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Found 306 results

  1. im looking to get started on a clustered server with all of the maps what is the best map and how would i start out?
  2. Welcome ! First off i would like to thank you for taking your time to read this hope you take this into consideration. My name Is ManiacFX i Own a boosted Unofficial PC server called "Boosted 30x everything!! "on PS4 there is more boosted on the server than you think. There is a ot you can do in a short amount of time ! including leveling up pretty fast and gathering a lot and so on. also the only admin is my wife, yes we are adults we like to treat this sever like official trust people at your own risk! but you are all welcome to join and play we are currently a low slot sever for now! we are currently looking to increase to 50 slots! hopefully it works out. Also if you would like to contribute to the server and help the server stay up you can donate to my paypal made only for ark! it is connected to my twitch for advertising ! link will be below !! you are not obligated to do so but anything help. this is coming out of my pocket! i also take suggestions too! i hear everyone out! if you have a hard time finding the server add me on PS4 "fma_anime" Paypal= twitch= Youtube= twitter=
  3. Okay, now that I've finally stopped laughing. . .. . Playing on single player, my Ichythornis (the seagull that people complain about stealing all of their stuff) and my iguanadon got in a scuffle with some unfriendly compys. Well, my seagull got a bit carried away. He picked up my iguanadon and was flying in circles and attacking it while it sat there helpless (did a surprising damage, to be honest). I couldn't get it to respond to whistle commands, and resolved the issue with console commands, but only after I managed to stop laughing. Screenshots: #BadassBird #ReallyBigCoconut
  4. So for about a month now I have been leaving my mosas and squids on nuetral while they follow my raft so they just kill everything that attacks them. For some reason ever since v758 on xbox, NONE of my water tames will fight back... Just had some guy lure a school of mantas over and they killed 2 asc saddle 50k squids, 3 60k basils and a 40k mosa asc platform. Like r u kidding me wildcard? All of these water tames have destoyed schools of mantas in front of my eyes but now when they get attacked none of the tames aggro regardless of what aggression lvl I set them to. I sat there raptoring whistling on the tames but no nothing aggros not even from attack target onto the mantas. Water tames are broken for some reason I am watching mine sit here take 50 mantas up the arse and my tames dont do anything tosave themselves. Im not looking for comments about how I should build a base for them I know that lol thanks for pointing out the obvious. The main point here is that even when Im out of the base water dino aggresion levels dont change anything. I can look at the tame and watch it switch aggression stances and nothing, never fights back nothing happens just forever on passive while 30 mantas are swimming inside of my dumb huge squid head
  5. Breeding set-up

    I play on PvE and I was wondering if anyone could help me with a few things. How many air conditioners should I get? Should I get a dino like a rex or spino to collect meat before? How long do things like 220 Pteras take and generally is it hard to breed for a solo tribe.
  6. Dinosaurs disappearing

    Anybody else's dinosaurs just disappearing? Even dinosaurs at my camp are disaeappring....
  7. We play on legacy still. I'm not sure if its limited to just the old servers, but we have had dinos and structures auto-decay despite resetting and refreshing timers and feeding dinos. This was an issue a few weeks ago when I had some dinos auto-decay. For example I had the ichy bird that hunts fish auto-decay. It was sitting on a stone foundation in the middle of my house. The safest place to keep a dino right? I mean do I need the dino to be on the ground for this not to happen? It just went poof. I only saw the auto-decay timer on my tribe log a week later that it finally disappeared. I thought it may have just fallen through the terrain, but the fact I have other dinos sitting in the same area for months without issues begs the question how this could happen. The last 2 weeks I've had structures auto decay in my tribe log, but unable to find where they decayed when I checked structures. I've added two other tribes that merged with mine to preserve buildings and dinos. So naturally you'd think I would miss a few things. So far only structures have been auto-decaying the last couple weeks. A friends egg laying dinos started to auto-decay despite feeding and resetting timers like he always does. The next day, auto-decay. Are they trying to get rid of the legacy server players on purpose of is this one of the many major bugs that is plaguing the game? I have suffered and enjoyed through the game for about a year now, but since the switch to new servers there has been a steady decline in not only community that no longer plays on our legacy servers, but the game itself seems to be melting away in favor of these new servers. This is all speculation at this point because I have nothing else to go on based on these decay issues. If I log in one day and everything is gone even though I refreshed my timers and such. I'll just assume Wildcard doesn't care about its player base that played in early access and they are more interested in the company mission which has always been the delivery of new content and 1% of the focus has been on optimizing, finishing unfinished maps, and releasing uncompressed patches that make the game larger than it needs to be.
  8. Hey all, I am not necessarily new to the game but I am new to attempting to tame a lot of dinos and to keep them all together and organized. My friends and I are looking to tame at least a male and female of each tamable creature on the Island and it is starting to take a lot of space. We have plenty of room to work with and will grind out the resources necessary to build any ideas you all may have. We currently just have two large wooden floors made of foundations/ceilings and we place the dinos here. The eggs are sort of easy to reach (besides some dinos with long tails) which is something we also like. So from this post I guess I am ultimately looking for ideas and builds that other players have used to store and organize a lot of dinos all in the same place. Pictures would be awesome to see as well. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated though. Thanks and tame on!
  9. Claiming abandoned dinos

