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Found 172 results

  1. Achatina: Trail of slime much longer and lasting, but lighter. Ability to climb large trees and cliffs. Possibility of breaking its shell with strong blows and get it as decoration. Allosaurus: Allosaurus solitaires (New aspect for these, more worn and wounded), more fragile beeing alone, but more aggressive (more range of detecting preys). This ones could attack other Allosaurus, since there is evidence of cannibalism among this specie. Ammonite: Empty shells in the depths of the sea or in caves, being a good source of keratin if it is destroyed, or decoration if it is caught. Angler: Real-time shine on the ocean floor and rocks. This brightness could causes the attraction of small fish like Coels, Ammonites, etc. Open mouth idle animation, and idle animations for the lures. Ankylosaurus: Much less damage to the shell and much more damage to the bottom without a breastplate. Defense animation protecting its weak parts. "Bone fracture" effect causing momentary lameness. Only in a special attack, more dangerous, and slow, therefore easier to dodge than normal attack. Araneo: Ability to put cobwebs covering the paths of caves. (Burned using torches) Ability to climb any surface and throw cobwebs to hang them. Archeopteryx: Better animations of interaction with trees. Add idle animation resting in the back of a player. Argentavis: Complete remodeling (Animations too). Ability to detect corpses at long distances. Change the spawns appearing also in the sky, not only in the mountains. High enough not to be easily detected, but low enough to detect corpses in the ground. Arthropleura: Animation for the appendices. Add small ones in the forest, beeing this ones more calmer, running away if they see a player, but attacking if that player annoys them. Baryonyx: Vertical diving animations to go up or down. Improve the animation of rotating attack under water. Ability to get fish prime meat. Basilosaurus: Improve rotation animation. Improve water particles when expelled by Basilosaurus. More variety of animals swimming around them. Beelzebufo: Animate the insects when they are caught by the frog (That perform this attack in the wild too). Brontosaurus: Complete remodeling (Animations too). Damage by his footsteps and the fall of the body after his death. Attacks with their legs. Carbonemys: Complete remodeling (Animations too, and slower) Ability to hide under its shell. Immunity to jellyfish. Carnotaurus: Visual remodeling (skewers from head to tail). Charge attack, more powerful but easier to dodge. Castoroides: Animation to harvest plants, and another animation to harvest wood breaking trees. (A Castoroides biting the tree, and getting wood progressively. You can cut the animation to scape or something or wait to finish getting a lot of wood.) Chalicotherium: Causing a clean cut by the claw attack. (Explained below) Capacity to throw you rocks in the wild. Cnidaria: Possibility of remaining baradas in the coast if they leave too much of the water. Coelacanth: Ability to catch small fishes with their tentacles. Compy: Running away when they listen some big dinosaur roaring. Running away sometimes if a member of the group dies. Daeodon: Delete area particles. Put an effect icon only or an indicator like the Yutyranus. Dilophosaur: Visual remodeling (Larger) Improve the effect of being under the influence of their acid liquid. Dimetrodon: Remove the fins from the sides. Attack with the tail. Visual remodel adding wounds in the fin. Dimorphdon: Visual remodeling. Improve the animation of being caughted on a player. Ability to hook on cliffs. More appearances on the coast. He was piscivorous, so he could hunt like the Ichthyornis. Travel in groups. Diplocaulus: The bones of his swings grew with age. Make them larger or smaller depending on the level of the animal. Diplodocus: Capacity to attack using their long tail or their legs... Direbear: Improve the intimidating animation on two legs. Enlarge the area to confront animals. Dodo: Less spawns on the beach, and more in the jungle. Ability to be catched in the wild, but he bites you to try to escape (Using this to use them as a bait for example, this would be helpful to you to evade megapiranha). Doedicurus: Much less damage to the carapace. Let the arrows bounce on it (they can be picked up). Dung Beetle: Spawns in the jungles. Ability to detect poop, drag, and eat it (In the Wild, and tamed but recolecting poop, not eating). Dunkleosteus: Special bite to break certain types of rocks and get stones. Electrophorous: Recovery time when performing electric charges. Equus: Less spawns, appearing only in large meadows. Be in groups, with babies. Euryperid: Why can they get out of the water? Ability to engage an attacker or limb preventing walking, swimming or attacking properly. Gallimimus: Flee when seeing large enemies, but facing insects, small animals (Dilos, Compys, etc.) And ability to detect and catch eggs. All this was part of the Gallimimus diet. Bee: Fastest wings movement. Giganoto: Visual remodeling. Shorter and slower, due to its enormous size it was not able to reach high speeds. Prioritize the sauropods (their preferred prey) ahead of any other animal. Gigantophitecus: Capacity to walk like a quadruped. Apply contusion effect on preys. (Explained below) More armor protection means less chance of causing contusions. Hesperornis: Improve idla animation beeing on a player. Hyaenodon: Detect corpses from longer distances. Ichthyornis: Maximum amount of theft of objects (For example: 20x Fish meat, 10x Raw meat, etc.). Prioritize fish meat above the other food. Ichthyosaurus: These marine reptiles needed oxygen, add that need, and an animation of taking oxigen out of the water to, when its oxygen is below "x%" Ability