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Found 31 results

  1. Bl1stful

    discord My new discord

    join my new discord server for general talk and recruitment and just to have a general chat with other ark players and maybe make some new friends link to join : https://discord.gg/EedKvd If you could join it would mean alot
  2. " GPD " https://discord.gg/y3spzAn a bunch of us transferred to this PS4 server after the one we were on for a bit shut down. this cluster is up for the long run, and will add extinction when it drops. it's still relatively new, and there are tribes joining this weekend from the other server. a lot of base locations are still available for now. it has starter packs upon request, currency, auctions, bases built solely for raiding and looting, and events. it also has a discord for easy communication. feel free to join, or message me on ps4 - Gaugedr34gtr.
  3. TrickysArkServer


    🤗 AMAZING COMMUNITY ARK CHAT ROOM 😎 I've been in a fantastic Ark Discord for some time now and I wanted to let you all know about it! https://discord.gg/zNVYRaW Loads of active players, the ability to join servers and make new tribe mates. Text and Voice Channels Windows 10 and XBOX. Come and Chat! We all tend to try and play together on a Windows 10 / XBOX Server and the more the merrier! Copy into address bar to join: https://discord.gg/zNVYRaW It's been running for a couple years now and is always growing! Speak Soon!
  4. I will be releasing a Ark Survival Discord bot, at the moment it supports everything on mobile and I will soon update it to support all the PC Dinos. FEATURES +craft item qty (You can virtually craft items to see what materials are required) +itemsearch item (You can get a list of a items, if your looking for something) +iteminfo item (get detailed information regarding a specific item) +cave cave/location/artifact (Tells you what items drop from that specific cave as well as detailed information on what dinos you encounter and the dangers) +hatch 2m/s/h message (A Reminder a system that sends you a notification, at specified intervals) FEATURES IN THE PIPELINE Material-UI/React based website that runs with the discord Bot. You will will be able to adjust Discord settings for your server, and do anything command based right from the web. Taking Feedback Ideas.
  5. Hey ARK-Community, I am FNT form the ARKaeopteryx Team! We are working on a Mod Called ARK: Oblivion. The Mod is about a survivors zivilization, where once bad things happened, but all that fell into oblivion and you gotta explore the map and find out what happened back then. It is going to feature a completely new Map, a lot of new 3D Models and easter eggs and maybe even some new creatures. Right now the development is still in its initial phase, but there is going to be a lot of things for you to see, before the mod is going to be released! Follow us on IG and join our Discord Server to see all the latest sneak peeks and more! Discord: https://discord.gg/aDTZaZG Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arkaeopteryx.team ~FNT from ARKaeopteryx Team
  6. sugartools

