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Found 134 results

  1. Last night the game crashed to desktop while I was on a mount. Somewhere around level 50. Attempting to restart the game would present a white screen then crash to desktop again. The thumbnail of the game when switching apps would show me at the last save point on back of the mount in the air. Any attempt to play single player again would crash to desktop again. I decided to just delete the game and reinstall. Starting over despite the losses was still far more fun than sitting around. Trying to restore purchase failed. I had in the neighborhood of 850 amber but I can’t recall exactly. The form for reporting failed purchase restores requires a screen shot of the receipt. What receipt exactly? I didn’t make screen shots while making purchases. I was hoping you would have records of these transactions on file in the system somewhere rather than rely on the honor system. i really don’t mind buying another $40 pack but I’m hesitant now with the constant crashing and risk of loosing another purchase. Can someone clarify what is meant by the reciept screenshot request on the form? I would also like to assist in debugging if possible. I’d love to see this game work as expected. Beautiful graphics by the way (my background). lee ios 11.4.1 ipad pro model ML0R2LL/A
  2. I crash every 10 20 30 minutes to the dashboard on scorched earth my friends and the entire server crash in the exact same way. Countless others have responded with the same issue. my server is 174 na offical se. But its on every server. This would be a normal post. Except we as a community have received no reply from wildcard about a fix. From what I've researched and read Xbox can not help us and Nitrado has done their part. Uninstalling and reinstalling the game does nothing. I have placed tickets as have others and they have not responded. My friend and i crash 30 to 40 times a day of playing on scorched earth. We love this game and want to play. We love the creatures and the time you put into making them life like. We have lost many items time and tames to this. However I don't know why we bother. The fun of playing with this is tarnished by all the crashing. We paid money for this dlc and we cant play it. I cant enjoy it. I cant play your game it doesn't work. As a business you sold us a faulty product and the lack of response for a month has been disheartening and unprofessional. Not even Jat or an admin has confirmed this to be in issue. Not even a twitter post. If you do not respond to this I will consider this to be a statement to us as a ark community. That we are not worth a simple response saying that you understand. Some of us paid hundreds on this game. I speak for them too when I say this has been a real disappointment. I remember growing up and wanting to live with dinosaurs this is the closest I can get. I genuinely just want to play as do others. Please give us a response. Thank you - Ark community.
  3. mrcharliecat

    Ragnarok keep crashing

    I started playing on Ragnarok but after an hour, the game started to crash at about once an hour. I have a small base on viking bay 1 and 4 dinos. I did not use any cheat. I play on a Xbox one S.
  4. Polleymister

    I need an update on d3d device being lost

    Hey I've still been getting the issue on Ark Survival Evolved: Aberration of the d3d device being lost even with the registry editor fix that Jat mentioned on his twitter and forum. ---> He says that this was a fix although mine and some others are still having trouble with this bug. For some reason if my game doesn't encounter this bug report my whole computer just freezes and I have to hold the power button on the PC itself as task manager won't even open. I don't know if this is a separate bug so I might not go too much into it. It does however happen in like 10 min. to 2 hours depending on how long I let the computer shutdown sometimes. So I'm just waiting on feedback from wildcard on the d3d issue. I also have tried using different launch options such as -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 . This is version 280.115 for those that are wondering. PC Specs: OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version: 10.0.16299 Build 16299 Graphics Card: Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics Memory: 8 GB Ram Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz, 3501 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) System Type: x64-based PC If you have any way around this or you have an update on the problem that would be great.
  5. After the lastest update with the cave crash fix and cuddle bears, i try to go into my singleplayer game but after i press play and the loading screen appears, the game just closes and returns me to home screen. I am using a samsung note 5. This only started after the most recent update
  6. I bought some amber so i could revive my Pteranodon. what happened was i pressed confirm to buy it, but the game the crashed. i resumed my game, and i had the same amount of amber i did previously. i checked my purchase history, and it had been registered. i submitted a request, but i kinda need help now since i spent money and didnt get what i paid for.
  7. Hi, Playing Ark on an Xbox One X but it is unplayable as it keeps freezing / crashing. I am forced to go back to the main menu . I have uninstalled and reinstalled but the issue still remains. Is this a know but, do you know what is causing this? Thank you. Gaz2k1
  8. So it's been a month since myself and many others raised the issue of a completely broken game and despite a Dev replying to one of the many threads nothing has been done. The issue: we can play for 30 seconds and then we get black screened and dashboarded even if sitting on the main menu and this occurred two updates ago. I've been holding my breath for an update but I've finally given up waiting. Wildcard are too obsessed with making money than actually fixing the game and keeping dedicated players around. So that's it me and my tribe are putting the game down permanently and will watch from the sideline as this game dies due to its neglectful developers

