but still allow them to shoot. Direbear Variants: -Polar Bear: A more amphibious bear, bigger than the direbear. Faster in the water. Doedicurus Variants: -Giant Porcupine: A big porcupine that can roll himself to form a spikey ball. His spikes deal damages to creatures touching him. It can use his spikey tail to hit enemies. It can roll like the doedicurus. Equus Variants: -Hypparion: Bigger, less fur. Faster but less weight capacity. Looks more like modern horses. -Macrauchenia: An antelop with a strange nose. Less fur. Slower. -Aepycamelus: A camel. Less fur. Jump lower. Giganotosaurus Variants: -Carcharodontosaurus: A bit smaller. Same abilities but it needs less damage before starting to rage. Ichthyornis Variants: -Giant Owl: A big owl. Good at hunting at night, it can find small preys (compy and other shoulder mounted creatures) and take them back to the player. Jerboa Variants: -Flying Squirrel: It can climb walls and trees. It can glide (like the Rock Drake) from one tree to another one. It’s a cold weather and wind detector with his “wings”. Kairuku Variants: -Crested Penguin: Smaller but in bigger packs Kaprosuchus Variants: -Gorgonopsyd: Not same kind of species but similar role on the ARK. It’s slower in water, but still has a jump ability and the stamina losing ability. More powerful and more health. A ground Kapro variant. Leedsichthys Variants: -Cachalot: A big whale. Just a bit smaller than leedsichthys. It provides less meat but is passive to normal boat. Aggressive to boats with turrets. Lystrosaurus Variants: -Psittacosaurus: Some feather on the tail. Mammoth Variants: -Mastodon: Bigger but with smaller tusks. -Paleoxodon: No fur, normal elephant tusks. A bit smaller than mammoth. -Deinotherium: His horns are going in arrear under his mouth. Lot bigger than original mammoths but less powerful. -Platybelodon: Smaller. No fur. Faster in water and good at collecting high reed. Megaloceros Variants: -Sivatherium: Bigger, more powerful and bigger horns but it jumps a lot lower. The Sivatherium is a powerful but peaceful moose-like creature. -Synthetoceras: Smaller but faster. It can jump higher than megaloceros (people telling story that some are flying) and isn't affected by deep snow. Megalosaurus Variants: -Torvosaurus: Sunrise bonus instead of night bonus. Deal more damage. -Australovenator: Sunset bonus instead of night bonus. Faster. Morellatops Variants: -Scutosaurus: Less armored shell. Faster. Bigger. Short tail. Microraptor Variants: -Bambiraptor: Bigger and more colorful, a different head and more aggressive look. Otter Variants: -Seal: A very small seal/sea lion hybrid. It could be shoulder mounted. It's as cute as a baby seal, but less "chubby" and more athletic. A cold water-resisting otter. Faster in water and slower on ground. Extremely cute. Ovis Variants: -Mountain Sheep: Bigger and more powerful, the male has two bigger horns. Less fur but jump higher. Pachy Variants: -Dracorex: More colorful, bigger. His head is less round. Pachyrhino Variants: -Chasmosaurus: A lot bigger than the pachyrhino, a larger triangle-shaped collar. It has a more aggressive look than the original pachyrhino. It has a more effective aggressive ability. -Styracosaurus: Bigger and very colorful with a nose horn. Para Variants: -Corythosaurus: More colorful with a different head, smaller. -Lambeosaurus: The Valley Bush variant of "para", a reskinned version, more colorful with a different head, bigger. Louder alarm sound. -Ouranosaurus: With a big neural spine. Faster in water. Pegomastax Variants: -Dryosaurus: This variant isn’t aggressive. It will follow you until you put fruits or vegetables in your last inventory space that it will “steal” to eat and then go away. Phiomia Variants: -Toxodon: Not the same kind of species but a similar role. -Wild Pig: Smaller, more fur and aggressive if attacked. Pteranodon Variants: -Pterodactyl: A different head. More aggressive. Quetz Variants: Raptor Variants: -Velociraptor: Smaller than the raptor, it's faster but has a lower weight stat. -Deinonychus: With some kind of fur/feathered skin. Same abilities. Rex Variants: -Albertosaurus: Longer head. Less powerful but faster. -Tarbosaurus: Just a bit smaller. Longer head. Lot of brown/grey feathers. A rex with feathers. Sabertooth Variants: -Dinofelis: A prehistoric panther. Same size but less powerful. It moves faster on trees than normal sabertooth. There are 4 Dinofelis possible color: Yellow Dinofelis (panther-like), Black Dinofelis (black-panther-like), White Dinofelis (Snow-Panther-like) and a Puma-colored Dinofelis. -Acinonyx: A prehistoric Giant Cheetah, same size as the sabertooth but less powerful-looking. One of the fastest creature. Lower health and weight capacity. But a lot faster. -Cave Lion: Bigger, more powerful, but slower. It lives mostly in and around caves. Looks more like modern lion. Females have less fur than males. -Giant Lynx: Smaller, with a better detection ability. It’s not affected by the snow (speed, visibility) Sarcosuchus Variants: -Postosuchus: Slower in water A big ground-coco. It's slow but more powerful. -Deinosuchus: Bigger than classic sarcos with a shorter U-shaped mouth. It looks like an alligator. Trike Variants: -Protoceratops: Lot smaller. Big packs. -Torosaurus: Longer horns, bigger collar, bigger size. Smaller packs. -Ceratops: A bit smaller, two small horns and a heart-shaped collar. Bigger packs. Titanoboa Variants: -Viper: A bit smaller. His venom slows the prey’s speed and stamina. -Cobra: A bit smaller. A stronger venom that inflicts a lot of damages. It can throw venom like basilisk. -Rattlesnake: A bit smaller. His venom gives a hallucination effect to the prey (like the aberration mushroom). His tail makes a noticeable noise. -Anaconda: Bigger, more powerful but no venom and without frillies. Troodon Variants: -Dilong: Bigger, in smaller packs. More feathers and colorful. -Herrerasaurus: Bigger, more powerful but always alone. Looks like a dwarf rex Vulture Variants: -Falcon: A falcon useful to hunt. You can send it hunt small preys (compy and other shoulder mounted creatures) and it will come back with meat for you. It can also fly in circle above a targeted prey, it’s a good way to follow a prey. Woolly Rhino Variants: -Elasmotherium: Bigger but with only one horn ON the head. -Arsinoitherium: Shorter, faster, less powerful. -Brontotherium: It has V-shaped horn. It inflicts less damages but