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Found 343 results

  1. A few sugestions for developers

    I have a couple ideas that would greatly improve the game 1, add a smaller dino gate for dinos like equus raptor thorny dragon sabretooth pulmonoscorpius purlovia parasaur ovis Pachy moschops lystrosaurus mantis hyaenodon iguanodondoedicurus dire bear dire world castorodes beelzebufo allosaurus arthropluera araneo ankylosaurs ichthyosaurus manta pteranodon pelegornis lymantria 2.Tek large trap door 3, tek zip line 4,hangglider 5. siege weponds like battering ram (I think that's what you call it its on weels and has a large pillar that can be swung and used to brake down doors and walls) 6. Pleas add a currency something like gold or silver that could be like rare flowers it could be a boss drop gotten from mining obsidian and crystal 7. alpha taming and saddles you could make it so alfas can be tamed possibly by using something like strong narcotics and have a special saddle 8. larger moon pool vacume compartment for esier acess to dinos 9, make vacume compartment and regular building items able to be connected so you can have part of your base underwater and part above watter 10. smaller snakes and a smaller cat 11. dino beds for small dinos that could give them a buff that makes them heal faster 12, a tek healing station where you can use element to heal yourself of disease and also heal faster 13.strong narcotics would be a great item 14. tek incubation chamber that speeds up hatching eggs 15. large version of cnidarian 16, taming piranha 17, griffins swim (they have legs and are part land animal they could stay on the surface but not dump you off if you hit the watter) 18. wyvern saddle that allows two people to ride or something along though lines 19. Pegasus would be a really cool dino to add 20, armor for dinos like equus ichthyosaurus manta allosaurus castorodes dilophosaur direwolf direbear gallimimus griffin Jerboa Iguanodon gigantopithecus hyaenodon lystrosaurus megaloceros mantis mammoth microraptor morellatops ovis oviraptor pachy pegomastax parasaur purlovia sabertooth sarco thorny dragon thylacoleo terror bid troodon yutyrannus
  2. Alpha Spawns

    So I play on a un-official dedicated server with boosted rates, none to spawn rate. I was wondering where alphas are most prominent so i can gather loot.
  3. My own server, so no one is taking them off, its just me here on it) I have placed 4 sets of transponder nodes (over time) on my wyvern amd dimorphodon it will stay and work for a bit but then later i notice there is no node one them anymore. Dimo just has been on my shoulder, wyvern HASNT EVEN MOVED OR BEEN IN COMBAT. WHY DO THE NODES KEEP DISAPPEARING AND STOP WORKING. Nothing has touched them, they just sit there...and BAM the nodes are gone. Quality coding....
  4. I just purchased my first rented server from Nitrado for PS4. I have been working on tweaking my settings all night. I spawned myself in a Griffin but it spawned in at zero health and zero XP. Also, the Dino/Griffin i spawned in isn't gaining any XP over time either. It is sitting at zero and not moving. What settings do i need to change so that any animals I admin spawn into my game aren't a millisecond away from death? Please help! As I would like to make this server public soon and remove the password.
  5. Shop for dinos

    hey! can you make me a price chart of dinos in ark using ingots. thanks!
  6. Deathmatch Arena mod for Ark. 2 to 10 players battle it out to the death inside Ark's boss Arenas (and 1 custom arena) in Free For All Deathmatch with a random armor and weapons loadout. Works 100% on TheIsland, Scorched Earth & TheCenter right now, "sorta" works on Ragnarok. (visit link for more map compatibility info) Team Deathmatch mode and at least 1 more custom arena coming this weekend! Better Ragnarok support coming as soon as a devkit with Ragnarok files is released. Somewhat similar to the legendary Rocket Arena mods for ID Software's Quake Series. PvE, PvP & Singleplayer Deathmatch Arena Yes, you are 100% able to kill other tribes members in PvE with this mod. Now you can finally get back at that f****r that is always griefing you. If they're man/woman enough to face you in the arena that is...
  7. Lowering Dino ammout?

    Me an my mate recently started playing ark, on our own non dedicated server (ragnarok) an one problem we have ran into is a large number of dragons, elementals, an brontosaurs. Iv tried looking up how to change these but I'm a noob when it comes to editing game files an not sure what to look for on editing SPEICIFIC dinos.. For example, we went otter hunting the other day, to a place otters are supposed to be more abundant, an instantly ran into 5-6 dragons where these otters are supposed to be, its so dangerous there, we havnt gone back lol. We also just discovered rock elementals. One was near our main base, we took care of it, but now there are four! imo, elementals and dragons should be MUCH rarer then what we have seen. I would like to lower the amount of dragons an elementals in our game, as well as a few less brontosaurs (they are big, very buggy, and annoying!) What code would I have to enter in for each of these 3? Please be specific >.< I'm not sure where it is in the game file I'm looking for, I tried finding something called "DinoCountMultiplier" but it wasn't in the "GameUserSettings.ini" Is it possible to lower/adjust a specific dino for a non dedicated server?