    Crash and bugs

    In Huawei p10 lite, crash to open campfire, inventory, mortar o fabricator, also bugs in freezing water with swim.
  10. How about not dismounting people when they crash? The thing is, crashing is a minor bump to a player who is into the game. The problem lies in what happens after said crash. There are times when you're just inside your base, doing god knows what, these are the times where it's just a slight inconvenience. Now we're moving to the problem, most of the time, when a player crashes, s/he is flying over people's bases, consuming memory, phone can't keep up, app closes. Now, if you're still with me, you would know what will happen when you log back in. Yes, you're now falling, let's hope your health can handle the fall, just between you and me though, I doubt it. So you're dead, gotta go back to base, ride another flier(if one is available, if not, then I suggest you start running.) to get back to your loot. Now things are about to get trickier. You even watched an ad, you get to your beacon, now, there are a few possible outcomes here, outcome A. Your stuff is intact, your bird is still there, all is good. Outcome B. Your stuff is there, but your bird, nowhere to be found, now outcome B may be solved easily AT TIMES, you simply recall your dino. This solution however, does not work 100% of the time a. Because you have tons of items in said bird, or b. It's a quetz with a platform saddle. If it's a. You can still decide to recall it, if it's b then let the search begin, pray you find it before it dies. Now outcome C. Your stuff is gone, your bird is there. Yes, other people exist and they can take your stuff PvP or PvE. D. Is a combo of your stuff and your bird being gone. Now see, all this could be avoided, if you don't dismount a player when they reconnect. Pretty much the same concept if you die in a cave or just while exploring, I've had a few experiences with a scorpion, stinging me for literal, real life hours, because of my ascendant gear and it being a low level. It's nowhere near a fix, but it's a nice compromise, if you'll ask me. Just a thought, you know. Cheers
  11. Since the Xbox one update 775.11, Ark has loaded into the main menu fine, allows selection of play but will crash while loading main game if not on primitive plus edition. Load screen shows "PrimalGameData_BP" attempts to load and send to dashboard. When reopening Ark, asks if you want to continue last session but will crash again. It the update causing the crash or can it be fixed?
  12. My game constantly crashes.. I have tried to change the video settings and still does it. It seems to happen less often on low settings but still happens about every 10 mins. I am afraid to even use flying tames due to this issue. Is there any fix that anyone knows about?
  13. The game starts but is missing the "Continue Single Player" pop-up. When I press "Play Ark" the game loads a tiny bit on the load screen but then the app crashes completely. I already restarted my phone and turned it on-off multiple times. I also sent a crash report to the pinned post. What do I do?
  14. I am on the East side of the map, not far from the shore a bit inland where there is a hotspot of wyverns flying around a large bay of water with some nice rock overhangs that look likes a bridge, I thought since there are over 100 wyverns the spawn rate was too high, so I changed my game ini to lower it. Same issue. Next step was to use the command DestroyWildDinos before I went into that area. Same issue. I gave the area a wider birth next time. Same issue. The game just goes black and resets itself to the main menu. If you are near the shore at LAT: 87 and LON: 39 and fly due West over a large hill/mountain you will run into the wyvern nest/spawns and then it crashes...every time. I do have mods installed but its hard to find out if that's the issue because if I uninstall a mod I lose all my stuff with it. On a side note there are way too many wyverns, upwards to 200 in the same area at one time (mod issue?) anyone else having this issue?
  15. ProfessorCBS

