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Found 206 results

  1. Ark Primal Survival

    So, a long time ago, studio wildcard revealed the fact that they're adding a game mode to ark which is going to be a total conversion alike primitive plus, this is called Primal Survival, if you haven't seen the youtube official trailer, I recommend you watch it now Here , because it looks absolutely amazing ! Of course any sane person would love this, lots of my friends are fascinated such a thing exists, some of them thought I was lying, but of course when you hear about something like this so long before it comes out, you are going to anticipate it and build it up in your head, which I have been doing, and I've been thinking about writing forum posts on the official survivetheark website, so I thought this would be the perfect time and reason to do so. I've played ark since it was long into early access, and I love it, it's totally worth every penny it costs and with abberation right around the corner, it akes you think, have wildcard forgot about Primal Survival, or is it something they're working on to bring out as soon as possible ? I currently play ark on PS4 along with 10's of thousands of other fellow ark survivors and this is something we can all look forward to. I have always read all ark patch notes whenever they're released and whenever I can, s I wondered what I could find on this topic! I've started by taking a look at the official ark Game Pedia and as it says below V Ark Primal Survival is an upcoming Total Conversion for the ark survival evolved game. As it also says, It was originally planned to be released in February 2017, as is clear now and below, it hasn't been released. But stuff happens! Development can go according t plan or the opposite, so they're probably working out some kinks at the moment I then researched the topic some more to see what I could find and saw that a recurring topic was "Ark Primal Survival Cancelled?" But in the same discussion I saw that it was delayed, which was what I thought originally, but within this there are mixed arguements, and it seems that everyone agrees it has been delayed, whether we like it or not, so the true question is, are we right, that like many other game features, like renting PS4 and XB1 servers which was expected for mid January thsi year and we didn't get the option until the end of August, it may be another feature that'sjust had a lot of delays, which is understandable, becuase it's a big conversion for the game because they'd have to make all of the mating mechanics and the new camera points of view for all of the dino's for the players the get the best playing experience, because you didn't buy ark for minecraft quality graphics, which could potentially be what it is if it's released when it's not ready. But if you look around on youtube you can find a selection of videos that already seem to have got this conversion. From what I have seen through research, it has been made into a mod on steam, which you can see in This Youtube Video , Which I haven't watched fully myself, so I don't know how appropriate it is for this topic, but I thought I'd include it, because, if this conversion IS released, this UI featured in the video could potentially be what we are going to be seeing when we get ark Primal Survival released to us. Some more information I've found through my research is "" Ark: Primal Survival is coming later this year. Here’s how it works: “ARK: Primal Survival is an upcoming Total Conversion where survivors will be able to play, live, and breed as any of the ARK’s creatures! Survivors will experience full survival mechanics and lifecycles, including mating, growing, recruiting more creatures to your ‘pack,’ even constructing primitive dens.” Transforming into dinosaurs and mating with your best pals to have precious children and form a pack that will ultimately be torn apart by the lascivious jaws of death? Kinky. Each creature lives a different sort of life, too. In a Steam post, Wildcard offered examples ranging from coordinating attacks on other species as a prowling band of raptors to crawling around in caves and poisoning victims as a giant goddamn spider that can raptor off and die, if you ask me. Or you can start a bear family, which apparently involves lots of cuddling and fishing. Conspicuously, Wildcard does not mention mauling at all, suggesting to me that they’ve never met, seen, or even read about an actual bear. It all sounds really neat, and I’m interested to see what’ll happen when players get their hands on the mode. My guess: definitely not what Wildcard is expecting, no matter what that is. Reference I've also read the fact that in the game mode, you can also pay as a human and that you can be attacked by dinosaurs that are being controlled by other players. But sommething that is confusing me is whether or not the player controlled dinos can be KO and tamed, or if they are and don't want to, if that dino character is taken over by AI or if it is just destroyed, which wouldn't be fair for the human, so would there just not be the element of taming, or would there be people taking and leaving control of dinos as they join and leave ? So I think that this is a great shell of a game mode, but from what i've found there's a lot of work to be done by wildcard, and that this gamemode is a long way from complete. I would estimate it to be released in around July 2018, because there would be a lot of developing for them to do, and they do take a while to get things into the game, and this would take considerably longer due to the fact it's a massive conversion that turns ark on its head, so this is something we can all be hyped for. I am going to be updating this topic whenever I get new info so keep checking back, I am going to be tweeting Jat and the rest of the Studio Wildcard Community Team, and seeing what responses I get, so If I get any good Informtion, I will definetely add it in here.
  2. Right, so I'm not here to vent or complain, I am hoping to ask people (and let's stay strictly on topic) what their current experience is like ever since offline protection has been implemented and if it has any impact on their opinion whether if the non-avian dinos with the grabbing ability (thylacoleo, kaprosuchus, tusoteuthis, megalosaurus) have objective factors to why it should or should not return. I will disclose however I am on the return vote. From what I can observe back when it was a problem, the grabbing was a useful taming strategy, but also a very difficult but impactful griefing strategy that some people used to foul ends. In my observations however, the dinos that can be brought over to people's bases to grief were only powerful enough to cause a meaningful amount of damage when a base owner was offline and unprotected. With the emergence of the offline protection some time ago, I began to ponder if it has rendered this grab nerf for land and water dinos moot, or any changes to circumstance? I'm interested in what you have to saye, maybe I'm wrong? Let's post here to learn and hopefully obtain an up to date consensus regarding this topic.
  3. Hello again, Like the title states did they ever patch or adjust these guys waking up at night no matter what per their dossier info. I just want know as I want to get a couple of these guys for egg purposes but if they wake up at night still and with this event having longer nights I just want to know where I stand. Any and all help is appreciated Oh also the wiki is not loading, probably everyone on it. Can argent pick these guys up? Using a community trap and just wanted to know that as well. Thanks again.
  4. Hello! I just released my newest mod creation: DINO PATROL
  5. So never built in the redwoods before this time, and I really like it so far. only complant i have is when I went out tonight to setup a fishing dock near one of the rivers or ponds, I look in the water and see no fish anywhere. Only 1 pond had fish in it and that one had no more than 5 fish in it. Not sure if that is intended or not. Also I should note, nothing larger than a carno, diplo, or para spawns (besides the random titan). Iv been all over the redwoods but no rexs, spinos, brontos, or even allos. Also not sure if this is intended. i would like to find out if this is working as intended, or an issue that is going to be addressed at some point. Also i should note that this is a new cluster official dedicated pve server.
  6. Hey. I have a Question. I heared what i can Have in ARK Survival Evolved a Max Dino Lvl (Tamed, or Hatch) up to max 450. All dinoes about it will despawn. So for explain. When i have an Rex LVL 550 it will despawn after Update, or Patch or after transfer it? Is what true? greetings
  7. Loading screen caused dino death