throw the target backwards depending on his speed (similar to carnos).. -Embolotherium: It has a heart-shaped horn. It inflicts less damages but throw the target backwards depending on his speed (similar to carnos). Yutyrannus Variants: -Sinotyrannus: It’s smaller and has a small form on the head. As it looks a bit like Allosaurus, allosaurus came to help him instead of carnos. New Bosses: Rex King: A giant Rex, inspired by Ragnarok huge Skeleton. It's slow but extremely powerful. It has a grab&throw attack. It has a heavy "armored" back and no feathers (except some on the top of his head). The King Rex is mainly red&orange with some yellow feathers on the top of his head. Quetz God: It's a huge kind of Quetzal, with colorful (green, blue, red, yellow...) feathers all over is body, a very long snake-like tail and poisonous teeth. (Kind of Quetzal & snake hybrid). It vomits snakes to help him through the Boss battle. Saber Tsar: It’s a giant Sabertooth with big saber-teeth and a lion-like fur. Lot of scars. Spino Emperor: A huge Spino (bigger than the King Rex) with a white/grey color. This Spino is bipedal, unlike the other ARK spinos. It's powerful and fast but you can try to slow him in deep mud when possible. Mountain Bear: A giant and powerful bear with scars. Imperial Condor: A huge and fast Condor that can grab small icebergs and rocks and use them as falling bomb. White Cachalot: A giant white cachalot with red eyes, many scars and a broken harpoon still there. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 5-New Structures, Items and Resources Structures: Skins&Bones Structures and Teepees Aztec-reskinned Stone Structures Leaves&Wood Structures and Tree-platforms Thatch&Ropes Structures and Tree-platforms rope-bridge; rope-structures hanging under branch and ceiling Medium-size Behemoth Gates: Smaller than normal Behemoth gates Trap Structures: Spikey wall with poison; Trap shooting a huge rolling rock; Fire wall traps; Trapdoor & pit with pikes or free space to fill with snakes and other creatures; False ceiling with rocks, pikes; creatures falling; Room that "shrimp" (moving walls); Ropes and nets traps to catch people/creatures in the jungle; Wall, ceiling, floor interrupters; cage traps (falling cage); (poisoned) dart, arrow or pikes-shooting walls; false structures (ceiling, walls, stairs...) that got destroyed when a player walk on them or touch them, they look like normal ones. Cages (small, medium,big): Stone; Skin&Bones; Bird Cages; Small Aquariums; Metal Cages; Tek Cages; Wood (2 new sizes) Underground Structures: You can build Underground Bases thanks to new structures: Underground Entrance (Trapdoorframe, Doorframe, Gateframe, Behemoth Gateframe), Underground Carrier Pillars/Walls and Underground Structures (look like underwater structure but doesn’t need energy). You need enough underground space and the underground structure must be always connected to the floor with, at least, one underground entrance. It also need enough carrier wall/pillars. Underground entrances are unbreakable, but their door, trapdoor or gate can be destroyed to enter the underground base where you can destroy all carrier walls and pillars, destroying the base. You need to connect the bunker floor and ceiling with an underground carrier pillar or wall to get a 10x10 buildable space around it, they work like pillars and ceiling. Ice structures: It works like the other structures but take damage when the weather is too hot. It's auto-healing by rainy or cold weather. Extremely vulnerable to fire. Items: Blowpipes: It shoots small darts (poisonous; narco; paralytic; pheromones). Easy to craft. Knifes: Easy to craft, low weight, fast attack Silex-Knifes: Easy to craft, low weight, good at collecting fruits and skins Pikes with Rope: A pike that can be thrown and then work like a low level and easy to craft grappling. Useful for fishing and to climb walls. You can connect it to the ground like the zipline, blocking the prey movements. Creatures Leash (small; medium; big): It allows you to force creatures to stay somewhere. You can use it on tamed and wild creatures. Other people can free the creatures, but you can set a code. Creatures Restrictive Saddles/Muzzles: You can put it on creatures to block them from attacking and roaring. Canoes: A small boat. Easy to craft, small enough to go on small rivers, carriable again. When a medium-big creature hit it, you fall from it in the water. You can store things on it. Perfect to move in the swamp and escaping to leash and fishes. Bucket: You can use it to carry more water; mud; poop… It reduces their weight. Native Armor Or skins for armor Aztec Armor Or skins for armor Indigene Armor Or skins for armor Resources: More Fruits and Vegetal Food: Banana / Apple / Watermelon / Leaves and more... Mud: You can collect it with a bucket. You can put it on your armor like a skin. It temporally changes your armor color to brown. It helps you to hide your smell and your heat. Water, rain, soap and time will take the mud away. Ice: You can collect it by breaking part of the floe and other ice structures. The water of your inventory will turn into ice once you're in hypothermia. It’s heavier than water. Lichen: A harvestable vegetal that could be eaten by herbivorous creatures. You can find it on trees. Acorns: It could be eaten or used to grown trees. Different kind of acorns for different kind of trees. Findable on trees. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 6-New Modes Survival of the Fittest: Hunger Games-like Primal Survival: Play as a creature ARK Park: VR game Evolution Game: Some kind of Jumanji mode where you have a goal to reach and you have to survive an obstacle to go forward. It’s a round by round game where you use dices. Tribe Wars: A mode inspired by war games. You spawn with a specific class of players and you fight in a big battlefield. They are dangers (wild creatures) but if you kill enough enemies you get bonus (weapons, tames…). There are a flag mode, an objective mode and a deathmatch mode. Survival of the Fastest: You must reach the end of a maze, no matter how. You can’t use flyers for the normal mode but there is a flyer’s race mode too. Natural Selection: It’s like the normal mode but without players and creatures respawn. They can still breed. With time, some species are disappearing of the map. ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  16. Aberration Artwork

