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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 15 results

  1. hello I want to do creative mode on single player on xbox one but the command does not work. HELP me please!
  2. Permanent Creative Mode

    Suggestion: I would like to suggest permanent creative mode option for unofficial and singleplayer configs. Personal Thoughts: I have a private server for me and just a small few friends who I've already given admin password to. I would like to enable my server to have permanent creative mode. Currently, they have to enable cheats every time they log in. I want creative mode enabled for them without them havin to type in the codes (or press a button) every time. I want creative mode always active. Even better imo: I wish we could have always active creative mode for our tames too. We don't want any of our beloved virtual pets to die, from starvation nor dino attacks. This is our kind of playstyle: No survival worries. Just build, explore, harvest, and collect dinos and items. No risk of death or loss.
  3. One of my favorite things to do in Ark is creative building. Just to have created an architecturally interesting building, and made it work with Ark’s building physics is a great feeling. I would really love to use Tek tiles more often, when going for a real science-fiction vibe. There’s one big thing that really keeps me from doing so - the colored lights on said tiles. theres nothing wrong with the lights as they are; my only frustration is I will generally change the color of the lights depending the theme I’m going for. But if you’re making a BIG build it’s incredibly tedious even to spray paint the entire thing. And if one of the tiles is accidentally demolished you need to color the newly placed tile again. I’d like to request that once you place a Tek tile, and color it, any new connected Tek tiles adopt the same color - just in their lights. This would would retroactively too - if you build an entire building, and then change the color of the lights on one tile, all connected Tek tiles should reflect that change. i don’t think this should work for any other building tier, or even any other color regions on the Tek tiles. And if you want to restrict it even more, maybe it only works if the new creative mode is activated. But it would really streamline the process of building in the tek tier. i hope this idea makes sense 🙂 thank you for your time!
  4. So I've been on and off Ark the past year or more so I would say I'm pretty into the game and know what I'm doing... Most of the time anyways. Ive always stopped due to getting raided and being so salty to the point I quit the game for a few weeks before returning once again. I dont know if its the fact I'm in a small tribe or im just simply not good at the game. I have never tried PvE or starting up my own custom server with some friends. I'm curious to know if it will be as enjoyable as PvP and I wont get bored the first few days playing. Im really into building on games but I also love Pvp so I feel like I have to sacrifice one for the other as on Pvp servers you are kinda forced to build a bulky metal cube like everyone else instead of showing your creative side and building beautiful structures. If you're a Pve player I'd like to know if its fun, long lasting, and maybe better than Pvp. Sorry for the rambling, typos and long post haha thanks anyways. -Lauren xx
  5. Hello, everyone. I am sending out this message to recruit modders for a creative project I think will interest the Ark gaming community as a whole. We all know that everyone has a favorite creature or favorite creatures they'd like to see in the game. Unfortunately, not all of them have made the cut yet or might ever officially make the cut. So, to solve that problem, I've been doing extensive reading and research of the ongoing thread centered on what creatures people would like to see in Ark. I myself have come up with numerous suggestions, some of which others in the community share with me. With that in mind, I would like to collaborate with at least one fairly experienced modder who has experience with changing and editing the game's files (especially creature-related ones). I have many suggestions that I think would add much more variety and choice to the game overall. I have created several powerpoint presentations with fanmade dossiers of all the creatures I think myself and many others would like to see implemented into the game in some way. There are about 100 of them, so it would be quite a large project. However, I have divided the creatures according to certain themes that would be worked on one at a time. For example, I have one centered on flying creatures, another on aquatic creatures, another with creatures that would serve practical functions in the game, some of which have not yet been seen or implemented by Wildcard. As I said, I would like to creatively collaborate with at least one modder with a fair amount of experience in modding Ark. I would be open to using any form of communication (preferably email, possibly Skype). I myself have no modding experience, so I would leave all those details to the modders interested and I would supply the powerpoints with the fanmade dossiers and aesthetic inspection of models (by inspection, I mean merely looking over the models and seeing if they look original and giving feedback to said modders on my thoughts). If anyone is interested in working with me on this project, please leave a message on this discussion thread and let me know when you would have time to participate in this. I myself am mostly free right now, so my schedule is very flexible at this point. To anyone interested in this undertaking, your willingness to help me make these ideas a reality would earn you my eternal gratitude. I am confident it would earn the gratitude of the player community of Ark as a whole too. I'll try to check Survive the Ark regularly for messages so I can respond as promptly as possible. Be aware that messages sent around 12:00 a.m. or after until about 8:00 next morning are likely not to answered right away. I'm pretty much asleep by that point. 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. would be the best times to reach me during the day. Again, thank you for your interest and I hope to work with you on this project soon. Best wishes and a happy holiday.
  6. I would love to see others' PVE base designs. I play on PS4 with 2 others. We took a long break from ARK and are only recently playing again on the Center map (official). Would like some ideas on a new build. We've got a nice little behemoth gate enclosure with a barn/house and a few dinos that has a castle vibe to it but want to expand. Also would really like to see others egg hatching/baby area designs. Thanks!
  7. ARKitects Base and building designs

