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Found 46 results

  1. Recently, my players (and me) can't stay connected. I've seen multiple posts, some over a year old, about the problem, but seems no solution is in sight? The amount of garbage I'm catching from my community is...not pleasant.
  2. Hello, I'm having pretty annyoing bug lately and I wasn't able to find any fix. When I or my tribemate destroy a hive, raft or some building, we get disconnect from the server. Me and even my friend if he is nearby. I was reading all forums and a lot of people have the same issue but these posts are pretty old and there still isn't a fix. It's happening on all servers, official, unofficial, moded, unmoded and it's really game-breaking. Please fix that! It's really bad bug for a fully released game and it shouldn't take so long to be fixed. PS: My English isn't perfect. so sorry about that.
  3. Heya! i have come across this issue since i started playing again. Whenever i open a supply drop or an ark on official; my game freezes and it is as if i press the button to leave the game. When I am back in the main menu i get the timeout/disconnect error. Tried unsubscribing to ALL workshop items; verifying game files. Is anyone else experiencing this; and how could i possibly solve this? i would love to get some beacon drops and to transfer some SE stuff to the island thanks in advance!
  4. Hiho! I have over 4.2k hours in Ark and could always play without any major issues, but I recently started having a problem with D/C / Timeout that's really making the game unplayable for me in certain situations. If: I, or somebody close to me, demolish too many structures at once I, or somebody close to me, destroy too many structures at once I, or somebody close to me, pick up a loot bag with many items and make it despawn Then I get immediately disconnected from the server, with a timed out message. I can immediately log back in, but if any of the situations I mentioned above happen again, I get disconnected once more. Does anybody else have this problem? As I said I played Ark for a long time and this started happening only recently, I tried most of the launch options, on or off, low memory, etc., but nothing really helps. Thanks!
  5. Thecenter_grasslandsfarb

    Each time I try to connect to server 756 on Xbox one it forces me to the home screen when TheCenter_GrassLandsFarB loads as it freezes, I retarted my Xbox and Xbox cashes so I don't know what's going on
  6. I'm starting to lose faith in joining any of the player dedicated servers. i made the switch from official because of the issues that plague them (duping, alphas, spawn/map control, etc.) and joined into a player dedicated server on the center. all was good, i was ranking up fast and harvesting plenty and taming things rather quickly, there weren't any huge mega bases or turrets spanning across the was heaven for a PVP player like myself. i got comfy in that server for the day and set up, tamed a few raptors and carnos and was about to build up my metal base...when i lag for a minute straight and disconnect to the menu. i try rejoining, as per usual, and i'm met with the message "Could Not Retrieve Address" when i attempt. i try over and over and over again and i'm met with the same message. i decide to try out another server. a few of them i attempted to join gave me the error message immediately, but i was able to slip into another, based on the island. i get comfy, build a base, and several hours later...disconnect, met with the same issue "could not retrieve address". i yell in frustration and try to join another. i settle in one last server, rank all the way up to max level, have a 250 ptera, 8 refining forges going with enough metal to make an industrial forge, narcotics and hide like crazy. i was set up and ready. and what was i just met with, after several hours of grinding and harvesting and nearly lag-free playing? a disconnect, met with another "Could Not Retrieve Address" so i give up. the game is essentially completely unplayable for me. can't join an official server because of the alphas and duping and lag, can't join player dedicated because of the inevitable disconnect. the servers i had once been part of that i was comfy in (ones that allowed frequent access from me) no longer allow me to join, even after several days. what do i do? i tried reporting this in the bug reports section but wasn't able to find a decent response or help as to what is going on. as of right now, i don't see the point in me joining anything because i'll just get kicked. what is going on and why is it happening? note: i have restarted my internet, cleared my MAC addess, quit the game, deleted the cached data in ark, hard reset my xbox, and simply tried opening another game. the problem still persists so it isn't anything on my end. my friend who lives 70 miles from me is going through the same problem with the same servers.
  7. Outgoing Reliable Buffer Overflow Getting alot of this error recently, booting to main menu. Possibly related to Razer auto click macro for LMB. Seems to boot when using that function only. Has only been happening since Patch 246.
  8. Basically The Center is now as bad if not worse than Ragnarok. Whatever Kindergarten coder spewed their Ragnarok poopstorm onto the Center raptored it up hard. Constant disconnects (every 5 minutes) server wide, and Lag that rubber-bands you every 30 seconds or less. Literally raptored up the only map that actually worked as of last patch without major issues. Ark is going downhill fast folks. It's been good the past couple years, but I'm so tired of unplayable Official servers.
  9. A joke, a terrible one....