    Does anyone know where the full image of the aberration artwork is? I heard @JadePlaysGamessay there was a full version but I can't find it anywhere. It has a sneak peek at the boss, so I really want to check it out. I couldn't upload the file, so just go the playark.com and scroll down to see the cut off version. There is another whole panel that we can't see. If anyone can direct me to the full version, that would be awesome.
  17. Aberration PVP

    I'm really interested in how pvp is going to work on the new dlc. I'm guessing it will be mostly players and weapons and less tames. Sure the Reaper Queen seemed powerful when it got forcedtamed during the demo, but how is it useful if everyone has super high up cliff bases? And how will the Rock Drake be able to stand against an army of auto turrets? I'm super excited, I just don't know how the new tames will be useful. I hope they make them useful for raiding, because sometimes rockets and longnecks get boring after a while. Let me know what you guys are thinking.
  18. I believe WC should make UV or Charge(d) ammo for handling the Nameless. Use glow bug blood or a Bioluminescent mushroom paste for it. please bump or whatever lets make this a thing.
  19. I would like to buy the Season pass wich would give me Scorched Earth, Aberration and 1 more future dlc. I allready have bought the Scorched Earth DLC so my question is... Can i activate the aberration on 1 account and the Scorched Earth on my other wich does not have the Scorched Earth?
  20. Are you buying aberation?

