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Found 69 results

  1. I'm curious as to what everybody's favorite tame was, not strictly speaking for dinos of course, but any creature in ARK. I think that despite my love for the big overpowered creatures, my Rex Persephone back on the official I used to play on was my favorite. She was a perfect 120 Kibble tame that woke up with some really high stats, including Health, Stamina & Melee. Before her end (the tribe just stopped playing after we all got bored & raided) she had close to 14,000+ health, 430+ melee & 1,600 stamina. She was a beast of a Rex and saved my butt in many situations, partcipated in more than a few raids & was just an all around great dino. One of those rare ones you get almost emotionally attached to. She officially belonged to the tribe, but everyone knew, she was mine, and they admired her alot.
  2. SuperChava27

    Random loss of dinos

    I have lost tons of my dino’s for no apperent reason, this was on mobile but I have not had a problem with Ark on Xbox, because of this it is really hard to play because I had very strong Dino’s and it has made it almost imposible to get back what I have lost. Because of this I have wanted to quit but lots of things like this happen to others so I keep playing. If anyone knows what happened please let me know.
  3. smaddox425

    Dino Abilities

    Hey, all! I figured I'd make this post to list general info on the creatures of Ark. For instance, the Oviraptor and its association with eggs due to those who found the first fossil of it thinking that it was trying eat eggs near said fossil. If I don't list it and you know the reason for an ability a dino has, please post it so I can add to this post. Achatina - No info Allosaurus - Pack creatures due to many Allo fossils being found near each other Ammonium - Inspiration for Ammonite Bile might be from squids spewing ink. Angler - Ark Anglers actually don't behave very much like they do in real life. Anglerfish use the "sit and wait" tactic of catching fish, while Ark has very aggressive fish. Ankylosaurus - It's common knowledge that Ankylosaurs had tails that were able to crush bone, so it only makes sense that the devs would choose this as a mining tool Archaeopteryx - Thought of as the "missing link" between birds and dinos, gliding instead of flying makes perfect sense because these creatures most likely didn't achieve flight, but may have used their wings in a gliding fashion. Argentavis - Though the real Argentavis looked very different, it was the biggest bird around. Argentavis most likely could only have flown for short burst, similar to how Pteranodons fly in game. More to come
  4. MasterOfPupetME

    Corrupted Dino's

    Soo i was wondering is it possable for tamed dinos to become corrupted or even wild one that people may have plans on taming?
  5. Before you want to kill me, let me explain: It's really messed up playing on island, for example, and wake up with wyvern's roar. THERE'S NO WYVERNS ON THIS MAP! WTH? I think that you could download and upload of your character, but completelly nude, only with your level and knowledge to any servers, observing the engrams of the map, of course. In the case of Dinos you only should download it in servers that they exist, you know? Like: I'm going to another Island server, in this case I can download all my dinos. "Oh, I want go to Island Server from Ragnarok Server to mess up everything with my Wyvern!", in this case you can't. It appears that this players who put wyverns or griffins in servers they don't exist or even come from aberration with those wings just want to do that because they can't play with equal conditions, they strike with a wyvern only because you don't have one and to get it you must to go out the server you play. I really don't want a wyvern or those mystic creatures because they so overpower that it's almost impossible to play againist. What I want to say is: Let the creatures from a kind of server in it's kind of server, let engrams from a kind of server in it's kind of server. The game wasn't make to be fair, but this is a higher level of unfairness. So, that's what I want to say. Most of people are complaining about the new DLC and how it's overpower, but I think it's overpower out of it's server. The new realeses was made to a new map, all new world, situations and a lot of players are exploring it on servers that those things doesn't exist, spoiling others experience. But it's not their fault! The game allows it. This kind of thing is really worse than you attacking a guy with a manchine gun using a crossbow, because you can evolve and craft your manchine gun some day and strike back, but how can you play againist a flamethrower without the possibility of craft yours? How can you strike back a wyvern's attack without the possibility of tame yours? So my suggestion is: To make the game less unfair to all players we only should upload/donwload our character to all servers, but with no items and only could craft items that can be crafted on this map and Only download/upload dinos and creatures to servers that they exist. Or, if this seems to radical, at least create a server in this conditions 'cause me and lot of people are stopping play Ark because of it. I don't care to a strong tribe that destroy all my base using tha same conditions that I have, but as I said before: The game wasn't make to be fair, but this is a higher level of unfairness.
  6. Is it possible to transfer dinos and eggs from the official pve servers to single player? I’m tired of my stuff auto decaying and I’m leaving official servers for good but I would like to keep my dinos that I worked hard to get. I don’t plan on transferring my stuff back to official or anything I just prefer to play my games with a pause button. I don’t appreciate getting “arked.” Lol.
  7. I'm so happy I got a 140 white Mososaurus while only using 50 raw prime meat. I want to know other aweaome tames that went on during the Extra Life Charity Event.
  8. Ardeth

