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Found 36 results

  1. The computer that holds Ragnarok Isolated 18 keeps crashing, and all the servers around it. I do not know if this is a DDOS from one of those servers or what, but it has been sporadically crashing multiple times a day. I would assume it would be interference, as it is the only group of servers going down. My tribe, other tribes, have lost many tames and long breeds because of this issue. We log back in sometimes 5 mins, other times 2 hours later to find wild dinos have attacked and killed.
  2. Does anyone else have the issues with their official server being densely populated by players with the steam name "123"? I watched a whole server get wiped by guys on really high level dinos when the server was 42/70 and I was the only one online that wasn't "123". [EDIT: I figured it out. It's just a measure to hide identity through battlemetrics. It's everywhere.] Feel free to delete this post.
  3. Has anyone else noticed that the update didn't stop cheating at all? Server NA-PVP-TheIsland32 is ran by two tribes that have stupid levels Gigas. And it's three days in. I don't get it.
  4. I am frustrated with the current state of the game. I apologize in advance for venting those frustrations. The Devs have worked very long and hard to create a fun game that allows an incredible amount of people from all around the world to come together and play. However, the Devs have also allowed a percentage of those players to cheat rampantly, seemingly unchecked. I understand that in this litigious society, I will never know if someone who cheats gets punished, and I can respect that decision. That being said, the duping on XBox servers has not been fixed. Last Sunday a tribe of about 15 people came on NA Center 662 and started duping. Tuesday night the same people DDOS raided the server. Many tribes on the server were wiped without having the opportunity to get on the server and at least try to protect their bases. Last night, the same people were duping. I would not be surprised if the server is unplayable due to DDOS in the next few nights. I am saddened that this type of behavior is not vehemently opposed by Wild Card. I know that the game is still in pre-production, and that there will be issues, problems, glitches, and bugs, but the lack of swift action against those who repeatedly cheat in this game shows that the rules do not apply to everyone. A rule unenforced is not a rule, merely a suggestion. Reporting this behavior does not stop it. In the past, when I have reported this activity, I have received a generic e-mail response a few days, if not a week later, asking if the problem is currently happening. This, unfortunately, is not quality customer service, nor is it an adequate response to an issue that is so openly seen and experienced. Wild Card should be striving to do better. Thank you for letting me vent. Have a wonderful day.
  5. Please permanently shut down Xbox server 743, their have been 22-27 people connected for the past 14 hours, all happily duplicating items, I know that is not the entirety of the player ASE of that server but to have that many people happily using a single server to duplicate, their is no way that should be allowed
  6. There are people on this server whom are causing the official server to roleback and cause everything to restart every time. It's becoming frustrating.. what's the purpose of taming anything anymore if people are just going to cheat and duplicate things ..
  7. Something needs to be done about Duplication I am not sure how it can be solved but the selfish lazy few are spoiling the game for the rest of us who want to play Official Servers. I moved from 47 to 670 because of dupers, people came to our server to dupe cause they could predict when to dupe. but server transferring it seems to be the case for most servers now. Me and other players have lost lots of valuable tames and loot that we earned legitimately because of the rollbacks due to dupers. There's a difference between spending 6 hours solo taming a 145 bronto with berries, than having to spend an hour having to repeat what you did due to a roleback caused by dupers. I don't know how this can be solved but these selfish few are really spoiling it for the many. Th3JuMp3r321 lost 2 wyverns and a lot of other high level gear such as 300 black pearls. this was in the most resent roleback on 670.
  8. There is a tribe on The Centre EU No Tame 120 PvP server in the ps4 that is built in a glitch spot. In the ice palace in the cliffside cavern. It is really unfair to the other players to be built in glitch spots. I don't cheat and I play fair and I would expect the other players to do the same. There is only 1 way in, players are not meant to access this area, please do something about it they are unraidable and I can't continue to support a game that allows blatant cheating and exploits. 35.7 lat 15.5 long - I have screenshots of them inside the exploit and I will provide them if contacted
  9. My tribe was raiding a tribe on server 787 EU scorched and as soon as we began killing their stuff the server crashed. We called them on it and they even admitted it. If a dev or admin could contact me through this that would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Mutated Dinos for Paypal