    New Ark Discord Server

    Everyone Welcome To our new discord server: https://discord.gg/GYpFQCH We will build servers and make mods in the future also you can find new friends in the server. Have a nice day.
  7. Welcome to Infinite Rp My name is Zarock and im the owner of it. Now if you didnt know it is a boosted server Offline raid protection is on and it is a roleplay server. The server is prim plus. Stats are boosted ive even added aberation spawns to ragnarok and the items and changed the engram requirements for them and they insta learn at certain levels. Discord is needed to join - https://discord.gg/ju9Uewe
  8. Hello Survivalists! The community on The Island Official Server 405 has gotten together and formed a Discord for the inhabitants of that server. All Survivors are welcome to join us! Ask Questions, and Even barter breeding, Dinos, or Boss Runs!!!! Discord Server 405 All that we ask is that you be respectful of the people who are active tribes on 405, and to not spam services or websites! Good Luck all you Survivors! and remember, when the Alphas kill you.... Ark is Hard!
  9. Join ---> https://discord.gg/eRruknQ EDIT: The discord has been running smoothly these past 4 months, we now have over 900 members! 8/30/17 - over 2000 members have joined! I made a professional, organized, neat, discord channel for ARK: Survival Evolved. I made this since we currently don't have one and I noticed a lot people from the ARK community use discord. I think this would be a great way to interact with others, even talk to others. This works on mobile aswell as desktop! The best thing about discord is that there is a web panel so you don't even need to download it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What the discord has to offer: Roles - these roles will act as awards, we have a full list of these within the discord. Monthly giveaways - we will be doing monthly giveaways which will be free to enter. Server advertisements - we have text channels where you can advertise you ARK server to help it gain more players. Music bot - listen to your favorite music within our music voice channel! (you are allowed to do song requests) Rank system - we have this rank system to show how active you are, every message you send gets 15-25XP which will let you rank-up, ranks are listed within the discord. (1 minute XP flood limit between messages to prevent xp boosting, spam) Patch notes for ARK - we will be posting the ARK patch notes in one of our text channel's for easy access. + many more ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ JOIN THE DISCORD --> https://discord.gg/eRruknQ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Server has its own discord and very good stats I have played it for a while and population is starting to go down so they wiped the ragnorok and center server join and try it out type: The Citadel in the xbox server list.
  11. How do I know if I got banned from the ark mobile discord? The discord channel just disappeared after I linked the post where TSWilliamson claimed the blame for the crashes. Did I get banned for that? Or is this some random issue? i just made a discord account when the crash happened. Now I can’t access the channel. How can I get back in? the link doesn’t work — https://discord.gg/PlayARKMobile i don’t know much about discord so I’m coming here for information
  12. Finally i got a public version of my tool out. It's called ATLR and it can relay the tribe logs of a server to Discord channels. It's a web alarm replacement that will post the whole tribe log instead of just a few events. Download: https://www.CatBit.biz/atlr/atlr_v0.14.zip I accept donations via PayPal. Donations are not required, ATLR is completely free. But i appreciate any amount you want to give to the project. Donate via PayPal It's a simplistic tool and still in development. There is some stuff i still want to add, like a event based notification system, currently there is only a keyword based one. Let it run as a service and more. It's for windows only. If you need it for Linux and can help me to get it running on Linux. Drop me a message. I can compile it for Linux, but i am not familiar with it. It reads the tribe files on the server, so you need to run it on the server, you can't use it with hosts like Nitrado. If people are interested i can build in a RCON mode to make it work with hosted servers. However you would need to enable logging tribe logs to RCON. The file based system is simple, reliable and takes very little system resources. So i would recommend keep using it, if possible. The tool does not need admin privileges. It just needs read access to the tribe files you specify, to the ATLR.ini and to the keyword file you specify. Also it needs to connect to the Discord webhooks you specify. You can also join my Discord for updates and help: https://discord.gg/MrmRngn Configuration is done using a .ini file. Just watch the video below: (Since the video was been made a lot of features was been added. I will write a complete documentation in the next few days.) FAQ Does it work on official servers? No Does it work on hosters like Nitrado? Currently no. I wanted to implement a RCON mode, but since it does not support Unicode (no special characters) and has a number of problems i am thinking about making it more suitable for hosters to integrate in their servers. There are some features still missing before i try to pitch it to some hosting companies. Do you take feature requests? Yes, join my Discord server and post your suggestion in the channel #atlr_discussion I have a problem getting it to work on my server, can you help me? Yes, join my Discord server and ask your questions in the channel #atlr_discussion. You can also write directly to me on Discord. How is ATLR licensed? It is licensed under the MIT license. Can i monetize on ATLR as a paid feature on my server? Yes. ATLR is licensed under the MIT license, which means you can do as you please with it, however i am not responsible for any problems it causes. Do you take donations? Yes, i accept donations via PayPal. Donations are not required, ATLR is completely