    Flew to the scorched earth desert cave, went in through the ceiling of the building and clicked land. As I did the loading... popped up. Once it loaded or whatever my wyvern instantly was killed.
  8. PC version, no mods. Ride a dino, then cheat ghost and jump off the dino. Glitch 1: sometimes, it is impossible to access the dino's inventory after you have jumped off (or is this deliberate while the dino is a ghost?). Glitch 2 happens when you ride the dino again. The dino now falls continuously. When it hits the world's bottom, it is transported to some height above the terrain and starts to fall again. Neither cheat ghost nor cheat walk work until a server restart. Alternatively, you can upload the dino (to a crate or obelisk) and download it again to recover from the glitch.
  9. How does the slider work? Does increasing it spawn more dinos or lowering the number. The default was 1 and I raised it to 1.2 to see if it changed anything. I feel like there a lack of dinos but I don't know as I don't know how to check how many dinos are in the server. Would be grateful if anyone can tell me aprox spawn of dino numbers depending on the slider number. If this is a stupid question than sorry, I'm new to server hosting and don't mess with settings that much.
  10. Canary Like Creature For Aberration

    Ever thought of implementing a canary like creatures into Aberration since its mainly an underground map with gas leaks and low oxygen environments? The reason I say this is that miners used to take canaries into the caves with them to tell if they would have enough oxygen to survive and to give them a warning to natural gas leaks; If the canary died it meant they needed to get out of the area of the mine as soon as possible. Canaries are very sensitive to these changes in the environment and if this type of creature is added it would be a shoulder mount with low health and either a warning call, like the jerboa, or it could die all together. Saying this it should be a easy tame with low breed timers. Let me know what you guys think. =)
  11. NPC Human? HELP!