  8. Brand new PVP Ragnarok server! Add JJRUSH121 - .5 difficulty, 3x XP resources and taming, 4x egg hatching and maturity, 4x platform build, 3x structure strength, 3x turret damage, 2x loot drops, 4x fishing drops, and 3x boosted weight! Fun and helpful admins, will be hosting events and optimizing settings based on player feedback.
  9. SurvivorArk 247 is gamertag Community center with multiple personal rooms for people to use for 24 hours and then a shop where anyone can buy pretty much anything they want. Also have mazes and cool events like dodo fights, player vs player till death, player vs player till knockout, Tamed dino vs tamed dino no rider and vise versa. Fishing events. Treasure hunts. Quests with hints. There is no base wiping, you can swear in chat all you want just be nice. Trolls will be dealt with. Starter includes any level 50 dino with metal tools. ANY DINO does not matter which one.
  10. Strange sound

    I have a question Im playing on my ps4 on a local private server and In a delay of 30-40 minutes i hear aaah so does anyone know what that sound is?
  11. I have a few ideas of dinos that I would like to see added to the game... I think an owl would be great for the game as a dino that helps you hunt in in the night for any biome. A screech owl could have the ability to paralyze smaller targets with a screech; a great horned owl could intimidate... Im not sure the dino skill set, but owls would be an awesome thing as an add-on for night survival and to add another cool bird in the mix. The owl could be a funny addition to the new Ragnarok map (Harry Potter) A dingo would would be a good add to the scorched Earth biome. It could be smaller than the wolf like the hyena, while also being a more realist animal in the desert than a wolf. farming fruit trees and adding a pollination requirement would be an excellent addition for the food resources and giving a better purpose for the bees! It would be a good way to incorporate the pollination which is what bees do and a good way to harvest honey and get better crops in garden. Just some ideas I would be stoked to see!
  12. Ok guys so i have been playing this game since day one and this irritation has been around from day one and it needs to be changed asap. The average gamer is roughly 30 years old not 10 not 18 not 21 it's 30 studies have been done to find out and thats what they came up with. Even the average 18 year old has a job. the average 30 year old has a full time job meaning that don't have alot of time to game unless unemployed or they are a game tester as a job. That stuff being said it is unreasonable for breeding to take such an inordinate amount of time. You have to wake up every two hours of the night to feed and cuddle your freaking video game dino it isn't a real child it shouldn't require that kind of dedication to raise animals let alone days on end. A Giga take like two full weeks of that before it is fulling grown. If raising it affects your work you will get fired from work over your video game! These times need to be turned way the heck down. Imprinting alone needs to be turned into a quick minigame like a quick time event and the young dino should be able to be fed from a trough so long as one is available not hand fed every two hours. People are litteraly making money on ark by selling full grown wyverns and gigas! i am not talking like 10-20$ a tame i am talking 100$ or more because people don't have the time to raise them so they buy them from people with real money who do nothing but treat this game like it is their life and only reason of existence and that is just the breeding system! Taming not including K.O time it takes before actually starting to tame can take hours of time! a giga being fed its kibble takes 2hours to be tamed at level 150 not only that but you have to sit there with that thing and feed it narcotics for the entire time . If you don't have the kibble or mutton you can have upwards of 10full hours to tame the dang thing. That is nearly half a day! people don't have time to sit there like this is life and this is all there is. Again people are making money by selling tamed Giga's and such and again it is expensive to buy them! because people can't just tame these things in a reasonable amount of time. These need to be dropped down to where at most with raw meet or something it would take 2 hours for the strongest dinos and much much shorter for kibble. and these changes need to apply to all dinos. I donno about you guys but this has been going on since day one and i am absolutely sick and tired of it. These game mechanics are torture to be put through and need to be changed asap!
