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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 446 results

  1. Welcoming All Survivors We are welcoming all survivors to our brand new server run on Ragnarok (with the latest update). If you're up for a challenge and don't mind the PVP environment, this server is for you. We currently have 20 slots, however, we will increase this number as players exceed the availability. We currently have about 5 to 7 daily players. If you're joining the server, we'd ask that you give it a good try before leaving. It would be much appreciated. Now, let's get down to the stats and relevant information. JOINING THE SERVER Step 1: Open up Ark Survival Evolved and head to the server listings. Step 2: Set the map to Ragnarok and set the game mode to PVP. Step 3: Type "Monster Hunter World" in the search bar. Step 4: Join the server, which should be named "[US] Monster Hunter World". RATES: The following rates are up for discussion, however, I've been running servers for quite some time and these rates a prime! Tame: 12X Harvest: 6X Experience: 5X Mature: 20X Egg Hatch: 20X Offline Raiding: Disabled Resource Respawn: 0.3X (Faster) Crop Decay: 0.1X (Slower) Boosted Player Stats Boosted Dino Stats Please keep in mind that this is not an instant tame, get everything off the bat server, work hard and earn your keep to become the alpha. GAMEPLAY: Single Admin (No Abuse) 24/7 Server rented for the entire year! 20 active slots (more will be added once we reach the limit) PVP Gameplay (Non-violent) Map: Ragnarok with Desert Expansion No Starters New players are welcome Events and Shops to come in the future Server name: Monster Hunter World 5-7 Daily players Message "Moveweight0" if you have any questions or have issues joining.
  2. Hello guys I creating new pvp dedicated server for Ark with primal fear mod. And I need help with server config because Primal dinos are to op for vanilla structures like turrets. So maybe someone can help me with config?
  3. Okay... I have a very nice computer and it runs very well. I am trying to make a dedicated server for me and my friend to play around in, on PS4. I am hosting the dedicated server on PC but I will actually be joining it on PS4. The problem is that, (I have no mods enabled) the second that I click the host dedicated server button, the game immediately crashes and shows the picture on this post. I have tried doing the dedicated server on the maps, The Island and Ragnarok and neither of them work. I have restarted my computer, done updates on ark and my computer and nothing works. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  4. Non-Dedicated Player Tether Glitch

    So, my friend and I have been playing Ark non-dedicated servers for a while now, and we recently decided to check out ark. We found a really gorgeous place to build and started to set up, just to discover that my friend apparently can't explore anywhere. he can explore wherever I happen to be, or if he's in an area where I was before I moved out of it, but on some sections of the map, he gets randomly, abruptly teleported to me- even if I can SEE where he is- usually no more than 100m away. I had the tether distance set to maximum (300), and when that failed, I turned it all the way up to 12,000 to try and eliminate the problem. That failed too. Please help, as this more or less makes the map unplayable for he and I if we both have to constantly be in the same place at the same time to do anything. We like to explore and do work on our own sometimes, and we dont always want to be in the same location. Normally, we can play on The Island at distances something like from the southern coast all the way up past the snow zones on the north without ANY teleportation issues whatsoever.
  5. Hello potential members! I run a 24/7 always online player dedicated on my other PS4 Pro called Horizon. The server is on Ragnarok and is a PvP server. Offline raiding is enabled. It is set to max difficulty and wild dino stats have been set to 1.6 (except damage) to make it a bit harder. We generally want more long term players to join and build up and have a good time helping others, pvping, etc. Anything you can do on an official server, you can do here. No admins are going to punish you for simply playing the game. We all have jobs and the server is boosted to accommodate the little downtime we have. Stats are: 2x Experience 2x Player Stats 5x Taming (We have lives Wildcard lol) and Maturity/Eggs 2x Corpse/Item Decomposition 2x Crops 2x Resources/Health Anything that isnt listed above is at default values. The server has no password and is open to all. Feel free to bring anyone you want. If your interested in joining - add SuperKaveXRR41 (the server account) and you can join the server directly through him for sweet easy access. My account is KaveXRR on Playstation if you need anything else. If you have any questions feel free to ask! We hope to see you on the server!
  6. So I've played on multiple servers where the Loot Drops are boosted slightly but they are relatively inexpensive (compared to official's rates) but I cannot seem to find a setting where I can change the expense of the blueprints. If anybody knows, please let me know. It would be truly appreciated.
