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Found 32 results

  1. Many people according to the reviews on Google Play are experiencing this issue. These are things I have tried. 1. Disable HW overlay settings. 2. Tone down / up the graphics and resolution. 3. Clear Cache 4. Shutdown all running apps / restart phone. The error seems to be related to vulkan, or possibly ads, I also crash alot when trying to come back from an advertisment. For me, it can get stuck after I select solo and it starts to load the game, it will stick at the black screen then crash. I seem to be able to fix it by reseting the graphics back to recommend, for me thats "High" and then restarting the phone. However once I try to enter the game its good for a minute then crashes again. So I change my settings back to low and its good for awhile, like I can play for hours and not have an issue. Then once I get into this weird crash loop thing again I have to try to fix it again. I have rated the game 1 star on Google Play, and when this game is optimized and not crashing all the time I will update that rating. I play other games on High/Epic settings on my phone and none of them experience the issues I have with this game. I also can play this game fine on an Iphone SE, it looks great and has no crashing, it's not laggy and is super smooth, and the sad part about it is this Iphone SE has 2G less RAM than my Android Device and is a much crappier phone in terms of it's specs.
  2. Just wondering when any of the fixes will be done, never received any response from any bug report submitted since release. These are the allosaurus that disappears after you leave draw distance (and removed from tames list )caves that are unplayable, tuso that is untameable, Dinos that don’t have animations for walking (giga) Dinos that aren’t fully rendered (megalosaurus) as well as all of the crashing that comes with the advertisements . Please do not add new content until the core game is working. And please begin to actually respond to bug reports.
  3. Has Anyone else not been about to start up ARK on Xbox one, Mine keep opening up then closing down? Sometime Please try again appears and says its taken to long to start ? I have tried restarting the console, quitting the game and re-launching it. followed Xbox Help. Nothing has work so far? Does anyone else know how to fix this issue. Been wanting to play for days. Cheers
  4. Hi I would like to offer some of my findings suggestions and assistance to devs regarding the multiple ways you can still ddos, roll Back, exploit ark game servers if you guys are interested drop me a line maybe as a community we can make ark truly enjoyable again
  5. AparajitaStormhoof

    Constantly Crashing.

    Hi everyone. Been a huge fan of ARK and WC since ARK first released in it's alpha states. Around 4000 hours between three devices. Now, i've reached a point where I can't seem to go any further. Every since the Aberration DLC (Which looks stunning and is extremely fun to play, btw), I crash constantly. My Old RIG would crashed on Aberration when Nameless pop up, Reaper Kings pop up, or if I'm mounting/dismounting dinos near water. So, I went out and spent 2,000 on a new gaming PC. The new RIG Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB (Driver Version 398.92) Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz 15.85 GB Ram 1 TB SSD and 2 TB HDD, Ark is run on the SSD. I use Aorus Engine to Overclock and (if need be) underclock the system. Now. I am on the new Rig and I have the exact same crash, the exact same issues, the exact same problems. Uploaded a Screenshot of the crash. What I've tried: Validate, Re-install, Overclock, Underclock, -nomansky, --norhithread, -sm4, -dx9, re-install DirectX, Re-install my graphics card and drivers, reset my BIOS to orginal setting, adjusted resolution and view distance, attempted to start ARK in all forms of base start-ups, have searched far and wide across Google, SurviveTheARK, and Steam only to find no answers. So, what do you suggest?
  6. I just wanted to let you know that this latest update has not fixed the cave crash issue. You probably already know the story, but here it goes anyways. In Version 1.00.86, I went into the Central Cave and my game crashed as I collected the artifact. Ever since then, I have been unable to play the Singleplayer game because it crashes right after I load back into the cave. I’m using a 5th generation iPad. Let me know if you guys have given up on fixing this or are still trying to find potential solutions for this. Every update I get optimistic, then get sad when I realize the problem is still there 😢
  7. This problem started about 3 days ago (Version 1.00.86). I entered the Central Cave, fought my way down to the artifact, and as I collected the artifact, the game crashed on me. I tried to reload the game, but every time I entered Singleplayer again, I would only load for a second before crashing again. I thought it wasn’t a big deal. I figured I would just wait for an update with a crash fix and hopefully I would be able to load properly without crashing, but this latest update did not fix that (Version 1.00.88). I’m using a 5th Generation iPad with the latest IOS.
  8. I was playing ark and was dead in my own base due to fire from cooking pot and lost all the amber and my dead is not expiring i also felt the same issue before and lost all the amber i got
  9. Game crashes instantly when starting up on Original Xbox One. Abberation art loading screen is shown for about 3 seconds before the game completely crashes and returns me to dashboard. Tried deleting saved data, factory resetting Xbox, uninstalling and installing game, nothing works. Only started happening after the 1.8gb update a few days ago.
  10. Hi I have both the android and apple apps but I keep having a problem where when I enter a dangerous area such as a swamp or start getting attacked by something the game crashes which causes me and any dino I'm riding to die and lose everything I'm carrying and it doesn't give me the opportunity to re aquire any of my lost items unlike if I die under normal circumstances I'm on the southern jungle PvE server and it has happened on various occasions. I'm also having issues with a tribe under the name of nighttribe, even though its a PvE server they keep luring dangerous dinos Into are base or dropping them in to are base using a airborne dino of some form or another to inflict as much damage and loss as possible, it got so bad me and the other person in my tribe have been forced to move to another location
  11. Drizzt21