  13. Just letting everyone know how I'm going to start up, would recommend you do the same or something similar as I have seen get jacked (youtuber) do this and always get loaded straight away. First off we grind to make a raft, that'll take no more than 10 minutes with 12 of us. ------- 10 minutes Then we'll make a smithy, make some tools to get stone etc ------- 20 minutes Cover the raft with a walls and ceilings (stone) ------- 35 minutes Then head over to the swamp to grab 100 Plant X Seeds, then plant around 4 on the raft. ------- 45-60 minutes (depending on where we spawned) After that we'll go around to a mountain area to look for some Argy's and 2 Teradon's. ------- 1 hour 40 minutes Once we've tamed 4 Argy's all over level 100 (after being tamed) and 2 Teradon's, also over level 100 after being tamed, we'll go scout around for a good base location. 5 on birds looking for the location of our base and 7 grinding for metal, one on an Argy (highest weighted Argy). ------- 2 hours 10 minutes We are taking an estimate that we'll have a good base location within 30 minutes of searching/grinding, so everyone will head back to the raft, and the person who found it will lead us there (they'll show a picture of the location before we go there (show us in a chat). ------- 2 hours 25 minutes Once we arrive we'll craft some metal foundations as the outside layer and put layers of metal walls up. After that the ceiling will go up. ------- 2 hours 40 minutes We'll cover the roof with Plant X. ------- 2 hours 45 minutes While that's growing, we'll have the people on the Argy's going on metal runs non-stop, the two on teradons will look for a griffin level 80+ and the others will go and tame a dodec, anky, and a berry collector - most likely a trike or stego (the second day we'll get a bronto or two). ------- 3 hours 40 minutes After taming a minimum of one griffin, anky, dodec and berry collector we'll start setting up stone behemoth gates around our base. We would've started stone runs by the time the dodec was tamed. - 5 hours The base will be all metal as of now (not a massive base but decently sized). and that'll be the grinding for day 1. Then we'll raptor about and do whatever, most likely set up turrets etc and have some people head over to get some oil. But yeah, timing next to what we're doing it when we think that bit will be done. dont have to copy what we're doing, i would also appreciate some tips so dont be afraid to reply.
  14. On Official server, I have knocked out 3 150 rex in the last 2 days on SE and the pre-tame stats have all been completely garbage. Is there some 150 bug? The 145s seem pretty average, but much better than all the 150s. I have like 40 levels not used (speed?) on each of them. Could there be a 150 bug? Do I just have terrible luck? Mainly checking to see if anyone else has experienced this recently.
  15. Currently even the smallest dino gate is three stories tall by two wide. This is far too big for those of us that like to build discrete, low-profile bases to stay out of the alpha's way. I'd like to see a 1wide x 1tall or a 1wide x 2 tall gate for storing smaller rideable critters without standing out so much. This is important because 90% of us are not in the alpha tribe which means we are constantly running and hiding. Since bases can't run, they instead need to be hidden. Nothing gives you away like a massive dino gate on the side of your tiny hidden base. Also would be nice if you could collect natural plants and put them on the base to better blend it. Ive tried crop plots but they are high maintenance and the plot is quite visible. Thanks.
  16. So is there going to be a change to stop dinos you level past 450 from disapearing as people have the 411 level at hatch bloodline for gigas and if you level that to its max it will just disapear after a server update or crash or transfer. That really sucks for people with legit gigas they raise if they cant be leveled fully the cap should be lifted to at least 500 and increase as legit dino levels increase.
  17. Hey all! Was just brain storming some ideas about a possible wild dino carry rework. This is for PvE specifically. I think wild dino carrying could be implemented easily into PvE servers, they will just have to tweak it a bit to prevent trolling. 1). Megalosaurus: reinstate the original carrying capabilities, but if you get within a certain distance of another player's base/tames. It auto drops the carried dino. 2). Kapro: same changes as the Megalosaurus. these two are almost identical in carry style, the megalo just allows for larger dinos to be carried. 3). Squid: allow the squid to grab wild dinos, but DON'T allow throwing or movement with the captured dino. This will allow it to use the vampiric ability it is known for, but not allow trolling of others. 4). Flyers: This one would obviously be the most difficult to implement. I was thinking to enable the drop feature when close to a player's base, but it would have to have vertical protection as one could fly extremely high and drop it in. I feel like it would be difficult for developers to implement that. 5). This one applies to all. If a wild dino is picked up, it will become focused on the person/tribe that picked it from the ground, and if that person leaves the area it will despawn unless otherwise engaged by another player. This will add another layer of protection against trolling, and I feel like this would be an easy AI change for developers to implement. Just a couple of changes I thought up while messing around on singleplayer. Tell me what you guys think! QuetzalQuincy - signing out, you all have a good week!