free. But i appreciate any amount you want to give to the project. It is currently used on my server: Change Log: v0.14 (public) 31.07.2018 changed: File names for file relays no longer include the tribe name, so the file does not change name if tribe name is changed. added: Option to relay to another program via command line parameter. v0.13 (public) 25.07.2018 fixed: Some characters in the message could prevent the message to be displayed in Discord. fixed: If relay to discord on admin relay was disabled, it would still relay additional events. added: Option to relay to text files. v0.12 (public) 05.03.2018 fixed: Filter mode was not saved on auto config created relays, resulting in defaulting to Exclude mode no matter what mode was set in the template relay. fixed: Mention entry in AdminRelay section was wrongly named as MentionString. added: Additional instances can only be launched if located in different folders. Fixes problems caused by running multiple instances by mistake. added: Option to update tribe names if they change in the tribe files. Enabled by default, can be disabled in relay sections in .ini. added: Option to send additional events to the admin relay, for example tribe creation or tribe renaming. v0.11 (public) 27.02.2018 fixed: Auto relay config did not detect a new tribe if a tribe with the same ID was already existing on another server. added: You can now set the alternative save path, if you use a alternative save path on your servers. If AltSavePath is set for a server, auto config will use it instead of ServerPath. added: ATLR is now licensed under the MIT license v0.10 (public) 26.02.2018 changed: Relay entries no longer need numbering in .ini. Numbering them will still work, but is no longer required. changed: No limit for the count of relay entries anymore. added: Admin relay option. Relays all tribe logs to one Discord channel for admin purposes. Uses seperate mentioning and filtering files. added: Auto configure relays option. Automatically creates tribe relays for new tribes. They work without additional configuration for the admin relay but need a webhook manually set for the tribe channel. v0.09 (public) 23.02.2018 fixed: memory leak v0.08 (public) 23.02.2018 fixed: Tribe log state could not be stored on shutdown, if server name had control characters. fixed: Control characters in JSON for Discord webhooks are now properly escaped instead of replaced with spaces. fixed: Failed to save tribe log state on auto update, if updated directly after startup. added: If incompatibility to current ARK server version is detected, a notification will be send to Discord. added: Option to enable auto update, if incompatibility is detected to current ARK server version. added: Filter option to remove clutter from the tribe log. Can work in exclude and include mode and with keywords and regular expressions. added: missing .ini entries for all relays are now created on startup v0.07 (public) 20.02.2018 changed: keywords are no longer case insensitive added: missing folders are created on startup added: missing .ini entrys are created on startup added: Tribe log entries added while ATLR was off, will be read and relayed now. Fixes tribe log black out during auto update. added: regular expression filter for mentioning, use RegEx on MentionMethode, uses MentionRegExListFile added: option to post change log to Discord after auto update v0.06 (public) 19.02.2018 added: option to ignore modify date on tribe files, only use it if you encounter problems about tribe logs not being loaded added: auto correction of file name extension of tribe files, prevents selecting backup files added: option to post ATLR status to discord channel added: updater with auto update function, auto update is disabled by default v0.05 (public) 25.01.2018 fixed: messages with none ASCII characters got discarded changed: if you don't specify a server name, now nothing will be prefixed to the message added: mentioning in every message added: mentioning based on keywords v0.04 (public) 21.01.2018 changed: redone discord code, now works in parallel and delays messages so discord will not discard them if coming in to quickly added: settings are stored in a ini file added: relay entries are stored in a ini file v0.03 (private) 03.10.2017 fixed Crash on reading a tribe log with unicode tribe log entries (Now we know tribe log entries can be stored with different encodings in one tribe file!) when reading the tribe log, ATLR will now ignore string length descriptors, as they are wrong with UTF-16 encoding. v0.02 (private) 27.09.2017 removal of tags in tribe log entries prefixing server name to the message v0.01 (private) 18.09.2017 first working version
  13. Hey guys I wanted to put this out there in the Ark community to get a second opinion. I am planning on making a discord server for a dedicated Ark server nothing original I know but my idea is to work on making a discord bot holding some info about ark like a helpful guide bot so to speak. I was also planning on making it so there can be 'official' tribes of the server in which they'd have to apply to be recolonized on the discord server. There is actually quite a lot I plan to do it's all hard to explain but from what I have been able to is it something people would enjoy?
  14. Hey everyone! Call me Jguy. I remember purchasing ARK a long time ago when it was early access and only around $20.00 US dollars. I have played off and on for a while though recently I have been really diving deep into the game so to speak. I am honestly afraid to go online and play because I am afraid people will steal my stuff or kill me etc. So... for the most part I have played ARK solo for a long time! Now it is finally time to get myself involved in the community and meet some people. I play on PC and I am looking for a small to medium sized group that I can hopefully call friends eventually to get on an ARK by ourselves without having to worry about PVP or griefing but rather work together and play together just as a group. If anyone is interested let me know! I can leave my Discord and Steam if you are interested.
  15. MsBriannaPaige

