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Found 202 results

  1. Juvi Dino's Starving.

    So I have been breeding rexes and have possibly encountered a really painful bug. In one week I have had 8 of 10 juvi rexes starve to death even though they have had full inventory of meat, and at one stage 12 troughs full of meat/cooked meat. Each time I have logged off and gotten back on 8 hours later to find that my dinos have starved to death as soon as the game registers me in the chunk. The weird part is the surviving dinos have lived with full health and half a food bar despite having the same stats and bein right next to the others. Someone PELASE help!!!
  2. 2 high level fliers just up and disappeared from my homestead and can't even hope to find them because all my transponder nodes are magically gone.... Ark developer please fix the transponder problem I'm not the only 1 having these problems...I really enjoy this game but it's super buggy at times and makes it very frustrating even unplayable....
  3. Hello, I always look forward to updates. As updates corrects many things, adds features and add unwanted features (bugs). Ark updates are large and since it often is not up to the players internet bandwidth how long they take to download. I thought I share some of the preparations players can do. Always keep a large amount of food for babies in the feeding trough. Do not wait for it to empty out. Keep food in the babies inventories. As this just spoil it might seam silly but in case of a lengthy outage or long download time. More is better. Cook easy and inexpensive Kibble for baby creature backup food. As a last resort use this method to extend life. As I never tested this myself I can not tell you the limitations but the idea is great. Due to the long spoil time. Should work for carnivores for sure. Hope these simple tips helps some players out. Regards, Ariana
  4. Aberration Cluster Dino bug?

    Just started an Aberration/Ragnarok Cluster. I loved that you couldn't bring foreign dinos to Aberration. Then I realized that you could just bring over fertilized eggs.... Is there a way to change it so you can't?
  5. The megalosaurus is not breeding out to be abberant on abberation. will this be fixed?
  6. So I've been on and off Ark the past year or more so I would say I'm pretty into the game and know what I'm doing... Most of the time anyways. Ive always stopped due to getting raided and being so salty to the point I quit the game for a few weeks before returning once again. I dont know if its the fact I'm in a small tribe or im just simply not good at the game. I have never tried PvE or starting up my own custom server with some friends. I'm curious to know if it will be as enjoyable as PvP and I wont get bored the first few days playing. Im really into building on games but I also love Pvp so I feel like I have to sacrifice one for the other as on Pvp servers you are kinda forced to build a bulky metal cube like everyone else instead of showing your creative side and building beautiful structures. If you're a Pve player I'd like to know if its fun, long lasting, and maybe better than Pvp. Sorry for the rambling, typos and long post haha thanks anyways. -Lauren xx
  7. Hello, i restarted ark not long ago and i am now on the new servers. The server is active it's good, the problem is that we can't tame any dino because the limit is ALWAYS reached because of the players who have 5000 rexs and 900 dodos ... i can't tame any fking dino ! Do something by increasing this limit or with the kibbles and review your system to avoid that the dinos are there only to make eggs... If you have suggestions, do not hesitate... Sorry for my english.
  8. Dino Stuck place aberration

    We just stuck in the middle of the way. there is nothing but we cant move and no one can mount on him anymore. maybe someone got informations?
  9. Dino Roar Crash

