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  1. So last night I transferred to a random Ragnarok server and I brought a flyer with me so that I could get around a little easier. I went to re-upload my tame so I could download it again on the random server so that if it were to get killed by another tribe they wouldn't be able to see the server It was uploaded from just the server it was tamed on. I wasn't able to because of the 12-timer. So after finding some loot I hid my flyer and went to bed. I woke up the next morning found a supply drop and uploaded all my loot without any problems. I went to upload my tame so I could keep it in the ob instead of the random server (was afraid it may get killed, didn't necessarily make friends 😂) It gave me the option to upload a tame, the 12-timer had ended, I could select the tame and click "upload tame", then it would show me the prompt saying "are you sure you want to do this all items on tame will be dropped blah blah blah", but then when I accept this nothing happens. The prompt goes away but my tame doesn't upload. I thought maybe it was because I was at a drop instead of the ob, so I tried green but still the same thing. i've tried googling and youtubeing the problem but haven't found any recent forums or videos on this. Im going to try knocking out my bird and attempting it again when it wakes up or exiting the game and joining again. If anyone has experienced this problem and knows how to fix this bug It would be extremely appreciated!!! Time is of the essence
  2. So while I'll admit it's a cool idea for the game which makes the rare breeding easier. However I'm wondering what really is the point since there is a glitch and the babies die so fricking fast? I found a fertilized dodo egg and since I keept loseing so many I sat there patiently, watched and waited. Once the incubation timer hit zero, three baby dodo's plop out, and run in three different directions. I got one imprinted and fed, then turned to the second and as soon as I walked up to it, at the exact same time it and & number three fell over dead. I was so mad, but one survived so I headed back to it to make sure it was doing ok and then it fell over dead. So I had triplets and they all died. It is so aggravating with the super slim chance of something like that happening, coupled with the fact that the babies die so fast, you can't hardly even keep one alive most of the time, but three at once is absolutely impossible to do. Unless someone else knows something I don't?
  3. como puedo perder un basilisco y un drake bajo el mapa, dos dias seguidos? no lo arreglaron supuestamante? me aburre reclamar y esperar una semana a que me digan que pena.
  4. Last night I was playing on my island server rented from Nitrado, and whilst riding my trike I came across a dilo and two snakes, I thought hey no problem my trike can kill them. But, when I pressed right trigger to attack, my dino did nothing.. I thought DILO, ok glitch, so I dis mounted and ordered it to attack target, which instead of attack it just got super close and followed it around. Eventually I had to remount and run away to save my trikes life. Once safe, I re-logged and things were back to normal. Later on... I was riding my trike to a supply drop, and encounter 3 pegostymax(the little thief bastards), and 4 dilos. I was like yeah! murder time! But once again, my trike was unable to attack anything, I dismounted again hoping it would defend itself. It did not. It was killed very quickly being defenseless and I was forced to retreat so I didn't die. I've not a clue whats happening here. I have about 800 hours on the steam version and am a very recent transplant to the Xbox one. I don't know if its something I can fix, or if its something that has to be fixed by Nitrado, or by the devs. But it was quite frustrating, I've never seen this issue before. I did a bunch of googling and didn't come up with anything that seem related to this issue. I will be keeping an eye out for conditions the next time it happens and try to narrow it down. Cheers all, Rex
  5. sinalenaa