    TEK Updates and Gear

    Tek Dinos are not just normal dinos, as they cannot have the “skin” removed and be returned to such; therefore it becomes apparent that the devs intended for the dinos to be actually 100% machine ... my point being this: why are TEK dinos affected by tranquilizers, narcotic, and such??? They should be unaffected by these things... How about instead... they can only be KO’d by approximately intentioned devices? The Electric Prod comes to mind as it could overload their systems. A new EMP tipped arrow and EMP Dart would be awesome and comes to mind. TEK weapons could have a “stun” setting in addition to their main fire and I could easily see an EMP grenade being put to use as well. Also, Since TEK is endgame for ARK, these items should only be craftable in a fabricator or higher... and for “system overload,” aka the torpor of mechanical dinos, could easily see an EMP or electric charge (like a battery/capacitor) to place in the inventory to use like narcotic on a normal, organic dino. Idea 2: Create a pair of TEK level crafted “video sunglasses” like the video recording ones that are available to place on raptors and maybe other dinos. Then the player has their own set (or built into the suit) that uplinks with the dino pair and can then use the uplink to explore and “become” the dino while remaining stationary themselves. A remote control for dinos, if you will. If not for normal dinos, then could implement the feature (only) into TEK dinos, which are designed to be 100% machine.
  9. Ploss666 I play ark on ps4. I do have a server but I test everything that I do in singleplayer first. That being said...I was testing out how to transfer dinos via obilisk (in singleplayer) to prepare for our server moving to extinction soon. But now all the dinos are greyed out with literally no expiration somehow. It's only like 6 direwolfs and a direbear but its worrying that I cant even hover over their names to try (due to being greyed out)... being I'm on ps4 I cant figure out how to access files etc to try to at the very least delete them from the list and try again.
  10. Hey I was wondering if anyone has any good methods for metal runs with a quetz and anky. Like for example the whip and chair method that used to have unlimited weight. Please leave any ideas or methods you have below, it would be a great help.
  11. Pibz

    Dino Names

    So i play official pvp, and as you would expect get thru a lot of tames. In the interest of passing time id ask about other peoples dino names an how they name them. Im in smallish tribe so i dont always just name things after my psn or character. Often i hit google for baby names related to the dino i.e colour, i have a Blue Giga called Azule.. Some times i name for a specific reason, i had another giga called "Mo Feckin Farah" because all it ever wanted when raising was long ass walks for imprints (RiP Mo..) other names ive had include Fleshlight for a featherlight, Edward for a theri & Ronnie the Rhino... I had a whole load of Wyverns named after different devils, gigas named after serial killers & sex offenders & reapers named after Nazi's from ww2. Anyone want to share thiers an entertain me?
  12. Lorgo044

    Kulindadromeus in Ark!!!

