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Found 28 results

  1. Dibdab

    Rockwell Disconnect

    Hi, there is an issue that I noticed was under "Ark-Aberration-bug reports- xbox" as "Boss Fight" that I have commented on but noticed did not appear in this directory (as far as I could see). Just want to highlight the issue and make sure it gets put in the right catagories so as to be seen and fixed. The issue is that when entering the Rockwell bossfight on aberration, there is a high likely hood of roughly half the party (4-5 people) disconnecting upon entry, leaving them extremely vulnerable and often resulting in them dying and if the others are not strong enough, the loss of all players and tames.
  2. It looks like when I get out of the water with the new spino I get a disconnect on linux. maybe there is also something else wrong I couldn't get online again after I got attacked by a spino and a bunch of raptors, anytime I tried to connect I got an instant disconnect after the loading screen. after I died I was able to spawn again. I also tried with different internet conenctions ... still disconnecting
  3. Since the TLC 2 update yesterday I am not able to join the server of my friend anymore. Been looking for solutions everywhere but nothing really helped. Server restarted multiple times already. I don't know if it's because of the mod, the update or me.
  4. When a Survivor's client crashes and they try to reconnect, they get a message saying there is already a survivor connected. Is there a way to shorten the time they are unable to reconnect ?
  5. This is getting to a comical level on Xbox ragnarok. We’re recording 10+ full server crashes an hour with insane amounts of lag the entire time between. Using eggs and raising tames as a way of measuring time lost it is actually, not an exaggeration, double the time. That means for every 30 minutes you spend on the server 15 minutes of time elapses where things run. If you lay an egg down and it’s an hour until hatch you have 2 hours until it hatches. Is there any ACTUAL plan to get this game to run for Xbox?
  6. Hi! i am the admin of an unofficial server cluster, with our own physical server. (not renting) a handful of people on our servers timeout CONSTANTLY. I'm talking every 10-15 minutes. Others have never timed out, not once. We have set up new servers, no mods or anything attached on multiple maps, and some people still timeout, others do not. One of our admins who DC's constantly, moved a copy of one of the maps to his personal PC, and no longer experiences DC's. We have set up just one of the servers with all the others offline, and people still disconnect. We are really at a loss on how to fix, and confused on why not everyone is DC'ing. I'm not sure what else I can put to help but I will actively check this to answer questions. thank you in advance
  7. So I have quit ARK....again....for the 4th time in the last two-ish years. It seems like a reoccurring theme in ARK that I play for 1-4 weeks (grinding hard at least 4-8 hours on most days) but end up leaving and taking a 6 months to a year off? I play on unofficial pvp servers fyi because I enjoy playing as a solo tribe and being a pain to other tribes with lots of small hidden bases and lots of explosives Some even 'hire' me as a bounty hunter to kill certain tribe members or attack satellite bases. Funny enough most contracts come from tribes that are allied with the tribe I am attacking so they can take the farming spot or base location etc without coming off as the aggressors. Anyway, now that you know my play style, I still wonder why I always quit within a month of playing. I think I have compiled a list why I and maybe others quit as well only to play again later. 1. Takes up too much time/game is in real time - grinding resources, upkeep of dinos, base, defenses etc 2. Glitches, lag, rubberbanding, disconnects - all of which usually lead to a death and loss of good gear and items. 3. Getting raided - once in awhile one of my bases will get discovered and you can't stop 2-5 tribe members that want to kill your base, especially offline. (seeing a base that took 2-6 hours to make to only get destroyed within likely 3 mins can suck, as well as losing 2-4 hours of gathered resources and items) 4. Sleep schedule gets destroyed IRL - this is a personal thing but I have caught myself playing til 4am. I would be tired at 2am but I had to the spend the extra 2 hours to make sure that my bases were secure, turrets had enough ammo, generator had enough gas, dinos were hidden/in pens, made sure I had lots of idle items going (making metal, cp etc) This goes hand in hand with #1 but since the is in real time, you feel obligated to login a lot to make sure all your poop is still there. 5. Eventually gets stale/stagnate - I have caught myself getting bored at times spending 20% of time upkeeping, 30% gathering, 20% traveling to/from places and only 30% enjoying the game. Things that used to be fun aren't anymore such as taming dinos (just adds upkeep time and traveling back to your base with it can take hours), pvping can get stale since most bases have 1000 auto turrets, and you eventually end up spending your time doing a lot of...nothing. 6. You realize none of it matters/you wasted a lot of time - eventually the game gets stale and you spend more time flying around looking for SOMETHING to do/interact with that is different. All it takes is one base wipe, one glitch or DC, one death to undo hours upon hours of play time and then you think "Why tf am I still playing this? Putting in tons of hours only to be undone in mere seconds." All it takes is that one death or raid for you to then close the game, and proceed to uninstall it. I love this game, I do but for these reason and more, I just can't bring myself to play it long term at all. Why do you guys stop and start playing this game again and again?
  8. Greetings my fellow survivors!!! On NA-317-Aberration, we seem to have been having a problem the last 4 days or so. The server keeps crashing and rolling back. There are suspicions of a group duping, but nothing can be confirmed unfortunately. Anyways, has any other Aberration server been having this issue as well? Anywhere from 2-10 times a day crashing with a lengthy rollback?
  9. Anailaigh

    Keep getting DC'ed randomly... important!