    Dino Stuck place aberration

    We just stuck in the middle of the way. there is nothing but we cant move and no one can mount on him anymore. maybe someone got informations?
  6. I had a dream last night; In my dream I had a raptor as a pet, it went everywhere with me, it was my bodyguard, my friend, practically my brother. I woke up today feeling better than ever, because there was other stuff that happened in that dream, everything that happened in that dream was so good and such a nice idea of what life COULD be like, that I woke up feeling better than ever and wanting that dream to come true.
  7. I have seen some dino nerfs since this game launched and i think those nerfs were PVP focused. I am a PVE player and those nerfs are too much for me.
  8. I'm surprised I couldn't find any topics on this as it is a very old glitch. It would be even more sad if Wildcard doesn't even know about it. It caused me to lose two dinos within 2 days of playing. Well here it is. It's clear there is a boundary right at the water's surface that flying dinos cannot cross. If you try to cross it, you are dismounted. Everyone knows this. What you may not know is when you are attacked by something that is below the water's surface like a piranha, a microraptor that crossed the river, etc..., your flying dino if not set to passive will try to defend you. Wait, what about the barrier that it cannot cross? Here lies the glitch. Your flying dino will take off and never come back. I have found that wyvern just wonder around up in the sky which means if they don't go into stasis soon after lost, they could be ANYWHERE on the map due to their speed. "Just set your dino to passive" people say. That's even more dangerous. You are begging to lose a dino if it is set to passive. For example, during the Easter event I grappled about 10 dodos into a trap to get bunny eggs. I had to set my vern to passive just in case I accidentally picked up one of the normal eggs. Even dodos will attack if you take their eggs. If so, my vern would've killed them all in one hit and I'd've lost 1 hour of work. After I got all the bunny eggs I needed I forgot to take the vern off passive. I took the vern to carno island to get meat and look for Easter sabers but ARK crashed. When I logged back in, I saw that I died. When I realized my vern was still on passive, my heart dropped. The vern would've died for sure if she didn't keep momentum and move over water. So within 90m of being on passive would've resulted in death. Simple fix is this: I understand that the dino needs to take off so it doesn't die. If the path finding subroutine comes up with a distance that is more than it should to get to the "target" (due to the barrier), then dino takes off and then stops after 2 seconds. This is a simple fix off the top of my head. If the dino takes off, it will be away from the water's surface so it cannot be attacked by something in the water. The dino stops so as to stop the glitch. If the dino is already in the air, skip to the fly for 2 seconds and then stop. At some point it will be attacked by something that has moved out of the water or not at all. Two simple lines of code or less. I'm aware there are tracker nodes etc... Yes, they're buggy too. I've wasted countless resources just to find out the nodes are disappearing. I'd rather just find my dino rather than find my dino and an undetermined amount of pearls. This glitch is easy to reproduce and thus easy to fix by Wildcard. All they have to do is read this: 1) Set flying mount to anything but passive. 2) Take a flying mount near water. 3) Look for piranhas. 4) Land the mount and dismount from the dino. 5) Let the piranhas attack you. 6) Watch dino take off. 7) Rage quit ARK. I post this to keep people from rqing like me. Wildcard will say this is an "Alpha" or "Beta" phase game but if it was, they would be fixing issues over releasing more content. R.I.P. Lilac (Poison Wyvern) about 12 days from now
  9. It would be amazing if we had the ability to create a control group that would only heed whistles to the control group when it's selected. It seems all that would need for this to work is to have an option for a tame to "Only heed tame group whistles" Anyone else on this idea?
  10. slayerraw30

    cant download dino from ob

    me and my tribe mates are moving dinos from a island server to a rag we uploaded fin but we went to download we see the dinos and can click on to download my nothing happens we trying the ob drops and a trinsmiter nothing works we go back to the island and it let us download the dino anyone know what will make this do that?? I just see it says the tame limit is at 300/300 but we dont have 300 tames
  11. RabbitRidge

    Most Underrated Dino

    My vote is Pelagornis and if you're interested I'll explain why. But I'm big on Raft use, what's yours?
  12. SpeedOfThePhantom

    Be the dino mode

    Remember that be the dino trailer that Ark released like 3 years ago? Anybody remember that? Good. If not, go watch it on their Youtube channel. Is that still being worked on? Or does anybody think this might be the next DLC? I mean, it's possible, and i have wanted this since launch.
  13. My own server, so no one is taking them off, its just me here on it) I have placed 4 sets of transponder nodes (over time) on my wyvern amd dimorphodon it will stay and work for a bit but then later i notice there is no node one them anymore. Dimo just has been on my shoulder, wyvern HASNT EVEN MOVED OR BEEN IN COMBAT. WHY DO THE NODES KEEP DISAPPEARING AND STOP WORKING. Nothing has touched them, they just sit there...and BAM the nodes are gone. Quality coding....
  14. On Official server, I have knocked out 3 150 rex in the last 2 days on SE and the pre-tame stats have all been completely garbage. Is there some 150 bug? The 145s seem pretty average, but much better than all the 150s. I have like 40 levels not used (speed?) on each of them. Could there be a 150 bug? Do I just have terrible luck? Mainly checking to see if anyone else has experienced this recently.
  15. So far I'm seeing not just what they listed: "Yellow" "Cyan" "Blue" "Orange" "Magenta" "Red" "Green" "Lt.Green" (mint) ie: Colors 1-7 and then a (chocolate) and (tan). I think the chocolate color is "Brown", not sure about the tan. Using the official color dino charts. I breed for colors so I'd love to know for sure.
  16. Hi everyone... I am not too familier with the Jargon so please bear with me as I attempt to ask for help. I have a PVP Nitrado Server. After 8 days of Non activity from a specific tribe, the tames despawn / disappear. How to I change it from despawing and make it to where if someone else finds them is able to claim them? I would Also like to know how to change this options time from from 8 days of non activity to 7 days of non activity. The structures also say decay after 10 days and is not the same as the tames timer. Please advise where I can find the options for this and how to change it. Thanks.
  17. Introduction! We are small fresh new PvE server (with tribe war allowed tho!). We have only very small number of mods to achieve kind of balanced gameplay and not making the game superly easy or hard. Rates on server are slightly higher but up to point to make the game just not as grindy as vanilla servers but also not as quick and cheaty as some high rate server. All details about what mods or what are our rates you can find on our steam group page, discord or more bellow: Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TyrfingPvE Check out our Discord for all neccesary info ! : https://discord.gg/wkvHZYg Actual map we are runnin on is Abberation but more might be added into cluster depend on number of players that will join us. Our server also has special trading, that you can "buy" or rather earn creaters from expansions that doesnt spawn on Abberation... all details about that are on our steam group (There is no way how to buy anything with real money, sorry, everything is in-game earned) So come and join us! Rates and details: Mod list: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1129413619 Map: Abberation IP: Rates: Harvest rate: 3.0 XP Multiplier: 2.0 Day Cycle speed: 1.0 Night Cycle speed: 1.0 Taming speed: 20 Mating Interval: 50 Egg Hatch: 30 Baby mature speed: 30 Ley Egg interval: 25 Max dino lvl: 200
  18. OTCXanaX