    I have noticed this with the scorched Earth, Ragnarok and the Aberration expansions. When you click the right joystick to make the dino roar or perform an attack, it glitches out the game. The dino's roar will glitch to a high pitched scream and then the game crashes completely and you end up back at your home screen on Xbox. I first noticed this with the wyverns and thought it only applied to them but it looks like it is a problem for almost all dinos.
  10. well coming back from rock egg gathering i stopped at a plant to heal where i was shoved under the map, my tribe and i tried for 45 min to get it unstuck with no luck. When i jumped off the drake i was also under the map on a second layer where i could look up and see everyone but they could not see me, as of right now the rock drake is still stuck. This needs to get fixed ASAP
  11. I logged on after my Xmas holiday to find my entire base had auto decayed. Okay the timings may have changed but it seems crazy you can’t take a holiday without losing everything. Is the auto decay timer on dinos now 7 days? Thanks
  12. Ok so I've been playing on an EU PVE Ark Nitrado server for around a week now. I transferred one of my old level 50 characters from another PVE server to this one when I first joined this new server. I know that I can transfer players, however Ive recently wanted to travel one of my lvl 360 dinos and my current player along with some items to a PVE EU server on the Ragnarok map so I can tame a Griffin and then bring it back. Upon checking the server info for my current server AND the Ragnarok, it says Data Downloads Disabled. I dont really understand this since I was able to bring my character over here originally - can someone please explain the following questions. 1. Will I be able to take a lvl 360 dino out of this server to the Ragnarok and then bring it back with a dino I tamed there? 2. Will I keep the items on my user inventory? 3. If I have to put my items in the data transfer thingy, will I be able to take them back out on the data download disabled ragnarok even when the server I put my dinos in is another EU Official with Data download disabled. Please help, thanks for reading.
  13. I play on 2 official PVE servers. The first on The Island & the second on Aberration. I tried to transfer a bulldog to test since Aberration but when I connect to The Island he was not in the list of creatures. I have never been able to transfer anything from Ragnarok to The Island either, but from Scorched Earth to The Island it still works. Transfer is not possible off Scorched Earth?
  14. Ok, so I am not a “noob” to this game. I have put in a good amount of hours on the computer. But here is my problem... I started up a world with my brother on the Xbox in SP. the first Dino we tried to tame (which was a dodo) never ate any megos, only stims. The same thing happened for a trike and a parusar (spelled wrong) so, you can imagine how hard it is when the Dino’s are only eating stims... any fix???
  15. Otter glitched/lost in world

    Hi, I recently just soloed the lava cave and was on my way back to the base with my friends direwolf and otter and mine. My otter was on my neck and the direwolf was following and so was his otter. I think the otter was on neutral or passive but on the way back it disappeared. Is there a way to find the otter? Thanks for any help in advance.
  16. So my idea was if we could have different sizes of the same dinos. Much like the way the fish work. This would add an interesting element all around, with breeding, taming, pvp, and so on. Along the same line, it would add a fun way to show off your dino kills. If after killing a giant dino, like a 1.8x level 180 rex, instead of hacking at it with an axe you could radial it and turn it into a trophy. You can mount the trophies in your homes and show off to friends. Aside from that, this could also be a way to get faster fliers, you could find a giant pteranodon and it would have a higher speed stat than the lower ones. I feel like this could give an edge in battles and in exploring. This would definitely add more immersion to the game. Another idea that came from this was having babys and adolescent dinos in nature that are protected by their moms, like when you steal an eggs.
  17. Ark 275.4 on 64 bit windows, no mods. I'm unable to get the dino glasses skin onto any dino :-( I have done this before; I have a rex with glasses, but I'm now unable to get dino glasses onto any other creature. I've tried this on Aberration and on the Island.
  18. Hi, I’ve recently started to progress into end game and I was wondering, is there a way to make Dino’s go unconscious faster? I have somewhat decent aim, but to knock out a lvl 50+ Rex it takes at least 60 Tranq arrows I know I should be using tranq darts but, there is a Rex I need for breeding in my area but if I leave it it will go away. So is there a way I can make it go unconscious quickly. And I’m not looking to cheat my way through it because I’m just lot like that.
  19. I have spent several days and reached out through different locations and am trying to find the answer to my question... I'm currently hosting a personal PS4 server for my friends and myself and we were wondering.. on the PS4 dedicated server of ark what is the server limit for tamed dinos? All my research points to the pc version being 5,500, but that's the pc.
  20. Hey I’m trying to start my own server but I can’t quite seem to get the Dino raising settings right. I want to raise them reasonably faster but still want imprinting. Any suggestions on settings?
  21. Hello! I had some issues with diplodocus lately. I just logged in and a wild diplo attacked my gigas, 2 of them just pushed back a bit, but had to look for the third one for half an hour when finally I found it in the middle of the ocean... I'm playing on a Ragnarok server and my base is up on a mountain at red obelisk, still my giga fly far far away into the ocean near Highlands. When i was flying and looking after him, sometimes I saw flashes of my giga in the air sliding/falling away. I don't think that's normal. After a few hours was meat farming with same giga, killed a diplo aaand my giga got stucked. Most likely the diplo pushback pushed him into the texture of something. The giga was not moving, not following, tried running out of render, put him on wandering, aggressive, tried everything, whip, nothing, couldn't even mount him again. The only thing that finally helped was that I pulled another diplo on him and that one pushed him out... I did not have these problems before, but today even twice, maybe the diplo pushback is a bit bugged?
  22. New officials servers???