    Hello guys, I had some one who I was planning to do some trades with say that they decided to quit the game and wanted to sell their dinos for PayPal. I have reported them, I assume it is against the rules and their account should be suspended. I have messages to prove their intent. I am just wondering if someone can provide a bit more information around this. Is this a breach of licence agreement or something? Has anyone ever dobbed someone in before? Did you get a message back saying that action was taken? Thanks
  11. Is there anyway possible that all platforms can get a team of people who check servers for ddosing and cheating? I'm on Xbox server 806 and the alpha tribe ddos locking up the server and making it nearly impossible to do anything. I've moved servers countless times and I've seen it everywhere. I love this game and so do a lot of my buddies but the "alpha tribes" get so into the game they turn to cheating to stay on top. I believe this should not be tolerated, the ones doing the action and all involved should be banned for cheating.
  12. Raiders have been assaulting our server for the last several hours. So far they're using the exact same 3 gigas, over and over. Not similar, exactly the same. Same color, exactly the same name, same costumes. Mods or devs pm me for server details. We have livestream video proof.
  13. Hi i still havent had a reply ALL the tribes have put in tickets and its getting beyond a joke now, Official PvP server 719 has a alpha tribe called forsaken and when they log off they doss the server so no one can offline them and if we try to wipe them for dossing, they doss it anyway so people cant do anything about it everyone on the server just freezes and the ping goes up to 255 then we all get disconnected, i have put in so many complaints and tickets about this its unreal and so have every other tribe in the server but nothing gets done about it...... surley dossing should not be permitted and they doss when they come off so the server goes down for 6 hours. PLEASE can someone point this out to devs or point me in the right direction to one.
  14. Server 590 has been invaded by a 30+ member squad using allsorts of cheating to wipe server. Hitting people with boomerangs from under the map. Using box quetzals. Glitching through walls. Using bots to keep prisoners in cages. is this game about wiping entire servers. Keeping a giant base to come back to just in case. Then move onto the next. My biggest issue was the cheating cause even when the whole server went against em. We couldnt do much to counter them. Im just wondering if this post was a waste of my time. Game lacks appeal if gms dont do anything.
  15. Who is tired of the cheating

    How many people are tired of people cheating and getting away with it? I have experienced so many cheaters that this game is unplayable. People constantly teleport into my boat (one was naked one person did it with a ptera) . The issue isn't as much the cheating as much as it is arks admins refuse to stop them. So I am going to start posting videos on here from other IP's and accounts in order to show the endless waves of cheating we have to deal with in order to play the game. We have jan or jane whatever her name is that claims to be part of arks development team posting BS about how no cheating is allowed and if you are caught you will be banned, But I have shown several videos of cheaters to ark and not a single thing has happened. I am about done with this cheater F'ing game , why is it so damn hard to ban cheaters, you already have their money . Why would you let them ruin the game for everyone else?
  16. I am currently stuck in a 1x1 metal shack in an official server on ps4. The whole server is apparently in an alliance and dont want new people to play on their server. So they decided to take it upon themselves to block the spawn points with metal shacks. Nobody is willing to help me, so I submitted a ticket. Does anyone know the timeframe at which customer service responds? I would like to get my character out and to another server before 1.5x event ends.
  17. FIX THE CHEATING or CLOSE TRANSFERS The aimbotting is getting completely out of hand. In the last month we have had at least 3 raider tribes port into our server who had one or more people aimbotting. Cheating is getting out of hand and server transfers are spreading this cancer to every Ark server. So, either fix the cheating or close transfers until it is fixed. As an example, last week i was shot off of my 300 speed ptera flying through the woods. Another guy unloaded a full clip from an assault rifle directly into me while I was at a run (150 speed). Youtube has many videos that show people aimbotting and hitting impossible shots (shooting people at full run, off of their pteras or dragons in flight from large distances). Transfers wont kill this game, but cheaters transferring into and reking servers will. Look at what happened to DayZ with all the hacks. Ark will soon be the same way if the devs don't open their eyes and address this cancer.
  18. Hi guys got a massive problem with EU-Officialps4server49.Me and my son moved servers yesterday evening but we can not spawn on the map as they have covered every spawn points with Spikes.We can't even change servers now as can't spawn at all. Is there anyway around this as me and my son really don't want to start from lvl 0 again.The tribe are called clan wolf and are all French speaking.We have ask nicely for them to remove spikes so we can change server but they will not respond. Is there anyway around this without starting a new character?.
  19. New kind of abuse.