to capture Coels with the mouth and nibble them. Animations of jumping over water. Iguanadon: Bigger and corpulent. Improve the animation of the arms walking with 4 legs. The animation of change between 2 and 4 legs doesn't give weight sensation . Change the roar Animation to catch berries with the mouth, not with the thumbs. Kairuku: Add animation by sliding through the ice / snow. When you punch one of them under water, they stand for a moment, fix that. Increase their speed a lot in the water. Kaprosuchus: Add a better animation for when the Kaprosuchus is in the air jumping. Shorter jumps, it is biologically impossible with their anatomy to perform those jumps. Kentrosaurus: Once impale an enemy, start running and hiting them on the ground, instead of going around. Leech: Ability to remove them yourself using a torch. Possibility of extracting contaminated blood while the individual is in the swamp fever. As a consequence, if someone takes such blood, will be contagious. Leedsichthys: Instead of setting the minimum time to regain meat, establish a probability that the Leedsichthys will get angry the more meat the player harbors. If you get angry, make a strong blow to get rid of all the creatures around you. Steal 10x of meat each time, instead of 50. Liopleurodon: Can you make a normal and possible animal? Lystrosaurus: Visual remodeling. Mammoth: Visual remodeling. Travel in groups with a larger and more powerful alpha, and babies. (In these the predators would focus). Ability to shake trees without throwing them with their fangs and making the creatures fall to him. Manta: Attack curved sting from more complex angles. Animation to move by land. Megalania: Slower. Megaloceros: Visual remodel (Female). Breakable horns. More difficult to hunting them, running away from more far distance. Or maybe reacting aggressively defending himself only when he is enough strong to fight the hunter (Depending on the lvl). Megalodon: Complete visual remodeling (Bigger and scary). Ability to charge at great speeds from the depths, against an enemy swimming on the surface, thus jumping over water due to speed. If the enemy is big, it will hurt him, if he is small, he will swallow it whole. Decrease its range of prey detection. But increase it if an animal enters the water in a state of bleeding. Megalosaurus: More energy, it's a dinosaur that all it does is sleep. Improve the waking up animation. Spawns (rare) outside the caves during the night. Meganeura: Ability to perch on trees, cliffs, shrubs, etc. Animation of death and attack. Megatherium: Best animation when putting on 2 and 4 legs. Change to territorial creature. Slower. Mesophitecus: Ability to climb trees, cliffs, etc. And throwing feces. Microraptor: Ability to hook in trees and precipices. Mosasaurus: Visual remodel. Oxygen. ADD THIS, it would be raptoring incredible to see a mosasaur going out to get some air. With its 100 vertebrae, it had a lot of flexibility, it could turn more faster, and swim completely vertically. Onyc: Resting position on the roof of the caves. Otter: Movement of the whiskers by the wind. Better animation when is launched. Oviraptor: Ability to catch eggs in the wild fleeing from the parents, to later eat the egg. State of "alert" being domesticated to collect eggs in a range around. Pachy: Visual remodeling. Pchyrhinosaurus: Improve running animation. Add charge attack. Paracer: Visual remodeling. Attack with the neck (like the giraffes of today, since due to his skull, this behavior could very possible) Attack also with the hind legs. Parasaur: Visual remodeling. Difference in the size of the ridge between genre. One thinks that it could use it to stun the predators and to flee to the water, since it was not bad swimmer thanks to its tail was flat. Severe sounds in the males and sharpest in the females. He could walk both 2 and 4 legs as well as the Iguanodon. Pegomastax: Its spines established the function of making the pegomastax look bigger bristling the spines. Add an animation for that when their are in combat. When stealing, set berries priority over other objects. Pelagornis: Animation of attacking underwater without having to stop the flight. Phiomia: Complete remodeling. Change the attack animation to use your fangs instead of biting. Piranha: Longer teeth. Less quantity of them in the rivers, but more concentrated in groups. Ability to detect prey at greater distances if they enter the water with bleeding. Don't lose an objective until it is dead or out of the water. So that can be used to deceive the piranhas. Plesiosaur: Visual remodel. More area to attack the enemies using his long and flexible neck, bending it to reach the victims. And the hability to catch small fishes, since it is known that his mouth was perfect to that. Procoptodon: Capacity to walk like quadruped. Pteranodon: Visual and animated remodeling (skin of the wings vibrating through the air, wings folding when flying, etc). Distinction of the size of the crest (Larger in males, lower in females). Hunting system similar to Ichthyornis, since fish was also the preferred food of Pteranodon. Pulmonoscorpius: Ability to catch small prey on its claws. Purlovia: Catch small prey. Quetzal: Complete visual remodeling and correction of the land posture (supported mostly on its hind legs). Possibility of locating it in the ground taking small prey and killing them in the air. Raptor: Complete visual remodeling including full feathered body. Move in small groups, lowering the damage and life of the Raptor to compensate. Ability to hook on the sides of sauropods or backs of medium sized dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus or Triceratops. Attack with the claw, which causes bleeding. T.Rex: Visual remodeling (No spikes, plates or fancy things). Sabertooth: The teeth