    Evening fellow survivors We all agree that officials servers are in pain : lag issue, dino cap reached, giant base everywhere so you can't even start with a decent one... So here is my question : do you think they will add more official server for others maps with aberration released? I looked into it and can't find any good informations about that and not a lot of people are wondering that at least publicly (or I might not seen it) so here I am Thank you for your time and have fun!
  23. I have been growing tired of force feeding dinos in my single player world for 20 minutes at a time, so I was wondering if there was a way to increase their health recovery. Sure enough, there is a setting labeled: "dino character health recovery," but I am worried messing around with this setting will affect wild dinos. What does this setting affect specifically? Tamed dinos or Wild? Does it affect both?
  24. Ice Wyvern Revitalisation

    As it stands ice wyverns are commonly regarded as aesthetic tames as they are beautifully crafted models, but lazily programmed fridge birbs. I'm not saying they are underpowered but we could use something for the fella to give it a bit more character to its distinct role as crowd controller. As it currently stands this is how I see the other wyvern's roles; Lightning: Raw DPS dealers good for limited targets | Counter: Standard anti flyer tactics (tbh I'm not too familiar if they have any specialised weaknesses since they seem the jack of all trades out of the wyverns) Fire: Thrower shot with DoT good for decent damage, suppressing crowds and cumbersome large targets | Counter: Superior range engagements and water Poison: AoD that effectively controls perimeter since the poison also hits the riders. | Counter: Gear preparation and other flyers Ice: Thrower shot with slow debuff. people give it too much rag but it is useful to a degree. | Counter: same as fire wyvern's Maybe we can expand on the ice wyvern's concept of ice. The first idea that came to my head was to add a "shatter" dmg multiplier when an enemy has been hit with the breathe attack. I personally think the ice debuff duration is sitting at a comfortable place where it can even be reduced if this shatter suggestion is implemented. The damage multiplier can be what... hm say 1.2x? if its too much or exploitable, the damage can also be a static boost maybe? While having the debuff, dinos should really get a frosted shader to indicate they are affected like creatures on fire. Finally, I think it would be as neat if we can get a direct counter to its attack like the fire wyvern and poison directly relating to its element. First idea that came to my head is players can dramatically reduce the amount of time they have the frosted debuff on themselves and a fraction smaller for their ridden tames by holding a torch for example. Anyway, my intentions isn't exactly to buff ice wyverns, but I just want them to be as defined as the other wyverns.
  25. Video The Baby flee in fear machanic is activating on all adult flyers. I believe its cause by them detecting a dead dino in the water. It is NOT the idle landing animation. It looks back over it's shoulder while running away. When i find it later it has not landed. This has happened twice now and both times it was because there was a wild dino recently killed floating in the water (not fish). Video description: My tames are being attacked by a wild Spino in the water. I whistle neutral to all and they kill it in the water. When my griffin detects the dead Spino in the water it flees the opposite direction, looking over its shoulder the same way baby wyverns do. It was found floating against a tree and never landed. edit: Second video clearly showing griffin fleeing from raptor that is dead in the water.