    Ark Survivalist Server

    Hello Everyone! I would like to invite you to our PvP server Ark Survivalist Boosted/CustDrops/FastFlyers/Shop also you can join our Discord and learn more about our server https://discord.gg/NTGxBEW
  16. Hey and welcome ! I would like to invite you to our new Ark Survival Evolved Discord server where u would be able to find new teamates to play with new friends new... new way to play ARK ! the server link is : https://discord.gg/6wJ3WpM please share it around with your family and friends ! Hope to see you there ! (this server is not only for ark but to other many games)
  17. I made a tutorial for how to set up my tool that will enable your server to send tribe logs to discord channels. If you don't know about Discord, i explain a little bit about it in the video. I was very tired when making the video and english is not my native language, so excuse my pronunciation. The video was requested and i was already behind my schedule.
  18. OfficialDoomsy

    Discord Server

    Hey there, Like many others - I have a Discord set up that I am trying to populate, but mine is not centered around Ark although it does have a dedicated Ark channels. Dependent on the amount of players who focus on Ark - I will form administration and more channels to accommodate as well as get some private server hosting and/or get some events going on for our little miniature community. Please join us, and help me in forming a mature gaming environment centered around all PC gaming, with a keen focus on games like Ark. https://discord.gg/JM7D4Vy Doomsy
  19. NestTheropod


