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Found 92 results

  1. so my girlfriend has spent about 2 thousand hours playing this game on her single player world, breeding dinos for the colors she wants, and after updating the game today she logs in and all the dino colors are messed up and changed, she is utterly devastated, is there any way we can fix this?
  2. Can someone help me with the settings for tamed Dino’s at the mobile platform. They always follow me based on the distance setting. Even if allowed to wandering, they still follow. Are there some guidance to be read? Most information found are referring to other platforms which seems to be different. Best Regards Jarod
  3. We have all heard the news that this Extinction DLC might be the last expansion to Ark. It sounds like they might be thinking bout putting their focus on perhaps Ark2 or maybe that Pirate game that got "leaked". Sounds very similar to #DEADPOOL leaked movie...right? lol But I think most companies make the basic mistake of trying to make series (expecting more money on the next installment )when they can just expand the current game to allow the player to have a major game experience in a world that never ends. Game companies are starting to see that! That is why now games such as Ark (sandboxes) are so attractive to play now. Imagine WildCard adding DLC to ARK where you can transfer you character and is a total different game play server. Maybe you like a world where you like to have missions and NPCs walking around like SKYRIM. Or maybe imagine a world where you can posses a Dino..."Primal" (waiting lol)...WE ARE STILL WAITING I think Ark 2 might be a 2 step back than a step forward when you think about it. There are pressures of having now a perfect server security (hacks/abuses) and stability (offline issues and crashes), there are expectations in a perfect story line or "told story through actual game play (where they massively failed in Ark), so Ark2 might be the worst option when you think deeply about it. However, expanding Ark with DLCs with different game mechanics or simply story-lines might actually benefit them as they will always be without that heavy expectation of having the perfect game which they will definitely not deliver in Ark2 in the eyes of current players. It is worth noting that Ark is not the perfect game but it is definitely the perfect idea for a game and that is what keeps it alive. All is forgiven as long as they are always improving the base content with DLCs or Patches. Something that might not be forgiven in Ark2 if its not at least 2x better than Ark. Ark developers should think is what is Ark and where is it going? With that "leaked" footage it looks like they might be thinking on a Skyrim kinna game. NPCs, story, and game tasks where you have a more traditional RPG. That might be a great addition on this current game rather than selling it as a new game. Atlas can be that server where you could transfer your current character and for once maybe interact with NPCs that tell a story. Imagine how great that might be?! finally a story told in the actual game play if that were to happen! Also the Multiplayer aspect is totally ignored in Ark at the moment. We have the tribe mechanics but there is not really an essential part in which each player takes part of. There is nothing on the breeding in which a player maybe has perks to breed better dinos than other. There is not a necessity to play a different role! which is a shame because in most MMOs that is a big part that Ark hasn't been able to get right! Definitely the things i am expecting on the NEXT DLC EXTINCTION: 1. Pokeballs (or what ever they will call it): i expect that to solve the CAP issues. How? Maybe while dino is in pokeball dinos can be counted as structures (similar to Bhive mechanic). 2. Vehicles: Ark dinos are great but as this tek tear keeps growing it can be a good idea either to add now vehicles that run on element that are better faster and perform tasks better than dinos or have these new "Tek Dinos" have perks. 3. BIGGER MAP: Map size is always a problem...but i think when i refer to bigger map is not only in its physical size but in the DINO CAP LIMIT and PLAYER LIMIT. Ragnarok suffers from being a map that is way to big and its treated like the Island. where dino cap is the same and halve the map is not use because only 70 players can play at the same map. So if the map is bigger perhaps more players should be allowed to play at the same time. 4. Crash protection on bosses: sometimes it has happen where you are in the middle of a boss fight and...your pc of X reason crashes or has that "FATAL ERROR" and you lose everything...specially when you are playing solo. So...yah...there should be some time of protection for that. 5. TEK dinos should have a different mechanic! IT is absurd that they DON'T at the moment...cause why should you tame a TEK DINO that does the same as a regular version? I know the rumor is that those dinos will be the only transferable dinos but I don't know if i am 100% sold on that theory. Cause WC. I think we the people of ark (the players) have high expectations on this last DLC if its indeed the last one for Ark Survival Evolved. We are definitely expecting new game mechanics, new character options, new tools, new costumes, and a new map that tells the Ark story a lot better than just random notes around the dam map. But i think Aberration has teach us a lesson... bigger is not better. I think Aberration biggest problem was the lack of "adventure" the map offered. Other than getting pregnant from the Queen Reapers and dropping on the Drake pit there was not a sense of danger anywhere in the map. I dont know if its fair to say but one of Ark biggest problems is thinking of maps as just land...rather than making the map tell a story and control the player's tension with unknown dangers which could come from either dinos that spawn in special parts of the maps or a precise location where maybe it becomes poisonous and you have a timer which if it runs out you lose your dino and you gear... I think there is a lot to be done before WC can move to Ark2 if this is indeed the last DLC for Ark Survival Evolved. This is still a undeveloped idea and as far as i can tell its not even a polished idea. I think WC should definitely hire better writers as the ones that currently worked on Aberration FAILED. Same mistakes were made with Aberration story wise as all the other maps...which is a shame. So much could of been improved if someone told them NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT THAT AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN More content doesn't always mean more ITEMS/DINOS...more content means also a better told story, a new player mechanics, dino perks, player perks for performing a special role in the tribe, and new dino mechanics. We all have to agree how useless roars are in Ark...other than the Yuti's roar lol IT IS TIME TO CHANGE ARK...IT IS TIME TO.... MAKE ARK GREAT AGAIN #MAGA lol
  4. Hayde