    pc crash PC Crash

    Whenever i join a game whether it be online or single player after a few seconds to minutes my computer instantly restarts and on my single player it resets the settings and deletes my survivor. this never used to happen but over the last few months i have been unable to play the game. i have tried reinstalling and it didn't change anything. this is the 3rd bug report i have sent and i have had nothing back, it would be greatly appreciated if i could get help with this bug. ARK.txt
  16. I have a samsung note 5 and i was doing a mission , when i finish that mission the game crash and i lost the reward
  17. i was in the red wood next to a tamed pteranodon and the game crashed when i fast travel with sleeping bag, when i tried to come back it just crash at the loading screen or white screen. i had to reset singleplayer process and now it happened again, this time i was on a tamed bear and exit the game(didnt crash) but then i couldnt play because it keeps crashing at loading screen. i tried to restart and reinstall but it doesnt seem to work(online servers are still playable). please help i dont want to reset my progress again
  18. Every time i enter a cave or mine crystal and i try to open my inventory, i will get a black screen and crash and loose progress till before i enter the cave/mine crystal. I'm using a samsung note 5 and have the latest ark update. Plz help this has not been fixed for 2 updates. I cant even progress without crystals
  19. SprayTan

    Crashing in caves is brutal

    Now I understand that the devs are working on fixing the issues leading to single player crashes but crashing while in one of the caves( particularly the snow cave) is absolutely brutal. The reason being when you log back in, it seems like every single creature you just spent the past hour killing has respawned. I crashed in the snow cave while on my direwolf. Logged back in only to find myself ambushed by 15 wolves and half a dozen yetis... The solution would be for the game to remember which parts of the cave you have cleared so in the likely event you do crash in a cave, you don’t end up getting wiped.
  20. Hi, Yesterday, all our servers started crashing when running as the user they should run as. The following is the error we see: If the server is started as a root user, everything works just fine. Any ideas what could've caused this? We have 3 other machines where everything is working just fine.
  21. So after finally getting internet that doesn't disconnect I thought life would get easier, but after playing for a month or two on the new connection i've come to realise the problem is ARK. Everytime to head out to do something important expect to disconnect. This goes for ab, rag, and the other maps too. So many things lost due to the game being broken and crashing at the wrong times. Then there is the vast amount of places to get under the map. I get that some things are harder to patch but when you guys have left many holes in the map it shows you guys are lacking something. It may just be a lack of effort but seems to me you guys are lacking the skills to actually finish a game properly. ex. The mushroom cave on rag, such a beautiful place to build but when it can be meshed so easy (Holes in the walls for easy access) there are many more places like that, and the fact the mesh doesnt get updated each major patch shows the lack of effort, even minor fixes would work towards a better future in the game (less meshers). All we are asking as players is 2 things, 1. We are over the game crashes, please optimize your game to the level it should be at 2. Start fixing the holes in the mesh and start implementing fixes (increase no build zones and update collision on certain objects.
  22. Hi i cannot get into my inventory because i crash i have to keep going back onto the game after crashing a few times to get into it after that i am not able to open anything elses inventory which is hard to play the game. This has caused me to die as i cant eat and some of my dinos have died from hunger because i could not fill feeding trough. THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING SINCE 2 UPDATES AND NO FIX HAS COME.i only log onto game so my structures dont decay and is difficult to play the game. I cannot stand playing like this even though i love the game which i play on console as many things require accessing inventory which i cant even do. In the beggining of playing random crashes occured frequently and now it is extremely less frequent and i could access inventory petfectly now i cant open inventory at all and wasted money on the game when i cant even play it.
  23. The amount of topics on here complaining about the black screen crashes is insane, yet wildcard haven't even acknowledged the issue, my last topic on the same issue revealed that a large amount of people can't play the game because when they start ark it blackscreens even if you sit on the menu. There are no error messages and all the usual tricks have been tried. We can only play on primitive plus and, as I stated in the last I'm sick of wildcards greed. They pump out dlc yet the game is in a state of ruin despite it apparently being a "full game".
  24. I downloaded the latest patch and now when I load up the game no matter what I do it blackscreens and returns m to home after about 20 seconds. I have no dlc, have hard restarted several times and checked my connection. I AM NOT REINSTALLING THE GAME, I shouldn't have to, I have already paid the devs and I am no going to waste my time because they cant make a playable game.
  25. I was busy trying to build a bridge over water last night (right outside my house), and the game often crashed on me. I noticed when I got back online, my buildings were missing random walls/ceilings and turrets that were mounted on them (including 100 bullets each)! This happened many times to the point that I had to remove my remaining turrets to prevent further loss. i lost about 5 stone ceilings, 2 turrets that we’re on them, a stone ceiling, about 4 stone walls, and also a few stone walls on my 3 height stone wall around my house.