    Hi, we are playing on an official pvp server, and there is an abandoned tribe with gigas, brontos, everything. We already claimed some pteras, but we dont know why we cant still claim all the other dinos. Is there a timer or something like that?
  10. Dinos and structures

    So would a dino attack my structures if iam in aggro range but would they attack if they cant touch me say i trap it but it cant touch me would it try to eat its way out?.
  11. V269.22, 64bit windows 7, no mods. Dinos are sinking into foundations, AND they glitch in and out of the foundations as the view changes...
  12. Please unlock the Skill "Movement-Speed" for flying Dinos on PVE and give Server-Admins the ability to unlock these Skill on inofficial servers! I've red, that the Movement-Speed was decreased and blocked, because of balancing PVP: Okay soundy reasonable to me. But: I often Play on my own Servers with friends and all our spent Skills in speed are now useless and our Dinos are now toooo slow: Thats very very annoying. So please give us the possibility to play the game as we want (at least on inofficial servers and Single Player).
  13. I took from another player 8/10 dinos after 8 days that he didnt connect. 1 minute after the server crushed! after 20 hours the server was up and all the rex and other dinos DISAPPEARED!!! Pls some moderators answer and resolve this bug !!!! Server: The-EU-PVE-Ragnarok34
  14. Can't Download Tamed Dinos

    So, I rent a server on the PS4 and can't seem to download any of the dinos that I upload into an obelisk. It shows that they're in there, they're just greyed out and can't select them.
  15. Tamed by info

    Basically i havnt played for a while cause of work went on the game and tamed the griffin and normally it would say tamed by : psn id now it says tamed by : in game character name any way of sorting this or is it just how it works now lost acess to some of my dinos because of this too
  16. v268.258, 64bit windows 10, no mods. It seems that dinos are sinking into foundations more frequently than they used to :-( I think these guys have sunk down to the terrain level. They rise up again when I ride them.
  17. I'm curious as to what everybody's favorite tame was, not strictly speaking for dinos of course, but any creature in ARK. I think that despite my love for the big overpowered creatures, my Rex Persephone back on the official I used to play on was my favorite. She was a perfect 120 Kibble tame that woke up with some really high stats, including Health, Stamina & Melee. Before her end (the tribe just stopped playing after we all got bored & raided) she had close to 14,000+ health, 430+ melee & 1,600 stamina. She was a beast of a Rex and saved my butt in many situations, partcipated in more than a few raids & was just an all around great dino. One of those rare ones you get almost emotionally attached to. She officially belonged to the tribe, but everyone knew, she was mine, and they admired her alot.
  18. Tek Mutator

    Something alot of people (myself included) wanted since Tek tier was even ever announced was a device to create hybrids of your dinos. Although i never could see this happening because they'd have to make dino models for every possible combination of creatures, which would be hundreds. I was thinking instead, there's a tek device that mutates an egg or baby with element, creating a mutated version with different attributes. Maybe something typically too small to ride is now much bigger. Maybe a Rex could now breathe fire, like a wyvern. This way, they'd only have to make another model for each creature rather than dozens. This obviously would need some work a good bit after all the main issues and content has been taken care of. Thoughts?
  19. Whats the deal?