    Argy question

    So I've read that argy in mobile are able to carry anky as in console but I am not able to pick up any dinos with my argy. Any help on this situation?
  5. archimede01

    Dino breeding pen

    How i can immobilize dinos in a breeding pen (maybe with fance)?
  6. Kardainz


    Hello, I recently brought not only myself, but 2 other copys of ark, hey I love single player but you get to a point its kinda boring not being able to show off your dino's. So just a really good question, How's DINO cap treating you? I can't join a server what so ever because there is nothing to tame, no horsies will take my rock carrots, no bigger dino's will want to be my friends... So whats the point of buying 3 ARK games when I can't do anything on offical servers? (Please don't tell me to go to PvP, I didn't spend 3x to hear that thankyou =), ) (Oh recently = last year)
  7. I had a dream last night; In my dream I had a raptor as a pet, it went everywhere with me, it was my bodyguard, my friend, practically my brother. I woke up today feeling better than ever, because there was other stuff that happened in that dream, everything that happened in that dream was so good and such a nice idea of what life COULD be like, that I woke up feeling better than ever and wanting that dream to come true.
  8. So while I'll admit it's a cool idea for the game which makes the rare breeding easier. However I'm wondering what really is the point since there is a glitch and the babies die so fricking fast? I found a fertilized dodo egg and since I keept loseing so many I sat there patiently, watched and waited. Once the incubation timer hit zero, three baby dodo's plop out, and run in three different directions. I got one imprinted and fed, then turned to the second and as soon as I walked up to it, at the exact same time it and & number three fell over dead. I was so mad, but one survived so I headed back to it to make sure it was doing ok and then it fell over dead. So I had triplets and they all died. It is so aggravating with the super slim chance of something like that happening, coupled with the fact that the babies die so fast, you can't hardly even keep one alive most of the time, but three at once is absolutely impossible to do. Unless someone else knows something I don't?
  9. Blessedwalnut

    Request djkos

    Hi, can anyone get the request to work for tames? I've tried it while standing next to a bed in my base, and one outside it, but nothing happens when the time runs down.
  10. Blessedwalnut

    Saddle torches

    Is there a way to attach torches to saddles in mobile? Can't drag and drop as cat so inventory and equipped saddle on screen at the same time.
  11. I have been playing on the Abberation server with my friends for a couple weeks now. (unofficial server) We have been falling through the map in the dangerous areas. This has happened more than once, and not only that but we have had 4 dinos get stuck in the map and we are unable to get them out. I'm sure you've heard about this issue before but it's getting a little ridiculous if you ask me. It wouldn't be as big of a deal if the dinos were not as high and we need them to obviously protect but also get a reaper queen. It's happened too often, but that's just me...
  12. Been collecting artifacts and completing pursuits. I entered lava cave for another one and went to check my messages (did not close the app). When i returned to the game, my pteranodon was gone (i left it in front of the cave). It is also gone from tame list. help?
  13. LightningStrike

