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Found 509 results

  1. Have a rented server with 20 slots open for mature players on Xbox. Our currently have a group of 30-40 year olds ha!, but we invite anyone 21+ years of age. We enjoy pve/pvp but we will enforce no offline raiding. Taming rates are set close to vanilla at 1.2. There are bi-weekly bonuses such as 2x Tuesdays for taming or 2x Thursdays for harvesting, etc. Server will be rebooted weekly. No downloading of existing dinos or characters, however, you may upload dinos/characters from this server. Server name is - ARK24X7 admin and Xbox Gamertag - Danimator Thanks! If you join and are underage or can't act maturely, you will be booted immediately.
  2. Whenever I choose to play Ark on Xbox, I select any game type or mode and begin loading the map. Without fail, once it begins to load the assets(landscape, sublevel, sky etc...) it kicks me to home without an error. Any help? Reinstalling this game would take me 3 hours and I'd rather not do that.
  3. I recently started this server and players are needed. No admin abuse. No player captivity, no griefing. Breeding, taming, harvesting, Xp, boosted. Currently10 slots but will increase according to traffic. Structures take reduced/ No damage with the acception of 7+ day decay timers. Stamina Regen for flyers, Structures on platforms Increased, mating and hatching boosted. Build up without a worry of it being gone when you return! Fight on the field or in an arena the way it should be! Anyone interested in becoming admin must contribute to keeping the server up. Events coming soon...
  4. Boosted pvp 20 slot server on ragnarok max dino lvl 180 friendly server boss events and other things stats on dinos boosted as well. Will be switching to aberration when it finally releases... also will be reducing rates when that time comes to get a more exciting feeling of gameplay server name is Mannibal Cannibals admin gt Ironphoenix18
  5. Hey All, I wanted to invite folks to our XBOX Nitrado Server cluster on Ragnarok and The Center! Short and sweet folks, here are the particulars you'll want to know The name of the servers are DragonArk ½ and DragonArk 2/2 Some of the features include: Allow anyone to Imprint / cuddle enabled Allow structure glitching (cool when building in caves and such) Multifloor for platform saddles is enabled 2.5 taming, XP, Harvesting Supply drops boosted to 2.0 Egg Hatch baby mature 10x Cave damage reduced to x2 instead of x6 on official Speed is increased by x4 This is a password protected server to protect against TROLLS. PM me for the password. Also note that joining our Discord is required so I'll send you an invite to Discord as well. Ragnarok has 32 slots while the Center has 20. We just added the Center today 11/17/17 so it will have no established inhabitants. Ragnarok has been up for about 2 weeks so some established tribes, but no massive metal bases or anything like that just yet. All I've seen right now is stone bases here and there. We will also be switching The Center over to Aberation when it comes out. Don't plan on buying Aberation? No problem we'll still have Ragnarok so buying Aberation is optional.
  6. Wildcard decided to put the save file for the game in the reserved space on the Xbox. This means that you cannot copy, backup, or move the file to another Xbox or safe location. Yes you can network transfer or copy the game to an external drive but the reserved space containing the save file(s) does not get copied. If you are hosting a player dedicated server on an Xbox you are screwed. If your hard drive fails, your players lose everything. If you decide to upgrade to a shiny Xbox One X for the performance, everyone must start over. This just seems like a very poor design decision. They took away the ability to backup a server and never replaced the functionality. We can't even migrate our save game files over to Nitrado for hosting. Why???? I have heard some folks say that this was done to prevent cheating. That seems like a rather dumb excuse because the admins of a PDS have pretty much full control over everything in the game they host. What more would they be able to do if they had the save games file? How is it any different than having the files exposed on the PC? I would love to hear from @Jatheish on this situation, but I highly doubt the community manager will engage with the community outside of a few answers he tosses up on Twitter. I never see these folks actually address the issues or concerns of the players. You would think after seeing what community backlash can do to a company like EA they would try to be a bit more engaging with players.
  7. Just did a 192mb update to my Ark game on my dedicated server console and now the server will not stay up for more than 20 monutes. Game simply crashes to dashboard. Unbelievable, 4 crashes back to back. What is going on here? Is anyone else running a dedi server having the same issues atm?