of Smilodon were somewhat fragile, so they could break. If this happens (unlikely), the sabertooth flees leaving behind his tooth as a decorative element or trophy. Bigotes shaking by the watching. Sarcosuchus: Visual remodeling. Usually they're sunbathing with an open mouth (or not) or lurking calmly inside the water. The Sarcos could have this two behaviors: Beeing calmly inside the water, waiting for a small prey to catch it the water and drag it into the water. (Like the Kaprosuchus, but better) (It would be awesome if they could catch medium preys, like the Parasaur). And just fight when they have to defend themselves from a big animal. Better capacity of movement and fast turns. Spinosaur: Visual remodel. Improve swim animation (Something similar to the Baryonyx). Change the roar. Less circular shape of the spine, more "S" neck form... There are a lot of images showing how the spinosaurus was. Stegosaurus: Visual remodeling (larger body, smaller head). Slower. Their plates were not connected to the bones directly, but were held by muscles. Because of this, it was possible that they were torn off. This can be used (like the Saber Tiger) for decoration or trophy. And of course you can find one of them without one plates in the wild. He had the ability to change the color of his plates. This would cause a more threatening aspect to make smaller hunters like the Raptor flee. Tapejara: Ability to hook on cliffs and move while caught up to them, or to the Redwood trees. Terror Bird: Visual remodeling. Improve running animation. Apply contusion effect to small preys. (Explained below) Therizinosaur: Visual remodeling. Passive attitude if it is not disturbed. Apply clean cut using their claws. Thylacoleo: If the prey you hunt is small, drag it to a tree to kill it and devour it in the trunk of the tree. Titanoboa: Visual remodeling. Remove the poison. Ability to trap with your body and swallow whole small prey. Titanomyrma: Movement in the wild (They are always quiet). Ability to climb any surface. Add anthills (Titanwyrmas permanent spawns). Titanosaur: Slower and heavier. Less agile to climb, to facilitate its capture. Triceratops: Complete remodeling. Ability to load and impale small prey or push large. Possibility to break their horns, and find those same horns in the wild or Triceratops without horns in the wild too. Trilobite: Visual remodel. They weren't like that, in ARK the trilobites looks like aliens. Create two grups. On of them would be Trilobites that lives swiming at shallow (Actual Trilobite, thos ones). And the other group would be Trilobites that lives in the floor, in the coasts, or in the depths. This ones can bury themselves under the sand, so they have antennas, and eyes at the end of these to see out of the floor when they are burried. Tusoteuthis: The real Tusoteuthus was 6 - 11 meters long. How much long is the ARK Tusoteuthis?... Wooly Rhino: Visual remodel. And improve the animations. Braking animation (Same to dinosaurs with a charge attack.) Human: Particles when the human get in contact with the water. Capacity to swim faster (new animation), or slower pressing shift. Blood textures. Ability to climb streeper hills, rocks, cliffs, using their hands. Improve character creation. Improve animations. Capacity to use a torch at the same time you're using some tool. Stop breaking bones when you have little life. Capacity to take medium objects like chests, morters, etc. General changes: State of "clean cut" caused (sometimes) by creatures such as Therizinosaurus, Iguanodon, Chalicotherium, etc. Being clean, it costs to close it, so if you don't apply prongs, it can cause temporal bleeding. State of "contusion" caused (sometimes) by creatures like Terror Bird (In small prey), Pachirynosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Gigantophitecus, etc. That causes a momentary decrease (2-4 seconds) of the speed, which increases progressively until it returns to normal. Something similar to a momentary dizziness. State of "fracture" that causes lameness, lack of mobility in some arm, etc. Depending on the location. Decrease the effect (60-50) seconds by half (30-20 seconds if prongs are applied). Need for water for all dinos that needs water to survive. Including drinking animations. (To to this you can do that when a dinosaur have less than "x%" of water, they go to the closest river or lake. And when they get in contact with the water, they would start drinking animation) This means adding of course a water sprue for tamed dinos. A minimum of 3 new idle animations for all dinosaurs. Sniffing, scratching, looking around, eating, resting, etc. Dinos destroying trees hitting with their bodies, when they get caught on that trees. Less and better blood textures in the bodies. Located in the area attacked, and not by the full body. Blood particles, drip, etc. Effect of blood particles under water. Specific animation of tearing meat from a cadaver instead of biting. Hunger going down much faster in dinosaurs (They needed huge amounts of food). Less detection range for carnivores without hunger and get tired faster chaseing a prey. Movements in the plants when some animal are walking through them. Roar for ALL dinosaurs (Performing these in the wild too) Herbivores Alpha Footprints. Visual differences in alphas. Water rain particles with hit anything. (Currently it throughs everything) Ability to plan for all the fliers and plummeting animation. Animation to when some dino falls, causing fractures in big dinosaurs (showing weight, not like now). Or death animation if the drop is too big (Similar to the death Raptor animation in ARK Dev Kit). Let peaceful wild dinosaurs look at you as they pass by and even make sounds. A lot of more ambiental sounds. An specific animation to when a dino is catched by a flyer.