    Dear Devs and GMs, it is my 3rd or 4th request about this tribes, but as i see, you are not going to do anything. So here i am and i'll post it on reddit in case you delete the topic. It happened few minutes ago on 395 server. Tribe Cobra (617 center) + few other tribes (100, 580, 605 etc). They were using DDoS attacks for few days. We are keep fighting them for months, now they are using third-party applications to win pvp. They are using 2 following schemes: I. When they attack: 1. Fly around base until it will be loaded. 2. DDoS (It allows to move, fly, swim. The difference is - dinos and turrets are frozen) 3. Check for the weak point 4. Finish DDoS 5. Pick up tamed dodo with c4, sit on speed ptero (~300 ms, turrets can't follow ptero) and drop it on a weak point. II. When they defend: 1. Wait until you come close to their turrets. 2. DDoS server / Turn off server (In this case DDoS usually cause disconnects) 3. ??? 4. Profit (Turrets start shooting your dinos right after server turns on, not when you log in) By this way even huge bases with hundred turrets on each side is vulnerable against few pteros and huge amount of dinos can die before you log in a game after d/c. The only thing you need is - IP of the server. Here is a video. Here you can see artificial lags (twice) with massive disconnects (once). Another video. Same as in description, but they additionally got into the textures on the Island map (395 server).
  20. Duplication exploit

    The constant duplication that is happing on servers is getting out of hand to the point where one can't play. For a example official server 650 on the Xbox they do it so much that you can't even play. Please fix this promblem Even if you have to wipe the server or something. Just fix it some how
  21. Duplication problem

    The constant duplication that is happing on servers is getting out of hand to the point where one can't play. For a example official server 650 on the Xbox they do it so much that you can't even play. Please fix this promblem Even if you have to wipe the server or something. Just fix it some how
  22. right now, wildcard wake up! come to our server and see for yourself. yes i am talking about official
  23. Rocketed once again...