    Are you buying dlc, seems like a huge population in pc pve especially is waiting to see if the care about pve at all, due to full servers at start, now on tamelimit on several servers, way to crowded servers, Very laggy servers etc.. People seems unsure thaat they can even deliver even a place to play core game on new servers. what do you think ?
  21. Canary Like Creature For Aberration

    Ever thought of implementing a canary like creatures into Aberration since its mainly an underground map with gas leaks and low oxygen environments? The reason I say this is that miners used to take canaries into the caves with them to tell if they would have enough oxygen to survive and to give them a warning to natural gas leaks; If the canary died it meant they needed to get out of the area of the mine as soon as possible. Canaries are very sensitive to these changes in the environment and if this type of creature is added it would be a shoulder mount with low health and either a warning call, like the jerboa, or it could die all together. Saying this it should be a easy tame with low breed timers. Let me know what you guys think. =)
  22. Water World

    So one day me and my friend watned to build a map but we dont know anything about it so we decided not too, the plan was to make a archipelago and few continets map, best way i can describe is if you watched the movie "Water World". It would be great if you make dlc about it, add boats and put resources to be very few unless you go deep deep underwater where is very dangerous, we planned to make the continets with every possible biome and small archipelagos as well, here is my suggestion for your DLC, so many people taking poop about you not fixing game but they dont understand poop, i love the game and you can count on me buying anything you put out, thank you so much :*
  23. Ark: Primal Survival

    What can we expect in this major update if it does ever release? Last I heard there would be about 10 playable species to start, eventually all species would be playable. To my knowledge Devs haven't said anymore on this since February 2017 (it's previous release date) and we are approaching 2018.
  24. massive omni map

    when all the dlcs are done and made maybe all of wild card can make a massive omni map which combines all of the dlcs and base game ark into one map the main reason why i like ragnarok is because it is a combination of the island and scorched earth in a sense the map could work with it having a massive cave system where regular cave dinos and abberation creatures spawn leading to massive under ground abberation biomes a desert on the surface of the map with the scorched creatures ranging from dunes to the boneyards and grand canyons a massive central volcano with a functioning tek cave. a gigantic ocean element to it where one could make a focus on naval bases with deep trenches leading to large air pockets filled with eithier normal cave dinos or abberation cave beasts or like the center contained under ground worlds. on the surface add ragnarok biomes like scotland and grand canyons, or murder snow. a new antarctic biome that takes a large portion of the northern side of the map themed after the ice age with tundras and frozen glaciers with hidden caves. a sky based area if there is a sky dlc with floating islands with wyvern nests on small floating islands the floating isles regions filled with only fliers but larger amounts of them including griffins over all just a massive map made from everything the game has to offer with access to all engrams, animals, and resources size around 2 to 4 times bigger than ragnarok unique biomes grand plains a massive flatland where the giant turtles spawn deathworm nest located in desert just like the iceworm cave the fallen factory(requires all artifacts and 1 gamma boss head ) used to get element via fighting overseer's droids and drones max amount of element gathered proportionate to how many droids you kill located deep underground completing guantlet run gives you tekgrams to make both droids in replicator( this area is completely optional and doesn't have even be added) tribe camps small camp areas where neanderthals spawn night zone permanent night where troodons and megalos stay active permanently but revert to normal when they leave it. a variety of wyvern trences/ map specific creatures, a massive turtle that can can have a platform saddle bigger than a titans and rival the titan in size but is a 2/3rds the size tamed same way as titan but is permanent tame and cannot damage metal also has the golems resistances tempermant absolutely passive / protective diet herbivore, eats wood due to size extremely slow moving sea serpents large bio luminescent creature twice as long as a mosa middle ground between mosa and tuso has constriction ability neanderthal minion style humanoid that whose trust has to be gain but once its gained can be told to harvest all resources at lower amounts than creatures but can be taught how to use weapons and can be equipped with armor new wyvern species Air/tempest wyvern has a breath that does heavy knockback. really fast has griffin dive ability but really frail and slightly smaller then standard wyvern not recommended for combat but for found in sky islands biome Earth no breath or has a sand breath that needs sand in inventory to use focuses mainly on melee has a tailclub that can be used to knockout/ kill creatures. found in grand canyons mostly land based wyvern with ability to climb wall and glide like rock drake Water extremely slow on land but has the ability to swim ability to fly debatable breath requires water in inventory think morellatops ability to store water only instead of hydration its ammunition found in coastal wyvern trench weather biome specific ( if possible) map name (a little cliche) The Ark bosses all of them(including aberation and future dlc bosses, and a leviathan for the underwater section lets get wild card to see also put any suggestions you have in the comments
  25. I am not familiar with consoles + online stuff at all. So please someone help me out here... I play on a PS4 using the physical disc (no internet here in BFE). BUT I would love to possibly update the game, and possibly get a couple of the other DLC's and maps. My main issue is- if I take my PS4 to my parents (to use their internet) and download some of the DLC's and maps would they be playable at my house in BFE with NO internet? (I REALLY want some of the newer dinos since from what I can tell the physical disc only got up to December 2016's dinos & items. And would at least like The Center and SE maps too) I have tried doing some research on this and some say you can and some say you can't but all say that the PS4 needs to be registered as Primary. But that's all I have found literally. So I come here knowing most of you are a lot more technical savvy than me and hope y'all can help me out. TIA