  2. This is a long post so get your coffee out and maybe slap yourself in the face repeatedly so you don't fall asleep. Ok, so recently wildcard has shown us the second set of previews for the Dino tlc pass coming later this year including some much needed model improvements and abilitys to make these animals more useful ingame and asked us players for feedback and suggestions so I unable to keep my mouth shut(as usual) have come up with a few if you can I'm open to suggestions for what creatures could do and what you think of the stuff I've come up with, epithet if you can't believe the utter bullsh*t you just read or whether you think they're feasible. The Carno: This is a creature that I and many others feel has become rather useless in the game for a long time now it's almost no match for other dinos of simular size (even that slippery little baryonyx DireWolf is stronger than it) so I think some adjustments are needed and I've gathered some idea's I've thought of or that have been suggested by others but nit given much attention. 1.The Carno should get a speed increase something to put it on par with the gallimimus and the roo, carnotaurus is renowned for being one of or the fastest carnivorous dinosaurs. Now of course we can't have the gallimus overlor... ignore that "cough" or the roo become useless so the Carno should be slightly slower aswell as having poor manoeuvrability while sprinting and a slow acceleration(I'll explain why when I get to the next ability). So of course with a faster speed it would need new animations ones with which it takes longer strides and the model may need some touch ups to make it look the part.(also the carnotaurus had osteaderms running down its sides make sure to include them when you redo the model it would add to the aesthetic) I'll leave a silhoutte/skeleton below 2. Ramming attacks, now what could I mean by this? Well I'm talking about turning our docile little "Cowno" friend into a living breathing battering ram capable of damaging structures. (Im unsure whether these would be wooden or even stone it all depends on where balancing would put it) what I'm thinking of is while it bpgradually builds up speed the damage it would deal increases I'm thinking that it would have two options while sprinting the regular bite, a lowering of the horns(damages structures) and a move where it slowly opens its mouth while charging exposing its teeth and then slamming into creatures like a pool que dealing damage. Also can you imagine how satisfying it would be just watching it begin its charge while slowly opening its mouth... I don't know maybe I'm just getting carried away.. Triceratops: make it almost comparable to a sword and shield has a basic attack(left click) and a block that reduces/blocks attacks (right click) buff it to be onboard with the Rex, size increase, remodel to look less messy maybe more like an actual triceratops, new animation set. The DireWolf: Ok next up The dire wolf (this'll be short just some aesthetic suggestions) since the last time a direwolf design was shown a few weeks ago its improved drastically which I am very happy about "Finally no snarl lines!" "Yay" The ears look much better along with the overall geometry of the face which all I can say against is it looks a little plain that that's most likely of the bland texture on it right now. Now I still do have a couple ideas that could improve the overall look namely adding fur onto the actual face I think it's needed for something as large as the wolf, some fur on the forehead and then some pointing out words on the sides of the face(I'll leave a sketch showing what I mean later) would improve its overall look and finally I think the entire body should get fur. Usually it just has a mane which looks very oatchybright now but I am aware it's still wip, but something like the brilliant job in the direbear in terms of fur would add to the design. The direbear is my second favourite tlc overhaul so far only being beat by the Death roo, but that's mainly because I have many find memories of threatening people from the back of my trusty roo..sniff" I get emotional when I talk about this stuff sorry. So recap give us a floof wolf or something..yeah, oh and also dogs and wolves also tend to have this droopy little black thingy in the corner of their mouth I don't know if this one has that or not since it was obscured by shadow. The Plesiosaur: Me and others have given up on using this little DireWolf on many occasions namely because of two things, it's has a terrible aoe(area of effect) when attacking and it turns like a literal truck..So what could be done to improve the experience? Well making it the complete frikin opposite of course! What if the plesiosaur became almost an underwater acrobat able to turn on the spot and becoming super manoeuvrable how it would do so I'm hypothesising(making up) is by using its long neck to help it turn. Below I have linked an image of the angle which a plesiosaur can move its neck laterally there are the conservative ones in dark grey and andnthe mkre insane ones in the light grey and since ark has always been about going insane with the designs why the hell not? So I'm suggesting the animations get changed up for turning so that the neck curves around with the camera and that the plesiosaur can turn on the spot and essentially do little underwater donuts as it's neck curves around..hehe Then give it a larger aoe and I think many would use it just for how easy it is to get around with. As for the design change I like everything so far except it's ugly little face and the skinny little weak flippers it has. (Dude needs to work out) The Utahraptor: Whete to begin... well alot has happened to utahraptor since the original model and I mean ALOT discoverys have been made and the utahraptor has changed into a very different animal with stocky legs and a powerful build this things looks like a raptor trying to be a trex. So I suggest you go with this new info make the Utah beefier (I'll put a skeletal down below) and maybe even making it fully feathered is a possibility it's already a powerful animal and the size a coat of feathers add makes it appear all the more formidable (I plan on leaving concept sketches when I can) I beg of you one thing though...please don't break the poor dudes wrists...leave them unpronated..with the palms facing inwards..following this model change I think a stat buff would be needed and remember a thick layer of feathers would still provide protection to the animal it would muffle the blow when attacked that's why fur is also so predominant it offers more protection than you would think a thick layer matted fur is often stronger than a set of scales. akright enough of this boring "design" stuff let's get to the abilitys! Starting with it's something that's been suggested more times than I can count, since nearly the start of early access...a raptor pounce/latch mechanic please...we need this. Then just a thought that cam across my mind if you ever did decide to make the raptor fully feathered would be a tail fan that springs forward when threatening(and no I don't mean some crazy peacock poop) to make it appear larger I'm not sure what use that would have ingame but that's why suggestions are appreciated. https://goo.gl/images/Zjk46w The Megalodon: The megalodon sadly has become a bit redundant overshadowed by things like basilosaurus(water sauasages) or baryonyx(slippery bastards) which come with their own abilitys and outdo the lonely ol shark. And with everything else so grossly oversized in the game the megalodon appears small so I think a 10%size buff is in order. When the game was new the megalodon were a thing to fear and would chomp players at every instant but now they seem just like over grown fish and in a game where everything f**kin repeatedly kills you, this isn't good enough so I've thought of a solution! To royally f**k you up when swimming! They idea is that megalodon would be able to dive out of the water with players/mounts in its mouth and drop them when reentering the water but