  20. JackGamesFTW

    Unofficial Ark Survival Evolved Discord

    Hello guys, I've made a professional, neat and good looking discord server for ARK. I felt like making this because ARK doesn't have a official discord and I thought this would be a great way for the community to get along and trade with each other and advertise their servers. What does the discord have to offer? Server Advertisements - Advertise your ark servers for any console. Rank System - If your active on the discord you can work yourself up the different ranks we have to offer. ARK Reddit & Twitter - We have Bots to post the latest's posts on the reddit and twitter to a discord channel. Patch notes - Everytime there is a new patch we will be posting it in a channel. Music bot - Listen to your favourite music by requesting it. Giveaways - We will be doing giveaway's. and there is much more stuff when you get on the discord! Discord Link -> https://discord.gg/ZzffbMZ
  21. Welcome to CretaceousArk Website: www.cretaceousark.co.uk Discord: https://discord.gg/SgZD4NJ Map 1: Ragnarok Map 2: The Island Map 3: Aberration Fresh Wiped: 26th Jan 2018 Welcome to CretaceousArk Keep up-to-date with all the latest server news, join our community and donate! This is CretaceousArk a Xbox One PvP Server where the players decide everything. Discord is our main point of contact for all the players on the server to trade, raid and communicate. Join using the "Click Here To Join Cretaceous Ark" button below. The server is Described as, official at a accelerated rate. See the "Server Settings" for more info. We are a Cluster Server where we have multiple servers but only one character, you can transfer them to and from maps using the Obelisk/Beacons/Tek Transmitter.(Dinos and items included) Sever 1 map is Ragnarok and is the main server with 32 player slots available at one time. Server 2 map is The Island and has 10 player slots available at one time. Server 3 map is Aberration and has 20 slots available at one time. All three of these servers are live and linked together so you can travel to and build on what ever server you wish. Expansion plans Our servers are hosted by Nitrado and can be changed with a simple click of a button. If the servers are busy or near the slot cap, we will increase the total amount of players we can hold at one time. So no need to worry about not getting on. Server 1: Ragnarok Server 2: The Island Server 3: Aberration We host weekend events that can be double breeding, gather, XP or Taming. If you would like to see another event just suggest it in Discord Our Website is way for us to further engage with our players, on there you will find detailed server stats, rules. We also have a player of the month and a tribe of the month. Server Stats Taming: 6 Gather: 10 XP: 5 Structure Resistance 0.5 PvP Zone Structure Damage: 2x (official is 6x) Mating Interval: 0.2 Egg Hatch: 30 Maturation: 15 Loot Drops and Fishing Boosted Dino Weight Boosted Character Stats fair and balanced Platform Saddles can hold 4x the structure limit ALL SERVER STATS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE GIVING ENOUGH PLAYER WANT IT TO TO MAKE CHANGES TO SERVER STATS/RULES YOU CAN POST IT IN THE SUGGESTIONS SECTION ON OUR DISCORD CHANNEL If you have read all the way to this part you must be wondering how to join? Simply join our discord channel.
  22. :::: TheARKHost PvP/PvE :::: :: Rag - Island - Abb - Event :: http://www.thearkhost.com TheARKHost is currently running a tek-enabled setup across four maps: Rag - Island - Abb - LOOT RAID Ruthless PVP is tolerated ONLY on our EVENT map, which CLONES Officials and rotates weekly. If you are an aggressive PVP player take your frustrations out over there! OUR SERVERS I. Ragnarok PvP (FRESH WIPE 1/20) * Boosted Structure Resistance * No passive killing, no dino/base wipes II. The Island PvP * PVE City on The Island - a home away from home * Boosted Structure Resistance * No passive killing, no dino/base wipes * Structure destruction in tribe log on (for City trolls) III. Aberration PvP * Boosted Structure Resistance * ORP On * No passive killing, no dino/base wipes IV. LOOT RAID - Event Server (Official PvP Clone) * Insta-100/ Reduced Turret Damage & Structure Resist * Maps rotates weekly through Official WildCard Server Saves * Raid Official Alpha's for Loot * Tackle Mega-Bases and WIN their Mutated Dinos as prizes * RED (attack) + BLUE (defend) Raid Events GLOBAL HIGHLIGHTS * Modified Drops - see our site for specifics * Boosted Structure Resistance * Boosted Turrets * 225 Max Level Wilds * 10 Xp / Gather, 20X Tame, 22X Breed * 10x dmg dodo’s * 5x narco pickup * Disabled Leeds + 2x raft build limit on Island * Increased gun damage * 3-day grace period between raids * 1/3 water/food drain * Boosted Loot * Discord https://discord.gg/JsVGvpp * and more.. we are agile with our stat mix and love hearing your input on balance To find our servers search “arkhost” in ARK's browser under Unofficial PC Sessions. If you’re interested in registering for The PvE City or scheduling a Guided Boss Run please do so in our discord: https://discord.gg/JsVGvpp