    We (I) need Kulindadromeus in Ark!!! Kulindadromeus was a tiny Jurassic herbivore that used to live in modern-day Russia. This little guy could make a very effective shoulder pet that could have insulating properties like the otter or some kind of passive gathering ability. A specialized placement would be nice in example: I could place him on the smithy and he would sit on the anvil or I could aet him in the bookshelf where he would lie down in the empty shelves. The fluff on the new Argent would be a good texture to use for the top of his head. C'mon Ark devs, look at this guy and tell me you don't want him in the game!!
  13. SoddenHalfling1

    extinction Extinction DLC Dino Discussion

    Extinction DLC Dino Discussion I believe they will have the same basic dinos as always but just like scorched and aberration there will be new creatures unique to the dlc my theory is since this is earth and you can clearly see a massive city made from tek that the new creatures will be ai tek based high probability of a tek flyer or glider like the drake or the wyvern from scorched and aberration and also I think there's a good chance we'll get a big tek fighter like the reaper king on aberration just my two cents what are your thoughts
  14. I have noticed that when I pick up one of my dinos using a Quetzal or Agentavis, they shrink. Usually it’s the wolves and ankylosauruses. They seem to miniaturize at the worst times. I have to restart my game because I am not able to ride them nor go near them. I have also noticed that I will watch videos after dying specifically for the beacon, and typically the beacon will not show up. On rare occasions, it does show up. The body is typically still there, but I have had sometimes perviously that allowed the beacon to shine even if there wasnt a body. Please fix these, thanks!
  15. hakmac10

    xp Dinos won’t gain XP

    Help please , I play Ark on iOS , I have purchased the God Console , leveled up some of my dinos using the God Console , and now they can’t seem to get anymore XP , and if I use the Console to level them up , it does not work anymore .
  16. Beossenblok

    Dino's stuck underwater

    My tuso is stuck he moves but when i dismount it just go back to that place
  17. Eggsboi

    Tusoteuthis taming

    Hello fellow players? Has anyone of you tamed a tuso on a pvp server on mobile? If you did, can you kindly tell me what server you are on, what kind of tames you brought and and how you did it? Thank you in advance
  18. I don't know if this is the case for every official PVE server but I still notice some weird things in ark. I am not going to call them an Error but they are definitely things that leave your head scratching. Here are some of the things that i am still unable to understand or that i believe they are weird: 1. Building issues in Icebergs. This is my personal weird thing since i move to the island map. I build an entire base on the iceberg that looks like an inverted cone behind the Blue obelisk but when i need to build in the base of the iceberg it says that is too far up from the ground even when i put Aberration cliff platforms on the base. 2. Am i the only one who thinks that tek generator should be able to function to replace all cable systems on the base? i mean, all i am saying is that the limit of the range shouldn't affect the element consumption. that would get rid of some rendering issues and it would actually make more sense as it is supposedly a better generator than the normal one. not to mention it would mean that people would not need to build so many unnecessarily big bases since you wouldn't need to make a ton of normal troughs around the base to feed your 500 dinos. Also, it would make pvp more fun as one tek generator would be the priority to destroy inside a base because that would be the main thing to destroy...definitely would improve the game in both pve and pvp. 3. Should Tek armor need element to run? I think it shouldn't be the case. Hear me out! How much more fun would be to just fly around the base with the tek armor to do your boring tasks? not to mention that people barely use it because it uses element like crazy. So the best armor is...practically an aesthetics ware rather than a practical one. It is expensive to build (compare to other) yet we rather walk with other armors as this one is just too expensive to keep using for what it actually does. 4. Tek dinos...what is the purpose of this? I am still wondering what this are for... they dont do anything new, nor have a special trait other than they start a bit higher level... something that to those who already have rexes with 20k hp+ and 800 melee is more that pointless to work on the stats...either in pve or pvp... just a weird addition. Dont get me wrong, I like the tek Rex and Tek Raptor but...usless...unless you are new but even then it would be just easier to find someone who sells you a good fert rex egg and start from high stats now. (this is in regards to official play) 5. Am I the only one who thinks that the spino spawn on the island should be double? I mean, i play often and i am only able to find about 10 spinos per week...it is a DILO kinna thing. 6. Thylas not allowed in boss...is just weird. just saying! 😛 7. Gigas are pretty usless...on pve. Maybe they should be allowed in bosses 😛 (at least 1) i know it would make things a lot easier but dang it...takes two weeks to grow 1 and all they do is farm meat...are you kidding me?! lol Well, this are some of my own personal DILO/weird things i still see happening or that are part of ark. What are yours? 😛
  19. Throughout my time playing ARK I have been on MANY unofficial servers where the owners actually have websites for that server where players can buy dinos, items, blueprints, resources, and etc. Yet once you join an official server many say it against the rules to sell dinos from player to player. Yet what's the reason for that? I don't see how it could cause any harm for the game. If anything it could be positive. Allowing people to play more, spend money causing them to want to invest more time and buy more expansions! If it's allowed by server owners on unofficial why is it not allowed on official? It's the players own choice to spend money in return for another persons service. They aren't purchasing a digital item, they're purchasing the time and service of taming/breeding a dino for them. If anyone can achieve that item for FREE you are only paying for the service of another player collecting it for you. Hoping to see if this is allowed. Also added in my honest opinion of it If Joe wants to buy/sell items why not! It doesn't affect anyone else. Not everyone has the time to tame a giga for hours on end. So why not be able to pay another player for the service instead!
  20. metapuns