  7. Dedicated 3x Aberration Server Needing Members Running Continuous 3X Taming , Breeding, Raising. 2x Gathering * 0.6x on Stamina Drain food and water consumption (run further longer and have to eat and drink less *NO EXPLOSIVES* 10x Spoil Rates Make it harder for Trolls to come in and tame things Quickly, Makes it easier for Taming and raising in the "end game" 4 Hour Auto Server Backups (Just in case) Looking to Fill with non Knuckleheads Want to play? DONT ASK JUST Jump IN ! BRING YOUR FRIENDS ! RULE THE ARK ! P.S. Trolls or troll like behavior will result in a single talking First then Ban Second. Add Friend on Xbox Live : Aberrant Server
  8. East Empire Company Almost Official PvP Server on The Center Low Rates with Evolution Event & Purge Weekends Crossplay Allowed! How are you all doing this morning, day or evening? I hope it's been a good one, if so or not, I have some news for you; Introducing a brand new 'Almost Official' PvP Server hosted by yours truly the East Empire Company! The Following Information Will Feature On Our Server; Rates, Information & More Harvesting: 3.0 Experience: 3.0 Taming: 4.0 Breeding/Hatching/Maturation: 3.0 Crop Growth: 6.0 Player Water/Food Drain: 0.7 Plat. Saddle Structure Modifier: 1.3 Oxygen Swim Speed Multiplier: 3.0 Player Health: 2.0 Player Stamina: 2.0 Player Oxygen: 3.0 Player Weight: 4.0 Player Crafting Skill: 2.0 Player Fortitude: 3.0 Dino Stamina: 2.0 Dino Weight: 4.0 Other than these above listed values, all rates/ratings are at Official level! We are Official players that also love the atmosphere of a truly living and breathing Dedicated Server(s). After having spent over a year hopping from dedicated to dedicated, tired of the constant opinion/rule/rate flipping of Owners/Admins, as well as admin abuse and so much more than would be worth saying here, we decided to open up our own Server, and hopefully Server Cluster. Where we want to provide a challenge for other hardcore Ark players that enjoy the Dedicated life, with low rates where achieving Alpha, Beta or a strong tribe status is actually worth something! We also know that, once you reach Level 100... other than getting the Tekgrams, there is no real end game on a Player Dedicated at that point. We are striving and modifying our Server(s) to help combat this. Initially. we have increased the Player Level Cap to 200! But we have not done so recklessly. While the Level Cap will be 200, the experience it takes to reach new levels after 100 will start taking a significantly steep incline. (Ever played Oldschool Runescape? Ever hear how the grind from Level 98 to Level 99 is the hardest? That's kind of the idea we have in mind for reaching the fabled Level 200. Those final ten levels from 190 to 200 will be quite an effort to grind to... and that's not even mentioning the Glory Leveles!) Guidelines and Regulations Guideline I: Trolling, Griefing and constant verbal harassment are not tolerated under any circumstance! Guideline II: No Foundation Wiping Guideline III: Have common sense and courtesy when raiding or warring with another tribe. Sometimes it is not always necessary to destroy absolutely everything another tribe owns... Guideline IV: During Weekday PvP, absolutely no base raiding or in-base PvP is allowed. Weekday PvP & Building There will be absolutely no Base Raiding on Monday through Friday (Weekdays). Any nature of PvP Combat can occur outside of someones base during the weekdays, but killing, combating or raiding inside anyones base during the Weekdays will end up resulting in a suspension for your entire tribe. This suspension will prevent your Tribe from being able to raid freely during the following Purge Weekend. Repeat offenses will lead to suspension from TWO Purge Weekends, and a third offense will result in a ban. Purge Weekends PvP & Rates Purge Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) will have no rules or regulations except for a single one: DO NOT Foundation Wipe other Tribes, unless they specifically want that kind of war! Other than that, all forms and manners of PvP are one hundred percent allowed during this weekend. Evolution Event Weekends Also, during Saturday and Sunday will be our Evolution Event! Where Harvesting, Experience and Taming Rates will be DOUBLED! That's right, similar to the Evolution Event on Official Servers! About the Server, it's Name and the Theme Behind It! So, here at the East Empire Co. there exists three of us as Owners and Admins. We will not be using the Admin accounts other than to assist in Admin duties, host Events, assist in Boss Spawning and the like. The Administrator Tribe will be called East Empire Co. -- however, the three of us will also have a real, legit tribe. Admin Command Logging WILL be enabled as a show of trust. The Gamertags of the three Admin accounst are; EEC Sheogorath EEC Hircine EEC Clavicus As I'm sure you can guess from the names and the name of the Server, we are going with an Elder Scrolls theme for the Server. The Administrator/Community Structures will be designed after Elder Scrolls architecture to our best efforts, and we even encourage creativity in those that join us to have similarly themed tribes! It is not necessary, obviously. People can have whatever they want, it's just a fun idea that really kicks us back to the old school days of Morrowind and Daggerfall. Filter: Unofficial PC Sessions Server Name: East Empire Co Map: The Center