only after dealing bleed and damage, I've got a twitter link here:https://twitter.com/destroyerz117/status/952101718942154752 that leads to a gif of behaviour like that I'm suggesting being performed by a great white. Now I'm not sure how this would work Ai because if every single shark could do this you'd be dead all the time but maybe a 10%chance of Ai doing it is needed to instill fear into players that their day might come to an end early. Visually the megalodon looks i but like a plump sausage and I wouldn't mind seeing it being updated for bonus terror points. The Argentavis: I find the Argent is in a relatively good place right now in terms of balancing while it may seem a bit slow it makes up for it with relatively good stats for weight health and melee I'm looking forward to the updated model the current one..well..let's just say it hasn't aged well. However there still is one gripe I have with it though flying down from any height, it is so painful to just fly down you couldn't believe in fact I find this is a problem with many flyers so I'm proposing that you add swoop mechanics to all of them not like griffin level of madness I understand you can't do that but something along those lines, it could be noticeable slower and without that...you know..insane damage buff or speed increase just mainly as a way to fly down. And you must admit when you watch a griffin gracefully come in to land and then see a pteranodon flapping it's hardest just to get down it looks very unpolished. The Pteranodon: while im speaking of flyers I may aswell mention the pteranodon the textures and overall model are in dire need of replacement, fix the wings, get rid of the teeth, change its carry animation to pick things up with its mouth instead of its legs which were not adapted to carrying anything at all, fix the legs, remove the teeth, narrow down the head or at least the weird growth that you've made out of its crest or actually give it a proper crest with maybe variations in size for males and females and maybe a covering of pignofibres(hair/feather resembling coverings) on its body? Or scaly either one works. And as I stated above some sort of dive mechanic would be great as long as it's in a better state than the griffins, pteranodon are strong enough as it is. The Sarcosuchus: Ai sarcosuchus should bask in the sun, sarcos should receive a death roll attack and have that goofy grin wiped off their faces The Spino: A less wimpy roar that doesn't remind me of my teenage years when I first hit puberty. Maybe make it last longer while your at it to satisfy the fanboys/girls inside us all, then I have two suggestions for what direction you should go in visually (a) stick with the giant pupper Spino we have learnt to know and love make the face lest "crusty" and fix some skull proportions so it looks more like a Spino also the sail needs changing and would actually be a thicker and more than just a skin membrane I like the style used for texturing the current one with bold lines that make the scales pop so maybe keep that and I've got some speculative idea over the inside of the mouth being spike lined, there are certain birds that have adapted something like this to keep fish in and it looks pretty sick not gonna lie and I mean the more badass a non realistic creature looks the better amirite?I'll do a little sketch to show what I mean later. (b) go with a bipedal spinosaurus the quad Spino is very unlikely since it wouldn't be able to move its arms like quad Spino requires without dislocating them, secondly it's wrists were very thin and wouldn't be able to support that weight and obviously weren't made for doing so(I am of course taking about the knuckle walking Spino theory, your design has got some weird other thing going on entirely) so if you did go for a biped Spino I have some weird ideas I'll start with the Spinos mouth being lined with spikes(shut up I'm addicted to the idea now!) the legs are rather short to keep in line with recent discoveries(but no knuckle walking!) and it hold its neck arched like a pelican which helps it keep upright but also has evolved to be incredibly muscular and it uses it to sort of slam its head down onto something and pins it to the ground the teeth and skull have changed to resist impacts which allows it to take in this behaviour. an unusual idea I know but it's cool to think about I'll do a sketch or something when I can be bothered not being lazy and stuff. and so if you lasted this long drank all your coffee to stay awake or your face is red from slaps then as I've already said I would love to hear feedback from anybody and what you think of my ideas aswell as suggestions. AND FINALLY!! Nearly forgotten but the most important entry here the Parasaur! parasaurolophus for two long have been pushed around by dirty apes or little raptors..pshaw! I say! Incredible new findings have shown that parasaurs were much more remarkable than we ever imagined! COME ON JEN YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT! Make it happen
  3. So I have quit ARK....again....for the 4th time in the last two-ish years. It seems like a reoccurring theme in ARK that I play for 1-4 weeks (grinding hard at least 4-8 hours on most days) but end up leaving and taking a 6 months to a year off? I play on unofficial pvp servers fyi because I enjoy playing as a solo tribe and being a pain to other tribes with lots of small hidden bases and lots of explosives Some even 'hire' me as a bounty hunter to kill certain tribe members or attack satellite bases. Funny enough most contracts come from tribes that are allied with the tribe I am attacking so they can take the farming spot or base location etc without coming off as the aggressors. Anyway, now that you know my play style, I still wonder why I always quit within a month of playing. I think I have compiled a list why I and maybe others quit as well only to play again later. 1. Takes up too much time/game is in real time - grinding resources, upkeep of dinos, base, defenses etc 2. Glitches, lag, rubberbanding, disconnects - all of which usually lead to a death and loss of good gear and items. 3. Getting raided - once in awhile one of my bases will get discovered and you can't stop 2-5 tribe members that want to kill your base, especially offline. (seeing a base that took 2-6 hours to make to only get destroyed within likely 3 mins can suck, as well as losing 2-4 hours of gathered resources and items) 4. Sleep schedule gets destroyed IRL - this is a personal thing but I have caught myself playing til 4am. I would be tired at 2am but I had to the spend the extra 2 hours to make sure that my bases were secure, turrets had enough ammo, generator had enough gas, dinos were hidden/in pens, made sure I had lots of idle items going (making metal, cp etc) This goes hand in hand with #1 but since the is in real time, you feel obligated to login a lot to make sure all your poop is still there. 5. Eventually gets stale/stagnate - I have caught myself getting bored at times spending 20% of time upkeeping, 30% gathering, 20% traveling to/from places and only 30% enjoying the game. Things that used to be fun aren't anymore such as taming dinos (just adds upkeep time and traveling back to your base with it can take hours), pvping can get stale since most bases have 1000 auto turrets, and you eventually end up spending your time doing a lot of...nothing. 6. You realize none of it matters/you wasted a lot of time - eventually the game gets stale and you spend more time flying around looking for SOMETHING to do/interact with that is different. All it takes is one base wipe, one glitch or DC, one death to undo hours upon hours of play time and then you think "Why tf am I still playing this? Putting in tons of hours only to be undone in mere seconds." All it takes is that one death or raid for you to then close the game, and proceed to uninstall it. I love this game, I do but for these reason and more, I just can't bring myself to play it long term at all. Why do you guys stop and start playing this game again and again?