  8. I was wondering how to rent a Xbox One Ark Server. When in main menu of the game says in the updates that there is "Rental Servers" now. How and where is this located because I have poor internet and I would like to rent a server for "XBOX ONE" for anyone to come play but having my settings I can enter for a Tiny Bit Boosted Server... Can someone help me? Also is it ran from Windows PC for the Xbox One, because of it saying on Xbox "Windows Rentable Servers"?
  9. New ragnarok server, just created last night. Dedicated xbox server GT is AbbyGamingARK We have boosted this server to be like double XP weekends. We felt that boosting beyond that changes the dynamic too much. Though we are open to tweaking if we receive a lot of feedback. The server will only go down if there’s updates etc. Up time on a server we hosted before was 95% admins are mature and will be there to moderate/police the server to ensure everyone is having a fun experience. we may do stores once things pick up. admins may do starter packs or provide items to make the start more enjoyable. The server is PVP but with common sense rules, don’t wipe tribes that are much lower. We don’t want to discourage people from playing. tl;dr - don’t be a sausage, come have fun! you can message me if you’re having trouble joining gt stubbspwnz We look forward to seeing you in our server.
  10. Hello everyone! This is a brand new Ragnarok Server with boosted settings. I'm advertising this server because it needs players and everyone is welcome. The map is Ragnarok. Below is gonna be some settings that have been modified. To Join the server add---- xxxArk247xx ---- Then proceed to click join on profile and join game! Changed stats for players Health 3.5x -- -- +35 Per Point Stamina 3.5x -- -- +35 Per Point Oxygen 5.0x -- -- +80 Per Point Food 3.0x -- -- +30 Per Point Water 3.0x -- -- +30 Per Point Weight -- -- Infinite Melee -- -- +15 Per Point Movement -- -- +4 Per Point Fortitude -- -- +30 Per Point Server Settings 20x Taming 10x Experience Gain 65x Mature Speed 72.5x Egg Hatch Speed 15x Harvest 1.25x Loot drop Quality 2x Fishing drop quality 0.25x Mating interval 0.5 Food/Water/Stamina Drain. Rules No Passive Tame Killing. PVP. Don't build in unfair locations. Such as glitched locations. Don't Grief, Such as blocking building locations or just being a troll. When you create a character, don't keep the default name. You'll have up too thirty minutes to change your characters name or you will be kicked on your first offense. Don't raid a thatch house if you have stone. (This stops their motivation to continue playing, and isn't beneficial to anyone involved.) Tribe Dinos are currently unrestricted as too what you can have. This may change if seen fit. A System of Punishment. Bans will be lead on a strike system. It goes as follows: 1st Strike will be a warning. 2nd Strike: Will be a warning + punishment. 3rd Strike: Will result in a kick, and if necessary, a ban. Instant Termination Rules Griefing. (Griefing and raiding are too different things.) Passive Killing Glitch Spot building. (Can Be Negotiated) A failure to change name from the default, which is "Human" Extra Server Info. (Uptime and Events) Server will be up whenever possible. Possible downtime may happen due to crashes or settings changes. Events are possible when the time seems right. They will be announced. Explanations/Reasons Passive Tame killing is very strict. As such, a tame that may not be passive, but not used in combat shall not be killed. If it's not used in combat, Don't kill it. Accidents are possible. If a problem occurs during a raid, please have some form of recording or record. Otherwise no action can be taken against any possible violators. Disclaimer: There is no start packs. Help may be provided by an admin, under specific circumstances only. ----- Admin raiding ---- surely it'll be a brought up issue and the answer is simple. Don't attack the admins and the chances are, they won't attack you. Admins exist to moderate, protect, and provide a great experience while on the server. Shop: A shop was previously existent at the start of the server. It has been abused, and now has been removed. Dino's can still be bought in ways, along with items. Ask the admins if interested. Additional Is there admin abuse? No, nor will there ever be. If an admin is using commands against another player, the reason is probably valid. Such as rule breaking. Can you change this stat? Probably, always open to suggestions about the server. Community Center? Not at the moment. Population of the server