    The Dunkleosteus

    So I’ve been listening to a few top-10 lists and I recently found out the Dunkleosteus was a thing, it has a head span of around 10 meters and a jaw with an estimated 2 metric tons of force! Here’s what it looks like, I think it would be a really cool addition to the game ^^ do your own research if you’re interested
  14. Apologies if this should be somewhere else but.... I know there are a number of approaches from reading which sometimes works to get it unstuck, none have worked in this case. I also know this suggestion might be a strange approach to a bug/latency problem that I believe ultimately needs to be fixed but my idea is if one were able to build/craft an item that I've dubbed the 'Farm Jack' this could be very useful for getting a dino unstuck in a variety of situations. The farm jack has one purpose to allow the player to un-stick the animal or rather get the animal out of the mud hole thus the name 'farm jack' for those that know what this is. It seemed appropriate. Qhen off roading a wench or 'farm jack' comes in handy when stuck. One method might be to place the jack near the stuck dino which allows the player to transport the dino out and then extract back onto the map. Or perhaps a command wheel option... Some of this code mechanism is already in play within the games transport mechanism. Why not have a specific limited kind of transport which would in effect lift/pull the selected dino back into the map. I've tried everything without luck to get it unstuck and thus will need to submit a problem report for assistance. With a tool I could save support time and me some time/frustration if I had a legitimate way I could use to get this dino unstuck. Conceptually empower the users to fix this themselves. I see this as a win, win for everyone or simply fix it such that it never happens and I wouldn't need one of these for glitched dinos. My dino is stuck in the map, half in and half out. I can get to its inventory but not ride it. The animals hit box is below the map on an official server. It would be be very convenient if a loot crate could land near by allowing me to transfer my dino out of the mud hole. lol. I leave the mechanics and restrictions of how it would work up to your imagination station should you decide to accept this mission. Frustratingly yours,
  15. Hi evereryone and dev's, Would it be possible to add a variant of this parameter for dinosaurs : Example : Orignal : ResourceNoReplenishRadiusStructures to DinosSpawnsRadiusStructures And two new parameters to change the default radius of the two rules mentioned above, which could be : Example : (not default setting here ^^) For CustomRessourceNoReplenishRadiusStructure=(Forward=15,Backward=1) And for Dinos Spawns CustomDinosSpawnsRadiusStructures=(Forward=3,Backward=0.5) Or two in one with arguments : (not default setting here ^^) ResourceNoReplenishRadiusStructures=(Forward=15,Backward=1) DinosSpawnsRadiusStructures=(Forward=3,Backward=0.5)
  16. Hay, As many people around upon this game i found the lovely bug of 'to many strucktures upon this area. Now i am playing on a rental server as host on ps4. My tribe already went to the internet ans tried all diffrent cheats but nothing worked out. The sad part it.... if I place a ceiling more to the right nothing is wrong and i can build. Just not that place there and some other places. Wich kills the vib for me to be honest. Sure we are building big but come on!
  17. Jaymei