  4. I am the owner of a PS4 Dedicated server that is up 24/7 on Ragnarok This server is run on a pc and will show up under PC session. We do pay for a nice server to optimize the experience of our players. The server is 4x XP/Harvest BOOST-PvP CHAOS-TRIBAL WARFARE. We eventually will like to expand our server to have multiple servers with maps connected through cross Ark. That way you can travel to the island, scorched earth, and aberration. SERVER RULES: There are NONE! Build WHEREVER you would like, tame any dino, raid and make allies! We want to create a world full of collaboration with your friends, allies or even enemies SERVER STATS: The following days have been allocated events with changes and boosts. SATURDAY/SUNDAY-PURGE. TUESDAY-HARVEST BOOST. THURSDAY-TAMING/RAISING BOOST. Settings have been changed to make it more fun and challenging. Events, collect rare colored dinos: I will be holding events throughout the server where Rare colored dinos and competitions will take place. Compete for great prizes and be the first to tame a one of a kind dino! The competitions will start when we have enough players. Competitions such as boxing, gladiatorial combat, dodo fights, a hunt for the golden dino, racing and many more!
  5. My tribemate and I have been breeding squids and gigas since legacy and up to now in new servers and always hit 100% on all of them. We play in official PVE so no boosters and such. Now with the imprint timer change a few months ago, my tribemate was excited to hatch a squid, get it to 100% imprint without losing sleep. He hatched it right when the imprint timer changed to 8 hours, but despite always been on time, coming online 15 mins before care and bringing all imprint kibble with him, the imprint always gets lower than the growth. As in the imprint is 3% for 3 cares and for 4th care its only 2%. The imprint gets higher than growth for the 3rd care but on 4th care its lower than growth again. After accepting the fact that this squid won't hit 100%, a few days later they release a patch claiming to fix the imprint since some dinos can't hit 100%. Our squid was about half grown by then but still after being always on time the imprint per care was the same 3% then 2% on 4th care. The squid ended up with only 97% imprint. You can see the disappointment and frustration with investing 2 weeks time and not hitting 100%. Thinking it was only because the patch was released when squid was half grown, we hatched another but still same thing happened and only hit 97% before full grown. THIS IS AFTER THE PATCH THAT CLAIMS TO FIX THIS. Now I wanted to test it on gigas since i'm the one who breeds gigas. I hatched 4 gigas YESTERDAY (AS IN AFTER THE PATCH), and same as squid it was 3% imprint for the 1st 3 cares. but on the 4th care, when it was 11.6% maturity, my imprint only gave 2%, so my imprint was 11% while growth was 11.6%. So I already know that it will just be the same as the squid and they won't hit 100%. People might say that they are op anyway and 97% is practically 100% but we do not waste our time always doing care on time just so we get 97%. if we knew it was always 97% i just wouldnt go on time anymore since i can waste 8 hours since it wont count on the last care. Should we just accept this bug and always just get 97% on the biggest dinos where the imprint counts the most? Please fix this since its been going on since the imprint timer patch release @Jatheish @Jen @Chris tagging admins too and hopefully you let the higher ups know as well @GP @invincibleqc
  6. Pets should be able to defend your structures while your away. So if they detect one of your structures getting damaged they spring into action. I thought the neutral command does this but after some testing it doesn't seem like they do.
  7. My personal opinion on reasons why most Ark players die. #1 - Server crashes, lag, & glitches brought to you by Studio Wildcard #2 - Dinos #3 - Turrets/other Players #4 - Fall Damage #5 - Environmental Elements (Cold/Heat/Drowning) #6 - Starving/Thirst #7 - Killing self on purpose (eating poop, punching to death) #8 - Pissing off the wrong dodo...