    One of the most recent patches last week for aberration has caused all the servers i play on mainly aberration to drop me an call it a host connection loss anywhere between 5minutes to an hour after being on. Its really annoying when on aberration esp in the drake pit! please look into this and dont tell me to verify my cache, ive done all the regular things its gotta be on yer end. its 99% happening on aberration servers that are DEDICATED not SP
  10. john0511

    boss fight disconnect

    so this is the second time that me and a buddy dashboarded while launching a boss fight just to lose everything again... so sick and tired of spending hours raising rex's and yuti's just to lose it all over some bs... this needs to get fixed asap! you should not just die automatically if you get disconnected! and the devs are only offering to give back 5 dinos with proof... about to be done with this game
  11. So every time I render my base I disconnect, this started Thursday on EU-PVE-Official-TheISland78(v274v12). And its not a big base, its quite small with less then 30 dino's.
  12. Avaraxius

    server 45 lag again

    Seriously what kind of titanosaurus crap this this, the event gets activated and ping 255 lag rubber banding disconnects roll-backs start. What is happening each time an event gets activated the server lags even at this time with 7 player online. I set my timers to imprint now i am about 1h to early because of the amount off roll backs? Can we have and official word from a dev on this subject we are posting this almost each week without any response. If you cannot manage to deliver a decent server performance do not activate events.
  13. This is crazy. The entire server is disconnecting and so laggy it's unplayable. I'm asking wildcard to find the person responsible and ban them when the time comes. BAN WAVES BETTER COME THIS IS REDICULOUS.
  14. Can someone explain to me how Early Access works please. I thought that we as a community support the game by putting up with bugs until the full release... The full release being that it runs as well as all of the other fully released games on Xbox. The reason its in early access is because it doesn't have the financial support to create a full game before its released for sales like triple A games are? And just to clarify, that I'm not being a salty whiner. But after putting up with the bugs since day 1, sure extra cool stuff has been added in... but the lag, rubberbanding and server crashes are as bad (possibly worse) than its first month on early access. I know Wildcard are 100% responsible for releasing it in its state (very likely so they can push for DLC and not get criticism like they did with Scorched), but after all of the certification processes Microsoft love to do, shouldn't there be a testing system in place to see if the game can even run REASONABLY, before allowing it to be published along side games like GTA, Call of Duty, Gears of War etc in the Xbox store?
  15. Hello, Official disconnects when a lot of structures are around the player. New structures that are added from other players OR / AND auto-decay destruction processes. Basically a lot of changes in structures when connecting and spawning to a bed. Results in a auto disconnect. For us the official servers are not playable with so many auto decayed structures. I lost more in PvE than ever in PvP. WC bot raider. Starting to feel that the little guy. And all they new players need to step aside to the big tribes again with the help of auto decay destruction. Cuz we do not play everyday since launch of ARK: Survival Evolved. Regards, Ari
  16. Recently, my players (and me) can't stay connected. I've seen multiple posts, some over a year old, about the problem, but seems no solution is in sight? The amount of garbage I'm catching from my community is...not pleasant.
  17. Hello, I'm having pretty annyoing bug lately and I wasn't able to find any fix. When I or my tribemate destroy a hive, raft or some building, we get disconnect from the server. Me and even my friend if he is nearby. I was reading all forums and a lot of people have the same issue but these posts are pretty old and there still isn't a fix. It's happening on all servers, official, unofficial, moded, unmoded and it's really game-breaking. Please fix that! It's really bad bug for a fully released game and it shouldn't take so long to be fixed. PS: My English isn't perfect. so sorry about that.
  18. Heya! i have come across this issue since i started playing again. Whenever i open a supply drop or an ark on official; my game freezes and it is as if i press the button to leave the game. When I am back in the main menu i get the timeout/disconnect error. Tried unsubscribing to ALL workshop items; verifying game files. Is anyone else experiencing this; and how could i possibly solve this? i would love to get some beacon drops and to transfer some SE stuff to the island thanks in advance!
  19. Hiho! I have over 4.2k hours in Ark and could always play without any major issues, but I recently started having a problem with D/C / Timeout that's really making the game unplayable for me in certain situations. If: I, or somebody close to me, demolish too many structures at once I, or somebody close to me, destroy too many structures at once I, or somebody close to me, pick up a loot bag with many items and make it despawn Then I get immediately disconnected from the server, with a timed out message. I can immediately log back in, but if any of the situations I mentioned above happen again, I get disconnected once more. Does anybody else have this problem? As I said I played Ark for a long time and this started happening only recently, I tried most of the launch options, on or off, low memory, etc., but nothing really helps. Thanks!
  20. SkittlePony