    Cant log in keep getting error unknown

    So I was playing all day today then I went out for some nameless venom as I am raising 12 rock Drake's at the moment event colors and all and the game crash's..... To witch then the when Asia crossark10 servers went offline.....ok cool but now ever since they have been back up I cannot connect Everytime I try to it says unknown error and won't let me I have tryed Two different account and consoles reset them both and my internet tryed hotspoting phone and everything all while my Drake's are dieing because the game won't let me connect....seriously please reroll servers or something and fix this crazy issue that I can't find post about this happening to people as far back as 2015....
  12. WolfofReach

    The Center Won't Launch

    Hello! I've played the game for several years now but never quite made it onto the forums. Hi everybody! I've played the Center in the past with no issues outside the normal Center framerate issues. Recently though after having played SE, Ragnarok, and Aberration I've wanted to return to the Center. When I load it in Singleplayer it gets me to the 'Create a Survivor' screen, then freezes when I try to spawn in. Anyone know how to fix this? I'm on Xbox
  13. Totally new. Love the game. But I’m thinking iOS is not possible? Constantly crashes, I lose everything, suuuuper slooow. Why is it in the Apple App Store? Or: what am I doing wrong???
  14. DiamondHawk8

    error message pls help

    I have gerring this error message for the past week and i cant play plz help
  15. DiamondHawk8


    Ok so this problem i have been dealing with for 2 weeks and basically when I go on a server single player or multiplayer If im inside a house im fine but when I go outside I get 1 or 2 lag spikes and then the game freezes and crashes i have tried verifying the game files and it did nothing plz help
  16. The day after ARKeology launched, a friend of mine and myself were playing on my dedicated server cross-platform (we play on Xbox, the server runs off my home PC) after logging in we noticed lots of things wrong - missing dinosaurs, locked out of our buildings because the tribe no longer owned them, and even seeing our characters still unconscious on the ground. After many restarts, we concluded this was a savefile corruption and, rather disgruntled, left it at that for a couple of days. It may be of use to note that a day earlier before we lost the savefiles, my friend encountered a peculiar issue - I'd never seen anything like it before. He found that singleplayer loading crashed and that trying to connect to my server also crashed him, but found that upon reloading the game, post crashing from attempted server connection, that all of the textures were horribly distorted. The main menu looked like a convoluted evening of Garry's Mod, and he would still crash. Bizarrely, this bug would then carry over into other games, disc or not, once he'd tried and failed to join the server. The game he tested was Halo 5 and sure enough, the main menu looked like it had been through a meat grinder. However, a hard reset did the trick of fixing this issue until he again failed to connect. We deemed the solution to be a full reinstall - 90GB of 30 hours... we also deemed the culprit to be a bad install of the ARKeology update. So the reinstall is finally finished and its Saturday - yesterday at the date of this posting, and a fresh server is loaded and he attempts to connect... with no luck. Singleplayer too doesn't work and it just keeps crashing upon any action done to try an play the game, he also discovered that the game would simply close after 90 seconds sat on the main menu (he tried and timed this 3 times to the same result) after NAT type checks, many hard resets and router restarting... We deemed the solution to be a full reinstall... we deemed the culprit to be the recent v774.1 update for the Xbox version. Seven hours ago I received word from him that at 10.23GB of installing completed, he gets the notification "installation stopped" and it won't progress. I'm not sure if this is an issue with ARK or not but I felt I should include it here just in case. As of now, he is letting the update sit, to see if it fixes itself. I've no idea why this has happened to him, we both just want to play some of our favourite game, but can't because recently his game just keeps breaking. Mind that he hasn't had any issues like this for over a year when we all had them, back then the game was still in early access. If anyone has any ideas on how we can potentially fix this we welcome them with open arms, because this is getting ridiculous...
  17. SpamEatingChikn