    One of the reasons I love Ark is for for the creative side of building. I have looked in the forums and seen scattered posts about building, but we need a dedicated area. I wanna hear or see screenshots and videos about your builds. So many people have amazing ideas and designs for buildings. Show us your breeding pens, egg farms, work stations, unloading areas for quetz, green houses and every thing. Do you have it all into one EPIC GIANT base or have you made into small dedicated building connected together.
  8. New Fire Dino/Tame

    So I was thinking that ark could use a Dino that is almost like a raptor or possible a slower but strong mount, that uses charcoal as food and acts like a forge that is not as fast as an industrial forge but still an upgrade as well as having additional slots and using less resources to cool or smelt. I think if it could be like a merge between both the cooker and the indy forge then it would be a super helpful tame that could come out with some interesting attacking abilities. Feed back is appreciated!
  9. CALLING ALL IMMERSIVE and Creative Survivors! I will be starting a private server for those of us who are tired of spawning into wooden spike filled official servers. Ark is a great game that has the potential for a truly immersive experience, but far to often do you spawn into a server filled with wooden spikes, abandoned box houses, and obnoxious walls blocking off huge areas of land. Making for an incredibly bad experience for new players, who really have no choice but to slave away for the biggest tribe on the server. So my goal is to create a server that gives players that immersive rpg feel, rather you want to explore the world hunting and taming dinos, harvesting goods and making a market, or build a tribe to take on the bosses. If two people want to start two separate tribes and they want to war it out or set up boundries, that's fine just don't build giant walls blocking all the good materials/dinos, or grief the solo players. So if anyone is interested send a message to PSN: REVOL-NATION The server WON'T be 24/7 I work full time and I'm not leaving it on when I'm away from home, that being said I will try and have it up and running as often as I can. If anyone has any suggestions for server settings / map preferences let me know, I also wanted to know if you guys prefer primitive + or not.
  10. Creative Mode