    Tamed Dinosaur Revival

    I'm a huge fan of ARK but I'm one of the more quiet and casual players. I love the exploration and farming side of the game and spend most of my time building and taming dinos rather than raiding. I know a lot of other dedicated casual players who feel the game is a bit too harsh on us. We know this game is trying to appeal to the rougher survival side of games, but the option should be available. The game promotes players to tame armies of dinos and replacements, but for me its heart breaking to lose my dinos. Its hard to see something you spent an hour taming and days training die because you were attacked or even just crashed in a bad spot. It hurts to see them disintegrate as they get eaten. Please add an option to make dinos revivable. Make it an option that dinos faint when they lose health and we can use med packs, spawns, or interactions to revive them. Many thanks from a dedicated player ❤️
  21. Skyenicoleee

    Losts Stats on Bred Dinos

    Yesterday I hatched five flying dinos. All of which who fully matured today. Being a very proud owner, I took a screenshot to show off my stats and to also log them so I can continue to breed them. Now a couple hours later I go on to see that the stats were completely different. imagine my surprise. I was thinking it was a mating boost or something else entirely. But to no avail, I couldn't figure out why this happened. So please, I beg of you fix this bug. I spent a lot of a hard time and work to raise these argys. And I would hate to lose those stats. I also have screenshots to show the before and after of my best dino. And remember, I did not level these dinos at all. Also please try to fix this asap. oh, and also the reload bug for the gun. And the unable to see dinos inventories once you knock them. thanks again, and a great game. (except the few bugs)
  22. Kuro707

    Taming bug plz help

    This new bug wont let me tame anything. this started after the first time i ever requested a dino in ark mobile. so i was taming 3 argentavis and they all reached 100% on the taming bar but they didnt wake up, instead they stayed on the ground as if they needed to tame still. After that i went to tame a dodo to see if this was happening only to the argentavis but the same thing happened.
  23. Hi everyone! I am new to the forum, but have been playing Ark for a few months now. A couple friends and I have been playing on a Nitrado boosted server, I own. We just freshly started this PVP server, on The Center map. The server is boosted, we're thinking about holding events, and hope to expand! Right now, the server has 10 slots. If we get more people, we'll expand! The server is a unofficial PC for PS4 - Named: Noob PVP No PVE We're a fun group, I can spawn stuff (like a dino trading post or something of that sort lol) And we're taking suggestions!!! Please join and if there is something you don't like, let me know!! Thanks guys!!!!
  24. No flying creatures PS4 server, level 100 start, 10X taming. Type in No Flying in search and you will see it. I had to switch map from ragnarok to center due to not being able to fully remove wyverns. This is to have a server with a different outlook to exploring and pvp. At the moment the server is 10 max pop. I will increase this up until I reach 100 depending on server activity.
  25. Hello everyone, it happens that using the tame request, some of my dinosaurs disappear from the game and are no longer on the list, it is very annoying after losing hours of play to find and train them. How is it possible? Now I'm afraid to use it, do somethng please! It was very usefull...