  18. Hello Survivors, i hope this is allowed, 3 days ago i started a new Channel, with a series named TOP 5 ARK PLAYS. But to continue this series i need more people who send me clips and i would be very happy if you maybe subscribe or help me to get bigger and send me clips. I will name every clip with your Name! Thanks Guys, i love this game! Greetings. [email protected] is the email for the clips!
  19. Trip Wire /Pressure Plate

    Would it be possible to get some kind of tripwire or pressure plate setup that you can attach to open doors for use in catching wild dinos? For example, I play single player and I built a long rectangular box with a dino gate on one end and a regular door on the other. I led the dino in through the big door and ran out the little door and around to close the gate behind it. My thought is that if we had some sort of pressure plate or trip wire that would close the gate when its tripped that it would give players a new aspect for trapping wild dinos for taming or other purposes.
  20. State of the Daeodon

    Just curious before I venture out and tame another one of these things if they are still really buggy. Last one I had ate me out of house and home. Anything I put on it would be gone in minutes and if it was near a trough it would empty it in no time. None of the passive toggles seemed to work, sitting on it didn't change anything. Heaven forbid another dino take damage because the thing would explode into a ball of light that would consume thousands of meat in moments just to heal 5HP. Eventually I just moved it out of range of a trough and it starved itself to death in a couple of hours. So with that said, curious before I look to tame another for boss fights if they are still in the same boat. Danko.
  21. Couldn't find a complete list of Dino Tag names for use with the DinoSpawnWeightMultipliers, so i thought I may as well knock one up.. Shout up if i you see any errors or something missing. Last Updated : 06 July 2016 Alpha Carno - Elite Carno Alpha Mosasaur - Mosasaur (same as regular Mosasaur) Alpha Raptor - Elite Raptor Alpha Rex - Elite Rex Angler Fish - Angler Ankylosaurus - Anky Araneo - Spider Argentavis - Argent Arthroplura - Arthro Beelzebufo - Toad Boa - TitanBoa Brontosaurus - Bronto Carbonemys - Turtle Carnotaurus - Carno Casteroides - Beaver Coelacanth - Coel Compy - Compy Dilophosaur - Dilo Dimetrodon - Dimetro Dimorphodon - Dimorph Diplodocus - Diplo Direbear - Direbear Direwolf - Direwolf Dodo - Dodo Doedicurus - Doed Dung Beetle - Beetle Dunkleosteus - Dunkle Euryptorid - Euryp Gallimimus - Galli Giganotosaurus - Gigant Ichthy - Dolphin Kairuku - Kairu Meganeura - Dragonfly Leech - Leech Lystrosaurus - Lystro Mammoth - Mammoth Manta - Manta Megaloceros - Stag Megalodon - Mega Mega Piranha - Piranha Megapithecus - Megapithecus Mesopithicus - Monkey Mosasaurus - Mosasaur Onyx - Bat Oviraptor - Ovi Pachy - Pachy Paraceratherium - Paracer Parasaur - Para Phiomia - Phiomia Plesiosaur - Plesiosaur Procoptodon - Kangaroo Pteranodon - Ptera Quetz - Quetz Raptor - Raptor Rex - Rex Sabertooth - Sabertooth Sabertooth Salmon - Salmon Sarco - Sarco Scorpion - Scorpion Spinosaur - Spino Stegosaurs - Stego Terror Bird - TerrorBird Titanomyrma - Ant Titanosaur - Titan Trike - Trike Trilobite - Trilobite Woolly Rhino - Rhino
  22. The Suchomimus is one of my absolute favourite dinosaurs and I have always imagined it stomping around the Island or any map really. Obviously the Suchomimus's look is similar to that of the Baryonyx but that's what I like about it. It's size would come just above that of a Spinosaurus I would love to see it in Ark with a saddle to ride it with and an ability to pick up smaller creatures in its mouth and carry them around like that of a Megalosaurus. Fairly fast water speed but slower than it's Baryonyx and Spinosaurus cousins. I think it would be a cool addition to creatures of ARK. Of course these are just my opinions on the Suchomimus, feel free to give your ideas on the Suchomimus.
  23. So, as the title says, this function seems broken again. And I have confirmed it on all the maps as well. When you toggle the Disable Dino Resource Harvesting on ANY of your carnivore tames, they will still eat the corpse of whatever is killed no matter what. Resulting in NOTHING gained at all. This is understandably frustrating when you are trying to farm hide with a good hunting Dino by your side lol! Please respond if you have noticed this issue as well. Hopefully they fix this issue soon.....