    Ramble: I have seen many incredible pieces of architecture in Ark; I myself am currently working on an octagonal water base with glass floors (greenhouse) connected to mainland via pier with a hatch leading to an underwater dino pen and an additional pier for unloading supplies with a raft-turned-pirate boat. I thoroughly enjoy building in Ark. The pier and the foundation of the base, or about 1/10 of the final product, is finished... after 10 continuous hours of work. I'm playing on my friend's non-dedicated server so I personally can't turn on unlimited stats or spawn resources. Instead the gathering rate and EXP boost is maxed so we obviously have no shortage of supplies or engrams and we spawn dinos to carry the load. I don't want to ramble but what I'm getting at is there are plenty of workarounds for those who want to invest in building in Ark, but it would be nice if we didn't need to work around our avatars' limitations or even our gaming rigs' (for those of us on console). Suggestion: Implement a Free Build mode. In it you would have access to all constructions oriented engrams, your character would be in God Mode so no hunger, thirst, or health to worry about. Potentially allow people to upload the map and allow others to play on it. This would extend the game's life exponentially and enhance the game's already existing modes. For PVP players; Tribes could join a server with two or more pre-built fortresses and hold large scale tournaments and practice skirmishes. PVE players could expand on their role playing to new levels. Solo players won't have to quit their jobs to build anything more advanced than a metal outhouse. I understand there is a mod for easy building on PC... but that's leaving out at least 60% of the player base. The building in Ark, while flawed, is capable of beautiful constructs and giving free reign to all players across all platforms will promote even more amazing building projects. TLDR: Implement Creative mode without needing to contort all the server settings or using mods.
  11. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks so very much
  12. ARK XBOX Server Boosted Hello fellow ARK players! Thank you for coming by to take a look at this ARK server. This server is mostly focused on high rates for people who have lives in the outside world, well besides playing ark. We all get it, we have things to do like school/work, so we can't play for 9 hours a day to grind out that one Anky tame for metal that gets instantly killed by a dilo while you're offline. On this server, we have extremely boosted rates, so that you can just enjoy the game. Our stats are balanced and extreme, but still, make the game fun. Due to high rates, building is extremely easy. This normally means constant destroying of annoying boats and pillars. We counter that. We made automatic structure/dino decay enabled, but for a balanced amount of time. You don't have to worry about losing your items but the griefers will have their structures and dinos auto wiped! These are the important statistics of the server: -24/7 Runtime -Low Ping -PvE on The Center -No Cave Building (Allowed Cave Flyers) -Instant Tame -50X Gather (With a recent patch this means that 1 stone now equals 2, therefore this is equivalent to 100X Gather) -40X XP -0.25 Food/Water/Stamina Drain -5X Health Regeneration -0.25Resource Respawn Distance -0.1 Egg Lay -0.001 Mate Timer -20X Egg Hatch Speed -85X Mature Speed -50X Dino Stamina -250X Dino Weight -1.0X Dino Health/Damage (With an older patch, this means that the health and damage are boosted VERY much. Anybody who played old ark would recall this.) -5X Dino Speed -50X Playe Health/Stamina -25,000X Player Weight -500X Player Oxygen -100X Player Food/Water -5X Player Damage -3X Player Speed -1,000,000X Player Fortitude That's about it for the stats, if you have any questions please contact the host below. The server is open to play on and although Role Playing is accepted, it is not enforced. Trading is highly recommended and it'll add some fun to the server. Tell your friends and come on over! -Host GT: WatWikk 2 Message the host after adding them and thanks for checking out the server!
  13. Low Level Casual ARK! Slapaho Cluster Island/Ragnarok: Official-ish PvPvE Slapaho Cluster" Ark Servers! Small private PVP Servers primarily for messing around and putting your imagination to the test. Normal dinos spawn up to level 90 to make for a noob-friendly environment. Hosted Maps: TheIsland and Ragnarok, both servers recently upgraded to 20 slots! Look for the following Servers: "Slapaho Island" IP: "Slapaho Ragnarok" IP: If all is well you should be able to find the Slapaho servers in your list. Otherwise manually search for games @ the IP address in your Steam Client under View > Servers and add them to your favorites. Rules Not many rules apply, just play nice. There are just 20 player slots on each server (for now...) and even though it's a PVP server we prefer not to damage each other's creations, raid bases or generally make another player's ARK life unpleasant (too much) unless agreed upon between players themselves. We just like messing around, building stuff and taming dinos to add to the collection. Server Features Overall pretty much vanilla: - TheIsland/Ragnarok maps in a closed cluster - Difficulty 0.7142, which spawns up to lvl 90 dino's (for now...) - No Player location on map - Crosshair enabled - Daycycle quarter speed - Daytime quarter speed - Nighttime 4x speed - Max Players 20 per server - Mejo- and Narcoberry harvest rate x4 - Taming/Hatching/Maturing/Mating rate x4 - Dino Baby Food Consumption quarter speed - Admin Assistance - ORP after 10sec - Cave Flying - Structures Plus (S+) On behalf of The Slapaho Tribe, we invite you into our world! Have Fun!
  14. Server is still very very empty! Hurry and claim some of the best spots on The Island now! I won't write a lot here, just swing by the steam group if you're looking for a PVE server that's not extinction or Annunaki, this is just ARK with all kinds of sprinkles. FULL TIME PVE, will never change from PVE! Map: The Island Key mods such as: Structures+ Platforms+ Classic Flyers TEK Helper (All TEK unlocked, craftable element) Kibble Table Upgrade Station Scorched Earth Plus (naturally spawning scorched earth dinos) Pearl Converter And many more~ Key info on settings: 1. Custom easier XP Progression, more linear, 4x XP, x5 harvest, 6x Tame 2. Easier taming, imprinting and hatching (Carry Wild Dino Enabled, 1.7x stat imprint) 3. Reduced food and water drain for players (also for baby dinos) 4. Max Level 250 (265 after ascension) for players 5. Lvl 180 Wild dinos, lvl-up 232 times. 6. Cave flying enabled 7. Plant Xs and Turrets on saddles (Increased turret damage on dinos in case people drop wild dinos on to your base) Also, x20 element drop from all bosses Added classic flyers due to popularity, and yes, we have naturally spawning wyvern eggs Check these: https://arkservers.net/server/ AND http://steamcommunity.com/groups/hamGS/ Go over to the discussions section!
  15. Elevator Question

    So im just playing in a creative mode on the Xbox and I have come across a frustrating problem. I am trying to make an elevator into the sky. Somewhere for my birds to land on and just be lowered down into my base. The issue is that i cant get my elevator to get over a certain height (no its nowhere close to the sky limit). As it stands now, the watch tower i have is higher than it and i considered that one to be pretty short. After a certain height i noticed the track was no longer powered. I redid some wiring and the whole track is powered yet the elevator platform still wont go any higher than it is currently at. I know it serves no practical use but i thought it'd be cool to make. Anyone have any idea whats going wrong? Only thing i can think of is that there is some limit to how high a tack will work. Help?