  9. I just set up a new server for some friends, it's currently empty but completely fresh. Server name: Ark961 Map: Ragnarok Tame speed X7 XP boosted X3 PvP is on Please leave me a message here if you have any questions, suggestions or problems with the server. Thanks
  10. Come check us out modded like TEK lvl1 Join ALPHA NATION 10xp 10harv. 20tame 30breeding/mat/hatch
  11. So, I want to buy my own server and transfer my wyverns and everything in it. I'm just wondering if this is even possible?
  12. Have hosted a dedicated Ark server for Xbox friends for well over a year on my second Xbox with second Gold account. has had issues but we always resolved them. With the new crossplay we decided to get back into Ark with PC friends. Couple people get "Join Failed". no matter what we do. Xbox server set up on DMZ. There are 5 of us that play on it for now. 2 on Xbox. 3 on PC (including me). Xbox friend connect fine. 1 PC player connects fine. 1 PC player gets join failed everytime. set his PC up on DMZ. disabled all antivirus/windows defender/etc. still gets join failed. I, on my PC, get join failed. On same network as dedicated. disabled antivirus/defender/etc. Both of us that get failed can join any official server just fine, but can't join any player run session. whether dedicated or non. tried uninstalling/reinstalling. same results. hard reset PC/Xbox and all network devices (server and client side), same results. guys that can connect keep being able to, us that can't still can't. any ideas? cause I'm fresh out
  13. Has anyone figured out yet why an Pc hosted dedicated server, windows 10, randomly shows up on the dedicated player list on the Xbox ? Sometimes mine is listed and other times it is not. Are the developers purposely causing or not fixing this to force Nitrado rentals to go up? I don’t have a password and I see no other reason to cause this on my end. If there are any ideas I would greatly appreciate any help.
  14. Support? Email: [email protected] ServerBlend began life as HostASpace, which was created in 2014 with the aim of providing quality specialist game servers. A goal we have achieved and grown from strength to strength into a fully fledged hosting company. Since inception as HostASpace, our infrastructure has been upgraded several times to ensure servers provided are running on the best hardware and software available, we upgrade when we see that performance and reliability for you can be increased! As HostASpace, we saw hosts providing for all the games they could, but didn’t know half about the games they were providing for. Therefore we started on the mission to provide a specialist service for Space related games and other specially selected games. Giving us the ability to provide everyone with top quality support, high performance game servers for an incredible price on select games. Fast forward to 2016 and HostASpace has been re-branded to ServerBlend to be able to offer a wider range of services, but continuing a high level of training for our staff to keep with our original aim of providing a specialist service. We are very excited to see the future of ServerBlend, more game servers, Teamspeak 3 servers, dedicated servers, web hosting, VPS servers and more all coming in the future. We are now poised to make a real impact in the hosting market.
  15. Host gt : The Polar Ark Admin gamertags : BADx REACH, A Salty Soviet (Add host gt to join and message admin gts for any additional information) Hello, my name is Dylan. My friend and I are hosting a dedicated Ragnarok server because we were tired of dealing with the official ones, if you feel the same way and would like a more laid back, cooperative experience without having to deal with constant trolls and abuse from other tribes, you've come to the right server. I'll give a quick rundown of the server stats and rules. 60 slots Taming : 3x Harvesting : 2.5 Exp : 2x Egg hatch : 6x maturation speed : 2.5x Structure resistance : 0.3 Player/Dino stats : default Day length : 2x longer Night length : 2x faster Spoil time : 1.5 Supply crate loot quality : 3x World difficulty : 1 Server rules : -No harrasment of any kind tolerated. While we allow PvP we will not allow trolling or constant attacking and harassment of other tribes and players. -No "wiping" another tribe without proper justification. -No killing of passive tames. -No blatant blocking of resource spawns player spawns, or caves.