    Hi, I am playing ARK for the last 2 and a half years, i got 1,5k hours+ of enjoyable playtime. But since we moved to an official Ragnarok Server we are more eager to quit the game. It can't be true that nearly every day the server is rubber banding, lagging for 2mins+ or disconnecting people once in a while. How can u even be satisfied with your Server Infrastructure when you can't handle all the servers? How will you be releasing your game in less than a month with this big of an issue? I've played a lot of early access games, and I do understand when the game is brand new that there can be server issues, but not when you are 2+years in, im sorry. There is no excuse for that, and i really hope you fix your poop since we lost 2 Flyers already due to rubber banding and falling down a cliff because we wanted to land in our base and not at the foot of the mountain, nor do we like to sacrifice more babies to the ARK God because of your incapability to fix the lag issues, I mean sometimes I couldn't feed my baby when its right in front of me... I hold back posting, but today I have one of my 2 days off for the week, I wanted to breed, start raising babies - then the first notification hits the server "2 hours to the patch" - ok dont start now because our babies could die, let's start to build. After nearly 3 hours in waiting for the patch "1 more hour" and so on, I waited raptoring 5 hours and wasted them to get good imprints over the next 2 days. Now Patch 262 is here and guess what, there is a minute or 2 long lag every 1minute to go with, this is seriously no fun. Sincerely a disappointed customer.
  10. Server 298 crash/disconnect

    I have playing on the same server since day 1. The crash is so bad the game has been rendered unplayable. I can only play for a few minutes at a time before it crashes unless Im not moving at all. I have lost precious already hard to get gear, loosing Dinos, loosing boss fights and countless other things. Sometimes its so bad the game freezes all together. Im sure others are experiencing the same issues. Im on server 298.
  11. Your players have not been able to remain connected for quite some time now as this server keeps disconnecting everyone as soon as it goes up and usually takes 15 minutes to go back up. I have not been able to stay connected for more than 2 minutes lately. May I request a member of the ARK team address this issue - please let us know what is going on. Are you aware that many of your servers are encountering this problem? It has been happening since after v259 patch. Thank you
  12. After a network fail type disconnect, and waiting for hard disk activity to cease, although Ark (shootergame.exe to be precise) claims to only be using <this much> memory, the % of memory in use (via Task Manager) has NOT fallen dramatically. Attempting to rejoin will always results in a memory blowout slowly commencing from login. However, if after a d/c, I shutdown and restart ark, the % of memory in use is what it should be (far lower) and the game doesn't fall over with a memory crash.
  13. Since the last patch I am facing a lot of bluescreens and disconnects. I play on PS4 PVE NA337 and every second time i fly away from my base with my wyvern the game freezes and i get disconnected... There are some areas with a lot of structures around on the map which i can't visit anymore because i get disconnected every time... The game is getting worse after every patch... Please stop adding new stuff every two weeks and start fixing bugs like the disconnects, the bluescreens, the massive lags, the collisions dedection, the problems with many structures, and many more....
  14. I recently came back to ark after a long hiatus. Recently I have noticed some issue with the game. There will be times that the game lags so bad that nothing can be done. Cant switch items, access inventory, attack or anything really other than move for seconds and sometimes minutes. Everyone on the server that I play on (pvp 588 Center NA) experiences the same issues at the same times. The game is also crashing constantly, every 5 minutes or so. Anyone else having these issues on other servers? Anyone have any solutions?
  15. We play on an official server, and I know its not just our server having these issues. Our servers lag out multiple times a day to the point where the server goes down for approximately 30 minutes and does a 20 minute rollback when it comes up. I've seen it do it 5-6 times a day causing tons of people to quit playing. Can we please get these issues fixed!? This is ridiculous and has been going on for over a week!
  16. If this has found the wrong spot. Please let me know. I have reviewed the general fixes for the forums, but none of them seem to pin point the issue. I am wondering if anyone else out there disconnects from a multi player server when they are moving items from a box or chest / bin to their inventory or vice versus. Would this be a player issue or a client side issue? Our best assumption is that it might be a bug. And if it is a bug, has anyone else seen it?
  17. Hello, I wanted to ask somebody from the staff to take a look into PVE official server 629 (The Center EU). Server keeps crashing every 5 minutes since 9PM EU time. (currently 2 AM) I and some others have already reported server outage but nothing is being done except ping going up and disconnecting, several people have babies that won't last long with this lag/poor performance. @Jat @Jen can someone please take a look into this? It's really unplayable. Thanks very much for spending your time on reading this/solving the issue. EDIT: Apparently it's back to normal for a bit with 20 mins rollback, hope it stays that way.
  18. Every server I have played in as of late has had the same issue, there are even other post about it here on the forums but I feel nothing is being done about it. The problem has persisted for the past month. Rubberbanding, lag spikes, one in particular lasted 4 hours, unable to move without being reset, unable to take advantage of evolution weekend because of disconnects. The game, especially on the center servers 275 pvp, and 486 pve,whole unplayable as a whole. I love the game but when the alpha tribe is lag itself its not fun, its stressful to breed and tame, raise juveniles, I myself have lost enough babies to give up breeding. To answer other questions my up is 75 and down is 150+.
  19. No sessions found?