  8. Hello, my name is Natasha and I am the owner of a PS4 Dedicated server that is up 24/7 on Ragnarok Primitive+. This server is run on a pc and will show up under PC session. We do pay for a nice server to optimize the experience of our players. The server is Survive This! Having trouble finding us in the list? This happens a lot and is a common bug just add Natasha2040 and join from your friends list. (: We eventually will like to expand our server to have multiple servers with maps connected through cross Ark. That way you can travel to the island, scorched earth, and aberration. SERVER RULES: There are NONE! Build WHEREVER you would like, tame any dino, raid and make allies! We wanted to create a world full of collaboration with your friends and allies and also maybe a few envious enemies. Be the king of the mountain or have a whole Island to yourself, but be sure to put your defenses up as some people may be jealous of your territory. There are no admins. SERVER STATS: This server is boosted in certain ways but we strive to keep it realistic and immerse you in the survival experience. Taming is boosted 3x; we feel that you should not have to wait too long to tame a dino, but we also want kibble to still be beneficial. We have also boosted everything to do 50% more damage, including characters, tames and wild dinos, but enough to keep it balanced and not overpowered. Maturation rate is 1.2x, resource gathering is 1.5x however there are a lot more resources per item (a boulder will feel more like you are gathering a boulder and not a sponge filled with rocks ), This is to add to the realism of what gathering would actually feel like. It is on max difficulty. We have bonus XP for killing, crafting and taming. Character stats are not boosted. Events, collect rare colored dinos: I will be holding events throughout the server where Rare colored dinos and competitions will take place. Compete for great prizes and be the first to tame a one of a kind dino! The competitions will start when we have enough players. Competitions such as boxing, gladiatorial combat, dodo fights, a hunt for the golden dino, racing and more! We are currently working on an arena to hold events that will be open to the public. Be the best and become alpha of the arena and in our hall of fame! Our page on Nitrado: We have a page on Nitrado where you can comment, view the server, pictures and new updates. If you like this server and would like to see it continue to be run you can always help by donating on our Nitrado page if you would like. (These funds all go into the Nitrado account that pays for their services) To visit our page just follow this URL : https://Nitrado.net/s/survivethis. QUESTIONS?: If you have any questions about the server or need anything at all you can PSN me at Natasha2040. We can add you to the group chat with all of the active players on our server as well. I do check my PSN messages throughout the day. That is the best way to contact us for anything. (We do not give ourselves admin privileges, and we will not have any admins, nor will we be giving handouts to ourselves or others... We work for everything we have and feel like all things in the game should be earned) (: I want to say THANK YOU for taking time out of your day to read this. I hope to see some of you on the server! All are welcome and the more the merrier. Have a great day, Natasha
  9. metal cave "ghosting through rocks"

    in the metal caves leading to the surface zones, there are rocks that simply cannot be hit, and i and my ankylo can walk through them, will this be fixed or will it be another broken thing that wildcard sweep under the ever expanding rug?
  10. Hola, Soy un jugador de PS4 en el que juega en Primitive+ desde hace un tiempo, Desde el 3º dia de la salida de Aberration en el modo Primitive+ faltan cosas, mas bien dicho DINOSAURIOS, Solo tenemos Ravagers, Rock Drake, Bulbdog, Roll Rat, Karkino, y algunos pocos mas, me gustaria que volviese ser como el primer dia que habia Espinos, Raptors y Paracetariums por todos lados, Por faltar faltan los engramas y algunos fallos del juego, pero lo mas importante creo que sera que vuelvan los dinos, no se si es por un error en el codigo fuente del modo primitive+ pero espero que alguien me lea o haga algo para hacer llegar esto a alguien para que pueda mirarlo o arreglarlo puesto que el unico servidor de Europa no tiene nada mas que 7 dinos y estoy un poco harto de tamear Ravagers y Roll Rat, lo de los engramas en cierto modo hasta resulta divertido ir de drop en drop esperando a que salgan los blueprints nuevos pero PORFAVOR PONER LOS DINOS COMO EN EL SERVIDOR OFICIAL, A ALGUIEN MAS LE PASA?
  11. had a failed tribe merger nearly a week ago where i was instructed poorly and my dinos did not make the merge and are still in my old tribe of which i was the only member its been almost a week and they could decay at any time can you please help me get my dinos back my old tribe is and my new tribe is also named Treehouse Marching Band on - xbox na aberration 732
  12. Multiple seating dinos

    Me and my brother are looking for an easy way to transport our selves across the island and I was wondering what are all the Dinos that seat multiple people? Also what Dinos have platform sattles?
  13. Just wanted to suggest that you do not allow tames to be transfered from non aberration servers in the future. This map is special and many of the dinos that are currently available on ragnarok etc do not fit into the dynamics of aberration. I own many dinos including imprinted giggas and more wyverns than you can count so I'm not being biased. I just think that if transfers are allowed it will definitely bring the game play down. Possibly only allow transferring of dinos that are currently available on aberration such as spinos, paras, etc. My 2 cents..
  14. Are we able to transfer Aberrant Dinos to like TheCenter, TheIsland, Ragnarok and to other maps? I did the "CrossARKAllowForeignDinoDownloads=true" on my Ragnarok and Center Servers. Was able to get a Bulbdog transferred to Center but I cant take an aberrant dodo off of the transmitter on Center. I also have "CrossARKAllowForeignDinoDownloads=false" set on my aberration server. Any help would be appreciated in transferring aberrant dinos to other maps but not bring regular dinos to Aberration map.
  15. Rex levels

    Hey I just traded for a Rex that was breeded and it’s base level was 266 with +31 levels ready to go as i am writing this I have used all the levels (and a few more) and my Rex’s stats currently stand at HEALTH: 25k STAMINA:3k Melee:575 I still have more levels to come so what should I invest them in to? And is this a good Rex? (Current lvl 306)
  16. I know you guys have a lot on your hands but the water and air feels a little bland. In the air all you see is a bunch of Pteradons screaming bloody murder as soon as a Compy bites their ankles and as for the water you can't go 1 foot without Megaladons and Manta Rays going "Where you think yous goin?" I would like some variation like maybe tough underwater beasts that shoo off Megaladons and make you feel safer along with maybe tiny little common creatures that observe you whilst perched on trees fleeing when you hit the tree and carnivorous birds that chase down Pteradons in groups and attack when you are close. I agree those creatures would add so much color to the games atmosphere! (Sorry I can't find the button to reply) IKR it is so annoying when you are just minding your business in the water taming an Ichthy and then a gang of Megaladons tear you limb from limb, a creature like a passive unless attacked T. saurophagis that scares away Megas and Mantas as a form of underwater trike would be welcome to make the waters less scary.