  24. Baryonyx issues

    Hi, we just were in a cave-raid with a alliance-member. There were 2 of my tribe, both on Sabers. And a alliance-member with a Baryonyx. The Baryonyx was able to stun alliance-member and -dinos. Server is set to PvE and FriendlyFire is disabled! That means: Baryonyx ignores alliances, ignores pve and ignores disabled friendly-fire! On the other Hand: Piranhas are not able to be stunned by the Baryonyx attack. We were in the Upper South Cave. Underwater. Stunned by a friendly Baryonyx. And eaten by unstunnable piranhas. Well. Fix please.
  25. Original Post: dsfeagle M1uu "I found my argentavis at exactly 50,50 today, checked after work." [h1]RELATED THREADS[/h1] Also look into these (bigger) Threads with the same or a related bug: * [h1]DEEPER INVESTIGATION[/h1] UPDATE (27.11.2015): !!! MAYBE THIS IS A IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR THE DEVS !!! Yesterday i spawned 3 Paracers and 2 Brontos. Today they're all gone without message. There's NO MESSAGE in any log, not in the gamelog, not in the tribe log! It's not mentioned at all... Pls devs, fix this!! UPDATE (26.11.2015): Just looked into the logs again and saw something strange: UPDATE (28.10.2015): Just finished my test-case setup: Row 1. Normally tamed, without saddle Row 2. Normally tamed, with saddle Row 3. Force tamed, without saddle Row 4. Force tamed, with saddle I will report what will happen to them over time. UPDATE: At 84,4 / 85,3 there's a rock formation, so the problem in the below UPDATE is caused by the "stone glitch" UPDATE: It looks like that at GPS 84,4 / 85,3 every dino disappears when out of render range, this could be a good point to search for the bug! ( Source: ) UPDATE: Could the bug occur more often (or faster) to dinos with saddles on them? It feels like it... but i will test it today and post the results next day under the PROOFS section (with proof-screenshots). UPDATE: Here's another sum-up of Wolf Angelus, i've tried these tests too and confirm all his points! Some deeper investigation was done by "Wolf Angelus". Big thx man! Here's the result: [h1]ORIGINAL POST[/h1] Hello community! We have a big problem with our ARK Server and we don’t know what to do, more and more players switch to other servers and the last few are angry… Our Server ist hosted by NITRADO, it’s a Pro Server with 32 Slots and 6GB of RAM. The Problem: Our tamed Dinos are disappearing or dying randomly. We don’t know what could cause this but we’ve tried a lot of things now: All Dinos are set to „Neutral“ (We also tried aggressive, but hell no, this isn’t an option) All Dinos have a Feeding Trough in range AND Food in their inventory There are several Auto Turrets in our base which could reach every Dino we tamed (they wont harm our Dinos because it’s a PvE-Server, we tried that) Most of the Dinos are „parked“ in Barns/Houses/Stables which are completely closed (including foundations) and locked by Dinosaur Gates We built our base on the weathertop and „destroyed“ nearly every spawn there with buildings, so there are no carnivores or other aggressive dinos spawning Our base is completely enclosed by a 3-4tile high stone wall What happens: We log out and everything is fine, all Dinos are in good health and have something to eat and so on. The next day we log in (about 24h later) some of the dinos are injured really bad (blood all over them), some of them are completely dead (item cache backpack on the ground). ALL Dinos are in the same position as we logged off and most of the time the dinos right next to the injured/dead ones are completely untouched/unharmed. The strange thing: This also happens inside our stable with 5 Trikes, the stable is completely closed, even the windows. Yesterday it happend that the Trike in the middle was dead with a backpack on the ground and the other were standing there without a scratch. Another strange thing: I NEVER get a death message on login… Also, sometimes there isn’t even a item cache backpack on the ground, but if it is there, the decompose-timer is „fresh“ from the time we log in and set to 20mins. My Research-results: We searched for a lot of keyword combinations on