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Found 12 results

  1. Soooo..... This is undermapping.. They are underneath our base firing rockets at structures an sniping tames. Any advice people of Ark??
  2. AzDaemon

    Reporting Meshers

    So, I'm just curious, does it do any good to report meshers on console? I see the enforcement for PC being handed down but there are a bunch on console and it seems none of them are ever touched
  3. There is a few mesh holes I know of in the abberation, and these holes needs to get fixxed also know how to get get under most maps using Exploiting
  4. So there is an ability to crash and roll back and duplicate items on official Aberration servers. Trust me, my tribe and our entire server has gone through it for the last 3 days. I haven't logged in today to see if it's still going. We know who it is also. I'd like to add there may be an exploit or glitch with turrets because during a roll back this tribe we are speaking off set over 40 turrets from high to low across their base border in an instant. Explanation? Is anyone else having these issues? Edit: And yes we know the method. And yes we have put in support tickets.
  5. datcatfromthen

    Dosing returns

    So we have ran into a ddosing mega tribe, our server was down for 36 hours then returned as they tried to raid a tribe. The tribe defended the attack successfully, we watched as the last gigantic fell and as it did.... book, server is down again, returned for 15 minutes as they tried to run in scavenge supplies and pull their boat out. When they failed the server dropped again and has failed to return. I am sure admins will read this and delete it in order to protect the image of ark but I don' really care anymore. We have worked our buttstuff off to get where we are and we are just going to get ddos till we stop playing because ark admins refuse to stop it. We have the users names and a ss of them admitting to booting me out the game.
  6. IrishMike

    Rewind crashes all day

    All day the server kept crashing and rewinding and it messes up gameplay for everyone! I think someone might be cheating and dupilicating things on our server? I am on EU server6 NoTek and it was unusually bad today is there any way to look into this? Thanks Michael
  7. Does anyone else have the issues with their official server being densely populated by players with the steam name "123"? I watched a whole server get wiped by guys on really high level dinos when the server was 42/70 and I was the only one online that wasn't "123". [EDIT: I figured it out. It's just a measure to hide identity through battlemetrics. It's everywhere.] Feel free to delete this post.
  8. Has anyone else noticed that the update didn't stop cheating at all? Server NA-PVP-TheIsland32 is ran by two tribes that have stupid levels Gigas. And it's three days in. I don't get it.
  9. I am frustrated with the current state of the game. I apologize in advance for venting those frustrations. The Devs have worked very long and hard to create a fun game that allows an incredible amount of people from all around the world to come together and play. However, the Devs have also allowed a percentage of those players to cheat rampantly, seemingly unchecked. I understand that in this litigious society, I will never know if someone who cheats gets punished, and I can respect that decision. That being said, the duping on XBox servers has not been fixed. Last Sunday a tribe of about 15 people came on NA Center 662 and started duping. Tuesday night the same people DDOS raided the server. Many tribes on the server were wiped without having the opportunity to get on the server and at least try to protect their bases. Last night, the same people were duping. I would not be surprised if the server is unplayable due to DDOS in the next few nights. I am saddened that this type of behavior is not vehemently opposed by Wild Card. I know that the game is still in pre-production, and that there will be issues, problems, glitches, and bugs, but the lack of swift action against those who repeatedly cheat in this game shows that the rules do not apply to everyone. A rule unenforced is not a rule, merely a suggestion. Reporting this behavior does not stop it. In the past, when I have reported this activity, I have received a generic e-mail response a few days, if not a week later, asking if the problem is currently happening. This, unfortunately, is not quality customer service, nor is it an adequate response to an issue that is so openly seen and experienced. Wild Card should be striving to do better. Thank you for letting me vent. Have a wonderful day.
  10. Please permanently shut down Xbox server 743, their have been 22-27 people connected for the past 14 hours, all happily duplicating items, I know that is not the entirety of the player ASE of that server but to have that many people happily using a single server to duplicate, their is no way that should be allowed
  11. Something needs to be done about Duplication I am not sure how it can be solved but the selfish lazy few are spoiling the game for the rest of us who want to play Official Servers. I moved from 47 to 670 because of dupers, people came to our server to dupe cause they could predict when to dupe. but server transferring it seems to be the case for most servers now. Me and other players have lost lots of valuable tames and loot that we earned legitimately because of the rollbacks due to dupers. There's a difference between spending 6 hours solo taming a 145 bronto with berries, than having to spend an hour having to repeat what you did due to a roleback caused by dupers. I don't know how this can be solved but these selfish few are really spoiling it for the many. Th3JuMp3r321 lost 2 wyverns and a lot of other high level gear such as 300 black pearls. this was in the most resent roleback on 670.
  12. There is a tribe on The Centre EU No Tame 120 PvP server in the ps4 that is built in a glitch spot. In the ice palace in the cliffside cavern. It is really unfair to the other players to be built in glitch spots. I don't cheat and I play fair and I would expect the other players to do the same. There is only 1 way in, players are not meant to access this area, please do something about it they are unraidable and I can't continue to support a game that allows blatant cheating and exploits. 35.7 lat 15.5 long - I have screenshots of them inside the exploit and I will provide them if contacted