  16. Convivial Gaming Community now has our own player DEDICATED server, Ran from a player HOST PC on a fast bandwidth internet connection 2x Harvest, 4x taming, 2x egg laying (.5) Double stats increased on player level up selections (Boosts are subject to change and adjustment periodically) Come join us on our new player dedicated ragnarok server. All are welcome. PVP Allowed, but not required. Players are friendly, accommodating and Helpful. Trolling and Douchebaggery will get you instabanned. Come join us and enjoy the game, in a friendly atmosphere. Admins and moderators are on Daily. Mindwipe Tonics whenever you feel you need them can be spawned by admins on request. For some reason, i'm not sure why running it from the PC it doesn't show up in the list, but it IS a DEDICATED server, with good latency. Anyone wanting to join need only to send a friend request to XBOX gamertag: CGC Arkserver And we will return the friend request and allow you to join the game (If it doesn't allow you to join just off the gamertag, you will be friended ASAP depending on the time of day received (Admin does work a regular job Also) If you like the server and wish to stick around, all we ask is that you join the XBOX CLUB for the server: Convivial Gaming Community Ark Dedicated Server this will help you keep up on news and things for the server as well as put in your own input for consideration to adjust the server in fun and helpful ways for everyone to enjoy. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!
  17. Hi All, I've just setup a PC dedicated Prim+ Server for PS4 Can anyone let me know any known issues, work arounds, hints and tips and just general info i need to know to be able to succesfully run a prim+ server. I already have my rates set and will be sticking with them (mostly 3 x official with x 12 breeding) so if anyone wants to join the server is called Ark-UK Prim+, it is clustered with other normal maps, however i am unsure if i can transfer things from Prim+ to normal and vice versa. I know on officials it was never possible but maybe on dedicated it is? PSN - Kierenp4
  18. If you are looking for a great server to play on with PVP but do not like spending thousands of hours building up, this is the server for you. Will be doing PVP arena events to earn rare items from ark to help you on your journey. Add Iceddinosaur21 to join server! Enjoy!
  19. 25 stone per pickup Near instant tame Highly boosted breeding Admin events will be common along with starters Add Arkamaniac1621 to join!
  20. Winters Hollows - RP P+ Server: Ragnarok Are you reaching endgame so fast that you lost your sense of progression in Ark? Are you sick of being wiped over and over on Official? Are you finding it a chore to log on and take care of your base? Ever wish you could just build a beautiful base at your own pace? Not having fun playing Ark and looking for a new way to play? LOOK NO FURTHER, THIS SERVER IS THE ONE FOR YOU! We are looking for new members to come play with us! *As more people join, we will add more player slots to the server! Join our growing community today! PSN Community page: Winter Hollows - Ark RP P+ Server Discord Server: Winter Hollows - RP (https://discord.gg/q2m7Fq6) Dedicated P+ Ark Server Search: Winter Hollows - RP We have a lot of custom settings to enhance your Ark experience! Custom P+ ini files: some engrams added, some taken out Custom day/night cycles Custom auto PvP/PvE cycles: to match the day/night cycle Team of Moderators committed to a set of rules and enhancing the experience, not cheapening it! Community polls and suggestion box for player feedback Our server features several in game RP based things for you to do! The neutral city. The only place on the map where PvP is strictly prohibited. It is a community city! A place to visit, trade with, complete quests for, or even join!: Winter’s Edge. The city is completely Neutral, so they will trade with you no matter who you are or what you do for a living! Dungeons hidden all over the map! Delve into one and find loot! Dungeon difficulty varies on a scale of 1-5. Build a kingdom of your very own! Visit our discord server for details on how to make your own official kingdom that is recognized by Winter’s Edge! This gives you plenty of added perks, including a Sentinel’s Blessing! Check out some amazing work from our community!! Winter's Edge - The Main Gate --- Winter's Edge - Wayne's Tavern --- Torchbearers - Open Lighthouse Outpost ---
  21. Add me on grumpierweb2163 for invite we're not troll just want people