    Ps4 pve wu server 444 has randomly disconnected and now says no sessions found? Any suggestions?
  20. Please review this lengthy exchange with Wild Card customer support. Then we can talk.
  21. Today, I decided to decorate with some Canvas around our base. After making all my dyes and canvas, I put my first one up and loaded a saved painting. Game froze for about a minute, then disconnected from the server. I've researched for the last few hours, only to come up with a handful of unsuccessful "solutions". Validate the game files, Rename the .pnt file, restart pc, lower settings to minimum. I've found that this issue isn't new, and will strike random people for no known reason whilst leaving others unaffected. I can find steam posts from 2015, of people having this same issue. Yet none of these posts can explain why this bug happens or any working solutions. Does anyone have a solution for this? Other Info: Official PVE server My rig isn't the issue Was loading paintings successfully last month Even trying to load simple and small 2 color paintings will disconnect me So far, seems to happen 100% of the time. Any new suggestions or information would be appreciated!
  22. Hi ... i have friend who plays with me on EU 418 and since 255 patch he is getting random connection timeouts in span from 2 min to 1 hour after login, mostly he gets disconnected from server every 5 minutes ... his internet connection is OK since we are on TS, he got his connection reseted by provider, completely reinstalled ark and nothing helps ... he encountered this problem on every official server so far after 255 patch. Does anybody have same problem or happen to know how to solve this issue?
  23. Stop dismounting on disconnect

    It's pretty unfair when you'll be riding an argentavis around until you disconnect, often dying and even losing your tame. You should be able to stay mounted onto your tame when you disconnect, i dunno if this is just me that thinks this feature should be implemented
  24. It would be nice that if you get disconnected from a server, but don't exit the game, and then try to reconnect to the same server, that it does not go through the task of reloading mods; so long as both the client and server are still running the same version of the mods. You already do this somewhat, with the Cross Ark Server transfers, so I am wondering if the concept could be extended to reconnects.
  25. Started about an hour ago with a server crash. time rewinds 20 minutes or so and then crashes again, rewinds time again...etc. This cycle then repeats without warning. The game is pretty much unplayable on the official center pve server I am on at the moment, because all progress is lost over and over in a ground hog day like cycle. This has happened for the passed few days at random times.