    bugs SOS! Incessant Crashing

    Wildcard Support and Community, Let me preface by saying I love Ark. It has been nearly the only game I’ve played since picking it up last fall and I have gotten many friends into it as well.That may hopefully help you appreciate our extreme frustration with how often the game has been crashing lately. We can play, for example, four hours and end up with only one hour (if we’re lucky) of that saved. It’s that frustrating, and has begged the question of quitting Ark entirely.Due to our schedules as working adults with days, or sometimes weeks, between play sessions we can only accommodate Local Servers. We play our saves on solo, or nondedicated depending on if we’re on at the same time to play together.Below I’ve listed all the major instances of crashing and in parenthesis (solo, nd) which types they occur on. We play on Xbox One, disc games, and game and console patches up to date.Thank you so much for your time, we love Ark and want it to be the fun game you intend it to be.-flying over certain areas of the map on Island, Rag (solo, nd) -fast traveling to some beds (solo, nd)-when saving and exiting, the game can crash during the exit loading screen failing to save (solo, nd)-completing crafting an item in a fabricator or cooker (nd)-general crashing mid play under no apparent circumstances (occasionally solo, often nd) SOS! 🤕 @lilpanda @Jen @Jatheish
  18. It would be nice if Wild Card would fix the issues before giving us new content. Instead they work really hard to give everyone on official servers Dodobunny's and pretty colored eggs while we are still crashing on Ragnarok ,because once again wildcard epically fails to fix the things that are relevant. Dodo Bunny's rather than take care of problems, The Server list is unachievable , yet you can not find anywhere where someone tells you how to get on it. I was on it for about a week then they had an update and i was kicked off it. havent been on it since. My server host gamertag is Gp_pearldrummer if there are any Admin that can help to put it on the list. I cant seem to transfer between characters anymore from player ded to player ded. we've tried almost everything. So hopefully, wildcard will give us some new fireworks for the fourth of july rather than fix the issues like usual!!!!!! SMH
  19. CRASHING!!!! Obelisks and supply drops After update on my dedi. Anytime me or anyone clicks on any colour drop at any location as well as all of the obelisks. So now we cant do boss battles. Tek gear is even more impossible to obtain without commands and no one is able to go drop hunting... come on WC. We need updates that don't crash an entire server... Been part of the ark realm since day one on xbox and got a second xbox about 45 days later and been hosting many servers with it. This is one of the worst updates for crashing i have had to deal with. Pleeeeaase heeeelp!!!
  20. I am playing single player and hosting nondedicated server on my ps4: This post is regarding the Jungle cave on the Center: I Have cleared the South Jungle cave multiple times but the spawns in this cave cause the frame rate to drop when in this area. With dino kills on topside at any location on the map, the re-spawns seem to be concentrated in the South Jungle cave and at its entrance. To get them to re-spawn as they should in this cave all dinos must be destroyed, but that solution is short lived because looking for and killing dinos on the topside, cause more to re-spawn in the cave. As the re-spawns occur in the cave, the overpopulation causes the frame rate to drop significantly above ground and somewhat in the cave. When entering the cave via the water entrance, the system simply crashes. See attached photos of the convention of spawns in the jungle cave.
  21. Draconicannon