    So today I was looking for a allosaurus near the volcano and had to land my quetz to regain stamina. As I was sitting there a battle erupted between some Hyenas and another "dino". So I started taking some damage and decided to end the battle myself. Turns out I killed a level one HUMAN. I was too trigger happy and harvested the body on accident, looting meat, nerdy glasses skin, and the specimen artifact above. I was playing singleplayer, so nooone was trolling me. I have also searched patch notes and the forums for any other info and came up with nothing. PLEASE HELP! (I play the XBOX version if it matters)
  12. dino mind wipe

    I know it's been suggested before, but I'd like to re-ignite the suggestion/discussion. Can we have a mind wipe tonic for dinos please?
  13. dino slow key please

    Hi WC. We have a speed up key for dinos (SHIFT). Can we have a slow key as well please? Thanks.
  14. Good day! 194 was down for more than a day and now its up, I lost the most important dino that i have, my poison wyvern 'Big Bird'. I tried finding it, trying to recall what I was doing before the server was down but cant find it, is there any way I can get a help from devs? I could blame the server outage for it but I don't want to do that
  15. A few sugestions for developers

    I have a couple ideas that would greatly improve the game 1, add a smaller dino gate for dinos like equus raptor thorny dragon sabretooth pulmonoscorpius purlovia parasaur ovis Pachy moschops lystrosaurus mantis hyaenodon iguanodondoedicurus dire bear dire world castorodes beelzebufo allosaurus arthropluera araneo ankylosaurs ichthyosaurus manta pteranodon pelegornis lymantria 2.Tek large trap door 3, tek zip line 4,hangglider 5. siege weponds like battering ram (I think that's what you call it its on weels and has a large pillar that can be swung and used to brake down doors and walls) 6. Pleas add a currency something like gold or silver that could be like rare flowers it could be a boss drop gotten from mining obsidian and crystal 7. alpha taming and saddles you could make it so alfas can be tamed possibly by using something like strong narcotics and have a special saddle 8. larger moon pool vacume compartment for esier acess to dinos 9, make vacume compartment and regular building items able to be connected so you can have part of your base underwater and part above watter 10. smaller snakes and a smaller cat 11. dino beds for small dinos that could give them a buff that makes them heal faster 12, a tek healing station where you can use element to heal yourself of disease and also heal faster 13.strong narcotics would be a great item 14. tek incubation chamber that speeds up hatching eggs 15. large version of cnidarian 16, taming piranha 17, griffins swim (they have legs and are part land animal they could stay on the surface but not dump you off if you hit the watter) 18. wyvern saddle that allows two people to ride or something along though lines 19. Pegasus would be a really cool dino to add 20, armor for dinos like equus ichthyosaurus manta allosaurus castorodes dilophosaur direwolf direbear gallimimus griffin Jerboa Iguanodon gigantopithecus hyaenodon lystrosaurus megaloceros mantis mammoth microraptor morellatops ovis oviraptor pachy pegomastax parasaur purlovia sabertooth sarco thorny dragon thylacoleo terror bid troodon yutyrannus
  16. Alpha Spawns

    So I play on a un-official dedicated server with boosted rates, none to spawn rate. I was wondering where alphas are most prominent so i can gather loot.
  17. I just purchased my first rented server from Nitrado for PS4. I have been working on tweaking my settings all night. I spawned myself in a Griffin but it spawned in at zero health and zero XP. Also, the Dino/Griffin i spawned in isn't gaining any XP over time either. It is sitting at zero and not moving. What settings do i need to change so that any animals I admin spawn into my game aren't a millisecond away from death? Please help! As I would like to make this server public soon and remove the password.
  18. Shop for dinos

    hey! can you make me a price chart of dinos in ark using ingots. thanks!
  19. Deathmatch Arena mod for Ark. 2 to 10 players battle it out to the death inside Ark's boss Arenas (and 1 custom arena) in Free For All Deathmatch with a random armor and weapons loadout. Works 100% on TheIsland, Scorched Earth & TheCenter right now, "sorta" works on Ragnarok. (visit link for more map compatibility info) Team Deathmatch mode and at least 1 more custom arena coming this weekend! Better Ragnarok support coming as soon as a devkit with Ragnarok files is released. Somewhat similar to the legendary Rocket Arena mods for ID Software's Quake Series. PvE, PvP & Singleplayer Deathmatch Arena Yes, you are 100% able to kill other tribes members in PvE with this mod. Now you can finally get back at that f****r that is always griefing you. If they're man/woman enough to face you in the arena that is...
  20. Lowering Dino ammout?