    Tek Dino Storage

    Hi All, Was hoping to gather some feedback on an idea that has been floated around the community however I cannot find the origin. As the title states, it's about a Tek storage area similar to an Obelisk where you would keep all your dinos rather than having a huge barn for them all and the game having to render the dinos and buildings. It would be Tek tier (maybe defeat 3 main bosses to unlock) and run from a Tek gen. If the gen became unpowered then a dino auto-decay feature would start a countdown timer of 8 hr or so. It could hold up to 500 dinos and you would still have to feed them (very reduced rate). This would allow the structure to be endgame and allow tribes (or solo) to continue playing the game without having to spend over an hour feeding a bunch of egg layers every day. The structure itself could be similar in size to the Ind Forge and as its Tek, have more durability than metal. Obviously, this would become the most fortified area of a base as if this gets destroyed, the dinos inside are gone forever. This introduces an element of risk/reward to using this Tek item especially in PvP but allows players to reduce the footprint they have on a server (think remote/hidden locations). To sum this up; Smaller impact on server performance as less to render Smaller bases being built as no need for huge barns More enjoyable gameplay - can do more than feed dinos now Provides a target to beat Brood, Dragon and Mega (all alpha) Can technically be implemented (similar to obelisk) just need to think of food Most of the player base would welcome such a move if it improves long-term gameplay I understand there are probably thousands of ideas like this and maybe this one has been pitched before but I struggle to see a downside to this? @Jatheish @Jen @Jeremy Stieglitz
  18. So last night I transferred to a random Ragnarok server and I brought a flyer with me so that I could get around a little easier. I went to re-upload my tame so I could download it again on the random server so that if it were to get killed by another tribe they wouldn't be able to see the server It was uploaded from just the server it was tamed on. I wasn't able to because of the 12-timer. So after finding some loot I hid my flyer and went to bed. I woke up the next morning found a supply drop and uploaded all my loot without any problems. I went to upload my tame so I could keep it in the ob instead of the random server (was afraid it may get killed, didn't necessarily make friends 😂) It gave me the option to upload a tame, the 12-timer had ended, I could select the tame and click "upload tame", then it would show me the prompt saying "are you sure you want to do this all items on tame will be dropped blah blah blah", but then when I accept this nothing happens. The prompt goes away but my tame doesn't upload. I thought maybe it was because I was at a drop instead of the ob, so I tried green but still the same thing. i've tried googling and youtubeing the problem but haven't found any recent forums or videos on this. Im going to try knocking out my bird and attempting it again when it wakes up or exiting the game and joining again. If anyone has experienced this problem and knows how to fix this bug It would be extremely appreciated!!! Time is of the essence
  19. Last night I was playing on my island server rented from Nitrado, and whilst riding my trike I came across a dilo and two snakes, I thought hey no problem my trike can kill them. But, when I pressed right trigger to attack, my dino did nothing.. I thought DILO, ok glitch, so I dis mounted and ordered it to attack target, which instead of attack it just got super close and followed it around. Eventually I had to remount and run away to save my trikes life. Once safe, I re-logged and things were back to normal. Later on... I was riding my trike to a supply drop, and encounter 3 pegostymax(the little thief bastards), and 4 dilos. I was like yeah! murder time! But once again, my trike was unable to attack anything, I dismounted again hoping it would defend itself. It did not. It was killed very quickly being defenseless and I was forced to retreat so I didn't die. I've not a clue whats happening here. I have about 800 hours on the steam version and am a very recent transplant to the Xbox one. I don't know if its something I can fix, or if its something that has to be fixed by Nitrado, or by the devs. But it was quite frustrating, I've never seen this issue before. I did a bunch of googling and didn't come up with anything that seem related to this issue. I will be keeping an eye out for conditions the next time it happens and try to narrow it down. Cheers all, Rex
  20. sinalenaa

    Dino Stuck place aberration

    We just stuck in the middle of the way. there is nothing but we cant move and no one can mount on him anymore. maybe someone got informations?
  21. I have seen some dino nerfs since this game launched and i think those nerfs were PVP focused. I am a PVE player and those nerfs are too much for me.
  22. It would be amazing if we had the ability to create a control group that would only heed whistles to the control group when it's selected. It seems all that would need for this to work is to have an option for a tame to "Only heed tame group whistles" Anyone else on this idea?
  23. slayerraw30

    cant download dino from ob

    me and my tribe mates are moving dinos from a island server to a rag we uploaded fin but we went to download we see the dinos and can click on to download my nothing happens we trying the ob drops and a trinsmiter nothing works we go back to the island and it let us download the dino anyone know what will make this do that?? I just see it says the tame limit is at 300/300 but we dont have 300 tames
  24. RabbitRidge

    Most Underrated Dino

    My vote is Pelagornis and if you're interested I'll explain why. But I'm big on Raft use, what's yours?
  25. SpeedOfThePhantom

    Be the dino mode

    Remember that be the dino trailer that Ark released like 3 years ago? Anybody remember that? Good. If not, go watch it on their Youtube channel. Is that still being worked on? Or does anybody think this might be the next DLC? I mean, it's possible, and i have wanted this since launch.