    You know what I'm tired of these exploiters absolutely ruining the game for just about everyone. My tribes base (813) on jungle mid (cave) was rocketed from underneath the map by the "alpha tribe" of server 812. First they glitched through the back wall of our base and stole kibble. Then today they come back glitching through the walls again, and from underneath the map shooting rockets and sniper rifles at us and destroying more than half the base, this should not be tolerated in Pvp. This is not the intention of the developers surely ?? We have put in our tickets and currently await response from the developers and or support team.
  24. every couple of hours the server goes down for an hour or more then comes online for a minute then goes offline again. My baby Wyverns are starving because of this. we need help Server failed to respond to querya few seconds ago Server failed to respond to query2 minutes ago Server failed to respond to query3 minutes ago Server failed to respond to query4 minutes ago Server failed to respond to query5 minutes ago Server responded to query10 minutes ago Server failed to respond to query11 minutes ago Server failed to respond to query12 minutes ago Server failed to respond to query13 minutes ago Server responded to query18 minutes ago Server failed to respond to query19 minutes ago Server failed to respond to query20 minutes ago Server failed to respond to query21 minutes ago Server failed to respond to query22 minutes ago Server failed to respond to query23 minutes ago Server responded to query28 minutes ago Server failed to respond to query30 minutes ago
  25. A letter to the DEV's of Ark Survival As a game in its “Alpha” I feel that as a player I need to express the many problems that my server and I have found. I am from primitive server 464. I understand that primitive is still very much experimental so here is everything that our server has come across in the past few months. I will open with I have around 500 hours of play now in this game. And over 400 of that is on primitive, so much if not all of this will be for that primitive servers. I have experience of online and offline raiding. As with many servers we have a bit of a problem with streamers and trolls. In the past couple of months we have seen key ways they have been griefing. Re-Spawn Timers: a few days back we had an attack on our base of 10+ people. After we killed them all and they gave up we noticed that they had 30 or so sleeping bags just placed on a hill outside our base. A problem with respawn timers maybe? I really think you guys need to rethink how re-spawning works. If people are not online to fight back even a base with a crazy amount of plants and dinos will not stand for long, the plants will just run out of fertilizer and as I will point out later dinos can be attacked from safely behind your own walls. I find it hard to believe the dev's planned to just keep throwing hundreds of bodies at a base over and over to break passed it. A increasing timer should be in place to stop this. Boats: Stone boats on primitive are far too strong, add in that boats can be snapped together quickly and you have a moving base that is nearly impossible to break. Boats can be glitched into other walls and allow you to break other walls when still safely in boat. Spikes can also be glitched past allowing you to bypass spikes. The only real defense plants, are of no use for defending in this case. Boats in general seem to only be the size of a person, this will allow boats to move past gates and such with the smallest of openings. Dinosaurs: Dinos can be attacked if their head is passing into a wall. This happened to our dinos, we watched for a short time and oddly we started to see blood and checked to see their HP was dropping. Our behemoth gates did not stop them, and the dinosaurs could not attack back. Handcuffs and jailing: Handcuffs can be taken off by others with handcuffs on as well. We have seen some players drop handcuffs and items somehow. When in a wooden cage you can keep logging in and out just to glitch outside of the cage. My tribe has found a way to keep someone jailed with zero ways to get out. Has been tested and keeps you alive for 8~10 hours without feeding. You can not even punch to lose stamina. Honestly I would rather not see this fixed till the problems stated above are fixed as this is our way to stop them from just none stop attacking people with the above exploits. High Ping: NA servers have horrible rubber banding when players from other countries log on in large number. This causes you to be unable to attack others. Concerns with new Scorched Earth expansion: As of this update you can now transfer items from not only other servers but from the new area. I have to question this reasoning? Our server as we have pointed out has a problem with a small amount of players that keep nothing of their own but a boat and simple tools to destroy anything they can using the stated exploits above. Scorched earth has now given them a safe haven. A few people allied with us who picked it up have said the servers they jumped to based in the new area are filled to the brim with players building up there just to attack on the basic servers. There is no way to defend this at all, worst of all It is not just one server you need to now worry about, a tribe that wants to wipe you can pick one of many to build on, wait till night and just trample all over you. Our server is now blocking all paths to bringing dinos in from the new areas. As a survival game I absolutely understand that PVP is part of the game. We have been attacked by other tribes and have attacked others as well. No one comes into a game like this not expecting to be attacked, we would be on a unofficial server otherwise. The problem however is that people can basically cheat to stop all in game defenses. There is nothing to do to them outside jail as all they have are a small stone boat or two with lots of people and axes. Their levels have now gotten to the point they have boulders to break walls down. At this point we now have all the large tribes fighting them but how do you fight someone who is only online to make a boat, farm up a few axes and brute force their way into a base with 10 nude people over and over using sleeping bags to none stop respawn? We now have to think about how to deal with players who attempt to bring items from the new areas, that we can not even fight till they are ready to attack themselves. There is nothing to lose for them, they are streamers that are letting their viewers log on and help them exploit to attack people. Dejey – Hounds - Primitive 464