  17. Dino stats remake

    I know creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved have unrealistic stats. In real life, you never would see 1000 lb Utahraptor easily killed by 180 lb Direwolf, or 10 m Tusoteuthis grabbing a 12 m Mosasaurus. I think they need to be remaked. About the attack speed - it means many, creature with lower damage and higher attack speed can kill creature with stronger damage and lower attack speed/ My idea about remaked stats (not all creatures, only rideable land carnivores here, herbivores, flyers, swimmers and unrideable carnivores would be added soon): Creature - New HP - New Damage - New Torpor - Attack Speed - New Saddle Level (HP, Damage and Torpor for level 1) Direwolf - 250 HP - 25 damage (+ pack bouns) - 160 Torpor - medium attack speed - rideable without saddle Sabertooth - 320 HP - 37 damage - 220 Torpor - high attack speed - 22 Level Thylacoleo - 400 HP - 40 damage - 350 Torpor - medium attack speed - 34 Level Direbear - 450 HP - 38 damage - 300 Torpor - low attack speed - 30 Level Daeodon - 380 HP - 34 damage - 500 Torpor - medium attack speed - 45 Level Baryonyx - 500 HP - 44 damage - 520 Torpor - low attack speed - 49 Level Dilo - 450 HP - 42 damage - 450 damage - high attack speed - rideable without saddle (now rideable and can't spit poison) Carno - 530 HP - 49 damage - 600 Torpor - low attack speed - 52 Level Raptor - 480 HP - 48 damage (+ pack bonus) - 300 Torpor - high attack speed - 27 Level Allosaurus - 650 HP - 60 damage (+ pack bonus) - 800 Torpor - medium attack speed - 60 Level Megalosaurus - 900 HP - 85 damage - 1200 Torpor - high attack speed - 75 Level Spinosaurus - 1400 HP - 82 damage - 1200 Torpor - low attack speed - 74 Level Yutyrannus - 1360 HP - 97 damage - 1400 Torpor - medium attack speed - 80 Level Giganotosaurus - 1500 HP - 100 damage (+ pack bonus) - 2000 Torpor - low attack speed - 82 Level Rex - 1450 HP - 135 damage - 1800 Torpor - medium attack speed - 90 Level
  18. Hello devs! Since i got the game, I wondered why I was able to drag dead bodies, but not unconscious ones. Especially when you try to tame an animal and its lights go out while in a body of water. Why the heck can't I grab that criter and drag it out to save it from drowning? Keep the weight limitations intact - If your preferred rex goes out head underseas, well... tough luck, but everyone should be able to pull a pelagornis or a dilo out of the water. Thanks for reading and considering.
  19. Game Breaking Bug

    Hello everyone, i am experiencing a game break bug where my tamed dinos do not farm.So far ive tamed a parasaur and 2 trikes and none of them seem to farm anything.I tried relogging , veryfing games files but to no avail.Please help I am playing on EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok76
  20. Revamp Dino Painting!

    Full disclosure: I'm terrible at painting. One thing I loved early on in my days in ark (WAY too many hours ago :P) was that i could download paint skins from online and slap them onto my dinos. For me it was quick and easy. Now looking for skins is a chore, they're all still the same from way back when. Many of these sites haven't had new submissions in over 6 months! Many of the newer dinos have no skins available at all. The reason for this? The paint system for dinos has never been updated or changed. It's clunky, hard to use, and un-intuitive. The rotation is awkward. Getting fine detail is almost impossible. With all of these incredible dinos for use as a canvas, for the painting tool to be dropped off in terms of support seems such a shame. I'm not claiming to know HOW to fix the system, I don't know enough about game development to make a suggestion in this case, but I feel the painting system deserves a look from the development team to see what can be done to make it a viable form of art in Ark again! If you have any suggestions on how this could come about, feel free to leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!
  21. I'm so happy I got a 140 white Mososaurus while only using 50 raw prime meat. I want to know other aweaome tames that went on during the Extra Life Charity Event.
  22. im looking to get started on a clustered server with all of the maps what is the best map and how would i start out?
  23. Okay, now that I've finally stopped laughing. . .. . Playing on single player, my Ichythornis (the seagull that people complain about stealing all of their stuff) and my iguanadon got in a scuffle with some unfriendly compys. Well, my seagull got a bit carried away. He picked up my iguanadon and was flying in circles and attacking it while it sat there helpless (did a surprising damage, to be honest). I couldn't get it to respond to whistle commands, and resolved the issue with console commands, but only after I managed to stop laughing. Screenshots: #BadassBird #ReallyBigCoconut
  24. Breeding set-up

    I play on PvE and I was wondering if anyone could help me with a few things. How many air conditioners should I get? Should I get a dino like a rex or spino to collect meat before? How long do things like 220 Pteras take and generally is it hard to breed for a solo tribe.
  25. Dinosaurs disappearing

    Anybody else's dinosaurs just disappearing? Even dinosaurs at my camp are disaeappring....