    Me an my mate recently started playing ark, on our own non dedicated server (ragnarok) an one problem we have ran into is a large number of dragons, elementals, an brontosaurs. Iv tried looking up how to change these but I'm a noob when it comes to editing game files an not sure what to look for on editing SPEICIFIC dinos.. For example, we went otter hunting the other day, to a place otters are supposed to be more abundant, an instantly ran into 5-6 dragons where these otters are supposed to be, its so dangerous there, we havnt gone back lol. We also just discovered rock elementals. One was near our main base, we took care of it, but now there are four! imo, elementals and dragons should be MUCH rarer then what we have seen. I would like to lower the amount of dragons an elementals in our game, as well as a few less brontosaurs (they are big, very buggy, and annoying!) What code would I have to enter in for each of these 3? Please be specific >.< I'm not sure where it is in the game file I'm looking for, I tried finding something called "DinoCountMultiplier" but it wasn't in the "GameUserSettings.ini" Is it possible to lower/adjust a specific dino for a non dedicated server?
  21. SurvivorArk 247 is gamertag Community center with multiple personal rooms for people to use for 24 hours and then a shop where anyone can buy pretty much anything they want. Also have mazes and cool events like dodo fights, player vs player till death, player vs player till knockout, Tamed dino vs tamed dino no rider and vise versa. Fishing events. Treasure hunts. Quests with hints. There is no base wiping, you can swear in chat all you want just be nice. Trolls will be dealt with. Starter includes any level 50 dino with metal tools. ANY DINO does not matter which one.
  22. My own server, so no one is taking them off, its just me here on it) I have placed 4 sets of transponder nodes (over time) on my wyvern amd dimorphodon it will stay and work for a bit but then later i notice there is no node one them anymore. Dimo just has been on my shoulder, wyvern HASNT EVEN MOVED OR BEEN IN COMBAT. WHY DO THE NODES KEEP DISAPPEARING AND STOP WORKING. Nothing has touched them, they just sit there...and BAM the nodes are gone. Quality coding....
  23. I have a few ideas of dinos that I would like to see added to the game... I think an owl would be great for the game as a dino that helps you hunt in in the night for any biome. A screech owl could have the ability to paralyze smaller targets with a screech; a great horned owl could intimidate... Im not sure the dino skill set, but owls would be an awesome thing as an add-on for night survival and to add another cool bird in the mix. The owl could be a funny addition to the new Ragnarok map (Harry Potter) A dingo would would be a good add to the scorched Earth biome. It could be smaller than the wolf like the hyena, while also being a more realist animal in the desert than a wolf. farming fruit trees and adding a pollination requirement would be an excellent addition for the food resources and giving a better purpose for the bees! It would be a good way to incorporate the pollination which is what bees do and a good way to harvest honey and get better crops in garden. Just some ideas I would be stoked to see!
  24. Ok guys so i have been playing this game since day one and this irritation has been around from day one and it needs to be changed asap. The average gamer is roughly 30 years old not 10 not 18 not 21 it's 30 studies have been done to find out and thats what they came up with. Even the average 18 year old has a job. the average 30 year old has a full time job meaning that don't have alot of time to game unless unemployed or they are a game tester as a job. That stuff being said it is unreasonable for breeding to take such an inordinate amount of time. You have to wake up every two hours of the night to feed and cuddle your freaking video game dino it isn't a real child it shouldn't require that kind of dedication to raise animals let alone days on end. A Giga take like two full weeks of that before it is fulling grown. If raising it affects your work you will get fired from work over your video game! These times need to be turned way the heck down. Imprinting alone needs to be turned into a quick minigame like a quick time event and the young dino should be able to be fed from a trough so long as one is available not hand fed every two hours. People are litteraly making money on ark by selling full grown wyverns and gigas! i am not talking like 10-20$ a tame i am talking 100$ or more because people don't have the time to raise them so they buy them from people with real money who do nothing but treat this game like it is their life and only reason of existence and that is just the breeding system! Taming not including K.O time it takes before actually starting to tame can take hours of time! a giga being fed its kibble takes 2hours to be tamed at level 150 not only that but you have to sit there with that thing and feed it narcotics for the entire time . If you don't have the kibble or mutton you can have upwards of 10full hours to tame the dang thing. That is nearly half a day! people don't have time to sit there like this is life and this is all there is. Again people are making money by selling tamed Giga's and such and again it is expensive to buy them! because people can't just tame these things in a reasonable amount of time. These need to be dropped down to where at most with raw meet or something it would take 2 hours for the strongest dinos and much much shorter for kibble. and these changes need to apply to all dinos. I donno about you guys but this has been going on since day one and i am absolutely sick and tired of it. These game mechanics are torture to be put through and need to be changed asap!
  25. Strange sound

    I have a question Im playing on my ps4 on a local private server and In a delay of 30-40 minutes i hear aaah so does anyone know what that sound is?