  23. ABSOLUTE ARK Maps: Aberration, Center, Island & Ragnarok Cluster Platform: Xbox One Host: Nitrado Discord: Click Here! Welcome! We are a freshly wiped cluster as of January 29th, 2018. We have boosted stats, customs drops, custom player & dino levels, along with max wild dinos spawning in at 180. Feel free to join our discord to view the small amount of rules we have or scroll down to the bottom and check out a small "TLDR" of our rules here. We do highly suggest you check our discord once in a while to keep up with the upcoming events, check out what is in our custom drops and to keep up with anything else that may come along! HOW TO JOIN Start Ark on your Xbox and choose “Join Ark” Search for "Absolute Ark" in the Name filter Search Box ---> Absolute Ark Aberration BOOSTED! [Custom Drops] = 20 Slots ---> Absolute Ark Center BOOSTED! [Custom Drops] = 32 Slots ---> Absolute Ark Island BOOSTED! [Custom Drops] = 32 Slots ---> Absolute Ark Rag BOOSTED! [Custom Drops] = 32 Slots Make sure session filter is set to "Unofficial PC Sessions" Make sure "Show Password Protected is Unchecked" (It is a cluster and they can't have passwords) Select Join Join our Discord - Receive a starter package for joining us! Why Join? 24/7 Dedicated PVP Server Friendly & helpful community Starter Grace Periods Starter Care Packages Can be requested upon joining our Discord Boosted Stats! - Xp: 8x, Harvest: 20x, Taming: 15x , Egg Hatch and Maturation: 20x, Mating Interval: 0.2 Custom Loot Drops 202 Max Survivor Level Before Ascension and/or Alpha Rockwell 180 Max Wild Dinos Plus 150 levels you can put into them! Balanced Admin Shop Not a pay to win server Cave Damage is turned off Means cave structures take same damage as everywhere else Weekly Events And so much more! If you have any questions/concerns, contact an admin on Xbox Live/Discord at: Blueberry Goon, HazD Canadian Server Official Banner TLDR of Rules 1) Do not block/destroy Admin or Community Structures Ex: Community forges, crafting areas, starter areas, etc 2) No Griefing/Trolling Don't ruin the game by being a sausage 3) Do Not Block Caves, Loot Crates or Resources Do not block resources such as: Artifact caves, surface entrances (Aberration), Obelisks, or the Tek Cave, loot crates of any sort & any other mass resource areas. 4) No Exploits for Building/Farming/Raiding Don't Build under the map or any glitched spots. Do not abuse any bugs not intentional by the devs including under mapping or duping. 5) Raiding Please allow your victims to rebuild. Don't be a sausage, just let them build back up. And absolutely no wiping! Just get in and get what you need and leave. And don't forget to always get proof via Recordings before claiming help or a rule breaker 6) Grace Periods Simply put, just check the #grace_periods channel on Discord before ensuing an attack to make sure you are within the rules. 7) Be Aware of the Staff Understand the Admin(s) have a life and cannot be present for all matters within the game. If someone is breaking the rules or a glitch happens where you deem your stuff should be replaced; gather all proof and send it to the admin via Xbox. Proof is best sent through a clip of 5mins recorded on xbox. --> Ex: Streaming a raid on twitch/mixer that is stored on your profile for 7 days after it is Broadcasted that catches any bugs or rule breakers to cover your own ass. This is also acceptable through a recording. Understand the rules may be adjusted by the staff to meet the demands of any new bugs or maps as they arise. Any questions can be referred to the general chat on discord if the admin is not available. There is so much more information on our discord (like what you can expect to find in the custom drops) but I hope to see you there or on our server for more fun! Make sure to give us your feedback so we can improve the experience for the future!