needs to be suitable. Can I be in the admin tribe? Probably not. Requires extreme trust if even a chance is possible. Can you spawn me and item or dino? Long answer: Yes. Short answer: No. Can I build here? Depends, if it's not a glitch spot, you probably have the green light. Can you paint my dino? Painting dinos will be a gift or reward. Depending on the current situation of the server, we just might come paint your dino. Can I be admin? No. Why is the server down? Temporary maintenance or Crash How often are you online? Almost all the time. Any admins can be reached at the Gamertags of: XxMCrocker199xX ---- LHateGamertags/CircularInk6028 ---- NavySeals2112 ---- xxxArk247xx ---- To Join the server add---- xxxArk247xx ---- Then proceed to click join on profile and join game! Credit to Crimson Eclipze or Equinox for the Post Style and a few other things. - Join his server as well @ the Gamertag of Boosted247x
  11. AHODIN Network would like to invite you to our Ark Survival Evolved Ragnarok server! AHODIN.nitrado.net Boosted Harvesting, taming and loot! We offer starters for those who ask in the form of: LvL 50 Pteradon Metal Pike Metal Pickaxe Metal Hatchet and some bonuses depending on the admin, but beware: each admin has a purpose. Survive the mischief, the dino spawns, the arena and the PvP paradise that is: AHODIN.nitrado.net Available on PC dedicated servers in your server filter on Xbox one, Rules are simple: No Bronto taming to avoid lag issues Viking Bay is PvE for Thatch buildings only, within it you will find our arena for future events. Team of admins are: All are welcomed. KCCO folks! ...and NO I will not make you an admin Please donate to give the server life! https://server.nitrado.net/donations/donate/1301311
  12. New Xbox PC server. Difficulty offset: 5 Override official difficulty:6 structure damage: 1 XP Multiply: 6 Taming speed: 15 Harvesting Multiplier: 6 Egg hatch speed: 20. Stats are still being tweaked. Tribe limit of 3. Looking for players that want to stick around for a while and develop a good community. For more info visit https://cretaceousark79.weebly.com/stats.html . Server name cretaceousark79 any questions message SNO BillyB on xbox live
  13. Hi, i have just just set up a new server with some friends and we are looking for players to come and get involved. we are aiming to have a very active server, full of community activities and public spaces such as stadiums, shops, villages, towns etc where people can take on different roles eg government, policing, farming etc we want to have active events in our built stadiums such as boxing matches, Dino fights, sword fights, painting competitions etc We would like to fill and grow this server and let you become kings or farmers or whatever you wish to become. We would like to have weekly town hall/server council meetings where we can discuss how to improve the server or recommend events. Server info: Xbox One Unofficial PC Sessions Name: The Ark Society Current boost: 8X map: Ragnarok PVP please feel free to add me on Xbox my get is iNeckle hope to see you soon!
  14. I have been running a dedicated server on Xbox One for 55 days now. The rental servers came up today and my players were hoping to transfer their hard-earned stuff. I uploaded a dino and it did not appear on the list to download. However, another dino I uploaded to the cloud 2 weeks ago from some random dedicated server I checked out was still there and I was able to download it. Similarly, one of my players was able to download a high level character and high level dino he had in the cloud for a long time. My dedicated server has the option to transfer your character to another server, but my rental only has the option to upload my survivor. How may I fix this? Thank you.
  15. Come join our server! Brand new server hosted by Nitrado! 24/7 server. As of right now stats are temporary. We are wiling to change stats if people suggest it! This is a full PvP server so please don't whine about everything. However, we do expect fair play. Treat people new to ark nicely so they can gain the experience. We welcome anyone into the server with or without experience. Rules: -No building in artifact caves. -No blocking resource spawn (Metal and Obsidian) -No offline raiding. -No admin abuse (Report any admin) -Try not to kill passives. -Raid and leave. NO WIPE or harassing. Rates: 5x Exp, Taming, Gathering 60x Maturing, 80x Hatch Speed How to join: Add our discord for more info: https://discord.gg/3WVAaVM When you join discord make sure you state what platform you are using.