    Game freezing

    Game freezes every few minutes. I have a top of the line computer that hasent had any problems with Ark before. Update: Game allowed me to play for much longer than normal, but after Wyvern egg hatch went back to crashing.
  22. I run a player dedicated ragnarok server with 20 people daily. Theres never lag bronto saddles are banned. Its been up for about 2-3 weeks and it just started to crash. Alot daily like 5 times were it gets annoying. I own the server i dont abuse. The stats arnt op were its bad or were it lags server. Speed is about 250 bit lower. Its on ps4 and this is a bluescreen ce dashboard error (game crashes) every reset this has happened after 2-3 weeks after 5 total resets so far can anyone help? I will also include screenshots of my base my dino count etc. And the error code when it happens which will probaly be really soon.
  23. I know this is a commonly reported issue like people asking for Que Timers / Idle Kicks. But this Crashing to home screen is just getting ridiculous. I can spend all day online running around my tribes base, building/farming/taming, but the moment I get out of eyeshot of the base (on my Argaventis) my game seems to start a timer, within 30 - 50 minutes I'm kicked to home screen. I've done plenty of workarounds to fix this; Hard restart, Hard boot, cleared Cache, NAT: Open and Closed (with Xbox only ports open), put a fan on the Xbox (thinking its overheating), looked only a the ground as I flew away from base only looking up to see were I'm heading, Lowered and raised the gamma, changed screen size, and cursed and yelled at the Xbox hoping it would listen.... This happened to me all day on one of my days off... once it kicked me the first time, it took me over 4 hours to get back on... to my amazement my character wasn't killed and neither was my Argaventis (Thank God). Another time I was flying my Argaventis into battle upon an opposing tribe who killed 2 of our tribe members, their mounts, and their tame they were working on... I descended upon their base with speed and accuracy, while my friends T-Rex and Spino were taking down walls and killing their Dinos. After scooping one of the guys up and eating him, I returned and parked on top of their base to jump off and start looting, as soon as I landed, and hit Y, my game crashed to home. (took me an hour to get back in, but my tribe mates were able to bring my Argaventis home, the opposing tribe never knew I was on top of their base until I finally got back in, and finished them off with my pike) Another time I was heading from the volcano (with a load of obsidian and a level 2 Sabertooth in my talons) when the game crashed to home, I logged back in (after over an hour of spamming join) to find myself falling, thankfully I'm a pro, and had a parachute on me, deployed it just before I hit the ground and survived with 20 HP left... broke my legs tho... Another time I was in my base, seen a green drop, jumped on my Argaventis, and started heading that way (it was probably 300 yards away) when I was crashed to home. These were almost ALL in one day... I run with my gamma at max, and I have tried with it at it's lowest, neither seems to help, I crash more often now then I ever have... I've also noticed whenever I finally do get back online (and my character hasn't died) when I come back in my Argaventis has laid an egg, and all the Dino's around me have respawned... which makes me think all of that processing at once might have something to do with it. When I do D/C or Crash to Home (Riding/Flying a Dino) and I finally get back in my character acts like I'm dehydrated with a black out screen in my FOV (field of view.) AKA the "KO Screen" I know your all working really hard on this incredible game (I pray you continue too) but you guys have got to make this a priority... Crashing to home wouldn't be bad IF: You gave us a 10min window to get back in. (not allow someone to take our spot on the server) - This needs to be implemented regardless... You made us "Immune" to damage because of the DC. (NO ONE wants to lose a 7 hr. tame / DINO due to the game just shutting off and it taking us hours to get back in.) You fast traveled us to our "preselected location of choice" (our bed, same goes for our Dino we were riding or that was following us at the time) You make us instantly dismount (so our tribemate can "whistle: follow" and get our Dino home) Losing my life or my Dino's life to the environment/starvation/other Dino's doesn't bother me as much as the game just taking it all away (something I have no control over) In closing, YES I understand this is Beta/Alpha/Testing and YES I understand what I signed up for when I paid. This is one of the greatest games I've played in a long time, I grow attached to everything in it because of how quickly it can be snatched away (My Dino's, My Tribemates, My House/Base... my life comes second to these things.) I just ask that you guys continue to work hard on keeping your players online, your servers uncluttered with trash players who keep their Xbox's on all day while they are at work/school/asleep so they don't have to "spam join". Above all else, Keep up the Great Work... you've got a lot of support from a large and dedicated community -GG Wildcard, and Thank you!
  24. Every time I try to load up my dedicated server on Windows 10, which was working completely fine for a couple of days, it crashes while loading on "Volcano Entrance." Anyone got any answers or solutions/suggestions?
  25. I've been seeing a lot of this issue being posted and not seeing any responses from those who can offer some insight or... sympathy... for this issue. I've bought the game, the DLC, played on a hosted server with friends, had no issues of game crashing. Update goes out, I start a Single Player and now, like most on here, game is crashing every 15 minutes or so. When this happens, I lose progress back to whatever the last save was, which I can't seem to find what those settings are. I'm playing Single Player, Non-Dedicated Server, Ragnorak, XboxOne. As we speak - I have started the game, set a timer and not moved my character from the position it loaded into. Timer is at 26:52 with no crash yet. This tells me there is a loading issue. Previously, game would crash every 15 minutes or so no matter what task I was doing, if I was riding or flying, or even location did not seem to matter. Game crashes and sends me back to the Xbox Home screen. I have reached out to Wildcard on Twitter, no response. I see others have reached out to technical support, no response. Is this a problem they plan on fixing??? This is a full release game now. People need to know that they haven't paid for something that doesn't work properly and that the developers aren't just ignoring this. Do they even have a Community Manager??