google and you can find some interesting threads of users with the same problem. Some of these users servers are also hosted by NITRADO so i ask myself if maybe the server hoster can cause this problem? Someone mentioned a server hardware change helped, others mentioned the problem disappeared after they switched to another hoster, but there is no real answer „do it that way and it works“, just assumptions. Our Engine/Server Settings: [ServerSettings] RCONEnabled=True RCONPort=xxxxx PvEDinoDecayPeriodMultiplier=1.000000 KickIdlePlayersPeriod=2400.000000 PerPlatformMaxStructuresMultiplier=1.250000 AutoSavePeriodMinutes=15.000000 ListenServerTetherDistanceMultiplier=1.000000 MaxTamedDinos=5000.000000 ServerAdminPassword=xxxxx ServerPassword= DayCycleSpeedScale=0.43 NightTimeSpeedScale=4 DayTimeSpeedScale=0.57 TamingSpeedMultiplier=20.0 ClampResourceHarvestDamage=true HarvestAmountMultiplier=3.0 PlayerCharacterWaterDrainMultiplier=0.75 PlayerCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier=0.75 DinoCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier=0.25 PlayerCharacterStaminaDrainMultiplier=0.75 DinoCharacterStaminaDrainMultiplier=0.75 DinoCharacterHealthRecoveryMultiplier=3.0 ResourceNoReplenishRadiusStructures=1 ResourceNoReplenishRadiusPlayers=1 DinoCountMultiplier=1.25 XPMultiplier=5.0 ShowMapPlayerLocation=True ServerHardcore=False GlobalVoiceChat=False ProximityChat=False AllowThirdPersonPlayer=True AlwaysNotifyPlayerLeft=True DontAlwaysNotifyPlayerJoined=False ServerPVE=True ServerCrosshair=True ServerForceNoHUD=False NoTributeDownloads=True DifficultyOffset=3.0 bDisableStructureDecayPvE=True bAllowFlyerCarryPvE=True MaxStructuresInRange=2000 EnablePvPGamma=True ActiveMods= PreventDownloadSurvivors=True PreventDownloadItems=True PreventDownloadDinos=True ActiveTotalConversion=0 [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameUserSettings] MasterAudioVolume=1.000000 MusicAudioVolume=1.000000 SFXAudioVolume=1.000000 VoiceAudioVolume=1.000000 CameraShakeScale=1.000000 bFirstPersonRiding=False bThirdPersonPlayer=False bShowStatusNotificationMessages=True TrueSkyQuality=0.270000 FOVMultiplier=1.000000 GroundClutterDensity=1.000000 bFilmGrain=False bMotionBlur=True bUseDFAO=True bUseSSAO=True bShowChatBox=True bCameraViewBob=True bInvertLookY=False bFloatingNames=True bChatBubbles=True bHideServerInfo=False bJoinNotifications=False bCraftablesShowAllItems=True LookLeftRightSensitivity=1.000000 LookUpDownSensitivity=1.000000 GraphicsQuality=2 ActiveLingeringWorldTiles=10 ClientNetQuality=3 LastServerSearchType=0 LastServerSearchHideFull=False LastServerSearchProtected=False HideItemTextOverlay=False bDistanceFieldShadowing=True LODScalar=1.000000 bToggleToTalk=False HighQualityMaterials=True HighQualitySurfaces=True bTemperatureF=False bDisableTorporEffect=False bChatShowSteamName=False bChatShowTribeName=True EmoteKeyBind1=0 EmoteKeyBind2=0 bNoBloodEffects=False bLowQualityVFX=False bUseVSync=False MacroCtrl0= MacroCtrl1= MacroCtrl2= MacroCtrl3= MacroCtrl4= MacroCtrl5= MacroCtrl6= MacroCtrl7= MacroCtrl8= MacroCtrl9= ResolutionSizeX=1280 ResolutionSizeY=720 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX=1280 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY=720 WindowPosX=-1 WindowPosY=-1 bUseDesktopResolutionForFullscreen=False FullscreenMode=2 LastConfirmedFullscreenMode=2 Version=5 [ScalabilityGroups] sg.ResolutionQuality=100 sg.ViewDistanceQuality=3 sg.AntiAliasingQuality=3 sg.ShadowQuality=3 sg.PostProcessQuality=3 sg.TextureQuality=3 sg.EffectsQuality=3 sg.TrueSkyQuality=3 sg.GroundClutterQuality=3 sg.IBLQuality=1 sg.HeightFieldShadowQuality=3 [SessionSettings] SessionName=xxxxx (This shouldn’t be a spam post :-)) [/Script/Engine.GameSession] MaxPlayers=34 [MessageOfTheDay] Message=xxxxx Duration=25 So… what can we do? What do YOU think? Maybe something is wrong with our engine settings, or maybe it’s NITRADOs fault? Or are we missing something else? Would be great if we can fix this problem, so the server can gain players again and there’s a reason again why we pay nearly 40€ each month for a server where only my brother and i are playing! :-) Greetings, infernalshade