  16. Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out our community. Do you want to have the best ARK experience? If so you came to the right place. This a new slightly boosted server so everything will be fresh. I will host a bunch of different events and quests and whatnot so you can win mighty rewards. This is essentially a PvP server but I want to build a great community with no trolls i don't tolerate them. We are here to have the best time possible. I will also do events based on Norse Mythology. Come check it out and feel free to ask any questions. Join my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1452401818148747/ and/or my discord https://discord.gg/ea6EStq
  17. Group of friends and I have started a role play (RP) Xbox server through Nitrado!! We are trying to get a few more people in and would love for anyone to join ❤️ Server is set for PvP but there are rules restricting killing of other players. Slightly boosted settings with PvP events. Message me me on Xbox if your interested 😉 gamertag is LadyVixenGT. See you you on the Ark
  18. How much juice

    How much power has everyone's electric bill gone up with the addition of a second Xbox one as a dedicated server? I know it is slightly dependant on rates but just to give me an idea. I know of a few people that have Xbox one's that don't read disks so I may use those to setup a few servers
  19. Server name : Coldharbour 32 Slots (About 12-15 players coming and going right now.) Optional start kit includes mid level Tapejara and Indy Forge. Discord Server just for info about guidelines/rules/Boosts. Plus a map that I'm trying to update with current tribe locations. Only 5 small tribes on the map right now. This will be hosted by adults. We'll try to scale the server slots if activity stays high. We plan to keep the server going regardless of the numbers. We're just looking for players with good attitudes. There will be a zero tolerance policy on things like griefing, trolling and harassment. This is going to be a relaxed PVE server. Boost Rates 7x Taming 10x Exp Mating cooldown will be very short 200x Hatching "Giga Eggs pop after 15min" 13x Mature "Giga hits adult in about 28hrs" Egg drop rates will be significantly increased to remove the need to mass tame dinos of each species. Player/Dino gathering will be boosted slightly "We do not want players to need hordes of egg layers and breeders. This is for the sake of performance. With these boosts in effect it will offset the need for excessive dino build up. Most of us love taming and breeding, we merely want players to stay on top of their stock and euthanize/trade dinos who have served their purpose." For the most part we will ask that players limit substantial building to a single main base of operations. Our primary goal is to try and maintain a server that does not encounter the gameplay issues found on officials. We are hoping our setup will make Ragnarok a much more enjoyable experience for everyone. We tried to make our boosts just high enough to remove the crazy grind, but still leave a game to be played. Hoping to have it opened up by Wednesday. Anyone who is can message me on here or contact me on Xbox Live. Gamertag : CosmicChaos TL;DR Relaxed boosted PVE Server come play!
  20. Running a PvP PC hosted server and having a hard time getting people in. Any ideas on what types of settings I could use to help keep people interest? Have things boosted right now(too high for my taste) instant hatching, instant leveling etc. all based on some guy’s ideas that had joined for a few days claiming he could fill it. Obviously I was dumb and listened to the guy so now I’m just looking for any serious ideas from people. The server is posted in a different post so I won’t double up putting the name on here. Just looking for some help I love playing this game just getting bored playing alone.
  21. Come join "Ark Passion", 23/7 Boosted Center Server! High Weight, unlimited Oxy, & no admin abuse. Our rates include 666x exp, 35x taming 35x breeding/raising, 5x fishing, 3x loot, and much more! Our server currently has low player and structure count and few trolls, join now and build up today! *No starters* Everyone should work for their wealth. *No rules* Good luck *Admins host weekly events* *Friendly server* Big tribes are friendly and will work with you *Daily dino wipes* *Structure clipping(;*
  22. Ragnarok 24/7 PVP

    Everything is on the Poster! Come Join us!
  23. Is there anyone here who got the Halloween event working on a dedicated server? If so - what did you do? I run a dedicated server on my own computer, I start it from a bat script (and not SteamCMD), but can't seem to see any of the Halloween effects. The bat file looks like this: start ShooterGameServer.exe TheIsland?listen?Port=XXXX?QueryPort=XXXXX?MaxPlayers=XX?RCONEnabled=True -noBattlEye -beta halloween
  24. Hey guys, My first real time posting on a forumn but I have to as this issue is frustrating me. My brother and I have been playing on a legacy server since the games final release as there were/still are only one server per map-per game mode. Why is the oceanic region only limited to so little servers? There's simply no-where near enough servers to meet demand. Has anyone heard if WC is going to add more servers to play on? If not, what's the state of the servers and choice of servers on PC?
  25. This Server has just been released on 10/23/2017! Come on in and lets create the best dedicated Xbox server there is. This server is running the Vanilla settings. However, when the server grows this might change by requests from our dedicated guest on the server. In order to join on in ADD INVOLVEDSQUID55 On Xbox Live Now. Send a message after the add so i can add you so you may join instantly and get started. Any questions feel free to ask.