  22. Hi there, I'm looking for players to join an Ark PS4 server called "Re-Ark" based in Sydney for us Aussie players (Players from other countries are also welcome). I thought here would be a good place to start to look for prospective players who are interested in joining in a new server where they won't be farmed/griefed or utterly destroyed before being able to do anything substantial in game. The server will have increased harvest multipliers with decreased tame times, the exact multipliers have not been set in stone yet but they won't be too excessive. I'm hoping to be able to build a good community on this server with possible weekly events etc. Feel free to suggest ideas/multiplier amounts. The current multipliers would be: 5x Harvest 3x Tame 2x Hatching There would also be a new player starting area with free basic survival gear to help get your Ark experience moving. This includes: Cloth Armor Stone Weaponry Stone Tools Waterskin The server will be on 24/7, the admins are more than willing to help any new players with requests/queries. The server would also include a Colosseum esque battle arena to settle personal disputes to ensure there are no grudge base/dino wiping. Possible weekly events could include Biome specific war-games, e.g: Naval Warfare/Siege using Aquatic mounts Redwood Forests Predator hunt using climbing mounts like Tapejara/Thylco Boss Raids Conquest Expeditions between volunteering tribes Player spaces will be limited to ensure steady server performance but it won't be small enough to limit you and your friends all joining the server. Looking forward to hearing from people about this, cheers!
  23. Questions (could use your help)

    TLDR: want to understand intricacies (pros/cons) of servers and how that affects characters, items, maps, etc... Good day, I've been playing ark on PC on local server and single player for a little while. Game keeps crashing (even after I use Steam's ability to verify integrity of game) and most of the time I have to start over. I've tried to read a lot on my own to avoid having another useless post, but most of the posts I have found are either incomplete (for what I'm looking for) or assume you already have some knowledge (which I apparently lack to some degree). Anyways, from what I have read, it seems like going to a dedicated server would be better (?) and would help drastically reduce chances of game crashing (?) With that in mind, I had a few questions... What are the differences between dedicated official and unofficial servers? Are there any other options that I don't know about (is undedicated a thing)? How do multiple characters, maps, mods, items, playing with other people, etc work with dedicated (official and unofficial) servers? I'm basically trying to understand the "fine" writing or the things that advances players have learned from experience and it is not written anywhere. In other words, if you were you when you first starting playing Ark, what are some things you wish you knew (in regards to the topics discussed above)? I really appreciate your responses in advance, and if there is any terminology that I need to clarify or have explained, by all means let me know. Thanks!
  24. Every time I try to load up my dedicated server on Windows 10, which was working completely fine for a couple of days, it crashes while loading on "Volcano Entrance." Anyone got any answers or solutions/suggestions?
  25. So me and my wife got Ark right after Christmas. We've been playing it none stop since then and love the game. There is only one problem though. Glitches. Say I'll be hitting a rock. Then I move to another rock and start hitting, but wait... I'm not getting stone or flint. So I hit B to check inventory. Nothing happens. Wait a few seconds and.... Boom! I'm back five steps from where I was. Its always time glitches like that. We will be doing something then be set back a few steps, or screen is frozen while I try to run from a group of Dinos fast. So here's what I know. It could be my nat type....? Last I checked it was open, but it does tend to bounce around the scale a lot. I'll check again in a second. I also know I have the best internet next to fiber optics. My Xbox is plugged in directly to the internet. That's what I know. I also know that this only happens on ark, and to both of us. Sometimes at the same time, sometimes not. I could be in a different region of the map, or I could be right beside her. It does happen more often than not at the same time. And I'm more often than not in a different region. So what could this be? My nat type bouncing around so much? My Ethernet cord? I have the blah blah 5 Ethernet cord. Or was it 6... It was suppose to be one of the faster ones. Could it be that this just happens to everyone? But that doesn't explain why I go past a person huge base with a ton of Dinos and glitch out... Cause if this happens to everyone that I'd assume people would want a base like that. Any suggestions? Need a little more info? Is this just me? Everyone? Some people? Only Canadians? And yes, I have tried other servers and they all do the same thing eventually. I have yet to try single player or making my own server though. So those I'm not sure about.