  24. Are you looking for a place to settle down, build elaborate structures, breed pretty dino mutations, or just kick back and have some fun, without the worry of being wiped? Well Fallen Kingdom is the place for you! Our goal is to establish a community where everyone can come to kick back and relax, without the worries that come along with playing PVP. Whether you enjoy building, breeding, bossing, taming, or just messing around, Fallen Kingdom is the perfect place for that. Our servers are still only fresh, so there are plenty of amazing locations for you to choose from to set up shop. We provide Community Centers on all our maps that are equip with Industrial Forges, Fabricators, Chem Benches, and Industrial Grills, as well as a level 150 Griffin and metal tools pack to help any new comers get started. If you're over on Ragnarok don't forget to visit our Community town located by Blue Obelisk, there you can find our Tavern, Church, Bank, General Store and more! Discord is our main hub for everything, from updates on any changes that may happen to the servers, notifying players when events will be happening, as well as to give our members a platform to buy/sell/trade with one another! If you are thinking of joining us be sure to check it by clicking here. We also have an in game currency (snow globes) that allows us to reward our donators as well as people who participate in giveaways and events with higher than max level dinosaurs, items and dino paint jobs. Our rewards shops can be found at either Blue Obelisk on Ragnarok and at the Community Center on the Center. We do not ask much apart from that you follow these simple rules which we have put into place to ensure that all our members have an enjoyable Ark experience: No land claiming or pillar spamming Do not leave tames on obelisks No blocking/building on or near obelisks or main spawns (artifacts, resources etc) Only 1 bronto per tribe Respect your admins and fellow players Please understand that although our admins are very active, they too have lives and cannot be online at all hours of the day. Our admins also enjoy playing the game themselves, but if there is anything you need urgent admin assistance with do no hesitate to message either ubisassy or kimberieyy through xbox live, or tag @admins in our discord, and someone will get to you as soon as they possibly can. We hope to see you soon!
  25. Welcome to KEB Gaming ARK Cluster! Join Server: Search KEB Gaming under Unofficial PC Hosted (NO Password) Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/TDFXtxq Visit our Website: kebgaming.wixsite.com/keb-gaming With our Cluster we have something for every kind of ARK player! We have a PvE Ragnarok 32 slot server and a PvE Aberration 10 slot server for those who love to PvE and explore and we have a PvP 20 slot server on The Island (We offer a GREAT PvP Starter package. Check Discord for info) for the players that just want to PvP and blow stuff up! You can play on all servers, the only thing is once you transfer Items or Dinos over to The Island server they will be there to stay! You can transfer your character back and forth just not Dinos and Items. So play on all or play on one and trade with PvE or PvP tribes! Our server rewards players with a credit system, we call our credits "Kebits". These Kebits are tracked using Discord chat app. Admins will award players "Kebits" which can be used for many things from Admin services such as painting dinos, buying materials, buying BP's, and used to trade with other players. Kebits can be earned a few ways: (Donations go towards running server) Kebits are our way of thanking you. Join us and instantly earn 1,500 Kebits to get started!! (1) Become a Patreon and support the server and community, you will receive a monthly Kebit payment each month. (2) Make a one time donation thru PayPal, $1.00= 1,000 Kebits. (3) Be active and helpful on our Discord server. (4) Complete in game contests or scavenger hunts. (5) Be the winner of the FREE weekly lottery. Server settings (Keeping it simple) ORP will be used with a 15min timer on the Island server. Engram points earned are Double per level (6280 total) Gather=2x (10x on Island map) Player Points=2x (4x on Island map) Dino Weight=3x (6x on Island map) Dino Stamina=2x Taming Breeding and Maturing=4x XP= 1.5x (Dino Killing= 3x) Crop Grow= 30x Platform/Raft Build limit= 3x Custom Loot Drops (Not on Aberration) EVERYTHING ELSE= Default Admins and Events: We have a group of Admins that are available a few times a week to help out where needed. We will also be building community builds and events. (Coliseum, Crafting Post/Trading center, Community Garden, Ragna & Rock Cafe (consumables), Kibble Farm and The ARK ZOO ( We will build a ZOO and you can place your dinos on display here to show off your Mutations and Tames). As things progress we will be more than happy to allow players to take over management of any of the above listed areas...or create their own thing. We just recently added a Master ARK Builder to our server. He will be building amazing structures for us to enjoy How to Join: If you would like to join we recommend that you join our Discord Server. https://discord.gg/TDFXtxq (This is the ONLY way Kebits can be saved and spent) You can join by messaging here, messaging me directly or you can join by visiting our website and filling out the Join Server Form under the Events page. kebgaming.wixsite.com/keb-gaming We all look forward to building a great community with you and having a blast doing so!