    Each time I try to connect to server 756 on Xbox one it forces me to the home screen when TheCenter_GrassLandsFarB loads as it freezes, I retarted my Xbox and Xbox cashes so I don't know what's going on
  21. I'm starting to lose faith in joining any of the player dedicated servers. i made the switch from official because of the issues that plague them (duping, alphas, spawn/map control, etc.) and joined into a player dedicated server on the center. all was good, i was ranking up fast and harvesting plenty and taming things rather quickly, there weren't any huge mega bases or turrets spanning across the map...it was heaven for a PVP player like myself. i got comfy in that server for the day and set up, tamed a few raptors and carnos and was about to build up my metal base...when i lag for a minute straight and disconnect to the menu. i try rejoining, as per usual, and i'm met with the message "Could Not Retrieve Address" when i attempt. i try over and over and over again and i'm met with the same message. i decide to try out another server. a few of them i attempted to join gave me the error message immediately, but i was able to slip into another, based on the island. i get comfy, build a base, and several hours later...disconnect, met with the same issue "could not retrieve address". i yell in frustration and try to join another. i settle in one last server, rank all the way up to max level, have a 250 ptera, 8 refining forges going with enough metal to make an industrial forge, narcotics and hide like crazy. i was set up and ready. and what was i just met with, after several hours of grinding and harvesting and nearly lag-free playing? a disconnect, met with another "Could Not Retrieve Address" so i give up. the game is essentially completely unplayable for me. can't join an official server because of the alphas and duping and lag, can't join player dedicated because of the inevitable disconnect. the servers i had once been part of that i was comfy in (ones that allowed frequent access from me) no longer allow me to join, even after several days. what do i do? i tried reporting this in the bug reports section but wasn't able to find a decent response or help as to what is going on. as of right now, i don't see the point in me joining anything because i'll just get kicked. what is going on and why is it happening? note: i have restarted my internet, cleared my MAC addess, quit the game, deleted the cached data in ark, hard reset my xbox, and simply tried opening another game. the problem still persists so it isn't anything on my end. my friend who lives 70 miles from me is going through the same problem with the same servers.
  22. Outgoing Reliable Buffer Overflow Getting alot of this error recently, booting to main menu. Possibly related to Razer auto click macro for LMB. Seems to boot when using that function only. Has only been happening since Patch 246.
  23. Basically The Center is now as bad if not worse than Ragnarok. Whatever Kindergarten coder spewed their Ragnarok poopstorm onto the Center raptored it up hard. Constant disconnects (every 5 minutes) server wide, and Lag that rubber-bands you every 30 seconds or less. Literally raptored up the only map that actually worked as of last patch without major issues. Ark is going downhill fast folks. It's been good the past couple years, but I'm so tired of unplayable Official servers.
  24. FluffyDinoPartey

    A joke, a terrible one....

    Hi, I am playing ARK for the last 2 and a half years, i got 1,5k hours+ of enjoyable playtime. But since we moved to an official Ragnarok Server we are more eager to quit the game. It can't be true that nearly every day the server is rubber banding, lagging for 2mins+ or disconnecting people once in a while. How can u even be satisfied with your Server Infrastructure when you can't handle all the servers? How will you be releasing your game in less than a month with this big of an issue? I've played a lot of early access games, and I do understand when the game is brand new that there can be server issues, but not when you are 2+years in, im sorry. There is no excuse for that, and i really hope you fix your poop since we lost 2 Flyers already due to rubber banding and falling down a cliff because we wanted to land in our base and not at the foot of the mountain, nor do we like to sacrifice more babies to the ARK God because of your incapability to fix the lag issues, I mean sometimes I couldn't feed my baby when its right in front of me... I hold back posting, but today I have one of my 2 days off for the week, I wanted to breed, start raising babies - then the first notification hits the server "2 hours to the patch" - ok dont start now because our babies could die, let's start to build. After nearly 3 hours in waiting for the patch "1 more hour" and so on, I waited raptoring 5 hours and wasted them to get good imprints over the next 2 days. Now Patch 262 is here and guess what, there is a minute or 2 long lag every 1minute to go with, this is seriously no fun. Sincerely a disappointed customer.
  25. GorrillaKing

    Server 298 crash/disconnect

    I have playing on the same server since day 1. The crash is so bad the game has been rendered unplayable. I can only play for a few minutes at a time before it crashes unless Im not moving at all. I have lost precious already hard to get gear, loosing Dinos, loosing boss fights and countless other things. Sometimes its so bad the game freezes all together. Im sure others are experiencing the same issues. Im on server 298.