    Why is it dinos are scared of you and flee?? It's getting beyond annoying to the point where using a Rare Flower reacts more like a fear bombs instead of an aggro mechanic. There are situations where the dino SHOULD NOT BE RUNNING from you. These are carnivores. A Giga should not be running from a NAKED ON THE BEACH.
  20. Ok guys so i have been playing this game since day one and this irritation has been around from day one and it needs to be changed asap. The average gamer is roughly 30 years old not 10 not 18 not 21 it's 30 studies have been done to find out and thats what they came up with. Even the average 18 year old has a job. the average 30 year old has a full time job meaning that don't have alot of time to game unless unemployed or they are a game tester as a job. That stuff being said it is unreasonable for breeding to take such an inordinate amount of time. You have to wake up every two hours of the night to feed and cuddle your freaking video game dino it isn't a real child it shouldn't require that kind of dedication to raise animals let alone days on end. A Giga take like two full weeks of that before it is fulling grown. If raising it affects your work you will get fired from work over your video game! These times need to be turned way the heck down. Imprinting alone needs to be turned into a quick minigame like a quick time event and the young dino should be able to be fed from a trough so long as one is available not hand fed every two hours. People are litteraly making money on ark by selling full grown wyverns and gigas! i am not talking like 10-20$ a tame i am talking 100$ or more because people don't have the time to raise them so they buy them from people with real money who do nothing but treat this game like it is their life and only reason of existence and that is just the breeding system! Taming not including K.O time it takes before actually starting to tame can take hours of time! a giga being fed its kibble takes 2hours to be tamed at level 150 not only that but you have to sit there with that thing and feed it narcotics for the entire time . If you don't have the kibble or mutton you can have upwards of 10full hours to tame the dang thing. That is nearly half a day! people don't have time to sit there like this is life and this is all there is. Again people are making money by selling tamed Giga's and such and again it is expensive to buy them! because people can't just tame these things in a reasonable amount of time. These need to be dropped down to where at most with raw meet or something it would take 2 hours for the strongest dinos and much much shorter for kibble. and these changes need to apply to all dinos. I donno about you guys but this has been going on since day one and i am absolutely sick and tired of it. These game mechanics are torture to be put through and need to be changed asap!
  21. Can WC please remove the 12 hour cooldown on reuploading a tame. I understand that it was probably done so that would couldn't just upload and teleport across the map as they want to promote use of the tek teleporter, but it seems that now they have changed it to where you can not search for and transmit into your own server. So because of this can we please have back the ability to upload when ever we please. The cooldown KILLS cross server raiding. The risk to possible award is not equal. A rex take 5 days to raise, a giga 14. Like having to leave it for 12 hrs puts it at a really high risk of not surviving. There is NOTHING that you could get from a raid that takes as much time as raising a tame to lose does. I get just raising tames to use exclusively to raid with and lose, but its a bit of BS. I don't know that's my opinion what does everyone else think?
  22. I was playing on 142, i uploaded 4 dinos, downloaded them back down near my base to take them home, server crash. Rolls back to before, minus my 4 dinosaurs. This makes me very sad :(.
  23. I was playing on 142, i uploaded 4 dinos, downloaded them back down near my base to take them home, server crash. Rolls back to before, minus my 4 dinosaurs. This makes me very sad :(.
  24. Just letting everyone know how I'm going to start up, would recommend you do the same or something similar as I have seen get jacked (youtuber) do this and always get loaded straight away. First off we grind to make a raft, that'll take no more than 10 minutes with 12 of us. ------- 10 minutes Then we'll make a smithy, make some tools to get stone etc ------- 20 minutes Cover the raft with a walls and ceilings (stone) ------- 35 minutes Then head over to the swamp to grab 100 Plant X Seeds, then plant around 4 on the raft. ------- 45-60 minutes (depending on where we spawned) After that we'll go around to a mountain area to look for some Argy's and 2 Teradon's. ------- 1 hour 40 minutes Once we've tamed 4 Argy's all over level 100 (after being tamed) and 2 Teradon's, also over level 100 after being tamed, we'll go scout around for a good base location. 5 on birds looking for the location of our base and 7 grinding for metal, one on an Argy (highest weighted Argy). ------- 2 hours 10 minutes We are taking an estimate that we'll have a good base location within 30 minutes of searching/grinding, so everyone will head back to the raft, and the person who found it will lead us there (they'll show a picture of the location before we go there (show us in a chat). ------- 2 hours 25 minutes Once we arrive we'll craft some metal foundations as the outside layer and put layers of metal walls up. After that the ceiling will go up. ------- 2 hours 40 minutes We'll cover the roof with Plant X. ------- 2 hours 45 minutes While that's growing, we'll have the people on the Argy's going on metal runs non-stop, the two on teradons will look for a griffin level 80+ and the others will go and tame a dodec, anky, and a berry collector - most likely a trike or stego (the second day we'll get a bronto or two). ------- 3 hours 40 minutes After taming a minimum of one griffin, anky, dodec and berry collector we'll start setting up stone behemoth gates around our base. We would've started stone runs by the time the dodec was tamed. - 5 hours The base will be all metal as of now (not a massive base but decently sized). and that'll be the grinding for day 1. Then we'll raptor about and do whatever, most likely set up turrets etc and have some people head over to get some oil. But yeah, timing next to what we're doing it when we think that bit will be done. dont have to copy what we're doing, i would also appreciate some tips so dont be afraid to reply.
  25. it has been a while since i haven't seen big dinos (plesi, mosa, tuso) in that underwater cave on my hosted server. Even making a full whipe, the destroywilddinos command and the default settings doesn't seems to make a difference. Also the support of my hosted server made a reinstallation of it, but nothing happened. I have read it was a xbox issue, but it also happens on PC.