    Bugged ancestry line

    When in my dino inventory i try to go down to ancestry and it snaps down to my hot bar. I try to go back up and it goes to top. Its as if the ancestors tab is behind the hot bar and cannot get behind it to click on it. Very annoying. This is on xbox dedicated servers.
  19. Server name: Good Grind Server #1 Server stats: 5x Taming, 5x Gathering, 1x Food rate, x20 Egg Hatching speed, x50 Mature speed. x2 All player stats (Weight x5) all Dino stats x2 (except damage and health), and slightly boosted drops and fishing rewards. I came from official after most of my tribe quit due to the grind so, I started my own Nitrado hosted server that is boosted but still fun and rewarding. Upon joining the server you also will receive a free level 150 shoulder pet of your choice. Join now!
  20. Whitemoss

    Missing Pteranodons

    I logged on the official Ragnarok server me and my friend play on, and both our Pteranodons were no where to be found. They both had full health when I logged off less than a day ago, over 30 cooked meat in each inventory, and nowhere they could have wandered off to. Anybody know a fix to get them back?
  21. tuvok

    Disappeared Dinos

    Hello, i have a Problem and other user have the same Problems.. i have breed a Ankylo and he is not on the MAP .. when i connect the next day on the Map Ragnarok than i make Buildings and search my Yutisaurus .. and he is also not on the Map .. i can not see on the Log that he is starved or attacked and Killed. Other People say me they have the Same Problems.. the Logfile gives no Information about that. can anybody help me/us thx
  22. skyguard1

    Transfering Fertilized Eggs to Aberration

    Just for the hell of it, we decided to test Dino transfer from other maps in our cluster to our Aberration map and we were glad to see that it did not work. We than decided to test with Fertilized eggs and Lo and behold we can, transmitter/OB/drops block them but if you have them on you they transfer. Anyone else can do it ? ps. it is on our unofficial servers, don't know if its a bug, as intended or like that on official servers. If it is us and there is a line we can add to the ini please let me know. Thanks
  23. ImYourHuckleberry

    Keeping Track of Dino Stats

    So, I'm curious what methods do you all use to keep track of your dinos stats? I use to write it down, but that took a lot of time, so I started using a spreadsheet, but I didn't like having to exit the game to record the stats of new tames, so I switched to using the Ark Dino Stats app for iPhone, which is what I'm using currently. How do you guys keep track of what dinos are best to breed?
  24. SSJA7MD

    my dino is stuck

    hello my dino is stuck i tried everything to get him out from the ground on aberration map
  25. PythonHelix

    armour Armour crafting mechanic

    Being a game of survival and survival of the fittest there should be an updated Amour system for characters. a system that take inspiration from monster hunter worlds. All current Armour pieces from primitive through to ascendant should be considered as the basic layer. from cloth through to tek. this system would also show off how strong a tribe is by also being used as cosmetic decoration but will still give the survivor buffs and debuff's according to the situation and what they have designed the Armour for. for example: riding a wyvern and fighting one of the same element you can safe rest knowing you have an immunity to that element, well all except poison.... but what happens when you get off in the scar and are surprised by a wild wyvern when picking up an egg, you can pretty much guarantee that it will be game over for you and your ride unless you can get back there in time to save your ride and heal it up back at base in safety. But what if the survivor had the option to craft any armour type they desire with fire, ice, lightning or poison wyvern material, each offering increased on foot resistance. or if your taming in dangerous territory, taming in a rush unprepared for a level 150 but there are T-rex's, spino's or even gigas in the area and you are unable to keep a low profile. crafting them into your armour could give you an advantage of being ignored for particular wild spawns, but run the risk of attracting their territorial enemy or natural predators.